In the year 2021, many riots broke out throughout the streets of London, England. The London City Riots, otherwise known as the London Riots Incident, were a series of riots around the Greater London area, with the worst affected areas being Croydon, Dagenham, Peckham, Vauxhall, Wallington, Watford and Westminster.


  • On the 31st of June, on social media site Salsa, two far-right politicians; Henry Rexham and Oginoganomononigono Gingargo leaked government plans to nationally increase tax by up to 7% and privatise the NHS, if the pound's value continues to drop.
  • The day after, thousands of people took to website to express their feelings about the plans. The plans were not well received, with 882,000 dislikes compared to only 16,000 likes as of September 2021.
  • Many messages were sent encouraging people to take part in a large non-violent march in Westminster, to protest the taxes and privatisation via Salsa.
  • On the day of the protest, around three thousand people joined the peaceful march on the Westminster Bridge next to the house of commons. Quickly, however, the crowd got violent, once the police approached the march.
  • The crowd, containing large amounts of women, was soon being pushed away from the House of Commons in fear of an attack.
  • Soon, word spread about the incident and the bad treatment of the people in the march, who originally anticipated it to be a simple peaceful march.
  • That same night, 8,000 people took to the streets of Dagenham to loot, set fire to and, overall ruin buildings and shops. The behaviour was mirrored in Croydon and in Watford, where 5,000 people participated between them.
  • Within the first night, some significant buildings had been destroyed, such as the Tower Hotel in Westminster, part of Croydon's Saffron Square and the Vauxhall bus station.
  • The following night, around 27 murders took place, relating to the riots. Rape and abuse was a widespread problem, with many casinos and strip clubs being forced to close their doors. 
  • In the morning, the British government announced they would not be privatising the NHS and that the tax could/would only go up by 3% instead of seven.
  • On the last night, only around 300 people continued to protest, of which 240 were arrested.