Presidents Prior to the Present Day: List of Presidents of the United States (1776-Present Day)

Second Cold War (2016-2106)

Digital Age


Number President Vice President Party Home State Years Served
46 Mike Pence Ted Cruz Republican Party Indiana 2022-2025
47 Ted Cruz Marco Rubio Republican Party Texas 2025-2029
48 Marco Rubio Conservative Party Florida 2029-2033
49 Daniel Anderson 

Beto O'Rourke (2033-39)

Walter Beckham (2039-41)

Democratic Party New York 2033-2041
50 Stephanie Anderson Walter Beckham Democratic Party New York 2041-2049
51 Walter Beckham Oliver Stallone Democratic Party  Massachussetts 2049-2056
52 Kaity Thompson Dale Robinson Republican Party Washington D.C. 2056-2061

Michael Korris 

Ray Stevens

Democratic Party (2061-2064)

Independent (2064-2065)

New York 2061-2065

Ray Stevens 

Tiffani Sanders

Democratic Party New York 2065-2073
55 Tiffani Sanders Danielle Horowitz Democratic Party New York 2073-2076
56 Harry Stallone
Michelle Berkowitz Conservative Party New Jersey 2077-2085
57 Mallorie Webster Danielle Thompson Democratic Party

New Jersey

58 Harriet Stevens   Raven Stallone Democratic Party Michigan 2093-2097
59 Raven Stallone Tina Horowitz Republican Party Nebraska 2097-2101
60 Neil Patterson Jeanette Pearl Conservative Party New Mexico 2101-2109
61 Thomas Eroll Shanice Leandros Democratic Party Louisiana 2109-2117
62 Michelle Hoover Sarah Anderson Democratic Party New York 2117-2125
63 Danielle Estevez Juan Oleranzo Democratic Party New Jersey 2125-2129
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