Backstory: Starlight is a simple and basic scenario that tracks geopolitical change and the general altering of human society throughout time. The human population suffered greatly from the lengthy battle, leaving only 3.9 billion people to fill the gaps of a planet that once harbored more than 9 billion. More than 72% of all Fauna and 66% of all Flora were also labeled extinct as a result.

This is a list of countries on the planet Earth, as of 2095:

2095: Africa

Flags Country Government Capital Notes
Flag of Mahoré (Starlight)
Mahoré Presidential Republic Mamoudzou
Flag of Malbaria (Starlight)
Malbaria Presidential Republic Saint Denis
Flag of Mauritius
Mauritius Semi-Presidential Republic Port Louis
Flag of Mwali (Starlight)
Mwali Semi-Presidential Republic Fomboni
Flag of Ngazidja (Starlight)
Ngazidja Semi-Presidential Republic Moroni
Flag of Nzwani (Starlight)
Nzwani Presidential Republic Mutsamudu

2095: Asia

Flags Country Government Capital Notes
Central Asia & Middle East
Flag of Artsakh
Artsakh Presidential Republic Stepanakert
Flag of Armenia
Armenia Semi-Presidential Republic Yerevan
Flag of South Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan Presidential Republic Baku
Flag of Qazaqstan (Starlight)
Qazaqstan Presidential Republic Astana
East Asia
Flag of Bali
Bali Parliamentary Republic Denpasar
Flag of Bhutan
Bhutan Constitutional Monarchy Thimpu
Flag of Borneo (Starlight)
Borneo Presidential Republic Kuching
Banda Sea
Celebes Presidential Republic Rantepao
Flag of Pasundan
Java Presidential Republic Semarang
Flag of Mongolia (Starlight)
Mongolia Elective Khanate Ulanbaatar
Flag of Nepal (Starlight)
Nepal Parliamentary Republic Kathmandu
Flag of Sikkim
Sikkim Parliamentary Republic Gangtok
Flag of Sumatra (Starlight)
Sumatra Presidential Republic Pedang
Flag of Tibet
Tibet Constitutional Monarchy Lhasa
Flag of Timor (Starlight)
Timor Parliamentary Republic Dili

2095: Europe

Flags Country Government Capital Notes
Northern and Western Europe
Flag of Al-Andalus (Starlight)
Andalusia Presidential Republic Cordoba
Bavaria Semi-Presidential Republic Munich
Flag of Brandenburg (Starlight)
Brandenburg Parliamentary Republic Berlin
Flag of Castile (Starlight)
Castile Presidential Republic Madrid
Flag of Europe (Starlight)
Europe Parliamentary Republic Geneva Trans-Continental.
Flag of Frisia (Starlight)
Frisia Parliamentary Republic Leeuwarden
Flag of Galicia (Starlight)
Galicia Presidential Republic Vigo
Hannover Semi-Presidential Republic Bremen
Flag of Holland (Starlight)
Holland Semi-Presidential Republic Haarlem
Flag of Iceland
Iceland Parliamentary Republic Reykjavik
Flag of Italy
Italy Parliamentary Republic Rome Former Lazio.
Flag of Malta
Malta Parliamentary Republic Valletta
Flag of the Netherlands
Netherlands Parliamentary Republic Amsterdam
Flag of Portugal (Starlight)
Portugal Semi-presidential Republic Lisbon
Flag of San Marino
San Marino Parliamentary Republic San Marino
Flag of Saxony
Saxony Parliamentary Republic Dresden
Flag of Sicily (Starlight)
Sicily Semi-Presidential Republic Naples
Eastern Europe
Flag of Abkhazia
Abkhazia Presidential Republic Sukhumi
Flag of Achaia (Starlight)
Achaia Parliamentary Republic Thessaloniki
Flag of Bosnia (Starlight)
Bosnia Presidential Republic Sarajevo
Dacian Flag (Starlight)
Dacia Semi-Presidential Republic Bucharest
Flag of Europe (Starlight)
Europe Parliamentary Republic Geneva Trans-Continental.
Flag of Kalmykia (Starlight)
Kalmykia Semi-Presidential Republic Elista Sole Buddhist country in Europe.
Flag of Macedonia (Starlight)
Macedonia Semi-Presidential Republic Skopje
Flag of Rumelia (Starlight)
Rumelia Presidential Republic Kardzhali
Flag of Serbia
Serbia Parliamentary Republic Belgrade
Flag of Zaporizhia (Starlight)
Zaporizhia Presidential Republic Kherson

2095: North America

Flags Country Government Capital Notes
Flag of Belize (Starlight)
Belize Presidential Republic Belmopan
Flag of Chiapas (Starlight)
Chiapas Presidential Republic Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Flag of Chihuahua (Starlight)
Chihuahua Presidential Republic Juárez
Flag of Durango (Starlight)
Durango Semi-Presidential Republic Culiacán
Flag of Guatemala (Starlight)
Guatemala Presidential Republic Escuintla
Flag of Maya (Starlight)
Maya Elective Constitutional Chiefdom Xoconochco
Flag of Miskito (Starlight)
Miskito Presidential Republic Bluefields
Flag of Navajo (Starlight)
Navajo Elective Constitutional Chiefdom Kayenta
Flag of Ngäbe-Buglé (Starlight)
Ngäbe-Buglé Elective Constitutional Chiefdom Buäbti
Flag of Nunavut (Starlight)
Nunavut Semi-Presidential Republic Arviat
Flag of Ontario (Starlight)
Ontario Semi-Presidential Republic Toronto
Panama Presidential Republic Colón
Flag of Rio Grande (Starlight)
Rio Grande Semi-Presidential Republic Monterrey
Flag of Sahtu (Starlight)
Sahtu Constitutional Chiefdom Déline
Flag of Sonora (Starlight)
Sonora Presidential Republic Hermosillo
Flag of Tabasco (Starlight)
Tabasco Semi-Presidential Republic Villahermosa
Flag of Tejas (Starlight)
Tejas Presidential Republic Laredo
Tlicho Constitutional Chiefdom Yellowknife
Flag of Yucatán (Starlight)
Yucatán Presidential Republic Mérida
Flag of Yukon (Starlight)
Yukon Parliamentary Republic Whitehorse

2095: Oceania

Flags Country Government Capital Notes
Flag of Australia
Australia Parliamentary Republic Canberra Includes the Solomon Islands and Bougainville, Nauru, Tuvalu and more.
Flag of Chuuk
Chuuk Semi-Presidential Republic Weno
Flag of Fiji (Starlight)
Fiji Parliamentary Republic Sigatoka
Flag of Guadalcanal (Starlight)
Guadalcanal Semi-Presidential Republic Honiara
Flag of Micronesia (Starlight)
Micronesia Presidential Republic Palikir Comprised of Guam, Mariana, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Marshall and Kiribati.
Flag of New Guinea (Starlight)
New Guinea Semi-Presidential Republic Jayapura Unified in 2049.
Flag of Niue (Starlight)
Niue Elective Constitutional Chiefdom Alofi Gained independence from New Zealand in 2027.
Flag of Palau
Palau Parliamentary Republic Airai
Flag of Raiatea
Raiatea Semi-Presidential Republic Uturoa
Flag of Samoa (Starlight)
Samoa Presidential Republic Apia Unified in 2043.
Flag of Tahiti
Tahiti Parliamentary Republic Papeete
Tonga Constitutional Monarchy Nukuʻalofa
Flag of Uvea (Starlight)
Uvea Presidential Republic Alele Former Wallis and Futuna.
Flag of Yap (Starlight)
Yap Semi-Presidential Republic Colonia

2095: South America

Flags Country Government Capital Notes
Flag of Argentina
Argentina Presidential Republic Buenos Aires
Flag of Ainka (Starlight)
Ainka Semi-Presidential Republic Lima
Flag of Amapá
Amapá Presidential Republic Macapá
Flag of Aymara (Starlight)
Aymara Parliamentary Republic Lapaz
Flag of Cisplatina (Starlight)
Cisplatina Presidential Republic Montevideo
Flag of Chile (Starlight)
Chile Presidential Republic Santiago
Flag of Charki (Starlight)
Charki Parliamentary Republic Iquique
Flag of Chinchasuyu (Starlight)
Chinchasuyu Constitutional Chiefdom Trujillo
Flag of Colombia (Starlight)
Colombia Presidential Republic Medellín
Flag of Ecuador (Starlight)
Ecuador Presidential Republic Quito
Flag of Guaraní (Starlight)
Guaraní Presidential Republic Posadas
Flag of Guayana (Starlight)
Guayana Parliamentary Republic Upata
Flag of Guayaquil (Starlight)
Guayaquil Presidential Republic Manta
Flag of Guiana
Guiana Presidential Republic Cayenne
Flag of Guyana
Guyana Presidential Republic Georgetown
Flag of Mapuche (Starlight)
Mapuche Semi-Presidential Republic Temuco
Flag of Muisca (Starlight)
Muisca Presidential Republic Villavicencio
Flag of Orinoco (Starlight)
Orinoco Presidential Republic Tucupita
Flag of Paraguay (Starlight)
Paraguay Presidential Republic Asunción
Flag of Peru (Starlight)
Peru Parliamentary Republic Yarinacocha
Flag of Qullasuyu (Starlight)
Qullasuyu Constitutional Chiefdom Copiapó
Flag of Sucre (Starlight)
Sucre Semi-Presidential Republic Cumaná
Flag of Suriname
Suriname Presidential Republic Paramaribo
Flag of Venezuela (Starlight)
Venezuela Parliamentary Republic Caracas
Flag of Zulia (Starlight)
Zulia Presidential Republic Maracaibo
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