yes i know this starting bit sounds a lot like Semper Idem but i swear i didn't realize until was halfway through

Ipsa Historia Repetit, or as in Latin "History Repeats Itself", recounts the next century of world history, or up to 2120. It's based off of the common idea that history repeats itself


Biden Presidency

  • Biden was America's 46th President, he would serve 909 days total (or until July 17th, 2023). 

Harris Presidency

  • Harris was America's 47th President and first woman president, as well as first African-American woman president. She would hold the record for second longest serving president after Franklin Delano Roosevelt (4,422 days), serving for 3,476 days.

Third Great Depression

  • The Great Depression we all know and don't love that much would be reclassified by historians as part of a movement to reform American history standards during the 2060s. It would be now known as the second truly "great" depression, the first would be the Long Depression of the 1870s (which would see increasing reference to as the First Great Depression)
    • This was not the first time this happened in post-present day times; during the 2040s, with the Seven Years' War being redefined as the first official World War, followed by the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century as the second World War. With the previous official World War I (1910s) being reclassified as World War III and World War II (1930s and 40s) being reclassified as World War IV. 

Yang Presidency

  • Yang was America's 48th President and first Asian-American president, he was also the first President since the first President, George Washington, to not be a member of a political party. He served the standard 2,922 days, as previous 21st century Presidents did, specifically the 43rd: George W. Bush (R-TX), 44th: Barack H. Obama (D-IL), and 45th: Donald J. Trump (R-NY/FL).
    • Yang would replace Bill Clinton as the "Best Republican President" amongst some disgruntled liberals, despite neither having served in office as a Republican