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In 7901, LocoRoco Blobs & MuiMui's will invade our earth, & a Moja Planet will take place to approach to extinct humans & a few LocoRoco blobs & MuiMui's in 7908 or collided for a speed of very light to destroy the earth by Moja Planet. In 7901, NASA discovers & detects the unknown name of a planet. The planet looks like black & mysterious black species. In 7902, The black planet finally named "Moja Planet". After 7 years, NASA warns Moja Planet collides earth, Too extremely powerful, NASA plan to very strongly orbit Moja Planet out the earth. This LocoRoco characters named a 7 like Kulche, Viole, Chavez, Priffy, Budzi, Pekerone & Tupley.


This weather forecast aired on the Weather Forecast Television (WFT) on the outlook. Day 1 is the sunny & pleasant, is 76°F. Day 2 Is the sunny & pleasant with Moja's attack & invade from humans, few blobs &  MuiMui's, is 782°F means to fire earth due to Moja attacking &  invading the earth. Day 3 is the world collides from Moja Planet to destroy, is 73,252,243°. The weatherman predicted that says collides the earth to destroy due to Moja attacks & invades the earth to destroy humans.

LocoRoco blob's idea to sing to get them out then to strongest jump to Moja's to keep It away from Moja's Planet. This song plays the Theme Song from LocoRoco. The NASA finally speeded of light orbited out to the space to keep world saved. Now there a blobs & MuiMui's population on the world on this table:

Blob's & MuiMui's Population
Kulche - 860,257,123
Chavez - 723,175,144
Tupley - 700,131,675
Pekerone - 684,622,144
Viole - 633,241,730
Priffy - 621,455,173
Budzi - 601,375,712

MuiMui: 922,241,422                                                           Total Population: 5,746,500,123