Intermarium Federation

The Intermarium Federation was established in 2032 after the war with the Russian Federation, where eastern Europe was partially destroyed and NATO and the EU were unwilling to help.

The war with Russia began on December 28, 2024. After heavy fighting, the war with Russia ended on June 18, 2030. Because a nationalist revolution broke out in Russia, Russia was forced to sign peace with the countries of Eastern Europe.

Csc1CBez tytułu.png

Map of Eastern Europe after the war with the Russian Federation (the revolution takes place in Russia).

After a few years, the leaders of Eastern European countries agreed that together we can survive in this cruel world and that we must unite in one country.

And so in 2032 the Federation of Intermariums merged Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Moldova (and also the territories lost by Russia  "Kaliningrad").

                                                  Intermarium Federation flag

Vbvflag of the united galactic federation by rvbomally-d8hn7il.png

The red-white-red flag was borrowed from the old flag of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

In the middle there is the Jagiellonian coat of arms, which ruled in the Kingdom of Poland in Lithuania in Hungary and the Kingdom of Bohemia.


                                                                     This map shows Europe in 2032