In 2040, Indonesia is in a mess. The government system is collapsing and since Indonesia is a major trade route, the world's economy is also collapsing. In 2045, Indonesia is divided between three countries. The Muslims control Sumatra and Kalimantan and parts of Sulawesi and is supported by Malaysia, the Nationalist/Republican controls Java, Lesser Sunda Islands and parts of Sulawesi and is supported by Australia. The Communist control Papua and Maluku Islands and parts of Sulawesi and is supported by Papua New Guinea and East Timor.

Tensions Build 

There are many disputes between the three countries, Mainly land territories in Sulawesi. There is also some other disputes, most notably in the Sunda Strait. There has been many standoff between the Muslims and the nationalist/republican and some reports of ships sinking from a torpedo shot.

In 2055, an agreement/non-aggression pact is sign between the Muslims and the Nationalicans that stated the boundaries between the two countries although there is still some tension between the two countries. In 2060, border conflicts broke out in Sulawesi after a bomb exploded in the triangular border where the three countries met. All countries prepare they're military for an all-out war.

The War

In 2060, after many ceasefire attempts, the Communist launch a pre-emptive strike on the other opposing countries in Sulawesi. At first, the communist is quickly advancing but is soon halted. The opposing countries counterattack and almost take over Sulawesi but then the communist invaded Lesser Sunda Islands so the Nationalicans are forced to withdraw some of their troops from Sulawesi. East Timor supported the invasion. The Muslims are halting the communist advance but it can't counterattack.

The Nationalicans retake the Lesser Sunda Islands and the Communist began to retreat in Sulawesi. Both the Muslims and the Nationalicans began to advance and they reach pre-war territory. After that, the Communist began to move a lot of troops to the border and a stalemate began. The Muslims try to end the stalemate by attacking Nationalican territory in the Sunda Strait. The Nationalicans expected this and a stalemate happened there too.