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Flag of Indonesia

Flag of Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia and is located between Asia and Oceania, also the Indian and Pacific Ocean. The capital of the country is Jakarta.


Dutch colonisation

Throughout ancient times, the location of the country has been a location of many kingdoms, most notably, the Majapahit. In the late 1500s, the Dutch came to the land and begins colonizing it. The people was not very pleased with this, and they began revolting. Some revolts even lasted for years, but the revolts was crushed by the Dutch. In 1800, the Netherlands East Indies was formed. Revolts continue to come but the Dutch manage to defeat them in battles.

Japanese occupation

In 1937, the Second Sino-Japanese War breaks out between Japan and China. In 1939, World War 2 breaks out when Britain and France declares war on Germany for invading Poland. In 1940, Germany invaded Netherlands which also means that Netherlands East Indies is at war. In the same year, the Tripartie Pact was signed between Germany, Japan, and Italy. In 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and United States declares war on Japan.

Japan began blitzkrieging through Southeast Asia. Within months, Japan conquered more than half of it. In 1942, Japan begins to invade Netherlands East Indies. The Dutch surrenders and the Japanese occupation of Indonesia begins.

Throughout the years of occupation, Japan began to build a puppet state. Japan promises many times that they will give independence to Indonesia. But many people think that they are lying. As time passes, it has become clear that Japan is going to lose the war. In 1945, after the Allies dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan surrenders.

Declaration and War of Independece

After Japan had surrendered, Indonesia declares it's independence on August 17, 1945. But, the struggle of Indonesian are not finished, after NICA is coming and the Netherlands used this chance to take back Indonesia. The Indonesians, led by Sukarno, were fighting the Netherlands. The other countries, like India and Australia supported Indonesia for get their independence, meanwhile Allied Powers tried to reconcile this. Finally, after some diplomacy option, Indonesia is officially recognized by the Netherlands in Den Haag Conference Round Table 1949.


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