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Humanity's Course is a map game designed by me, AllianceScoutAiothai. I have written a small story to kick off the game.

Important Content/Rules

For those new to this kind of game, I'll post some rules. PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE JOINING!

  • NO racial slurs or foul language, otherwise you will be banned.
  • Please remain civil.
  • If you do not post for more then ten turns your nation will be taken away from you and it will be available for other people to take.
  • Please, please, please, be plausible! This is a must if you want to play this game! If you do not post plausibly, your implausible edit will be deleted.
  • Both parties must agree to an alliance/treaty/barter.
  • If you feel that you have been unfairly treated, please write your complaint in the comments.
  • The game creator's word overrides all others.
  • The Head-Mod's word overrides all others except for the game creator.
  • Only the Head-Mod and game creator can appoint new mods and the map mod.
  • Every turn is one year until 2200 where it becomes ten years then in 2300 it turns to 20 years
  • A new turn starts every 24 hours.
  • Mods are able to create random events and will represent a NPC nation (i.e., Mongolia isn't going to sign its land over to Pakistan or something stupid like that), Mods also help to make that implausible stuff doesn't happen.
  • After you do three implausibilities you are banned from the game.
  • If you'd like to quit the game, please comment.
  • Every 25 years are to be archived to limit the amount scrolling that needs to be done to get to the latest year. Be sure to check back once in a while to ensure proper continuity!
  • Please, I must implore of you, if you plan to play this game, be active and check back each day!
  • This isn't a rule, but I'd like to encourage you to put your country's flag before your turn on the bullet list.
  • Have Fun!

(This is also copied and pasted from Future Map Game Revised and Future Map Game 2, but with some rules and minor edits added in)



The situation in 2016

The year is 2016, the planet Earth is at a crucial point.

In the Levant, ISIS militants have captured half of Iraq, along with less than a third of Syria.

The War in Donbass re-ignited, following the detonation of an artillery shell, that resulted in four civilian casualties. Both the Ukrainian Government and the pro-Russian Separatists denied responsibility, but began armed hostilities immediately. The U.S and Russia have increased arms shipments in the conflict.

Houthi forces took complete control of Yemen in late 2015, despite heavy Saudi airtstrikes. Houthi leader, Abdul-Malik Badreddin Al-Houthi, reiterated the new government's support for Iran and denouncement of Israel.

Israeli-Iranian tensions have reached the breaking point. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has accused the U.S Government, in particular, President Barack Obama, of 'blatant anti-semitism' in perceived American lenience towards Iran's nuclear program. Meanwhile, Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani's approval ratings are dismal. Former President and nationalist, Mahmoud Ahjmadinejad, is planning a bid for the Presidency and is polling exceptionally well against Rouhani.

The situation in 2041

The world in 2041 is very different than the one in 2016. On the one hand, startling new breakthroughs in fields of science and medicine have produced a lot of wealth alongside with the exponential growth of AI which now far exceeds the human intelligence; On the other hand, numerous new crises and conflicts threaten to bring the world to the brink of collapse. All of the South American countries united into a single federal republic called the SPFA(Spanish Portuguese Federation of America). The SPFA's vast power made it possible to march on a series of conquests in Central America. Some countries fought the invaders while some welcomed them. Even Mexico is now part of the SPFA, which is now rivaling the USA. Meanwhile, a tremendous shift of powers occurred in the Middle East, with Iran's rogue regime collapsing and Saudi Arabia losing its influence. Much of that power shifted towards Turkey, which in the last two decades have grown to be the regional power and a major global power with one of the best economies of the world. Ukraine has also grown a lot in size and influence, being one of the wealthiest countries in the world. While in Europe, a war-torn Sweden has taken the initiative and formed a unified nation with its Nordic neighbours, called "The Scandinavian Republic". Meanwhile, in East Asia, although China's economy has grown a lot, the pollution and heavy smoking of its population are taking their tolls, and a lung disease has killed over three million people there.

The situation in 2066

By 2066, the world carries the true definition of “futuristic”. AI has become an extremely influential force, with the best software given important roles in governments and business. Virtual reality, nanotechnology, stem cell medicine and nuclear fusion are in widespread use. Some cities of the early 21st century have grown into gigantic mega-poleis with populations of tens millions of people. Architecture has transformed as well to suit the needs of a rapidly changing society. Buildings are now typically high-rise, for any purpose, may it be housing, business, hotels and else, towering hundreds of meters. They usually abide by standards of zero-carbon emissions, recycling, automation and much more. The race to space has intensified like never before. Countries now have colonies on the Moon and Mars for economic and exploration purposes. Space tourism is a growing industry but is still considered a luxury in most countries. On the geo-political field, Brazil has separated itself from the SPFA, leading to a war between Brazil and the SFA (SPFA minus the Portuguese part). Mexico is divided between the original government in the north and a communist cartel government in the South, backed by an increasingly interventionist Cuba. In Africa, South Africa captures a considerable part of the continent, claiming to be “freeing” the territories. That drew international condemnations and sanctions. The Iberian states of Spain and Portugal have collapsed and rearranged to become the Iberian Republic in the West of the peninsula and the New Holy Roman Empire in the east of the peninsula. Italy invaded the region in order to enforce their influence there, leading a big war. Poland was occupied by Germany and Poland and resistance movements across the country have arisen. URMA saw the states of Greece and Bulgaria split from it, leading to yet another war. In the Middle East, the monarchies in the Arabian Peninsula have converged into the APK which has in turn embarked on a journey of conquests and committed many human rights violations. That “empire” was fought against by a western coalition led by the West Asian Republic and Israel and was eventually defeated to be replaced by Arabian Republic. Israel and the West Asian Republic have grown much more powerful and influential, gaining international respect while reaching levels of development, technology and social progress unprecedented in the region. The Arab states of North Africa have converged into the Arab African Federal Republic. China has split to several nations.  The new Republic of China, which has inherited east China and most of the big cities, is considered to be the successor. The SBT (Selective Brain Tumors) genetically modified bacteria has taken the lives of over five million people in the 2050s and was the deadliest plague of the 21st century. This plague was the first bio-terror artificial plague to have hit Earth this hard. Many countries now have nuclear weapons as the technology has spread unwatched and many rogue regimes have put their hands on the weapon. Despite the great progress the world has seen, to many it’s more dangerous than it was in the beginning of the century.

Humanity is at a crossroads and must choose a path that will determine its future - prosperity or destruction, life or death.

The people of the world watch with baited breath, as their respective governments decide Humanity's Course.


2060 maokhhi


Write the nation you would like to play as and sign your username. We're still taking new players!

United Nations Security Council

The purpose of the security council is to resolve conflicts and impose military and economic sanctions against nations violating international laws. There are 20 members in the council, based on international influence and contribution. The five leading powers have veto rights. To pass a resolution an 11 majority is needed, and to overpass a veto (Regardless of how many), a 16 majority is needed.

Put Your resolutions here

  • Suspension of South Africa from the United Nations. Due to repeated violations of the UN Charter, unprecedented invasions of multiple sovereign nations and international treaties, we hereby expel South Africa from the United Nations and consider them a threat to world peace in accordance to Article VI of the UN Charter. [Suspended by Israel]
    • Support: Israel, WAR, Indonesia (Mod-determined), Brazil (Mod-determined), Mexico (Mod-determined)
  • Order to withdraw from all South African-occupied territories. The actions of South Africa, which is a violation of the UN Charter and negligence to international treaties have broken the hopes of people and shattered their sovereignty and political self-determination. Therefore, the Security Council recommends the Republic of South Africa to permit a UN-monitored referendum choosing unity or freedom, and respect the decisions of the democratic decisions of its people without interference. (Author: Israel) Votes: 5/11
    • Support: Israel, WAR, Republic of Ukraine, Indonesia (Mod-determined), Mexico (Mod-determined).
  • The Placement of a weapons embargo on Nigeria and economic sanctions on Nigerian state-controlled companies, due to Nigeria's violations of international trade codes by deliberately placing sanctions on another country unprovoked, the denial of freedom to the country's own civilians, and the possible development of biological weapons of mass destruction. The UNSC unequivocally condemns the Nigerian actions and calls for a peaceful transition to a democratic regime and the disarmament from weapons of mass destruction under international supervision in Nigeria. (Author: The West Asian Republic) Votes: 5/11
    • Support: The West Asian Republic, Republic of Ukraine, Brazil (Mod-determined), Mexico (Mod-determined), South Africa, Canada
    • Abstain: Israel
    • Oppose: Indonesia (Mod-determined)
  • The Placement of economic and weaponry sanctions, along with embargoes on weapons due to Cuba's threatening nature towards countries that may become more powerful than them, along with countries attempting to aid other countries that Cuba is at war with. Along with violations of human rights, such as pressure against the beliefs of the people and "silencing" people that could put out information about the country and their crimes on humanity. Along with the belief that the Cuban military is in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction and with their threatening past, could be dangerous/deadly with such weapons. Along with the United Nations Security Council calling that the country's president and their staff be charged with human rights violations to the International Court of Justice where they should be fairly charged; resulting in the country being transferred into safer power. (Author: Republic of Ukraine) 511 Votes
    • Support: Republic of Ukraine, Mexico(Mod-determined), Brazil, West Asian Republic, Israel, Canada.
    • Oppose:
  • Communist india India (Veto Power)
  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union (Veto Power)
  • UkrainianRepublicFlag Republic of Ukraine (Veto Power)
  • Flag of the United States svg United States (Veto Power)
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublic The West Asian Republic (Veto Power)
  • Qinq China
  • Flag of Italy Italy
  • Australian-Flag-1vbw6p6-1024x511 Union of Australia and New Zealand
  • Flag of France France
  • Flag of Israel Israel
  • Uk United Kingdom
  • Flag of Germany Germany
  • Flag of South Africa South Africa (Legitimacy of membership questioned)
  • Flag of Canada Canada
  • Flag of Indonesia Indonesia
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil
  • JapanFlag Japan
  • Capture-AAR AAFR
  • Flag of South Korea Korea
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico

Political Agenda

Treaties and Foreign Relations here [1]

Fallen/occupied/former nations/regions

  • Russia: Merged into the United Republic of Eurasia.
  • Belarus: Merged into the United Republic of Eurasia.
  • Armenia: Merged into the United Republic of Eurasia.
  • Kazakhstan: Merged into the United Republic of Eurasia.
  • ISIS: Annexed by Iraq and Syria.
  • North Korea: Annexed by South Korea.
  • Kyrgyzstan: Merged into the United Republic of Eurasia.
  • Tajikistan: Merged into the United Republic of Eurasia.
  • Somalia: Annexed and divided by Kenya and Ethiopia
  • South Sudan: Annexed by Sudan.
  • Falkland Islands: Annexed by Argentina.
  • South America: Merged into the Latin American Federation.
  • Gaza Strip: Annexed by Israel.
  • Panama: Annexed by the Latin American Federation.
  • Albania: Merged into The United Republic of Macedonia and Albania
  • Macedonia: Merged into The United Republic of Macedonia and Albania
  • Sweden: Merged into the Republic of Scandinavia
  • Norway: Merged into the Republic of Scandinavia
  • Denmark: Merged into the Republic of Scandinavia
  • Finland: Merged into the Republic of Scandinavia
  • Estonia: Merged into the Republic of Scandinavia
  • Lithuania: Merged into the Republic of Scandinavia
  • Latvia: Merged into the Republic of Scandinavia
  • Egypt: Merged into the African Arab Republic
  • Libya: Merged into the African Arab Republic
  • Algeria: Merged into the African Arab Republic
  • Morocco: Merged into the African Arab Republic
  • Sudan: Merged into the African Arab Republic
  • Mauritania: Merged into the African Arab Republic
  • Iran: Collapsed and annexed by Afghanistan and Turkey. Pakistani-annexed territory of Iran is split to form the Second Republic of Iran.
  • Syria: Annexed by Turkey and then merged into the West Asian Republic
  • Turkey: Merged into the West Asian Republic
  • Iraq: Merged into the West Asian Republic
  • UAE: Split into the Emirates of Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah.
  • Saudi Arabia: Reestablished as the Arabian Republic.
  • Oman: Split into the Republic of Dhofar, Wusta and the Emirate of Muscat.
  • Greenland: Collapsed and reestablished as Larsted.
  • Pakistan: Collapsed as Chinese territory and occupied by India; collapsed again and reestablished as the Islamic Republic of Punjab and Sindh, the Republic of Balochistan and the Second Republic of Iran.
  • Ukraine: Collapsed and reformed original borders as the "Republic of Ukraine"





The Italian Defensive line on the Iberian front begins to weaken, and the Iberian Republic, supported by Cuba, advances 100km on its front, capturing Malaga and nearing Granada. Madrid is also captured by the IR. The New Holy Roman Empire also pushes back the Italian Army, capturing Valencia. URMA advances 10km into Greece and 20km into Bulgaria. Reports of significant human rights violations are coming from both sides, with at least 5,000 recorded deaths of Greek civilians and 6,600 deaths of Bulgarian civilians due to fighting against URMA and 4,400 deaths of URMA civilians due to Greek and Bulgarian air strikes. The UN establishes a commission to investigate the actions taken by both sides to determine whether war crimes were committed. A new Polish political leader, Miroslav Pilsudski gains enormous attention and influence in occupied Poland, calling for non-violent protest and diplomatic pressure on Ukraine and Germany until Poland is independent. A poll finds 86% of the Polish citizens would elect him president. As a result of his influence, many huge protests take place in cities all around occupied Poland, with people calling for “Justice” and “An end to the occupation”. A civil war erupts between the Palestinian Republicans, siding with the newly created republic, led by Tawfik Abu-Ahmed, and the Hashemite crown loyalists, siding with the old monarchy, led by King Hussein III.  The crown loyalists seize the south of the country, including the capital Amman, with the republicans holding the north. After having lost the capital area, the republicans resort to terror against their adversaries, and at least 500 civilians are killed in various Jordanian-Palestinian terror attacks in the Amman area. The so-called “Palestinian Republic of Jordan”, (Now only controls north Jordan), decides to convert its civilian nuclear reactor to military use with the help of Cuba in order to build a functioning nuclear bomb by 2067. All of Afghanistan is liberated by the West Asian Republic, and the new Republic of Afghanistan enjoys full autonomy, with the WAR responsible for defense and foreign affairs. The Islamic Republic of Punjab and Sindh capture the rest of the former Pakistan from foreign hands, and renames itself the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. High radioactivity is recorded in the Pakistani highlands, indicating potential nuclear danger against Afghanistan and western targets. Iran, with its new regime is recognized by the UN and given membership. 20% of Sri Lanka in the north is in Italian hands while 30% in the south is in Larstedean hands, and the remaining central 50% is sovereign Sri Lankan. The militia “Sri Lankan Power” gives an ultimatum to all foreign forces to withdraw or to be annihilated. Their anonymous leader states that they could get their hands on a nuclear weapon any time they pleased. Cuba is now directly engaged against Mexico, aiding the “People’s Republic of Mexico” (The cartel-controlled South Mexico) with 200,000 troops. The three factions fight 100 km from Mexico City, with 150,000 casualties on the Mexican side, and 200,000 on the Cuban and cartel side. Mexico advances 20km but American reports of Cuban nuclear alert convince it to stop advancing. The SFA and Brazil declare a 6-month ceasefire and decide to negotiate in Geneva. The Philippines cut off relations of Malaysia as a result of the Sabah dispute and begin mobilizing forces, threatening to conduct war if their demands of transferring Sabah to Filipino hands aren’t met. Malaysia in return asks Indonesia for help and Indonesia deploys 30,000 troops in Sabah and warns the Philippines not to attack. Uganda joins the Ethiopian-Kenyan defense pact and the two latter deploy 100,000 troops in a joint command to Uganda to counter any South African advance. The PIHA states meet in Haifa, and decide to form the Israeli-African Strategic partnership as part of the PIHA organization. The military alliance will bind all members to mutual defense and sharing of intelligence and technology. The APK’s remaining troops and nuclear warheads are integrated in the Pakistani army and arsenal. The APK king is given the role of the new defense minister of the Pakistani Republic.

  • Flag of Korea Korean Republic: Korea builds up its military. Meanwhile, more railways are planned to be built, especially in former North Korea, so to better link up with the rest of the country; and some continues construction. Bullet trains also continues to be introduced more. Likewise, more highways continues construction. Some solar and wind farms continues construction. A decent amount of funding is put into the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, and construction continues on a large spaceship. Samsung continues research into the next generation of mobile phones.
  • UkrainianRepublicFlag Republic of Ukraine: The Council of Seven announces that the referendum weather Polish-occupied Ukraine should be released as an independent nation; although it is pretty obvious that most of the Rada (including the council) wants peace and no more violence (mod response needed). It has been an amazing day in the Ukrainian Republic's history, the space launch that would finally lead Ukraine to Mars has been an amazing success with the manned spaceship filled with 17 Ukrainian (status of mission result/mod response). The council condemns the actions of Cuba and the People's Republic of Mexico and in response of their harmful nature the council threatens Cuba that if they do not lay down their weapons they will face war (Cuban response needed). The elections take place and representative from the Donbass region, named Hana Poroshenko (descendant of former President Petro Poroshenko) is elected to the council; in result a new liberal political party named the "Myr I Uspikh Party" takes storm in the Verkhovna Rada, winning 400 total seats with the rest being Non-Affiliated. A recent poll finds 75% of Ukrainian people support the Myr I Uspikh party, with the rest supporting mostly some of the more popular Conservative party's, formally known as the "opposition".
    • Mod response: A referendum is held in Poland on April 2nd to 3rd, and the Polish people overwhelmingly chooses independence, with 87% voting for separation. The next month, presidential elections are held in Poland, and the pro-independence activist Miroslav Pilsudski is elected the first president of new Poland. He announces his willingness of peaceful relations with Ukraine, with mutual respect for one another's independence, and the exchange of material compensations for the families of victims killed in the conflict, of both sides. Additionally, Pilsudski calls on Germany to follow Ukraine and cease the occupation, to allow the unification of Poland. The spaceship softly lands on Mars, however a miscalculation causes the shuttle to land 100km away from the desired destination and the astronauts use up most of their food stocks to reach the desired point. Their remaining food will keep them alive for four months. They haven't brought seeds or portable farms with them. Another spaceship with further supplies to Mars is needed urgently. Cuban president Juan Lopez Castro taunts Ukraine and states that for the slightest provocation, Ukraine will end up begging for Cuba's mercy
  • Republic of Qadian (Indian resistance movement): After leaders of the Resistance announced they were "Fed Up" Of Communist India they called on there forces to riot and attack. The resistance staged attacks in Qadian, Batala and Amritsar.
  • Canadaflag Canada: We begin a withdrawal from Mecca and expect a total withdrawal by 2068. The rest of our occupied territory will remain in our hand until 2070 depending on circumstances. We also begin to strengthen our military. We enlist roughly 50,000 more soldiers. We begin sanctions against the Palestinian Republic of Jordan due to its pursuit of Nuclear Weapons. The State of Canada officially declares war on the Sri Lankan Power and sends 7500 soldiers to Sri Lanka. We also begin airstrikes in Colombo to drive out the Sri Lankan Power.(Mod Response Required) We also warn Cuba to cease hostilities with Mexico or possibly face war. We condemn the Qasian resistance movement due to their violent attacks on Indian cities. On Mars New Edmonton, New Toronto and New ottawa have seen rapid growth. All of the cities have a population of upwards of 100,000. The cities also have nearly all of the amenities available on Earth. We also begin health care reform. The reforms will hopefully increase the quality of care received by everyone. The measures taken in 2065 were a success and poverty has dropped to about 6.3 percent.
    • Mod response: The Canadian air strikes on Sri Lankan power outposts are successful, with two weapon stashes destroyed and 34 militants killed. However, three drones are shot down by the SLP using surface-to-air missiles apparently made by Cuba or the SFA. The costs of the drones are estimated to be at around 12 million USD.
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublic West Asian Republic: 1. (Iberian War) As the war continues, we step up our efforts to lighten the burden for the civilians, dropping food and medicine on besieged cities of both sides. An Iberian anti-aircraft system tried to shoot down one of our drones that carried supplies, but the drone dodged the missile. In response, the two escorting military drones of the convoy destroyed the anti-aircraft site, with two confirmed Iberian casualties. We view this incident very seriously, and emphasize that nothing will stop us from easing the pain of the affected people in this conflict. Any further violation of the status quo by any of the sides will lead to a harsh West Asian response. 2. (Balkan Conflict)We are shocked by the war of annihilation that URMA is waging against Greece and Bulgaria, and on the same topic condemn violations of international humanitarian law conducted by both sides. We offer our condolences to the victims of the war and ask all sides to cease fire for two months so that the UN and humanitarian aid to help the civilians affected(Mod response) 3.(Europe) We reaffirm our support for a fully independent Poland and call for the unconditional cessation of the German and Ukrainian occupation there. Despite our strategic alliance and partnership with Ukraine and and our alliance with Germany, we deem those occupations illegal and we will not recognize any institutions nor trade with sources aiding those occupations. 4. (Jordan) We express grave concern about the deteriorating situation in Jordan, and condemn in the strongest terms the pursuit of the Palestinian Republic of Jordan of weapons of mass destruction. The pursuit of WMD cancels this state's legitimacy, hence this state's days are numbered and it will be left in the trash can of history. We shall impose a land and aerial blockade on the territory of the PRJ, and mobilize 150,000 EHFUs, 1,000 Suleiman drones and 500 state of the art Sabah 1.1 independent armored multi-task (IAMT) vehicles to patrol the borders. We request Israel to conduct similar measures in order to strengthen the security of the borders and prevent the smuggling of dangerous materials into the PRJ(Israeli response). We deem the Hashemite loyalists as morally superior to the PRJ and declare our support to the old throne in Jordan. We send King Hussein III's forces $100 million over the course of the year and plead the UN to accept Hashemite Jordan as a member(Mod response). We withdraw our last troops from the Arabian Republic, which is now a fully functioning nation capable of managing its territories and defending itself with its military, built and trained by us. We call on all countries still present in the region, especially Canada with its occupation the priceless cities of Mecca and Medina, to immediately and unconditionally withdraw all their troops from the region and to peacefully cede the territory to the Arab League, which will decide what to do with the holy cities(Canadian Response). 5.(Afghanistan and Sri Lanka) As new Pakistan grows more powerful, we increase our forces in the newly formed Afghani Republic to 250,000 in order to counter the influence of this radical regime. We ask the UN to accept the new republic to the family of nations(Mod response). We are saddened by the aggression many countries are displaying toward Sri Lanka. This effort, led by Italy, to which Canada has recently joined, is causing unprecedented devastation in the Sri Lankan landscape and is killing thousands of innocent civilians. Instead of exercising this blatant interventionist policy toward "Sri Lankan Power", the countries could instead aid Sri Lanka through money and advisers to help counter this organization. Such destructive aggression however, is something we cannot tolerate and cannot support. We demand a withdrawal of all foreign forces from the Sri Lankan territory(Responses of involved nations). 6.(Mexico and South America) We congratulate Brazil and the SFA for beginning to negotiate terms for peace. The recent war in South America has only brought harm upon the people and must be ended. Since the SFA finally agreed to the ceasefire, we lift most of the economic sanctions we have imposed on it, but not yet the military sanctions. We decide we cannot tolerate anymore the sovereignty of Mexico being bashed over and over so many times, and we send 500 West Asian officers to advise and guide the Mexican Armed Forces against Cuba and the Cartels, in addition to sending $350 million more in aid. 7.(Africa) We are pleased to hear about the latest developments on the African scene and that the whole of Africa united against unjust aggression by South Africa. We will carefully test the South African claims that it has brought a better life for the people it has occupied, and we are looking forward to the referendums in the occupied territories on the question of independence, expecting they will be free and fair. We are glad to conduct our first Ankara Pact drill with Israel and the AAFR in the Sinai Desert and send our latest AI and most skilled officers to Sharm El-Sheikh for the drill. 8.(East Asian Dispute) We are closely monitoring what is happening in Eastern Asia and we urge all sides to calm the tone and not to get carried away. We suggest the UN envoys of the involved countries to meet and discuss about the crisis to find a suitable solution that will benefit everybody. 9. (Economy, Science and Space) The new Sultanate's population is rapidly growing at 200,000 people with an annual million tourists. Our moon mining operations have doubled since last decade with Helium-3 quantities being 350% larger than previously thought. To power the growing demands of energy in the WAR, we start working on five more civilian fusion reactors, which are completely in line with the standards of minimization of pollution and environment protection. We begin work on a 2,400 sq km artificial fresh water lake near Baghdad for tourist revenues and as part of the creation of a pleasant, sustainable environment in all of Iraq. New cities are planned to be built in the Iraqi deserts, using nano-fabricators. This revolutionary new technology will enable us to build 300,000 housing units in 18 days. Additionally, we expand our railroads of ultra high-speed maglev trains into many more minor cities, to enable commuters to reach the central business areas quickly and efficiently. All of the operations are now handled by AI, to the smallest of details. The exponential growth in computing power and efficiency in recent decades, in parallel to the sharp drop in costs has caused the AI to reach levels of thought incomprehensible to the ordinary human. Transhumanism is a mainstream phenomenon, with 75% of the population reporting it has consumed neural and physical upgrades at a certain point in their lives, and 64% reporting that their upgrade is permanent. Istanbul and other West Asian cities would be unrecognizable to viewers from 50 years ago. One would be struck by the sense of cleanliness and order. The air would smell fresh and pure, as if they were in pre-industrial countryside. Electricity is passed wirelessly from building to building. Room temperature superconductors – implanted in the ground – allow the rapid movement of vehicles without the need for tracks, wheels, overhead cables or other such components. Cars and trains simply drift along silently, riding on electromagnetic currents. Crime is almost non-existent in our hi-tech cities. Surveillance is everywhere: recording every footstep of your journey in perfect detail and identifying who you are, from the moment you enter a public area. Even your internal biological state can be monitored – such as neural activity and pulse – giving clues as to your immediate intentions. AI is taking increased roles in the police, with experimental officers assigned to non-violent roles. The codes in their programming that are designed to prevent abuse of force aren't yet perfected.
    • Canadian Response: We begin a withdrawal of all territories. We also are interested in the superconductor technology as well as the nano fabricators and the systems used in cities.(West Asian Response Needed)
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We thank Canada for their withdrawal from the territories and state that those steps will contribute to peace in the region and will decrease tensions between Canada and the local residents and help create an atmosphere for a new page in bilateral relations. We invite Canada to send a delegation to share technologies and to deepen academic and business relations.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We gladly accept the invitation to send a delegation to deepen academic and business relations.
    • Mod response: The New Holy Roman Empire accepts the request to come to a ceasefire of the war so the United Nations humanitarian aid can come through the destroyed cities and help care for the injured civilians and military. Although it seems that the Iberian Republic starts to agree with the idea with a ceasefire since many of their troops are also injured like the New Holy Roman Empire, Cuba denies (for both of the two countries it seems) and that they will not back down for any reason and that the United Nations can try to come in and help the injured but will only be met with Cuban and Iberian Republic troops that will not restrain from killing the humanitarian aid workers along with the injured and homeless that they are helping. The United Nations begins to consider the acceptance of Hashemite Jordan as a member of the United Nations and that the only thing that they need to do for them to be accepted is that the Prime Minister of the country must convince (by sending a representative) the United Nations Security Council that they should become a member of the United Nations, but already the United Nations is extremely interested in adding the country to the list of members of the United Nations. The United Nations for some reason responds differently and responds that the Afghani Republic will be accepted as a member of the United Nations and that they should send their representative very soon.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: We announce that we want to make peace with the Iberian Republic and the New Holy Roman Empire. In exchange for letting us keeping our Spanish territory, we agree to apologize in front of the world, and set up a de-militarized zone on the border, to keep from fighting. We also wish to pay 30 Euros for every death we caused. (Mod Response Needed.) In Sri Lanka, we continue our fight, and have set up a new defensive line along the Mannar Island and Point Pedro. We will continue the fight against Larsted. We announce our support of Brazil, and would like to announce our ramping up of weapons.
    • Mod response: The Iberian Republic and the New Holy Roman Empire say that the territories don't belong to Italy and that it should withdraw from them and let them have independence. Then, peace and diplomatic relations will be restored.
  • Nigeria beings the golden dysentery campaign by videoing chad,Nigeria also increase oil production and will use for trade, they also pass a law banning all religion except Presbyterianism called falsely god law, we also put sanctions on the African Arab federal republic for taking the rightful land of Nigeria and they also ask to join nato and the ask Italy for a weapons/oil trade (Italy response needed) . (Top secret) we begin making a bio weapon called god's wrath which is able to kill only the side of the wars to come
    • Flag of Italy Italy (In response to Nigeria): In exchange for weapons, oil, and an All-Trade agreement, we ask for the Lagos so we may set up a military base so we can help defend you from South Africa, should their invasions continue. (Nigeria Response Needed.)
    • Nigeria (in response to Italy): We expect Italy's trade and will co-build the base, we also ask to build a base in Milan in case of any terrorist attacks and have a pact to stop South Africa.
    • ItalyFlag of Italy: We agree to all terms.
    • Mod response: NATO refuses to accept Nigeria since Nigeria doesn't meet the criteria.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We issue our condemnations to the denial of religious freedom in Nigeria and state that such horrible acts belong to the oppressive regimes of the 20th century. Additionally, we condemn the unfounded sanctions and hostility towards the AAFR, which has not provoked Nigeria whatsoever. Due to Nigeria's recent actions, the WAR shall place military and economic sanctions on Nigeria and lower relations to the consulate-level until Nigeria allows freedom of religion and apologizes to AAFR, as well as cancelling sanctions.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: (SECRET) Five Suleiman drones patrolling over S. African occupied territories on a recon mission have received a command to investigate Nigerian factories that deny civilian entry and don't appear on global maps. The drones have discovered experimental ballistic missiles with biological warheads. We pass a warning to Nigeria to immediately halt any development of weapons of mass destruction, or else the WAR will reserve the right to respond in any way it finds appropriate, even unilaterally.
    • South African Diplomacy: In light of this hostility and Italian-Nigerian alliance against us, we place sanctions and travel bans on both of those countries. We warn Nigeria that any provocation would lead to a swift and decisive South African reaction, that would guarantee Nigeria will become a non-aggressive nation.
    • Italy Diplomacy: We place the same sanctions on South Africa and move our reserve troops to our base. We ask our Nigerian allies to do the same and set up border defences.
  • Israel: In the midst of the prosperous 21st century, the Jewish state with a population of 24,377,020 experiences a revolutionary era. Politically, Israel joins the Security Council as equals together with the great powers, and its recent foreign policies, military achievements, expanding diplomatic & cultural influence, and its importance in the international community makes it an increasingly powerful nation-state. Israel and the Pan-Arab world were able to mostly normalize past hostilities and mend ties, with the Israeli government actively discussing final talks for permanent peace with the Arab League, start of diplomatic ties with Lebanon & Kuwait, and the creation of an independent Palestinian nation, with its capital at Ramallah or the de facto administrative capital, Nablus. Israel is a world center when it comes to technological culture and economic miracles. Despite its size, State of Israel is accounted as the nation with the 12th most largest economy, with its economy still rising since the 1990s. The Jerusalem, Petah Tiqwa and Tel Aviv stock exchanges are worldwide centers for investment. Israel is the world's 4th largest arms exporter (1st in drone production; 4th in Tank development; 2nd in unconventional weapons), 1st largest security exporter, and the 7th largest technology exporter. The Israeli GDP reached 12,864,735,611,000$, or 515,062$ GDP per capita, with projections showing guaranteed promises of economic advancement into the 22nd century. The Israeli "Right Angle", a geographical line connecting Beer Sheva, Hebron, Tel Aviv, Petah Tiqwa and Jerusalem is the proclaimed center of the nation's population, technology, and culture, which includes the metropolitan areas of Gush Dan, Gush Etzion and the Capital. Because of its incredible infrastructural miracle during the "Density Crisis", terraforming the city into a 1030m-tall city complex containing the most advanced technology, Petah Tiqwa, the utopian "city inside a skyscraper" has joined the ranks of a "world city" with Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. Judea's annexation into Israeli sovereignty has embodied the land into complete Jewish control, with Hebron and Bethlehem rebuilt to modernize the cities, and Israeli influence integrated. Synagogues (and churches in Bethlehem) appears in the territory, and religious and historical buildings receives formal protection by the Ministry of Culture, as the Cave of the Patriarchs is now the center of Jewish prayer in Hebron and its surrounding kibbutz. The Israel National Subway Network is headquartered in Hebron City. Israeli involvement in space exploration was indeed significant. The 2040s witnessed great dedication into landing robots into Venus and extracting minerals and scientific materials exclusive to the planet, creating the first Venusian industry. Despite the Israelis establishing a Mars colony, no "real" accomplishment was made there, with the Israeli team silently researching projects assigned to them. Presently, the Knesset is dominated by a secular Likud-Labor coalition, supported by the Multi-party Progressivist Alliance, while the Republic of Judah, the Arab Joint List and Shah leads the opposition bloc. Unitary objectives and plans are successfully outlined by the Knesset and party leaders, hereby addressed in accordance to the democratic interest of the public and the future ambitions of the State of Israel. The government prepares radical transformation of its policies and legislations, and other changes that Progressive-majority governments refused to implement. The return of a nationalist leadership is nevertheless causing a large impact, despite the Likud party's defeat just two decades ago and Labor's return in 65 years. As Israel inches closer to self-sufficiency, peace and improvement, the people of Israel continues to survive throughout the following years. 1. ("The Final Border of the State of Israel") A comprehensive joint-proposal by the Cabinet with corporation with the APZ and the Ministry of Interior regarding another phase of territorial arrangement has been overwhelmingly accepted by the Knesset, and received a 61% approval rate from the Israeli public, although Nationalist and Pro-expansionist groups, rabbis and MKs boycotted the move. A few Palestinian officials, however, endorsed the move since it would result in benefits for the Palestinian territories and speed the negotiations. The proposal, controversially named "The Final Border of the State of Israel", lines a renewed border of the Jewish State. The Midian region, despite swift integration into Israeli order, will be mostly withdrawn, and
    the administrative authority shall be forwarded to the Arab League for them to decide the boundaries to the unclaimed land. The 63,800 Israeli citizens residing at the withdrawn territories have left the district in accordance to government orders. (Mod response needed - Arab League) The administrative capital for the Midian District have been transferred to the industrialized New Tiran City, set above the terraformed Tiran Island. Portions of the East Bank and the Autonomous Region of Palestine is given to the UGP (Unity Government of Palestine), the permanent seat of a National Palestinian government (Replacing the expired APZ). The legislation will provide territories east of the Jordanian river to Palestinian control, and maximize Palestinian autonomy to create a self-functioning Palestinian authority before its "inevitable" independence, and guarantee an independent Palestinian state. In addition, internal administrative changes and internal land swaps have created a "complete establishment" of Israeli governance over its sovereign land. The agreed territorial amendments have re-affirmed the Israeli commitment to ensuring a unified Jerusalem and Judea are integral parts of the Jewish State, forever remaining within the Israeli heartland, and its policies encouraging Palestinian immigration into the East Bank. The Prime Minister vows to win international recognition in acknowledge Israel and the Palestinian territory's present borders. He also promises to succeed negotiations with Pro-expansionists MK's representing the Progressive Alliance, Shah (and its affiliates), and the opposition to recognize the borders and the new jurisdiction of the Palestinian Autonomy, in order to strengthen support for a new Basic law defining the "heartland" and laws regulating how the State of Israel handles new territories, declaring it a "necessary ambition to end the cultural, sovereign and international dispute regarding an unalterable boundary of the Jewish State; a proper border of the Jewish homeland" 2. (Jordan) An attempt to commit a terrorist attack by raiding the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv has been thwarted by Shin Bet, with the five independent perpetrators arrested in West Nazareth. The Israeli government states their disapproval against the Palestinian Republican's abuse of power, and violation of its own laws, committing acts of aggression against their "own people" because they support an adversary "political party". The State of Israel wishes to mediate peaceful negotiation at Safed between the Crown Loyalists, the Republicans and all relevant parties in Jordan to prevent a worse-case scenario from occurring. The Israeli diplomatic resolution for Jordan's civil war recommends the establishment of a "National Unity Government" with politicians from "both sides", and the implementation of democracy for the Hashemite Republic. (Mod response needed) In response, Venus Walls bordering Jordan has increased its security mechanisms and additional border guards are mobilized. The Israeli Defense Forces and the Israel Police prepares to ensure the Jordanian conflict does not spill into Israeli territory. Two refugee camps are built to house 50,000 Jordanian refugees near Ajiloun. We expect our Palestinian counterparts to mobilize their independent Palestinian Self-Defense Armed Forces (PSDAF) and prevent unpredictable activity inside Jordanian land does not spill into Israel, and ensure that an uprising supporting the Palestinian Republicans does not destabilize Palestinian power over the autonomy. We request a PLO position regarding the civil war in Jordan, and their actions, as long as it corresponds to bilateral treaties and laws that limits PLO-UGP decisions. (Palestinian response needed) (SECRET) We demand the Palestinian Republicans in Jordan to immediately cease its nuclear ambitions and remove Cuban presence inside Jordanian territory. An illegitimate nuclear ambitions are the only obstacle that prevents an Israeli backing of the Palestinian Republicans, and that cancelling the project and allowing IAEA Inspectors to confirm the Republican abidance of the treaty will promise Israeli political support for the Republicans against the Crown Loyalists. Further development of the project may receive a "strong retaliation" and an unconditional recognition of Hussein III as the recognized Jordanian leader. (Mod response needed) (SECRET) The State of Israel expresses concern over the West Asian Republic's "helping hand" to the Jordanian dynasty. Despite the Republican's immoral atrocities in Amman, the monarchy are responsible for pledging allegiance to the APK (Arabian Peninsular Kingdom), and may still contain ties with the Islamic Republic of Punjab, a terror-state. Close affiliation with terror-states makes Hussein III suspected of war crimes, and therefore should corporate with the UN if the monarch intends to safely lead the Jordanian Republic. Nonetheless, the Jordanian government, under its own will, legally declared its switch towards Republicanism. With the present status quo and support of our ally, the State of Israel will not acknowledge the Hashemite royalty, and instead work with relevant Jordanian counterparts to re-establish a unitary Jordanian government to strengthen Jordanian unity and re-installment of stability. The Temporary Defense Minister warns that Israel is "closely monitoring" a Jordanian development concerning its nuclear energy resources, and will not hesitate to militarily intervene if their intentions may risk national security. 3. (South Africa) Israel continues to maintain a policy pressuring South Africa not to advance their military campaign, and to initiate a UN-administrated referendum for the occupied population to vote for a union or independence from South Africa. We are pleased to host the Ankara Pact's first drills in the Sinai Peninsula. The State of Israel re-affirms its commitment with the African nations in opposition against the South African invasion of neighboring states, and hopes the Ankara Pact between the regional powers of the AAFR, WAR and Israel will deliver a stern message. Meanwhile, 3,200 Israeli troops lands in Southern Ethiopia to join with the multinational coalition in accordance to the Israeli-African Strategic Partnership.4. (The Arabian Peninsula) Israeli military presence in the Arabian Peninsula (Except for Yemen and Musandam) have finally withdrawn and returned to the Jewish State. Humanitarian projects spearheaded by the Ministry of Recycling Services and Charity and numerous Israeli organizations accomplished in rebuilding abandoned cities, and with assistance from the IDF Administration of the Arabian Peninsula, registered 160,000 refugees into Israeli-controlled cities, which are now returned to the Arabian Republic. The Defense Ministry confirmed that the Provisional Musandam Committee, a special government that coordinates with Israel on internal issues inside the Musandam territories, is expected to receive autonomous status, then an Israeli withdrawal from Musandam should occur on 2068. Israeli diplomats are working with Musandam leaders in preparation for a peaceful withdrawal, and the creation of the State of Musandam. The Jewish State expresses great satisfaction for the Arabian Republic's success as a secular, democratic and prosperous state, representing the pillar of stability in the Middle East. Israel formally offers to open an Israeli consulate for economic interests in Riyadh, as expanding Israeli companies seek to invest at the Arabian Republic. (Mod response needed) 5. (Public Statements Regarding Nuclear Weapons - Proposals Regarding Nuclear Weapons) The Israeli government expresses extreme alarm over how visible nuclear arms are being illegally traded. Despite the establishment of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and NWFZs (Nuclear Weapon-Free Zones), the Knesset's Special Committee for WMD Studies have credible information from intelligence services to support the alleged suspicion that numerous nations have neglected the treaties and resorted to harboring, trading and manufacturing nuclear arms illegally. This means they are committing acts against humanity… deliberately. The Jewish State strongly empathizes that strong movement of the nuclear black market will inevitably result in the potential destruction of human civilization due to nuclear possession by aggressive governments like the Arabian Peninsular Kingdom, terrorists and perhaps non-governmental syndicates. In order to regain the confidence of member states and finally remove international fear from WMDs, the Israeli Representative for the UN proposes the creation of the (UN)NPTA (United Nations Non-Proliferation Treaty Action), an international branch of the UNSC dedicated to investigating the illegal trade of nuclear weapons, and to recover nuclear warhead that are not owned by a nation-state or under illegal possession, once approved by the Security Council. An independent Israeli initiative to tackling the threat is being considered, and we strongly warn that those violating the treaty and trading nuclear arsenal will be faced with great opposition from the international committee. (SECRET) The PM approves a comprehensive plan by the National Intelligence Committee called "Operation Shattered Umbrella", assembling the Mossad to infiltrate the black market and relevant parties involved in the trade of nuclear weapons and uranium. The objective is to identify collective groups and individuals directly or indirectly attempting to trade nuclear weapons. Once the sufficient intelligence is returned, the Committee will re-assign agents to assassinate nuclear scientists and significant individuals that are identified in the uranium black market. When necessary, the IDF Special Forces may be brought to raid areas that contains "dangerous materials" or to capture difficult targets. (Mod response needed - Mossad) (SECRET) Speaking in Geneva, Amitai Kanagir, the Israeli Ambassador to the UN speaks, "It is crucial to corporate and end the international crisis that may result in the demise of human civilization. The purposes of the United Nations include the creation of an international environment free from the threat of devastation from military conflict, as seen from the First and Second World Wars, and allowing forces that are currently disrupting world peace to possess nuclear warheads will endanger everyone. We, the peace-loving governments, are obligated to protect their and our people from certain disaster. Sit down, and the enemy will stand up, confident on their ill intentions. Stand up, and the enemy shall lay down in fear. " (UN response needed) (SECRET) After heavy meetings between the cabinet, the Prime Minister authorizes to continue the development of nuclear weapons due to the increasing danger of rogue nuclear arms, endangering national security. Using documents from South Africa, France, the former Soviet Union, and Israel's old nuclear weapons project, the government ambitions to add a minimum of 250 more nuclear warheads to its current stockpile of 157 warheads, and the development of a minimum of five hydrogen bombs. The QJLL-4 command center is established to control nuclear missiles deployed inside Israeli territory, with 65 human personnel and an AI Supercomputer managing the QJLL core. It also expects the IPBM (Inter-Planetary Ballistic Missile) to be successfully developed and three of them stationed in Maccabee B [Orbiting Venus]. The Dimona Nuclear power field will host nuclear arm production, and it is estimated the production should be completed by 2071. Seven tests will be provisionally conducted in Venus' sphere of gravitational influence, and officials are considering doing the test in the troposphere of Planet Venus to minimize fallout from leaking into space. (SECRET) To support (SECRET) the production of nuclear weapons, (SECRET) the expansion of Israeli self-dependency over its local energy, and increase economic productivity at the rural desert, the Minister of Mineral Management announces the opening of the Yarok-Hazani Uranium mine at Western Sinai Peninsula, expected to employ Human labor to assist with manual jobs and "Robot Administrators", their job to oversee the AI miners. The uranium will be used for market trade (For legal purposes) and to supply the Dimona Nuclear power plant.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: King Hussein III's moral clarity far surpasses that of the PRJ. Back in the APK era, when Hussein III's brother, King Ali was in power, Ali created alliances with rogue and pariah states while isolating Jordan from the West. Hussein III denounced his brother's actions, which led to his persecution by the Jordanian authorities, forcing him to secretly flee to the WAR to seek refuge. We have recorded meetings of Hussein III discussing with West Asian officers, saying he's intending to make Jordan a constitutional monarchy, with merely symbolic roles for the throne and effective control of the elected parliament over the also-elected government's actions. It's widely agreed that the Palestinian Republic of Jordan doesn't resemble a republic at all. The government, controlled by the Palestinian majority, often discriminates minorities such as Hashemites and Bedouins, whilst itself being a corrupt kleptocracy, favoring power and money over justice. Like the monarchy before the revolution, the leaders of the republic choose to ignore common sense and turn to illegal deals with rogue states with only self-interest in mind. If Israel fails to understand Hussein III's obvious moral high-ground - A thing very untypical for a country that was one of the first to bring democracy to the Middle East- Then we can do nothing to help it.
    • Mod response: The Arab League expresses appreciation for Israel's proposal and agrees to it, with the condition that the status of the rest of Israel's controlled territories in the Midian region will be open to negotiations. Both the PRJ and the Hashemite loyalists reject Israel's proposal, stating that Israel is far away from a position where it can meditate a conflict, and first has to work out its own problems before addressing issues outside its jurisdiction. The PRJ president Mu'alem Ghaleb adds that "The world would've been much safer by now if Israel didn't stick its nose to every detail they didn't like". The PLO leader Atef Mabrouk pledges support for the PRJ and offers the PRJ logistical and economic support, while denouncing the Hashemites and declaring King Hussein III as a top-terrorist. (Secret) The PRJ agrees to remove Cuban presence on the condition that Israel would help the PRJ to complete their research about nuclear fusion to create a thermo-nuclear bomb, including sending Israeli scientists and specialists to the nuclear site in Northern Jordan(Any hope of spying should be lost, since the delegation members will be scanned by the molecular level in the entrance), and that Israel would remain silent when the PRJ wipes Hashemite-controlled cities off the map with its weapons. Should Israel refuse, it has closed any opportunity of co-operation with the PRJ and has put its civilians under grave danger (Secret). The AR accepts Israel's request and gives a green light to construct an economic interest office in Downtown Riyadh. (Secret) The Mossad tracks down several notorious drug dealers whose finances sky-rocketed in the two previous years. This leads the investigators to several suspected locations of illegal trade of WMD's: Tuxtla Gutiérrez Metropolis in the unrecognized PR Mexico, Lagos Metropolis in Nigeria and Lahore Metropolis in the IRPS. (Secret). The UN Secretary-General states he supports Israeli ambassador's words, and that the UN will work on a new non-proliferation treaty which is binding and that countries which don't abide by it will be isolated and sanctioned.
  • Flag of South Africa South Africa: (Military) With many new threats emerging on the international scene, including rogue states with no moral standards, illegal trade in weapons of mass destruction and new regional enemies, we increase our military budget by 24% in order to increase our submarine fleet to 128 stealth submarines with a range of 7,500 miles, speed of 20 knots and capability to carry up to four ballistic missiles, along with 12 torpedoes and two cannons. Our armored force will be increased to around 2,100 tanks designed for maximum functionality in any type of terrain and weather and have a laser guiding system that allows the tank to target drones and aircraft with very high accuracy. The tank's tungsten-made shells, traveling at 5,600 meters per second, can penetrate up to five-meters of steel armor, or two meters of modern composite armor at a range of two kilometers. The tank's speed would be 68 km/h on the road and 50 km/h on rough terrain. The tank will be called "Cecil", named after Cecil the Lion. We also begin manufacturing our own fighter robots, based on Cuban and Korean blueprints. Our fighter robot army is expected to be at around 1,500,000 next year. All those changes will be completed by 2067, making us the most powerful country in Africa and a challenger to global superpowers.(Foreign Affairs) We voice support for the Palestinian Republic of Jordan and we send it $300 million in aid and state that in case of emergency, South Africa will be willing to support the PRJ militarily. We also condemn the actions of the crown loyalists to destabilize Jordan and call for the Hashemites' immediate surrender. We congratulate the SFA and Brazil for their ceasefire and express hope for a final settlement for the South American conflict. We call on Italy to accept the Iberian states' terms and return to the pre-2061 borders, when it invaded the Iberian peninsula. We congratulate Poland for its independence and request the beginning of diplomatic and trade relations(Mod response). We recognize the People's Republic of Mexico and we request the beginning of diplomatic and trade relations(Mod response). We condemn the West Asian attempt of trying to expand its influence to Asia by creating an Afghan puppet government and by threatening the sovereign Pakistan. We pledge support for Pakistan and request the forming of a military alliance between us and Pakistan in order to counter any attempts of aggression by our enemies(Mod response). (Economy and Science) As the South African economy continues to grow, our investments in the new territories show positive results, with GDP per capita 120% bigger than five years ago, standing at 8,000$. Experts expect that when the South African reforms are completed at around 2070, the GDP per capita will stand at 25,000 USD, the literacy at 98% and life expectancy at 80 years. The economy grew by 5% in the last year, and 800,000 new jobs were created. School enrollment rate also significantly grew, as South Africa brought with it mandatory education for each child. Cases of diseases such as Malaria and HIV have dwindled down dramatically, as the South African free healthcare and preventive guidelines for the public have made the health environment much safer. Recent polls in the new territories show that 56% of the people are pleased with the new government, and 40% say that they are proud to be South African. While those numbers aren't a decisive majority, we are confident these numbers will soon rise. 2070 will be the year when referendums are held in the new territories that will decide on whether South Africa should remain in the new territories. We express interest in joining the list of nations with Martian bases, and begin building a spacecraft to reach Mars and recruiting potential astronauts.
    • Mod response: Poland agrees forming trade relations, but states that formal diplomatic relations can be started only after South Africa withdraws to its original borders, or until South Africa acts in respect to the results of the upcoming referendums that will be held in 2070. Pakistan accepts the military alliance and vows to help South Africa in time of need. The PRM happily accepts South Africa's request and asks to join South Africa's alliance with Pakistan.
    • Italy Diplomacy: We ask Nigeria if we can sign a joint military alliance pact along with a military access pack so we can better defend each other.
    • Nigerian Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Nigeria:''' Since UN sanctions were out on us, we get rid of the law letting everyone worship and we ask the pope to come to Lagos and we also say sorry to the AAFR '''(Military) ''' with eats of South African looming we start producing new tank and jets with help form Italy. The tanks will be called Zulus, with 100 mm guns and five-meters of titanium armor it can go 70 miles on land and off, we also start producing the Falco class of jets which can go seven times the speed of sound. It's equipped with sub killing rockets and EMP's. For the men themselves, they get new exo-suits so they can lift tanks and move faster. We denied all talk about WMD's '''(Top Secret) (we hide our bio weapons In the jungle in case of a South African attack on any neighbor nations) (economy and science)''' we benign find rare minerals in the jungle help boosting the wealth and we find a cheaper care for AIDS.
    • Italy and Nigeria Diplomacy: We ask Chad and Camroon if they would like to join us in a defense force against South Africa called the A.D.F. (African Defence Force) (Mod Response Needed). We also make preparations for the Pope's visit to Lagos. 
    • Mod response: Cameroon and Chad decline, stating they would rather join the PIHA organization than co-operate with states that are developing weapons of mass destruction and are occupying foreign lands. 
  • Flag of South AfricaSouth African De-Escalation Initiative (SADI):

It has come to the understanding of the South African government that all parties would benefit from de-escalation in the African scene, mainly in the new South African borders. South Africa’s government proposes a plan to reduce regional tensions and reach mutual understandings in order to prevent further conflict and to allow dialogue to occur between the relevant parties.

Under the SADI, The Republic of South Africa will be bound to:

1. Reduce its forces on its new borders to peacetime levels.

2.   A. Abandon the way of using force in order to fulfill its ambitions.

B. Acknowledge all countries’ rights of sovereignty and freedom.

C. Vow to never invade a country out of aggressive intentions.

D. Respect the democratically chosen results of referendums that will occur in 2070 in the new territories that will decide whether to stay under South African rule or to become independent.

E. South Africa shall reserve the right to execute the policy of African unity and prosperity by peaceful means (Referendums, Bilateral or Multilateral agreements etc.).

3.         A. Reaffirm its ratification of the NPT using the South African constitution; Reduce its declared nuclear stockpile of 150 warheads to 50 warheads and to completely destroy its declared chemical stockpile of 500 cubic meters of Sarin, under supervision of the United Nations.

B. Constitutionally outlaw the producing or selling of weapons of mass destruction.

South Africa will be willing to negotiate on further terms with the involved parties, if needed.

Under the SADI, the following parties (All member states of the Ankara Pact (Israel, WAR, AAFR) and all member states of the PIHA organization) will be bound to:

1. The WAR and Israel will withdraw their forces stationed in the AAFR inland, at least 670 kilometers away from the border. The AAFR shall reduce its troops that border South Africa to peacetime levels.

2.  A. Recognize the fact that the South African march into Africa has brought many more benefits than damage.

   B. Recognize and fully respect de facto South African sovereignty over all of its currently controlled territories.

3.  A.  Lift all economic sanctions over South Africa.

   B. Governments can decide whether to lift weapons embargoes and military sanctions South Africa or not.

4. Fully respect and recognize any results of the 2070 South African referenda.

5. Annul any initiatives that would escalate the relations and hurt the interests of any of the parties, especially UN resolutions.


President of South Africa, Her Excellency, Georgia Kagana.

Spokesperson of the South African Parliament, The Honorable Roger Haffleton.

(Responses from Israel, WAR, AAFR and a mod as the PIHA organization needed)

  • West Asian Response: Due to South Africa's actions in recent years, we view this proposal with grave suspicion. However, South Africa's initiative and its apparent strive for de-escalation is indeed a sign of hope. Therefore, we are willing to meet with South African representatives in order to discuss about this initial proposal, with the final goal of forming an arrangement that will cease hostilities and decrease tensions. This initial proposal lacks several extremely important things that will ensure South Africa will be held accountable for its actions and that it won't repeat them in the future. In order to reach an agreement, we demand:
    • An official apology from the South African government to all of the people in the territory it occupied.
    • An official UN investigation in the South African occupied territories and inside South Africa itself to find out the impact of the occupation in the life of the civilians and to investigate allegations of war crimes done by the SANAF.
    • The formation of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces In Africa (UNPFA) that will be stationed in all the countries that border the South African occupied territories. The personnel will number at 80,000 and will be spread across the border strip in strategic areas, ready to respond in case of emergency.
    • To test South Africa's seriousness about this proposal, we are willing to perform our part of the agreement only after South Africa performs its part.
    • The UN investigation in the South African occupied territories will determine the consequences of the occupation, and only then will we be able to state our position on whether the occupation is benevolent or malevolent.
    • Economic sanctions imposed by the WAR will be slowly lifted in stages in accordance with the South African troop withdrawal. Military embargoes will be remain in place until the 2070 referendums, and they will only be lifted if South Africa acts with respect to the results of the referendums.
    • Annual and full inspections by the IAEA of South Africa's known nuclear sites to oversee the process of disarmament from nuclear weapons
    • Annual and full inspections by the OPCW of South Africa's known chemical sites to oversee the process of total disarmament from chemical weapons.
    • A promise from the South African government, that as an occupying force, it will preserve the different cultures and environments it is occupying, and will give full civil and political rights to those it is occupying until the referendums.

This is the West Asian position. As we see a glimmer of hope in this process, we ask Israel and the AAFR to give this process a chance and join the negotiations. (South African Response)

  • South African Diplomacy: We accept all of the terms that the WAR has placed. The SADI treaty will be signed in Pretoria. We will begin performing our part of the deal next year. We call on the rest of the parties of the conflict to join the treaty(Israel, AAFR and mod as PIHA responses needed).
  • Israeli Response: The South African initiative of a peaceful agreement opens an exhilarating opportunity for an end to an international issue that has gravely impacted an entire continent, both beneficial and devastating. In respect of sovereign integrity, self-determination of the people and a dialogue-concentrated diplomacy, we will ensure that the SADI leads the way for the South-African dream of a prosperous and peaceful Africa, free from war and poverty, although the question of "national union" can only be democratically answerable by the people themselves. The Knesset's Council for the SADI, with the 22 members selected by the Knesset, have issued Israel's counter proposal, all which are signed by the President [Representing the Knesset], Foreign Affairs Minister, the Prime Minister, the Israeli Representative for PIHA and the Ankara Pact, and the Israeli Ambassador for South Africa. While the West Asian counter proposal covers measures regarding investigation offices and prevention of future conflict, the Israeli counter-proposal shall include humanitarian and economic issues. The chance for peaceful dialogue and the democratic choice of millions cannot be averted. We recommend all parties to this conflict to empathize the situation, and call for a peaceful compromise and attend to the negotiating table. The demands of the Israeli representatives are as follows:
    • In order to guarantee a fair, accurate and free democratic referendum, the United Nations must administer the planning and voting process without interference from neither the administrative government and foreign entities. All votes must be collected by UN employees, and safely transported to 1. Kampala, Uganda 2. Luanda, Occupied Angola, and 3. Johannesburg, South Africa with UN observation to securely count the result.
    • The population of Lesotho and Swaziland shall also participate in the referendum, which were annexed by South Africa.
    • Until the population answers the referendum in 2070, all domestic, industrial, mined, intellectual and commercial items in South-African occupied territories can choose to label 'South Africa' or the original name of its respective territory on its product. This corresponds to the full civil rights for the inhabitants in the region.
    • Permit a temporary internal and foreign affairs office for the occupied territories to establish, which official representatives from the occupied countries can participate in the peace process, and succeed the area's former governments as a de facto local administrative government with very limited powers. This will bring balance and satisfaction for the local population and South Africa in the interim period, and corresponds with the West Asian counter proposal for full civil and political rights to the occupied territories. The governments are able to disband on 2070, after the referendum is completed and a provisional government is prepared.
    • Permit maximum presence of international and national humanitarian organizations to coordinate with the administrative state to contribute the reduction of poverty in the region.
    • In order to avoid escalation between South Africa and the Ankara Pact, South Africa shall withdraw military and economic support to the Palestinian Republican's military in Jordan, stating that the Jordanian conflict in the Middle East will contradict South Africa's pledges in accordance to the SADI, and it must not interfere the negotiation process between the Ankara Pact and South Africa.
  • In exchange, Israel will commit to accomplish the followings:
    • The State of Israel pledges to announces its intentions to withdraw from the Ankara Pact by 2072, and negotiate at the annual PIHA meeting in Ceerigaabo, Somaliland Autonomous Area, Ethiopia to disband the military Israeli-African Strategic Partnership with PIHA approval before 2074, since the de facto multilateral military alliances has fulfilled its role as an obstacle to South African expansion.
    • The State of Israel will volunteer to mediate separate peace talks between South Africa and PIHA member states in Netanya to affirm that both South Africa and PIH.A (Including Israel) are able to ensure a demilitarized border between South Africa and PIHA, and to help concerned member states to fulfill conditions in accordance to the S.I.D.A.
    • Israeli military presence in the AAFR for the purpose of countering South Africa will be removed without exceptions by 2071 or 2072, the estimated year of Israel's withdrawal from the Ankara Pact. Israeli military presence in Southern Ethiopia and Western Kenya for the purpose of countering South Africa will be removed once the Israeli-African Strategic Partnership is disbanded. Israeli troops will remain in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi under the request of its respective governments until 2077, although the deployed personnel numbers approximately 3,520.
    • Like the West Asian act, Israel will slowly lift its economic sanctions in stages in accordance with the South African withdrawal, and reinstate previously suspended arms deals after the 2070 referendum.
    • The State of Israel will reopen the Israeli Embassy in Pretoria, and its consuls in Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Durban, and its economic interest office in Johannesburg, and return the Israeli Ambassador to South Africa back to Pretoria in understanding of the multilateral interest for a de-escalation, and reassurances that Israeli nationals are not in danger under South African jurisdiction. It is in Israel's interest to restore the level of diplomatic ties between Israel and South Africa prior to the conflict.
    • Lastly, the Israeli Representatives for the UN will work towards the suspension of UN Resolution, "Suspension of South Africa from the United Nations", recognizing the South African effort for negotiation.
    • Therefore, if the referendum on South-African occupied territories and the conditions the SADI presents are able to be realized, the State of Israel, with understanding of the South African commitment to regain trust, peace and dialogue between all parties and its occupied inhabitants without preconditions, agrees to oblige to the conditions ratified by the parties in the negotiating table. We join the calls of our fellow partners for all parties to participate in the negotiation in hopes for peace and the normalization of the African continent. (AAFR and PIHA response wanted)
      • South African Diplomacy: Although the Israeli proposal sounds generally plausible, we do have some reservations: other than the 2070 referendums, there will be no foreign interference in the new South African territories, and we will seek to establish local authorities only the way we deem correct. We reassure Israel and the international community that the South African government provides incredible amounts of assistance to areas stricken with poverty, disease and famine, and those three phenomena have greatly diminished in the last decade. No international humanitarian aid, except pandemic prevention and combat, will be needed in the short term. Therefore, international humanitarian organizations are free to operate, however no co-operation from our government will be provided and travel restrictions to certain areas may apply. We accept the request to suspend military and economic aid the the PRJ, however we'll continue to vocally support it, and we emphasize that we cannot tolerate a situation where the leaders of the PRJ and its sovereignty are in peril. We decline the request of Israel to meditate talks between us and other states, as we are not completely confident that Israel can be neutral in the face of history. We will take care of the talks in terms of meditators. All Israeli and West Asian military presence must be removed from our borders by 2070, as we will withdraw our forces throughout 2067-2068 to peacetime levels and it will be outrageous for our government to have its citizens working and living hundreds of meters away from massive foreign military concentrations for a prolonged amount of time. We agree to all of the other terms(Parties' responses needed)
      • Israeli Diplomatic Team: Understanding that the Jewish State may not be a suitable mediator due to its membership in both PIHA and the Ankara Pact, we will therefore withdraw our offer to host the mediation and trust South Africa in regards to negotiation with PIHA. Israel aims to return all IDF troops stationed in PIHA and Ankara Pact member states [As part of PM Nertevah's electoral pledge], although the West Sinai-African (Histratuta) Regiment Leadership expects harsh opposition by Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda [Hence the Israeli offer for a PIHA-based mediation]. The Israeli Representative Office for the Ankara Pact informs the alliance that Israel will quicken withdrawal of its troops starting from August 2068, and ending on December 2070. On 2067, Israeli humanitarian organizations, including IsraAid and Magen David Adom, will dispatch into South-Eastern Africa, including PIHA and South-African controlled territory, and perform humanitarian operations. In accordance to South Africa's statement, the organizations are advised to follow the instructions of the authority. We acknowledge and / or agree to all other terms counter-proposed by South Africa.
      • West Asian Diplomacy: We accept the further terms set by both Israel and South Africa, and our forces on the AAFR-Congo border will have withdrawn by 2070. However, we express sorrow over Israel's intention to withdraw from the Ankara Pact, an organization based only for defensive purposes, to keep regional stability and to offer a helping hand to people in crises around the world. We hope that Israel reconsiders its decision.
      • South African Diplomacy: To add to the WAR's statement, we feel that when the SADI takes place, the Ankara Pact will no longer pose a threat to our national security, as South Africa will no longer be on its agenda. Therefore, it's not necessary for Israel to withdraw from the Ankara pact, however it is necessary to disband the Israeli-African strategic partnership which clearly targets us. We believe all the issues have been tackled. Once accepted by all parties, a final paper will be written and signed in Pretoria next year.
      • Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs: [To the West Asian Republic] Despite the Ankara Pact's potential as a multi-national defensive alliance, Israel no longer sees a vital reason in remaining a member of the alliance, and we believe that peace in the region does not mandate a military alliance. The leave is partly due to increasing public and government disapproval and Israel's overriding interest in NATO. We hope that peacefully leaving the Ankara Pact would not affect diplomatic relations between Israel and the Ankara Pact's member states. [To the Republic of South Africa] We acknowledge that the Israeli-African Strategic Partnership may strain peace between PIHA member states and South Africa. However, the Strategic alliance will naturally become defunct once the SADI is successfully implemented as South Africa will no longer be considered a threat towards African states. The State of Israel re-affirms its effort in disbanding the Israeli-African Strategic Partnership in the next annual PIHA meeting in Ceerigaabo, Somaliland Autonomous Area, Ethiopia to make way for the significant SADI in succeeding.
      • West Asian Diplomacy: We understand Israel's decision and we fully respect it. Since the Ankara pact is no longer a multilateral organization, we withdraw from it and disband the organization entirely. The Ankara Pact's roles will now be carried out simply by bilateral relations with the former member states. We congratulate South Africa for the agreement and deeply thank it for its initiative and co-operation. This has saved and improved many lives of Africans and South Africans. May this agreement mark the end of the dark period in South Africa's foreign relations and mark the beginning of a better age for Africa.
    • Nigeria:(military) We Officially Invade Benin, sending 500,000 men, 2,500 Zulu tanks and 1,000 falco class planes to bomb military bases, we start producing the Ark. An aircraft carrier/prison ship, it will be the largest in the world at 1,500 meters long 1,000 wide (Top Secret) We start producing two Kinetic Orbital strike type weapons one name Olorun and Gabriel for Italy, Each Weapon will have ten missiles and ecah missile will be made of Tungsten\Rhenium with a warhead that's has a foot long Thorium core). We also are making a new type of weapon. An EMP warhead will be fitted on LGM 145 Minuteman IV IRBMS, it will able to wipe out any power source in the area of North Carolina for a month. (Economics foreign/internal affairs Science) We start tearing the Abuja national mosque down to make way for the St Clamant Cathedral a co Presbyterian/Catholic church, we legalize Weed and the Opium Family (Opium, Heroin and Morphine) to tax it, we also Start Building Wind Turbines out in the ocean to get more we and we start make cars call springbok, We also start making space shuttles to go to Mars we plan to build three shuttles to colonize Mars, We are happy to see South Africa becomeing peaceful but they should give back conquer land. (Top secret) We send five spies into South Africa to get information and to sabotage many things and we send five spies into WAR to start a Presbyterian uprising).
      • West Asian Diplomacy: Nigeria's power-hungry march of madness has has crossed. This time we will take no excuses and waste no time. We issue an ultimatum: By 2067, Nigeria must withdraw from Benin, apologize to it and vow never to invade a country again, or to face war against the full might of the West Asian war machine. You have been warned.
      • Nigeria Diplomacy: After seeing the threats of WAR, we called out that they are hypocrites for favoring a monster Like South Africa like Putin did to Syria and the invasion is justified since of Benin funded Terrorist group attacking Nigerian cities and we are only taking the land west of Parakou since that's where they are at. And this "war machine" should not poke a sleeping Nigerian bull or they will get the horns
    • West Asian Diplomacy: (Secret) The recent developments in the geopolitical and diplomatic scene in Africa have created an environment where it is more comfortable for the governments of the West Asian Republic and South Africa to co-operate in order to tackle common threat. Now, this threat has become Nigeria, with its violations of human rights and sovereignty of neighbors. We believe that the positive steps South Africa has taken have proven its integrity, and therefore we propose creating a line of communication between Pretoria and Ankara, set up meetings between government and military officials and co-ordinate the steps that will be taken in order to counter the Nigerian aggression. (South African Response)(Secret)
    • Nigeria Diplomacy: (secret) do the threats of WAR we make "Operation Luther" is a go by causing mass riots of oppressed Presbytarians in multi WAR cities and we start weapon funding five Presbytarian Rebel groups to take over Armania, western turkey and Azerbaijan, We set up a quick meeting with Italy in Rome ask to in join us in this war (Italy Response) and we send up our Olorun kinetic Orbital strike system and positioning it above South Africa and after five missiles are fire at major cities it will move to WAR and do the same. We move out our bio and EMP missiles to set up on the border to point to South Africa and we produce more tank and planes and weapons.
    • Israeli Press Office: The State of Israel declare neutrality in regards to the Nigerian-Beninese conflict, clarifying the conflict can end through bilateral agreement between Nigeria and Benin to prevent terrorist organizations infiltrating borders and does not require a direct Israeli involvement in the region. Therefore, we urge Nigeria to use restraint and seek dialogue with the Republic of Benin and the Security Council in order to restore order and safety for the population in both sides. The conflict will not affect Israeli relations with the Nigerians and Beninese, and hopes for a swift solution to the crisis. (Nigerian response welcome) We are appalled of the immediate 'absurdity' of unprovoked threats announced by the West Asian Republic and comments describing their military as a "war machine", stating that such provocation and open interventionism may have passed the "point of no return" before a military conflict ensues between adversaries of the WAR. As a close ally, the State of Israel requests the withdrawal of the position and instead refer to the Security Council when discussing action against the Nigerian "advancement". (West Asian response welcome) In addition, former Prime Minister, Minister without Portfolio and First-term Labor MK Joseph Yerusahelm calls the government protest a "huge change of policy", as the Israeli government throughout the last 20 years refrained from calling out on its Northern neighbour. (SECRET) After the Aman's Air Intelligence Directorate and the Space Security Department's Planetary Satellite Intelligence discovers suspicious movement of the Nigerian 'Olorun Kinetic Orbital Strike System', the IDF approves a covert cyber-operation, launching nano-bugs into the OKOSS to force a system termination. The operation has a 78% chance of success, but in anticipation of a possible failure, the bugs are registered as a Korean security tool to foolproof Nigerian cyber experts and Nigerian diplomats, since Nigeria and Korea does not have full diplomatic ties. Israeli spy satellite Filana V begins to observe the OKOSS and Nigerian military movements in Benin and its Southern border. The case is also forwarded to the Mossad, which they have authorized a team of sleeper agents in the Nigerian Foreign Ministry and those living in Abuja to covertly investigate Nigerian intentions regarding South Africa and Middle Eastern Powers. (SECRET)
      • West Asian Diplomacy: Our calls for immediate withdrawal, backed by the military option, are a result of many considerations in the West Asian cabinet, that has concluded that Nigeria, which is developing weapons of mass destruction, is a threat to world peace, and it must be put in place. We, as a nation which always prefers not to go to war, will always strive to a diplomatic solution. As our position has angered many countries on the international community, we issue an apology for our recklessness, admit our mistake and withdraw our threats of war. However, Nigeria's conquest is unacceptable and must be immediately put to a halt. We call for negotiations on Nigerian withdrawal and a peaceful solution to the conflict. We withdraw our drones stationed in the AAFR in case of war with Nigeria.
      • Nigeria Dip: we tell WAR that we will leave Benin in 2070 or until the threats of Terrorists are gone. Until then, will be part of Nigeria and will have all Nigerian benefits like free healthcare. We ask WAR and Israel to up use clean up the slums by sending builders to build free and better houses.
      • Canadian Diplomacy: We call for an immediate withdrawal from Benin. We remind Nigeria of Benin's sovereignty, and threaten further actions if Nigeria does not withdraw. We also call for the end of Nigeria's bioweapon program after receiving intelligence of the possible use of Biological weapons and EMP missiles.(Secret) We receive intelligence of possible spies being used to star a Presbyterian uprising in the WAR. We send spies to counteract Nigerian spies and capture all that are involved. (Mod Response Required) (Secret)
      • Mod response: The Nigerian spies use decoys to escape the Canadian and the agents return home with negative results.
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil: We will start a complete reconstruction of our education system, focusing on education for everyone, making sure that each individual will have full freedom to pursue their passions while giving all individuals equal opportunities.
    • All individuals that managed to show mastery and control over their chosen passion in education will be granted a scholarship, which will help them follow their passions for the entirety of their lifetimes.
    • All individuals most pursue something unless physically or mentally unable to.

We will strive to become a peaceful country, but we will not hesitate to fight back if it means defending ourselves.

  • We will spread our message of peace to all that will want to hear it.

Looking at the current situation that our country is in, we will boost our military defence systems and capabilities, while trying to negotiate a more permanent peace with our neighbours. We will also create more offices and labs with the goal of pursuing a better world achieved by new scientific discoveries. We will improve the countries infrastructure to allow a foundation for increased future growth in Brazil. We will be more open for trade with other country's. We will allow for easier and cheaper life for the citizen of Brazil by having the government's income be directed to directly benefit the citizens of Brazil, especially the ones that are currently struggling. (Secret) We will send spies to the SFA to try to grant Brazil an early warning about future attacks that may be planned by the SFA. We will also send undercover agents inside Brazil's criminal organisations, trying to gain their support without them knowing. (Secret)

  • West Asian Diplomacy: We wholeheartedly welcome Brazil and offer it our help and assistance in any field. We send Brazil $500 million in economic aid as an appreciation gesture for its willingness to come to the negotiating table with the SFA in in order to end the regional conflict.
  • Brazilian Diplomacy: We are very happy to see that other countries are willing to accept the peace message we are trying to show the world. To show our gratitude, Brazil will now strive to collaborate with the West Asian Republic more in the matter of science. We will increase our trade ties, and are open to any trade suggestions for the West Asian Republic. We will use the economical aid sent by the West Asian Republic to create a strong foundation for future science and economical ties with West Asian Republic. May this collaboration and trust between our countries will continue forever.
  • South African Diplomacy: We welcome Brazil and congratulate it for its efforts to make peace with the SFA. We ask Brazil to create an economic interest office in Brasilia and begin co-operation with Brazil on themes of science and technology.
  • Brazilian Diplomacy: We will allow South Africa to open an economic interest office in Brasilia. We will begin co-operation with South Africa in the fields of science and technology. We hope that South African and Brazilian co-operation will continue to flourish and we can set an example of how two nations can create magnificent things together.
  • UkrainianRepublicFlagRepublic of Ukraine-(Updated): (Nigeria) Although the Republic of Ukraine is not part of this debate on the problems with the Kingdom of Nigeria, but the Council of Seven do believe that the RU has a word in this debate; and that is the RU gives great support to the SADI Deal in which the council hopes that this will user in a new age of peace and prosperity in the continent of Africa, although agreeing on what the West Asian Republic stated that the deal seemed suspicious the council has agreed that an official United Nations investigation should be taking place and that their representative will be sent to the next United Nation Security Council Meeting stating that an investigation should be under way. The RU does know that they are not a big part in this situation but does believe that they should at least be taking sides on the matter since the RU is a part of the Security Council.(Space) The Department of Science and Aerospace (DSA) announces that supplies will be sent to the astronauts that are in need of food on the planet of Mars along with extra fuel so that the Team-7 will be able to reach the original destination where the base is set up. Since researching has been going on for years now, the supply ship will be able to make its way to Mars in about three to four months in time, hopefully in time to meet the deadline of when the crew will run out of food. This news has not be published to the public so that it does not spark an uproar about actions that the government should have taken to deal on the matter, and debates on which there should be space travel at all in general for the country. The families of the crew have been notified about the ongoing situation and asks that they do not speak about it to the public. In hopes that the plan does go through and that the crew will be able to make the 100 km journey to the base, plans are being made already to start sending more people and supplies in the upcoming years and hopes that an official settlement will be finished by 2068 so that there may be commercial trips to Mars and back to Earth.(Cuban tension) The council has been very angered about the escalating tension in which about three or four of the seven council members are considering going to war with Cuba in which the majority of the Verkhovna Rada will either have to support or deny the deceleration of war by the council. The majority of people do want war with Cuba, but most of the council is still holding out that they do not need a war and that their issues can be handled peacefully. The council has decided that they will be sending three diplomats by military escorted planes to Cuba to talk with the Prime Minister of Cuba; some people are referencing the tension with the infamous American XYZ Affair in which three American diplomats were turned away by three French agents not to see the Prime Minister. Council Member Hana Poroshenko makes comments stating that the Cuban's will turn out like the French back in the 1700's and only allow negotiations by bribe and that the council will have to be put in a tough place weather to go to war or let the tensions escalate further and further (Mod response needed; hoping that it will be like the XYZ affair). (Science) Science is moving further and further ahead in RU as the life expectancy of a woman is to be about 98-100 while males still behind at about an average age of 95-97; by thanks to the amazing medicine available to the public. Scientists expect the life expectancy is estimated to grow in the coming centuries. The common cold is now very treatable to everybody in the country and a recent survey shows that a number of people haven't had colds in decades or ever in general. Scientists have now finished nanobot technology in which can be ingested by the sick person and be controlled by the doctor's where the cold's origins in the body can be located in eliminated. The nanobot will easily be able to be removed by the doctor by having the nanobot climbing up into the patients throat and having them cough it out; with the bot being so tiny it it now danger hazard. Prosthetic limbs are now so usable and advanced that when used by people it takes usually about a month or two to be able to fully use it and it is not noticeable to the naked eye. Chips are hitting the commercial stage in RU as people will be able to get chips injected into their spinal cord/brain in which the chip will be able to give the user more ability in athletics, logic, etc... But, these chips are still new and very expensive so that the chips are only able to be used by the rich and wealthy at the time but many people hope that the price will go down in the following years. The chips are able to be updated automatically by the manufactures so that the user does not need to buy a newer one and have the old one removed and the new one placed in which would result in countless hours of surgery when doctors are really needed to people that need it now. In the field of surgery, the new technology display is taking storm in surgery across the country. With the most successes being "Wall Format-Display Glass" in which a doctor in Kiev could use the display glass to communicate with doctors in the West Asian Republic where the doctors in the WAR will be able to give information on the screen to the doctors in Kiev about the patient and the doctors will be able to use the "Touch Sensitive" mode where they are able to point out and circle important details on the screen and the doctors in WAR will be able to see and do on the patient there. Another piece of new technology in the field of surgery is "Anti-Microbial Glass" in which the patient in WAR will be able to be scanned like the modern cat scan, and along with the use of "3D-Optimized Glass Components" will be able to get a 3D picture of the patient and will be able to see interior organs without actual surgery and will be able to point out things in the patient and then give the information using the Anti-Microbial Glass to the doctor in the other part of the world. (Technology) Other than surgery, technology has been taking storm across the rest of the country. On every street there are self-drive able eco-friendly cars that can float about four inches off the ground thanks to levitating road components that give the car the ability to float lightly above the road. This road technology have greatly decreased car crashes by 97% in the country since the self drive able cars are able to detect oncoming cars and the immediate actions to other surrounding cars. This technology is almost every where in the country with the majority of people able to afford it and it is estimated that the entire country will be like this by 2080. High optimized eco-friendly "bullet" trains that are able to transport a person from one side of the country to the other in about seven hours time. Many new technologies are now eco-friendly with the threat that still plagues the Earth, Global Warming. The council hopes that oil will no longer be needed in the RU by 2075. Crime has gone down greatly in country, mostly thanks to the AI majority of the police force that are able to monitor almost every person that walks the street of the country thanks to the "Face Recognition System" that all police have been given to identify criminals.(Military) The Ministry of Defense announces that the troops in the Middle East will be fully out of the area by next year and that transport planes are already being sent to allied air fields to start the transfer. The council wants to thank the President of the West Asian Republic and the Prime Minister of Israel for letting the Ukrainian troops move through the their country in time of war. Military weaponry is being fully optimized as the weapons are very much advanced then ever before. (Secret) Two Vultures launched from a military airport in Kviv and sent to Cuba to gather intelegence on the country so that the council has a better idea on what the country might have to deal with if they have to go to war (Mod Response on results of mission) (Secret).
    • Mod response: The Ukrainian diplomats and the Cuban PM agree to de-escalate tensions and to set a date for diplomatic talks. The next day, the two drones sent by Ukraine are detected by Cuba, and Cuba scrambles four drones to destroy the two Ukrainian ones. In the resulting dogfight, three Cuban drones are shot down and one Ukrainian drone is shot down (With the other one barely making to home on fumes). Cuban authorities recognized the Ukrainian emblems on the drone that was shot down. The Cuban government releases the case publicly and demands Ukraine to officially apologize, or to face bitter consequences.
  • Nigeria Dip: We ask the Ukraine, Thailand and Haiti if they want to build a base on Haiti to to get a better launch point (Ukraine/Thailand/mod response).
    • ​Republic of Ukraine Ministry of Defense: Due to the ongoing tensions with the Kingdom of Nigeria and the Republic of Ukraine's close friends and allies West Asian Republic and Israel (along with the United Nations in general) announces that they will deny Nigeria's request. The Minister of Defense is quoted at the hearing by saying, "The Republic of Ukraine denies this request because of the tensions between our allies, the United Nations and their past Human Rights Violations. To the King of Nigeria we say that you can not change the minds of the Ukrainian people and the only thing that you can do is change its ways."
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We thank Ukraine for its balanced and responsible considerations.
  • Thailand: (Nigeria Response) We agree to building the base and we ask Nigeria for an alliance. (Miltary) We modify Nigerian military technology, making the TS-44 Erewan, a modified version of the Zulu, with six-meter thick armor and a top speed of 90 mph. The TS-60 Nirvana is an original design of an UAV. It is equipped with a M-61 Vulcan machine gun, four air-to-surface missiles, and four Sidewinder missiles. It can detect an enemy from 60 miles away.We also make the Peregrine Mk l with 15 mm guns and four sidewinder missiles. It reaches 8.5 times the speed of sound. We also start mass producing a new fire arm called the VRB-59, a bullpup that shoots .270 Winchester rounds along with a pistol call the SF-10, a three round burst pistol that shoots 10mm auto round. [SECRET] We tell Nigeria we are working on a ballistic missile system capable of hitting South Africa and plan to use it if they are struggling with South Africa. (Internal/ Foreign Affairs) We change our government to a representative democracy and remove the military junta. We replace our coal mines with hydro power and we begin fix the problems by put police in the Deep South we also crackdown on envirometal issue by making the game wardens of Thailand. (Economy) We make our new gun available for purchase around the world. (Science) We have a revolutionary breakthrough as we found the cure to HIV/AIDS. We also developed a super chip named Budda that is better than 50 super computers combined. It will run everything in Thailand.
  • United Arab Emirates: We are a newly formed Country under a Ahmadiyya Democratic - Caliphate Government with the Caliphate having no government power. We are a Islamic Ahmadiyya country. We thank Canada for finally pulling out of mecca. We request to Acquire Mecca (Canadian Response needed) In a statement by our newly elected President "Islam's most holy city has been out of Islamic hands for quite some time and it is time the city returns to an Islamic Country". We hope that Canada listens to our appeal. We begin economic reforms and try to base our economy on tourism and oil. We also begin to invest in Space tourism. We triple our Defense budget and attempt to double our manpower. We begin to construct massive buildings in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that will house 50000 People. We begin to invest in a "Tsunami bombs" or Plunger Missiles. We construct massive Desalination Plants using a new method which is much more effective.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We express disagreement over the UAE's desire to own Mecca. Mecca should rather move to the hands of the Arab League that will establish a special administration there, appropriate for the unique circumstances and free of political considerations and corruption. Ceding Mecca to Pan-Arab hands will make conflict less likely and will ensure that the holiest city to Islam will remain peaceful and stable for many years to come.


In response to Italy's unwillingness to accept their terms and withdraw from the Iberian peninsula, the Iberian Republic (Backed by Cuba) and the New Holy Roman Empire begin a massive, coordinated assault on the Italian defensive lines in the peninsula and kill some 12,000 Italian soldiers, while losing only 4,000 of their own. Italian defenses collapse and Italy now controls about 10% of the Iberian peninsula, roughly covering the former autonomic regions of Valencia and Murcia. The Iberian Republic formally annexes Madrid and declares it the new capital. Poland rises as an independent nation, controlling all the territories previously occupied by Ukraine. West Poland is still occupied by Germany and is home to conflict between the Poles and Germans over the question of joining an independent Poland or staying under German rule. A ceasefire is declared in the Balkans and the URMA PM states that his country will negotiate a final settlement with Greece and Bulgaria, hopefully until 2070. The Jordanian conflict escalates, as the crown loyalists march northwards to capture the nuclear plant located in the northern part of Jordan, while the Palestinian Republicans, in response, carpet bomb Amman, resulting in the deaths 18,700 people. The PIHA organization summons an emergency meeting to discuss about the "concerning Nigerian expansionist and aggressive policy, and decides to impose an embargo on Nigeria until it withdraws from Benin. Mexico drastically increases its military budget, recruits 250,000 new soldiers and officially declares war on Cuba because of its support for the anti-government cartel state located in the South of the country. The situation in Sabah remains frozen, as neither side agrees to remove its forces and tensions are higher than ever. As Sri Lankans strive for an end to foreign involvement in their lands, the public opinion in the world shifts toward Sri Lanka, and many prominent figures in international politics, including the UN secretary-general call on Canada, Larsted and Italy to withdraw from Sri Lanka. A nuclear-armed Pakistan claims Balochistan and Iran to be part of their territory and calls on them to surrender or to face war. NASA announces its intentions to build a spacecraft using anti-matter fuel, exploiting the collisions of particles and anti-particles that release vast amounts of energy in order reach extremely large speeds that would carry it to Jupiter and Saturn. The spacecraft will be called "Pharaoh's Chariot". The UN announces that all developed countries have managed to achieve wage parity between the sexes, and a similar trend is now witnessed in less developed countries.

  • Nigeria: We see interest in Mexico so we began Bombing missions aginst Cuba with five NAF 66's from our Haiti base (Mod response on missions). We also send 45,000 troops and 500 Zulu tanks and 50 Falco jets to the Iberian peninsula to protect Italian land, while this is going on We pull out of Benin. Also, we are researching anti-missile systems and we will reveal a new bomber plane called the NAF 66 Garuda armed with 20 JDAM Mk84s, four AGM-135 joint standoff weapons, four air-to-surface missiles, four Sidewinders and two M-81 Vulcans. (Secret) (we start sending arms to Sri Lanka). (Forgian/internal affairs) We start Cleaning our slums with new housing, we finished our new wind turbines and all of our vehicles will run bio diesel. We ask WAR and Ukraine to trade in order to warm relations (WAR/Ukraine response) and we ask tailand a Co-military pact with us and Italy (Thailand/Italy response). (Economy/Science) we boost our pill production and we boost our car production.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: Only after a full withdrawal from Benin and a Nigerian pledge never to invade another country again, will we be able to enhance our relations with Nigeria. Nevertheless we agree to expand trade and open our ports to allow Nigerian vessels to ship their goods into the WAR.
    • Mod response: The bombing squadron reaches Havana and bombs it, causing 500 military deaths and 1,050 civilian deaths, and all the planes are shot down by Cuban anti-aircraft systems. Cuba in response declares war on Nigeria and bombs the cities of Lagos and Abuja, causing 800 military deaths and 400 civilian deaths.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: We issue a travel ban to Cuba and the retrieval of all Israeli citizens and envoys, shutting the Israeli Consulate in Havana. Israel PM Nertevah incites 'that there isn't a surprise in regards to retaliation imposed over Cuban grounds. The outrage of nation, man and world peace cannot be ignored at any costs.' We issue a formal demand for Cuba to unconditionally withdraw all military presence in the Middle East, or Israel will openly begin 'exposing its crimes' and boost support for its allies struggling to fend Cuban aggression. (SECRET) In response to the heightened row between Nigeria and the Cuban adversary, the Prime Minister authorizes an emergency summon of the Mossad to initiate "Operation Orange Tea Bag" with the collaboration of the Jewish Agency and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), organizing a rescue operation of the 3,422 Cuban Jewish community and Israeli citizens unable to leave the country. [Mod Response needed - Operation Orange Tea Bag Results] (SECRET) Shin Bet officers arrests a whistle-blower that leaked limited information of a proposed "Israeli military plan", where the IDF would capture Jarash, Al Mafraq and Irbid in under three weeks through stealth weaponry and advanced paratroopers. The document mentions attacking 'foreign targets' illegally trespassing the Eastern Druze Republic, whereas public experts suggest that the "targets" may refer to an enemy frequently crossing through its borders to stage attacks inside Jordan. We deny all claims of current plans to make an "unprovoked invasion of neighboring Jordan", although we stress that the IDF is prepared to defend their country when needed.
    • Ukrainian Ministry of Economy and Trade: The Minister of Economy and Trade Kostyantyn Babin puts out an offical statement to the Government of Nigeria reporting, "The Republic of Ukraine will now and until further notice open ports to the Kingdom of Nigeria. Allowing because of their military armed forces pulling out of Benin and the Kingdom of Nigeria pledging not to invade another country the RU has reason to believe that Nigeria has redeemed themselves. The Council of Seven hopes that this is the start to achieving a peaceful world once more."
  • Flag of Korea Korean Republic: Korea builds up its military. Meanwhile, more railways are planned to be built, especially in former North Korea, to better link up with the rest of the country; and some continue construction. Bullet trains also continues to be introduced more. Likewise, more highways continues construction. Some solar and wind farms continues construction. A decent amount of funding is put into the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, and construction continues on a large spaceship. Samsung continues research into the next generation of mobile phones.
  • United Arab Emirates: We triple our defense spending and double our manpower from 200,000 to 400,000. We plan to raise our manpower to one million in the coming years. We still hope Canada will give Mecca to us after being out of Islamic hands for years (Canadian response needed). Our Engineers and Army have created the Plunger Missile. It will create large artificial tsunamis. We request to have negotiations with West Asian Republic regarding Saudi Arabia and which Islamic Countries should get the Holy cities of Medina, Jeddah and Mecca.
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil: Brazil continues to boost its education and try to reach out for other countries with hopes of conducting research and trade together. (Secret) Brazil reaches out for the West Asian Republic and tries to establish secret military ties in hopes of boosting Brazil's military if an attack would happen from the SFA. (West Asian Republic Response needed) (Secret). Brazil will reach out to the SFA and suggest that both countries will create a peace treaty, so that South America will stop being in constant war and peace can flourish within it. We will ask the SFA to give back the Brazilian land that was conquered during the war. The SFA is welcome to ask something in return. (Mod Response Needed)
    • Mod response: The SFA refuses to return the lands captured in the war, claiming that Brazil's unexpected withdrawal from the SPFA took a huge economic and political cost from the union and was a source of much anger. The SFA agrees to recognize Brazil within its current borders
    • West Asian Diplomacy: (Secret) We agree to give Brazil a helping hand militarily. The following is available to sale from our stockpile: 15 Davutoglu ships, 5,000 Erdogan drones, 200,000 aging EHFUs (Enhanced Humanlike Fighting Unit) and a versatile, dynamic combat AI software originally created in 2056 by West Asian computer scientists and military experts. (Secret)
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: We will accept the SFA current borders as well. We hope that this will bring peace to our region. (Secret) The Brazilian army will purchase 2,500 Erdogan drones from the West Asian Republic. (Secret)
    • West Asian Diplomacy: (Secret) We are willing to sell the drones to Brazil for $2 Billion. (Secret)
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: (Secret) Brazil accepts the deal and buys the drones from the West Asian Republic. (Secret)
    • Mod response: The SFA accepts the proposal. The peace deal will be signed in Geneva on April 2nd, 2067.
    • Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Minister of Foreign Affairs holds a press conference stating that, "This will now be another step to World Peace. With this peace deal, the Republic of Ukraine will give full support of in any way possible. We hope that the SFA will stay truthful in the actions of peace and that maybe one day South America can become a safer place."
  • Thailand: (Military) We continue to make military advancement with the XV-29 Yaksha, a mech standing at ten feet and equipped with a M-61 Vulcan and a 40mm grenade launcher with heat seeking grenades. The Kinnari is a drone with dual KB7s, sub-machine guns with 10mm ammo. The Kinnari can be mass produced and are programmed to be in large groups, causing them to be used mostly in drone swarms. These swarms can be up to 175 drones in one swarm and are devastating against infantry. A new stealth bomber called the Honsga is developed. It has 30 GBU-24 Paveway III's, six AGM-65 Mavericks and six Sidewinders. It has cloaking technology and can't be dectected by radar even without being cloaked. [SECRET] We make nuclear warheads to put on our ballistic missile and they are launched from a submarine called the Makara. We also send spies into Cuba to retrieve Nigerian technology for Nigeria. (Mod response) After Nigerian civilians were killed, We send ten Honsgas to bomb Havana. (Mod Response needed) After bombing Havana, we put up AA turrets around Bangkok. (Economy) We allow the public to have the military experience by allowing the public into military bases and allow them to use military equipment. (Science) We start to fund for space travel.
    • Mod response: (Secret) The spies sent by Thailand retrieve attempt getting in the crash site, however they're detained and arrested by the Cuban authorities. The Cubans get suspicious about why these people would go to a closed military site, and interrogate them using water boarding. The spies cannot withstand the physical pressure and give their identity in. They are charged with espionage and are executed by hanging. However, one of the spies has retrieved information about Cuban anti-aircraft systems on the eastern side of the country, and he sent that information to the Thai government headquarters using his phone disguised as a pen.(Secret) The bombers reach Havana and begin bombing their targets, however due to the fact they were not escorted, Cuban fighter jets intercepted them, and after a fierce dogfight, only one Thai plane returned home. Casualties: 77 Cuban civilians, 93 Cuban Airmen and soldiers, 12 Cuban fighter jets, nine Thai bombers and 34 Thai airmen. The damage to Havana was little. Cuba in response declares war on Thailand, and states: "Aggressive actions will be answered with appropriate actions. This blatant violation of Cuban sovereignty by Thailand will be met with fierce resistance." 14 Cuban bombers bomb Bangkok with incendiary bombs, and kill 973 civilians before being shot down.
    • (SECRET) Mossad Bureau in the Caribbean and Florida: The Regional Bureau detected transmission from an Eurasian spy-tool that spans approximately 16,150 KM within the boundaries of the former Cuban province of "Oriente", and Western Indochina. Details of the encounter is vague due to the high-level encryption the tool implemented, although intelligence officials suggest the encounter is relevant to the recent multinational effort against Cuba. A decipher team begins their attempt in translating the encrypted sound file to its raw message. [Mod response needed - Results] (SECRET)
    • Mod response: (Secret) The team reveals the message was a conversation between a Cuban flight control officer and a test pilot flying an experimental stealth strategic bomber, according to the details. A Mossad Officer named codenamed Yud suggests this message might have been a decoy(Secret)
  • Israeli Ministry of Transportation, Israeli Ministry of Space Administration, Israeli Ministry of Defense: All Cuban civilian and commercial ships [Except for domestic ships sponsored by a private Cuban business] into and from sovereign Israeli territory must anchor on Terminal #16 of New Tiran Port City or the Southern Sector of Nahhariya Port which will guarantee beneficial security. The Havana Airlines is sanctioned to limit flights between Tel Aviv and Havana to thrice a week for purposes of national security. Entrees and departees in Ben Gurion International Airport and Golda Meir International Airport will now be subjected to body checks, a security procedure that was commonly practiced until the late 2030s, all due to the heightened threats in an international scale. All Cuban spacecrafts or objects registered from Cuban firms in Israeli space jurisdiction of space shall be denied entry. Refusal to obey ISC [Israeli Space Command] may force its fleet to malfunction the trespassing Cuban spacecraft and accordingly return it to Cuban hands. The Knesset: The Knesset has unanimously voted to condemn the Cuban aggression in all means, and shall hereby impose sanctions restricting Israeli exports into and out of Cuba. All military trade agreements with Cuba are suspended in protest of Cuba's activities. We appeal to the international community to 'unite and act to contain the outrage' as Prime Minister Nertevah declares, "From conflict to conflict, the Jewish State must muster its courage and struggle the threat that puppets "ruthless regimes" into disrupting the peace our world has built in the last century. The Cuban aggression has reached levels of absolute intolerance and has threatened the safety of our own civilians, and despite repeated warnings from our diplomatic members, it does not intend to falter. Nuclear bombs are turning into a weapon of the past, and Israelis enjoy liberty, leisure, success, and most importantly safety in a bright, socially progressed, technologically advanced and a militarily superior nation. We cannot languish with ineffective hope. Otherwise, a new generation of conflicts will ensue, all sparked by funds from a single Caribbean island". The Knesset has additionally approved to executive an ultimatum demanding complete Cuban withdrawal from the Middle East, and to obey UN Security Council Resolution #14225 [As submitted by Ukraine]. (Cuba response needed) We have decided to back both Nigeria and Thailand in terms of humanitarian aid and logistical support in retaliation of Cuba's unforgivable attacks in both Bangkok and Lagos. Military action is still under review by the Cabinet. (SECRET) Prime Minister Nertevah will make an emergency meeting at the US White House, Washington D.C in discussion of Operation Orange Tea Bag* and the situation concerning Cuba. The PM intends to reassure the US that the IDF is ready to 'capture Northern Jordan in support of the Hashemite Loyalists and join a US military endeavour on Cuban soil to oust the regime, if such a plan is agreed multilaterally.' The PM additionally wishes to increase US-Israeli and NATO-Israeli ties to ensure its allies and adversaries that the "strong friendship" will overcome struggles stronger than both the Israeli-Arab conflict and the APK war. This will include Israeli Government-owned umbrella of the "Israeli Military Industries International. Ltd" (IMI-Int .Ltd) and two other Israeli firms concentrated in the field of weapon engineering becoming an official supplier for the NATO alliance (despite Israel not being a full member), and exchanging economic activity, investment, military intelligence and further diplomatic deals between Israel and the US, which is expected to profit 430.4 billion USD in the next eight years. Such actions is able to intimidate Cuba and other US adversaries, and improve the flexibility of NATO and its allies with the assistance from Israel. [US Response needed] (SECRET)
    • Mod response: Cuba states that it will do whatever it deems necessary to protect its interests around the world and that nobody can stop that. Cuba warns Israel that the fragile status quo of a non-war situation between the two states should be preserved and that Israel will bear the consequences of breaking it.
  • UkrainianRepublicFlagRepublic of Ukraine: (Cuba) The Council of Seven is very angered about their accusations that the Republic of Ukraine would send Vultures over their country, stating that "Vultures have not been used since the late 2030's and that most of but all of them have been deconstructed and their parts scrapped for other uses." The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Economy and Trade puts out a report saying that a Travel Ban is now in place, meaning all civilian and commercial planes and ships will no longer be able to go to or near the island for the time being. The Council of Seven announces that both trade and weaponry sanctions are now in place, along with more countries joining in if Resolution #14225 goes through in which the Republic of Ukraine submitted in the first place. The Minister of Defense announces that the Republic of Ukraine will not be apologizing because the Republic of Ukraine believes that nothing wrong has been done. (Secret) The Council of Seven has had the Republic of Ukraine Air Force (along with help from the Ministry of Defense) send five fighter jets to fly by and over Cuba, to gather information about Cuba's military plan [Mission Results - Mod Response]. The Republic of Ukraine Armed Forces secretly is preparing to launch three Prynov Bombas in case of war breaking out (Secret). (Military) The Ministry of Defense puts out a report stating that almost all of the Vultures have been deconstructed and have been scrapped for other purposes. The Republic of Ukraine Armed Forces announces that 100,000 troops will be incorporated into the armed forces at a time over the next ten years, reaching into the millions by 2077; at this current time there is about ten million active troops for the Republic of Ukraine Armed Forces, Republic of Ukraine Naval Forces, and Republic of Ukraine Air Forces. New weapons are being developed so that targeting will be much easier and more accurate for invading troops to fight. 100 different types of robotic troops are being developed so that human lives will not be risked as they used to be. Mostly the remaining human troops are in the engineering department of the armed forces that are behind controlling and improving robotic troops. (Secret) Since the Cuban government is starting to suspect that the Vultures belong to the RU, an immediate and secret deconstruction of all remaining Vultures is now in place. The Council approves unanimously to start building more secret intelligent gathering machines called "Proshenko Flyers" that can not be detected by any other military in the world thanks to decades of research, along with being able to fly at very fast magnitudes and can pick up information at high rates of speed. The first hundred will be fully produced in the next year (Secret). The old Cuban Ministry Building (that has been abandoned for years now) is set ablaze in downtown Kiev, no injuries or deaths were reported but emergency services arrived slower than usual, and the official police report states that the building may have been set ablaze because of arson. The only statement from the Council is, "We are happy that no one was killed or injured. We are glad though that the building is gone, for the city of Kiev it was a waste of space." (Poland) The Council of Seven is glad to hear that the Republic of Poland is able to support themselves and not collapse under themselves like other new countries have in the past. The Council invites the President of Poland to a formal dinner in the capital Kiev; maybe even an alliance and trade pact between the two countries (Polish Response Needed/Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod response: Miroslav Pilsudski agrees to have dinner in Kiev. (Secret) The reconnaissance planes fly over Cuba and submit their findings: it appears Cuba is preparing to build an army which would make it a regional power. Its ballistic missile batteries are aimed east, toward the Atlantic Ocean, however it is unknown at which country the missiles are aimed. Despite it's widely recognized that Cuba has nuclear military sites, the planes weren't able to find them (Secret).
  • Nigeria (Operation: St. George) We launch an intercontinental EMP missile into the heart of Cuba to take out all the electric power for a month, We send ten NAF 66's escorted by 20 Falco class jets fighters to bomb the eastern AA positions, we send five battleships along with The Ark aircraft carrier to shell Havana. We send 400,000 men and 2,000 Zulu to invade Santa Cruz del Norte launching the first boots on the ground in the Cuban war. (Mod Response on everything)
  • Thailand: (Operation St. George) The HTMS Bangkok along with three destroyers arrives to Cuba, via passing through the Suez canal, to shell Havana. We send 400,000 troops, 10,000 AI controlled Yakshas, and 5,000 Erewans to invade Vista de Ma. We send five swarms of 175 drones into Havana to eradicate Cuban infantry. (Mod response on everything)
  • Mod response on operation St. George: Cuba reveals new defense technology in massive numbers after having developed it in the recent decades with 20% of their budget directed at defense. One million troops, 15,000 cannons, 9,000 drones and 500 ships defend its coasts. The invasion secures a beachhead in Santa Cruz del Norte, but suffers heavy casualties, with half the force(about 350,000) being wiped out, while the Cubans, who've had advantage in numbers and in landscape, suffering only 150,000 casualties. 9,263 Cuban civilians are killed. Cuba, in response, launches air assaults with incendiary bombs and high-explosive cannon shells and also launches ballistic missiles at Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria and Bangkok in Thailand. The Nigerian civilians casualties are 19,283 and the Thai civilian casualties are 26,597. Cuba states: "If the coalition doesn't withdraw and doesn't stop violating our sovereignty, we will be forced to use unconventional weapons. You've been warned."
  • United Arab Emirates (Military): After much debate and discussion we have decided to Invade former Omani territories due to Major Civil wars in the countries. We Start the invasion with a Bombing Campaign Done by the MTS Drones and manned Raptor 22 Supersonic Jets. We send troops and ground drones shortly after, Rebel Groups and terrorist groups have taken over vast amount of territories from Former Omani countries. Emirati Troops have been making major advances. After the battle of Muscat The rest of the territory was easily taken. Once Liberated what we saw was devastating, Many Civilians are Malnourished and sick. We send our MiT Cargo Planes to begin to send aid. We hope the rest of the international community will send help as well. Oman may be Absorbed as a 8th Emirate or Democratic Governments will be placed. Currently we have not decided yet and don't plan to until next year. Popular opinion in Oman is to be Absorbed as a 8th emirate after atrocious done by Rebel Groups and Governments.
  • Canada Military: Due to widespread criticism of our attack on the Sri Lankan Power as well as mounting costs the State of Canada withdraws from Sri Lanka. We begin economic sanctions against Nigeria and Pakistan.(Secret) We send 22 drones to strike nuclear facilities in Pakistan(Mod Response Required)(Secret). We cease normal relations with Cuba and close our embassy in Havana. We also send forces to Mexico to help protect Mexico's sovereignty from the rogue state of Cuba. Parliament debates going to war with Cuba(Mod Response Needed) We begin producing more aircraft and tanks due to the current political atmosphere of the world. We urge Nigeria to end its aggressive policies and warn more sanctions to come if an end to this policy is not met. We begin research of more stealthy drones. The project is currently called "Project Sentinel".
    • Mod response: (Secret) Three of the four known nuclear facilities in Pakistan are destroyed, and only five of the Canadian drones return home.(Secret) In response to the Canadian air strikes, Pakistan publicizes the case and launches two ballistic missiles on Ottawa and Ontario, with both of them being shot down by Canadian air defense systems. However, 50 civilians are killed by the debris. The parliament rules out to avoid war with Cuba for the time being, as Cuba doesn't post enough of a jeopardy to Canadian national security.
  • Thailand: (Military) We develop the Pheìm chip. When hooked up to a human brain, it increases the persons strength, speyed, agility, endurance, stamina, reflexes, and intelligence. We plan to equip all soldiers with this chip. We draft 1.6 million people into the military for war against Cuba. [SECRET] We produce ten warheads of VX gas and currently have 20 ballistic missiles. (Foreign Affairs) We offer a trading deal with Nigeria to help with sanctions. (Nigerian response needed)
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublic West Asian Republic: 1. (Internal Affairs) A thorough investigation regarding last year's threats of war against Nigeria by the West Asian Republic, who were strongly condemned by West Asian political figures as well as famous civilian figures, concludes that the President, Jamil Abu-Hussein, was not involved in the decision to forge the message, and he is acquitted of all charges against him. The investigation blames newly appointed defense minister, Khadim Abdel Taleb Al-Mansour, for illegally using the foreign ministry's global mass communication tool (GMCT) for announcing the threats against Nigeria. The causes for the minister's action are presumed to be a desire to test the West Asian military against a so-called "scapegoat", an action deemed unconstitutional. The defense minister achieved the codes of the GMCT from several bribed officials in the Foreign Ministry. He is convicted of Bribery, putting the national security in jeopardy and violation of the constitution. He is sentenced to 16 years in prison, with no possibility of early release. President Abu-Hussein states: "Today is a good day for those who wish a free, clean Republic which abides by its constitution. The West Asian democratic system has defended itself and proved victorious. Those who break the rules must suffer the consequences, regardless of their position." 2. (Military Affairs) (Confidential): The worrying escalation of conflicts around the world, mainly the Iberian and Mexican proxy wars, has proven to be a grave threat to the national security of the republic. Therefore, the ministry of defense announces to all those relevant of the extensive expansion of the West Asian Armed Forces, strictly for defensive purposes: We will begin building a submarine fleet of 128 Mustafa-Class submarines, capable of travelling across the globe at 80 knots and at depths of 1,600 meters, while carrying 16 torpedoes, four anti-armor cannons and two ballistic missiles. We will expand our armored forces to 200,000 Sabah 1.5 autonomous armored fighting vehicles (AAFV). We will increase our "Kalin" satellite-launched missile fleet, capable of hitting and obliterating any city on the globe from 16 to 32. We will increase our Awad battleship fleet from 30 to 80 (those flagships are 200m long and weigh 29,000 long tons, each carrying two 40cm cannons, ten 18cm cannons, four sea-to-sea missile batteries able to launch 24 missiles per minute, two Sea-to-Air missile batteries with the same capabilities, two Sea-to-Land missile batteries able to launch 30 missiles per minute, and eight advanced multi-purpose laser guns capable of penetrating almost every existing armour. Each ship is only manned with 128 sailors, with mainly supervisory roles, as most of the job is handled by extremely advanced and sophisticated AI with superhuman efficiency). 30 of the ships will be patrolling the Mediterranean, ten patrolling the Black Sea, and the remaining 40 will be stationed in unstated locations around the globe. We will increase our air fleet of "Suleiman" drones (capable of both visual and radar stealth, carrying eight air-to-air missiles, eight air-to-land missiles, two 40mm cannons and possibility of two tons of bombs), from 40,000 to 80,000. We will increase our Enhanced Humanlike Fighting Unit forces, which act like infantry soldiers with extremely enhanced properties, from 1.6 million to 3.2 million. Finally, we will increase our manpower from 150,000 to 400,000, with the majority of those men and women being officers or elite soldiers. All of these forces will be stationed in West Asian bases unless otherwise stated. This will require us to increase our defense budget from $220 billion to 320$ billion. Due to the efficiency of the West Asian manufacturing industry, handled by extremely efficient AI and robots, all of those new machines are expected to be manufactured and integrated in the West Asian Armed forces by 2069. (Confidential). 3. (Foreign Affairs): Because the Iberian and Mexican proxy wars have both reached a point where they are involving enough parties to be called by the West Asian Intelligence community a "mini-world war", president Jamil Abu-Hussein announces he will begin a tour in the world, meeting with influential heads of states and organizations to discuss about the growing militarization of the world, challenges in the form of rogue states and terrorist organization, the need to help impoverished nations and the recent escalation in Latin America in place in Europe. The president will travel to countries considered allies in the region, including Israel, AR, AAFR, several peninsular emirates and Afghanistan. Then he will be flown to Pretoria to meet with president Georgia Kagana of South Africa to discuss about the newly signed SADI and the regional difficulties in Africa, and will afterwards go to Kinshasa, in the South-African-occupied Congo, to hear from local officials and civilians about the treatment the occupied are receiving from the occupiers. After Africa, he will fly to Brazil to discuss there about the common enemies the two countries have and the military co-operation. Afterwards, he will go to Argentina in the SFA, to meet with the president and discuss about the newly signed peace deal with Brazil and the lifting of the West Asian weapons embargo on the SFA. Then he'll fly to Mexico to carry a speech in the parliament building about the alliance between Mexico and the WAR and the latter's desire to help Mexico regain its control in its southern territories. Afterwards, he will go to the US and meet with the president to discuss about security co-operation and America's role in the contemporary world and to meet with the UN secretary-general. After that, he will fly to Canada, which is considered to be the WAR's best ally in the Americas, and will meet there with the Prime Minister to discuss about joint military drills and developments and the need of both of the countries to co-operate for mutual defense against the emerging global threats. After touring the Americas, president Abu-Hussein will go on a tour in Europe, meeting with the heads of states of the UK, France, Scandinavia, Greece, Germany, newly independent Poland and Ukraine, to discuss about regional difficulties and to discuss with the latter about the same topics discussed about with Canada. Then he will fly to Moscow to meet with the Eurasian president in order to test possible co-operations in science between the two nations and to discuss about a potential space station orbiting Mars, which both nations desire building. In his tour in Asia, President Abu-Hussein will meet the heads of states of Japan, Korea, China, India, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. And finally, before returning home, he'll fly to Canberra to meet with the president of the UANZ, which is also considered to be a close West Asian ally. The tour is expected to take four months, and president Abu-Hussein will be replaced by vice-president Mahboub Al-Mosuli for that time period. The tour is expected to have positive impact on the West Asian foreign relations and policy, and is expected to repair the damage done to the reputation of the WAR by the threats of war against Nigeria. 4. (Position On Cuba and The Proxy Conflicts) Cuba's blatant interventionist and expansionist policy has led the WAR to conclude there are no benefits in bilateral ties with states that constantly disregard other states' sovereign. Therefore, we announce the closing of the West Asian embassy in Havana and return our ambassador, while also ordering the Cuban delegation in Ankara to evacuate themselves within two weeks. We announce that we will not tolerate any further violations of international treaties by Cuba which affect our friends and allies. When are friends are hurt, we're hurt. We order Cuba to withdraw all of its forces from Jordan and Mexico or to face the consequences. Despite Cuba's immoral actions, some of its foes aren't so much better, as we would cite Italy and Nigeria. Therefore, if the worst happens and we will be forced to take action against Cuba, we will do it with co-operation with our friends in the region and not with the countries that share the battle against Cuba, but not the democratic values that characterize our nation. In the case of Cuba, the enemies of our enemy aren't our friends. We will not take further action against Cuba for the time being, however if Cuba doesn't respect our requests, we will reserve the right to respond in any way we deem appropriate. 5. (Europe) Over the last year, we have parachuted 12,000 tons of humanitarian aid over the Iberian peninsula and the Balkans, in order to help the civilians affected by the wars ravaging those areas. We criticize the UN that has failed to comply with the conditions on the ground to provide sufficient aid to the civilians affected by the wars, despite the UN has enough resources to fulfill its duties. 6. (The Americas) As an act of support for our Mexican friends, we give two billion USDin military aid for the Mexican government, and an additional $500 million in aid and compensations to the families who have lost their loved ones in the conflict against the Cuban-Backed and Cartel-Controlled south. We congratulate both Brazil and the SFA for reaching a peace deal and promise to normalize relations with all parties relevant. 7. (Africa) As the SADI is taking place, our troops our placed on lower alert due to the change of attitude toward South Africa. We wait and test South Africa's ability to comply with its obligations. West Asian independent organizations, wishing to provide aid in certain regions occupied by South Africa, are instructed to take further caution due to South Africa's policy of disengagement with human rights organizations. We arrange that several private security corporations will be responsible of guarding the workers of the organizations when entering volatile regions. 8. (Economy) As our economy continues to boom, we experience a mild slowdown in growth due to a decrease in international investment, mostly because of fears of fiscal stability. However, this slowdown is almost guaranteed to be temporary as the national debt is practically non-significant, standing at 16% of the total GDP and several new stock markets will be opened in Iraq, Iran and Syria. The ports on the shores of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean are having their busiest period in 30 years, delivering goods to all over the world and gaining international respect for their unmatched speed and efficiency, mostly due to the AI managing them. Despite the method of measuring GDP in U.S $ is considered old and inefficient, it is still used in the ministry of finance, and the current GDP per capita stands at $416,256, with only minor differences between the different states. The West Asian economy is the largest in the Middle East and North Africa, and the 6th largest in the world. The WAR is the third largest weapons and security exporter in the world, only behind the U.S and Eurasian Union. Due to claims of fiscal discrimination stated by the governors of the West Asian Republic of Persia and the West Asian Republic of Rojava, we divert 64$ billion to each state in order to better address the issues facing each state and to boost economic growth there. We announce the construction of 250 new MagLev train stations and 20 new airports, of them eight are international, all around the country to make transport as efficient as possible. Due to the vibrant activity in virtual reality environments, with civilians spending about half of their leisure time in them, the taxes we impose on virtual environments generated in the WAR caused our GDP to rise significantly, despite being unpopular among the public. The funds from those taxes will go to public healthcare, education and student loans. We complete the building of several civilian nuclear fusion reactors to be harnessed for the power they generate, to power the growing energy needs of the country. 9. (Space and Science) The New Sultanate space colony on Mars is growing on an unprecedented rate, with West Asians looking to escape the world they live in to go to another place, with an affordable price. The entire colony's population is 320,000, with the Sub-Colonies of New Istanbul, New Ankara and New Baghdad having 120,000, 110,000, and 90,000 people respectively. The West Asian Lunar colony is also expanding, with its population being 40,000. West Asian corporations mining in the moon are experiencing a massive growth as the moon proves to be a fertile planet in rare metals and minerals. We have a rapidly growing interest in Venus as scans there proved the planet to have many rare metals and a great energy potential. We are in the process of building a durable space shuttle for a five-year mission there to fully discover the planet's potential. We have been very picky in terms of the material that would be used to build the shuttle, due to the hostile Venusian environment. The shuttle will launch next year.
  • Canada: We begin large scale production of synthetic natural materials to help preserve our environment. We perform tests of our "Project Sentinel" technology. The results show that some improvement is needed before military use. (Secret) Due to the volatile political situation of the world we increase our military spending by three percent of our GDP. We begin production of Satellite "Lasers" which are capable of creating destruction in up to a three-mile radius. The first one is expected to launch in 2070. We also begin a general increase of our military (Secret) We consider Pakistan's attempted attack on Ottawa and Ontario an act of war and the state of Canada formally recognizes hostilities and declares war with Pakistan. We begin a bombing campaign on Islamabad and Karachi. We also send two destroyers to the Shoreline of Karachi. However, we are open to Peace Talks with Pakistan(Mod Response Needed) On the domestic front our GDP per capita is currently 302,563 USD. However, this is slightly lower than in 2065 due to our increase of military. We allocate ten percent of our GDP to address domestic issues and boost economic growth. We begin to explore possible planets for colonization and discover large amounts rare minerals. We propose a joint mission to Venus with the WAR (WAR response needed). Our Mars colonies have a total population of 304,000 with the city of New Ottawa being the biggest. Polls in Canada show up to fifteen percent of Canadians show some interest of moving to another planet. Population estimates show that the colonies could reach 650,000 people by 2100.
    • Mod response: Pakistan states that since Canada started the war by blatantly violating Pakistan's sovereignty, Pakistan only defended itself by preemptively striking Canadian cities. It also states that only if Canada apologizes it Pakistan will agree to negotiate.
    • West Asian Republic: We gladly accept the Canadian proposal. Canada can help with the manufacturing of the shuttle as well as in the flight control during the mission. Additionally, we condemn the attacks on Ontario and Ottawa and donate $15 million for repairs and compensations. We gladly accept the addition of Canada to the coalition against Pakistan. Due to the state of war currently existing between the WAR and Pakistan, we are willing to co-operate with Canada on the issue and to allow Canada to use West Asian airspace for purposes involving the campaign. Additionally, since the West Asian Armed Forces have influence over the Afghani government, it is possible to forge an arrangement which allows Canada to deploy troops in Afghanistan to achieve a closer distance to Pakistan (Canadian response on all subjects).
    • Canada: We strongly thank the WAR for the reparations that were sent. We agree to help with manufacturing and flight control during the mission. We thank the west Asian Republic for allowing us to use their airspace as well as allowing us to deploy forces into Canada. We also gladly accept the WEst Asian Republic's offer to cooperate with us on the issue of the Pakistani War.
  • Flag of Argentina SFA: A civil war occurs on our land. This civil war, led by nationalist members, topples the existing authoritarian government and the president Rominea Vacilia is killed in the coup. The new government aims to restore peace which was lost and want to Improve ties with Brazil, West Asian Republic and India [Players response needed]. We will not be giving back Brazil's original territories back because it is a part of the SFA. We would also like to trade with Union of Australia and New Zealand and South Africa [players response needed] We increase our defence budget to ward off any threat. We would like to tell everybody that we would like to forget the old ways and make peace with more nations. We would like to trade with the Eurasian union. [Eurasian response needed]. We change the flag and put the Argentinian flag as it is one of the most industrialised area and Buenos Aires is the capital of SFA.
  • Cambodia is still one of the poorest countries in the world. It wants to improve its economy and try to eradicate global warming in the area, as it is the one place in the world where global warming has run unchecked. It hopes that by 2090, the GDP per capita will increase from 1500 USD to 10,100 USD and more than half of its power sources are renewable. It is also looking to start its own nuclear program (secret)
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