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Important Content/Rules

For those new to this kind of game, I'll post some rules.


  • NO racial slurs or foul language, otherwise, you will be banned.
  • Please remain civil.
  • If you do not post for more then 10 turns your nation will be taken away from you and it will be available for other people to take
  • Please please please be plausible! This is a must if you want to play this game! If you do not post plausibly, your implausible edit will be deleted. Which means:
  • Both parties must agree to an alliance/treaty/barter.
  • If you feel that you have been unfairly treated, please write your complaint in the comments.
  • Only the Head-Mod and game creator can appoint new mods and the map mod.
  • The game creator's word overrides all others.
  • The game creator is a permanent position, and cannot be voted out by the other leadership.
  • The Head-Mod's word overrides all others except for the game creator.
  • Only the game creator, the Head-Mod, and the Vice Mod can start new turns. If a new turn has not been started within 24 hours, any player can start a new turn.
  • Every turn is one year until 2200 where it becomes ten years then in 2300 it turns to 20 years.
  • A new turn starts every 24 hours.
  • Mods are able to create random events and will represent a NPC nation (i.e. Mongolia isn't going to sign its land over to Pakistan or something stupid like that), Mods also help to make that implausible stuff doesn't happen.
  • After you do 3 implausibilities you are banned from the game.
  • Every 25 years are to be archived to limit the amount scrolling that needs to be done to get to the latest year. Be sure to check back once in a while to ensure proper continuity!
  • Please, I must implore of you, if you plan to play this game, be active and check back each day!
  • This isn't a rule, but I'd like to encourage you to put your country's flag before your turn on the bullet list.
  • Have Fun!

(This is also copied and pasted from Future Map Game Revised, Future Map Game 2 and Humanity's Course, but with some rules and minor edits added in.)



Earth is at a crossroads...

Despite getting a polling bump from the Ukraine crisis, U.S President Joe Biden governs a nation divided to an extent not seen since the American Civil War. With a stagnate economy, the growing unpopularity of U.S interference in Eastern Europe, Republican takeover of the U.S House in 2022, and the final death rattle of COVID-19, tensions have flared in the country. Paramilitary groups such as the Proud Boys, and the Boogaloo Bois have spiked in popularity in Middle America, with group members being linked to multiple mass shootings. As former U.S President Donald J. Trump has declined to seek reelection against Biden after suffering a massive stroke, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has declared his candidacy, and picked up the bulk of MAGA support, maintaining a lead ahead of former Vice President Mike Pence, as well as former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

In Ukraine, Russian forces continue their march towards Kiev, slowed, but undeterred. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has begun pleading to the reticent NATO for membership, and air support, claiming that NATO abandonment of Ukraine will leave its leaders with blood on their hands. Fears have cropped up in Europe that Russia will not stop at Ukraine, and instead march into Poland following the fall of Kiev. Meanwhile, Western intelligence has suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to use a chemical or tactical nuclear weapon on Ukraine's capital to accelerate Russian victory.

With the world distracted by the Russo-Ukrainian War, The People's Republic of China has amassed its fleet in the South China Sea. As Chinese President Xi Jinping ramps up his rhetoric about answering the "Taiwan question", the Republic of China (ROC) has turned to its ASEAN allies for support. In response, The Philippines has also placed its ships in the South China Sea as a shot across the bow directed towards Beijing. With Southeast Asian diplomacy decaying, North Korea is once more testing intercontinental ballistic missiles, much to the chagrin of its Southern rival.

The people of the world watch with baited breath, as their respective governments decide Humanity's Course.




Place a flag and write your username next to the nation of your choice. Feel free to add whichever nation you would like to play as. Five people must join for the game to begin.

  • Flag of Russia.svg Russia: TheRealAwesome
  • Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan:
  • Flag of the Latin States of America.png Latin States of America: AllianceScoutAiothai
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China: ZakkuRakuishi
  • Turkey Flag.png Turkey:
  • Flag of Indonesia.png Indonesia:
  • Flag of Romania.svg Romania:
  • Flag of France.svg France: Alienzombiehunter
  • Flag of Finland.svg Finland:
  • Flag of the Philippines.svgPhilippines:

UN Security Council

The purpose of the security council is to resolve conflicts and impose military and economic sanctions against nations violating international laws. There are TBD members in the council, based on international influence and contribution. The five leading powers have veto rights. To pass a resolution a TBD majority is needed, and to overpass a veto (Regardless of how many), a TBD majority is needed.

Season I


ASEAN, and Japan pledge military support for the ROC, and the Philippines in the event of direct conflict with the PRC. A Pro-Russian movement gains steam in Serbia. India, and Pakistan engage in a new armed conflict over Kashmir, still short of all-out war.

  • Flag of Chile.svg Chile:
President Boric continues to "de-Pinochetfy" the country. Congress passes legislation dissolving the Instituciones de Salud Previsional (ISAPREs), and purging Chile's healthcare system of privatization creating a leftist system not seen since the popular Salvador Allende government.

Flag of Russia.png Russian Federation:

Ivan wasn’t a conscript like most of his fellow men. No, he had been a life member of the Russian military.  He had served 7 long but devoted years to the Russian state, loyal as any man could be, but this war broke him. He walked with a platoon of soldiers around Kyiv, but he just stopped.
“Sir… why did you stop?” asked Ruslan, who was one of several conscripts he was meant to be leading.
“I won’t go on.” he replied, his voice wavering slightly as those words traveled from mind to mouth.
Ivan knew full well the consequences for desertion. He had to enact them several times on his countrymen. Maybe that helped break him; maybe it was the Ukrainian woman who had thrown herself in front of a tank he was following. He wasn't sure anymore. He wasn’t sure about anything anymore, not really.
Ivan queried Ruslan: “What do you fight for?” When Ruslan failed to give a response, choking on his words, Ivan looked faintly satisfied. “We came here expecting to liberate our brothers from the specter of Nazism. What have we faced instead? We have faced pregnant mothers taking up arms for their fallen lovers, using their bodies to delay our armor even slightly. We are not liberators. We are conquerors. Murderers, even.”
Nobody responded to Ivan’s speech. Some of his platoon looked visibly moved, but none wished to follow him and face that consequence. With his speech concluded, he simply turned, and began to walk away.
He would not make it but a few yards.
This incident was but one of many, commonplace within the meat grinder of Ukraine. Despite this, it had one very large factor that set it apart from other incidents of the type. Near the site of this exchange was a Ukrainian surveillance camera, set up to track troop movements along the outskirts of Kyiv. It wasn’t exactly designed to capture broadcastable footage, but that’s just what it did that day.
Al Jazeera wasn’t the first news network to run this story, as it had ran for a day on smaller, mostly Ukrainian-language broadcasts, but their coverage certainly catapulted it into the spotlight. Sensational headlines ruled the airwaves in the West for over a week in a world where most stories would fizzle out in less than a day. Ukraine, it seems, was back on the minds of the public, and much to Russia's detriment.
Of course, the Russian media attempted to do whatever it took to divert attention away from the incident, whether that be by showing videos of Russian soldiers handing Ukrainian children sunflowers across the airwaves or one of the many other videos broadcast to the world, but it didn't work. Then, Russian doctrine shifted to peddling the story as "gross disinformation". Russian foreign correspondents went so far as to go on news outlets such as CNN and FOX to attempt to dissuade the Western public, usually to just be laughed off. In one particular instance, a Russian correspondent was laughed off of FOX for saying the word "borgar".
Gish-galloping the press had failed internationally, but what also occurred was that Russian language media also covered the story in a negative light. Prior to this incident, Russian news media had almost exclusively covered the war in a positive light, showing videos of "proud Russian boys, fighting as our forefathers did against the original Nazis". That wasn't the case with this event, as even some Kremlin-associated news sources covered the story, despite threats of imprisonment. In one particular instance, Channel 1's Vremya evening news flagship barricaded the doors to cover the incident until police broke into the newsroom and arrested the newscaster live.

The following is an excerpt of a transcript of the now famous Vremya broadcast:

EKATERINA ANDREEVA, ANCHOR: Welcome back, I’m Ekaterina Andreeva, and you’re watching Vremya.
Tonight, I want to preface this broadcast by stating that we have not been entirely truthful to you, our viewers. Over the past several months, we have been increasingly peddling a false narrative to you all, and for that, I, and our writers and other staff, apologize.
But tonight, we have some shocking developments from Ukraine. I would comment on this beforehand, but I believe it best to show you all the footage–unedited.
[Shows Ivan Kaganovich Footage]
Now, this video, as released by the Ukrainian government, shows what we were told to say was an example of the sheer brutality of the Ukrainian armed forces to kill their own soldiers for propaganda. This is not the case.
In fact, the truth is that these have all been confirmed to have been Russian soldiers, with the one killed, Ivan Kaganovich, even being a career soldier in our armed forces.
[Loud banging begins to be heard offscreen]
Now, um… the Russian government does not want me exposing this information. As a matter of fact… outside our studio… there are several policemen trying to arrest us here at Vremya for airing this information.
[Audible crash heard offscreen]
Well Russia, thanks as always for a wonderful broadcast.
[Police enter screen, detaining Andreeva and cutting the broadcast]
This episode sparked mass outrage amongst the journalistic community in Russia. Many had already resigned from various Kremlin-associated news stations upon the declaration of war itself, but the detaining of a high-profile news anchor live sent the community into an uproar. Most journalists that didn't resign immediately following the incident began frantically publishing anti-Putin articles and pressing anti-Putin stories on Russian news networks. Come the end of the year, Russian journalism had been effectively gutted, with over 95% of staff having resigned or been imprisoned.
The war in Ukraine, even completely disregarding the extremely negative press coverage in light of Ivan Kaganovich's murder, was going extremely poorly for the Russian military. Frontlines had been mostly stagnant for over a year due to manpower shortages, occupied cities needed military police regiments almost the size of their cities' populations to keep the Ukrainian people from retaking them, and logistics remained strained.
In the regions surrounding Kyiv, the war had degenerated into essentially modern trench warfare. Anyone who told you that either side had made significant advances in this theatre was lying to you and themselves. Russian missile strikes continue to bombard Kyiv, but have slowed down as the siege has ground to a standstill. Russian military commanders in the region have suggested that to assault the city, Russia would need an extra 50,000 soldiers in the region. This, however, is not possible as occupation efforts in Southern and Eastern Ukraine have sapped Russian manpower.
Outside of Kyiv and its surrounding regions, the war was going about as well. Mariupol had been captured, but not without intense fighting and an incredible loss of both life and critical regional infrastructure. The occupation of a city reduced to rubble, however, has proved to be just as bloody an affair. The remaining population of the city, despite the capitulation of the city's government, was none too keen to accept Russian occupation, and have thus engaged in a bloody guerrilla campaign to try and force out Russian forces in the city. This has both further increased casualties in the city and has led to even more destruction in the city, destroying several key docks in the city.
The city of Kherson, which had been captured very early into the war, was also not free of conflict between citizens and Russian soldiers. The initial capture of the city had been a relatively bloodless affair in comparison to the carnage of Mariupol, but the occupation would quickly prove itself to be a much harder task. The initial protests had proved peaceful, with marches being organized down major streets in protest of Russian occupation. Russian administrators initially even hoped to capitalize on the peaceful nature of the protests by proclaiming the "Kherson People's Republic" and allowing civilians to administer it. This would not last. Following an attempted peace accord between the Kherson People's Republic and Ukraine that would have re-established Ukrainian authority in the area of the People's Republic in exchange for additional autonomy and the retention of the current administration, Russia was forced to crack down on the People's Republic, effectively abolishing it in all but name. The ensuing fighting between citizens of Kherson and the Russian Armed Forces was extremely bloody and even criminal, with some reports even pointing to unscrupulous activities being forced upon the remaining female residents of the city as a simply barbaric means of forcing the population into submission. Of course, the more unsavory methods of forcing submission could not be independently corroborated by Western news outlets.
Russian incursions into Western Ukraine have gone about as well as the rest of Russia's advances into Ukraine. Several amphibious assaults have been attempted on the city of Odessa, all of which have failed. Russian forces did manage to hold large portions of the city for a few weeks, but they were repelled as resupply efforts failed. As it stands currently, no major offensive activity is underway as Odessa has essentially been labeled as untouchable for the time being.
Kharkiv was another early target for the Russian military's operations in Ukraine. Initially, it seemed as though Kharkiv would fall much like Kherson did, but the slow Russian advance was halted by a zealous Ukrainian counteroffensive. Since the counteroffensive, Russian artillery has consistently shelled the city indiscriminately. City blocks within Kharkiv have been leveled by the ensuing bombing campaign, but they have produced little in terms of territorial gain. This theatre has arguably been where some of the most violent fighting has occurred between the Russian and Ukrainian Armed Forces, with images and videos from this front depicting a truly gruesome scene of Ukrainian soldiers fighting to protect the city even as their own skin ran from their bones like melted butter. Other images yet showed more carnage, with entire fields being filled with ghastly graveyards of armor and charred corpses.
Russian advances in the North have captured the majority of the cities north of Kyiv. The lone exception to this is the surrounded city of Chernigov. The city has held firm for months despite being almost entirely surrounded by Russian forces, largely by adopting a city-wide state of total war. The city has remained in supply due to the Desna river that flows through the city, where Ukrainian supplies have been ferried from Kyiv to the city. All attempts at stemming the flow of supplies have largely failed, as while a large amount of those supplies have been sunk by Russian forces, the supplies that make it through have so far been able to sustain the population. The city has suffered heavily from bombing, but Chernigov has been able to melt down salvaged metal to produce rudimentary firearms and explosives.
Russian forces overall have faced heavy resistance from the citizenry of captured cities, as demonstrated in cities like Mariupol, Kherson, Melitopol, and Sumy. With the heavy resistance faced, Russian leaders devised a plan within the opening stages of the war to relocate "problematic persons" into territories where they could be less of a threat. Initially, this was through the establishment of humanitarian corridors that would lead almost entirely to Russia or Belarus. As the war dragged on, however, the Relocation Bureau for Displaced Malorussians was created in order to provide "humanitarian relocation" to Ukrainians in occupied cities. The BRM largely relocated Ukrainians into densely-populated cities, and has thus far relocated over 3 million Ukrainians into Russia and Belarus for the purpose of "humanitarian aid".
With all of this considered, peace at this point seems unlikely. The brutality of the war has significantly upped the cost for peace on both sides, and despite almost coming to a ceasefire agreement several times in the early war, the idea of peace at this point with only incremental gains would look like surrender, and would likely tank Putin's approval further than it has already shrunk in the wake of the war. With Ukrainian spirits undeterred, it also seems as though any territorial gains made in a peace treaty would come with a hard fight in the aftermath, as American foreign policy analyst and online political commentator Dylan Burns put it: "unless there is a Russian boot literally touching the ground [in Ukrainian territory], like literally planted on the ground, Russia doesn’t control it, they just don’t.”
The War in Ukraine hasn't only led to bloodshed and strife within the territory of Ukraine, but has also caused extreme unrest at home. In the aftermath of the now famous Vremya broadcast on the Kaganovich incident, massive protests sprung up in major Russian cities, sometimes with the protestors numbering in the tens of thousands, and sometimes escalating into bloody affairs.
One of these protests occurred on February 3rd, where a large protest began to blockade the exits to Vladimir Putin's residence in Moscow. Chanting anti-war slogans, Putin ordered a contingent of the police force to disperse the protest, stating that they should "remain peaceful if applicable, but take nothing off the table". The police, of course, opted to resort to violent methods after standard control methods failed. With police opening fire into the crowd, the protest quickly escalated into a riot. This riot was quickly suppressed by lethal force, but not until over 300 protestors were killed. The Winter's Massacre, as it would come to be known, did suppress protests for a time, but inevitably led to more discontent.
The domestic economy was faring about as well as could be expected. A Russian debt default had been averted for several months until last September, when Russia was forced to pay a debt payment in ever depreciating rubles as opposed to foreign currency for the first time. This debt crisis, however, is unlikely to affect Russia for some time, as foreign investment has already dried up within the country, and most private institutions within the country have seen themselves fall into government hands.
The inflation of the ruble has been a major concern for the Russian economy. Domestic private enterprise has all but collapsed in the wake of the crisis, as inflation has skyrocketed the cost of business operations. Inflation hasn't only affected businessmen, as the end price of consumer goods have also increased dramatically due to the ruble's collapse in value. International sanctions that are bearing down on the Russian nation are largely to blame for the sheer scale of Russia's inflationary woes. Something as simple as buying a loaf of bread can be as expensive as paying rent was a year ago.
The Russian government has arguably done the best it can to mitigate the effects of inflation. After the implementation of price controls sent private businesses further into a death-spiral, Russia began nationalizing large portions of both the industrial and agricultural sectors of its economy, distributing basic goods free-of-charge. The introduction of free goods into the Russian economy, however, has led to a further collapse of business, but the business community was likely to die anyway with international sanctions being as damaging as they are now.
The nationalization of key industries within Russia has not come without its consequences. The integration of disparate production methods for the same goods has been extremely time consuming and wasteful, and the economic planners in charge of transitioning these industries into nationalized corporations have been less than up to the task. The overall result of the integration has been essentially the death of complex consumer goods within Russia, as the machinery required to produce complex consumer goods is instead being used to produce war materials.
While complex consumer goods have been sparse if existent at all, food has largely been a non-issue for Russian citizens. The nationalization of large agricultural centers within Russia has kept farms open that would have otherwise collapsed due to being unable to export to international markets. THe food produced by the nationalized agricultural sector is then largely given out to food banks, giving citizens food for free, largely as a measure to prevent revolt against the Putin government.
The Russian economy has faced another issue over the past year, and one that has not been effectively resolved. Logistical challenges within the Russian economy continue to run rampant. Food has largely avoided this, but the production and transport of war materials has been severely hampered by logistical woes. Firearms can be seen stacked in massive piles outside of factories for up to weeks at a time. These caches of weapons, usually exposed to the elements as they wait for transport, can be ruined over the course of waiting, but inspections of these goods are rare, meaning that Russian soldiers on the front can sometimes be shipped already destroyed weapons for usage. Vehicles have seen similar issues, as new vehicles have sometimes been produced without major safety features due to supply shortages, leading to them being easier targets on the battlefield. Large numbers of produced war materials have also gone unaccounted for, likely having been stolen and then sold on black markets within and outside the Federation.
The political sphere of Russia has also been affected by the numerous crises in Russia. Violent incidents related to political dissidents have climbed to an all-time high over the course of the last year, with several high ranking members of government being severely injured or even killed over the course of the year. Most notably, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, a staunch Putin ally, would be fatally wounded after a group of assailants attacked him with rebar rods.
The death of Mishustin led to one of the most contentious prime ministership elections in the history of the Federation, mostly because few actually wanted the post. Numerous individuals were asked to take on the post, including former prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, but all refused, partly due to fear of being assassinated themselves and partly due to the sheer unpopularity of Putin. Eventually, Putin was able to convince Valentina Tereshkova, the former Soviet cosmonaut and member of the State Duma, to accept nomination to the prime ministership. Despite Tereshkova's monumental popularity and name recognition, her advanced age of 86 led to some controversy over her ability to fulfill the duties of the office. Still, the supermajority of the United Russia party quickly confirmed her as the new prime minister.
The working relationship between Tereshkova and Putin was immediately tense, as while Tereshkova had always voted the party line before her confirmation as Prime Minister, the policies pushed by Putin in regards to the Ukraine War and on social issues previously had privately alarmed her. Thus, upon her assumption as Prime Minister, she began working to have the position increased in power at the expense of Putin. Putin, while vehemently opposed to releasing his grip on power, did give some minor concessions in what was publicly claimed to be a "wave of democratization", but in private, Putin was well aware that he had lost the support of the Armed Forces, which supported Tereshkova. The Ukraine War would have to shift decisively for that trend to be reversed.
  • American flag.png United States of America
    Situation against Russia
  • We are shocked to hear the death of Mikhail Mitshukin, and despite of him being a part of the corrupt regime of Putin, we would condone the murder. Many news outlets critize us for supporting Russia, going against our very doctrine of fighting against the autocratic murderers of Russia and China. However, we also warn about future attacks similar to this should Russia continue their ways of warmongering and undemocratic movements.
  • After the incident on Vremya, we would introduce a total ban of all Russian journalists from even entering the United States of America, and critize Putin's regime of repressing the freedom of speech of the Russian people. The Winter Massacre would further exacerbate the sanctions, now sanctioning Western companies who are even suspected of working in Russia. This includes Roblox and Fortnite, who were straight up blocked in the United States on February 9th and 10th due to them not withdrawing from Russia. As soon as they banned Russian users from accessing their games, America unblocked both of them.
  • This policy of total isolation on Russia however would end up sparking an outpour of pure hatred on ethnic Russians already living in America. Anti-Russian rallies are held in major cities, many subjected to racist abuse. It also didn't help that media from the left and the right played Russian atrocities virtually every day, stirring up anti-Russian anger immensely.
    Internal Politics
  • Within the halls of the Capitol, our houses are debating about the nationalization of healthcare, which would ensure a less expensive healthcare system. While private healthcare will still be possible (and in fact, rampant) via health packages offered by individual hospitals, the American government will ensure basic healthcare like routine checkups, childbirth fees and some medicine. Of course, this is highly controversial among the public as some say as that is accepting communism, while others felt that this is badly needed. The bill is passed by both houses by the narrowest of margins, and "Bidencare" is enacted on August 5th, 2023.
  • There is also controversy regarding our treatment of Native Americans, as some people began to question if we are trying to whitewash our history, and pretend that America, and the Western World in general are trying to focus on the atrocities of say, the Nazis, Soviets or the Chinese while making people forget about Western atrocities. While those atrocities were not as bad as the Nazis obiviously, there were some pretty disgusting things that America has done. This sparked a "Remember the Stains" movement, where Americans of different backgrounds protested to the American government, demanding them to also own up to the atrocities that they themselves have committed, similar to how Germany treat the Holocaust.

Flag of Kazakhstan.svgRepublic of Kazakhstan
The Russian misadventure in Ukraine was an extremely shocking event for people across the world. It came completely out of left field: not even Russia’s own soldiers knew it was going to happen until the order had come down from the Kremlin. It brought the horrors of war uncomfortably close to the people of Europe, who had known uninterrupted peace for the better part of a century. It destroyed a fundamental presupposition that most everyone in the post-World War II era shared: that wars of conquest were beyond the pale for any nation.

For Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan, Russia’s “special military operation” provided great anxiety, yet also great opportunity.

By nature, Kazakhstan is extremely vulnerable to any potential Russian incursion. It shares a vast, mostly flat and indefensible border with Russia, and large parts of its northern tier, a well-developed industrial and population center, are populated mainly with ethnic Russians, already somewhat discontented with the Kazakh government. Putin’s Russia has a ready-made pretext to invade, as well as extreme ease in doing so. With the Russian President apparently willing to invade a nation much more protected than Kazakhstan, nothing could stop Russia from deciding it needed to “de-Nazify” its southern neighbor.

On the other hand, as Russia’s failures in Ukraine were testament to, the Russian bear had proved nothing more than a paper tiger. If a simple Ukrainian farmer could haul off Russian tanks without breaking a sweat; if Russia could barely supply its own troops not even 50 kilometers away from the border, what chance does Russia’s “great” army hold against any half-decent army in the world?

To Tokayev, Russia had proven itself as untrustworthy, unhinged, and impotent. Putin was an expansionist, kleptocratic maniac, having destroyed Russia’s economy, thoroughly ruined its reputation, and gutted it of anything resembling the rule of law. Nothing could be sweeter than seeing him deposed, for by merely existing, he was a threat to Kazakhstan’s security and a threat to modern civilization as we know it. Yet, like it or not, Kazakhstan still shared a several thousand mile-long border with the Russian Federation, and although Russia realistically did not stand even a chance of invading Kazakhstan and succeeding, it could still cause serious damage to the Kazakh nation. Additionally, Russia’s colossal own goals granted an immense opportunity for Kazakhstan to finally break out of the Russian umbrella and become a power of its own right, if only it played the long game and played it shrewdly. As Sun Tzu said in his Art of War: “Never interrupt the enemy while he is making a mistake”.

Playing the long game was exactly what Tokayev intended to do.

And so, Kazakhstan’s foreign policy vis à vis Russia became a game of deception. On the surface, Kazakhstan played the part of the loyal CSTO member, saying empty platitudes and pledging symbolic support to the Mad Wannabe-Tsar up north. However, despite all the verbal assurance Kazakh diplomats gave Putin in his doomed endeavors, Kazakh policy post-Ukraine featured a definite pivot away from Russian patronage. Throughout the course of 2023, Kazakhstan would seek increased exports of oil, natural gas, and various other minerals to Europe and North America [US, European Nations, Mod Response Needed], while at the same time deepening its ties with China, seeking investment into road and rail infrastructure [Chinese Response: We would be willing to negotiate in this aspect, in return for diplomatic support; Kazakh Response: In return for increasing trade with China, as well as backing China's designs on Chinese Taipei and the South China Sea, we would like China to fund an infrastructure project consisting of 25 billion yuan (roughly US$3.9 billion) set aside for road improvements, as well as the extension of China's Lanzhou-Xinjiang High Speed Railway into Almaty and Astana.]. Additionally, Tokayev would order an increase in military spending from 1.1% to 1.4% of the national budget, with much of this extra money being used to perform urgent repairs on decaying military infrastructure, as well as buying cutting-edge military technology, mainly from Turkey (including the now-infamous Bayraktar drones) and China [Mod Response Needed] [Chinese Response: We would agree, just let us know what equipment you would like to purchase; Kazakh Response: We would like 60 FC-31 fighters, as well as anti-ballistic missiles]. Military reform would also be a major factor in Tokayev’s creation of the Anti-Corruption Commission; its first major use would be in investigating the Kazakh officer corps for embezzlement of military funds and other such abuses. This pivot away from the Russian sphere would be most apparent in the Baikonur Incident of May 29-30, 2023, when Kazakh authorities quietly and bloodlessly seized control of the city of Baikonur and the Baikonur Cosmodrome, previously leased to Russia until 2050. Russian government officials and employees at the Cosmodrome were given the choice of either returning to Russia, or staying put and being employed by the Kazakh government (which, it must be said, was able to pay them substantially more than the price of half an egg sandwich per month on account of the Kazakh tenge not being worth less than toilet paper, unlike the Russian ruble). Unsurprisingly, most chose the latter offer.

Domestically, Tokayev had not only one, but two swords threatening to cut his throat: Nursultan Nazarbayev and his remaining cronies in government, and the Kazakh people. In order to stand a chance of surviving, Tokayev would have to side with one side at the expense of the other. Ultimately, he chose the Kazakh people over Nazarbayev’s establishment.

After the January 2022 protests, Nazarbayev was ousted from all of his remaining positions of power, and many of his fervent supporters were removed from government. Throughout 2023, Tokayev continued this virtual palace coup, scrubbing the ruling Amanat party as well as the Kazakh federal and regional governments, civil administration, and police force clean of Nazarbayev’s influence. The Kazakh capital city’s name was also reverted from Nur-Sultan back to Astana. In the meantime, Tokayev carefully cultivated public support for him, appearing to deliver on his promise of liberal reform by relaxing restrictions on freedom to protest: Kazakhs could now protest without explicit government approval in one designated city square in every city with a population exceeding 100 thousand, unless said protest was “threatening public safety, normalcy, or social harmony”. More substantially, Tokayev hammered in major healthcare reforms through the Kazakh Parliament in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing free, socialized healthcare for every Kazakh citizen and capping prices of certain pharmaceutical goods such as insulin at an affordable level.

Additionally, in a cynical ploy to profit off of the suffering of the Russian people up north, the Kazakh Parliament passes a bill on August 15, 2023, designating the area within 10 kilometers of the Russian border as a special economic zone, where retail businesses would be encouraged to set up shop via tax incentives. This move was calculated to bring jobs to Kazakhstan's far north and west, as well as gaining Kazakhstan large amounts of revenue that would otherwise be going to Putin as Russians stream in to buy goods that are sanctioned or otherwise unavailable in Russia. Soon after this announcement, shuttered stores are opened and strip malls begin construction in towns all along the Kazakh-Russian border, especially in the border town of Kayerak, in Kostanay Region, sitting along a major road connecting the cities of Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg in Russia with Kazakhstan.

However, strip malls were not the only things being built in Kazakhstan.

On November 9th, 2023, NASA satellites spotted signs of construction of a massive complex of some sort in eastern Mangystau Region, deep in the Karakum Desert. What this strange establishment was supposed to be was a mystery to the observers of the satellite images as of yet...

  • Mod response: Most European nations embrace Kazakhstan's offer as a welcome surprise.

Flag of UK.png United Kingdom:

  • Home Affairs:
    • Government: Following yet another scandal, Boris Johnson resigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, being replaced by Steve Barclay.
    • Energy: The government announces its decision to support the development of Thorium-based nuclear reactors in the UK, greater oil and gas exploration in British waters, and an increase in solar and hydroelectric power generation.
    • Vertical Farming: A large number of family and corporate farmers are invited to a government panel with the intention of promoting vertical farming in the United Kingdom.
Promotional image for planned wooden shopping mall in Birmingham, UK
Wooden house in Grantham, UK
    • Levelling Up: The Build Back Beautiful Act (2023) is passed, giving construction companies tax and other incentives to source local construction material. The Act also encourages local governments to set few but impactful building regulations to encourage construction companies to build according to local architectural styles. In the words of the Housing Minister, "Buildings in public view ought to be celebrated contributions to the beauty of the local community, not the whims of self-indulgent architects". His comments receive criticism from the opposition but are welcomed by many local governments and community associations. Part of the BBB Act (2023) approves, for the first time, the use of cross-laminated timber and other engineered wood materials for the construction of buildings up to a height of 120m or 23 floors.
    • British Exhibition: The British Exhibition of the Works of Industry is announced for 2025, part of the government's aim to bring capital-intensive manufacturing and industry back to Britain, taking advantage of the country's skilled labour force, capital markets and intellectual capital. Manufacturing, industry, and businesses of other relevant industry sectors are invited to participate and set up exhibits.
  • Foreign Affairs:
    • NAFTA: The British government enquires if America, Canada, and Mexico would be interested in allowing British membership of NAFTA. [Player/Mod Responses]
      • Mod Response: Canada and Mexico both welcome the idea of British membership in NAFTA.
      • America Response: Gladly. Welcome to the organization, Britain!
    • Russia: Parliament condemns the Winter Massacre in the strongest of terms, with a whole day being devoted to debate on the matter. By the conclusion of the day's debate, new legislation is passed, placing sanctions on virtually all remaining Russian companies not yet under sanctions. Additionally, new restrictions on private businesses conducting operations in Russia are put in place, especially luxury goods retailers and companies sourcing resources from Russia. Notably, no sanctions are placed on non-Russian media and entertainment companies, with the goal of connecting ordinary Russians to Western media and entertainment. Russian media and entertainment on the other hand, is heavily sanctioned, and state-owned media is outright banned. Moreover, under heavy pressure from backbenchers and the general public, almost all Putin-affiliated oligarchs are expelled from the United Kingdom, and their assets in the UK, amounting to a mind-boggling £950 million, are seized by the British government.
  • Defence Affairs:
    • Chinese Expansionism: With the permission of ASEAN and Taiwan, the Royal Navy would like to conduct "Freedom of Navigation" operations by sailing ships and flying aircraft through the sovereign and international waters surrounding these nations, in protest against ridiculous Chinese claims in the South China Sea and aggression towards Taiwan [Mod Response] These operations would be conducted alongside similar American operations that are already ongoing.
    • Mod response: ASEAN and Taiwan welcome British involvement.
    • Defence Budget: The defence budget is raised to 2.5% of GDP, to allow for the acquisition of new destroyers, frigates, and naval aircraft over the next few years.
    • Defence Research: [Secret] Development of augmented reality head-up displays, microdrones, and cyberwarfare tactics continues. [/Secret]
    • Cyberwarfare: The government announces the creation of the Defence Electronic Warfare Organisation (DEWO), placed under the jurisdiction of Strategic Command, to act as the British Armed Forces' joint-service cyberwarfare organisation.

ChinaFlag.jpg - People's Republic of China:

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the People's Republic: Xi Jinping
      • Premier of the People's Republic: Li Keqiang
      • Vice President of the People's Republic: Wang Qishan
    • National People's Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Communist Party of China
      • Leader of the National People's Congress: Xi Jinping
      • United Front members: 2,954 members
      • Standing Committee Members: 175 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: Zhou Qiang
      • Judges: Nearly 400
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 31.6 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 19.9 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita(PPP): 22,234 USD
    • Economic Description: The People's Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP (PPP) in the world, and the second largest GDP (nominal) behind the United States of America. Overall, the outlook for the future of the Chinese economy is bright.
  • Population
    • 1.424 Billion People
  • Domestic Issues
    • China's economy is now classified as a high-income economy by the World Bank. The World Bank's current standard for defining a high-income country is, among other factors, having an income of above $12,536 per capita in nominal terms. Due to this, the country is starting to focus on how better to help the middle class and consumer classes, creating a debate within the National People's Congress on what exactly should be done. Solutions range from tax cuts for the lower and middle classes, to a forced redistribution of wealth to better China's GDP per capita figures on the world stage. These ideas are quickly shot down as being too "extreme" and not "beneficial" for the wellbeing of the Chinese People. A policy will be implemented to tax the rich at a higher amount, including a 5 percent increase in the already high 45% income tax on the top bracket, and a lower by 10 percent of current middle and lower class tax brackets. This should, hypothetically, drive more revenue to those who need it, while also providing incentive to further work and produce for the Chinese economy. The policy is implemented in the month of June.
    • We expand our current infrastructure networks further, hoping to increase capacity in areas such as our roads and railways. We would take the initiative to build 50 thousand KM of roads over the next 3 years, bringing our total length of roads and inter provincial highways to 250 thousand KM by 2026. We would increase our rail production as well, with the goal of connecting every city with 100 thousand or more citizens to conventional rail by 2025, and with high speed rail by 2030. This should allow us to increase productivity, reduce shipment times, and overall provide an extra boost to our much growing infrastructure.
    • We begin the Chinese Automation Awards program, a state funded program to increase innovation and technology in regards to optimizing automation in the workplace, and in general daily life. Winners of the challenge will win 500 thousand USD for first place, 300 thousand USD for second place, and 100 thousand USD for third place. We encourage all citizens, from all backgrounds and walks of life, to work on this prize winning competition, as we believe the future of work is in the hands of automated tools. We would also point to our increasingly worrying demographic crisis, which we do not believe can be solved with additional child-birth. We should conceive a way to replace these systems technologically, in terms of replacing most of our human labor with automated labor.
    • We would start to incentivize companies to invest in automation as well, promising tax breaks, increased lottery odds within our governmental contracts, and more leeway over State matters. We believe through both citizen and corporate cooperation, the future of Chinese work is an automated one. This should hopefully allow us to offset the massive cost of our aging population, one which will likely require more support and have less ability to work.
    • We would start a policy discussion on a UBI, or Universal Basic Income, planning to come to some sort of decision by 2025. We hope to implement a world standard framework, and cooperate internationally in this rapidly growing area of public policy interest. UBI will likely come some day, whether through company paid leave or state funded credit for UBI. UBI is essential to keeping up with manual demand in labor and the workforce, however incentive alone will likely not convince people. It is recommended to implement a policy as soon as possible, but we would still stress the need to take time when deciding on a matter such as this.
    • We would look into an expansion of our entertainment and media industries. While China's media and entertainment are blossoming worldwide, and many are witnessing a new Golden Age of Chinese Media, we realize the harm censorship has on our ability to produce such forms of entertainment en masse. We will effectively be dropping our strict censorship policy when it comes to both foreign and domestic films and other media, effectively opening up our mass market to the world. We would encourage other countries and media companies to attempt to ease into our new non-censored guidelines, however we will not crack down on this.
    • Young people are effectively leading a charge to modernize China further, in a sort of free way. While the traditionally conservative government was averse to this at first, realizing the mass youth movement taking place, and not wanting another student revolution such as the Event of 1989, the government has started to ease up on their traditional conservative ways. This is seen from many as a big win for China, as youth movements and especially preserving traditional values are both rising and falling respectively. Policy-makers are attempting to win by creating bills that encourage more freedom of thought and less censorship.
    • The movement is finally given a name, the Young Democrats of China. From their ability to mass produce almost propogandist messaging and their stance of many modern Chinese issues, the movement spreads further like wildfire. The Young Democrats of China have effectively spread their message via University Campuses, the Internet, and other methods. Traditionally, these types of movements would immediately be snuffed out, from things like censorship or restriction of movement, etc. This movement however seemed different, seemed stronger, and seemed to be out of a genuine want for change and progress, rather than just to overthrow the government.
    • The Chinese Constitution is supposedly going through changes, likely to be announced next year. Many speculate these changes will include greater freedoms for press, freer speech, religion, and many others. The Young Democrats, from what it seems, are going to get their wishes not only heard but granted. This has not been without it's controversy however, with the more traditional members of the CCP having to grit their teeth in opposition, but not much else. Two main theories have formed on this issue, either Xi and the NPC are being threatened, or that these various Youth movements have combined to make something better for China. [SECRET] It turns out, China is progressing, not from any threats, at least from information gathered by the Central Military Commission and various other intelligence agencies. [SECRET]
    • Nuclear production is heavily ramped up, with the previous goals based on US intelligence of 1 thousand nuclear weapons by 2030 scaled forward. Chinese researchers and scientists, as well as defense experts within the CMC are racing to produce at least 500 nuclear weapons by 2023's end. It is very likely to be around 400-500 in estimation, however official figures will be released in the beginning of 2024.
    • Three Type-003 aircraft carriers are sent out to the PLA Navy. These are marked with designations Type-003A, B, and C. This should relatively strengthen China's military and naval capacities both, with the ability of China to project as a full blue water navy seemingly inching closer to becoming a reality. It is expected that the PRC may loan or produce these aircraft carriers for their various allies as well, such as Pakistan, North Korea, or Iran. Russia is heavily being considered as well, though many in the defense industry suggest this may be a bad move, considering the international attention Russia previously drew to itself.
    • [SECRET] Production and test flights on the Xian H-20 stealth bomber aircraft are moved to 2024, 2025, and for shipment of the aircraft, 2026 respectively. Having lacked a truly domestic strategic stealth bomber, this should catapult China into a category exclusive to only the United States and Russia currently, with the ability to produce a bomber of this magnitude and type. In line with developing military policy, we would start a prototyping process on the next generation of stealth aircraft, though rough estimates will probably show the Xian H-30 aircraft (preliminary name) as being flown in the 2040's. [SECRET]
    • The Relinquishing State Control of Private Corporations Act is passed among age related lines in the National People's Congress. As a swath of new, younger CCP members are entering the Congressional cycle, the opportunity is ripe for more acts such as this to be passed. The RSCPCA establishes guidelines in regards to state interference to private corporations, removing multiple safeguards on the State's behalf for control over private companies, and establishing privacy and autonomy related rights for companies. These historic policy changes should result in the heavy increase and reduction of both private capital and state control respectively. From initial public reactions, the move is generally praised, as many are witnessing the birth of a true and new China.
    • Among many members of the CCP and the NPC is the eternal question, what will happen with Taiwan? While many older Chinese citizens have the memories of generations past, those of the ROC and CCP and their brutal civil war, who want war with Taiwan, those among the younger generations in China, at least according to rough polling done in five major cities, would like Taiwan to be seen as an economic partner that is reliant on China for most goods. A discussion is starting to form on whether the military action against Taiwan, whenever that may be, is going to turn out similar to Ukraine, with China being sanctioned and cut off from the world economy. A famous quote from a younger merchant, who's identity is unknown at this time, reads January 5th, 2023 - "We should wage a war yes, but one of economic proportions, not military or logistical. We shall fight the war with our checkbooks, not our guns."
    • [SECRET] Serious discussion is had among President Xi Jinping and his various advisors. With the actions of Vladimir Putin out in the Russian nation, questions are being raised as to whether Xi should continue to face the public in a neutral manner, whether he should distance himself from Russia and Putin further, or, craziest of all, should China join the offensive either against or for Ukraine. This discussion is kept highly confidential, due to the sensitive nature of the topics involved. [SECRET]
    • With the Yuan continuing to flourish in an international context, many are wondering whether the domestic system, both that of the physical and digital currencies themselves, should be revamped. With the Digital Yuan taking off among many of China's already mobile payment dependent users, some in government and corporate positions are also raising the question of once again allowing cryptocurrency, and the possibility of officially adding the Yuan, if permitted, to various Crypto exchanges. NFT related products are also being discussed in detail.
    • Crypto is back in China. After some quick deliberation, an overwhelming majority of the Young Democrat related CCP members and even some Conservatives as well have agreed to allow crypto trading and activity within China once again. All exchanges are opened back up to the Chinese public, mining equipment is allowed once again (but regulated, due to climate concerns) and within days, Chinese markets for various new cryptocurrencies are popping up like crazy. The government also announces a 5 dollar Lunar New Year coin, both in the forms of art/NFT and a physical coin. This is believed to be one of the most advanced public endorsements of NFT and Crypto related technologies. China's State Bank also asks various crypto exchanges around the world to possibly allow an official trading of the Yuan.
    • With these various acts of un censoring certain content comes one of the biggest issues, the internet. For quite a while, the Chinese internet has been completely separate from the outside world, only accessible via VPN. This week however, China has announced a massive change in their internet policy, allowing an almost full opening up of various internet and online revenue streams, websites, entertainment, and more. Due to fears of server overload, the Chinese Firewall is slowly being taken down, as a quota of 50 million new users per day can start to access the outside internet, free of most regulation and law.
    • President Xi's approval rating among Chinese citizens has skyrocketed. Previous polling and approval ratings have shown him at an all year high in 2022 of 88 percent, to a 91 percent approval rating in 2023. This is the second highest approval percentage rating in Chinese history, behind a tie of 93% from Mao Zedong and Den Xiaoping. Everyone, from Xi's advisors, to state media, to citizens, to private companies and journalists, are experiences this wave of prosperity. It is likely Xi will continue to implement similar policy, to the chagrin of some conservative members of government.
    • We would publicly announce plans for three new military projects, the Type-004 Aircraft Carrier, the J-25 Carrier Based Aircraft, and the J-28 Air Superiority Fighter. Many in the defense industry have debated whether to even go public with the basic announcement, but the decision was eventually reached to do just that. The Type-004 carrier should be the first to hold Nuclear propulsion, along with a various assortment of advanced energy based weaponry as well as mobile defense technologies. The J-25 is an evolution of our current FC-31 fighter, which should be faster, have further range, and have advanced stealth and technological systems on board. The J-25 will be our first autonomous fighter aircraft, hopefully reducing the casualties faced in air to air combat. This aircraft will attempt to fit the newly defined sixth generation class. We are targeting around 2028-2029 for the actual deployment of all three of these pieces of engineering mastery, but we have not set a concrete date as of yet, more of a hypothetical.
    • Facing immense but subdued pressure on the Uyghur Genocide accusations, President Xi Jinping assures the Chinese public that nothing is going on. He states "The evidence towards our so-called genocide, or whatever other terms are used, is scant and sketchy at best. I invite any foreign diplomats or agents to come and see for yourselves, if you wish. Until concrete proof is given, please halt these false accusations." The Young Democrats actively decide to protest the issue, wanting to reach a conclusion and see evidence for themselves. When asked "Would you trust the results of The Young Democrats investigation/protesting?" an astonishing 78 percent of the Chinese public said they would trust. [SECRET] Eventually, the leader of the Young Democrats, Juéqǐ de lǐngxiù/Jueqi as he is commonly known, visits with President Xi regarding the issue. While this meeting is held, various members of the Militia Wing of the Young Democrats infiltrate these facilities, the reeducation camps. The results are surprising to the various members of militia, seeing that the Uyghur population is actually quite cared for. What they expected to be a torture chamber was actually just a set of rooms, set up almost in an apartment format, with children and families being cared for. Via orders given over private channels, the militia is ordered by Jueqi to disperse from the area immediately. The facility was infiltrated via a drug agent, used to incapacitate the various guards in the facility. Pictures and video are taken of the inside of these so called "apartments" and uploaded immediately to a secure backup cloud, known as the Jueqi network. [SECRET]
    • President Xi orders a comprehensive investigation into the Uyghur reeducation camps, to be done by the Young Democrats, with full transparency. The investigation and process would likely conclude on the first month of 2024. Other investigators are encouraged to work alongside the Young Democrats on this case. President Xi also orders the removal of the Xinjiang Provincial Leader temporarily, while a democratic election is held for the replacement. This is a milestone, as it is thought to be the first democratic Chinese election in decades, without state interference.
    • We would ease our visa restrictions, making it much easier to immigrate into China. We would provide a monthly income incentive to travel, open up various culture centers across the country, as well as encourage foreign travel into China with the intent of sparking dialogue and increasing our influence, in a good way. We believe China has the ability to possibly lead this new world order, and while we will not actively pursue this ambition of many, if the chance falls into our hands, we would do right by the world.
    • A massive terrorist attack takes place in Beijing, at the West Beijing Rail Station. This explosive attack, which killed 312 and injured 740, along with a sudden ring of gunfire, which caused 13 deaths along with 12 injuries, was perpetuated by Daniel Zhang, a 33 year old office worker for Alibaba near the train station. Officials have cited a lack of sleep, delusions/paranoia, and overwork as the cause. A relative of Daniel, Mark Zhang, has also been implicated in assisting Daniel in the acquiring of weapons. Mark was an ex PLA bomb defusal expert, being considered one of the top bomb defusal experts in China. Six well constructed, well placed bombs, filled with shrapnel and various other debris, exploded simultaneously. These bombs were disguised as handbags and looked misplaced, according to someone familiar with the situation. Daniel was the gunman while Mark was the bomber, with Daniel firing off 45 rounds of armor piercing ammunition before being taken down and lynched by the angry crowd. The bomber, Mark, died in the explosion, his reasons for being an accomplice are unknown at this time. President Xi sends his condolences to all families involved and offers assistance to those victimized by the attack.
    • We would continue to expand on our space based research as well, starting to conceptualize a Beidou 4 SatNav System, completing our Tiangong Space Station, launching our Xuntian space telescope, and all other planned missions within the 2023 window. We would also, as a result of our loosened private company regulations, see a widespread increase in the private space industry of China. Many companies are looking to be the Chinese SpaceX it would seem.
    • A Chinese company called Space Transportation Inc. conducts ground testing on their new supersonic passenger aircraft. The aircraft, called the Tianxing 3, should conduct testing throughout 2023 and 2024, with crewed tests and a possible approval by 2025. The design of the plane is rapidly different than others past, such as the Concorde, with this aircraft being smaller and slightly faster, with the marketing goaled towards private business and high class peoples. Space Transportation is working on a Tianxing 4, which should have functions similar to the Concorde, with a larger body, slower speed, and immense safety features. This aircraft may release in 2026, if testing goes according to plan.
  • Foreign Affairs
    • We would assure all countries involved that we remain heavily open to the possibility of peaceably reuniting with Taiwan, however we would strongly suggest against possible provocation, such as various sea operations in the region or off-color comments within the capacity of diplomats or international press.
    • We would strongly condemn the United Kingdom and their attempt to grant themselves "Freedom of Navigation" within the South China Sea, but would be open to negotiation on possible assisted flyovers, if you wish.
    • With North Korea launching their latest ICBM, and under heavy pressure by the Chinese public, President Xi condemns this act as "stirring up trouble within an international context, and we hope North Korea can ease up on these provocative missile launches." A Chinese private militia group, called the "Chinese for Korean Liberation" illegally cross into North Korean territory. Though they number in the few thousands, the group seems to be highly organized. Carrying rifles and various military equipment, they cross the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge into North Korea, attempting to make their way to Pyongyang on foot and through commandeered military vehicles. Backup for this group, in strictly military terms, numbers at 15,000, ready to assist the few thousand militia members if needed. Their objective, according to rumored senior leadership reports, is to liberate North Korea from the Kim Dynasty, and to ensure a fair and just treatment of North Korean citizens. Humanitarian and Civilian aid is also being facilitated by this group. The result of the battle is [Mod Response Needed] with total casualties being [Mod Response Needed].
      • Mod Response: The Battle of Sinuiju, lasting 3 months in the late summer and early autumn of 2023, ends with a pyrrhic North Korean victory. Chinese for Korean Liberation (CKL) manages to seize control of the border town of Sinuiju and much of the surrounding area within a week, but is not able to advance further into North Korea due to the rugged terrain and North Korean advance posts, and was eventually pushed back. However, the CKL loses a mere 756 troops, while the Korean People's Army takes over 4,000 casualties. Additionally, hundreds of destitute North Koreans in Sinuiju and the surrounding region are able to make use of the chaos to defect from North Korea into China.

Flag of Indonesia.png Republic of Indonesia

  • Internal Affairs and Events:
    • Nationalisation: We continue our program of nationalising Indonesian oil and gas resources. It is our plan to ensure that all of these assets are under Indonesian government control by 2026.
    • Internet Infrastructure By the end of 2023, Indonesia has completed the construction of Indonesia's National Data Centre in West Java, with 3 other planned across Indonesia by 2026. In order for Indonesia to remain competitive in the digital age, it is a necessity for us to improve our digital infrastructure. The Palapa Ring Project has gone a long way to achieving this goal, but in order to fully realize it, we must improve the access to rural villages. In order to solve this, private companies will be utilised to connect rural villages with the Palapa backbone, with the establishment of the National Data Centre and increased funding for cybersecurity acting to assuage doubts of private companies about the feasibility of the project.
    • Renewable Energy: It is imperative that Indonesia begins to ramp up our efforts in the global fight against climate change, and to this end, in 2023 we begin the implementation of several initiatives to reduce our carbon emissions. The first of these is a new requirement for all buildings constructed in Indonesia with an estimated average electricity consumption of more than 300000 kWh to offset 50% of electricity consumed past this point by either placing solar panels on the roof, or paying the equivalent amount of money needed to offset their consumption using solar panels into a fund to build renewable energy projects in Indonesia. One of the projects that will be helped by this fund is a plan to use Indonesia's vast hydroelectricity potential to generate and store power. Construction of major hydroelectric dams on the islands of Java and Sulawesi will begin in 2025, and over 20,000 viable sites for pumped hydroelectric storage have been identified by the government. We now plan to develop these as our solar and wind generation increases over the next decade. Finally, we expand the carbon tax introduced last year to cover all carbon emissions due to the use of fossil fuels, rather than just coal power plants.
    • Education: In 2023 a program is introduced for Indonesian students that achieve high enough results at the end of high school to receive payments from the government to fund their living expenses if they go to an interstate or international university. The other major development in education in Indonesia is the implementation of new regulations across all levels of schooling that ban 'teaching that undermines the integrity of the Indonesian nation, or sabotages the unity of the Indonesian people" while also implementing a program called the Masyarakat Pemuda Indonesia (MPI) to "encourage patriotic spirit and a sense of community within the youth of Indonesia." While for the most part this program acts similarly to cadet or scout programs in other countries, the noted focus on Indonesian patriotism has been remarked upon by many observers. It has also been noted that both programs seem to particularly target regions such as West Papua and Aceh, with notable separatist movements.
    • Military: In the 2023 Indonesian budget, defence spending is increased to 5.5% of total spending, with recent changes in the international situation, both globally and in Southeast Asia, being cited as the reason for the increase. Much of the increased funds will go to improving Indonesia's cyber defence agency BSSN, with a focus on preparing Indonesia for a potential cyber-attack. Meanwhile, we also announce that we will be investing in a next-generation guided-missile destroyer, with a particular focus on surface-to-surface combat, and a lack of offensive capabilities beyond launching missiles have caused some of the preliminary designs to be likened to an arsenal ship.
  • International Affairs:
    • United States: With the turbulent state of global politics, especially in Southeast Asia, we must have strong international partners to support each other. To this end, we wish to enter a formal military alliance with the United States. As part of this alliance, we wish to purchase 20 F-16, and 20 F-35 aircraft from the United States. We would also like to negotiate the ability to produce the F-16 aircraft in Indonesia, as a gesture of goodwill. We offer to America the ability to station American forces in Indonesian territory, and give their navy free passage through Indonesian waters [Player Response].


Serbian President Vojislav Šešelj

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić is deposed in a coup, and flees to Romania. The Serbian Radical Party, a nationalistic Russophilic movement takes control with former Slobodon Milosevich loyalist Vojislav Šešelj assuming the Presidency. Šešelj pledges support to Russia, China, and North Korea while calling for the reformation of Yugoslavia. There is a chemical attack in New Delhi which kills 100. India blames the attack on Pakistan, despite evidence that it was carried out by Taliban hardliners, and invades Pakistan. The Boogaloo Bois, and the Proud Boys merge into the Sons of the Constitution (SOC), a militia group akin to the Lord's Liberation Army in Uganda. Several prominent Republican Party politicians are rumored to be connected to the SOC.

Flag of China.svg - People's Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the People's Republic: Xi Jinping
      • Premier of the People's Republic: Li Keqiang
      • Vice President of the People's Republic: Wang Qishan
    • National People's Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Communist Party of China
      • Leader of the National People's Congress: Xi Jinping
      • United Front members: 2,954 members
      • Standing Committee Members: 175 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: Zhou Qiang
      • Judges: Nearly 400
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 34.08 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 21.5 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 23,897 USD
    • Economic Description: The People's Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP (PPP) in the world, and the second largest GDP (nominal) behind the United States of America. Overall, the outlook for the future of the Chinese economy is bright.
  • Population
    • 1.426 Billion People
  • Domestic Issues
    • The effects of our "decensoring" policy is starting to show itself. Much of the media and entertainment venues across China have been expanded due to increased viewing and screening of movies and shows. As a result, our media and entertainment industries have started to thrive, with both importing and exporting of film and other methods of production jumping to levels not seen since the Cultural Revolution, in terms of a percentage increase. Due to this increase in film and entertainment, many venture capital firms have pivoted their focus from more traditional Chinese entertainment, ones which took a bulk share in the market, to the newer forms of theater production and streaming services. Alternatives to Netflix and Hulu, along with many other streaming services, have both appeared and garnered heavy commercial success within our borders.
    • The Constitution of the People's Republic of China, Amended 2023, has been finalized, drafted, and implemented. This new constitution reflects a changing, more modern China, one in which censorship is frowned upon, freedom of thought and speech are cherished, and progress is the number one goal, along with the wellbeing of the Chinese people. New amendments include a complete freedom of press devoid of any censorship, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, an opt-out policy of Chinese schools from traditional thought methods, and the reinstatement of term limits among Chinese leadership. This is seen by many to be the most revolutionary movement of China in the past 80 years, being second only to the Chinese Civil War.
    • All is not without issue, however. Many of the more traditional members of the CCP have voiced their opposition to these measures, given their new right to do so without any real form of oppression. Though these members did hold a swath of influence at one time, their influence is a minority among the NPC, and is quickly regressing, in favor of the youthful and progressive members of the NPC. Many are looking to President Xi as their last hope, at least among the conservative and traditional groups of the CCP. Whether China is to move progressively or conservatively rests on this one mans next words.
    • On January 20th, in a speech titled "A New Direction for China", President Xi says the following, "Greetings to all of my fellow Chinese citizens, both in government and in the public. Today as many of you know, is very consequential, both for the future of the nation, and how we are looked upon both domestically and internationally. I have heard many, many opinions on where our nation shall head, whether this is towards our continuing path of tradition and conservation, or of the newer emerging and progressive China. While China has and will always stand for our own values, ones of sovereignty and cultural ties, even I recognize the growing movement among the Youth of this country, and must not be an obstacle, but rather a vehicle for this very movement. Whatever name is given to it, whether the more popular Young Democrats, the Young Revolutionists, or simply the New Age, their goals are one and one alone, to see China move forward, for a better and brighter future, and hopefully lead this new world of peace and prosperity. My eyes are not blind, and I certainly have seen, these ever growing young people, with their motivation and incentives, to make this world a better place. And so I realize this, like our grandparents did those years ago, both in 1949 and 1912, we require a change, However, unlike those movements and revolutions, I fully intend for these to be peaceful in nature. It is clear that even if a fight was had, the victor is almost already seemingly decided. A majority of our military, government, and corporate sectors have been constructed of the youth. As for those asking the eternal question, 'why', the answer is simple and complicated both. The main attribution is to my child, who has shown me, even in my elder age, progress will always happen, even if I do so hold power in this nation. The people are the victors in this, as I am sure the next generation of leadership will do what is best, as far as my faith in them carries. Thank you all for listening, may the people be victors!"
    • With President Xi being awfully silent on the matter, as well as the current government not commenting much on the North Korea issue, many are questioning what the next move will be in regards to the Battle of Sinuiju and the events that unfolded. As expected, polling agencies within China jump on the issue, asking the public what they believe the government should do. Among the youth, 63 percent believe 'North Korea is a threat which needs to be eliminated' while ten percent have no opinion and 27 percent believe 'North Korea is a valuable ally which needs to be supported'. Among the elder population, the reaction is as expected, with 88 percent believing North Korea should be supported, and ten percent thinking North Korea should be an enemy. A minor portion, 2 percent, do not have an opinion. Many of the Chinese public are united in one thing, an anxious wait. Whether Xi will invade North Korea, befriend them, or ignore the issue, is something time will tell.
    • Our nuclear count has increased from the previous 300, to now 800 nuclear weapons. Our defense and military sectors would suggest we increase our production even further, but multiple estimates show that not to be economically or defensively advantageous for us to procure. We will increase our nuclear count by 300 as a year to year estimate, with next year hopefully allowing us to cross the 1000 nuclear weapons benchmark, along with the Russians and Americans. As various satellite imagery shows, our nuclear storage facilities, at least visible silos, are built in the very Western areas of the Chinese nation. [SECRET] We are also investing and looking into other nuclear options, even space based nuclear storage is being considered, although this would violate several treaties so this is last on our list. [SECRET]
    • We have successfully developed and fielded a new missile defense system, called the Huoli Defense Weaponry System. The HDWS is based partially on the Sky Bow system used in Taiwan, which we studied and researched for about a year. While we have developed and tested anti-ballistic missile defenses in the past, this is the first dedicated anti-ballistic system that has been tested and shipped to the Rocket and Air Forces of China. [SECRET] Our cyber espionage also helped contribute to our development, both against the United States and Israel with their Arrow 3 missile defense system. We have made sure to develop a large majority of our new missile defense systems on our own, however. [SECRET]
    • [SECRET] As the new frontier seems to be space, we would look into space based weaponry. Possibly something like the famous STARWARS system from the US that was conceptualized. To be clear, at this time we cannot actually launch space based weaponry, as that would violate the Outer Space Treaty we have signed in the past. However, as we are a sovereign nation, and in lieu of allowing threats by various countries, we may adopt a first strike policy and rescind our signature of the Outer Space treaty. This would likely harm our international image, so we may have to launch discreet weapon systems instead, though much less effective in their strike capability. [SECRET]
    • [SECRET] The WORLDEND Bioweapons Program, or WBP is initiated. WBP is a biological weapons program designed to target the widest possible area of a population, with the deadliest results. WBP will be initiated in it's research stage for the time being, upgraded to animal testing in the second half of 2024, and either presented as feasible or non-feasible by the early months of 2025. We would design special "carriers" or drones, capable of carrying the weapon and remotely guiding the drone towards a massive population center. This would ensure the deadliest reaction in a majority of the population. WBP would have a projected mortality rate of 20%, the ability to survive high temperature environments, as well as the ability to mutate quickly. Due to our research after the effects of Covid-19, we believe there is a high probability to develop WBP within the specified timeline. We will also develop countermeasures, should this weapon fall into the hands of an enemy organization or state. [SECRET]
    • Noticing the various protests across many Asian nations, as well as our own vast LGBTQIA community here at home, we affirm and recognize officially, all rights under color of law, to LGBTQIA Chinese citizens. Among these rights include right to marry, right to adopt children, recognition of relationship status, and others. Many in the Chinese public are celebrating, especially the younger citizens of the country. It was due to the increasing presence of Millennials and older Generation Z politicians that this law was passed.
    • When asked about the possible attendance of the upcoming Paris Olympic games later this year, President Xi said "We are indeed going to send our athletes to compete, and they have undergone training since late last year. The Olympics are a time of peace and harmony for the world, one where sports and athletes are celebrated, and war or conflict is frowned upon. Due to this, we will be attending, and hopefully do well." Some Conservative Chinese politicians question the move, due to the Olympics being held in Europe, where some nations decided to diplomatically boycott. On this subject, Xi notes "France was not part of the diplomatic boycott in that regard, so it would be cruel and unfair to diplomatically boycott them."
    • Two notable organizations which are against the death penalty, the Beijing Citizens for Equal Justice Initiative and the Chinese Movement to Abolish the Death Penalty, are both attempting to make an appeal to the youth of China to take control and abolish what they call a 'cruel and unusual' and 'barbaric' practice. Their movement is quickly gaining traction within Chinese society, and a bill to abolish the death penalty in China is likely to be written up and debated on soon.
    • As China seems to be progressing towards a liberal future, one in which all are free and none are oppressed, policy-makers are continuing to discuss new ideas and agendas for this changing future. One idea is being thrown around quite often, the hallmark of a democracy, it's elections. While President Xi, along with a majority of the Chinese people, do not want to forget their roots and values, many of China's youth are questioning the possibility of a new democratic system. This is likely to be revealed in 2025, whether the Democratic Elections for China's Future Act will be passed. Many are already planning to run, if the result of the bill is approved next year.
    • As our semiconductor manufacturing has advanced, we have developed a more independent and efficient supply chain, one which we can say is produced domestically. Our primary semiconductor company, SMIC, is on par with the likes of Intel, Samsung, and TSMC when it comes to the 5nm chip process. Due to heavy recruitments in the semiconductor field, increased funding, and a plethora of startups dedicated to niche industrial issues regarding chipmaking, we can project the development of a 3nm within the first half of this year. This should put us behind only TSMC and Intel, and ahead or on par with Samsung, depending on their respective release date of foundries for this type of chip. This type of technological leap has other implications as well, such as geopolitical ones. With this technology advancing quickly, we can finally reduce our reliance on TSMC for our semiconductors, which in turn gives us one less reason to go after Taiwan.
  • Foreign Issues
    • In regards to the various issues facing the India-Pakistani Conflicts, we would open our borders to any Pakistani or Indian refugees who wish to seek asylum in China. We would guarantee all citizens equal rights irrespective of their country, and would offer to send military aid to Pakistan. This attack seems unprovoked in terms of Pakistan causing any issues, and we would caution India against taking any further action, noting 'Pakistan and India both possess nuclear weapons, and by inflaming these tensions, we may be added into this mix, to protect the sovereign rights of Pakistan as a nation.' We would position our new HDWS near the border with India and Pakistan, in case of nuclear or ICBM launches by either nation.
    • In terms of the deal with Kazakhstan, we agree to both military and infrastructural support, pledging our assistance to them if they need it in other areas as well.
    • We would also position our HDWS on the North Korean/Chinese border. President Xi has finally spoken, we are at war with North Korea. Due to their possession of nuclear weapons, we would release a potential strike list to the governments of South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. The strike list contains probable targets from all three countries, all though we realize the effectiveness of all three of these countries missile defenses or offensive systems. Due to their relative lack of technology in the North Korean state, we are conducting mostly boots on the ground warfare, however we are also conducting bombing and naval operations against various military targets. We are also looking to liberate Pyongyang along with the complete annexation of the country. We look to take North Korea quickly, so we are sending an overload of troops and backup into the area. We are confident in taking their nuclear targets as well and defending against such attacks. [MOD Response Needed, Result of Battle and Casualties, I am sending the full force of China after them]

      Chinese troops press into Paektu Mountain

      • Mod response: Propagandized into devout loyalty, North Korea proves unexpectedly resolute. While China succeeds in capturing Pyongyang within two weeks, heavy casualties are endured with China losing a staggering 8,500 (counting debilitating injuries as well as death). Supreme Leader Kim is captured, and the ICC requests immediate extradition (Chinese Response: We would approve of this extradition). Several members of Kim's regime escape into hiding within the country while Chinese faces an insurgency of Jucheist holdouts.
    • We would immediately order the extradition of Kim Jong-un to the International Criminal Court. Although we are not a signatory to this court or it's laws, we feel the international community has a right to pursue justice against this grave offender. We mourn the losses sustained in the North Korean war on the Chinese side, and give all North Korean citizens under our new jurisdiction rights under the new Chinese Constitution. We are grateful this day has come, one in which the murderous North Korean regime has fallen. We are continuing to liberate the country as we speak, however we have taken their capital and freed many of their people, and for this we are grateful.
    • [SECRET] The People's Republic is looking into the possibility of purchasing Russian land. This purchase of Russian land, if negotiated and agreed to, would be in exchange likely for military and economic support, both of which Russia severely needs at this time. We would look to take a major portion of their Eastern borders, and we are willing to pay for these areas as well, or just in exchange for mutual defense pacts, trade agreements, etc. We are 100 percent willing to stand with the Russians on this issue, as our economy is self sufficient, and sanctions would likely not have the same impact on our economy. [SECRET]
    • Noting a strategic importance of the Mongolian nation, as well as to increase regional power and influence, we would begin to construct a military offensive in the region bordering Mongolia. Various citizens are questioning the move, however Mongolia's strategic importance remains a heavily classified state secret at this time. We would begin a full military invasion into the Mongolian region. [SECRET] The importance of Mongolia is not hard to guess. The vast resources and terrain allow for nuclear storage, strip mining, fuel and energy, etc. We also have plans, should this invasion succeed, of liberating the Mongolian people and building an underground bunker system, much like the ones currently found in Russia and the United States. We also know the Mongolian loyalty to the United States is high, so eliminating the allied potential of those two works out in our favor. We also recognize the severely underfunded and underequipped state of the Mongolian military and armed forces, and while the region is mountainous and known for it's harsh terrain, we believe with a combination of missile launches and aerial bombings, we can carve our way into the country, and take it. [SECRET] [Another Mod Response, trying to get a lot of regions for China to hold.
      • Mod response: China's obtuse buildup on the border of Mongolia quickly comes to light, sparking international tensions.

Flag of UK.png United Kingdom:

  • Home Affairs:
    • Decentralised Exchanges: British regulators approve the launching to two new decentralised exchanges, Albion Exchange (AE) and GreenSwap. Both platforms are decentralised exchange platforms operating on a their own distributed ledger systems. The Albion Exchange was designed to allow companies, particularly small to medium businesses, to be able to raise funds through the sale of decentralised bonds and other self-executing smart contracts. GreenSwap meanwhile was launched through a partnership between the UK Environment Agency and the GreenSwap Foundation, and allows users to buy and sell environment-related securities, permits and fungible tokens, including the various newly implemented annual tradable fisheries and emissions permits (as part of the Fisheries and Emissions Trading Schemes) issued by the UK government, as well as stock and bonds by many environmentally-related companies.
    • Space Programme: The United Kingdom Space Agency (UKSA) approves the Honeycomb Project by the 1 year old Honeycomb Company, which includes founders and collaborators from the University of Cambridge, the University of Edinburgh, the Michigan Institute of Technology and the Australian National University space departments. The Honeycomb Project aims to develop and launch modular truncated octahedron shaped space habitats, that would allow for the construction of a cost effective, modular, and indefinitely expandable space station. The Honeycomb Project would allow for scientific institutions, universities, and other organisations to rent modules of the station to conduct research in microgravity. Moreover, the company aims to take contracts for the construction of government space stations as well.
  • Foreign Affairs:
    • NAFTA: Having received the permission of NAFTA members, Britain begins negotiations as to the terms of British membership of NAFTA. The UK proposes that NAFTA be renamed, the North Atlantic Free Trade Area (NAFTA), retaining its acronym [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: The United States, Canada, and Mexico subsequently begin negotiations as well, both in regards to British membership as well as a renaming of the trade agreement. After two months of deliberation, the United Kingdom is accepted into NAFTA, and all three countries approve a change of name to the North Atlantic Free Trade Area.
    • India-Pakistan War: The British government urges peace in the Indian Subcontinent. British embassy staff work tirelessly to evacuate British citizens and nationals from the country, and provide refuge and advice to those that cannot leave.
  • Defence Affairs:
    • Naval Expansion: The planned acquisition of new destroyers, frigates, and naval aircraft begins this year with the construction of the first Type 26 City-class frigate, HMS Burnham Thorpe.
    • Defence Research: [Secret] The first prototypes of augmented reality head-up displays, microdrones, and cyberwarfare tactics are fielded for covert testing and feedback. [/Secret]

Flag of Indonesia.png Republic of Indonesia

  • Wars and Conflicts:
  • Internal Affairs and Events:
    • 2024 Election: The 2024 Indonesian general election is held on the 14 of February 2024. As incumbent President Joko Widodo is term-limited and unable to run, Central Java governor Ganjar Pranowo holds the torch for PDI-P. Pranowo leads PDI-P to a major victory, as he defeats Prabowo Subinato to become the 8th President of Indonesia, with Mahfud MD becoming the 14th Vice President. In the MPR, the government also expands on its victories in the 2019 election, with the governing coalition as a whole winning 489 seats in the DPR.
    • Nusantara: In 2024, the city of Nusantara is largely complete, and, on the 12th of June 2024 is officially designated the capital city of Indonesia. The inauguration of the new capital is celebrated across Indonesia, and at the official ceremony heralding the creation of the new capital, President Pranowo gives a speech where he speaks of a new chapter in Indonesian history, and about the triumph that the construction of the city represents for the Indonesian people. He also pledges funding to construct a modern university in Nusantara, to be dubbed Widodo University after the President who originally planned the city of Nusantara. President Pranowo states '[Widodo University] will guide, not just the youth, but the whole of Indonesia into a bright new future.' Bambang Susantono remains the Head of the Nusantara Capital City Authority as he has since the office's creation in 2022.
    • Hate Speech: A new law regulating 'hate speech' is passed in 2024. The law bans calls to violence against a particular person or group, as well as 'intimidation' based on race, religion, gender or political persuasion. The law particularly targets online 'hate speech'. However, the vague nature of the law, as well as the fact that one of the first people to be targeted by this law was a man who had been advocating for West Papuan independence lead to protests against the law, especially in Indonesia's Papuan territory, beginning in December 2024.
    • Nationalisation: President Pranowo announces his intentions to 'wrestle back control of the birth rights of the Indonesian nation for the Indonesian people.' Announcing that his government intends to completely nationalise Indonesia's mineral assets by 2029 by revoking, or simply letting expire, all Indonesian mining permits, in a similar move to the one taken by the Widodo government in regards to oil. It is also rumoured that the Pranowo government is engaged in negotiations with prominent Indonesian owned mining companies including Bumi Resources to ensure a smoother transition, amid fears regarding the short-term impact a total nationalisation could have on the Indonesian mining sector.
    • Internet Infrastructure: We continue to increase investment in the Palapa Ring project, and announce a goal to have every Indonesian connecting to the internet via Palapa by the end of the decade. We also announce a program to help people in rural Indonesia better use the internet by employing people to travel across rural Indonesia helping to set up more local small scale infrastructure and teach the population the basics of how to navigate the digital world. At the moment this program employs 350.
    • Space Program: In the 2024 budget, Indonesia's space agency ORPA receives a funding increase of almost a third compared to 2023. One of the main projects that will be receiving these increased funds will be the construction of a spaceport at Pomolulu on the island of Sulawesi. Construction is planned to be completed in 2028 and will facilitate an increase in the number of launches Indonesia is able to make, and enable a more competitive Indonesian space program.
    • Renewable Energy: The Indonesian emissions trading system is this year expanded to all activities that emit carbon, except for agriculture, which is given an exemption due to the important nature of that industry, while subsidies are given to help finance carbon capture at coal power plants. Meanwhile construction has begun on the two hydroelectric dams planned for Java and Sulawesi which will together produce nearly 2000 MW of electricity. Furthermore investment in firming Indonesia's power grid using pumped hydro and increased transmission capabilities begins, as we hope to be have this capacity in anticipation of a carbon neutral energy grid.
    • Agriculture: A program to help farmers upgrade their equipment is started, with them now having the ability to take out loans from the Indonesian government to buy newer equipment. These loans however do not need to begin being repaid until the farm begins to have an annual profit of >100,000 IDR, and will not accumulate interest, but merely increase with inflation. The government also begins investing in genetic modification research to maximise crop yields in the Indonesian environment.
    • Military: Three Java-class arsenal ships are commissioned by the Indonesian navy, to be operational by 2029. Meanwhile, having now secured the rights to produce the F-16 in Indonesia, the air force orders 150 to be produced by 2034.
  • International Affairs:
    • European Union: Indonesia requests to begin a process of linking our newly established emissions trading scheme with the EU's emission trading scheme, to allow Indonesian businesses to purchase EU carbon credits and visa versa, in an arrangement that we believe will benefit both countries [Player/Mod Response].
      • Mod response: The EU accepts Indonesia's offer, and praises the Asian nation for their progress towards modernization.

Flag of Australia svg.png


  • Home affairs
  • The government has approved plans for the construction of 12 large solar farms over the course of 3 years in various open areas in the outback. There are hopes that plans for more of these farms can be drawn up in the next 10-15 years.
  • The government has made minor changes to the national school curriculum.
  • Due to public transport strikes, the cost of the average bus fare increases from $1.20 to around $2.50. Plans are made to hopefully bring the cost back down to $1.20.
  • Restrictions on fishing companies are increased due to the inceasing effects of climate change.
  • Foreign affairs
  • The Australian government has urged for peace between India and Pakistan. Australian borders will be open to any refugees seeking asylum from Pakistan. Any Australian nationals in either India, or Pakistan, are being evacuated from the two countries. The government urges India to step back from any future conflict.
  • The Australian government would like to open negotiations about a possible free trade agreement between China and Indonesia. Australia proposes that the trade alliance could be named the Free Trade Alliance of Asia and Oceania (FTAAO) [Player Response].
    • China Response: We would be more than happy to discuss this potential free trade agreement. We believe this is a crucial step for international prosperity, the ability to trade freely.
    • Indonesian Response: Indonesia is happy to engage in discussions with Australia and China regarding free trade, but we query in what way this new agreement will differ from the free-trade agreements all three nations already have with one another.
  • Defence affairs
  • The government has increased its military spending budget by 10%, The construction of 3 new Aircraft carriers has been greenlit.
  • Research into retroflective panneling on the underside of airbourne vehicles is began.


  • In the presidential election, the Social Democratic Party wins the election
  • We would like to request to join NATO for defence and protection against Russia. [US Response needed]
  • Also, we would like to improve relations with all nations of the NATO. [Mod Response needed]
    • Mod Response: NATO is overwhelmingly in favor of improving relations, noting that Finland is 'a strategic partner and longtime ally of our NATO union.'
  • Finally, we allow any refugees from the current wars to get asylum

Flag of the Philippines.svg The Republic of the Philippines

  • The Philippines after its elections on 2022, has undergo a unique transformation of itself with its economy boosting and the military being strengthened under the Robredo administration.
  • Internal Affairs:
  • The New World Program: President Leni Robredo would continue to strengthen the economy along with its military by implementing the New World Program that according to her "would be able to lead the Philippines into an age of peace and prosperity". The program would also introduce new laws that reduced crime and corruption within the Southeast Asian country which led to an increase of support from Congress and the public but a few politicians criticize that the government program would fail as others have.
  • The New People's Army and the Moro Liberation Front: The president would also improve and strengthen relations with rebels in the Mindanao Region by lessening their control in the region but this would lead to national condemnation from allies and rivals. Popularity polls would lower by 20%.

  • International and External Affairs:
  • China and Philippine Relations:
  • After the Chinese Invasion of North Korea, the Republic has begun mobilizing their forces in case of war but Robredo is willing to reach a compromise with the PRC to prevent war in East Asia.
  • We would like to request a non-aggression treaty and improve relations with the Republic of China [Chinese Response needed]
  • US and Philippine Relations:
  • President Robredo has stated that the relations between the United States and the Philippines is an importance for both nations against the People's Republic of China to prevent an age of Chinese expansionism. She also says that the US must solve its domestic issues within the country before it's too late and would volunteer in providing support for the Americans if asked.
  • We would like to purchase available military equipment from the United States [US Response needed]
  • Indonesian and Philippine Relations
  • After Indonesia's recent elections, the Philippine government has congratulated President Prabowo Subinato in his major victory and is planning to invite the newly elected president to the Malacanang palace to talk with President Robredo about the future of both nations
  • We would like the Indonesian President to come to Malacanang palace to celebrate his major victory and talk with President Robredo to strengthen relations between the 2 Southeast Asian countries [Indonesia Response needed]
  • The Philippine Human Right Commision also expressed gratitude in the newly implemented "Hate Speech Law" in Indonesia
    • Indonesian Response: President Prabowo thanks the Philippine government for their congratulations, and eagerly accepts the invitation to talks with President Robredo to work towards closer relations and our mutual goal of security in Southeast Asia.

Flag of Romania.svg Romania

  • The recent coup in neighbouring Serbia has shocked the Romanian public, and maybe even Europe as a whole. With the new Šešelj's regime has pledged support for Russia – considered a threat for Europe, the Romanian nation is now alerted from new possible security threat in the Balkan region. Romanian government accepted an asylum request from deposed Serbian President, Aleksandar Vučić, who fleed after the coup. The Foreign Ministry has released a statement condemning the coup in Serbia, calling it "undemocratic", and "could pose more threat for European unity". Meanwhile, most of the Romanian public are hoping the recent events in Serbia would not sever a long-standing friendly relations between two nations.
  • The business in the East is also not over yet, with the conflicts in neighbouring Ukraine continues. Romania will continue to supply Ukraine with ammunition and other non-lethal military supports, as well as financial and humanitarian aids. However, Romania still reaffirm their non-interventionism position, and will only follow NATO's policies whether military intervention is needed or not.
  • These security threats have urged Romania to reinforce their defense, as their position as European frontlines to halt any possible threats. Just after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Romania announced the increase of their military budget to 2.5%, and this year it is increased again to 2.8%. Romanian military are looking for possibilities to purchase more modernized military equipment from foreign countries. Other NATO countries are urged to strengthen its Eastern frontline by reinforcing its military forces in our borders.
  • The Russian threat has also brought a possibility of unification between Romania and Moldova. Both countries have a lot of things in common, they both speak the same language and Moldova used to be part of Romania in the past. However, the existence of breakaway Transnistria would be problematic on this idea, especially with their pro-Russian government and it has been known that some Russian military troops are stationing in the territory. In Romania, public surveys have shown the increase in favour of the unification, and reports on public surveys in Moldova about possible unification are also observed [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod response: Most polls in Moldolva show a percentage of 65-35% against a merger.
  • Onto news on internal affairs. Both presidential and legislative elections is held this year. Incumbent President, Klaus Iohannis, is barred by constitution from participating in the election, after already having served for two terms. Deputy Secretary General of NATO and PSD candidate, Mircea Geoană, is elected to become the new president, after narrowly defeating popular right-wing candidate endorsed by AUR, George Simion. In the legislative election, (not-so-)social democratic PSD maintains its majority seats, while the right wing AUR are gaining large number of seats. The liberal PNL have their seats decreased. These results, which showed AUR gaining a lot of votes, have signified the rise of right-wing conservative's popularity among Romanians, who was known as being "liberal" compared to other Eastern Europe countries back then. This AUR party is similar to Polish PiS, who strongly supports the unification with Moldova and seeks stronger ties with NATO.
  • Problems that have plagued the nation in a long time is widespread corruption among government officials and private businesses. These corruption practices have costed the nation a heavy financial loss. With all of this, the Romanian government pledges to tackle corruption in Romania and continue to reform the anti-corruption laws and policies. The reform implementation begins with promoting anti-corruption education and enhancing ethical education in all levels, from elementary schools to universities. There has also been proposal to reform anti-corruption law by giving a more severe sanctions to those who are caught with corruption.
  • Last but not least, on the energy topic. Romania are looking to switch from fossil energy to alternative and nuclear. It is announced that Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plant would be expanded, with reactors unit 3 and 4 are planned to be constructed starting in 2026, in a cooperation with USA, Canada and France. Romania are also looking to build more dams to produce more hydro-energy resources, as well as wind farms. Before the war, 10% of Romanian energy supply came from Russian natural gas. However, with the invasion, natural gas from Russia is no more supplied to the European countries including Romania. This has forced Romania to look into other sources to replace their dependency on Russian natural gas. To start, Romania would like a negotiation with Azerbaijan in energy cooperation, as we are looking to get natural gas sources from there, and in exchange Romania would invest in green energy development in Azerbaijan [Mod Response Needed]. Another possibility is to open a cooperation with Kazakhstan.
    • Mod response: Azerbaijan agrees.

American flag.png United States of America

  • Government: The United States is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic, with a bicameral legislature, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
    • President: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.
    • Legislature: The Congress
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: Democratic Party
  • Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Capital City: Washington D.C.
  • Population: 334.1 Million
  • Economy: The United States' economy, by 2022, is a highly developed free-market economy. It is the largest economy in the world with a GDP of over 22 Trillion USD. Citizens live relatively comfortable lives, however the wealth inequality is some of the worst in the entire developed world.
    • GDP (PPP): $68,309 USD
  • Wars and Conflicts: The United States is currently not engaging directly in any wars.
  • Internal Affairs:
    • The 2024 United States Election is about to take place, with Steve Bullock of the Democrats running up against Mike Pence of the Republicans. However, people are now critizing if the two-party system really benefits anyone.
    • President Biden made a speech about the SOC, ensuring the public that it is not to be worried about. The SOC, although radical, doesn't have the power to change the political climate of the United States yet.
  • International Affairs: State your reaction or stance on what happens in other nations.
    • [SECRET] To basically all of NATO (esp. Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary) - Despite the undemocratic practices of Alexander Vucic, he is still elected (somewhat) democratically, and seeing Serbia overthrown by a Russophile, borderline Nazi government is unacceptable. As a result, we would draft up Operation Kander, a plan to invade this National Socialist government before they could become a threat to the world. The plan is for the American Navy SEALs to assault Belgrade from the shores of the River Danube, and storm the President's home and the Parliament, while NATO troops (from mainly Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary) would take the major cities of Novi Sad, Nis and other towns. The plan should be completed in one week, and we plan to start the attack on the 7th of July. [SECRET] [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED FOR HUNGARY, BULGARIA AND GREECE] [PLAYER RESPONSE NEEDED FOR ALL NATO STATES, ESP. ROMANIA]
      • NPC NATO Response: A majority of NATO countries are quite skeptical of Operation Kander, noting the presence of war already in Eastern Europe and the need to deescalate such conflicts. A few NATO countries agree, though they too are also fearful of possible war and escalation. The NATO Secretary General states "A Third World War seems to be on the horizon, and we must do everything in our power to prevent such an event."


China's attempted incursion into Mongolia garners international condemnation as Mongolia leaves the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and requests support from any nation that will listen. The Russo-Ukrainian War has once more reached a stalemate. India annexes all of Kashmir just short of the 15% of Chinese territory. Serbia asks Russia for full CSTO membership, while member states Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan promise military support in the event of "an illegal NATO invasion", with Kazakhstan being requested to also commit to defense. Indonesia is recognized as having the fastest growing economy in the third world.

Flag of the Philippines.svg The Republic of the Philippines

  • Government/Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Leaders: President Leni Robredo
  • Capital City: Manila
  • Population: 109.6 Billion
  • Economy: Stable
  • GDP: 365.1 Billion

Internal Affairs:

  • The New World Program have improved the Philippine's economy significantly while also lowering the crime and corruption rate throughout the country leading to increasing public and congress support for the President.
  • The president would also launch another government program called "The Filipino Protection" program that would strengthen the armed forces and increase the number of Filipino troops in the country. It also would improved the effectiveness and durability of the military equipment of the different branches of the Filipino Armed Forces through the purchasing of equipment from the United States and other Asian countries.
  • President Robredo would also voice out her support to the continuation and activation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Station (BNPS) to allow the country to access nuclear power, saying that: "The Philippines must move towards the future no matter the costs".
  • The president with the approval of Congress successfully continues the construction of the BNPS and its activation. The Nuclear Power Guidance Commission is created under the guidance of Vice President Francis Pangilinan to prevent a nuclear catastrophe of the power station.

External Issues:

  • The government would observe that status of the global powers are slowly deteriorating and assume that a Third World War is inevitable.
  • The Filipino government condemns China's invasion of Mongolia, would input harsh economic sanctions to the country and would cut economic ties to the nation. Robredo would also encourage other countries to do the same thing to prevent the Chinese forces from continuing to expand their territory.
  • Due to the threat of China hanging over Asia, the Philippines would want to form a defensive alliance to combat against the PRC in times of war.
  • We would like to form a defensive alliance with other nations all over the continent of Asia such as Indonesia, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan called the "United Asian Alliance" against the danger of the People's Republic of China [Player/Mod Response]
    • Indonesian Response: Indonesia expresses our support for, and eagerness to join this proposed alliance.
    • Other Nations Response: Vietnam and Taiwan are both skeptical, due to trade and regional threats. India, South Korea, and Japan express heavy interest in such an alliance, and wish to discuss this.
  • To further improve the economic status of the Philippines after the cutting of economic ties with China, We would like to form a strong and beneficial economic treaty or deal with the European Union or any of its members such as what the Republic of Indonesia has done in 2024 [Player/Mod Response]
    • EU Response: The EU welcomes cooperation between ourselves and the Philippines, and would like to discuss an economic treaty further.
    • Philippine Response: The Republic is grateful that the EU has welcomed the nation and will begin cooperation with them.

Flag of China.svg - Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Xi Jinping
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Li Keqiang
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Wang Qishan
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Communist Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Xi Jinping
      • United Front members: 2,954 members
      • Standing Committee Members: 175 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: Zhou Qiang
      • Judges: Nearly 400
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 36.6 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 23.2 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 25,635 USD
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP (PPP) in the world, and the second largest GDP (nominal) behind the United States of America. Overall, the outlook for the future of the Chinese economy is bright.
  • Population
    • 1.453 Billion People
  • Domestic Issues
    • With the Annexation of North Korea fully complete, we would conduct rebuilding of previously destroyed areas within the newly named Province of Korea, including building of various military bases, naval stations, and missile facilities. With the addition of the entire North Korean military, or what is left of it at least, we gain one million total personnel, with the Province of Korea's former military sustaining significant losses. The Chinese flag is raised on Pyongyang in a highly televised event, showing the power of our great nation when we unite. We would also confiscate all military equipment of the previous government, allowing us to reuse such devices for our own research and development purposes.
    • Our previous rail development goal of all cities possessing 100,000 or more citizens having access to inter provincial rail is recognized, with all cities possessing a population of this amount now being connected to the entire Chinese economy via rail. Newly annexed areas in the Province of Korea have been added to the plan, and our rail goals have been advanced to 2027 for a complete overhaul of all systems.
    • Our discussion held in 2023 of UBI(Universal Basic Income) has come to a close, with a decision to implement the policy change approved for 2030. The UBI will be a monthly tax rebate worth 25 percent of an average income when not working, and 50 percent of an average income when working. These numbers will likely change with time, and as more debate occurs we will make sure to update these numbers.
    • Our nuclear weapons count, at least publicly, has surpassed the 1000 nuclear weapons mark. We believe we can ramp up production this year to acquire 400 additional nuclear weapons through research and development, with the main factor in this being the intelligence collected from the North Korean's previous research on the subject, adding to our own knowledge. North Korea only possessed 34 nuclear weapons at the time of our invasion, and while not substantial in comparison with our current arsenal, their designs seem to be rudimentary, which will fundamentally alter our possible future construction of these weapons.
    • With our current military objectives, and considering the ongoing conflict in Mongolia, we have decided to update our military budget as a percent of GDP more accordingly, to fit the international average, of which we are usually under. We are increasing our military budget to 3 percent, which brings our 2025 fiscal year military spending to 696 Billion USD. With this increase in spending, we are likely to hit our previously estimated deadlines significantly earlier, if research and development goes well.
    • We would construct and ship four more Type-003 aircraft carriers, designated by the D,E,F, and G codes, bringing our aircraft carrier total to nine, just behind the United States in terms of aircraft carrier numbers. We would also increase our construction of various other naval destroyers, warships, and submarines as well. Various Chinese academics are starting to classify China's navy as that of a blue water navy, although our capabilities have yet to be proven in battle. Many would agree on this however, our navy is something not seen since the height of the Soviet Union and the current United States Navy, and we are willing to project our power further.
    • With both the increase in military budget, as well as various confidential breakthroughs within our defense industry, the Xian H-20 stealth bomber aircraft is produced one year early. This bomber has significant projection capabilities, allowing us to reach both Europe and the United States with a payload of at least 10 tons of conventional or nuclear weapons. We will produce 10 of these for the year 2025, with plans to procure 100 of these by 2030. We are also looking into the possibility of unmanned versions, though this would not likely be very cost effective and would put a strain our abilities to project power, rather than increase it.
    • Ever since the decision to allow cryptocurrency back into the country in 2023, China has catapulted to the top in terms of crypto holding, mining, and value. While these can be seen as good things, the increase in mining has inevitably led to concerns regarding climate change, the increase in crypto holding has led to an increase in black market and illegal trade, and the increase in value is slowly seeming to destabilize the Yuan. For these issues, we would implement a 10 percent carbon tax on various mining facilities and products across the country, we would invest into faster quantum cryptographic technologies allowing us to decipher illegal activity, and we would restrict the ability to trade certain crypto via taxes and fees.
    • Unexpectedly, marijuana has become a huge policy burden on the NPC. Eventually, with enough polling and discussion, the Legalizing Marijuana for Medical Purposes Act is passed, allowing those who wish to use marijuana for medical purposes the ability to do so. President Xi actually comments on this, saying "The health benefits of marijuana are enough to outweigh the causes for concern. While China has always taken a traditional stance in this regard of marijuana, we believe, for medicinal purposes, marijuana has many health benefits and can reduce stress on workers around the country. We will limit marijuana to those over the age of sixteen, require a medical card to use, and set certain areas for the smoking of marijuana."
    • [SECRET] For the first time in a long while, we may have the ability to take back Taiwan. Considering our Navy and Air Forces, combined with our increasing economy and prevalence of nuclear weapons and defense systems, we would likely take Taiwan, according to military estimates, within six months. This would not be without consequence however, as we would likely face overwhelming opposition and sanction in this hypothetical war. However, we do have ways to counteract this, and considering our friends in Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, etc. we would have the diplomatic backing of such an event. Our economy is also one of a few in the world that has the ability to function self sufficiently, with our domestic economy in it's current state. Another issue we would face, however, is the issue of our ambitions for a global Yuan, which would essentially be crushed. We will debate this issue further with the CMC to see what to proceed with next. [SECRET]
    • Our immigration, ever since the relaxed restrictions in 2023, has surged. We have seen an increase in various ethnic groups such as Indians, Pakistanis, Mongolians, Koreans, and more who have immigrated into China. With this, we have also begun to open various cultural centers across the country, in hopes to make China even more appealing to various cultural and ethnic groups.
    • Space Transportation's Tianxing 3 supersonic private aircraft has been approved for use within China. Various businesspeople and high class members of society have ordered the aircraft, making it the up and coming gold standard. The company submits their application to both the European and American regulatory bodies in regards to civilian aviation, with the hopes this aircraft may become the new Concorde for all. The Tianxing 4 is undergoing testing as well and will likely release next year.
    • As a result of the newfound free speech and other rights in the new Chinese Constitution, many more independent think tanks, media groups, and polling organizations have started to spring up. Yi Media Group is a prominent one to pop up, with the Yi Media Group having published many independent articles critical of Chinese intervention in North Korea, without reprimand or punishment. There are still reports of Chinese netizens harassing journalists and media orgs, however this has died down for the most part. Leyang Yi, founder of the Yi Media Group, has been ranked the number one Chinese celebrity in the new media rush.
    • The Democratic Elections for China's Future Act has been passed. Allowing for fully democratic elections, an end to the one party monopoly, and fewer restrictions on political dissent from other candidates, this bill is thought to have finally constructed a semi-democratic China. Many blame/praise the Young Democrats for their roll in helping to advance this bill through their diplomacy and communication between the government and the public. As a result of this bill as well, President Xi, now surpassing his term limits, will be forced to step down in 2027, when the next elections take place. Another consequence is other political parties have formed, notably the Progressive Party of China, the Conservative Party of China, and the Young Democratic Party of China. Other various parties include the Free Party of China, the New Communist Party of China, and the Islamic Party of China.
    • China is undergoing a semiconductor revolution. Aside from the advance into 3nm chips by SMIC, various semiconductor companies have started to accumulate 7 and 5nm chipmaking processes as well. SMIC has stated they are willing to sell their chipmaking processes to other companies as well 'for the benefit of the Chinese industrial sector.' With this, our reliance on TSMC in Taiwan has almost completely vanished, allowing us to come one step further to the fully domestic economy we wish to have.
    • We would reveal to the public the development of our QingTing aircraft. Initially a close guarded secret of the PLA Air Force Research Division, we feel confident enough to release and field 15 Mini and 30 Large versions of these aircraft. The Qingting, or DragonFly, is a quadrotor VTOL and STOL aircraft modeled somewhat after the American V-22 Osprey. Featuring a quadcopter like design, the "Mini" version of the Qingting can hold 12-16 crew (including pilot and copilot) and the "Large" version can hold 32-36 crew (including pilot and copilot). These designs are heavily modifiable, and can be used as an air-ambulance, vehicle storage, weapon storage, and much more. Both versions have a base speed of 250 MPH, with the Mini version having the ability to do up to 450 MPH if pushed. Both versions come standard with air based flare and missile defense systems, offensive capabilities (rocket based weaponry and light machine guns), and some autonomous function. These aircraft are also highly resistant to heavy climate, and can function even with one or two rotors broken. [SECRET] We will likely offer these to the USA as well. The primary purpose of developing these weapons was to counteract India, as the Himalayan Mountain range has proven tough for our past military offensives into their region. We are now the second country to possess military VTOL systems, and we intend to share our systems with allies. [SECRET]
    • [SECRET] The WORLDEND Bioweapons Program is a huge success. We believe it to be the most lethal bioweapon in human history, due to both the high mortality rate and rate of transmission among test subjects. We have not tested the weapon on live human subjects, however we have tested with primates and human based cell tissue. In primates, WBP is working better than expected, though we believe this to be due to the weakened biological defense other mammals have to disease. In human tissue cells, we can confirm the results are close to target range, with a cell death rate of 18 percent and a high rate of mutation when sterilized or exposed to our current antigen. Our current antigen is 75% effective, and as further research continues, we will update our antigen results. [SECRET]
    • The Standing Committee of the People's Republic of China has announced that, via majority vote, the PRC will be changing it's name to more accurately reflect the changing times. The new name of the former People's Republic is the "Unitary Republic of China." When asked about the change in name, President Xi said "We may be changing our name in title, but we are not changing our ideals of this great nation. We will forever be a People's Republic in nature, doing what is best for our citizens, both at home and abroad. The Unitary Republic of China will stand united, through peril and panic, and through success and strive. The name change reflects our desire to be united as one people, one nation, one idea, and one goal. May the Unitary Republic Live On!" Much of China's youth say the name change 'does indeed reflect change' and that they are 'satisfied with the current administrative actions taking place'.
    • Various electric car brands in China, from BYD to Xpeng to NIO, have jumped to the top of international rankings in terms of popularity, safety, and sales of electric cars. Many electric car analysts in China are comparing the surge in sales to the surge Japanese automakers felt in the 1990's, with Chinese cars meeting the standards of reliability, safety, and style that many customers know and love. Due to lucrative funding by Chinese Venture Capitalist firms, NIO and Xpeng have recently both passed 150 billion US Dollars in market cap each. NIO's latest EV, their luxury SUV ES9, has ranked number one in China's EV 100, a list of the top 100 EV's within China. [SECRET] As fuel is the Achilles heel of China's and many other countries military convoys and vehicles, The Central Military Commission has inquired into a possible contract with Chinese EV makers to produce electrified versions of various military vehicles. Due to recent economic liberalization within the Unitary Republic, contracts between the government and private companies have become increasingly common and effective. [SECRET]
    • Reactions to current events within China are mixed. While riding the tidal wave of China's Young Democrat movement, many are now concerned about the President and the Government's actions, and are not afraid to express this. Various chants of "Down with Xi" and "Change for China" have plagued the streets of Beijing. These actions are largely ignored by the government, with the citizens right to free speech being respected. China seems to be continuing on this democratic path, despite what others are saying around the world.
    • The CRAIC CR929 aircraft has been developed and tested. Intending to rival the likes of Boeing and Airbus in international travel, this plane is one of the largest ever developed by China. COMAC, our primary airplane manufacturer, will start selling the CR929 by the end of this year or the beginning of next year, depending on safety and regulations testing.
    • Due to our various military ambitions, we take the initiative to begin training the former North Korean soldiers in combat. They are trained in traditional and modern Chinese military tactics, given armor and weaponry, and enlisted formally into our service. [SECRET] Many of these soldiers will be going to our new overseas bases if possible, and will be a great addition to our domestic military programs as well. [SECRET]
    • Two major military milestones/achievements have taken place. The first is a new hypersonic EMP weapon, which we have finally unveiled to the world. Called the TingDian, or Blackout, this non-nuclear warhead has immense striking capabilities, allowing it to be mounted to a variety of SLBM and ICBM missiles. The death toll of such a weapon would not be immense at first, however we may be able to disable key military infrastructure if possible, leading to easier attacking strategies, leading to death. The second is a missile launch test, known as the Dong-Neng 4, which we believe is the furthest ASAT launch conducted in the world. Launched via a ground based missile system, the missile flew 580 miles in the sky before striking a classified spy satellite, one launched in 1999 for espionage purposes. We are rapidly building this system of Dong-Neng 4 missiles, which will likely be renamed to Dong-Neng ASAT System. These systems should be able to reliably threaten the capabilities of the United States in their defense and attack purpose satellites. With our increased budget, we start to produce 30 of these various missiles.
    • An anonymous group that rose to prominence in 2022, called Ye Xi, or Nightstrike, have made headlines once again. The group's origin is highly speculated within the Chinese society, but a few things are known about them. They rose to prominence in August of 2022, launching a crippling cyberattack to the North Korean's outdated electrical grid, plunging an estimated sixty percent of the country into darkness. In 2023, the group once again made headlines, this time for broadcasting messages in support of Palestinian sovereignty in several Israeli government websites and organizations. The group's origin was traced to China, but never linked officially to the Chinese government. Ye Xi is known to use internet forums and their structure as a decentralized organization to efficiently broadcast messages worldwide. Additionally, the estimated funding of the group, from whatever source is behind it, is thought to be at least 10 billion dollars, and the members all millionaires. [SECRET] In reality, the group is indeed a hacking and espionage group. They are not linked or sanctioned by the Chinese government, however they do cooperate from time to time. Only a few members of the Chinese government know the names of the founders, which are not disclosed to others. The group is made up of multi millionaires and billionaires as funding, and world class hackers as the cyber team. They rival the groups Anonymous, CozyBear, Lazarus, and China's own Double Dragon. [SECRET]
  • Foreign Issues
    • We would invade Mongolia in full force, committing a heavy amount of troops to the Northern Border. With our recent development in our Dragonfly VTOL vehicles as well as the H-20 aircraft and our various J-20's, we have the upmost confidence in our ability to take this country. We would ensure to target governmental and military targets, with the goal of taking the land for our various purposes. While we estimate the invasion may take up to 6 months to completely annex the country, we are confident to take it in four months or less. Our various goals are to siege and annex the country, extract mineral resources, and liberate the population. [Mod Response Needed for Death Toll and Outcome]
      • Mod Response: The Chinese Invasion of Mongolia is successful ultimately, however the time it took to invade and annex was a month and a half over the projected target. Battle casualties are numbered in 15000 Chinese and 35000 Mongolian soldiers, both of which were over ideal targeted projections by both nations. While China did ultimately achieve it's goal, many Mongolian leaders retreated further north, seeking refuge in the Russian state illegally. This has left the question lingering of a possible mini government taking place if Mongolian leaders can take back their land.
    • In regards to the newly called Kashmir Siege, we would request India to secede their previous territory to Pakistan, the rightful owners of such land, and to scale back their troops near our Southern Border. We would threaten various sanctions and military action if these requests are not complied with, including but not limited to, seizing Kashmir by force, sanctions of our various exports into India, heavy militarization along the border, and others. We will ultimately respond to whatever India does next, whether that be deny our request or approve it, and we hope to have more cordial relations with India going forward. [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: India wholeheartedly denies this request by China. India also commits an additional ten percent of it's troops to guarding around the Kashmir borders, in an attempt to intimidate both China and Pakistan. Tensions are quickly rising.
    • We would respond harshly to the Philippines and their various actions across the board. First of all, we would condemn the Philippines for their repeated and continuous attempts at provocation of the URC. We would note the overreaction in regards to the Korean conflict as well as the current Mongolia conflict, as such issues do not directly concern the Philippines or their people. President Xi makes a statement further on the issues, saying "The Philippines had nothing to do with the conflicts in Korea or in current Mongolia, as they are part of the Southern Asian region. Due to their provocative actions, we are going to impose various sanctions as well, which we believe will have a measurable impact on their economy. We would encourage all other countries to resolve their issues or misgivings with us via diplomacy rather than these such measures. We will also be conducting peace missions in the Southeast Asian region." We start to move our Type-003 A and B strike groups through the South China Sea including the Kalayaan Islands and the Taiwan Strait. [SECRET] Obviously the intent is to provoke the Filipino's into making a mistake, possibly firing on one of our vessels, to which we would respond with military force immediately. While we do not want a major war with the Philippines, we would certainly not back down. It is their move next to make... [SECRET] [Philippines Response]
      • Philippine Response: We agree that war must not happen but the Philippine government wants confirmation that the People's Republic of China would not attack and invade Southeast Asia. The Philippine Armed Forces is ordered by President Robredo to not fire on Chinese military vessels and aircraft if they are not being fired upon.
      • Chinese Response: We would assure the Philippines we will not invade or attack Southeast Asia unless we are attacked. Southeast Asia is not an area of interest for the time being. We would request to resolve these concerns diplomatically and would recall our two carrier strike groups if an agreement can be reached.
    • President Xi unilaterally responds to the British comments. In a speech given to the Unitary Congress, he states "Once again we see the acts of this despicable Western government, one which has, historically, been an enemy of ours and is showing their true colors to this day. I would note the Brits have no moral or international standing when it comes to 'ruling over ethnically distinct people', as they have demonstrated their absolute disregard and brutality of the various native lands they conquered. History is repeating itself, as we can see with their current comments. Our claims in the South China Sea, regarding this matter, are up to our regional partners to discuss, with British involvement not needed or wanted in this matter. We will be counter sanctioning to protect our own economy as well, one which despite various sanctions, will not be deterred. We have strategic partners around the globe, in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, all of which we value as our highest diplomatic allies. I would say this to all international citizens, we will not be deterred due to some sanctions and our economy will flourish anew. We would wish the British people to be safe in their endeavors, and to not stand for their government's actions."
    • We would respond to the actions of the United States, in both our own words and actions. Realizing that we are basically opposed to each other, but still remaining decent, we would mourn the death of previous President Joe Biden, and send our congratulations to President Steve Bullock for being sworn in. We would countersanction the United States as well, which in turn drops our economy slightly as well, but slowly would recover at the same time.
    • In regards to Australia, we would condemn their provocative statements. We would also like to point out that Mongolia would be forced to fly over Chinese airspace, which while not closed down, will respond to threats. We of course would countersanction Australia and note the severe economic impact this will have on their economy, at least what we propose. We are sad to see these devolving relations between our two countries, however we have other matters to focus on.
    • As a result of these various sanctions, we refocus our efforts in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. We are able to obtain pretty much all resources from these various regions, and will allow countries on our Belt and Road Initiative to pay back loans or other debts via precious resources. We would also increase circulation of the Yuan in the region, allowing our currency to further prosper without Western interference.
    • [SECRET] Via our increased military funding and other allied countries permission, we have started construction of a swath of naval, air, and land facilities. We are engaging in tactics similar to those felt in the Cold War Era United States, regarding our expansion of defense and protection of other sovereign interests. These bases are purely to protect our interests in the Belt and Road Initiative, and do not reflect a desire to actually pursue violence or oppression against others. Such bases include two army bases in Afghanistan, various bases across African allied nations and Middle Eastern nations, and more. We will also inquire into a possible buildup of bases within the Pacific Islands, as the threat of Australian regional power persists to this day. We are also taking steps to build and terraform our artificial islands, as well as new ones, for the event of war or further conflict. We look to expand our foreign base count from 4 to 55 for the year, which will take nearly 200 billion in military funding to do so. This is costly, but our projection capabilities will skyrocket. Most of these bases we are building are concentrated in the MENA region, due to the rising number of conflicts. It would seem our military complex is ramping up, and conflict seems near. [SECRET] [Mod Response needed for Pacific Island Nations]
      • Mod Response: The Pacific Islands and Oceanic region would have a majority deny China access to islands for military purpose, although the Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Vanuatu. The Solomon Islands reverse their position to not allow a base, owing in large part to regional crisis. Tonga owes a large portion of their GDP debt to China, which allowed China to convince their government to allow bases. Vanuatu allows China due to the increasing relations between the two countries, and much to the same as Solomon Islands, to protect from regional crisis. A naval, air, and land base are planned on majority islands.
    • As satellite images show, we would once again sail our carrier strike groups A and B through the Taiwan Strait. We are sure to keep them out of Taiwanese waters, however our FC-31 aircraft on board these carriers are not so respective. A record 67 total aircraft, a majority coming from these two strike groups, fly into Taiwanese airspace in an obvious show of intimidation. Orders were given not to linger in the airspace for too long, as we do not intend to get shot down. [SECRET] The date is official, on January 13th, 2026, we will invade Taiwan, hoping to get their resources as quickly as possible. Military planning for the invasion has taken place over the past four years, and with our various weaponry and other developments, we have confidence in our abilities. If any major nuclear powers are to get involved, nuclear warfare will become the forefront of our discussion. For this, we would start investing in various other technologies which shall be mentioned soon. [SECRET]
    • [SECRET] The Chinese Group Ye Xi, also known as the Chinese Anonymous, secretly contacts President Bullock of the United States via a encrypted line. Their offer is simple, in exchange for releasing all data they have on the SOC Group and any links to the current US government, they would request unilateral cooperation with the Unitary Republic of China's ambitions and the dropping of all sanctions. The group restates they are not part of the Chinese government in any regard, however they are loyal to their country and it's ambitions. For further interest and cooperation, the group anonymously and securely emails various screenshots of communications between Gavin McInnes and a man named David Griffin Smith, via Telegram. The communications read:
      • Gavin: These Democrats in power threaten the very nature of this country, we must carry this plan forward.
      • David: I know Gavin, I have already got the details right here. No one suspects a thing either, I already got the Ricin and Jon's schedule right here.
      • Gavin: Good to hear. Plan of attack is simple, you inject the Ricin into Jon, Steve if possible. You have a third Ricin needle for yourself to use. By this point, your home should have already gone up in flames, destroying all evidence linking me to this.
      • David: I have all of it and the plan is crystal clear. You have the 10 million for my family right? My daughters leukemia is progressing quickly, she needs the treatment very soon.
      • Gavin: Yes I do, and I am sorry for your daughter. You will be making a great sacrifice for your country as well as for your family. Remember, execute the plan at the next SOTU Address, March 1st is the day of revolution. May God bless the United States of America.
    • Continued: These messages are sent promptly, and the group says this is only the tip of the ice burg of what evidence they possess. [SECRET] [United States response needed]
      • [SECRET] President Bullock: I do not trust you guys, and I will not leak out any state secrets about our investigation into the SOC. Thank you for alerting us, though. [SECRET]

Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom:

  • Home Affairs:
    • General Election: A general election returns an increased majority for the Conservative Party who have campaigned on three core issues concerning the British people: national security, technological innovation, and economic realignment. This reflects a shift in the perspectives of the British people, recognising the beginning of a new era of international tension and competition. Jacob Rees-Mogg is appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer. Elizabeth Truss remains as Foreign Secretary.
    • Government Efficiency: Appointed in part for his experience as former Minister of Government Efficiency, Chancellor Jacob Rees-Mogg sets about revising every aspect of government spending and operations to identify ways in which government is able to do more while spending less, without resorting to blind cuts to the budget as was standard practice in decades past. Much of these additional savings are allocated to the growing defence budget.
    • Space Programme: The Honeycomb Company launches its IPO, raising substantial capital and receiving its first formal contracts from the United Kingdom Space Agency (UKSA) and a large number of universities and research institutions. It is estimated that the first Honeycomb Octamodule will be launched into orbit in 2027 by SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket.
  • Foreign Affairs:
    • NAFTA: British entry into the North Atlantic Free Trade Area (NAFTA) is finalised, proving to be a great boon to the British economy.
    • China: In a televised speech to Parliament, the Prime Minister strongly condemns the Chinese invasion of Mongolia, noting that all of China's apparent efforts at democratising the nation are rendered moot and irrelevant by its increasingly imperialistic actions. He reminds Parliament that China is already in effect an empire having asserted its rule over the ethnically distinct Tibetan, Uighur, and now Mongolian people, not to mention its ridiculous claims in the South China Sea. Thus, China is committing the same sins that Britain committed in its past, all the while hypocritically and cynically complaining about the so-called imperialistic acts of everyone else. As a consequence of a day of debate and weeks of deliberation, Britain announces sanctions against the Chinese armed forces, high tariffs on Chinese imports, and tougher restrictions on Chinese financial and investment activity in the United Kingdom. The Economic and Financial Realignment Act is passed by a wide margin, which implements a variety of mechanisms to sever, once and for all, economic dependence on China by unilaterally shifting trade activity towards more friendly and deserving nations such as India, Bangladesh, ASEAN, and countries in Africa and Latin America. No longer shall China be able to hold an economic whip over the heads of peace-loving Britons. The United Kingdom calls on its allies in the EU, USA, Australia and others to do the same, securing their own national economic security while punishing China's militaristic ambitions. [Player/Mod Responses] This is both an act of great resolve and great sorrow, for the years of democratisation and freedom that seemed to be sweeping across China made many in Britain hopeful, but the continuation of oppression and expansionism by the Chinese government cannot be ignored.
      • EU Response: The EU will hold a vote and discussion on what steps to further take in regards to China, which will take place on April 1st, 2026. The UK is invited to observe the meeting as it pertains to them.
  • Philippine Response: The Philippine government has made it known that is neither a friend or enemy of the Chinese but it will nevertheless refuses to depend on the nation because of its economic control. The Robredo administration has announced that economic ties with the Unitary Republic of China will be cut and would want to form an economic alliance, treaty, or, deal with the EU and any of its members to support the Philippine economy.
  • Australian Response: The Australian government stands strong with Britain and the rest of her allies, and would like to further stress that we do not at all stand with China and its actions.
  • Defence Affairs:
    • Defence Budget: The defence budget is increased to 3% of GDP to allow for more rapid modernisation and expansion of the armed forces.
    • Royal Navy: Expansion and modernisation of the Royal Navy is move ahead of schedule following the outbreak of various unprecedented wars and new security threats across the globe. 2 new ballistic missile submarines are added to the UK's nuclear deterrence fleet under the next generation Dreadnought-class, HMS Dreadnought and HMS Valiant. The final two planned fleet submarines of the Astute-class enter service, bringing the total number of fleet submarines in service with the RN up to 9. Two new Type-45 destroyers, under the Daring-class, are under accelerated construction and will enter service next year. The RN also expands its air fleet to include more anti-submarine warfare helicopters.
    • Royal Air Force: Expansion and modernisation of the RAF continues with aircraft of various classifications being replaced by newer models according to plan. In particular, the total number of operational F-35B aircraft (purchased from America) surpasses the 100 aircraft mark, with plans to expand the fleet to a total of 115 by 2026. This brings the RAF's total number of multi-role combat aircraft to 205.
    • Defence Research: [Secret] Prototypes of augmented reality head-up displays and microdrones continue field testing and development. [/Secret]
American flag.png

United States of America

  • Government: The United States is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic, with a bicameral legislature, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
    • President: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (until January 20th) Steve Bullock (from January 21st)
    • Legislature: The Congress
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: Democratic Party
  • Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Capital City: Washington D.C.
  • Population: 334.1 Million
  • Economy: The United States' economy, by 2025, is a highly developed free-market economy. It is the largest economy in the world with a GDP of over 22 Trillion USD. Citizens live relatively comfortable lives, however the wealth inequality is some of the worst in the entire developed world. Worsening wealth inequality, as well as the slow corruption of our government is starting to cause issues in the economy.
  • Wars and Conflicts:
    • [SECRET] After objection from our NATO members for Operation Kander, we decided to not go ahead with it due to more persistent threats like Russia. [SECRET]
  • Internal Affairs:
    • Steve Bullock is sworn in as the 47th of the United States. As a moderate Democrat, he pledged to ensure the continuation of freedom and democracy across the world, and even famously said Khrushchev's phrase "We will bury you" to the Russians, in repsonse to their heinious attempt of spreading totalitarianism.
    • Around 5 months after leaving office, Joe Biden died from a brain hemorrage at the age of 83 on June 8th, 2025. The United States mourn the loss of the experienced politician.
    • [SECRET] In March of 2025, Steve Bullock and the CIA launched an investigation into the SOC, and discovered that the United States has their own "Gang of Four". These four are all Republican hardliners, wanting to turn America into a warring superpower like the Russians. While we haven't found the other three, we were able to tap into the Telegram communications of Madison Cawthorn, a representive from North Carolina. He is well known for his rather...interesting comments, and this is a part of his communications with Gavin McInnes, leader of the notorious Proud Boys:
      • Cawthorn: how are we gonna get Jonny (referring to Jon Ossoff, who is now VP of America) impeached?
      • McInnes: Look Madi, we'll make sure that Jon gets accused of fabricating sexual evidence when you are running for representives. Imma bribe some FBI agents to get him gone
      • Cawthorn: Ah, ok. What about AOC and Kamala? They have ties to the government as well (Harris is not working as a politican as of 2025, while AOC is the secretary of state)
      • McInnes: don't worry about them, they see SOC as some rogue group
      • Cawtorn: hahaha yeah, they'll see the true power of the American people soon
      • McInnes: indeed
    • When the findings were presented to President Bullock in August, he is alarmed by what he now knew. Despite knowing what was happening, he is still determined to wait until all four of the Gang of Four (or at least, perhaps Four or more) are discovered before arresting them all for treason against the State.
    • Due to the new sanctions we have placed on China (i.e. calling off all imports), we would suffer a slight recession in our economy, but not severe enough to destroy the country.
    • [SECRET] After the Ye Xi group revealed an alleged telecom communications, Bullock is increasingly concerned about the safety of Vice President Ossoff and President Bullock. President Bullock knew that if he told Ossoff about the assassination plot, it could cause a national panic, and to combat this, he decided to not tell Ossoff, or in fact, anyone about the plan. (There's no SOTU address until 2026) [SECRET]
  • International Affairs: State your reaction or stance on what happens in other nations.
    • We would introduce sanctions onto China on the same scale as what we dealt Russia on in 2022. President Bullock even made a dedicated speech, critizing the late Joe Biden for not treating all aggression the same, and pointed out that Turkey and Israel had also committed acts of war in Syria and Palestine in the past, and deserved to have been sanctioned for that as well.
    • [SECRET] President Bullock and Vice President Ossoff believes that in order to combat the rising illiberal order of Russia and China, they are now considering reforming NATO into the Pacific-Atlantic Treaty Organization, or PATO. The plan is to invite ASEAN, Japan, Korea, Oceania as well as any remaining European Nation not in the current NATO to be in the organization. The alliance will be reformed into the Inner Cabinet and the Higher Command, known as the Pacific-Atlantic Council (PAC). The Inner Cabinet of PATO will be made up of 21 members, while the PAC will be made up of 101 members based on "trust levels". [SECRET]




  • Government: Representative/Capitalist democracy.
  • Primeminister: Richard Marles(ALP).
  • Capital City: Canberra.
  • Population: 25.69 Million.
  • GDP: 1.3 Trillion USD.
  • Miltary: Army-29,511(Regular) 18,738(Active), Navy-16,000(Personel) 53(Commisioned vessels), Air-Force-14,938(Active) 5,000(Reserve) 239(Aircraft).
  • Home Affairs
  • The 2025 Australian Federal election is held to elect the members of the 48th Parliment of Australia. The Liberal-National Coalition leader, Scott Morrison, is beaten by Australian Labor Party (ALP) leader, Richard Marles. The Australian Greens leader, Adam Bandt, was third in the election. Richard Marles is the new Australian Primeminister.
  • Parliment passes a new food stamp law in order to help lower income hoseholds plan their weekly shop more efficiently.
  • The government plans to introduce a hybrid car initiative.
  • Parliment plans on increasing its spending on government owned science facilities. This includes new researchers, purchasing newer equipment, and funding new laboratories across the country.
  • Parliment has announced plans to open more public-libraries in towns and city centers.
  • The carbon emissions tax will be increased by 3.5%.
  • Foreign Affairs
  • The Australian government has recognised the current potential of a third world war, and has discussed contingencies if it occurs.
  • China-Mongolia: The Australian Government strongly condemns China's decision to invade Mongolia, and would like to cut all potential agreements with the country. Australia will impose strict economic sanctions on China. Primeminister Marles has made it clear that all Mongolian citizens intending to flee the country, will be welcome into Australia. Australia will be forced to interfere with the conflict if China decides to invade any NATO nation, Indonesia, or the Phillipines, as the warmongering nation cannot be trusted any further.
  • FTAAO: Parliment has agreed that Australia will no longer be interested in trading with China, due to the current situation with Mongolia. However, Australia is still open to trading with Indonesia and the Phillipines and President Marles has invited both of these great nations leaders to Canberra to discuss trade relating to renewable energy resources. [Player Response, China, Indonesia, and Phillipines.]
  • Philippines Response: After much discussion within the Philippine government, we are gladly accepting the invite of discussing renewable resource trade between the nations of the Philippines and Australia.
  • Chinese Response: We would strongly condemn this decision to move away from trade with China
    • Indonesian Response: President Pranowo is eager to meet with Prime Minister Marles to discuss the trade of both our nation's great renewable energy reserves and to present a united front against foreign agression in the Indo-Pacific region.

  • India-Pakistan: Priminister Marles would like to encourage India to pull out of Kashmir and begin peaceful negotiations with Pakistan, as to avoid further increasing the severity of the conflict.
  • Military/Defensive affairs
  • [Secret] Due to current world affairs, The Primeminister has requested that all military personel be placed on high alert, in the possibity that a war could start relatively soon. [/Secret]
  • [Secret] Research into citywide police drones is started. [/Secret].

Flag of Indonesia.png Republic of Indonesia

  • Wars and Conflicts:
  • Internal Affairs and Events:
    • Education: Construction on Widodo University begins, with it expected to be opened in 2027. Greater funding for primary and secondary schools is also pledged, with funding for Indonesian public schools being increased by 10% to roughly 22% of Indonesia's national budget, and President Pranowo points to it as an example of the good his policies of nationalisation can do for Indonesia.
    • Protests: Protests in West Papua increase in scale and intensity following the arrest of West Papuan vlogger Lee Baraka, known for being a supporter of West Papuan independence, in October, for violation of our hate speech laws following a stream in which he made several statements that were determined to be offensive towards the Indonesian people and to be intimidating towards Indonesian law enforcement. The increased scale of these protests has led to increased police presence at the protests, though they have remained largely peaceful, though vandalism has become increasingly common. Meanwhile, a relatively small Islamic nationalist rally in Yogyakarta has escalated to violence, with two civilians and an officer being hospitalised. 15 of the 55 people at the rally have been arrested, and all 15 have hate speech as at least one of the charges. Studies conducted this year have determined that Indonesian youth in particular are becoming more extreme an polarised in their political beliefs, with increasing internet access being partially to blame.
    • Nationalisation: The company Bumi Resources is bought by the Indonesian government in 2025, increasing the total amount of Indonesia's mining industry currently under government control to 30%, or roughly 30 billion USD. This purchase also allows for the majority of Bumi employees to remain working in the mining sector, allowing for the expertise of the employees to continue to be used.
    • Universal Basic Income: From June 2025, every person in Indonesia will receive 80,000Rp every month, including minors, though their payments will go to their guardian, as the Pranowo government implements a world first universal basic income program. This program is touted as a colossal success in the war against poverty, and a boon to the Indonesian economy through its stimulus effects by progressives, though detractors point out its huge potential for corruption and question how effective the program will be in lessening income inequality.
  • International Affairs:
    • Philippines: We request to be able to station Indonesian military forces in the Philippines [Player Response].
      • Philippine Response: We will allow the Indonesian military forces to be stationed in Philippine bases in only Northern Luzon
    • China: Indonesia condemns China's recent invasions of Mongolia and military exercises in Southeast Asia. We threaten to recall our ambassador to the PRC and withdraw from our cooperation with the belt and road initiative if China's aggressive actions continue.
    • India: As two of the major democracies in Asia, we would like to discuss strengthening economic ties to allow us to stand united against common threats in the region. We suggest that if we can coordinate and increase our mutual trade better we can both strengthen both our nation's economies while simultaneously minimising any economic impact India or Indonesia might have should relations break down with any other country [Mod Response].
      • Mod Response: India would agree fully with this sentiment, and would also like to discuss furthering ties in the region, as both democracies are currently in the crosshairs.
    • ASEAN: In response to China's aggressive actions in Southeast Asia and against Mongolia, we call for ASEAN to take action to sanction the aggressive nation by kicking China out of ASEAN Plus Three and for ASEAN to withdraw from its partnership with the SCO [Mod/Philippine Player Response].
      • Mod Response: A majority of ASEAN wishes to remain neutral unless China attacks or violates international law within their zone. Many nations decide to postpone their decision however, waiting in patience until China makes a move. ASEAN generally opposes pulling out of the SCO, as the regional security other nations provide is too valuable to ignore. The ASEAN Plus 3 is considering kicking China out, however the trade and military benefits seem to outweigh this action in the minds of many.
      • Philippine Response: Thou not representing ASEAN but a member of it, The Republic has already sanction the Chinese nation and has begun evacuating all Filipino immigrants and workers in the Unity Republic of China. We are encouraging more nations to inflict economic sanctions against China.
    • OPEC: Indonesia requests to re-join OPEC [Mod Response].
      • OPEC Response: The request to join OPEC is granted via majority vote.
    • AUKUS: We offer the AUKUS alliance permission to station military forces in Indonesia in order to "help safeguard the Southeast Asian region against malicious foreign interference" and suggest that Indonesia and the AUKUS nations could participate in joint military exercises [Player Response].
      • American response: Why didn't you ask earlier? 30,000 troops, on your way! (INDONESIA NOW HAS AMERICAN FORCES IN THE COUNTRY)
      • Flag of UK.png British Response: Britain agrees to station a detachment of the Royal Navy (1 destroyer and 2 frigates), 25 aircraft of the RAF plus 5,000 soldiers of the British Army in Indonesia.


China seems to have become public enemy number one, with a majority of NATO and several Western Powers sanctioning the Unitary Republic, while a majority of Eastern powers and SCO members have decided to stand with China and increase economic and military activity. Many countries seem to be increasing their defense budgets in light of something larger, like war or conflict. Sanctions are being passed around like hotcakes, with many countries such as Russia, China, and Iran being prime examples of both sanction and countersanction. Indo-Pakistani relations have dropped to an all time low, after the Kashmir Conflict increased already inflamed tensions. Pakistan has decided to declare war on India, looking to their allies for support. Meanwhile in Europe, the Russia-Ukraine conflict is stuck in a stalemate, with Russia achieving progress, although very slowly. Similarly, China's war with Mongolia proved fruitful with the annexation of the country, although results were slightly worse than projected. Officials and Analysts around the world are projecting this year to be a year of continued fighting and possibly the start of a global conflict.

American flag.png

United States of America

  • Government: The United States is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic, with a bicameral legislature, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
    • President: Steve Bullock (until March 1st, temp.) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (from March 2nd, temp.)
    • Legislature: The Congress
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: Democratic Party
  • Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Capital City: Washington D.C.
  • Population: 335.0 Million
  • Economy: The United States' economy, by 2026, is a highly developed free-market economy. It is the largest economy in the world with a GDP of over 22 Trillion USD. Citizens live relatively comfortable lives, however the wealth inequality is some of the worst in the entire developed world. Worsening wealth inequality, as well as the slow corruption of our government is starting to cause issues in the economy.
  • Wars and Conflicts:
    • Peaceful...for now.
  • Internal Affairs:
      • "My fellow countrymen. To the 335 million citizens of the United States of America, the 435 members of the House of Representives, and to the 100 congressmen of the United States Congress, today marks my first State of the Union address to you. The Founding Fathers built our country based on the ideas of liberty and freedom, and from the very day of our foundation, we have stood side by side with the free and liberal democracies of the planet, fighting against the tyrannies of South America, Africa and Eurasia. When I was the Governor of Montana, I witnessed the destruction of liberaties to black men, black women, and other people with different races..."
      • (continued) The speech went on normally for another 20 minutes, during this time President Bullock talked about the unintentional suppersion of liberties from themselves to people of colour, as well as his first year in office. Then, at 9:22pm, Bullock was talking about the warmongering nature of China - "There is a country, across the Pacific that pretends to be a peaceloving nation. A country who spread lies to promote illiberalism. A country whose people has never tasted true liberty before. Their governments, no matter-" when David Smith rose from his seat, and clicked on the trigger on his tranquillizer gun. He fired 4 darts laced with ricin before getting tackled by the other members of the senate. One hit Maryland senator Chris van Hollen, but two other darts landed on Jon Ossoff. Madison Cawthorn then rose from his seat right as the members of the houses were evacuating. As the Secret Service moved in to secure the area, Cawthorn managed to grab a towel out, and stained Bullock's suit with poison.
      • (continued) Bullock, now severely ill but still concious due to the intense poison effects, rushed to the phone line, and getting medical help as soon as possible. He knew that this could happen, and injected himself with an inactive protein A the day before to ensure that he will survive. He also managed to take off the stained suit and his clothing before collapsing onto the floor. Medics arrived within minutes, and thankfully, President Bullock was not dead. Both President Bullock and VP Ossoff were taken to the hospital immediately, all the while an uprising was happening across major cities by those goddamn nazis. Here's the current list of people who are severely ill in this attack...
        • President Steve Bullock - Serious (poisoned by unknown agent)
        • Vice President Jon Ossoff - Critical (poisoned twice by ricin, further harmed by another agent)
        • Speaker of the House Paul Ryan - Critical (poisoned by unknown agent, possibly Novichok)
        • Senator Chris van Hollen - Dead (poisoned by Ricin accidentally)
        • Representive Antony Blinken - Dead (hit by another nerve agent accidentally as Cawthorn was grabbing his towel out)
        • Others were hit accidentally (up to a dozen), but not as serious. Secretary of State Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be running the country until further notice due to Vice Leader of the Senate also poisoned.
      • With the mass attack, America is now hanging by a thread. Sons of the Constitution struck across the nation, rising across the major cities in the country. The National Guard and the military are now scrambling to deal with this crisis.
        • UPDATE ON SITUATION - There has been good news and bad news so far. The good news is that President Bullock is recovering well, and even continued his State of the Union speech on the 12th of March, starting with "I don't know if you understand that I have just been poisoned, but it takes more than that to kill a Yankee!" He continued his speech about the aggression of China, and labeled Iran, Russia and China as the "Axis of Evil". He ended the speech with: "For all of the citizens who are bravely fighting against the traitors and terrorists, I salute you. For all of the Taiwanese fighting for their democracy and freedom, the people of the United States salutes you. And for all of the free, liberal and democratic nations fighting against the Illiberal Triumvate, the world salutes you. Thank you."
        • (continued) We have also been able to found the three substances that are used in the attack. While it is clear that Ricin was used, it isn't so clear about the other two poisoned used in the attack. It was later found that President Bullock was poisoned via the super-poison VX, but thankfully it struck the President in the chest instead of the face. What really shocked us however was that we found the poison A-232 on VP Ossoff's body - a Novichok, to be precise. Does this mean that Russia has a role in the attack? Or did someone smuggle the poison into the country?
        • (continued) Vice President Ossoff is in a comatose state, having been quite tragically struck with two doses of Ricin, a dart filled with Novichok at the tip, as well as being splashed with VX while Cawthorn was attempting to murder the President. Doctors do not believe that he can survive, and even if he do, it's almost impossible for him to achieve a full recovery. President Bullock is planning to hold an election to elect the new Vice President of the United States sometime in 2027 should Ossoff be deemed to be unfit to carry out his duties as the Vice President, with former California governor Gavin Newsom and Secretary of State AOC being favourites for the job.
        • Unfortunately, the attack has claimed the lives of both Blinken and van Hollen, with Chris Ryan still under critical condition. The good news is that the SOC rebellion has mostly fell apart after Our President survived the attack, and only a few strongholds remain in the largest cities of Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis and a few other smaller cities.
      • SECOND UPDATE ON SITUATION - It is to everyone's cheer when President Bullock recovered from the attack, and with the SOC rebellion basically in the mud after confirmation of the President's survival, Gavin McInnes is arrested for high treason. Cawthorn died a few days after Bullock was discharged from the hospital from the poison he was holding that day. Paul Ryan also survived the attack, and is now recovering well within the hospital. However, VP Ossoff is now very much a corpse after being in a comatose state for almost 8 months, and his wife has already agreed to enact euthanasia on him to end his life. Even though it is illegal in the United States, there has been massive protests to end Ossoff's suffering, and demands them to legalize some form of euthanasia. It is up to the President to decide and agree on it before euthanasia can be carried out. And perhaps, it will be law soon that if it is clear that the person cannot live, a psychian can end the person's life with consent from the family and other doctors. [MOD RESPONSE ON IF PRESIDENT AGREES TO IT]
        • Fallout of idea to euthanize VP Ossoff - After the inner circle of the President heard about the idea, the remaining members of the President's inner circle are now debating whether or not if this is even logical or within the powers of the President. It was pretty heated up, to say the least.
    • International Affairs: State your reaction or stance on what happens in other nations.
      • China's aggression shall not be understated. As a result, we have banned all Chinese flights from going past the United States airspace, and even kicked all Chinese students studying in America. All Chinese visas are revoked, and some embassies in China are withdrawn and closed down. [SECRET] We even considered declaring war on China due to their aggressive behaviour, but the SOC issue forced us to cancel the plans to do so. [SECRET]
        • Flag of UK.png British Response: [Secret] In a private meeting with the American government, the British ambassador thanks America for its decisive response, but urges a reversal of the ban on Chinese students and non-sensitive travellers (ie. tourists) as it would not be wise to engender hatred for America amongst the civilian population of China. It is Britain's opinion that great care must be taken to ensure that the tyrannical Chinese government may be opposed without also turning the Chinese population against us, for there is no reasonable way to defeat 1 in 8 people on the planet if they all hold a serious grudge. [/Secret]
        • America Response - [SECRET] Perhaps it might be draconian, but we haven't dealt the full hand yet. China-born Americans are under normal living conditions, and are protected by hate crimes (at least, we hope so). [SECRET]

Flag of China.svg- Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Xi Jinping
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Li Keqiang
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Wang Qishan
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Communist Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Xi Jinping
      • United Front members: 2,954 members
      • Standing Committee Members: 175 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: Zhou Qiang
      • Judges: Nearly 400
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 39.2 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 25 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 27,437 USD
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP (PPP) in the world, and the second largest GDP (nominal) behind the United States of America. Overall, the outlook for the future of the Chinese economy is bright.
  • Population
    • 1.458 Billion People
  • Domestic Issues
    • All previous North Korean soldiers are fully inducted into our military branches, adding the full force of one million new soldiers at our disposal. As a result of training and constant funding they are likely to be on a similar playing field as the other modern forces of the world, rather than the outdated military tactics of their previous country. Our military production for armor and weaponry would go into overdrive, prioritizing lighter and more mobile body armor and weaponry for the front lines. We would also begin this same training process on the former Mongolian Armed Forces, and would see an additional 150 thousand troops added to our forces. Our military currently stands at 7 million total active and reserve forces.
    • As our military spending continues to rise, the current 3 percent mark of our GDP means we would have an annual military budget of 750 billion dollars, which will most likely contribute to our currently ongoing efforts in war and battle. We would introduce two new branches into our Unitary Armed Forces which include the Space Forces and the Marine Forces. The Unitary Space Forces function similarly to the United States Space Force, not undertaking any offensive measures but monitoring and developing threat analysis and protection within the Unitary Republic. The Marine Forces are a more offensive branch, trained in Special Operations and precise military tactics, designated for things such as hostage rescue and retrieval, marksmanship, or special deployment regions. Their training is especially focused on amphibious and mountainous based terrain.
    • Our Type 095 nuclear powered submarines are finally completed, after a two year delay. We had around 25 in our production queue and while at first a closely guarded state secret, these are finally ready to hit the high seas. While this took 3 billion from our military budget over the past two years, we will attempt to produce 3 a year from this point on, to make room in our shipbuilding facilities for our more important future projects. [SECRET] We are also likely to make more super stealth versions of these, if the two we currently procured work. We are wanting to test these submarines in areas of our adversaries, which we will likely reveal plans for at a later time. [SECRET]
    • We would produce and field 3 more Type-003's for this year, bringing our total to 12 aircraft carriers. With our number of aircraft carriers now matching the United States, many academic and naval experts are considering China closer to a blue water navy, if not already a blue water navy. As the anticipated date also get's closer to the unveiling of a possible Type-004 carrier, many are expecting leaks of information to happen soon. The Unitary Republic has decided to designate these three new carriers as H, I, and J respectively. Our bases internationally which have increased significantly are also contributing to the designation of the blue water navy.
    • We now possess a total of 1537 nuclear weapons, owing to our increased production within the last few years. Obviously the storage locations of these various nuclear weapons are classified, however satellite imagery shows the production of nuclear facilities and silos in the newly named Province of Mongolia and Province of Korea. All nuclear weapons are estimated to be deployable at any time, and our research on submarine based nuclear missiles are increasing day by day, owing to the increasing need for MAD based weaponry.
    • We would open the Chinese Crypto Reserves. The CCR is in case of emergency use, and we would initially buy 10 billion dollars worth of diversified Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various other currencies. President Xi notes "It would seem crypto is the future of payment, as I have previously stated. We have decided to open a collective reserve for this reason, dedicated and held only by crypto based payments. We will add 10 billion to this reserve each year, in the hopes that our portfolios can benefit the populace in a time of great need. If the dollar was the currency of the 20th century, we will make sure the digital yuan is the currency of the 21st."
    • The CRAIC CR929 is now being touted as the Chinese rival to the Boeing 737. The Chinese manufacturer, COMAC, states that this plane will only be sold to friendly countries, in a similar tactic Russia tried in 2022. Any countries that do not sanction China are eligible to receive this aircraft, seemingly being the only requirement. Meanwhile across China sales of the CRAIC CR929 are increasing day by day, with a majority of airlines wanting this new piece of aircraft engineering mastery. COMAC is also stating the possibility of selling the 929 to the military is 'a very close possibility, depending on the negotiations taking place.'
    • [SECRET] Yet again another private militia group is formed. This groups name is simple, The 1949 Group. The group states 1949 is a reference to the Taiwan/China Civil War that took place, and the years of humiliation that took place during those times. It is looking likely that China will use a tactic similar to Russia once again, with the government of the Unitary Republic funding a naval unit to start a conflict in Taiwan, forcing the government to "get involved over this egregious action." The 1949 group is mainly consistent of North Korean soldiers as well, wearing North Korean military fatigues and using confiscated equipment to once again fool the enemy. China develops a plan to blame these actions on North Korean rebels who are trying to start conflict with Taiwan and China. [SECRET]
    • A Renaissance seems to be taking place in China, with the MIC 2025 initiative finally showing some results within commercial and academic contexts. Some of these innovations and advances include:
      • Augmented reality is becoming increasingly useful in areas such as medicine, defense, gaming, and others. In medicine, an estimated 10 percent of surgeries are performed with some sort of AR technology, with three percent being performed exclusively with AR equipment. In defense technology, AR is being implemented in the next generation of fighter jets and trainer aircraft, to allow the pilot to do things such as identify friendly and enemy targets, guide a missile with visual locking, or get more precise flight paths to choose. In gaming, multiple Chinese gaming companies have marketed and developed AR games, one of which is simply named 另一个世界 or The Other World, which allows players to gamify most objects in real life and translate them into gaming, in a sort of digital playground environment.
      • Artificial Intelligence has been on the rise. A majority of cities have used AI to develop smarter infrastructural planning, a primary example being the newly rebuilt city of Pyongyang. Compared to cities such as Beijing or Shanghai with similar populations, the percentage of accidents citywide is down 45 percent, the rate of traffic is down 50 percent, and the growth rate is 10 percent per year. Numbers likely could have been higher, but due to infrastructural cost, they were not pursued.
      • Autonomous cars are being pursued like crazy. China has successfully developed legislation to regulate and promote automated vehicles, which has resulted in a high growth rate year over year. While autonomous cars are on average twice as expensive as traditional cars, they are becoming cheaper and cheaper as more companies invest further into this new innovative technology. Public transportation is also being overhauled in this regard, with all megacities to have a basic automated public transport system by 2030.
      • Quantum computing is overtaking the weather prediction algorithms of traditional classic computing systems. One of the most recent and prominent examples of weather prediction with quantum computing is when the Beijing Natural Disaster Prevention Society used weather prediction models to predict the impact of a severe flood in Beijing, during one of the largest shopping days in the city's history. Citizens were able to evacuate to higher ground hours before, which saved tens of thousands of lives most likely. This was called the Great Flood of 2026, and is blamed on increasing climate change in the world.
      • Various other technologies will be discussed at a later time.
    • With 2027 creeping up ever quicker, the date is set for Xi Jinping to step down as President, as the new terms dictate within the constitution. While many of the Conservative members of the CCP have quickly realigned themselves with the current President due to his strong stance against other nations, other within the Unitary Republic, most notably the newly named Social Democrats and Progressives, are responding more negatively to this new stance. Juéqǐ de lǐngxiù, the leader of the Social Democrat Movement and Party both, puts out a statement, saying "I believe I speak for the majority of Chinese when we say we do not want a warmongering President, but rather a peaceful one. China has always seemed to thrive during times of peace, and come undone during times of war and revolution. The choice is very clear, we must elect a Social Democrat to President and Premier, and must reform the system once and for all."
  • Foreign Issues
    • In the evening of January 13th, 2026, approximately 35 total KN-15 and KN-26 SLBM's are launched from an estimated 10 North Korean submarines in the Eastern Yellow Sea close to Pyongyang. The missiles are mainly intended for military targets, but 15 are headed directly towards the center of Taipei, aiming to kill thousands. Additionally, the group behind the attack reveals themselves to be former North Korean soldiers who are rebelling. They claim full responsibility for the launches, and claim if Taiwan does not surrender and allow them to move territories to Taiwan, the consequences will be "nuclear." HDWS systems across China's Eastern Coast are activated in case of a potential nuclear attack or conventional attack on any cities. Radar systems in China detect 30 fighter aircraft flying towards Taiwan from an airbase close to Pyongyang, and subsequently Chinese aircraft are put on high alert to intercept if needed. President Xi condemns this bombing on Taiwan by the North Koreans as immoral, and vows to take them down. [SECRET] In reality this was all orchestrated by China, as part of the 1949 Group mentioned above. A large group of newly trained North Korean soldiers and officials are taking part in this as 'former North Korean soldiers' who wanted to rebel, when in reality this is all under Chinese control. This should put other countries in a tough position as well, as defending Taiwan is a priority, but this time the supposed enemy is not China, at least on the surface. Either way, if the 1949 group cannot complete this mission, China can always take them out and look like victors, and if they win, China can provide Taiwan equipment and occupy the country through those means. All weapons are of North Korean origin and the soldiers are North Korean, so this plan should be executed well. [SECRET] [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod response: 2,500 ROC civilians are killed while Taiwan's military infrastructure is crippled. There is however little acceptance from NATO, and ASEAN states that Jucheist rebels were indeed responsible.
    • In an astonishing move, the North Korean rebel soldiers would also decide to start attempting to invade South Korea. From estimates based on satellite imagery, 30,000 North Korean rebel soldiers start firing on South Korean soldiers, in an attempt to cross the DMZ into South Korean border cities. Shelling and missile launches are also threatened by the group's supposed leader, known by the nickname Liberator. President Xi offers to assist South Korea and calls this new Korean event despicable by the North Korean rebels. [SECRET] The decision was quickly made to fight a war on two fronts, with both Taiwan and South Korea being targets, after we have seen the events of the State of the Union Address. Due to a near civil war taking place in the United States, we may look to expand evermore under this guise of North Korea. Our base mission is to damage essential cities in South Korea and not allow their threat to continue. We are confident this plan will work, but only time will see. To be clear, our goal is now updated to both annex Taiwan and South Korea, as we feel this will give us innumerable advantages. [SECRET] [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod response: South Korea's superior military beats back the strange attempt at invasion, enduring 750 casualties to 2,000 North Korean casualties.
    • President Xi condemns the attempt on the POTUS's life, and vows to give any assistance the United States may need from this event. He offers to help the United States in this time of crisis. [SECRET] Obviously this is a huge win for China at the moment, while we are fighting under the façade of North Korea with Taiwan and South Korea. The United States seems to be collapsing at it's seams right as this is happening, which would remove the major nuclear power which competes with us. The Unitary Republic is encouraged by these recent events to take even more land and territory than previously planned, although this depends on the POTUS and VPOTUS's recovery and AOC's ability to lead the United States in this time of crisis. [SECRET]
    • [SECRET] We would draw up plans to establish regional military partnerships in the Latin American region. We would send private communications to the nations of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua to facilitate weapon sales, missile defense systems, naval exercises, and the building of multiple bases within each country. With these communications we send, the main message is to reduce American influence within the region, as these few countries are crucial allies to both ourselves and Russia, and would allow them to prosper further. We would also include a military protectorate agreement, in which if the United States or any other ally of them takes provocative actions, we would respond with our resources. We would send these messages immediately, without any delay, as the case of the United States is deteriorating by the day. We will inform the United States of these proposals, obviously not in full detail but vague, describing it as a bid to establish further regional partnerships. [SECRET] We would inform the United States and President Ocasio-Cortez of our intentions to establish further partnerships in the region, as a heads up. [United States Response]
    • President Xi would give a statement, broadcasted to various nations worldwide, on the state of affairs. "We once again are coming to an epitome, a point of no return, one where the possibility of war grows with each passing day. With the conflicts between the East and West, the Koreas, and others, we have faced an unprecedented time in the world as we know it. Here are the various actions we will be taking in response to these actions, and others. In regards to the North Korean rebels, we will attempt to purge these rebels as best we can, to promote regional peace. In regards to this new alliance being proposed by the Philippines, we strongly condemn this as an act of aggression by their nation. In regards to these sanctions last year by the West, we still stand strong against them, and will not become a shell just because of mediocre and cowardly economic punishment. In regards to Kashmir, we will be initiating a military offensive to reclaim the lost areas to India, in cooperation with Pakistan. In regards to the Pacific Islands and Oceania, we will be increasing our military presence through our new military bases and artificial island points. There will be more to come, depending on the actions of these various nations."
    • We initiate a military offensive into the former Pakistani areas of Kashmir, of which India now controls. We consider this to be a year too late, however we gave India a chance to approve our requests, which they denied. We look to take back the former areas of Kashmir and hand control of these various areas to Pakistan, as it is their rightful land. We will make heavy use of our newly developed VTOL's, as they will likely become the forefront of our offensive into the region. Our J-20s and H-20s will also make large contributions in this conflict, as we need to use mainly aircraft in regards to the Kashmir region, due to it's geography. We would also sanction India in full force, cutting off most of our trade with their nation until this conflict will end. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod response: The Chinese military operations proves largely successful in destroying much of the Indian presence in the regions targeted. There are however 3,000 civilian deaths in the first year alone. China begins to experience the effects of global sanctions.
    • We send additional troops to our bases in the Pacific Islands, mostly from the Province of Korea. In regards to Australia and their actions from last year, we would advise against other possible provocative actions, or we will employ more 'harsh' measures against their people and their government. We would also advise to leave the current Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Vanuatu governments alone, or this will be considered an attack directly on China, which will provoke a heavy military response. To be clear, this is if the Solomon Islands, Tonga, or Vanuatu territories or nations are attacked or other provocative violations. To get this point across, we conduct live firing drills with our Type-003 A carrier strike group off the West Coast of Vanuatu, in the Coral Sea. We would make sure not to cross into Australian waters nor fire munitions or missiles into their airspace, however we do get close. [SECRET] Australia is obviously not a smaller country such as Taiwan, so the use of military flyovers would be met with stronger response. To be clear we are not intimidated by them, but we wish to get our point across without sparking a war. [SECRET] [Australian Response]
    • [SECRET] It would seem that no matter how well planned an operation can be, someone will always stab someone else in the back. This is precisely what happened on October 1st, 2026, while celebrating the National Day of the Unitary Republic, President Xi and Premier Li were watching the grand display of a military parade being put on, one of President Xi's top advisors starts talking frantically. The conversation was recorded as being the following:
      • Advisor: President Xi, there is a matter of upmost important I must advise you on, sir.
      • President Xi: I am enjoying the show here, can't it wait-
      • PA System: Everyone is advised to seek shelter immediately, I repeat, SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER AT THIS TIME!
      • Presidential Protection Guard: Sir, come with me, we need to get you somewhere safe, now!
      • President Xi: What the hell is going on, can someone advise me!
      • Advisor: Sir, it's the rebels, they have gone rogue. The Juche Faction launched a counterattack on The 1949 Group, killing most of them before they could flee further North.
      • President Xi: Ok I can handle that, but why the hell are we being advised to seek shelter, it must be important.
      • Advisor: The thing is Mr. President, the Juche Faction took control of their nuclear weapons once again and...
      • President Xi: Ok and what?
      • Advisor: They have launched, from what we can see on radar, 20 nuclear ICBMs.
      • President Xi: WHAT?! How long ago was this and where are they headed?!
      • Advisor: We only got word about 5 minutes ago that something happened, and it seems they are heading South/Southeast, according to our intel. Possible targets include South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Pyongyang. From what we have gathered, it is likely they will be targeting the most populated areas. We believe these to be possibly hypersonic missiles too, sir.
      • President Xi: So how the hell do we know about this? Wouldn't the missiles have already come down on their heads?
      • Advisor: Good question sir, our launch detection systems inside the Silo's themselves actually alerted us to activation protocol. The missiles will likely hit South Korea and Pyongyang first, Taiwan and Japan last. All areas are likely to be struck within the next half hour as well.
      • President Xi: Here is what I want done, NOW. Call Liberator, tell him to attack the rebels in full force, we will no longer stand for their revolting. Ready the HDWS right away, I want to ensure Pyongyang is safe from this attack. Get the President's of South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan on the phone right away, alert them to this situation. Release a press memo calling on these Juche Faction members to be found and shot immediately. Delete all evidence tying us to 1949 Group, and I MEAN ALL OF IT. Declare war on the Juche Faction as well, and make sure to take control of their weapons and other systems if we can.
      • Advisor: Yes President Xi, I will. I would advise however the countries are likely to get struck anyways, no matter what. I mean these are hypersonic missiles we are talking about, so it is likely Pyongyang will be struck as well.
      • President Xi: Just do the best you can to save these lives, I did not intend for this plan to backfire, those damn Juche members have to ruin it for me. We will still be attacking North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan further, we just have to postpone this for the time being.
      • Advisor: Yes sir.
    • HDWS systems are readied across the countries, hoping to defend against any missiles that might fire towards China. A private phone call is made to the leader of 1949, telling him to begin a mass assault on the Juche Faction. A press memo is ready to be released very soon. A Juche member contacts the President's office, informing him that the "most death will occur, we have targeted two nukes to Pyongyang, and six for Japan, six for South Korea, and six for Taiwan. Rot in hell, President Xi." Pyongyang has a higher chance of getting spared, however the other countries are in trouble it would seem. Possible death estimates exceed 5 million total, and the nuclear weapons are now identified based on their respective silos as being 300 Kiloton ICBM launched missiles, the premier nuclear weapons in North Korea's former arsenal. [SECRET] [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod response: The Jucheist plot is foiled.

Flag of UK.png United Kingdom:

  • Home Affairs:
    • WIP
  • Foreign Affairs:
    • America: Parliament strongly condemns the massive attack on America's political leaders and urges peace amidst the tense social environment in American society. [Secret] With British diplomats reporting of a country in disarray and on the edge of violence, government leaders realise Britain must take on a larger role in the Anglosphere and the Western world in general, in the fight against authoritarianism the world over. [/Secret]
    • Kashmir Conflict: The British government strongly urges India, Pakistan and China to meet and negotiate a peaceful settlement or ceasefire in the Kashmir conflict so as to avoid needless waste of life.
  • Defence Affairs:
    • Defence Budget: The defence budget is increased to 4% of GDP amidst heightened global tensions.
    • Military Exercises: In light of growing seriously heightened tensions in the Pacific Region, Britain proposes joint ASEAN-AUKUS naval exercises in the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean. Activities would only be conducted in international waters and the sovereign waters of participating nations. The Royal Navy would like to practice coordinated naval activities between ASEAN and AUKUS nations, including the participation of British, American, and Australian aircraft carriers. Britain proposes that Japan be invited to participate as well. [Player/Mod Responses] These exercises would be called the 2026 Pacific Security Cooperation Exercises.
      • Indonesia: Indonesia strongly supports ASEAN's involvement in these exercises.
      • Mod response: Japan heartily accepts, and thanks the United Kingdom for their offer.
      • Philippines: We support this action and will eagerly join naval activities with their allies
      • America: The Pacific Fleet is more than happy to engage with you, and accepts this offer.
    • North Korean Rebels: The British government calls on China to responsibly suppress the dangerous and destructive North Korean Rebels that threaten security in East Asia. [Secret] Following the launch of SLBMs by these rebels, the Royal Navy places its Pacific nuclear deterrence submarines on high alert. [/Secret] British military assets and personnel in the Indo-Pacific are placed on high alert following the beginning of military activity by North Koreans against South Korea. As an ally and a friend, the United Kingdom pledges its support to South Korea, and will commit limited military support to the Korean Peninsula if such is requested by the South Korean government. Otherwise, support is currently limited to weapons and intelligence supplies. With regards to Taiwan and the threats made against it by the North Korean rebels, the UK, like the US and Japan, pledges to defend Taiwan's unique status as a democratic nation. [Secret] MI6 is tasked with getting to the bottom of the North Korean situation as something seems suspicious. [Mod Response] [/Secret]
      • Mod response: MI6's investigation uncovers nothing concrete, though quite damning of China.
    • Further Pacific Engagement: With the permission of Australia and Indonesia, the UK Armed Forces would like to station more ships and planes in the Indo-Pacific for the collective defence of AUKUS and ASEAN.
      • Indonesia: Indonesia accepts this offer, and praises the United Kingdom for their efforts to safeguard the Indo-Pacific region.
    • Royal Navy: Further additions to the RN's air and surface fleet continue. [Secret] Development of a domestic fleet of low-cost autonomous missile boats enters into its final year of pre-production development. [/Secret]
    • Defence Research: [Secret] Augmented reality head-up displays and microdrones are issued to troops for training and use in the field. Loitering munitions enter into service with the RAF and Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm. [/Secret]

Flag of Indonesia.png Republic of Indonesia

  • Wars and Conflicts:
    • India: We announce our full support for India in the face of the Chinese invasion. Though we do not yet declare war on China, we pledge materiel support for India, offering a lend-lease program for Indonesian weapons and vehicles [Mod Response].
      • Mod response: India accepts.
    • Taiwan & Korea: In light of the recent attacks on Korea and Taiwan, we offer to station Indonesian airwings and ships in their nations to help defend against any further attack [Mod Response].
      • Mod response: Both nations accept.
  • Internal Affairs and Events:
    • Nusantara: A huge project is announced to be built in Nusantara, with the Great Nusantara Mosque to be built by 2031, with a capacity of 1,000,000, this will be the largest mosque outside of Saudi Arabia.
    • Nationalisation: All oil and gas reserves in Indonesia are now under government ownership. Furthermore, a major stride in the nationalisation of mineral assets in Indonesia is made, as any mine owned by a company based in China is nationalised.
    • Agriculture: Government funded research into genetically modified crops have proven successful in producing rice that has a 50% higher yield in the Indonesian environment, and this crop begins to be distributed among Indonesian farmers. It is hoped that this crop can enable Indonesian investment in biofuel production without needing to worry about the effects it will have on food production.
    • Renewable Energy: The construction of a nuclear power plant in Gorontalo is announced, with the plant expected to be operational in 2034. Two large electrolysis hydrogen production plants are also announced to be completed in 2029, one in Jakarta, and one in Bandung. Indonesia officially pledges to be carbon neutral by 2050, and have eliminated coal power by 2035.
    • Space Program: The funding for our space program is almost doubled in 2026, and a major announcement is made that Indonesian plans to land an unmanned craft on the Moon in 2031. [Secret] The Indonesian space agency begins working closely with the Indonesian military on two projects, one to counter the threat of nuclear missiles, by developing an effective anti-missile system; and the second being a plan to launch several spy satellites disguised as civilian craft [End Secret].
    • Military: Conscription is introduced in Indonesia this year, using the 1988 Law on Conditions of Military Service to begin conscript Indonesian aged 18-45 into the military reserve, with the law authorising this to last for 5 years. With tensions around the world rapidly rising, Indonesia also takes steps to increase our production of military equipment by establishing certain tax cuts for a small number of civilian companies that begin producing equipment for the Indonesian military. Our production of F-16s is increased, as we now hope to have 250 by 2034, and research on upgrading these planes to be more competitive in a modern day war also begins. The Indonesian infantry also sees some action this year, with a small number being deployed to aid civilian police with orders to remain non-violent to ensure protests against the hate speech legislation in West Papua remain under control.
  • International Affairs:
    • China: We announce a myriad of sanctions against China, declaring Indonesian airspace a no-fly zone for Chinese aircraft, and any ships either travelling to or from China are not permitted to pass Indonesian waters, which we hope can do serious economic damage to China by closing off one of the most important trade route in the world. All Chinese assets held in Indonesia are frozen, and Indonesia begins the process of withdrawing its assets from China. As threatened last year, the Indonesian ambassador to China is recalled, and all Indonesian participation in the belt-and-road initiative ceases. Finally, we fully recognise Taiwan as an independent nation, and declare that we will support it against any Chinese attack. [Secret] We do not believe for a second that the attacks on Taiwan and Korea were the work of North Korean rebels, considering that attacking two sovereign nations that they are not rebelling against makes no logical sense for a rebel group. As such, we seek to find evidence that the Chinese government was behind these attacks, with several Indonesian spies being sent to Beijing and Pyongyang to discover the truth, and using the our cyber defence agency BSSN to try and hack Chinese communications [End Secret] [Mod Response].
      • Mod response: The cyberattacks largely fail, and suspicion points towards Jakarta.
    • Taiwan: We officially recognise the independence of Taiwan and seek to establish foreign relations with them by establishing an embassy in Taipei and stationing our former ambassador to the PRC, Soegeng Rahardjo as our first ambassador to the Republic of China.
    • USA: We condemn in the strongest terms the attack at the state of the union, and pray for a swift recovery for all affected. We offer any support that America may need in the aftermath of the attack.
    • AUKUS: We request the support of the AUKUS nations in the case of Chinese aggression against Indonesia, including Chinese violation of our recent no-go zone for Chinese vessels and aircraft. [Secret] We would also suggest that Australia takes similar action as together we can seriously damage China's ability to trade with much of the world[End Secret] [Player Response].
      • American Response: To support Indonesia, the Anglosphere is always glad to help. We shall send 2 more nuclear submarines, and deploy 3 more destroyers.
    • ASEAN: In the light of the recent invasion of India, we demand that ASEAN severs its close relationship with China by withdrawing from the SCO, kicking China out of ASEAN Plus Three and annulling the ASEAN-China free trade agreement. We suggest that if ASEAN makes the implicit decision to support tyranny and aggression by not acting against it, Indonesia may no longer be able to continue aligning itself with the organization. [Secret] We covertly reach out to the Philippines and urge them to support us by also threatening to withdraw from ASEAN, as surely the organization cannot afford to lose its two most populous members[End Secret] [Mod/Philippine Player Response].
      • Mod response: ASEAN unequivocally agrees.
      • Philippine Response: The Philippines refuses to withdraw but assures Indonesia that it will not in any way support the Chinese whether economically, politically, or militarily. The republic would also continue to impose strict economic actions and is strengthened.
    • OPEC: We call for OPEC to sanction China by implementing an oil embargo against China [Secret] We seek to sway Iran's position on this by pledging to help them improve their relationship with the USA if they are to support this measure, pointing out the great benefits that could come for Iran if they do become closer with the USA [End Secret] [Mod Response].
      • Mod response: OPEC declines to embargo China as per the precedent set by their response to the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Flag of the Philippines.svg The Republic of the Philippines

  • Government/Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Leaders: President Leni Robredo
  • Capital City: Manila
  • Population: 109.6 Billion
  • Economy: Stable
  • GDP: 369.1 Billion
  • Number of Military Personnel (Active and Non-Active): 10 Million

Internal Affairs:

  • The 2025 New World Program continues to successfully improves the Philippine economy.
  • The Bataan Nuclear Power Station is finally activated and the Philippines have now access to nuclear power
  • Thanks to the activation of the Power Station, the Robredo Administration have introduced the Golden Pearl Program leading to the increase and strengthening of the economy. This program would improve the remaining poverty and housing issue in the Philippines by 15%. This program would also lead some tech and oil companies to be forced to be federalized or controlled by the government much to the anger of some businessmen.
  • [SECRET] A secret weapons research and development program called Excalibur is once again activated after the attacks in Taiwan and South Korea. The program was introduced during the Aquino administration but it was ignored due to the price of supporting it but it was now agreed by both the military and the government that Excalibur program must be initiated because of the crisis in the north. The Excalibur program was an advanced weapon research and development program to create new weapons to be used as either defensive or offensive equipment against enemies in times of war such as the Chinese. [SECRET]
  • The Mandatory Military Service Act is introduced leading to an increase of manpower in the Armed Forces.
  • Philippine military forces have also been placed in high alert and mobilized until the conflicts in Taiwan and South Korea has been dealt with.

External Affairs:

  • The recent attacks on Taiwan and South Korea has alarmed us and we condemn it.
  • President Robredo on a speech on Saturday has convinced the public and Congress to send a portion of the Filipino Armed Forces to Taiwan and South Korea, saying that "If their allies in the north would fall to our enemies then the fate of our beautiful nation would be doomed to the forces of Tyranny and dictatorship. That is why we must pave a way for the forces of freedom to destroy the enemies of democracy". The president's speech ended with a round of applause and cheers from the public and congress. These speech would also lead to a rise of nationalism and patriotism.
  • We would want to request confirmation from the Taiwanese and South Koreans to accept 5 divisions of Filipino Special Forces to assist them in combating North Korean rebels. [Mod Response]
    • Mod response: Both accept.
  • We would also want to invite the members (Indonesia, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan) of the proposed United Asian Alliance in a meeting to negotiate and finalize the military alliance. [Player/Mod Response]
    • Indonesian Response: Indonesia remains committed to this alliance and will attend the meeting to finalize it.
    • Mod response: Vietnam, India, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan (ROC) commit to finalizing the alliance.
  • We would lastly want to set up a meeting with the European Union to further discuss the economic/trade treaty and deal with the economic alliance. [Mod Response]
  • [SECRET] We would want to request financial or military support from our allies particularly Indonesia, Australia, Japan or the United States for the Excalibur Weapons Program.[SECRET][Player/Mod Response]
    • Indonesian Response: Indonesia accepts the Filipino request for military support, offering to sell them Indonesian firearms and ammunition at a reduced price, as well as offering to sell them cheap, Indonesian produced F-16s, though they will take until 2028 to arrive.
    • Mod response: Japan pledges the first wave of the new Mitsubishi F-X to the Philippines alongside the JS Murasame, and the JS Ariake.


With the world fearing all-out war with CSTO, Serbia annexes Kosovo, and Macedonia, with Bosnia being invaded. Vojislav Šešelj returns the country to the name of Yugoslavia, with Belgrade also being renamed Miloševićgrad. Iran, and Syria pledge support to China. Kim Jong-un poisons himself while interned at the Hague, having left a message behind reading, "I go to join my father, and grandfather in god-dom. The Kims will one day return to our rightful place in Pyongyang." His death incenses the Jucheists, and provides their propaganda efforts with a martyr. In an ironically similar nature, Vice President Ossoff pulls out of his coma in a massive recovery, though he is however debilitated to the point in which he is forced to resign from his position. Regardless, his widely unexpected survival is considered emblematic of the American spirit. The SOC has largely dissolved.

American flag.png

United States of America

  • Government: The United States is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic, with a bicameral legislature, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
    • President: Steve Bullock
    • Legislature: The Congress
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: Democratic Party
  • Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Capital City: Washington D.C.
  • Population: 335.9 Million
  • Economy: The United States' economy, by 2028, is a highly developed free-market economy. It is the largest economy in the world with a GDP of over 22 Trillion USD. Citizens live relatively comfortable lives, however the wealth inequality is some of the worst in the entire developed world. Worsening wealth inequality, as well as the slow corruption of our government is starting to cause issues in the economy.
  • Wars and Conflicts:
    • [SECRET] To basically all of NATO (esp. Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary) - The aggression of Yugoslavia shall not be underestimated. If they are left to their own devices, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania will be under threat from this Nazi regime. As a result, we would bring up the idea of Operation Kander again. The plan hasn't changed from when we drafted up the plan three years ago: American Navy SEALs will assault Belgrade from the shores of the River Danube, and storm the President's home and the Parliament, while NATO troops (from mainly Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary) would take the major cities of Novi Sad, Nis and other towns. The plan should be completed in one week, and we plan to start the attack on the 11th of March. [SECRET]
    • [SECRET] China's aggression against their neighbours is beyond what the Nazis had made in World War II. As their invasion of South Korea began, we would draft up Operation Momo, which plans for an all-out invasion of China should war be declared. While we know that striking straight into the Chinese heartland will be impossible, we believe that attacking via China's Soft Underbelly (i.e. Hong Kong and Macau) should be relatively easy. The plan goes as follows: Once the war is declared, 300,000 American troops will be sent to Taiwan, and another 500,000 to Korea. At the meantime, we would bomb the bases at the Spratly Islands to shreds, and within 2 weeks of the invasion, we will launch an assault on Hainan Island, and hopefully take the coasts by the third week of the invasion. At the end of the fourth week, an all-out assault on Hong Kong will start from Lantau Island and Hong Kong Island, while capturing Cheung Chau and Lamma Island on the way. The urban combat is expected to take almost a month, and we'll spread...let's just say promotion posters (i.e. propaganda) in Hong Kong, and encourage the citizens to rise up against the overlords. Macau will be captured via an airbourne and naval assault, and after we reorganize the army, we would launch Operation Hollywood, invading the cities of Zhuhai, Shenzhen and Dongguan, and hopefully by then, China will fall into a revolution, and sue for peace. [SECRET]
    • (continued) [SECRET] As for South Korea, Operation Astley will liberate North Korea directly, and we'll roll our divisions straight onto the Tumen River. Then, we'll cross the border and into Manchuria, and take Shenyang and Dalian by the third month of the intial start of Operation Astley. All this time, massive air raids will take place across the major cities, and we want the invasion to be done within six months. Once Operation Pearl (the one to invade Hainan) Momo, Hollywood and Astley are completed, we'll see what we can do there, and decide if we want to push to Beijing or invade Shanghai. [SECRET]
  • Internal Affairs:
    • After Ossoff's resignation from the Vice Presidency, Bullock would order a Vice Presidental Election, with the former Californian governor Gavin Newsom running against Secretary of State Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The election is scheduled to take place on May 8th, 2027.
      • When the final results rolled in, Gavin Newsom crushed AOC as he became the new Vice President of the United States.
    • Gavin McInnes is on trial for high treason, and was quite quickly sentenced to death for the proxy murders of Antony Blinken and Chris van Hollen, and the attempted assassination of President Steve Bullock and Vice President Jon Ossoff. The American public celebrates.
    • The increasing suspcsion of China has caused some even more draconian sanctions for China. We now ban ALL Chinese citizens who has been to China over the past 2 years to enter the United States, and all Chinese refugees, regardless of where they are from, are barred from entering. Anyone born IN China are instantly banned from entering unless they are American citizens. Any Chinese living in China who are using American tech comapnies and banking services have their assets frozen and banned from American social media, all the while we would officially severe ALL remaining ties with the URC, and ban any remaining trade avaliable. Effectively, we have froze China out of our world.
      • As a part of the 2027 State of the Union Address (which has everyone entering the Capitol VERY rigouriously searched to ensure that a 2026 SOTU incident doesn't happen again), Bullock explained and attempted to justified his sanctions to the rest of world: "All of the sanctions are not meant to be directed towards regular Chinese. They are meant for the tyrannical regimes at the very top. If China wants to go around and murder people, launch coups or spread propaganda, we shall respond in kind." However, he also accidentally slipped out that he will ensure democracy and freedom to remain across the world by force, no matter the cost during the speech, saying: "There will be a day, when the illiberal facsists of Russia and Serbia pay their price. There will be a day when liberal democracies and freedom will win against the tyrants. AND IF THEY CONTINUE THEIR AGGRESSION, THE UNITED STATES SHALL RESPOND IN KIND TO PROTECT FREEDOM, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!"
    • The recent comments and actions of Steve Bullock has concerned quite a lot of Republicans and Democrats alike, and some more hard-lined liberalists even called him a "tyrant". [SECRET] During a phone call between the now-ex Vice President Ossoff and President Bullock, Ossoff was quite critical about Bullock's policies of cancelling everybody from a warmongering nation. Here's what they said from the excrept:
      • (start of tape)
      • Ossoff: Steve, you can't just cancel the Chinese and the Serbs out of our world just like that, you know? The Chinese regime might be evil, but 1 in 8 people are Chinese, and they hold a grudge against us now.
      • Bullock: I know Jon, you reflected this many times in the past. But I believe that Biden and Trump has committed double standards aggression wise, and we have to reflect that by extreme sanctions to say that: We don't want war.
      • Ossoff: But you are dragging innocent people into this! 2 Billion people can't enjoy McDonalds or Coca-Cola because of these measures! Heck, they can't even watch CNN or any non-propagandic news!
      • Bullock: Well right now, many Chinese are getting across the border to Hong Kong and Macau to get Western goods, which means they are circumventing the sanctions. America needs to starve our enemies of our delicious goods before the tyranny collapses, and we're passing a bill soon applying the same sanctions to the SARs as well. There's no way Congress won't pass that!
      • Ossoff: Are you serious!? Hong Kong is a victim of the eradication of democracy and freedom by the CCP, and you're dragging them into this mess as well? That will turn the Hongkongers against us!
      • Bullock: Relax, Jon. More than likely Hongkongers will blame it on the CCP, and volla, another round of protests.
      • Ossoff: Steve, you really need to stop targetting civilians in your sanction deals. Both Gavin and Alex are against it, and even Republicans like Mike Pence or even the hardliner Pompeo don't agree with this. You are not gonna win 2028 if you shut China off with the rest of the world. Our economy's already suffering, so please...stop sanctioning Chinese civilians!
      • Bullock: I'm not changing anything Jon. America needs to show that we are against tyranny and illiberalism at all costs, and not just by voice. I'm here to provide ACTION.
      • (end of tape)
      • [END SECRET]
  • International Affairs: State your reaction or stance on what happens in other nations.
    • The invasion of Bosnia, and the illegal annexations of a NATO member state shall not be forgotten in the minds of the world. As President Bullock wants to ensure that all countries get what they deserve, we would induce the strictest sanctions we have ever dealt on any country. Serbia is hereby sanctioned with all American businesses barred from doing business in Serbia, as well as the severing of diplomatic relations with them. All Serbians in the country who are not American citizens are kicked out of the United States of America, and we ban all of our citizens from going to Serbia. All Serbians using American banks now have their assets frozen, and we warn them of further consequences should they continue their aggression.
    • In a similar fashion, Pakistan is also sanctioned for their war against India. However, we do believe that both India and Pakistan have done wrong things, and so we would only sanction Pakistan by banning all flights and businesses from working there for now.
    • Even MORE sanctions are placed on China for their invasion of South Korea. We would effectively freeze them out of the world, and as Bullock knew that the UN wouldn't be able to do anything, America did the sanctions alone. We do not believe in the Chinese lies of nuking us, and we would not just announce our solidarity with Korea, but would start the largest intervention in decades: 100,000 voluteering soldiers are now transferred to South Korea, along with 3 plane squadrons and even 5 destroyers. We knew that this will probably be constituted as an act of war for China, so we once again send our DEFCON levels to DEFCON 3, and mobilize 200,000 of our reserves, with fleets sent to the Indo-Pacific region. All it takes is for a declaration of war by China, and we are ready to strike.

Flag of China.png- Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Jueqi (Ju Yang)
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Yi Qiang
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Fei Li
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Social Democrat Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Fei Li
      • First United Front: 5,000 members
      • Second United Front: 3,000 members
      • Third United Front: 1,000 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: Feng Weilai
      • Judges: 500
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 41.1 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 27.2 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 29,129 USD
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP (PPP) in the world, and the second largest GDP (nominal) behind the United States of America. Overall, the outlook for the future of the Chinese economy is bright.
  • Population
    • 1.465 Billion People
  • Domestic Issues
    • President Ju Yang is sworn in on January 1st 2027, ending the previous President Xi's long reign on the Presidential "throne". Previously named Jueqi, Ju Yang rose to popularity through his early advocation for reform within the Chinese government as an outsider. Initially a mere protestor, he proceeded to lead a movement that spanned all regions of China, every city and every village, every person and every being, was involved. Initially considered a low deal, this man rose to the top of the Unitary Republic in pursuit of a better nation for his children.
    • President Ju becomes the youngest President to ever hold office. After he is sworn in, he is 37 years old at the time of taking his oath of office. President Ju graduated from the prestigious Harvard University in the United States, where he met his future wife Bai Yang. Graduating with a Master's Degree in Political Science, Ju had an interest in politics and law right from the start. While in the United States he became one of the youngest lawyers at the Kirkland and Ellis Law Group in Chicago, quickly earning his prestige while attending. By the time he was 30 years old, he moved back to China to support his parents, quitting his job at the law firm to start his own company in China, called Ju Legal Services in Beijing. This is where the motivation to change China started. After seeing the various corruption scandals, the Hong Kong protests, the Taiwan China disputes, and others, he decided to start protesting against the government, well knowing what would likely happen. But things didn't turn out the way he quite expected, and while he was initially warned by the Chinese government at first to cease his protesting, Covid struck in 2020. While this may not seem like much, the government dropped the issue to focus on the more pressing issue, death and disease in the capital of China. Through this online boom, and with the help of a defiant spirit and Weibo, Ju started to become viral, to the point where frankly, the Chinese government could not make any devastating moves. His movement snowballed from this point to the point where he is today, standing in front of thousands in person, and almost a billion on television and the internet.
    • In the speech, titled 'An Address to A Rising Nation' President Ju says the following "We are gathered here today, one nation, moving in a new direction, rising up, moving past our previously thought limits. The Presidency of Xi Jinping was yesterday, and we must not focus on his various misgivings, but look forward. This does not mean, if found to be corrupt, we will not prosecute him, but we will do what is good for our people's future, as well as for the world. It is our responsibility as a nation, and as a rising people, to see to it that justice and equality are bestowed upon all, whether they be Chinese or not. The world is one, and it is ours to cohabit with each other. This will never change. We must move forward, for our destiny lies ahead of us, and not behind. Thank you!"
    • An investigation is immediately opened into the various actions of Xi Jinping while President, to uncover any possible fraud or illegal activities. While this investigation will likely take a while, many are thrilled to see justice being done for the former President. President Ju stresses the need for justice and peace during this investigation.
    • The investigation concludes rather quickly, with the end result being the atrocities the Xi Administration committed being put on for the world to see, and with his arrest and soon to be trial. President Ju gives a quick interview on what was found. "We found, to say the least, some of the most atrocious things I have seen in my life. Evidence of war crimes, ethnic abuse, conspiracy to commit mass genocide, terrorism, foreign election interference, chemical weapon development, and more. We found evidence of President Xi being linked to the bombing of Taipei later last year, the attempted incursion into South Korea, and a plan to use nuclear weapons against Taipei if needed. Other crimes include the torture and killings of multiple North Korean citizens, the funding of some sort of liberation group, illegal death squads for journalists, etc. He will be arrested and if possible by request, taken in front of the ICC and UN for questioning." President Xi is arrested due to evidence and testimony from the former Premier, in exchange for a lighter sentence. The evidence is titled 'Xi Papers' and is spread to just about every media org, company, group, and others around the globe.
    • The Supreme Court, after multiple cases are brought forward regarding the redress of grievances by Mongolians and Koreans, rules in favor of the Mongolian and Korean groups, claiming former members of the CCP may be sued for their actions in the wars that took place, even if they were not directly involved. While multiple challenges are brought forward, the court stands by it's decision, and makes it clear it will not reverse any decision regarding the matter.
    • The National Unitary Congress is reformed via referendum, putting the United Front (basically House of Rep) into three branches, making the Congress a tricameral body. The first United Front focuses on more local issues, the Second provincial issues, and the Third federal issues. The majority party, currently the Social Democrats, are trailed by the Progressive Party, the Free Party, and the Moderate Party in membership and share of the Front. Referendums are also introduced as a way for citizens to vote on whatever legislation they are legally allowed to, via an app on their phones. All they must do is provide a legal ID showing they are a resident of China, and they may vote and create referendums to be voted on. Once the vote reaches a high enough count, the app will show the referendum to more people, and the referendum will be voted till dropped or voted till approved. Of course, the referendum is restricted by the various other laws, however as a citizen, it is pretty powerful to have.
    • In a highly contentious and debated Congress decision, the military budget is approved to stay at 3 percent. This would mean 816 billion dollars are going towards domestic and foreign military funding. Bases are constructed and finished in areas such as Cuba, Venezuela, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nicaragua. Our nuclear count would increase once again to 1800 nuclear bombs, owing to this increase in budget and production efficiency. The Mongolian Military is also fully inducted into our forces, with their training session completed in satisfaction. Our foreign bases stand at 91 currently, with at least a dozen more planned, our armed forces stand at 8.5 million total active and reserve, and we are looking well in all other military aspects.
    • Two more Type-003 carriers are produced, allowing us to field 14 around the world at any given time. With our stations in Latin America, as well as the Pacific Islands and other regions, we are confident enough in our status as a now hypothetical blue water navy, considering our ability to project power, at least in Naval terms, to the globe. These carriers are designated with K and L respectively and will serve our interests in the Latin American region primarily. This should bring our projection capabilities up ever more, as well as protect the few socialist nation's interests in the areas.
    • We start a military draft for our new ambitions, as it seems there is no escape to this new war. This will be the single greatest draft in the history of any nation, with an estimated 30 percent of our population eligible for draft, based on our estimates from the Unitary Armed Forces. Over 100 million Chinese citizens will be inducted into our military eventually, with the quota having to unfortunately be limited to 10 million as our maximum, per year. Our intention is to overwhelm any country who dare to oppose us, and in light of these expanding military ambitions, we will crush the opposition under our feet.
    • Our HDWS are being produced like crazy, which has currently allowed us to have the most sophisticated missile defense system of any nation in the world. We are confident in our position that, barring a hypersonic missile launch, we should be able to defend against or alert against most of the foreign missile systems. The entire countries borders are plagued with these systems, surrounding cities with more than one million people as well. We have also introduced our Naval versions of this system, making it nearly impossible for our carrier strike groups to sink. We estimate that even if Russia fired every nuclear weapon towards us, we would have a 90 percent deflection and interception rate.
    • [SECRET] After the events of last year, we realize we may need to add a few powerful weapons to our nuclear arsenal, namely what the Soviets did with the Tsar Bomb. To be clear, this bomb, Shieje Mori, or World Ender, is a 50 megaton nuclear weapon, of which we have produced three. We have produced a 100 megaton version as well, although this would have to be done via a suicide mission, involving a pilot crashing into the designated target, as we do not believe a pilot would have the ability to escape the blast of a 100 megaton nuclear bomb. To be clear about another point, we would not use these weapons unless we absolutely needed to, and the production and design is for the purposes of intimidation rather than actual practical use. [SECRET]
    • We would release an economic report, showing the signs of our growth. In terms of our pure growth rate as our economy goes, while sanctions have impacted us, our domestication of resources and production, as well as our ability to trade with allies in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe have largely negated these various effects. This is the first financial report to be released by our recently established, Chinese Economic Accounting Agency, an agency that is much more transparent than our previous means of accounting. This is giving the Chinese people even more signs of hope.
    • While in custody, former President Xi attempts to kill himself, but is luckily stopped in time. We would move him to a psych unit within the Beijing Facility, hoping to not have a repeated attempt of this. At around 2:15 AM, the night watch guards were alerted to a possible situation in the Maximum Security Unit, where he was housed. We found one of the two cameras covered in his room through the security system, the other camera being places in a hidden location on the ceiling. We saw everything, from the construction of a semi-rope from his bedsheets, to the attempt to jump off of his top bed to his death. Luckily, the plot failed, however he does have severe injuries to both his spine and neck from this event, and is undergoing treatment at this time.
    • A momentous dream is finally achieved in our space program, an uncrewed lunar base. While not complete at this time, by 2031 we hope this base may be supplemental to human life, based on preliminary construction estimates. While originally projected to be completed by 2035, we updated, along with Russia, the timeline to 2027. However, with the Russia-Ukraine crisis, we have once again scaled the completion of the base, this time to 2031. Our Chang'e 8 mission will launch as well this year, with this being our second lunar mapper/explorer probe. We would also update our budget of the CNSA, pegging it to 0.5 percent of our Federal Budget, similar to NASA and the United States do. This would put our budget at approximately 25 billion dollars for CNSA.
    • [SECRET] In case of nuclear war, which is increasing in chance each passing day, we officially start Project Chongqi, or Project Restarting. This is a mass underground civilization based under Mongolia, with the ability to support as many people as we can build for. Preliminary estimates show a max capacity, if built over a period of ten years, for 50 million people, more than enough to restart civilization. With our nuclear stockpile increasing as well, Mongolia has also become an area of storage for a few dozen nuclear weapons, in case of retaliation. We will also be building 500 nuclear weapons by next year, due to our revocation of Juche nuclear weapons, which were surprisingly insightful for our own building of nukes. These nuclear weapons will be primarily stored in three locations, Mongolia, Xinjiang, and SLBM's on our Type 095 Submarines. [SECRET]
    • Religion is on the rise in China, although not as quickly as some would hope. The influence of Islamic values in mainly Southern Asia as well as Western China have prompted a influential billionaire, named Ahmed Khan, to start construction on a massive mosque, which he hopes will bring more Islamic values to China. The mosque is to be built in the heart of Urumqi, in Western China. Due to both a vehement dislike of Indonesia and a massive wish for Islam to spread across China, he announces this Mosque will hold 2 Million People, and will be completed by 2033. This seems to be nothing more than a petty attempt of provocation by this billionaire, to which President Ju denounces publicly. Still, with the new freedom of religion, he is allowed to proceed with the financing and building of such a project. The project is simply titled the Urumqi Worship Center for Islam.
    • [SECRET] Obviously with the unveiling of our three main military projects, the J-25, J-28, and Type-004 carriers, we would increase our production of all three of these, at least in our plans next year. With our new defense budget increase as of late, as well as our shift to a more military/defense industrial sector, we will produce 130 of each aircraft to unveil, and produce 2 Type-004 carriers along with 2 Type-003 carriers for introduction next year. In line with our new military policy, we would start researching a seventh gen aircraft and Type-005 aircraft carrier, although these are both very vague, so collecting hypotheticals will be difficult for quite a while. The J-25, J-28, and Type-004 should likely carry us into the 2030's and early 2040's, but things may change by that time. If they do, we will increase our rate of research and production to fit the changing times, as we wish to be fully prepared for what comes next in this aspect of defense. [SECRET]
    • Across China, many are calling for the banning of American citizens from the nation. Repeated calls are also made to implement even more severe punishments against the West, such as shutting down our ports to countries in the West, which would no doubt cripple and wound some economies. President Ju makes a statement on this, saying "We will not be banning the United States or their citizens from entering China if they wish. We will check very carefully for any foreign terrorists or troublemakers, but we do not believe in the racially biased policies of the West, as to not allow an entire group of citizen into their country. We stand by our inclusiveness and commitment to diversity, which is why we will not follow or copy the United States."
    • We would heavily increase our border security, in case of attack other than an ICBM or other missile system. Our previously named China Immigration Inspection will now be called the Unitary Border Force, only really changing in name, rather than any organizational changes. The Unitary Border Force will now be armed to the teeth, with all agents mandated to carry both sidearms and rifles, full kits of body armor, as well as armed vehicles for more congested areas. We realize the importance of protecting our borders at this point, given the increasing likeliness of war in the world.
    • Our production of UCAV's is skyrocketing, with automated versions of J-20 aircraft being produced as well. We would throw production of these in overdrive, hoping to produce 400 UCAV's by the start of the new year. These UCAVs will give us the capability to further use autonomous weaponry on remote areas of the globe. We would also produce more autonomous combat patrol ships, as well as more autonomous combat ships in general, hoping to sail these out to our various foreign bases around the world with naval ports and naval equipment.
    • A protest turned violent shocks China. During a protest, of which the objective was to have President Ju issue a stricter punishment on the United States and the West, a man named David Gu grabbed a military grade rifle, explosives, pistols, and a bulletproof vest, and decided to attack. Described as a severely anti-American protestor, David was ex-military, trained in marksmanship for the former PLA. Looking to make a statement, and in very similar fashion to the 2016 Dallas Sniper incident, David fired 27 shots into a crowd of people, before sprinting away, taking advantage of the chaos. Police immediately responded, with armored units firing on David's presumed location, however only striking his body armor, which allowed him to flee into a nearby apartment complex. Police regrouped, and quickly readied themselves for a chase after David, but were quickly stopped, after seeing an explosion near the front of the building. Police quickly called the Tactical Crimes Unit to both negotiate and resolve the situation. Via identifying information from nearby witnesses and CCTV footage, they were able to identify David as the shooter, and quickly established a line of communication with him. After hours of negotiation failed, the TCU had to make their move, and quickly at that. Using a police microdrone to get a better view of David, they could see he had two hostages on the third floor of the building, with a bomb ready to go off. Police quickly made their way up to the second and third floor, establishing verbal communication with David. Using coordination between the microdrone's view, the layout of the building, and a ping of David's phone location, TCU Officer Jei Huang fired the kill-shot, from an adjacent building. The window of opportunity was estimated to be less than 60 milliseconds, as David was positioning the hostages in such where if fired upon, the hostage would be struck as well. While the event was over, 21 people were confirmed dead in this tragic incident, as well as 10 injured from both bullets and the explosion. TCU Officer Huang is given the highest special forces award possible, and is now considered a hero by many Chinese.
    • At the age of 18, President Ju's first and oldest son, Chen Yang, officially inherits all assets of his father, as sanctioned in both the Constitution and previous anti-corruption legislation by the Unitary Congress. Assets are publicly reported as the Ju Law Group, worth 500 million dollars, various homes totaling 243 million dollars, various cars and yachts totaling 120 million dollars, and all other assets mainly cryptocurrency totaling nearly 1 billion dollars. This moves Chen to the position of one of the youngest billionaires in the Unitary Republic, as well as the richest child of a politician in the Unitary Republic. Chen uses some of these assets to create the Chen Media and Technologies Group, quickly shooting to the top in prestige and funding, due to him being the President's son. President Ju will regain his assets once he is out of office, either in 2030 or 2034, depending on his status as President or citizen. President Ju's two other children, Zhang Yang and Zhu Yang, 15 and 8 years old, daughter and son, will likely inherit his assets if possible later on as well.
    • The Chinese Renaissance, as it is being called, is putting the STEM world as many know it further into a spotlight. The first AI to fluently converse with a human is created by multiple Chinese researchers, owing in part to increased research in that field. A Chinese Neuralink has passed commercial approval and regulation, however at a high price of 1 million dollars per operation. Quantum computing and cryptography have essentially taken off in China, however price barriers limit these technologies to prestigious research companies and cyber security analysts. Autonomous cars are being sold like crazy, with 2 in 10 new purchases of a car being fully autonomous. Much more has appeared as well, though much of it is being withheld from the general public, for information security purposes. Much of these innovations are coming from the private sector as well, allowing the economy to continue growing at a rapid pace.
  • Foreign Issues
    • First off the bat, we would like to address the issue with Taiwan. While what the previous President Xi did was horrific and uncalled for, we would request Taiwan to sign a peace treaty, very simply put, which would prevent the establishment of foreign military presence on the island. We would request this out of kindness towards the Taiwanese people, not out of some malice intent. While we are being kind on this matter, do not take our kind gesture for one of weakness. We are publicly stating this much, if Taiwan does not reverse their position of foreign military presence, we may be forced to take actions such as a military embargo, sanctions, annexation, or other acts. While this is the last thing we want, we cannot allow the foreign threats such as the United States to pervert the great historic lands that are Taiwan. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: Taiwan makes it clear they will not reverse their position, and welcomes any new military cooperation with foreign powers, due to their conflict with China at the moment.
    • As our Kashmir push becomes more successful by the day, we would finally complete our objectives. We construct a military barrier and cede the land to Pakistan, believing them to be the rightful owners of the areas in question. We would warn India to not escalate this conflict further, as we do not wish to war with another nuclear nation, lest there be some mass conflict. The so-called Great Kashmir Conflict of 2026-27 will go down in history as one of many with India, but further invigorates the Chinese people as a dangerous path towards hyper nationalism and Chinese supremacy begins. Many within China are starting to attribute this to the new President, although others question this decree.
    • In regards to South Korea, we will give them no chances. The Philippines and Indonesia shall live to see this as a warning, we will not allow the militaries of other countries to invade our various spaces. We commit approximately 1 million troops to South Korea, as we realize they are the sixth largest military power in the world. [SECRET] Our Navy starts from Pyongyang primarily, sailing off the coasts of South Korea, with the intent to station vehicles on the various beaches of South Korea, as well as to launch various missiles onto their largest cities, using conventional non-nuclear weapons for the time being. Our Air Forces will conduct mass bombing campaigns using H-6 and H-20 stealth aircraft, which we are most confident should be near impossible to shoot down. Our primary targets with our aircraft are massive population centers as well as military objectives. Our Ground Forces will move quickly across the DMZ into South Korea, and with their overwhelming and sudden military attack, it should make for an easy attack. We are looking to reach Seoul, annex the country into our Province of Korea, and publicly execute their President. Our Huoli Defense Weapon Systems are activated, which should shoot down most missiles that enter our borders. [SECRET] We are well prepared for this invasion, and while it is a bit quick, we are confident in winning. Any country that dares to attack China, in military or economic terms, will face nuclear hell. [MOD RESPONSE, I intend for this to be a massacre]
      • Mod Response: Indeed a massacre does occur, however it is the Chinese who take a major loss, with casualties mounting to 235,000 Chinese and North Korean soldiers dead, while South Korea and their allies lose 175,000 soldiers and volunteers. The Unitary Republic is ultimately successful in their goals, being able to push to the capital and clear out most of the resistance for the time being. Many analysts predict, however, that the now rural South Korean resistance will find a way to rise up once again. For the time being, The Unitary Republic's sheer numerical and military advantages prove to be the winning card, while enduring heavy losses. They control a majority of the South Korean nation, enough to effectively weaponize control of the entire Korean land. If fighting continues, it is likely China will gain a complete victory not only in objectives, but in complete territorial dominance.
    • We ramp up our trade with Pakistan, in light of the current US sanctions on their nation. As they are an ally, we strongly condemn these actions by the United States, and would in turn further sanction the United States, recall all remaining diplomatic envoys, and allow all current Chinese Americans who wish to relocate the ability to do so. President Ju calls these acts by the United States and other countries "One of the worst attacks of China's recent history. We try to ally with the United States, and they attack our friends in turn. We will not allow this anymore, and are not afraid of any possible conflict the United States will try to bring." [SECRET] We would also send some Ministry of State Security agents to play the part of "expelled Chinese rebels" to the United States. We plan this meticulously, and hope these agents can complete their objectives. We realize the immediate and present danger the United States proposes to our ambitions, and we would order our agents to immediately end their lives if caught at all. We send 5 agents in total, all boarding flights from South Korea, to look like refugees. The plan is simple, at the President's next public event in the open, two Chinese agents will take positions at separate nesting positions, readying their snipers. Two more agents will be monitoring ongoing movements near the area, and use visual signals to inform the team of the various actions. The fifth agent will be a getaway driver/suicide bomber, driving a minivan through the area, but not close enough to arouse any suspicious activity. If the agents do not come back within the allotted time slot, the driver is to assume them captured, and drive towards the President, detonating the car bomb while doing so. If the snipers and signal team succeed, the driver will simply take the agents to a safehouse, where they will ultimately kill themselves while deleting and burning all evidence. We are a bit worried about the result of a possible assassination of our President as well, so for the time being he is with his trusted advisors in the Presidential Bunker at CONFIDENTIAL LOCATION... [SECRET] [AMERICAN RESPONSE OR MOD RESPONSE]
      • Result (from America) - That went about as well as you can expect. You see, at the airport, all people who even look Chinese are scanned quite rigouriously, and even though this isn't federal law yet, the border guards at LA are concious enough to scan every East Asian in general. The fake passports were quite quickly identified, and the Chinese agents are detained, though they killed themselves before we could get anything out of him.
    • We would strongly condemn this so called 'spreading of democracy' by the United States, pointing out their history of doing so has lead to millions of deaths. We would point out their track record in areas like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and others, which they massively failed to complete their military objectives. President Ju releases a statement on this, saying "For the past 20 years, the Americans have intervened in countless nations, of which they had no business doing so. The guise of freedom and democracy the West holds high seems to only apply in war and bloodshed, and not diplomacy and peace. Even before that 20 year period, you had areas such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua, and others that have undergone mass killings due to American ignorance and war. I mean look at the world we live in now, President Bullock barely kept the country together during the attack of the SOC, and former Vice President Ossoff barely survived a poisoning by his own people. The Philippines and Indonesia have stepped away from their decades long stance of neutrality to declare us their de facto enemy, while Australia and New Zealand have militarized the Pacific and Oceanic regions further. We are not the China of 50 years ago, and if we need to, we will lead the world, if no one else can. We don't want to, we hope every nation does what is in their best interest, but if forced, we will respond." The reaction is staggering, with more Chinese up in arms to defend their homeland.
    • To the people of the United States, our message is this. We see your government, not listening to your various needs and acting in it's own interest. For the longest time, America was a shining light of representation for all and peace, and now this has been uprooted by the Bullock administration. We would put out a statement in this regard, saying "We are sure this is not what the United States citizens want, as this is certainly not what the Chinese people want. In a recent poll, approval of American government has hit 15 percent, it's lowest since the Cold War era. Support of the American Citizen's however has risen past the negative point, to 55 percent supporting the citizens. We would like to make this distinction crystal clear, we do not dislike American people, we dislike your government and their hostile actions. Whether Democrat or Republican, we believe the choice is clear, your President needs to step down."
    • [SECRET] In a new attempt to assassinate the US President, we would contact an extremist right winger who we have been watching for a while, through various intelligence networks. Using a rerouted bitcoin address, we would send one million dollars worth of bitcoin to this man from a Russian network address. Intelligence agencies have identified this man, Mark Thiel, as a current Secret Service Agent, former DOJ and FBI Operative. Through various methods, some involving manipulative ad tactics through various websites, social media posts from 'real personas' and other confidential information manipulation, we believe to have secured him in a sort of Q-anon echo chamber. Through this, it is clear from various forum posts and online discussions he has fallen victim to these rumors, one of which is the classic Democrats will take over America sort of thing. We send him one million dollars worth of bitcoin along with a message saying, 'You can be the savior of America, The President is working for the Deep State, taking him out will restore the United States to it's former glory, From Q.' Whatever method he hopefully uses will work, but we don't want to get our hands too dirty with this, as for the time being, any investigation into this should lead to Moscow, an already contentious enemy with the United States. If this attempt does not work, we are likely going to halt attempts for the time being, since election year is right around the corner. We don't want this to end up like the CIA trying to take out Fidel Castro. [SECRET] [American Response]
      • Result - This one got closer to killing Bullock than you could have expected. Thiel decided to use a cyanide pill to place it on the wine body where Bullock would probably open. However, one of the aides of Bullock decided to open it for him, and unsurprisingly got poisoned. He later died this morning, but Bullock escaped unharmed, thanks to the wine itself being uncontaminated. Bullock even remarked to his wife: "Am I so popular that people want me dead?"
    • With war seeming to inch closer, we would ready our troops to deploy at moments notice. The message is sent globally to not engage in fighting unless attacked, especially to our Latin American and Pacific bases. We would warn the West against attacking or making provocative moves, adding that our troops 'number not in the millions, but tens of millions, if counting total reserves, paramilitary, and active forces.' We would also emphasize our citizen draft, making the point that if 'that does not sound like enough, in five years try near 100 million forces.' We would once again reemphasize that we don't want war, but will if attacked. President Ju says "If a single Chinese citizen or military personnel is harmed or killed, we will unleash the full wrath of hell onto the enemy."
    • [SECRET] If we can take South Korea, we are looking at two options for the next move. One would be to continue our war path, straight into either Taiwan (depending on the outcome of the peace treaty) Japan (This would be ideal as well) or Vietnam (As we saw with the American invasions, we may lose that battle if similar tactics are employed). The second option would be to possibly sign some sort of land agreement with Russia, mainly with their Eastern Coastal areas, giving us a significant increase in land and resources. Both options are very plausible, in our opinion, and we would start drafting a proposal for Russia if the time comes, as well as battle plans for Taiwan, Japan, and Vietnam, if those times come as well. The Philippines and Indonesia, along with much of South Asia, are being considered targets as well, though we would like to keep our focus on a relatively few amount of targets for the time being. We have our various reasons for these targets as well, however these may be published at a later time. [SECRET]
    • We would announce the strengthening of our cyber-defense systems, and show that through repeated testing via domestic hacking, the rate of entry through this new system, called The Qiang System, is 1 in 100,000. This significantly slows any attempts hopefully to hack our country or it's systems, and we would warn countries against cyberattacks anyways, owing to their recent proven use by Russia to Ukraine, and by the United States 'Anonymous Group' to Russia.
    • We would offer a ten percent incentive for companies to relocate to China and sever all relations with the United States. We specifically target companies like Intel, Microsoft, Apple, and others, in the hopes of their withdraw crippling the rivaling US Tech industry. All companies however, no matter how large or small in net worth or market cap, no matter privately funded or public, may relocate. By ten percent, we mean we will give the company ten percent of their net worth through various payment and initiatives if they will relocate within China and not do business with the United States. We offer all workers a ten percent increase in pay compared to the United States, as well as the full rights under Chinese law given to all citizens. This offer is also extended to any people who wish to flee the United States, though compensation will not be the same amount, only five percent of their current net worth. [SECRET] We hope to cut off the United States abilities in multiple sectors, with this form of talent stealing. If we were to take Intel, this would essentially rob the United States of their main semiconductor company, while we would possess the ability to hold a hegemony over this industry, depending on the state of Taiwan and if we are successful in South Korea. Taiwan obviously holds TSMC and South Korea holds Samsung, both top companies only comparable to SMIC and Intel when it comes to chip making. [SECRET] [American Response]
    • [SECRET] Well, seeing as literally every attempt we make on the POTUS's life has failed, according to our intel, we are shifting our strategy to propaganda and cyberattacks, specifically to hopefully ensure an election lost for these various democrats in the White House. We are hoping to reach out and influence the various Sons of the Constitution members, whom we believe to be currently holding a few high positions both politically and economically, to revolt or install themselves into the White House, ideally as a high performing and well liked candidate. We conduct massive cyberattack and manipulation campaigns, encouraging various Chinese Americans to revolt against the government of the United States as well. We hope with the small but substantial minority of Chinese in the United States, we can at least severely impact the United States and their ability to keep peaceful functions. Essentially we will do the following, influence and hopefully cause a revolt through both the SOC and Chinese Americans, rig the elections in favor of an SOC member, and propagandize our own citizens to further believe in our cause, which is working very well as of late. Of course we will take precautions, such as rerouting our IP address locations to Moscow, distributing propaganda through subtle means, and others. [SECRET] [American Response]

Flag of the Philippines.svg The Republic of the Philippines

  • Government/Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Leaders: President Leni Robredo
  • Capital City: Manila
  • Population: 109.6 Billion
  • Economy: Stable
  • GDP: 369.1 Billion
  • Number of Military Personnel (Active and Non-Active): 10 Million

Internal Affairs:

  • [SECRET] The Excalibur Weapons Research and Development Program with the support of different Filipino tech or oil companies such as funding and access to nuclear power leads to the developments of several prototype weapons particularly the long range intermediate ballistic missiles codenamed "Minotaur". According to military scientists, the Minotaur Missiles can possibly reach Shanghai or Taiwan within a matter of hours if it will be continued to be tested and improved. [SECRET]
  • Several military factories are constructed around the country such as a ammunation and naval factory. The government encourages the jobless and the homeless to apply a position in these factories by implementing the War Work Program wherein the poor who are undergoing financial issues may register in the nearest job center for work in the military factories. Factory workers would be given a daily pay of 500 pesos, health insurance, and free education for themselves or their families. This program would solve the poverty and jobless situation in the Philippines when thousands of homeless or jobless Filipinos received free jobs and good payment. Several Filipino war manufacturing corporations were also encouraged by the government to aid the creation of military equipment and vehicles such as the famous Alejandro Military Industries.
  • New 300 armoured "Rhino" large main battle tanks and 50 Mamba air superiority fighter jets are created with the support of Alejandro Military Industries.
  • [SECRET] In April 18 2027, President Robredo and high ranking military generals along with chosen political advisers and leaders met in Malacanang Palace to discuss Operation Orient Sea. The operation is a large scale military operation when Filipino military forces will launch an invasion along with their allies on the Unitary Republic of China in event of a war. Filipino forces during the operation would invade and occupy large portions of Eastern China and would hold it even during peacetime. [SECRET]
  • The economy continues to rise, prosper,and continues to be stable with the different economic programs implemented by President Robredo.

External Issues:

  • After many months of meeting and negotiations between the nations of the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam, the United Eastern Alliance has been finalized and the military coalition is completely formed against the Unitary Republic of China
  • We request establish an economic alliance with the European Union
    • EU Response: The EU accepts this economic alliance proposal, but wishes to know what terms the Philippines would request, ie. reduced tax, economic support, increased trade of certain goods, etc.
    • Philippine Response: We request to increase trade of certain goods between the union and economic support in times of conflict or disaster.
    • EU Response: The EU would accept these terms, and would vow to support the Philippines in times of economic crisis.
  • We request to purchase naval warships or submarines from Australia or the United States [ Australia/ United States Player Response]
    • American Response - Well obivously! We're more than glad to let you purchase our naval ships!

Flag of UK.png United Kingdom:

  • Home Affairs:
    • Space: The Honeycomb Company launches its first honeycomb module into space, marking Britain's first space station and the world's first private space station. The Company will launch its second and third modules next year.
    • Transportation: Fully autonomous cars become a reasonably common sight around Britain. Electric cars are now commonplace, with electric charging stations become more and more ubiquitous. Many petrol companies have decided to provide charging stations so as to keep up with the competition. Britain's first hyperloop system has been approved and will connect the country from Edinburgh to London.
  • Foreign Affairs:
    • South Korea: Parliament strongly condemns the Chinese invasion of South Korea. Protests against the war break out across the country, especially outside the Chinese embassy. Following extensive deliberation in Parliament, the decision is made to support South Korea by providing food, munitions, materials, and equipment supplies. Convoys of civilian cargo ships begin transporting these supplies to the Korean Peninsula, guarded by the Royal Navy. War is not declared with Britain taking on a role similar to that which America took prior to its involvement in WW2, a friend and supplier.
    • Serbian Crisis: Following the Serbian annexation of NATO member-state North Macedonia, Britain calls an emergency meeting of NATO to discuss what course of action may be appropriate. Britain proposes a declaration of war against Yugoslavia in support of Macedonian and Bosnian independence and to restore the status quo ante bellum. [Mod/Player Response]
      • NATO Response: NATO accepts this meeting under emergency circumstances. A majority of NATO agrees with Britain's proposal of war, considering their status as NATO allies and members respectively. We would draw up plans for the war, if possible, with all members cooperation.
  • Defence Affairs:
    • Defence Budget: The defence budget is increased to 4.2% of GDP amidst heightened global tensions.
    • Royal Navy: Production of hundreds of UCAVs for the Royal Navy is greenlighted by the MoD. Additionally, a third Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier is commissioned, named HMS Prince Philip. Construction of additional destroyers and frigates is sped up. More ships are deployed to the Pacific and stationed in Indonesia and Australia.
    • Australia: Britain requests permission from Australia to station additional ground forces in the country, and to participate in joint land exercises focused around the defence of the Australian mainland from a potential invasion by an aggressive regional power. [Player Response]
    • Defence Research: [Secret] Research into laser/directed-energy anti-missile defence systems continues with the deployment of operational prototypes to a select number of newly constructed destroyers and the nuclear-powered HMS Prince of Wales. The HMS Prince Philip, under construction, will have directed-energy missile defence systems integrated from the begining. [/Secret]


It has once again been a year of conflict and fighting, with the preludes to a Third World War increasing rapidly. Over in the United States, many are questioning President Bullock's strenuous policies in sanctions and conflict, with prominent Democrats and Republicans both denouncing and applauding certain areas of his ideas. In Russia, increasing hostility is beginning to mount between the citizenship and the government, with many calling for the overthrow of Putin and riots occurring across the country. The war in Ukraine is finally reaching a tipping point, with the Russians finally capturing Kyiv, however at the same time, sustaining at least 100,000 troops lost and over a trillion dollars in war expenses. In China, nationalist ideals and ideas of ethnic supremacy are sweeping across the nation, seemingly resembling WW2 Germanic ideas. As a result of the war between South Korea and China, China's economy suffers a recession, contracting to a 3 trillion dollar loss in economic progress. The Juche Rebels are mostly crushed under the result of the war as well, with many looking to flee to Japan. Yugoslavia is earning the condemnation of many, and the world seems increasingly worried about a possible Eurocentric conflict. War is likely upon the world once again, to the dismay of many.

Flag of the Philippines.svg The Republic of the Philippines

  • Government/Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Leaders: President Leni Robredo
  • Capital City: Manila
  • Population: 109.6 Billion
  • Economy: Stable
  • GDP: 369.1 Billion
  • Number of Military Personnel (Active and Non-Active): 11 Million

Internal Affairs:

  • The 2028 Elections begin with candidates - Isko Moreno, Bongbong Marcos, Sarah Duterte, Manny Pacquiao, and Martin Romualdez.
  • A hundred more battle tanks, artillery, and warplanes are created after several more military factories are constructed around the country
  • The Philippine Military focuses on improving the navy and air force with the construction of 3 Aquino Cruisers and 6 Magelan Destroyers
  • Construction of the Bacolod Nuclear Power Plant begins
  • The "Better World" Act is implemented leading to most of the Philippines and its citizens to use renewable energy in everyday life.
  • [SECRET]The National Defense Intelligence Agency (NDIA) is secretly formed with the approval of President Robredo to secretly gather intelligence from the Unitary Republic of China and its allies. Another goal of the agency is to enact sabotage, assassinations, and control over enemy governments. [SECRET]
  • The Philippine Armed Forces have been mobilized and are ready for war but the country remains neutral
  • President Robredo has pleaded with other countries to remain neutral as well and for the Chinese and Americans to work a way towards peace before its too late

External Affairs:

  • [SECRET]The NDIA wishes to make contact with pro-america and anti-war Chinese rebels within the Unitary Republic of China to convince them to start a revolution to destabilize the Chinese homeland. [SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Surprisingly, given China's near military state at the time, a few Juche rebels hiding out in Dandong are willing to cooperate with this. While not pro-America per say, they are heavily anti President Ju, and with the backing of the Philippines, it is quite possible to at least attempt a revolution at this time.
  • We will send 3,000 Filipino volunteer troops to Taiwan to strengthen their defenses against the Chinese
  • The Philippine Navy is completely mobilized along with its counterparts in the Air Force and the Army for war if the Unitary Republic of China will attack
  • We request immediate military support from the United States [American Response needed]
    • American Response: As we are now at war with the URC, we'll send you one of our aircraft carriers, 100,000 men and over 100 tanks. Oh yeah, and dozens of aircrafts.
  • We also request members of the United Asian Alliance (Philippines,Vietnam, Indonesia,Japan,Taiwan, and South Korea) to begin military mobilization and prepare for military conflict with the Chinese once President Ju Yang’s forces attack Taiwan [Mod/Player Response]
    • United Asian Alliance Response: Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan agree to begin preparing for conflict, and mobilize each of their troops in case of battle. South Korea is essentially under Chinese control at the time, so the message intended for South Korea is subsequently intercepted by The Unitary Republic.
  • [SECRET] We lastly request to meet secretly with President Ju Yang to negotiate a non-aggression treaty between the United Asian Alliance and the Chinese, whatever it takes [SECRET] [Chinese Response]
    • Chinese Response: President Ju would accept this meeting, however fearing a possible attempt on his life, he would meet over video conference software, instead of in person like usual. We would ask what your terms of non-aggression are.
    • Philippine Response: As the United States declared war against China, President Robredo has agreed with the following terms for a successful negotiation with the Chinese leader. The following terms that both sides would benefit are the neutrality of the Philippines during times of war if China will not attack the country and its allies and a reformed economic alliance or treaty with the Unitary Republic of China.
    • Chinese Response: Before we agree or entertain these terms, we would like to know who you consider allies, as well as the details of such a treaty. To be clear here, we welcome the move of Filipino Neutrality, however if these plans interfere with our objectives we may turn down such a treaty.
    • Philippines Response: Following terms would be that the Chinese would not launch attack nor an invasion of Southeast Asia and a strengthened economic ties involving trade with the remaining United Asian Alliance.
    • Chinese Response: President Ju, now in a secret location within the Unitary Republic, denies this treaty, stating "Our objectives may involve Southeast Asia if they are to interfere, to be quite honest with you President Robredo. We are absolutely against formally taking that option off the table, in exchange for Filipino neutrality and economic ties. Our economy will be perfectly fine either way, using that as a bargain will not work. I respect your efforts, but if you enter the war any further, you too will be wiped off the map, much like the United States may be soon." In essence, President Ju and China deny this treaty.
  • [SECRET] On Monday 11:00 PM, President Robredo has allowed the US military to send their troops here in the Philippines to launch an invasion of Southern China. She also says that if the American Invasion of China is a success then the Philippines and the United Asian Alliance will join the war and support the United States of America. We request the Americans to accept this plan[SECRET] [American Player Response]
    • American Player Response - [SECRET] For sure we accept. The Philppines serves as a crucial base for the eventual invasion of China, and we are going in very soon. (Result: Another 400,000 troops and basically most of the navy and aircrafts sent to the Philppines) [SECRET]
  • [SECRET] The NDIA also begins Operation Joke wherein Filipino agents within China would pose as "traitors" and would give Chinese intelligence, false information and reports of American troop movements that were seen in different locations such as in Northern Japan and South China Sea. The goal of the operation is to trick the Chinese to prevent them from figuring out the real American troop placements and movements. [SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod response: Operation Joke culminates in U.S victory at Hainan.
  • The Chinese Republic has denied treaty of a chance at peace and President Robredo in a fiery speech in Manila which was not seen in all her years in politics proclaimed that the Communist Chinese Party was not enemy nor friend but if they will attack the United Asian Alliance then the Chinese will face the fury and anger of the free Asian world.
  • [SECRET] A secret force of about 50,000 highly trained and specialized Filipino troops are sent to China from Vietnam to work with Juche Rebels in fighting against the Chinese Home Forces and are also tasked in sabotaging, infiltrating, kidnapping, and assassinations of high ranking Chinese army officials [SECRET]
  • A specialized cyber hacking group called "Freedom for Asia" or the FFA begins leaking reports and evidences of Chinese atrocities and illegal activities to the world and in China itself. The Philippine government accuses the group of illegal hacking and creates a counter cyber hacking team to put a stop to the FFA's attacks. [SECRET] The Freedom for Asia group is actually a Filipino sponsored group that is tasked to launch different kinds of cyberattacks to cripple China's influence, control and the morale of the people.[SECRET]

Flag of The Peoples Republic of China.svg- Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Jueqi (Ju Yang)
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Yi Qiang
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Fei Li
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Social Democrat Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Fei Li
      • First United Front: 5,000 members
      • Second United Front: 3,000 members
      • Third United Front: 1,000 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: Feng Weilai
      • Judges: 500
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 42.2 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 28.6 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 31,023 USD
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP (PPP) in the world, and the second largest GDP (nominal) behind the United States of America. Overall, the outlook for the future of the Chinese economy is bright.
  • Population
    • 1.534 Billion People
  • Domestic Issues
    • With our partial victory (at least in capturing most objectives) in South Korea, now united into the Province of Korea, we would attempt our previous tactics with regard to inducting the captured soldiers into our military, like we did with the North Korean and Mongolian soldiers. Expectedly however, these South Korean soldiers are well trained and high in morale still, even after being captured and offered a second chance. As we do not wish to brutalize these soldiers, nor capture them further, we would offer them voluntary induction into our services with full wages and educational programs, or to fully integrate with Chinese society, preserving their culture of course, and they would become citizens of the Unitary Republic. The results are a 75-20-5 split, with about 20 percent of soldiers wishing to remain in military service with China now being the banner they would fight under, 5 percent wishing to rebel against us continually, to which we would imprison them, and 75 percent wishing to integrate into Chinese society. Obviously the fight continues with regards to South Korean resistance, however we gain a majority of the former republic's soldiers, increasing our military by 300,000 active soldiers and about 1 million reserve forces.
    • Our forces late last year successfully located and captured the President of the former Republic of Korea Yoon Suk-yeol. While we have debated what to do within both the Unitary Congress and the Central Military Command, a decision has been made. We have given him an ultimatum to either publicly denounce South Korea's ambitions and call on them to halt all remaining resistance efforts, or we will simply execute him for the deaths of all Chinese soldiers during the war. [SECRET] Not surprisingly, he decides to deny our ultimatum, to which we execute him by lethal injection on the early morning of January 18th, 2028. The reason we keep this confidential is in fear of sparking even more Korean unity and morale, which we do not need at the moment. [SECRET]
    • President Ju would publicly denounce the idea of Chinese supremacy, claiming that these are 'ideas resembling Hitler's' and 'that we should not repeat that history, as it has already passed.' In a follow up statement, the President says "Back in the 19th and early 20th centuries, we were victim of these very ideals, however these were through the lens of Western supremacy. This is why we call those times a century of humiliation, to now a century of prosperity. History is meant to be learned from, not really repeated, and we will not support the ideas of ethnic supremacy, or that one culture is superior of all others." These statements really do nothing to help, as now more extremists start to see the President as their enemy, calling him a 'puppet of the West.'
    • The Unitary Congress, after consulting with financial analysts, human rights groups, and others, approves a 15 billion dollar payout fund for victims of the North Korean and Mongolian war crimes committed under the Xi administration. One of the largest payouts in the country's history will be directly going to families and victims impacted by these crimes, while the former President sits in his cell and awaits his verdict. Approval of the Unitary Congress rises five percentage points, with this being close to the top in terms of historical approval.
    • Many have begun to question the separation of powers in government, much like how other democracies operate around the world. In response to this, President Ju releases the 'Memo of the Three Branches' which mandates "All Three Agencies of Government, the courts, the legislators, and the executives, must work independently of one another, to ensure the prevention of corruption and conspiracy in this nation's highest echelons of government. The courts for example, set a high precedent in the case law and interpretation of law in it's functions. The Congress passes various legislation both for the people's sake and as their duty mandates. The Executives ensure the smooth operation of these laws, and ensure their functions are carried out among the populous by the trusted agents of the State. A fourth, sometimes unofficial branch, the Oversight Branch, or officially known as the Unitary Overseers Commission, is dedicated to ensure the smooth operation of the government in general, and makes sure that balance is held between itself and the other three branches respectively." This essentially affirms the separation of the Three Main and sometimes Fourth powers.
    • Well, once again our nuclear weapons count rises, which we release publicly this time. Our nuclear count stands at 2100, owing to our average production rate of 300 per year. In retrospect, many are criticizing the production of 300 as below our potential, given the 'increased tension and state of the world.' We would plan to procure 500 more nuclear weapons by the beginning of next year, giving us double what was previously thought possible by the end of the decade. We would publicly announce our intent to begin nuclear weapons testing some time soon, though we do not release specific details at this time.
    • Our military draft is certainly doing the trick, with our total forces standing at 19.8 million, due to both the addition of the 10 million Chinese citizens and our nearly 2 million South Korean soldiers as well. We are hoping that with this massive increase in our military, other countries will be dissuaded from taking actions against us, which should allow us to continue in our ambitions of reforming and protecting our territories. Our military budget stays at 3 percent once again, allowing us to have 858 billion dollars invested for this year.
    • With the recent capturing of many South Korean lands, and subsequently corporations as well, we are left wondering what to do. Companies like Samsung, Hyundai, and LG are now under our possession, with IT and networking, car manufacturing, steel making, and more expected to jump in the next few years, due to these newly controlled companies. Many are debating whether we should allow these companies to become state owned, whether we should split the companies up into smaller corporations, or whether we should occupy the companies with bids from other Chinese Private Companies. We would also start taking into account the new launch vehicles and weaponry acquired as well, using these to further advance our own domestic technology.
    • We publicly unveil our new Type-004 Carrier, our J-25 Carrier Based Aircraft, and our J-28 Sixth Generation Air Superiority Fighter. First, starting with the Type-004, it is our first nuclear powered carrier, the first aircraft carrier in our fleet to function well in polar and arctic areas, the first to have a displacement of 110,000 tons, the first to hold over 70 aircraft on board, and many other honors. We have plans to build one of these each year, so counting the two we have preliminarily produced to this point, we should have four by the end of 2030. We will also be building arctic exploration vessels using very similar schemes to these carriers, in the hopes of increasing our presence in Antarctica. Our J-25 Carrier Based aircraft are 5.5-6th Generation Carrier Based Fighters, designed to work in tandem with the Type-004 specifically. These carrier based aircraft are slightly better than the previous J-20's we flew, with our defense experts classifying them as 5.5-6th gen for the purposes of categorization. Our J-28 Sixth Generation Air Superiority Fighters are top of the line, with defense experts in China calling them the first full domestic sixth gen aircraft. Both classes of fighters can be flown autonomously, with the ability to enter battlefields and airspaces undetected another paramount objective. Both fighter jets will be further modified based on our new intel from the South Korean program, which will result in the naming of these future jet types J-25A and J-28A. We would also produce 2 Type-003 Aircraft Carriers as well for 2028, bringing our total to 18 aircraft carriers in total. To breakdown the complete count, we have one Type-001, one Type-002, 14 Type-003's, and two Type-004's. The stationing plans of these carriers are classified. [SECRET] We are planning to station most of them close to home, to allow them to be recalled to port at a moments notice. We may station the Type-001 carrier in Cuba and the Type-002 in the Solomon Islands base. [SECRET]
    • Our recent invasion and subsequent capturing of military equipment has allowed us the opportunity to have many new weapon systems at our disposal, not the least of which worth noting are the F-35A and F-35B fifth generation aircraft, given to South Korea by the United States in the 2010's and 2022. Their CVX aircraft carrier plans and other various prototypes of equipment will vastly help as well, in both developing and procuring our own devices. We are currently and actively instructing our Air Forces on how to fly these F-35's and other foreign based aircraft, in the hopes we may be able to use the enemy's equipment against them.
    • Our military budget rises to 4 percent in the midst of this immediate conflict, with increasing amounts of various destroyers, submarines, and other ships being produced. We also would increase production rates of the Type-004 carriers, hoping to field two more by late this year, Our J-25 and J-28 fighters will also be utilized very soon if possible, and we are likely to produce twice as many by the end of the year, due to this increase in budget.
    • The President and all high ranking government officials are moved to a secure location designed to withstand nuclear and chemical attacks. This is in the hopes against the President of the United States possibly launching a missile at the President Ju, however we would like to prepare in case. The President's family are also evacuated to be with him at this time.
    • Much later in the year, we now field 4 nuclear powered Type-004 carriers, which we call C and D as their strike group designations. We now will have 20 aircraft carriers, hoping to attack at a moments notice.
    • This increase in Chinese Nationalism is sweeping across all of China, with Chinese citizens looking to join the military with fervor. President Ju announces an increased amount will be allowed to join by the end of the year, with the amount increasing from 20 million to 40 million members of the military ready to go. To be clear, these members are similar in almost all ways to a fully trained soldier, albeit a little worse in skill and talent. These are not civilians taking up arms, but an additional 20 million reserve troops. The Unitary Border Force is also increased to 2 million across China, with their weapons being upgraded, thanks to the new Daewoo schematics recently 'borrowed' from South Korea.
  • Foreign Affairs
    • Well, seems like Taiwan is going to have to suffer the same fate as North Korea, Mongolia, and South Korea all did. [SECRET] We start a naval invasion into Taiwan, using our resources from the South, North, and West of Taiwan to surround them on three sides. The Taiwan Strait should be relatively simple compared to our options from the artificial Island bases to Taiwan's South or Ningbo ports almost directly to Taiwan's North. Nevertheless, we will take all three directions into the Taiwanese area, focusing our primary assaults near Taipei firstly, as that is the most impactful and important region to take in Taiwan. Recognizing their various air defenses and military advantages, relative to them knowing the layout and structuring of defenses in regards to their island, we would send an overload of our Air Forces, nearly 100 J-20's, H-6 and H-20's to conduct severe bombing campaigns on military and civilian targets both. Our goals here are ultimately the same as usual, to invade Taiwan successfully, push into Taipei, annex Taiwan, and depending on if their leader is alive, execute them. As always, we ready our missile defense systems around the country, adding the use of THAAD systems from South Korea as well. We station several of our Type-95 submarines between the Taiwan Strait as well as near the Eastern Coast of Taiwan, and would conduct various recon exercises to prevent foreign powers from sailing to the Eastern Coast of Taiwan for backup. We extend our ADIZ to include all of Taiwan, so that if aircraft fly over the area, we will reserve the right to shoot them down, civilian or military alike. [SECRET] If other countries dare to interfere, we once again use our previous threats of nuclear hell, adding we will send any foreign powers who interfere into the dark ages.
    • War is upon us, with the POTUS declaring war and sending troops and vessels into both Taiwan Strait and South China Sea, even after warning against these acts. With this, we have an overwhelming amount of cause to declare war which we go forward with, President Ju, in retaliation, declares war on the United States. We would look to cooperate with Pakistan and Russia with these efforts as well, vowing to "Usher in a new era of peace in this world, without the United States at the helm." All other countries who wish to fight with us against the United States are welcome to do so, we will provide military equipment and other support.
    • These Americans and their wars. We place all military across China on high alert, ready to strike against the American's at a moment's notice. In response to reports of ballistic missile launches against us, our missile defense systems are activated in full force, and spread around every populated city and military center in the country. In response, we launch our own ballistic missiles from our Latin American bases in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua towards various population centers in the United States, primarily military targets, but also cities such as Los Angeles. At the same time, we authorize the launch of 4 hypersonic missiles towards Washington DC, two towards the White House and two towards the Congressional Building, as we have intel the President is near the White House and Congress may be in session. A total of 70 F-35 jets under US Insignia fly towards various skyscrapers in the United States (notable buildings include One World Trade Center, The Empire State Building, Willis Tower) in an effort to bombard them with various missiles and munitions. Our H-6 and H-20 bombers perform repeated bombing raids on these populated cities, with our ICBMs contributing to these and military targets hopefully being destroyed. Our two primary carrier strike groups, Type-004 A and B, would sail towards the United States West Coast, while our 16 other carrier strike groups perform maneuvers to take down the offending US Carriers. We launch anti-ship ballistic missiles to take care of these as well. Cyberattacks are also performed to black out the United States hopefully, with our forces tapping into phone systems as well to pick up espionage. Our DongNeng EMP Missiles fly to the United States, hoping to completely take our their power grid. A unit is constructed, named the American Liberation Brigade, consisting mainly of naval and air troops, numbering in the 750,000 mark in total, to actually attempt to set foot and invade the United States. [SECRET] Plans are to have these troops start in Cuba and invade the State of Florida, moving throughout the South towards the East Coast, while at the same time, our troops stationed in West Africa make aerial and naval incursions dedicated to the Eastern United States. The Pacific will likely be the hardest area to invade, due to the sheer distance between the closest base we have, the Chinese Bering Sea Outpost, and the State of California. Granted, we could invade Alaska, but we doubt that would bring much success. We call this Operation True Freedom, which includes the previous plans, as well as plans to subjugate the American People and take their precious capital to ourselves. [SECRET]
    • Our Border Forces across China have been set to high alert, with our military and air defense systems readied in case of mass attack, which we expect will come sometime. Our Beidou 4 and other satellite systems have detected heavy American presence moving towards South Korea and Taiwan. President Ju announces war is upon China, with the government mandating the production of ten times the normal volume of all equipment, disregarding certain high maintenance projects of course. Our Huoli Defensive Weapon System is being produced like crazy, with all major cities now surrounded by these systems, to ensure our highest chances of survival in case of ICBM attacks or something similar. We call on the United States to stand down now, or the consequences will be severe. [SECRET] Operation True Freedom is ago, and on June 5th, the plan is in full swing, with President Ju given the emergency powers of the President, thus confirming the operation. As the United States will obviously not be an easy target to invade, we are sending the full force of hell their way, sending hundreds of ICBMs, cluster munitions, and other various missiles and munitions to strike all cities with above 100,000 people as the only criteria. Our J-25 and J-28 combat fighter jets are given the green light to take down all possible F-35's not marked with slightly modified insignia, basically every single American fighter jet we can lock onto. We deploy our WORLDEND1 Chemical Weapons en masse towards the United States as well, with nearly 50 H-6 bomber planes making rounds over America's various megacities and military areas. The inoculation of all 1.5 billion Chinese citizens begins, though this may take two years to complete, against this bioweapon. We rig the waters outside of China's coast with various mines and explosives in an attempt to stop any possible naval attacks, as well as send anti ship missiles headed towards anyone who infringes upon our territorial waters. We call for allies in Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, and all others to assist us in this war, through private communications. [SECRET]
    • [SECRET] Our bases in Cuba are getting hundreds and thousands more soldiers, to prepare for the eventual outcome of Operation True Freedom. Our numbers currently in the military stand at 19.5 million, with an extra 20 million from our drafting process expected to join the military by the end of this year. They are split among our six branches based on their skill sets, with our military industrial complex booming at the moment, having to produce enough to allow for these new soldiers to have equipment. Operation True Freedom, now that we deem it possible, will start with the invasion of the United States from the Florida Panhandle by air and sea from Cuban bases, with backup from Venezuelan Bases and Nicaraguan Bases. From the West Coast of the United States, our navy and air forces will make the trek across the Pacific, though some will have less of a journey, for example our smaller outpost in the Bering Sea. The various troops on the West Coast will station and inch forward from the various beaches, starting in areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and work Northern. From the East Coast, our bases in West Africa should take care of this, providing attacks towards mainly Washington DC and New York City, with those being major points of emphasis. Our goals are to assassinate the President publicly, take the United States under our Chinese flag, and hopefully turn the populace wild. We have begun cyberattacks and information manipulation like never before towards the United States, raising our own levels of cyber-defense in case of retaliation. Another point we make is to call on Mexico, privately of course, to allow the Unitary Republic to station our forces there. We make use of our various drone systems as well, hoping to lose as little airmen as possible in this war. [SECRET]
    • President Ju, from an unknown location, issues a stark warning. "Anyone who wishes to ally themselves with the United States in such a time of war will be punished, whether economically or militarily. Since the Brits wish to provoke us, we will give them one chance to back off, if you cross the naval zone which we have deemed a no-sail zone, your naval assets will be taken down, same goes with any other country. We are not afraid to prove this point. We would also thank our citizens at home, for supporting your government through this tough time. We are going to fight this South Korean and Taiwanese rebellion together, with China being victorious in the end." Chinese support for the President is at an all time high, with the CMC overflowing with applications to join the military.
    • President Ju once again makes a statement, this time in response to the Philippines. In it, he claims "The Philippines has once again shown their truly provocative and one-sided nature towards the United States, rather than their historic proclamations of neutrality even during times of war. As one man in China said, The Philippines has fallen victim to their previous masters in the United States, and is fighting for a side, which historically, has enslaved and starved their people. If one Philippines soldier or vessel enters our waters, land, or airspace, they can consider themselves relegated to the long-forgotten dustpan of history, as an empire which lived only to fall serving their previous masters, under the guise of freedom and democracy. We are officially declaring our military support for the New People's Army, which has seen recent fighting and terrorism from the Philippines onto their right to exercise their political freedoms in the nation." [SECRET] In our first real military funding expedition for the Philippines, we will send 10 billion dollars of total military equipment to the New People's Army, who are currently undergoing intense conflict with the Philippines. We would offer the group 50,000 members of our Marine Forces as well, as they are trained in specialty conflicts such as this one. We have an additional quota of 100,000 troops if needed, and will be providing training and our Type-001 carrier to help them fight, along with a few J-20 fighter jets. [SECRET] [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod response: The NPA gladly accepts.
    • Well, it seems the United States has invaded Hainan, to which our border forces are currently responding in full force. At the same time, our operation True Freedom commences the day after, October 11th, at midnight, with air divisions based in our Cuban airfields conducting mass bombings over Miami and Tampa, along with all other major cities in Florida that we can strike quickly. Our naval forces stationed in Havana sail and begin their respective invasions into Miami and Fort Myers, while several paratroops land in those areas as well. Solomon Islands and Vanuatuan soldiers are repeating these same naval and air invasions, albeit headed towards Los Angeles and San Francisco. Forces from Havana and Caracas are working in tandem, with naval and air troops from Caracas and other Venezuelan bases constructing a supply chain towards Havana, which has allowed us to expand our invasion to Houston and New Orleans as well. To visualize this, we have troops from Nicaragua and Venezuela working to supply Havana troops, which number to 250,000 across their various outposts in Cuba. The troops in Venezuela and Nicaragua number in 250,000 each as well, and we are working round the clock to provide even more soldiers, using Mexican airspace to get more supplies to the area. At the moment, 750,000 troops and other personnel are in the Latin American areas, with 250,000 looking to invade America from their South, about 145,000 Pacific Islands soldiers looking to their West Coast, and 450,110 troops in West Africa to invade their East Coast to Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York City. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: The Chinese face a heavy resistance, much to everyone's expectations, with the might of American home defenses proving capable even during times of war. The only real strongpoint China holds in the United States was in the Battle of Miami, where China controls a sizeable portion of the city. The invasions of the West Coast were largely failures, and while China inflicted heavy losses on the Americans, they were once again repelled. The East coast was perhaps a mix of the two, not a complete success or anything close to Miami and other areas of Florida, but definitely not a complete logistical failure such as the West Coast invasions. For the first time in over 200 years, a foreign power was able to take, very temporarily, parts of Washington DC. While this was a failure in objectives overall, it still demonstrated the real threat China and the United States pose to each other, both with the Battles of Hainan and Miami being crucial towards their power projection. The results of this Operation True Freedom have actually been somewhat in China's favor, with various bombings across America, though technically war crimes in their own rights, killing nearly 55,000 citizens and 12,500 military personnel, with China losing 80,000 military personnel before they would retreat to their bases once again. Overall, both powers are continually trading blows, with their allies backing them fully, in the United States these are the ASEAN powers, with China these are SCO and CSTO powers. Many expect an American attack of Havana as well, to eliminate the Chinese presence in the region.
    • On the Indonesian issue, we would announce our support for the West Papua area and their quest for freedom from the cruel Indonesian regime. We would provide them with 10 billion in military funding for their efforts, as well as pledge to support them when possible. [SECRET] We need to focus on the United States right now, so the best we can do is provide funding and moral support, as once the war ends, we can focus further on their needs. [SECRET]
American flag.png

United States of America

  • Government: The United States is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic, with a bicameral legislature, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
    • President: Steve Bullock
    • Legislature: The Congress
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: Democratic Party
  • Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Capital City: Washington D.C.
  • Population: 336.7 Million
  • Economy: The United States' economy, by 2028, is a highly developed free-market economy. It is the largest economy in the world with a GDP of over 22 Trillion USD. Citizens live relatively comfortable lives, however the wealth inequality is some of the worst in the entire developed world. Worsening wealth inequality, as well as the slow corruption of our government is starting to cause issues in the economy.
  • Sino-American War Room:
    • For the first orders of the war, President Bullock declares that no civilians shall be harmed in the fighting, and bomber pilots are explicitly told to NOT bomb civilian areas or areas that can cause "excessive casualties". Areas with cultural signifiance like the Great Wall of China or the Forbidden Palace are also not supposed to be bombed. Bullock would also issue a stark warning to ALL military personnel that if they knowingly bomb civilian targets, they can face up to life in prison, and will at least get 10 years in prison and a Big Chicken Dinner (dishonourable discharge).
    • Within hours of the war, the first wave of non-nuclear ballistic missiles are launched, aiming at military bases in Fujian, Guangdong and Hainan. B-52s and B2 bombers swarm above the skies of Hainan and Guangdong, and over the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. The first 500,000 active duty troops are deployed to Taiwan and South Korea within 10 days, and we call up another 500,000 reserves, though they are allowed to refuse service without any consequences. It will take some time before we can assemble a proper mixed division in the Philippines and Japan though. The first 10 aircraft carriers are now sailing all around the world, and we hope to prepare Operation Starman, the invasion of Fujian. [SECRET] This is actually a placebo operation, as we are fully committed to launching Operation Sunset, the name for the full plan to invade China. For the first stage, we would launch Operation Pearl by the end of the year. [SECRET]
      • [SECRET] On May 15th, President Bullock recieved the finalized plan to invade the island of Hainan, codenamed Operation Pearl. The plan calls for 10 out of the 12 aircraft carriers (except for the Abraham Lincoln, which will be stationed in Georgia in case of an East Coast invasion and the Theodore Roosevelt, stationed in Washington in case of a West Coast invasion), all of the remaining cruisers, 60 Destroyers, 55 submarines as well as any remaining minor veseels we can find. Most of the ones left behind will be used for coastal defense. The plan will also includes literally over 1000 fighers, 150 bombers and basically using up 60% of the USAF for this invasion. Oh yeah, and add 500,000 men and 5,000 tanks in the mix. The first wave will be a 100,000 strong force landing in Bo'aogang in the east of Hainan, Dong'aozhen in the Southeast and Sanya in the south. They will also be accompanied by paratroopers landing behind enemy lines, and missiles fired on enemy positions. After we have (hopefully) take the beaches, our targets will be the cities immediately surrounding the beachheads, while we build temporary docks like we did at Normandy back in 1944. Drone forces will also help us by sneaking into enemy bases, and taking the soldiers down. We will then focus on linking up the three landing zones, and then proceed to capture the rest of Hainan. The invasion date is set for the 10th of October. As President Bullock signs the executive deal, the plan is set in stone. [SECRET]
      • Meanwhile, our Corps in South Korea and Taiwan would begin making counterattacks, as they fight in the streets of Taipei and Daegu, assisted by more bombers and fighters taking out Chinese positions. Some of the destroyers are now beginning to bombard Chinese defenses in Fujian, while suicidal drones detonate near enemy positions, helping us to fight the Chinese.
    • Next, we would begin a naval bombardment of the Pearl River Delta, firing on airstrips and military areas, while clearing out Chinese military vessels in the region. American cyberhackers are now also deployed, and we would prepare to launch the first wave of hypersonic missles to Beijing and Tianjin. F-35s swarm above the Yangtze River Delta and Hainan, clearing the skies over China to prepare for a naval invasion.
    • We would also place our missile defenses at high alert, as the President and his cabinet is escorted to an underground bunker to ensure no bombing raids can kill the President.
    • Around July and August, we would transition ourselves into war mode, with rationing of fuel and some food now in place. Landing vessels are being built en masse, [SECRET] and a deception operation would start to decieve China that we'll attack via Fujian. [SECRET] 100,000 troops and 500 tanks are now supporting South Korea, while 75,000 troops and 125 tanks, both supported by rocket artillery are now supporting Taiwan.
    • In September, some of our spyplanes noticed something unusual in Cuba - Suspicious amounts of rocket artillery and tanks, as well as naval vessels in the area. While we are not entirely sure if it is Chinese vessels, President Bullock is very much alarmed by this. He now issues a stark warning to Cuba - Kick the Chinese out of the country or face war. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod response: Cuba refuses, and calls on support from the Chinese coalition (Chinese response needed).
    • We call up all of our remaining reserves, and prepare for the total invasion of China through Fujian and into Hubei province. [SECRET] It's actually Hainan province into Guangdong, it is all a massive ruse. [SECRET]
    • OPERATION PEARL LAUNCHED - On October 9th, air raids over Hainan became much more intensive, and on the dark of night on October 10th, the 101st Airbourne Division landed behind enemy lines in the cities of Sanya and Bo'aogang. As the first dozen of destroyers arrive at the scene, our brave men, accompanied by suicidal drone squadrons packed with explosives, ground-to-air fighters and stealth bombers, lands on the beaches of Sanya, Dong'aozhen and Bo'aogang. We fire our barrages of missiles from the Philippines and Indonesia, all the while we began unloading the first M1 Abrams tank using some of our larger transport ships. Each hour, 30,000 troops are landing in the area, and by 1600 hours, we have dispatched 300,000 men onto the beaches, fighting to liberate Hainan from the tyranny that is the URC. We are now moving in from the beaches to Sanya and Bo'aogang, with the first rocket artillery now being assembled right on the frontlines. [MOD RESPONSE IF WE ARE SUCCESSFUL]
      • Mod response: The U.S offensive is sucessful, as American forces capture Hainan amidst 20,000 U.S casualities to 70,000 Chinese casualties.
  • Wars and Conflicts (other than the Sino-American War):
    • We would send the I Corps and the III Corps to South Korea and Taiwan, with three aircraft carriers, 10 cruisers and 29 destroyers now swarming the East Sea and the South China Sea. Ships are also getting into the Taiwan Strait frequently. [SECRET] This is a move to get a cause belli to declare war on China... [SECRET]
    • As the aggression of the illegitimate URC has became too much for us to bear, President Bullock seized the chance of the 2028 State of the Union speech on February 28th to officially announce this: "This tyrannical, warmongering rebel state is a danger to not just the safety of the United States of America, but to the entire world. Our draconian sanctions and voluteer divisions proved to be not enough. The American people has awoken, and it is time to end the tyranny that the occupying URC has brought to the Chinese people. I, Stephen Clark Bullock, representing the United States, hereby declare war on the Unitary Republic of China due to their continued occupation of the Chinese mainland, their continued genocide of Uyghur minorities and the warmongering nature of the government. I also request the 120th United States Congress to immediately vote on this issue." He also added at a later address: "To Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation, touch one more step onto other nations, and you shall face the same fate as the URC." [MOD RESPONSE ON IF CONGRESS ALLOWS MOBILIZATION OF TROOPS AND DO WAR STUFF]
      • Mod Response: Congress, along a slim majority, approves the declaration of war. The vote is partially a mix of partisanship and war-hawk Republicans supporting the President. Officially, all military affairs regarding this war at the discretion of the President.
  • Internal Affairs:
    • Bullock has easily won the Democratic Primaries, and will run against Ron DeSantis in the 2028 Presidental Elections. Polls suggest a narrow Bullock win.
    • Immediately after the war was declared, there were mixed reactions among the public, with both pro-war and anti-war protests swarming the streets. The National Guard are now here to deal with them. People are demanding that Bullock resign as President due to him essentially starting World War III, but others supports it, saying that it is for the greater good.
  • International Affairs: State your reaction or stance on what happens in other nations.
    • We would officially stop recognizing the URC as the legitimate China, and recognize Taiwan as the sole official government of China, which happened just hours after the URC invaded Taiwan.
    • To every country in the world - Do not support this tyrannical government of a country (China). Anyone found doing so shall face total destruction of their economy. We are not joking.

United Kingdom:

  • Home Affairs:
    • Energy: The construction of three new nuclear power plants proves to be a godsend for British energy prices and grid stability. As time marches on and the practical benefits of nuclear power become more tangible, popular support for nuclear energy continues to grow.
  • Foreign Affairs:
    • South Korea: The Royal Navy continues to run supplies to South Korea via guarded merchant convoys. The South Korean resistance will not fall. Additionally, Britain offers its support to America's campaign to restore South Korean independence in the form of intelligence, supplies, and anything else short of large-scale troop deployment as said troops are required in Europe.
    • Taiwan: Following the invasion of Taiwan by the URC, Britain declares its support for Taiwanese independence. Similar to the situation with South Korea, supply runs, including weapons and ammunition, begin making their way to Taiwan, guarded by the Roya Navy and under the watchful eye of RAF assets stationed in Indonesia and Australia. If the URC makes any hostile move against the United Kingdom, that shall be considered an attack against NATO, and China will have the wrath of Europe on top of America on their hands.
    • Philippines: [Secret] British spies have caught wind of the Philippines secret peace treaty with China, and so the ambassador to the Philippines quietly contacts the Filipino president to implore him of the importance of taking a stand, reminding him that two members of the United Asian Alliance (Taiwan and South Korea) have already been invaded by China, and so a peace treaty between the UAA and China would be nothing short of a declaration of surrender and prove the alliance pointless and ineffective. [/Secret] [Player Response - Also, if the mods believe it unfair that British spies have caught wind of this secret arrangement between China and the Philippines and wish to retcon this, I understand, though I argue it is also realistic.]
    • Philippines Response: [SECRET] The Philippine ambassador has revealed to the British government that the peace treaty with the Unitary Republic of China is a simply a ruse to secretly allow US forces to launch an invasion from the South. If the US invasion of Southern China succeeds then the remaining United Asian Alliance will join the war effort against the Chinese. [SECRET]
  • Defence Affairs:
    • Serbian Crisis: Following NATO's agreement over Serbia, plans are drawn up for the invasion of Serbia and the liberation of North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. [Secret] Britain proposes a coordinated surprise attack to be launched in the dead of night by the combined air forces of NATO nations, the aim of which will be the destruction of the Yugoslavian air forces, airfields and air defence systems, to provide NATO total aerial command over the combat area. It is proposed that Europe's latest generation of stealth bombers and multirole aircraft be used for this purpose. Following this initial stage, paratroopers from NATO armies will be dropped over Yugoslavia with the goal of capturing these airfields for NATO use, as well as capturing key strategic crossing points and roads which will allow stage 3 of the liberation to proceed. Stage three involves the full scale invasion of so-called Yugoslavia via Hungary, Croatia and Greece, with the aim of liberating North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the end to the regime of Vojislav Šešelj. [Mod Response] [/Secret]
      • [SECRET] American Reaction: We would like to help, however our hands are tied to the future invasion of the Chinese mainland. I will send you one of our Navy SEAL divisions and a few tanks, but nothing more. [SECRET]
      • Mod response: The bombing raid results in massive damage to the Yugoslavian defences, with their airforce being essentially wiped out, in addition to 10,000 civilian casualties. NATO forces initially make swift progress into Yugoslavia, but are ultimately stalls due to Yugoslavian familiarity with their land, and support from CSTO.
    • Defence Research: [Secret] Further deployment of laser/directed-energy anti-missile defence systems continues as many more destroyers are fitted with the new technology. [/Secret]

Flag of Indonesia.png Republic of Indonesia

  • Wars and Conflicts:
    • China: In the wake of the United Eastern Alliance being signed, we announce that we cannot stand by as the URC invades two of our allies. On the 4th of March, President Pranowo announces that Indonesia will follow in the footsteps of the USA, and declare war on China. However, as we have no chance of beating China on their own territory, we will instead focus on helping defend Taiwan and South Korea, deploying 25,000 troops to Taiwan and 100,000 to the resisting South Koreans. We offer our naval and air forces to support America in any attack they make against China.
      • United States Response - We express our gratitude in your declaration of war against the URC. We are about to invade the mainland, and we shall request your assistance in the invasion of Fujian. [SECRET] It is Hainan actually, not Fujian. The invasion of Fujian is a ruse. [SECRET]


President Putin greets Vojislav Šešelj in Moscow

Despite China's defeat at Hainan, Russia finally pledges support, and sends 15,000 troops to support their historically ambigious ally. Another 15,000 troops are sent to Yugoslavia, as President Šešelj is covertly moved outside of the country to seek refuge in Moscow until the war is over. Kiev's occupation allows Russia to focus on other aspects of their foreign policy. Putin points to the increased relations with other Eastern powers, and the pyrrhic victory in Ukraine to appease the Russian people. Serbia also requests support from China. Hurricane Jackie, an unprecedented superstorm, hits the American Gulf Coast, the Carribean, Cuba, and Eastern Canada killing 3,500, as well as displacing thousands more; Houston is left resembling something out of a post-apocalyptic video game. A breakthrough is made in Japan on laser, and plasma weapon technology.

ChinaFlag.jpg- Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Jueqi (Ju Yang)
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Yi Qiang
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Fei Li
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Social Democrat Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Fei Li
      • First United Front: 5,000 members
      • Second United Front: 3,000 members
      • Third United Front: 1,000 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: Feng Weilai
      • Judges: 500
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 43.8 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 29.7 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 32,544 USD
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP (PPP) in the world, and the second largest GDP (nominal) behind the United States of America. Overall, the outlook for the future of the Chinese economy is bright.
  • Population
    • 1.541 Billion People
  • Wars/Conflicts
    • Almost immediately after receiving the news of Hainan falling, President Ju orders a military offensive to take back Hainan, numbering in the hundreds of thousands of troops. We intend to win this battle, and we have upmost confidence that we will. We would also continue our invasions of the United States as well, hoping to push even further in from the East, West, and South. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: The Battle of Hainan will go down in history books as one of the bloodiest single battles in history. Using their advantage of terrain and positioning within the island, United States troops are able to succeed at first. With 2.6 million soldiers to China's 550,000, the casualties are in favor of the United States, with the United States army claiming the lives of 150,000 Chinese soldiers, while losing 80,000 themselves. This, however, was a ruse, with China evacuating the island of all civilians and other personnel, in what would ultimately become one of many firsts in the war.
    • Our plans against Taiwan are mainly succeeding, however at a slower than likely pace. This seems to mirror the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in the fact that we have bombed their major cities and killed a few thousand, within a few days of invading, but they are still standing strong, which we expected would be subdued within the first few hours. The Unitary Republic calls on Taiwan to surrender, or "these few thousand casualties will turn into a few million within a week. Take that how you will, and we would also like to thank our historic ally and partner Russia for their assistance in this conflict." [SECRET] We would send a request to Russia to provide military equipment and aid to our country, and we would allow them direct passage to Hainan to assist. President Ju echoes a message sometimes heard, one of "Eastern Powers will rise against these Western Tyrants, with their heads under the guillotine for all to see." [SECRET] [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: Russia so far has to send a limited amount of troops, due to their efforts to completely wipe Ukrainian resistance off the map. While they were successful in capturing Kiev, much like China, they have had to face the wrath of resistance. Taiwan obviously denies to surrender themselves, and within weeks, a brutal takeover is launched on the island of Taiwan, claiming tens of thousands within weeks. Taipei and many major cities across Taiwan are up in flames, with resistance and foreign assistance barely keeping their island alive. With Russian backup, it is expected these efforts should be quickly fruitful, however you never know what card the enemy will pull next.
    • Due to our slowdown in Taiwan, we ramp up our efforts, looking to use more of our ICBMs to strike their largest cities, hopefully causing more chaos to take control of soon. We target additional military, civilian, and cultural points of significance, with our hope being the demoralization of the Taiwanese peoples. President Ju releases a statement in this regard, saying "Taiwan, surrender now and no one else dies. Pull these colonizing Americans by their collars out of your lands, and we will be more willing to make a deal with your nation. As I see it, you have two options at this point, surrender to our flag, or we will force you to, no matter how much death, destruction, or terror we have to plague your island with." [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: Things are going in China's favor so far, with Taiwan losing hundreds of lives by the day, due mainly to aerial threats and attacks. Ship based ballistic missiles and hypersonic ICBMs are certainly not helping either, with the sheer amount of missiles China possesses overwhelming almost all defensive abilities of Taiwan. Additionally, the sheer manpower advantage China possesses has made it likely that 2030 will be the year Taiwan will fall, even with foreign assistance. Short of a nuclear weapons launch or mass bombing by the enemy, Taiwan looks to be in the dustpan.
    • With our estimates showing 80 percent of Hainan citizens evacuated over a four month period, we have voted and affirmed our decision, we are nuking Hainan to cleanse the land of these despicable Americans. With about 2.6 million soldiers on the island, the American's certainly walked themselves right into this. We do have to use 100 of our DongFeng-5 missiles for this, which does hurt our nuclear weapons count, bringing our nuclear weapons count down to 2500 nuclear weapons, but 2.6 million estimated casualties is quite the death toll for this. Luckily for us, the Americans decided to invade Hainan, rather than their Fujian operation which they attempted to fool us with. If they did invade Fuijan, we would have to consider other options than nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapons are launched, with this being the quickest and easiest way to dispose of these American invaders. Plus, we can rebuild Hainan if we win the war, not if we have 2.6 million Americans on our islands.
    • Within 12 hours of these launch orders being given, our hopes are confirmed (though in quite a grim fashion), various spy satellites making the rounds over the earth have shown Hainan is now a nuclear hellhole, with these 100 explosions being viewable from Tiangong Space Station, based on their transmitted images. Muck like Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan, we deem our soldiers and rebuilding efforts will be able to resume in Hainan in about 3 years. With this launch and subsequent destruction of Hainan, while painful for our hearts, has taken, based on estimated figures, over 10 percent of the United States military capabilities in regards to their nearly 18 million strong forces. The estimated total death toll of Hainan from these nuclear weapons is likely to number in the 4 million mark, from civilians and military personnel combined.
    • [SECRET] As we detected the Philippines cyberattacks against us, and their subsequent stealing of our intent to invade them in the far future, we move them to the top of the list in terms of future invasions, making efforts as well to upgrade our cyber-systems, after several vulnerabilities were found to have allowed them easier access. Our list of possible military targets actually has us going to Japan first, as their positioning is crucial to efforts against the United States. As such, a military offensive will be launched against Japan next year possibly, if we can clear out these various resistance efforts, and ideally coordinate with Russia on their Eastern Coasts. Japan is also suspected to be developing their Plasma weaponry and their F-X aircraft programs, both of which are enticing if we can get to them before Japan develops them. [SECRET]
    • Our forces estimate Taiwan should be taken by the end of this year to early next year, unless something vastly unexpected happens. After hearing this, President Ju orders a day of celebration, although much like the days of Covid, people are indoors doing the celebrations. While our forces may be wrong in this assessment, President Ju holds high confidence in this regard, sparking yet another wave of Chinese nationalism. Obviously not everyone is pleased with the warmonger, ahem I mean President of China, with protests taking place especially across invaded areas. President Ju orders these people be left alone unless things turn violent. [SECRET] Obviously we can't have possible enemy operatives running around our borders all free. We would start espionage within the context of safety against almost all notable protestors and organizations which we can compile. This is obviously against the Chinese Constitution and the rights of the people, but war is pushing President Ju to make a decision, which he does. [SECRET]
    • Obviously we cannot allow the Philippines to occupy these islands South of Hainan, as well as considering the fact that would essentially give them easy access to other Chinese cities. 2,000 Chinese naval force soldiers quickly arrive within striking distance, and much like we expected, all 500 Filipino Soldiers are killed, with 116 Chinese soldiers dying, due to our range based missiles and naval arsenal. This was also our first operation using the DOTAS AI we have built, which makes this operation a major success. Through this data, the AI will continue to be improved, and we will hopefully come out victorious in this war. We subsequently declare the Paracel Islands a no entry zone. [SECRET] We also send several destroyer ships to the region, in case of another Filipino incursion. No matter if they send hundreds or thousands, they will die. [SECRET]
    • We launch dozens of hypersonic ICBMs towards the Philippines, hoping to inflict as much death and destruction as possible. Our main targets are population centers and military targets, with the hope being that we can target a lot of their new fancy 'toys' they have developed. With their hopes in the Paracel Islands being crushed, we issue them a stark warning, "Try that again, and there will be nuclear consequences. We bombed Hainan, we are not afraid to add Quezon City and Manila to our list as well." Based on CMC estimates within China, this war's death toll has already reached 5 million (more than half of this is from the Hainan bombing by China) and if current trends continue, could be one of the deadliest wars in history. The official name for this war is simply the Sino-American War. Officials worry that the United States may resort to nuclear weapons soon as well, considering their stalemate with China at the moment.
    • With the Philippines firing on our positions in Taiwan, as promised, the consequences will be nuclear. We launch two DongFeng 5 specially fitted 10 Megaton nuclear bombs towards Quezon City and Davao, likely going to kill millions once again. We estimate the deaths of 10 million at most to occur, with lower estimates being 8.7 million people. President Ju releases a statement, saying "We will not stand by as our troops are attacked, if any other nations wish to attack us, they will be nuked as well. From the stupidity of the American President, to the British Prime Minister, to the various other Western Nations, attack one more inch of land and we will kill you." We would also fire missiles at various launch silos in the Philippines, to ensure they cannot counterattack us with their ballistic missiles. We fire all of these missiles at the same time, to ensure the enemy has literally no time to respond.
    • Our hopes are confirmed, with the two most important missiles, those being the DongFeng 5 missiles, successfully striking their targets. We believe these attacks to have critically damaged both military and civilian assets stationed in Manila, Quezon City, and Davao. One thing is certain, based on our estimates, we can add another at least 8 million people to the current death count. This is the second time in history in which nuclear weapons have been deployed towards targets on foreign lands, and the third time in general used in war. The other missiles that struck various silos have been deemed relatively successful, with the estimated 500 missile silos in the Philippines being reduced by over half. We also estimate almost all members of government in the Philippines to have been killed by our nuclear strike against Quezon City, and will invade the Philippines in full at this point, committing one million members of our navy against them. We would also threaten a nuclear strike on Taiwan, if they are to continue fighting.
    • We quickly create and commence Operation Sinkhole, which is basically to overwhelm Guam and invade their lands. We know this is a United States territory as well, but we are hoping to use our recent nuking of Hainan, and the surprise factor to our advantage. Carpet bombing commences on the islands immediately, with 200,000 navy members sailing from Pacific Island bases sneaking up on the enemy from the South. Various SLBMs are also launched towards the islands, mainly from our most advanced Type 95 submarines in the area. We hope to completely wipe the islands of all US existence and military outposts, and establish various Chinese outposts there as well. President Ju signs a declaration declaring the islands a Chinese protectorate territory, and that further action against or on the island involving the United States will constitute further acts of war. In a short message, he says "We in China stand with the Chamorro People, and we will liberate your islands from these American colonizers." [SECRET] Orders are given not to kill civilians if possible, but if they stand against our forces, to take them out immediately. President Ju will likely make a further statement, however right now he is planning his next moves. [SECRET]
    • The Americans and their nuclear weapons finally show their uses. In what we thought would be a relatively peaceful, December 5th, our Rocket Forces Defense division detects a large flash of light within Beijing. The Commander of the Unitary Rocket Forces immediately contacts President Ju, informing him the worst has occurred. Beijing has been nuked, by what we estimate is one single SLBM Trident Missile towards the center of Beijing, which luckily has not caused as much damage as ground bases missile. The decision is now on President Ju of what to do, whether that is to retaliate or to make a different choice.
    • Our missile defense systems are primed and ready to fire, that is for sure. With the various nuclear threats from other nations as well, we shut down our airspace, allowing for us to confidently shoot down any enemies without a possibility of aerial civilian casualties. President Ju is receiving another phone call at this current time, which he is dreading to answer.
    • [SECRET] A phone call comes through, from the Ministry of State Security's Chief. Here is a transcript of that call:
      • Chief: Mr. President, we know the events in Beijing are painful to hear of, however we also have good news.
      • Ju: What in the HELL do you think could be good news after that?! Our capital just got nuked, and while deaths aren't that high compared to what they could have been, people still died!
      • Chief: Mr. President, we have credible intelligence the President of The United States has shot himself, and is dead. Also, that right wing plan you told me about, the one to overtake the United States, is working better than expected.
      • Ju: Wait hold on, the POTUS is down? And the right wingers are actually taking the US?
      • Chief: Yes, the POTUS is dead. The right wingers in the United States have stormed both the White House and the Pentagon, they are attempting to take over as we speak, and so far, it seems they are winning.
      • Ju: Ok, here is what we do. While we were nuked, if we retaliate at this point, the US will definitely launch enough nukes to a point where we all die. Sad to say, but we are lucky one nuke is all we got at this point. With the United States in their current chaos, let's stick to conventional warfare for the time being. As for the right-wing group, get in contact with their leader, negotiate some sort of deal, and while you're doing that, I will release a statement condemning this nuclear strike on us. We've got them right where we want them.
      • Chief: Ok sir, understood. For the right-wing group, I will send them some of our intelligence on the President, the fact that he took his own life.
      • Ju: I think that is a good strategy. Also, try to create some sort of deep-fake video with Bullock, saying something like the Democrats are going to take over the United States. Basically create further hate for Democrats within the United States. Also give them more of our "smart-weapons" that we can de-activate if needed. I would also ideally like to retrieve their nuclear codes at all costs, we need to somehow prevent further launches. If we can do that, there is nothing stopping us from taking over their country. One last thing.
      • Chief: Yes, Mr. President?
      • Ju: If you can, I want you to coordinate an attack on the White House with those ultranats. I want Washington to fall, and we can create some sort of temporary government with the ultranats.
    • We contact the leader and commence all plans in this transmission. [SECRET] [American Response]
    • Hundreds of thousands of our paratroops land in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Washington DC, looking to take these six cities as quickly as possible. Additionally, while we were nuked in Florida earlier in the year, we have, due to the events recently, been able to establish a relatively secure supply chain in Miami once again, with various troops from Miami looking to slowly work their way North, to meet up with our paratroops in the capital. We will continue to move North, no matter how many civs or military persons we have to kill to do this. Various far right groups are encouraged to help with propaganda we spread to their headquarters.
  • Domestic Issues
    • Military production is a thing of beauty. We would produce and field two more Type-004 aircraft carriers, bringing our number to six in total. At this point in time, our Type-001 and Type-002 ships almost serve no purpose to us, however we would still like to use them in their current conditions. We send the Type-001 and Type-002 ships to the East and West coasts of the United States to commence further battle and to provide war assistance to assets based in those locations. Two Type-003 aircraft carriers are produced as well, bringing our total inclusive aircraft carrier count to 24. We would also have to produce hundreds of our J-25 and J-28 aircraft as well, to hopefully continue our lead over the current fifth gen aircraft the United States and other's possess. Additionally our nuclear count rises once again to 2600, with this being a year to remember in future years.
    • Hundreds of artificial intelligence are passing the Turing Test, the world benchmark when it comes to Human-like AI capabilities. It is believed by many across China (though this is partially due to pride and nationalism) that the Chinese have become the number one country in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This has culminated in the creation of the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence, the first of it's kind across China. They are dedicated to both researching and developing regulation, studies, applications, and uses for AI in various fields, many of which have already been achieved by private firms. [SECRET] This has helped in the various military applications as well, with the development of the DOTAS, the Defensive and Offensive Threat Analysis System. This is the first real known artificial intelligence designed to respond to military and war related threats, both defensively and offensively. In simulated battles with various foreign powers, Chinese generals made the correct choices about 75 percent of the time, leading to a 74.59 percent success rate. With DOTAS and the generals, chances of success increased to 88.72 percent. And with DOTAS in complete control, the success rate was increased to 94.5 percent. For the time being we will allow DOTAS to collaborate with the military, not completely command it like we may in the future. [SECRET]
    • As we know silver reserves are emptying at a quick rate across most countries, we use artificial intelligence in this regard too. While China does produce the third most silver in the world, we are also beginning to experience a very steep decline in our reserves, as other countries have reported as well. The Ministry of Artificial Intelligence has begun synthesizing two prototype materials in the hopes of replicating the properties of silver with carbon nanotube technology, thus hopefully eliminating our reliance on silver very soon. We project this to take a while though, 2031 is probably the earliest we can actually start testing such materials.
    • Initial forays into a 'Quantum Internet' prove successful, however at a cost. These various machines to connect the various quantum nodes are very experimental, and while a few cities have adopted the infrastructure for such a task, they have become increasingly expensive to make. Beijing and Shanghai are the only two cities which currently possess the ability to transmit quantum internet data. Some ask what the benefits of quantum internet connections are, which are security and ease of transmission, so these networks are used for governmental and high profile corporate operation for the time being.
    • President Ju announces the much questioned bombing of Hainan, saying in part "The enemy has been greatly reduced with this bombing. We estimate over 10 percent of the United States Armed Forces have perished in this fight, and while this is good, we mourn the losses of life in Hainan. I am announcing a plan to rebuild Hainan within 5 years partially, investing 500 billion over such a period of time to commemorate the brave citizens who stayed to fight. We deeply respect and remember these millions of lives who fought for their motherland, trying to stave off the American invaders."
    • We have some more military updates. Our intel from Korea's KF-21 air fighter have allowed us to field our modified J-25A and J-28A aircraft, which are much easier to produce and procure, with stats and abilities of a 5.5 gen fighter jet. These are in a class of their own, matching the F-22 and F-35's and in many cases exceeding their abilities in battle. We should produce 200 each by the end of the year. Our nuclear weapons count should reach 3000 by 2030, owing to our hopefully 500 produced this year, which would give us three times what US intelligence suggested by the end of 2021, which was 1000 nukes by 2030. Military forces numbers look good as well, with 35 million being our total active and reserve count by the end of the year in terms of soldiers. [SECRET] We also produce two more 50 megaton bombs, though these are not to be used unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. This is exactly why we didn't use them against Hainan, is because they will likely cause damage to areas which we don't intend to strike. [SECRET]
    • The Unitary Civilian Corps are created, basically creating a civilian based militia, trained in basic warfare, offensive and defensive planning, and medical first aid. These corps are created to allow citizens who wish to join our efforts against the United States and other enemies to do so, without much risk or time off their essential duties of work or family obligation. We would only call them up when needed, and much debate is had whether this should be the way to incentivize the public further to fight for our homeland. Oh yeah, another big piece of news as well. The Unitary Civilian Corps Act is signed as well, which not only creates such corps, but allows for all citizens to own weapons, with certain restrictions of course, though these are relaxed compared to previous law. The Unitary Congress in emergency session passed this vote, saying "With the emerging nature of this war becoming civilian based, we feel we must, for the time being, allow citizens to own and possess and use firearms, for the better of the country. This is much like the second amendment in the US, however a bit more restrictive if you will." Citizens across the URC praise this action as one which keeps their streets safe, when the government may have their hands tied with other things.
    • This is certainly, an interesting development. The Han Supremacy Party, created by various ultra-nationalists within China and North Korea, has appointed a Presidential Candidate for next year's elections. Han Xi Meng, the Presidential Candidate, is almost comparable to a Chinese version of Hitler. Campaigning on the ideals of Chinese superiority and Pan-Asianist ideas, Meng was originally thought to be a fringe candidate, one who would likely not become popular at all. His rise, however, has been unexpected to say the least, with his support rising day by day. While it is projected, even with popular support, he will garner at most 2 percent of the vote, with this being the best case scenario, this indicates a rising tone of nationalist and supremacist ideas across the country. His support and rise don't last long however, as he is quickly assassinated by militia agents of the Islamic Party of China, due to their wish for diversity within the country. The Islamic Party's candidate, Sulaiman Isa Khan, rises in popularity, only behind the Social Democrat Party's Ju Yang, the Progressive Party's Fei Li, and the Free Party's Xi Mengze, in no particular order.
    • For information about each candidate, here you go. President Ju Yang, nearing his 40th birthday soon, was a law professional and immigrated to the United States when he was 17 years old. Establishing himself as one of the youngest law partners at a major law firm in Chicago, he would go back to Beijing to create the Ju Law Group, which quickly rose to the top of the 100 best firms in China. He led various youth reforms within China from his relatively young age. Sulaiman Isa Khan, son of Imran Khan, the once Prime Minister of Pakistan, saw his father ousted at the younger age of 25. Seeing the corruption and inequality first hand, and similarly to President Ju, he led nonviolent youth reforms across the country of Pakistan, in hopes for a better nation. During these protests, his father was killed by a far right Islamic group, prompting and forcing him to flee to China, in hope of a new life for him and his son. Quickly establishing himself as a famous Islamic Cleric within China, he would lead the Islamic Progressivist Movement out of it's origin in Xinjiang. He was known at one point as China's Gandhi, for his peaceful activism. Fei Li, the current Vice President and Leader of Unitary Congress, was born into the wealthy Fei family of China. One of the richest candidates to run for President recently, she has sold nearly all assets and relegated to a small apartment in Shenzhen, to lead the Fei Charity Organization, while being a partial owner in her cosmetics line as well. Fei commands a net worth of nearly 20 billion dollars, but is very sympathetic towards the lower class of China and has prompted her family to donate 10 billion dollars to build a homeless shelter. This has failed however, due to recent laws mandating housing for all, which she also helped to pass Unitary Congress. Xi Mengze needs really no explanation, she is the daughter of the now captured former President Xi Jinping, helping to guide more progressive legislation by coercing her father during times of need in China. Depending on the outcomes of war, President Ju may be a one term President.
    • Many questions arise about the possibility of the election being delayed or cancelled for this year, given the state of the war. President Ju clears this up, saying "The Presidential Election will be held as per usual, with voting being done via an app that scans your ID and allows you to input your vote. We will make sure business is run as per usual, and we will not be delaying or suspending the election this year, as we are a democratic population. I would obviously hope to remain President, but that is to the will of the people and their votes determine my standings, which as I said earlier, is the hallmark of a democratic nation. Glory to the Unitary Republic, and may our future stand as bright as the stars in the sky."
    • Speaking further on elections and law relating to it, the first AI will run for China's Presidential Office. The legalities of such an action, while tenuous and delayed, were finally decided in a landmark case of WeYi Technologies v. State and Unitary Electoral Commission. In it, WeYi Technologies, the developers of a Political AI known as Using Artificial Intelligence in Governance, or UAIG, popularly given the name Lisa, tried to run for Beijing Mayor, but was denied such action. WeYi then launched a lawsuit against the government and Unitary Electoral Commission to overturn the ruling, which they ultimately won in the Supreme People's Court. Lisa is running for the President of the Unitary Republic, which is both exciting and terrifying, for researchers and futurologists, and citizens and anti-tech activists respectively. LISA is likely not to garner much support, similar to AI who have run for political office in the past. Citizens polled by Yi Media Group said they are most likely to vote for AI 'in 10-15 years'.
  • Foreign Issues
    • [SECRET] We commence mass hacking campaigns into the Japanese Plasma Weapons, which we hope can add to our growing list of weaponry in development. We are hoping to gain the schematics to reproduce these weapons for many Chinese soldiers to equip, noting that Plasma based weaponry, although not fully understood, is likely twice as lethal as normal firearms. This would allow us to penetrate even the heaviest body armor and Kevlar, all while allowing us to prepare for counterattacks of such weapons for our own use. [SECRET] [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: While heavy intelligence gathering certainly helps the URC's efforts to attempt to procure these weapons, due to the ongoing war and crisis between all nations it will likely take five years to actually manufacture anything resembling a Plasma Based weapon, which is something demoralizing to China's many weapons engineers and experts.
    • A message to the United States is very clear, after what is now being called Operation Hell's Island is completed, with the bombing and killing of millions in Hainan. "To the current President of the United States, this is how things had to go. When you invade our motherland, our sacred homes, our sacred birthplace, you deserve the wrath of the Chinese and our nuclear weapons. An estimated 2.6 million soldiers of yours were stationed on that island, that is 2.6 million families who will have lost their brother, their father, their husband, or their friend, because of the actions you took to invade Hainan. I am saying this once, and I hope this message is received loud and clear, retreat your forces immediately back home, or I can easily command the CMC to make this number of 2.6 million rise higher. Your play, Mr. President. I will also say this, if you should choose the wrong option, and send more troops to protect the pitiful island of Taiwan, we will increase our counterattacks in Florida and, eventually, put you out of your misery once and for all. The United States has made a valiant effort to protect their corrupted ideas of freedom and democracy, while we protect the true ideals of freedom with prosperity and peace. If you send one nuclear weapon our way, consider the rest of the world dust and rubble Mr. President."
    • We demand the Philippines stand down. In a fiery speech, President Ju says "The Philippines usually knew who to side with in the past, and that was against the United States, whether that was 200 or 100 years ago. The United States literally annexed their nation at one point, and they are now fighting under the same values and ideas of this same nation. We don't care if you have 1 million, 2 million, or 10 million troops, if you attack us, expect us to win or die trying. We are not the Chinese of past, we are the Chinese of present and future, ready to protect our nation at any costs. I repeat, stand down!"
    • President Ju calls on the American People to overthrow their government and install a Pro-Chinese President. In a speech addressed to the United States and their President, he says "It is telling that in a country full of supposed ethnic tolerance and diversity, the only group that has never been oppressed or challenged has been the blue eyed, western, white ethnic groups who stole the United States from the natives hundreds of years ago. This is not to say we wish for the oppression of any race, in fact we denounce such actions, however the country of equality and intelligence shows their true colors, a country of downtrodden oppression and a belief in backwards ideals, such as war, which go hand in hand with a tyrannic maniacal leader, such as President Bullock and his lackeys. If the United States is to prosper in the remainder of the 21st century and not fall on their face, as currently is happening, they will have to accept their own growth and decline, their own falls and triumphs. Of course this is not actually the case right now, with our liberation of North Korea, their reaction was moot, while when we liberated South Korea, their reaction was to take arms against us. These are the true colors of hypocrisy, defend all, except our enemies or people we dislike. We encourage the United States citizens to join us, overthrow the tyrants in power, and we will assist." We would spend a total of 50 billion dollars, if accepted, to arm various far right groups across the United States with military grade rifles, explosives, and other various weapons, with the objective to overthrow the government and install their own form of government. [SECRET] These weapons can be remote controlled and shut down if needed, in case they decide to use the weapons for purposes of the United States. We realize the United States is undergoing almost Civil War style divides, even in a time in which they should logically be unified against us as their enemy. We realize with a democrat in power, these groups are likely to want to take advantage of the chaos, and quite possibly can take the government if we help. Obviously a far right regime will not be very strong at first, this is when we will strike in full force, hopefully taking out any sort of proto-government that can pop up. [SECRET] [American Response]
      • American Response: Well...the coup did work, and America is in chaos by an ultranationalist rebellion. Read my turn to see what happened...
    • We send a message internationally condemning the United States use of nuclear weapons, and announce we will not be retaliating, as to not spark further tensions. We ask that all Western allies of the US do the same, as they were the first to strike our lands with nuclear weapons, while we never nuked their homeland.

Flag of the Philippines.svg The Republic of the Philippines

  • Government/Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Leaders: President Isko Moreno
  • Capital City: Manila
  • Population: 109.6 Billion
  • Economy: Stable
  • GDP: 369.1 Billion
  • Number of Military Personnel (Active and Non-Active): 13 Million

Internal Affairs:

  • The Bacolod Nuclear Power Plant is constructed and activated
  • The new 18th Philippine president, Isko Moreno, takes a strong stance against the Unitary Chinese Republic than his predecessor and begins enacting/implementing laws hellbent on destroying the republic
  • A surge of Filipino nationalism and patriotism envelops the whole country after President Moreno's speech after his declaration of war in Quezon city:

"My fellow countrymen and women, a new large threat looms over the horizon and is hellbent in controlling the free people of not only the Philippines but the Asian continent. The Unitary Republic of China headed by the dictator, Ju Yang, is heading his armies of tyranny and terror to invade the United States. If our lifelong ally falls to the Red dictatorship then the Philippines would be next. It is our duty as Filipinos to lead the forces of freedom and democracy to destroy the communists and open the path to an era of peace,freedom, and prosperity. We and many more are tired of fearing and being slaves to the China government so that is why it is time of rise up! Rise up! Rise up, my brothers and sisters! Rise up and let us become the Pearl of the Orient Sea and the Tiger of Asia once again! Long live Freedom! Long live the Philippines!"

  • The number of Filipino military troops and the Filipino populace increases significantly
  • A hundred more military equipment and vehicles are created
  • The Conscription Act is passed to further increase the manpower of the Philippine Armed Forces
  • [SECRET] The Philippine government wishes to negotiate with the New People Army while also working to make the Muslim rebels in Mindanao their allies in case negotiations with the NPA fails. [SECRET][Mod Response]
    • New People Army Response: They would accept possible discussions of terms, stating, "The crimes of the past in regards to our rights being taken, simply for being communist, shall not stand. You may send your terms, we are willing to hear you out, but do not expect much."
    • Philippine Response: We would allow the CCP to join Congress and participate in governmental events such as the elections. We would also give a large chunk of territory of Mindanao to the NPA, technically allowing them to have defacto control of Filipino land but still being a territory of the Philippines such as the US territory of Puerto Rico. [SECRET] After the Chinese are defeated then most of our military forces will focus in finally destroying the NPA once and for all. [SECRET]
    • NPA Response: We would accept, however we are still going to maintain our weapons deals with China in case of this falling through. We appreciate the sudden turnaround of the Philippines in the regard of diplomacy, and will continue to attempt peaceful work with the government when possible.
  • The National Defense Force is created and made up of 8,000 troops to combat internal threats
  • The Philippine government strengthens and modernizes the National Defense Intelligence Agency
  • The Department of War is formed with the approval of Congress to help the Philippines in times of conflict, militarily, economically, and politically.
  • The Minotaur Long Range Intermediate Missiles are finally finished with 500 of them created.
  • On February 15, The Republic of the Philippines under President Isko Moreno with over a million soldiers and billions of military equipment declares war against the Unitary Republic of China.
  • The Filipino Armed Forces is completely, quickly, and secretly mobilized with over 13 million highly trained Filipino troops ready for war and ready to join their allies to topple the Chinese empire.
  • [SECRET] We begin working to an anti-missile weapons called "Lightning Bolts" with Alejandro Military Industries and other companies or organizations similar to them supporting us. [SECRET]

External Affairs:

  • The Philippine navy and air force begins attacking Chinese military ships but President Moreno orders them to focus their attacks on supply vessels.
  • Philippine Ambassadors sent by Moreno wishes the remaining United Asian Alliance members (Vietnam and Japan) to declare war on the Chinese [Mod/Player Response]
    • Japan and Vietnam Response: Japan and Vietnam are both weary of this, wanting to take a stance similar to the UK in this matter, supplying weapons and troops, but not directly fighting. They do state however, if either Japan or Vietnam are attacked, this will instantly insert them into the war.
  • [SECRET] Operation Snakehead is initiated by the secret Filipino forces with the support of the Juche rebels within China to storm the Chinese intelligence building and to steal information regarding the location of Chinese President Ju Yang and other high ranking military officials. The "Freedom For Asia" cyber hacking group also begins hacking files to also search for the location of the Chinese dictator. [SECRET][Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: The hacking goes better than the storming of the building does, that is for certain. Much of China is on higher alert at the moment, so when an attempt was made to break into the intelligence building in Beijing, they were taken out relatively quickly. A crowd of about 500 Juche Rebels made their way into Beijing through various unknown methods, equipped themselves with weapons, and started planning the attack. With assistance from the Philippines Forces, they attempted to storm the building, only to be met and fired upon by hundreds of Unitary Marine Forces and Unitary Federal Police Forces. Nearly all of the rebels were captured or killed, however a few did manage to flee. China's robust cyber defenses do make it difficult, however a few pings manage to slip through. These don't yield much results however they do show a plan to invade Manila in the far future.
  • The recent attack by Filipino-supported Juche rebels was not exactly a failed operation as it showed us that the Chinese cyber defense against international hackers is not that strong and the FFA takes advantage of this opportunity by launching a multitude of cyber attacks on Chinese communication and internet infrastructure.
  • [SECRET]Another military operation codenamed "Fear" is initiated, a few days after Operation Snakehead, with new long range bomber planes launched from bases in Vietnam to begin bombing the capital of Beijing as the goal of Operation Fear is to show the Chinese that they are not safe from their enemies which is similar to the Doolittle raid during WW2. This military operation will be concealed by strategic bombing of remaining on different metropolitan cities around China while the FFA will hack on Chinese electrical and communication infrastructure to cause a blackout.[SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Vietnam would like to plan this operation, but would like to wait to involve themselves directly, as stated previously. They are willing to provide military equipment and funding, however they state "We do not want to directly involve ourselves in this war until we are struck. We are committed to peace in the region, and believe this is still a valuable option not to be taken off the table quite yet.
    • Philippine Response: In light of Vietnam's refusal to allow our planes to launch from our bases, the bomber planes will instead be sent from the Paracel Islands and will continue towards their goal of bombing Beijing. 500 Filipino marines occupies the Paracel Islands without any resistance and further reinforcements soon arrived to begin the construction of several army bases, air fields, and navy ports but it fails when Chinese forces wiped out all of the Filipino marines during a counterattack.
  • The recent failures of both military operation forces the Philippines to stop and begin rethinking further operations but we refuse to surrender or pull out of the war.
  • 5,000 Filipino troops are sent to Taiwan and the Minotaur Missiles are immediately being launched on Chinese forces in Taiwan. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: 3,500 Chinese forces are killed by these various missiles, however after detecting further launches, the Chinese missile defenses take care of the rest. The 5,000 troops kill 1,150 Chinese Troops, before being killed by retaliatory strikes on their positions.
  • The Philippines also wishes to form a combined naval force between the members of the United Asian Alliance to combat the Chinese navy [Player/Mod Response]
    • UAA Response: All members other than Vietnam and Japan (and Indonesia since I can't speak for him) accept the request for naval forces to combine, in the face of the growing threat that is the URC.
  • We request to send 5,000 Filipino troops to the mainland United States to combat the invading Chinese troops and also coordinate a joint military effort in preventing China from launching nuclear weapons [American Player Response]

American flag.png

United States of America

  • Government: The United States is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic, with a bicameral legislature, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
    • President: Steve Bullock (until December 4th)
    • Legislature: The Congress
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: Democratic Party
  • Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Capital City: Washington D.C.
  • Population: 337.2 Million
  • Economy: The United States' economy, by 2029, is a highly developed free-market economy. It is the largest economy in the world with a GDP of over 29 Trillion USD. Citizens live relatively comfortable lives, however the wealth inequality is some of the worst in the entire developed world. Worsening wealth inequality, as well as the slow corruption of our government is starting to cause issues in the economy. The war has taken a toll on our economy, but not enough to cause a depression.
  • Sino-American War Room:
    • By this point, we have over 2 million soldiers on Hainan Island, though the attempted attack by the URC on Florida has forced us to deploy some civilians who owned guns to fight against the Chinese in Florida, [SECRET] For the plan to recapture Florida, the operation will be called Operation Underworld. We are going to use most of our remaining military units and some civilian resistance (which together number over a million), and attack Southern Florida in full force. Our remaining bombers are now strategic bombing Cuba and Nicaragua, as they have collaborated with the enemy. [SECRET]
    • [SECRET] We would prepare to carry out Operation Momo, the all-out assault onto the Pearl River Delta. We would reinforce Hainan with 500,000 troops, with submarines carrying out recon missions and sink all Chinese ships going into Hainan. For Operation Momo, we will land at Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island and the Macanese (Mac-n-Cheese?) island of Cotai. The islands will be taken with over 600,000 troops, before we push onto mainland Macau and Kowloon. We intend on capturing the Chief Executive of both cities alive and later put them on trial for human rights abuses. [SECRET] For now though, Southern China is getting a five across the...cities.
    • After the nuking of Hainan, our forces on the island has been reduced to just a few dozen lucky survivors in the area, and with 20% of our airforces in rubble, we have to call off Operation Momo for now, as we only have around 1.5 Million troops remaining in the Pacific region. As a result, we shall respond in kind. Thankfully, due to nuclear warning systems, most of our navy and air force remained intact, and are now dispersed across Taiwan, Guam, Japan and the Phillppines.
      • President Bullock, despite not wanting to use nukes for the war, felt like that he has to retalliate, given that the URC had just destroyed one of their own islands to get rid of 2 million Americans. To combat this, he issued an order to launch 10 smaller nukes on the Chinese positions on Southern Florida, aiming for military bases. This in turn, killed over an estimated 600k Chinese soldiers. [SECRET] President Bullock told his cabinet that he do not want to risk total nuclear war, but if China want to, he shall respond in kind. [SECRET]
  • Wars and Conflicts (other than the Sino-American War):
    • Due to us being tied down to the war against the URC, we are unable to deploy any troops to Serbia, but will send a Navy SEAL squadron and a voluteering unit to help.
  • Internal Affairs:
    • Steve Bullock, by a margin of of 285-255 has won the Presidental Election, and will now serve a second term.
    • The patriotism shown by civilians during the URC invasion shall not be forgotten. All wounded civilians that fought against the URC now recieve a Purple Heart medal.
    • The Nuking of Hainan, while painful in our hearts, has caused a surge of nationalism in the country, with millions voluteering to conscript in the United States Armed Forces. We are also replenishing our lost airplanes relatively quickly, and thankfully the most expensive stealth bombers escaped the bombing thanks to nuclear detection systems. [SECRET] It is expected that we'll reach 5 million active duty troops, and with our navy and the elite fighters remaining mostly undamaged due to escaping the island, we can launch Operation Momo in 2030. [SECRET]
    • Despite losing so many of our M1 Abrams Tank, we were able to dedicate most of our remaining resources to crafting the tanks in Japan and Indonesia, as we prepare to strike [SECRET] Southern China. [SECRET]
    • A Fatal Launch - On December 2nd, as an ultranationalist rebellion led by Enrique Tarrio (Gavin McInnes' ex-RHM who escaped justice) eurpted, a rogue National Guard division stormed into the Pentagon while the ultranat rebellion was firing shots at Washington D.C. As the communications between Washington and the Armed Forces stopped, many divisions feared the worst that nuclear war has started. One of which was the USS Louisiana, who after last hearing from Washington 10 days ago all the while being harassed by Chinese ships, falsely believed that a nuclear war is ongoing. As a result, the crew decided to launch one single nuke straight at Beijing. Despite some crew members objecting, they were eventually convinced that Washington has fallen to the Chinese. In the chaos that followed, one single nuke is launched. Destination: Beijing. This is the Last Day on Earth. [If this is unrealistic, then tell me. The point here is that Zakku funded a far-right rebellion on me, and in the chaos nukes are launched on China]
      • Suicide of our President - After arriving at the airfield with the Doomsday Plane there, Steve Bullock was told on phone by Newsom that an unknown object is flying to Beijing, and also told him that it seems like nuclear war is inevitable. This was when Bullock realized something: Everything he has done in the name of "democracy and freedom" only brought more pain and suffering to the world. His ideas of combating and taking down authoritarianism is nothing but a dream that cannot be accomplished; his hatred towards China has led to millions dying, almost killing his best friend in the Democrats, Jon Ossoff as well. Just before midnight on December 4th, a shot was heard near the airfield, and when the aides saw the lifeless corpse of our President, there is no turning back.
  • International Affairs: State your reaction or stance on what happens in other nations.
    • After the Nuking of Hainan and the Tyrant Ju's horrific address, President Bullock said this in an address in his bunker: "China has taken it way too far. The URC has used nukes, on their own soil no wonder. We do not wish to use nukes in a war, but we are forced to do the same on Chinese positions in Florida due to your stupidity. I call on all of NATO and all remaining countries to declare war on the URC, and end this tyranny once and for all." [MOD RESPONSE ON IF NATO DECLARES WAR ON CHINA, PLAYER RESPONSE FROM THE UK]

Flag of UK.png United Kingdom:

  • Home Affairs:
    • Violence: Following China's horrifying use of nuclear weapons in war, hostility towards Chinese people reaches an all-time high, with open street fights breaking out across the country's inner cities, with previously warring British gangs now united against a new target for hatred: those of Chinese descent. This is exacerbated when many Chinese citizens, mainly university students, start arming themselves and showing up at street fights to "defend the motherland's honour". In just 4 months, over 32,000 Chinese students are permanently deported. By the end of the year, over 60,000 Chinese students are permanently banned from the country. In the same period over 130,000 people have been arrested and fined or jailed for engaging in street fights. Police presence across the country is ramped up significantly, with many raids against gangs and hate groups previously tolerated, now eliminated (arrested/dissolved). Some cities implement night-time curfews for a while. Many Chinese associations, particularly those consisting of British citizens of Chinese descent, Hong Kong and Taiwanese students, as well as a majority of Chinese students come out in opposition to China's brutal wars. Many anti-government Chinese students (not to mention Taiwanese and Hong Kong students) find themselves unable or unwilling to safely return home, and a new temporary VISA (Special VISA Subclass-97) is offered to those Chinese and Taiwanese citizens that can get a minimum of 10 British citizens to vouch for them and their opposition to China's war-mongering. By the end of the year, order is restored throughout the nation and 45,000 Chinese and Taiwanese nationals have taken up the government's offer on the VISA Subclass-97. Those with the VISA have taken to wearing their VISA cards around their neck to indicate their opposition to China's actions (and to avoid being beat up).
  • Foreign Affairs:
    • Taiwan: In defiance of China's illegal invasion of Taiwan, Britain continues to supply the beleaguered island nation with anything they need, including the latest in anti-ship and anti-aircraft weaponry. If China so much as touches a member of the British supply convoys, it will feel the wrath of NATO.
    • Chinese Nukes: China's use of nuclear weapons is severely condemned by every facet of the British public. A resolution, co-authored with France and Germany, is submitted to the UN General Assembly for consideration. It explicitly condemns China's first-strike use of nuclear weapons in war and calls for the use of nuclear weapons to cease. [Mod Response of UNGA vote]
      • Mod Response: On December 1st, the United Nations General Assembly, with opposition primarily from Russia and China, announces they will hold a vote on December 10th, International Human Right's Day. During the week the vote is scheduled to be held, the United States strikes Beijing in a nuclear attack, while undergoing chaos near their capital. As a result, the UNGA suspends a vote to condemn, while accepting the UK's resolution for further review.
    • Russia: Russia is ordered to withdraw support for the Serbian government or face severe NATO and EU intervention in Ukraine. [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: Russia, with a newfound motivation and morale after their capture of Kyiv, denies the UK. Russia restates their backing of Serbia and their government, and states they will provide military and economic support to Serbia if needed.
  • Defence Affairs:
    • Nuclear Weapons: Following the first use of nuclear weapons in war since the second world war, the UK emergency level is raised to DEFCON 2. All across the country, schools, offices and ordinary citizens make necessary preparations and drills in case of nuclear war. Britain's nuclear submarines are placed on high alert in case retaliation is required.
    • National Service: Given the state of war that currently exists, a new programme of National Service is introduced, requiring all military age men to service in the armed forces, the NHS or the fire service for at least 1 year before age 30. Separately, widespread public anger at the Chinese use of nuclear weapons and the situation in Serbia has led to the volunteer armed forces to swell to 250,000 personnel, with the expectation that the armed forces will reach 1 million personnel within the next 2 years. This is paid for by a defence budget that now stands at 7% of GDP. Production of new aircraft and AFVs goes into overdrive.
    • Yugoslav Crisis: [Secret] Following a swift initial campaign that got bogged down by local familiarity with the terrain, a new strategy is implemented in the conflict in Serbia, with the goal to capture, fortify, supply and defend "safe zones" within the country, from which offensives can be launched into the surrounding villages and countryside to clean up resistance. This new plan, called Operation Castle, takes advantage of NATO air superiority. On the 3rd of February, 135,000 joint NATO troops are airdropped around key Yugoslavian military bases (most of which were previously levelled by bombing and captured by paratroopers) and defensible towns and ordered to capture and defend them until reinforcements arrive. Once secure, these locations will be used as home bases from which offensives to surrounding areas can be launched to eliminate any organised resistance by Yugoslavia's fascist oppressors. [Mod Response] Separately, a new secret service under the Ministry of Defence is created, called the Special Operations Executive (SOE), with the role of identifying, organising, arming and training local anti-Šešelj resistance fighters and partisans in the art of harassment and sabotage of enemy military vehicles and infrastructure targets. As the goal of NATO is to liberate Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and North Macedonia, it is expected that there will be substantial pockets of anti-Šešelj resistance, especially in occupied B&H, Kosovo and North Macedonia. [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response for both: British and NATO forces are actually successful for the first part of the year, primarily due to the fact Russia is being waved in two directions, wiping out Ukrainian Resistance and assisting China with their war. However, with current events of China starting to win their war, and Ukrainian resistance being crippled day by day, Russia can start pivoting their focus to Yugoslavia.
    • Defence Research: [Secret] The development of stealthy naval loitering munitions is fast-tracked. These are effectively suicide unmanned and autonomous naval vehicles (UANV) designed to mimic sea life (such as turtles, fish, etc.) and loiter around enemy shipping, before launching into action and detonating when in contact with the target. [/Secret]


If you asked anyone on the streets of Russia, China, The US, UK, Philippines, or any other nations, they would tell you this year was one of the worst. We had nuclear hell unleashed onto the world, with China and the United States trading massive punches, China nuking Hainan, Quezon, and Davao, and the United States nuking Southern Florida and Beijing. The death toll from this year long nuclear exchange is estimated to be nearly 18 million, with at least another 30 million injured. A consensus is formed, this is the start of World War 3. War is occurring in Serbia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, China, The US, while regional conflicts have continued in India, Pakistan, Israel, Cuba, and many others. Two sides have formed, with NATO and the West being one, and SCO/CSTO and the East being the other. Various technologies continue to be formed as well, at the same time of war. Perhaps war will always be in humanity's nature, as both a species and a conscience.

A few more updates. Taiwan has fallen to the Chinese, with Western efforts to back the island helping to delay, but not deter China. Taiwan is in ruin however, and will likely not be useful to the Unitary Republic in it's current state. The Province of Korea (or as most know it, South Korea) is mounting further resistance, and making a valiant push to reclaim their capital. However, they are far from doing so, and while they did get numerous advantages due to China's focus on Taiwan, they will likely be forced to push back once again. It looks like, from current predicaments in the United States, that their union will either fall, crack, or somehow come out of this stronger than ever. Eastern nations are looking to capitalize on the current mini civil war that is taking place in the US, with the US likely looking towards NATO and the EU to help. Let's see if this new decade will be one of peace, or one of war.

ChinaFlag.jpg- Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Jueqi (Ju Yang)
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Yi Qiang
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Fei Li
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Social Democrat Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Fei Li
      • First United Front: 5,000 members
      • Second United Front: 3,000 members
      • Third United Front: 1,000 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: Feng Weilai
      • Judges: 500
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 45.2 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 31.1 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 34,205 USD
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP (PPP) in the world, and the second largest GDP (nominal) behind the United States of America. Overall, the outlook for the future of the Chinese economy is bright.
  • Population
    • 1.556 Billion People
  • War/Conflict
    • This is going to be another year of heavy war. We start with the Philippines, who have once again decided to take the lives of our citizens in an attempt to release our grasp of Taiwan. As they seem intent on war, we will give them what they want. President Ju and the CMC order the deployment of 3 million total troops, mostly air and naval brigades, to take control of the Philippines. We are not intent on just destroying them, we will annex them, as we did with North and South Korea, Mongolia, and Taiwan, and we will execute their President. We estimate, based on different factors such as support from The United States or The United Asian Alliance, that we will be able to take them within the next 2 years. In a speech, President Ju says "We will defeat these trespassers, these cretins of the Philippines. The New People's Army will, with our backing, take their rightful place in government as well. I am announcing a military invasion of the Philippines, to hopefully stop their brutalist ways once and for all."
    • [SECRET] The planned invasion of Japan is called off, as the Philippines have presented themselves as a clear and dangerous threat to our sovereignty. Operation Rizal, named after Jose Rizal of the 19th century Philippines, will include our ongoing mission to annex the Philippines, and depending on the timeline of invasion, open our options to further nuclear or now chemical weapon attacks. While we do not want to hurt innocent civilians, the point for diplomacy has been long gone, and whatever happens next is fully on the Philippines. At this point, some call on President Ju to allow the Philippines the chance to surrender, however he does not take it. [SECRET]
    • We turn our focus south, on the nation of Bangladesh. With President Ju accusing them of 'supplying the enemy', we launch a full scale and planned invasion into their land. Obviously, we have to fly over the Indian ally in Bhutan, however we should be able to make quick work of both Bhutan and Bangladesh, given their relative lack of military strength and their reliance on India. We use our Qingting VTOL's heavily in this situation, as well as various J-20 aircraft and H-6 bombers, which we believe should allow us to take out the enemies within a period of six-eight months at the most. [SECRET] Obviously, the supplying India with weapons excuse is not real, and while they do collaborate militarily, President Ju wants to establish our sea-lane near India's, to allow for our Navy to start building up at their ports. We are going to start focusing our efforts more towards the southern areas of Asia, rather than the East Coast, if possible. [SECRET]
    • We continue to fund various groups from the United States associated with right-wing terrorism. We also supply an increasing amount of weapons and troops to fight along side their forces, hoping to take the United States down if we can. In a statement, President Ju says "I hope we can continue our path to victory in the United States, and I am happy to see the people of the US rise against the governmental machine that opposes them. Paratroops will make their way to six key cities in the United States to hopefully fuel this fire against their government, and these various Chinese soldiers will be given our flag to wear, in cases of friendly fire, and to avoid such mishaps. We stand with the People of the United States, and their will to be free." We continue to push into Guam, as we started doing last year, as well. [American Response]
    • Obviously, with nukes being launched, we must retaliate, we literally have no other options at this point. President Ju, once again from his bunker, authorizes the launch of 500 DongFeng5 ICBM nuclear missiles towards the United States. This depletes our nuclear count once again to 2500 nuclear missiles, but this had to be done. We launch these nukes primarily at the most populated cities in the United States, so areas such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, etc. get more nuclear weapons, due to the defenses concentrated around those regions. We would also send several other missiles towards known nuclear missile silo's, in case the United States further launches their nukes. We now place our confidence in the various missile defense systems across the country.
    • Due to both the sheer volume and sophistication of our Huoli Defensive Weapons System, as well as the confiscated THAAD and Skybow systems that we possess from various 'expeditions', out of 200 nuclear missiles, 10 strike the homeland. Confirmed strikes are seen in Beijing, Pyongyang, Shanghai, and Sinuiju, from our various satellites and Tiangong space station images. If further missiles are launched, it is likely even fewer will get through, due to us now knowing that the United States actually intends to fully commit further acts of war. We are now going to have to replenish these ICBM's for next year sadly, but tis the cost of war. We have other options to use as well, like our DF-41, however DongFeng 5's are reliable for us, so we use them mostly, even today.
    • It's a relatively peaceful March 11th day, considering all that is wrong with the world. President Ju is sitting in the Presidential Bunker once again, looking over various financing plans for 2030 Fiscal Year. He notes how "The war is costing us" and that the "end seems to be near." Suddenly, a phone call rings through, it's from the Chief. [SECRET] A transcript appears below.
      • Ju: Hello, President speaking.
      • Chief: Hello Mr. President, how are you today?
      • Ju: Considering all that is wrong with the world, I am doing surprisingly well.
      • Chief: Well, your day is about to get a lot better.
      • Ju: What, did we win the battle of Miami finally, or sink an aircraft carrier?
      • Chief: Neither of those, Mr. President. America has fallen, the nukes did their job.
      • Ju: Wait WHAT?! Ok hold on, how much damage are we talking?
      • Chief: Safe to say, a lot. I don't see any chance the United States comes out of this alive.
      • Ju: Show me a feed on what it looks like.
      • Chief: *Shows Feed*. Any major city you can think of has pretty much been confirmed to have been hit, save for a few. Preliminary numbers from our statistics whiz show an estimated 180-187 million Americans dead, from various demographic estimates.
      • Ju: Holy Sh*t! Ok we need to redirect all assets towards the United States, pronto. Continue with Bangladesh and Bhutan, and ward off the Philippines, but by all means, we need to take the United States. How are their defenses?
      • Chief: They still have automated defenses, but we have killed a large percentage of their domestic military and crippled most of their assets both economic and military. Perhaps most importantly, the remaining military and police are attempting to maintain order and control. We could literally sail towards them and probably take them down that way.
      • Ju: That is great and all, but how would we, in any world, control that territory. I mean yes, right now we could use air or naval forces to invade, and we would likely win, but do we want to control that large of a territory. I am not saying by any means that we can't, I mean look at Russia for example. But should we is the question.
      • Chief: In my opinion, we should. Depending on how resistant they are, my estimates range from taking their territory in anywhere from six months to 5 years. This depends too on a plethora of other factors, if Canada sends help, the EU, Mexico, the UK, etc.
      • Ju: Well then, let's do it. Restart Operation True Freedom. And send 50 nukes while you are at it. This may be overkill, but send 4 million paratroops and 2 million naval forces to take the United States, I want to see this country fall, if they haven't already.
    • All operations are proceeding, with results to be posted soon. [SECRET] [Mod Response]
      • Mod response: The nukes kill 1 million Americans, also killing 500,000 of China's own troops. Chinese incursion continues, though there are multiple cases of radiation poisioning among Chinese ranks.
    • Out of the 65 nukes launched, 3 hit China. 2 hit Fuijan and one hits Chongqing, killing another million people. Chinese casualties from these nuclear weapons launched number in 10 million, while the United States has lost at least 180 million citizens. This makes the Sino-American War the largest casualty war in world history, combining the deaths from China, the US, Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea. Between the United States and China alone, 192 million have died. Add the Philippines to this, the number surpasses 200 million deaths. Add Taiwan and South Korea and this adds up to 203 million people dead.
    • With what we hope is the last retaliation we have to launch, we launch 50 more DongFeng-5 nuclear missiles at the United States, specifically with any city above 100,000 people. We also restart Operation True Freedom, this time launching 6 million total troops into the United States from the South, West, and East. 4 million of these are paratroops, and we will have to make dozens of rounds to collect troops and land them in the United States. 2 million are naval forces, which once again, will have to be repeatedly supplied and delivered to the United States. We have also successfully overwhelmed Guam, and are starting to build territory and bases there.
    • By about mid-late July, our military forces report back to us from Bhutan and Bangladesh, resistance has been mostly cleared out, we can safely say these territories are under China now. Both battles combined cost us 100,000 total troops, however the losses we inflicted number in the 200,000 mark. While we don't expect these countries to comply immediately, they really have no other choice, as our forces have captured their capitals each and executed their leaders on national television. Some within our nation are questioning whether we building an empire too big to control, however we dismiss their questions.
    • Vietnam has to be one to declare war it seems. Much like the 60's, it seems the Vietnamese have relegated their thoughts of peace for the thoughts of war. Since we are well aware of the terrain and it's hellish nature, we will be fighting this war solely using our various attack drones, of which we have hundreds. We will essentially bomb all military targets possible, with this being one of the first wars in a while where we try to avoid civilian casualties, however if things change, we will pursue all targets. [SECRET] Once again, our plans have to be skewed. Japan was high on our list of areas to invade, however the Vietnamese directly share a land border with us, so we have to take this threat seriously. We expect this war to take a year to a year and a half at most. President Ju makes a remark, saying "I am surprised with the lack of effort from other countries in other areas to try and fight us, are we really the only heavy hitters?" [SECRET] [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: Vietnam, in the first half of the year, is overwhelmed to say the least. While they have significant numbers of troops and military persons, their equipment is outdated, to say the least. China quickly takes out many major military outposts, equipment, and other assets to Vietnam, all from the comfort of their autonomous drones. This changes, however, as the United Asian Alliance unilaterally declares war against the Unitary Republic, which quickly changes the landscape of the war. The Unitary Border Forces are holding the UAA back from the homeland, but missile strikes and other weaponry manages to slip through, despite China's robust defenses. This war looks to be in favor of the UAA.
    • We focus our attacks on the Northwestern area of the United States, hoping to move from there down further, into the West Coast and further East as well. This is a good starting point for us, as this is one of the least expected avenues for us to take, but one which will yield us plenty of advantages. Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State are heavily targeted, with each of those regions expected to have been occupied by next year. We realize we may be stretching our forces in too many directions here, but if this works, the advantages will outweigh the downsides. Also, depending on our Russia deal, this may allow us to funnel even more troops down towards the areas we need to strike, as well as possibly take Alaska. Also, rumor has spread that Mexico has declared war on us, so that is great. [Mod Response]
      • Mod response: Mexico has indeed declared war on China, with the nationalist government comitting 500,000 troops to liberating North America, and potentially securing the former U.S' WMDs.
    • On December 4th, to mark the date of nuclear war from last year, we drop 250 rods from our KOBS towards various military assets in Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Not only this, but millions of troops start counterattacking invaders in Southern China and Taiwan, with next year likely being the one in which we claim military victories over these invasions. By the end of the year, our UBS estimates, from various strikes and counterattacks, we have killed 450,000 UAA troops, to our 310,000 dead. We will continue to push into Vietnam, and with this new land Russia has kindly traded with us, we will be pushing towards Japan next year. We start moving troops into our newly acquired Russian territories, making Vladivostok likely a key asset in this future war. [SECRET] Barring a huge military failure, the invasion of Vietnam should work in our favor, with our forces likely being able to claim victory early next year. We are going to push into Japan as well, with the swath of land gained allowing us to finally attack from the North. Oh yeah, and Mexico is now added to our list as well. The Philippines will be second to Japan if this invasion can go well, which we hope is what takes place. We have started making good progress in Washington State and Oregon as well, which by next year we hope can be claimed. [SECRET]
  • Domestic Affairs
    • Our nuclear inventory hits 3000, with an additional 500 being produced last year. It is our hope to continue this mass buildup of our military, which coupled with our current budget of 933 billion USD, should allow us to sustain this growth for the foreseeable future. Our military personnel count grows to a total of 50 million troops, which is a bit under what we would have hoped for this time. Regardless, we have also acquired some new military equipment from Taiwan as well, which includes their AIDC IDF2, their second Indigenous Fighter Jet produced in 2024, which in most cases, either matches or exceeds our own J-20 and FC-31 aircraft in various aspects. We will start using these designs to influence our new J-25B and J-28B fighters, with these designs being inspired by both South Korean and Taiwanese air fighters. Another important update, South Korea/Province of Korea's CVX-Class aircraft carrier has been procured as well, with 2 being fielded for the Unitary Navy as Type-003.5, with these two being known as Type-003.5 A and B carrier strike groups. Our usual schedule of two Type-003 and Type-004 carriers has not changed either, with this bringing our total count to 30 aircraft carriers.
    • President Ju has won the President Election of 2030 in a landslide 77 percent of the vote. The Social Democrat Party is keeping their majority in Unitary Congress, with the Progressive Party not too far behind. In a broadcast from Yi Media Group, they describe his victory as such, "The current President of the Unitary Republic will see to it another term, with China rapidly expanding in a warmongering direction. The President looks to be a landgrabber currently, trying to acquire any sort of land or military advantages he can get, much to the applause of this now nationalistic nation. While he has democratically reformed the country, many are questioning and will continue to question whether President Ju will eventually be known as a feared dictator by the world who's loved by his people, or a feared dictator by his people who is hated by the world. This is our top story tonight, and we will continue to update you on regional and local elections when we come right back."
    • President Ju orders the rebuilding of Hainan, Beijing, Taipei, and all other cities and areas affected by the war. Many are questioning this move however, so President Ju decides to donate 50 billion dollars from the government fund to make a new smart city, known as Shàngshēng. Meaning Rise in English, this city will be the same size as Beijing, and may serve as the future capital of China if possible. Completion of the city is expected to take 5 years, with the ability to hold 20 million people at it's opening. Many are attributing this to China's acquiring of production materials and companies from both South Korea and Taiwan, which gives them the ability to work off of their blueprints and material reserves, thus quickening the process. The city will be located 30 miles East of Guangyuan, a city currently located in Central China. When pressed about the location, President Ju said "This location is both strategic and meaningful, all at once. Central China is an area where most naval assets cannot strike reliably, as well as being near the center of China means something to the people of this country. We hope that these efforts are not in vain, and will dedicate a placard of each civilian who died in the tragic nuking of Beijing to the Central Hall, the future residence of the President."
    • The Unitary Civilian Corps are rewarded and praised for their quick actions during the Nuking of Beijing, when they heroically saved hundreds of citizens from falling rubble and other dangerous byproducts of the event. The UCC and their members are given a victory tour around the outside of Beijing, with the President attending to mourn the losses of these hundreds and thousands of civilians. In a speech, he says "Borrowing from the words of the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt, December 4th, 2029, a date which will live in infamy, the Unitary Republic was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces from the United States of America. What happened all those years ago, the start of what would become the United States entry into World War 2 against the despicable Japanese Empire, most remember today as a heroic event, one where the United States fought against a foreign enemy. Today, we do the same, without resorting to nuclear weapons like the Western cowards did. We will win this war, and the UCC is a big help for what they have done in rescuing citizens in Beijing. For this, I dedicate today, January 5th, 2030, to them and their bravery. May the Unitary Republic live on forever!"
    • A fierce debate is held by the Unitary Congress over what seems like a trivial issue, what to designate the capital of these new territories of ours. We are going to divide these areas into Provinces, like the United States does with their, well, states, and give them a proper capital or provincial seat. Taiwan will remain with Taipei as their Provincial Capital, Pyongyang will become the capital of the now united Province of Korea, and Ulaanbaatar will remain the capital of the Province of Mongolia. If we are able to capture various other countries, we will name their capitals and designate them when the time comes.
    • Our Long March 9 rocket has successfully carried equipment to the moon, to supply our ongoing lunar base project. We have accomplished another milestone as well for 2030, putting a man on the moon for China. Ye Guangfu and Tang Hongbo become the first Chinese taikonauts to walk the moon, while at the same time making China only the second country to accomplish such a feat, the United States being the first. With this, if not already, the second space race is well on it's way, with China being the main competitor to the United States, instead of their traditional ally Russia. We are also looking into a second space station, which we would like to construct as an alternative to the now, as of this year, decommissioned ISS. Similarly to the United States, we would ban them from this proposed station, citing their hostile relations with us.
    • The Association of Private AeroSpace Companies, or APASC, tests and launches their long awaited space hotel. Using various VC and Angel Investors within China's large crowdfunding industry, APASC was created between five companies, who all semi-merged their assets into one association. Of course, these various companies still have their own space based ambitions, however they have launched their recent space hotel, known as the Voyager (after the Voyager probes) to Low Earth Orbit. Costing 57 billion dollars and taking nearly 7 years, this behemoth of a space hotel is only available to the ultra-rich or their connections, with the Voyager having a capacity of 100 at a given time. Using various technologies inspired from both the ISS and the Tiangong, Voyager serves a double function as a research base, if needed to by the government, for the right price of course. This is the first major space hotel to be launched, with 10 guests currently aboard Voyager for a one month period, to test the various capabilities.
    • The Unitary Bureau of Statistics announces the results of the 2030 Unitary Census, showing 1.715 billion people by the end of the year. Various methods were used to count such a large amount of people, such as drone based facial identifying technology, artificial intelligence algorithms, and heat based sensors in various locations. We also used the various data we could collect from the various census agencies within each of the former countries we now control, with the Province of Bangladesh being the most populated newly acquired territory. We also estimate the Unitary Republic to have the largest GDP of the world, in both nominal and PPP terms. The UBS has also announced they will be more accurately calculating the GDP per Capita, using all Provinces and Territories to average out the number.
    • [SECRET] As an alternative to nuclear weapons, and to further deter any other launches by hostile countries if needed, we launch four Long March 9 rockets, each carrying 140 satellites, with each of those satellites carrying 4 Tungsten rods. Each one of these rods, if impacting earth, should have the same yield as a 1 megaton nuclear weapon. These satellites are deployed to have quick release systems as well as low orbits, so that if we must launch them, we can be precise in our strikes. We are calling this program the Unitary Space Force Kinetic Orbital Bombardment System, or USFKOBS or KOBS for short. These satellites look like everyday weather satellites, and we launch them under the guise of 'studying weather patterns against the continuing threat of climate change. We also start further research into 4th generation nuclear weapons, though this could take a decade to actually resemble anything. We now have 2240 individual Tungsten rods orbiting earth, ready to strike any countries at any time. [SECRET]
  • Foreign Affairs
    • We propose a space station, which we are calling the Cooperative Space Habitat. This station, which should be completed and ready to go by 2035, will be double the size of the ISS by it's final construction date (meaning all modules are added) in 2040. We propose this project should last at least 20-30 years, citing the ability of the ISS to extend it's lifespan to this year. This project should cost us 200 billion dollars over the next 5 years, and we would invite Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil to assist us in the creation of such a station. We feel as if this could help humanity prosper, by creating a safe environment in space and hopefully for our future among the stars. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran agree, while Brazil denies, wishing to remain neutral at this time. Between the four accepted countries and their budgets, it is likely we can see this project completed by 2034.
    • We condemn the decision to declare war by the United Asian Alliance, with President Ju saying "These select few nations will feel our wrath. The ability to defend against war is also the ability to fight war, which we try through diplomacy, peacekeeping, and other means. This declaration of war, however, will not be tolerated. As a result, we will start with Vietnam, and work our way slowly till the core of this maniacal group explodes, as we watch them fall into pieces. We are officially declaring war on Vietnam, and I can ensure the Chinese People this will be a smooth and easy road to victory."
    • In what we believe will be mutually beneficial to both countries, we offer a trade deal to Russia. However, much like the Alaska deal, this is one of acquiring further land for our expansion, which we don't have to do through war. For Primorsky Krai, Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Sakhalin Oblast, Tuva Republic, Zabaykalsky Krai, Amur Oblast, Altai Republic, Khabarovsk Krai, and Republic of Buryatia for 1.820 Trillion Dollars. On top of this, we would also facilitate the sale of one Type-003 aircraft carrier if Russia wishes, as a sign of goodwill. [SECRET] Obviously this will make the invasion of Japan, which we should eventually pursue, much easier, compared to if we don't have this territory. This will certainly hurt our pockets, but estimates within China suggest this is actually an undervaluation of the land, but we will have to see. We hope Russia will agree, and we will call this the Treaty of Vladivostok. [SECRET] [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: Russia, both glad to relinquish the burden of fighting the Japanese over island disputes and happy to receive nearly 2 trillion dollars to add to their downtrodden economy, accepts the deal. Russia accepts the aircraft carrier as well, relegating it to the contested Black Sea, in case of further warfare in that region. As a result of this deal, China has a direct path to Japan's Northern Region and Alaska, while Russia has a nearly unsinkable aircraft carrier and 2 trillion dollars to line their pockets with.

Flag of the Philippines.svg The Republic of the Philippines

  • Government/Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Leaders: President Isko Moreno
  • Capital City: Manila
  • Population: 108.6 Billion
  • Economy: Partially Stable
  • GDP: 367.1 Billion
  • Number of Military Personnel (Active and Non-Active): 13 Million


  • The recent nuking of Quezon and Davao took millions of innocent lives and led to the destruction of 2 cities. The Filipino populace is angry and resentful but not on the government instead to the Unitary Republic of China.
  • The military manpower of the Philippines increases even after the nukings and the resolve of the people of the Philippines is stronger than ever
  • Isko Moreno, in a daily address, says this speech in the safety in an unknown secret location:'

"My fellow Filipinos, I am here to sadly inform you that the two beautiful cities of Quezon and Davao have been destroyed by Chinese nuclear missiles. The so called "government" of China killed millions of innocent Filipino men, women, and children without mercy. I express my sadness and sympathy to the families of the lost. Me and the rest of the government will admit the responsibility of the deaths in the nukings but we refuse to bow down and fear to our enemies. We must be strong together and pull ourselves from this terrible tragedy and continue to fight for freedom and democracy. We must stop the Chinese war machine from overrunning the free continent of Asia so the lives of the lost will not be in vain. Channel your sadness, regret, and anger, my Filipinos, to actions that will prevent further tragedies from happening and let us win together as one, as a family, as a country! Stand! Fight! Never surrender!"

  • 5 stealth submarines and 6 stealth long range bomber planes are created
  • Under the orders of the government, all military officials, equipment, and vehicles are sent and hidden into secret bunkers
  • 9 more Minotaur Missiles are created and are transported in several secret bunkers around the country
  • The "Thunder Bolt" Anti-Missile Weapon prototype is finally constructed and ready for testing
  • [SECRET] The Philippine Military begins researching and developing their first nuclear missile [SECRET]
  • We launch further aerial bombings, naval bombings and Minotaur Missiles to Chinese troops in the Paracel Islands and in Taiwan [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: The Paracel Islands are once again a battleground, with Chinese forces eventually either being killed or retreating from the islands. In Taiwan, while under Chinese control at the current time, does kill further Chinese soldiers, before missile defense systems kick in and intercept further launches.
  • Naval and aerial defenses are strengthened all around the country especially in Northern Luzon with more anti-naval weapons and sea mines installed
  • [SECRET]The Philippine Army launches Operation Bluebird which is a 2nd invasion of the Paracel Islands with 50,000 troops, mostly made up of volunteers, invading the islands at midnight on 12:00 AM . The navy and air force supports this invasion with a naval and aerial bombardment. While Minotaur Missiles also attack the Chinese island defenses from Vietnam and a few naval ships. The Thunderbolt anti-missile weapon that are installed in warships is also used to defend the invading troops from counterattacks. The Juche Forces within China will also launch raids at once on naval ports and army bases in regions near Paracel Islands. The military operation will be covered by a false diversionary invasion of Taiwan called Operation No Man.[SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: The invasion of Paracel goes well at first, with China's presence on the islands numbering at 20,000, compared to 50,000 Filipino soldiers. In the ensuing fight that occurs, The Filipino forces eventually overwhelm the islands, killing 17,500 Chinese troops to their 7,800 casualties. Then, however, the cavalry arrives to support China, in the form of a destroyer and coastal patrol vessel. The Philippine soldiers are quickly massacred by various missiles and munitions, with all but 2,000 being able to retreat safely, where they may face trouble in the form of Anti-ship missiles from China. The severely under-armed and undermanned Juche Forces are taken down in a one-sided defeat.
  • [SECRET]Operation No Man will be initiated when 3,000 Filipino forces will launch an invasion of Taiwan by landing on the southern islands of Hoko and must hold it from enemy forces. The invading forces are equipped with advanced weaponry and military equipment[SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: The invasion of Hoko goes even worse. While the Filipino Forces are equipped with high grade weaponry and equipment, three factors result in their downfall. First of all, even on Hoko Island, they are outmanned, with 50,000 Chinese soldiers to the Philippines 3000. Second of all, as China spends their money increasingly towards their military, the result is military innovation like crazy, allowing for more efficient rifles, lighter and more structurally sound body armor, and their advanced detection systems. Third of all, China has satellites and warning systems pretty much everywhere, so the breach of island territory was detected fairly quickly, to say the least. This results in 500 Chinese dying to the Philippines 3000.
  • The UAA launches a amphibious invasion of South Korea consisting of 300,000 Volunteer Divisions [SECRET] Now with the full support of the United Asian Alliance, we launch Operation Maharlika. Operation Maharlika is the invasion of the southern chinese regions of Yunnan and Guangxi from Vietnam by 2 million UAA troops with the support of 300,000 missile artillery, 500 warships, and 20,000 aircraft on a cloudy day. 80,000 Filipino marines will also land in the Paracel Islands once again after a brief but strong bombardment from our air force and navy. 1 million Japanese troops from Okinawa would also invade Taiwan from the North and 500,000 Philippine troops would invade from the South. All of these military invasions would take place all at once. The different invasion forces will later reinforced and hold against counterattacks. [SECRET] [Mod Response, probably need this to be at least the first UAA victory]
    • Mod Response: The war is going in favor of the UAA so far. Thousands of aircraft and missiles are either becoming successful or being shot down on their way to bombard Southern China. The invasion of Taiwan by Japan and the Philippines is working so far as well, with those troops being able to occupy a significant area of Northern and Southern Taiwan. The Paracel Islands are taken back by the Philippines, with China having to accept a few defeats on this front. It is likely, though, that retaliation will occur. Deaths from China number at 350,000, while the UAA has 205,000.
  • [SECRET] Operation Virus would also be initiated on the same day of Operation Maharlika. Operation Virus is wherein secret agents within China and UAA hackers would infect the Chinese technological, internet, and communication world with a super virus that will permanently incapacitate China leading to a nationwide blackout and the collapse of the country's economy. An aerial bombardment and Juche rebel attack would cover this operation. [SECRET][Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: This does not go well, to say the least. As Wired Magazine called the Unitary Republic 'one of the most prepared countries for cyberwarfare in 2030' the results can be telegraphed in a way. Cyber warning systems are quickly alerted to a modified virus trying to engage firewalls and defensive systems, and with some assistance from China's AI based cyber-defenses as well, the virus is quickly found, decoded, reverse engineered, and shut down. This helps the Unitary Republic in a way, as it gives them a new virus to work with and use against other countries. The aerial bombardments and Juche rebellions work a bit better, but are quickly stopped as well, resulting in 750 rebels dead and 12 aircraft shot down.
  • [SECRET] The UAA would also support rebellions in Chinese occupied territories by supplying them with military supplies. [SECRET]
  • We and other UAA members also increase and intensify our naval and aerial bombings around China but we focus most of it on factories, railroads, army bases, air fields, naval ports, and large pathways such as highways wherein military convoys are spotted. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: This works with a success rate of about 20 percent, and while damaging Chinese assets, does not in any way cripple them. Chinese morale rises as a result, with 50,000 Chinese troops dying from the bombings across the country. As a result, naval and air defense systems shoot down 45,000 dead, both in naval and air assets. About 20,000 are captured as well, a large majority of these airmen.

Internal Affairs:

  • Isko Moreno orders an immediate evacuation of major metropolitan cities to prevent further nukings
  • All able-bodied men and women from the age of 50 to 30 are ordered by the military to serve in the armed forces
  • "The Bunker" Program is passed by Congress and the immediate construction of nuclear bunkers around the country particularly in the countryside begins with anyone with construction or building experience encouraged by the local governments to work in the program
  • The Department of War also shows its worth and importance by forming the Emergency Economic and Trade Group to work in stabilizing the economy of the country
  • The Senate For War (SFW) is approved by the President and the Congress and the Elections for the SFW begins with General Fernando leading in the polls.
  • The National Defense Force is increased with 3,000 troops and an air force with 30 aircraft added.
  • [SECRET] Project Silence is accepted by the Philippine military and they begin researching, studying, and manufacturing long range stealth missiles with other weapon industries [SECRET]

External Affairs:

  • We request economic and financial support from the European Union [Mod Response]
    • EU Response: The EU accepts wholeheartedly, and will provide as much support as the Philippines needs.
  • We also request Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand to immediately join the United Asian Alliance [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: India, Australia(unless the Aussie player comes back) and New Zealand accept, while Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand deny, citing their economic and diplomatic relations with the Unitary Republic.
  • We request the UAU to send volunteer troops, military weapons,and equipment. [Mod/Player Response]
    • Mod Response: All members agree (except for players obviously).
  • We request to borrow an Aircraft Carrier from its allies in the United Asian Alliance and NATO [Mod/Player Response]
    • Mod response: The request is granted.
  • [SECRET] The Philippine government forms a 3,000 Filipino troop force made up mostly of Filipino-Americans within the United States to assist the US in their own going civil war [SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: This works, and the Philippine American citizens are encouraged to help the United States.
  • After the nuclear devastation in the United States, the government begins accepting refugees from the American homeland
  • President Moreno pleads that the United Asian Alliance must declare war on China, saying "The Alliance was meant to defend itself and its members from China. Now my country which is the founder of the UAU is being attacked." [Player/Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: The nuclear attacks on both Beijing and the United States have set the UAA over the edge, and all (NPC) members decide to authorize their combined resources to an attack. This is not a unanimous decision by any means, as the fear of getting nuked themselves permeats through various leaders.
  • [SECRET] We request to hold meetings with Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgzstan to join in our side of the military conflict with China with promises of large territory and new alliances and peace with the United Asian Alliance. [SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: While all countries accept the meeting, the outlook is not going to be a positive one, with Russia and Pakistan stanche allies of China, and Kazahkstan and Kyrgzstan being regional partners of China.

American flag.png

United States of America (until March 11th) [NO CONTACT]

  • Government: The United States is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic, with a bicameral legislature, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
    • President: Gavin Newsom
    • Legislature: The Congress
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: Democratic Party
  • Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Capital City: Washington D.C.
  • Population: 336.8 Million (pre armageddon) Around 150 Million or less (post-war)
  • Economy: The United States' economy, by 2030, is a highly developed free-market economy. It is the largest economy in the world with a GDP of over 29 Trillion USD. Citizens live relatively comfortable lives, however the wealth inequality is some of the worst in the entire developed world. Worsening wealth inequality, as well as the slow corruption of our government is starting to cause issues in the economy. The war has taken a toll on our economy, but not enough to cause a depression.
  • Sino-American War Room:
    • The War is in a stalemate. The American divisions on the Philppines are unable to carry out Operation Momo, all the while we were unable to retailliate. The American people are now demanding blood. To your average American, every Chinese deserves to die. Newsom is surrounded by horrible options - Either sign a peace deal, and face a humiliating defeat (and a potential death of the Union); continue to attempt Operation Momo when our Army is nuked to utter oblivion (Navy and Airforce are damaged but still intact enough); or start a nuclear armegeddon and beat China that way.
      • None of them are particularly good options. Newsom doesn't want to sign a peace deal, but Operation Momo will now be a guareenteed failure with their army barely alive. Nuclear weaponery seems like it was the only choice, but Newsom knew nuking China will probably mean the end of humanity. He couldn't decide at all what to do.
      • After a few months of delibating thinking, Newsom submitted to the military, and he decided to prepare a full-on nuclear war. On March 10th, the nuclear football is activated, and almost all of the remaining active nuclear warheads are now deployed. In the afternoon on March 11th, Newsom verifies the launch, and the first wave of 200 Nuclear ICBMs roars onto the sky, targetting Chinese cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tianjin. FALLOUT AND DOOMSDAY IS IMMINENT. TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY. GOODBYE WORLD.
      • At around 5pm, EAS systems flared all across the United States, as over 300 million citizens scrambled for their lives. In the moments before chaos and heat rain down on America, anarchy reins. Gavin Newsom ran off to one of the Doomsday Planes, while former Vice President Jon Ossoff and many other senators sailed out to sea to avoid the blunt of the explosions. Our missile systems are more effective in shooting down missiles, but due to the sheer amount of nukes launched towards us, almost 150 of them landed on American soil. Cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are literally wiped out, while basically the top 50 cities in America are incinerated to crap. As a last ditch attempt, we launch all of our remaining ICBMs and as many SLBMs as possible. The combined nuke count is now over 400 missiles headed towards China...or at least in theory. In total, the armageddon wiped out almost half of our population, destroyed almost all of our companies, killing many billionaires like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, all the while D.C. lay in ruins, dozens of senators and representives dead by ground-penetrating missiles. And then, America falls silent. The last remants of the American nuclear forces launch into the sky, as many submarine sailors doesn't want to be a part of the armageddon; some missile crews don't want to kill that many people and just focus on rebuilding America, while some simply didn't recieve the order. A mere 57 ICBMs and 8 SLBMs are launched twards China in the second wave. WIth 65 nukes headed towards China, the last remants of America is now in space.
  • Wars and Conflicts (other than the Sino-American War):
    • The Ultranat Rebellion has seized some major cities, where they then became warlord areas. Cities like LA and New York are out of our control, and Newsom is pressured by his cabinet to launch a pre-emptive strike against the Chinese.
  • Internal Affairs:
    • After Steve Bullock's suicide, Vice President Gavin Newsom is sworn in as the next President of America. Despite being a moderate, he saw two of his own children killed by the war, and swore retailiation against the Chinese.
    • Our culture...our beautiful cities...everything we've built...gone to this nuclear war. We...goodbye. Play the Star Sprangled Banner.
      • "O say can you see, by the dawn's early light,
      • What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,
      • Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
      • O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
      • And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
      • Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
      • O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    • RIP the United States of America (July 4th, 1776 - March 11th, 2030)
  • International Affairs: State your reaction or stance on what happens in other nations.
    • Who cares by this point...

The end. Or is it?

  • Post-Apocalypse Events...
  • (not sure if this is godmodding, but this will start the post-apocalypse American story)
    • [MARCH 29TH, 2030]
    • ???: [BZZZZZZ...Hello? HELLO? Vancouver, can you hear us?]
    • Vancouver: [Who's this? Is this a connection from Washington?]
    • ???: [If you mean (connection lost for a few moments), -Stapleton, from Seat- (breaks again)]
    • Vancouver: [The hell? Is this Corey Stapleton?]
    • Stapleton: [Yes. I'm near Yakima right now, and I'm a part of the Washington Provisional Government!]
    • Vancouver: [We'll help you guys contact the Canadian government. No guareentees though.]
    • WPG: [Thank you guys, stay-]
  • Another tape from the East Coast...
    • [MARCH 31ST, 2030]
    • Cornwall Dispatch: [911, what's your emergency?]
    • NYC Cabinet: [This is the New York City Cabinet, we are at Watertown!]
    • Cornwall Dispatch: [Uhh...what?]
    • NYC cabinet: [We are survivors of the former New York City government! I'm Bill de Blasio, with Eric Adams besides me!]
    • Adams: [We are asking for assistance here, this town is starving without food or running water!]
    • Cornwall Dispatch: [Alright, assistance on your way. We'll need to see if the government let them enter American territory.]
    • de Blasio: [Thanks a lot guys. Peace out.]
  • I honestly don't know which government will I play in the post-apocalyptic America, as President Newsom has ran off to seek refuge in the UK. The entire cabinet has gone missing, disconnected from the rest of the world. There is no "United States of America" anymore - the former lands are now either rubbled and radiated, or controled by small warlords. Now, what do you wish to do with America, it's up to you - Perhaps that's another map game idea?
  • It is lucky that only 150 nukes landed on our major cities, because if all 500 hit America, not even militias would survive in this post-apocalytic hell. Fallout time.
  • The other 50 nukes that was launched by China landed exactly where they wanted. Most of our remaining towns and cities are in ruins as well, and now, the whole of the East Coast, California, Texas, and most of the Rust Belt are abandoned and radiated.
  • I'll be playing as this warlord for post-apocalyptic America. Here's the hint:
    • [HELEN, (FORMERLY) GEORGIA] [MAY 5TH, 2030; 1345 HOURS]
    • ???: [Jonny! Glad to see that you made it!]
    • ???: [Andy, it was hard work navigating through the wasteland with my wife and daughter. But I still made it, so thank goodness for that.]
    • ???: [Yeah. I had to flee from Kentucky to get down to a safer Blue territory. Thanks a lot Reds.]
    • ???: [So Andy, what group are you in? You told me about it on the SMS.]
    • ???: [Well I'm a part of a self-proclaimed exile government made up of Democrats, setting up base here between Georgia, Carolina and Tenneesse.]
    • ???: [Perfect! Is anyone else in there?]
    • ???: [Well Alex is also a part of this group. We also got a bunch of local reps and took in some like-minded citizens. We have some Trumpists to our west, and they call themselves the Provisional Government.]
    • ???: [Ah, I see. Let's get down to your bunker, and I'll talk to you about my experiences during these last two months.]
    • ???: [Sure! Let's go, Jon!]
  • (This is the last conversation before I start playing as this the next turn)
    • ???: [Andy, glad to see that you grabbed Jon back here!]
    • ???: [Raph, it's all a day's work to get back here, and find you guys too.]
    • ???: [Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you Jon, I'm the leader of this militia as well! Raph deals with the economics and that sort of stuff.]
    • ???: [That's great! I also see that you guys stocked up a lot of guns and building materials. Are they...]
    • ???: [Yeah, we're about to start rebuilding some smaller towns and make a home for the few thousand of us. Probably at either Blairsville or Hiawasse.]
    • ???: [I just hope that one day we can reunify America from this Fallout...]
    • ???: [We're all looking forward to that day as well, Jon. Now... (BZZZZZZ)]


A year of perpetual descent into the madness of a third world war, that is how the famous Dalai Lama described 2030. With each decade starting off catastrophically, the 2030's were no different, with the ability of humanity to cause death multiplying with each passing second. 210 million died within the last year, and while no doubt tragic, the trend is only continuing, with the start of 2031 marked by continued insurgency in Israel, instability on the African Continent, a now divided and war torn American Republic, a chaotic war in Vietnam, the list goes on. Militaries are scrambling to both contain and protect certain areas, with the Unitary Republic and The United States standing out in these regards. We start with the United States, where NATO and the EU have sent battalions to protect the former nation of glory, as well as Mexico and Canada assisting in their own ways. The Unitary Republic has taken a foothold in the Northwestern area, primarily Oregon, Washington, and parts of Northern California being occupied.

The Unitary Republic has grown to new heights, with the country now holding nearly 1.77 billion people within it's claimed territories. However, as history has shown, empires don't last forever, and it's only a matter of time before they collapse. Whether this will be in 10 years or millennia we will have to see. The United Kingdom has inherited the possible burdens of the West, with a large majority of Europe and other Western nations looking towards them to regain their peace and prosperity. The United Asian Alliance is looking to stop China's quest for expansion into their territory by any means necessary, with the resulting battles so far mostly being stalemates. Technology has continued to develop, with breakthroughs in AI, Quantum Computing, Nanotechnology, and more allowing for rapid growth. We will have to watch and see what happens next, whatever it is however, will be interesting to see.

ChinaFlag.jpg- Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Jueqi (Ju Yang)
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Yi Qiang
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Fei Li
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Social Democrat Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Fei Li
      • First United Front: 5,000 members
      • Second United Front: 3,000 members
      • Third United Front: 1,000 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: Feng Weilai
      • Judges: 500
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 47.6 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 32.3 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 36,111 USD
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP in the world, in both PPP and nominal terms. In 2031, although suffering from a few recessions in the past decade, The Unitary Republic has continue to prosper and grow at a somewhat subdued pace.
  • Population
    • 1.768 Billion People
  • War/Conflicts
    • We develop nanotechnology as well, allowing for various programs to be implemented, including biodrones which can infect humans in mass, nano consumption drones which can eat away at various infrastructure, or nano-explosives, which in large formations can cause hundreds of deaths. [SECRET] This is a good time, we suppose, to confidentially announce the procurement of pure fusion nuclear weapons, which while having been researched for years now, nanotechnology has finally allowed us to produce weapons like this in a feasible and cost effective manner. In a simple explanation, nanobots attach themselves to the nuclear priming device, using lasers and heat to super conduct the traditionally fission reliant priming mechanism. Depending on the efficiency of these weapons, a nuclear explosion can result in a ten times increase from the traditional fission based weapon, which basically means we can now produce, in mass, 100 megaton nuclear weapons in a traditional 10 megaton package. This is huge to our nuclear development, and we will produce 100 ICBM versions of these 100 megaton bombs by the end of this year. To demonstrate the power of these weapons, we will be testing one of them in an uninhabited region of our new Russian territory. [SECRET]
    • On January 7th, 2031, a nuclear test is launched in a remote area of the Sakhalin Oblast near Aniva Bay. This nuclear test registers as an 87 megaton nuclear weapon, by far the largest nuclear weapons test in history. Satellite imagery shows this launch was based in Pyongyang and flew from a DF-41 ICBM, which defies all known nuclear scalability so far. The Unitary Republic would claim responsibility for this launch, with the launch killing about 500 Japanese citizens, due to their proximity to the blast. President Ju apologizes for these deaths, saying "The nuclear blast was not able to contained as well as we thought, but on the bright side, we have tested the area for radiation, and there is none. So those who wish to return to their homes may do so, however there is now a mini-crater in Hokkaido, so that makes things a bit complex I suppose. It doesn't matter much anyways, Japan will be ours soon either way." This is an explicit declaration of war with Japan.
    • We produce our J-25B and J-28B aircraft, this time with various improvements, to the point we may be able to consider this a 6.5 generation fighter jet, the first in the world. We took inspiration from Taiwanese and Korean fighter jets, and added various new features, most of which are classified. We produce 150 of each of these aircraft, as well as 200 of each our J-25 and J-28 traditional and A types of aircraft as well. These jets are what the F-35 used to be to all other aircraft in it's class, and is a true marvel of engineering. We can truly claim air superiority with these, in both the fact the United States is in ruin, and that we are currently ranked number 1 by the Global Firepower Index, which is the first time we have ever ranked first.
    • We have once again produced more aircraft carriers, no surprise there. We produce 3 Type-004 carriers, 3 Type-003s, 3 Type-003.5, and 2 Type-002s, bringing our count to 45 aircraft carriers, of varying lengths, displacement, and attack purpose. We can now send two of our Type-003.5s towards the Philippines, since they want to continue their provocative actions. We continue our attack on their islands, with estimates from our government showing the war should end by this year, if they are either defeated or offer an unconditional surrender to us. Either way, while 45 aircraft carriers are overkill, they allow us to field a blue water navy, so we are happy with this.
    • By March 21st, the Chinese flag is raised over Hanoi. Using our autonomous weapon systems, missile defenses, and nuclear weapons, we were able to kill or capture nearly all UAA forces, with the rest fleeing or likely hiding among the Vietnam populace. Granted, we had to nuke three of their four major cities, killing nearly 15 million civilians and 5 million troops, however we accomplished our main objectives of clearing China of foreign forces for the time being, taking back Paracel Islands, and producing a mass victory for our people.
    • The Huoli Defense Systems are expanded further and produced like crazy. We expand these from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of these systems, as well as use the Skybow system and THAAD further in producing these weapons and defensive equipment. A standard second generation HDS now comes with EMP diversion as well, allowing us to deactivate missiles that are flying towards are homeland, if we cannot intercept these devices. This puts us at the forefront of missile defense technology, and using our various intelligence from other countries, has allowed us to procure the most advanced missile and weapon defense system in the world.
    • Our nuclear forces have expanded once again to 3000, after we were forced to use 500 last year due to the war. Our missile test in our territory in Russia certainly didn't help that either, considering we accidentally killed 500 Japanese citizens, but that is a prelude to what will happen this year, so we suppose these are pre-battle deaths. Our willingness to use nukes is obviously pretty high, so we would appreciate not having to empty a sixth of our arsenal again.
    • Our forces number at 70 million in total, with our military budget having to be increased to 4 percent of our GDP to accommodate to this change. We are now spending nearly 1.3 trillion on our military, which we wish was not the case, but it has to be, due to World War 3. We are sending 10 million troops divided to the Province of Taiwan, Korea, and to reinforce the borders around our lands. We are sending 5 million to the now Province of Vietnam's borders so we can protect the country from any foreign invasions, not counting our own of course. And we now can invade the Philippines from the direct West, so we will start sending 2 million troops their way. We also resupply our troops in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.
    • We commence our invasion of Japan, using our forces from Busan and Jeju to invade their Southern islands, our forces in Primorsky Krai to invade their mainland from the West, and our forces from Sakhalin to invade the Northern areas of Japan, such as Hokkaido. A three pronged invasion was chosen due to it's efficiency, and we are sending one million troops on each side, as well as sending four carrier strike groups to resupply possible fighter jets or other small aircraft if we can. Estimates of when the war will end vary heavily, with UAA support likely to increase the time it takes to take Japan, and no support likely allowing us to take the land in less than two years. It heavily depends, and it would be ignorant to make a guess or estimate at this time. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: The offensive is forced to take place from South Korea as the main point. Chinese vessels are able to, with a heavy amount of casualties and resistance, take a large portion of the Coast of Hokkaido, Fukuoka and Kitakyushu. It is expected without UAA help the Chinese may push further North and South in their regions.
      • UAA Response: We send 80,000 UAA troops and equipment. We launch a counterattack on Chinese occupied coasts of Hokkaido, Fukuoka, and Kitakyushu by first launching an intense bombardment from our air force and missiles followed by 800,000 troops led by advanced armored vehicles and military machine soldiers. We also reinforce the island of Japans and strengthen the defenses. [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: The 80k UAA troops are overwhelmed pretty quickly, while the battle between the 800k soldiers and machines results in China being halted for the time being.
    • Various Russian resources have been captured, due to our purchase of these lands. We now possess dozens of Pak DA bombers, similar to our H-20 bombers. We also acquire several Mig-41 sixth generation fighter jets, which are competitive with our J-25B and J-28B aircraft in some areas, but more akin to our base J-25 and J-28 models. We will look to incorporate these designs of both the PAK DA bombers and Mig-41 fighter jets into the H-25 bomber and J-29 aircraft, which we will launch next year. Due to our past experience with Soviet and Russian designs of aircraft, this should be relatively simple to combine. We immediately train our pilots on how to fly these aircraft as well, which we hope can add another lethal layer to our air forces.
    • It seems we have to stop the Brits in their tracks. This was originally going to be much later in the future, but due to their egregious actions in regards to the war, with trying to take our satellites out being a main reason, we launch 40 hypersonic nuclear weapons, all with 100 megaton explosive yields. These missiles are in a pattern as to literally wipe the UK off the map, due to the power and explosive ability of the weapons. We are basically dropping 40 hypersonic Tsar Bomba's on the UK, with this being the first use of our Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons against another country. We fit multiple PAK DA bombers to fly over the UK and bomb them at midnight, in an Operation we call Fallen Jack. Operation Fallen Jack is ago. We also launch 400 Tungsten rods at various identifiable bunker areas in the UK, to ensure no one survives this attack. [British Response]
    • With the invasion of Tibet from the Indians, this is another Hainan scenario, where we can both strike our enemies and cause a blockade hopefully. On December 4th, the infamous day we always launch nukes or some war advance, we would launch 4 15 megaton short range missile, which strikes and instantly kills all Indian invaders. We also repel the invasion of Jilin, which causes further UAA deaths to occur. We expect India to retaliate, so we further arm our Unitary Border Forces and get ready for another invasion. Also, in regards to Japan, with the help of smaller nuclear weapons, we would essentially be close to taking Japan by likely the first half of next year. President Ju issues a statement, saying "Northern Vietnam fell, 100 million Indians are now dead, UAA forces are being repelled and forced to retreat, Britain will likely be a nuclear wasteland. These are all things we have accomplished in the past year, and we will continue to make this world one of Chinese unity. Further deaths will occur if the Brits somehow survive, as we will launch further nuclear weapons if we need to. The Philippines are also no doubt close to collapse, and we will be here to watch and rule them."
    • [SECRET] We will expand to Central Asia next year, with our ambitious goal to take Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan by the end of next year. These countries are all relatively low ranking in military power, but their geography would have been the problem. Luckily, we have soldiers trained in all types of conditions and equipment to support them, so we believe the invasion should be successful, however we will only initiate this after we take Japan, hopefully by May of next year. Our other plans are to eliminate resistance in Vietnam entirely as well, leaving the entire country for ourselves. Our plans are as the British put, World Domination. [SECRET]
    • [SECRET] If we can get Japan, this would be godlike in terms our technological advancement. In terms of both their procurement of Plasma Weapons and their sixth gen aircraft, we doubt any military would be able to come close to us. If we can develop Plasma Weapons earlier than previously thought, we can put them to use in mass producing fourth generation nuclear weapons, new systems of rocket propulsion, and new surgical techniques, among many other applications. Additionally, their research in robotics would likely catapult us to the forefront of the robotic soldier race, and their other research in multiple other fields is priceless. [SECRET]
  • Domestic Affairs
    • Nanotechnology is bringing revolutions to our medical sector. A vast waste of disease and illness is now on the chopping block, with many different cancers, blood diseases, kidney diseases, and others, able to be either cured or reduced to a level where the patient can live in comfort instead of agony. As a result, life expectancy has skyrocketed as well, with the average life expectancy in China reaching 90.2 years old for both men and women on average. Cell repair therapy is taking China by storm as well, with the ability to prevent cell splitting and rapid degeneration of the body proving crucial, allowing for the first person in the world to live until 125, a record which both breaks and has scientists questioning the previous 125 year natural lifespan limit.
    • All across China, graffiti is popping up, which is usually normal for some cities, but this type is spread across all of China. The single Chinese word, Youshi, meaning superiority, is plastered across many parks, buildings, and governmental structures. Sometimes these various words are accompanied with a red fist as well, to supposedly mean Chinese superiority. And this is not just a symbol either, for example, in the newly rebuilt Beijing, UAA soldiers have been captured and lynched by the Chinese people, due to what one man called 'their impurities and their fight against our ethnic solidarity.' If anything can be read off of this situation, which ended up with 50,000 soldiers dead from the UAA, is that many Chinese are working towards an entire society where they are the superior race. This has many remembering the history of World War 2, when the extremist Reich Party established ideals of superiority.
    • A 263-237 vote on the People's Court has shaken many technophobes and traditionalists alike. The vote, which is both scary and progressive, allows for citizens to choose an AI to preside over their trial as well as defend or stand as jury. This brings a whole swath of challenges with it, much of which have already been broken down and decided in case law, however some new challenges still exist. Either way, these judges can process hundreds of cases at the same time, with ruthless efficiency. Obviously, for the time being, a human judge will most likely be preferred, but for things such as defense and jury, AI is quickly taking over as the more popular option, due to the superiority of their 'minds' and processing speed over a human judge, prosecutor, or jury.
    • It is official, the first permanent presence on the moon is established by the Unitary Republic. Via two separate Long March 9 launches, a five man outpost named Yuegong has been established, with more launches this year expected to bring the number to 50 permanent members on the moon. Massive amounts of crops are planted in a dome-like environment to render the base food sufficient, with water extraction coming from ice pockets under the surface of the moon. Oxygen will have to be supplied via the Long March 9's oxygen module for the time being, until the year long process of creating an oxygen dome environment can be completed. Oxygen can be filtered however, so the other Long March 9 will be relaunched back to earth with hundreds of various samples, science experiments, and data results to analyze for further study. We hope this can help propel humanity to a better future, one without war and death.
    • Due to the capturing of a few Filipino robotic soldiers, and due to our research combining Korean, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese research in these areas, as well as our own near decade of research, we have fielded a robotic soldier type as well, called the Autonomous Military Defense Bot, which we believe can compete with the Filipino product. These bots can function autonomously or via human control, and are on the same level as a human soldier. The ability of these will hopefully be suitable for combat, and we will mass produce them with millions by the end of this year, due to our increased production capacity from war. We hope these can offer a nice alternative to our human based bots.
    • Following the killing of hundreds of thousands by the Brits in our water supply system, we facilitate the use of nanobots to clean and filter the water. This has a positive effect, clearing most of the harmful chemicals in the water, with natural solutions also helping clear away the various impurities. Within a week, Chinese authorities announce the water is safe to drink, and the exports from Chinese occupied Siberian territories is halted with regards to water. A chemical attack is heavily considered against the Brits, but nukes are already likely doing the job in place of that.
  • Foreign Affairs
    • In response to the UK demanding we leave the North American continent, we would vehemently deny them, citing their provocative actions in recent decades as justification. President Ju releases a statement on this aspect, saying "Now that the Brits are forced to take second place on the world stage, this is when they make the demands of us to start retreating, well knowing this would help them immensely in recovering North America. If the Brits wish to cooperate with us, we are more than glad to do that, however they are not in any position to remotely make any demands of us, so please choose diplomacy first." [British Response]
    • On the issue with Mexico, we ask they withdraw from the former US, citing their relatively good relations with us over time. President Ju releases a statement, saying "We are going to continue to presume a good friendship with the Mexican people, however if the war moves to Mexico, we will not be so kind with your government. Considering the fact we can take down the foremost power in the world, and then occupy their former land, Mexico is a walk in the park compared to the United States. DO NOT provoke us further, or our options can be open to drone bombings, nuclear attacks, land invasions, or others, depending on what your government fancies. We have a force of 70 million ready to go at any time, your call." [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: Mexico denies this and adds they support NATO.
    • In an internationally televised conference, President Ju addresses the issue with the Uyghur minority group, saying "When I was a mere activist against Xi's cruel nature and regime, we cooperated to release the truth of the Uyghur camps, and as I have stated in the past repeatedly, their conditions were satisfactory and they were not being treated maliciously. For God sakes people, we freed them years ago either way, even if they were terroristic, due to their rights being violated by the previous President. They are equal citizens under the law at this time, and it has been that way since I took over the Presidency all those years ago. Please stop spreading rumors and lies about their conditions, like previous generations did so well."
    • We condemn the UK's decision to restrict freedoms of press and other freedoms in general, stating "Even in these perilous times of war, citizens of China are allowed to have their free media, their free speech, religion, expression, redress, and all other rights granted to them. When a country uses war as a pretext to take such rights away, a country can become autocratic, much like the previous state of China and the state of other countries around the world. I would request the United Kingdom to allow their people to choose what freedoms they wish to possess, and which they do not. It is a hallmark of democracy to allow the citizens of a nation to choose their own destiny and freedom, even during war or peril." [British Response]
    • We demand the Philippines surrender to the Unitary Republic to prevent further deaths, saying "It is clear you are outmanned, outgunned, and outnumbered in general, so why prolong this war? If you wish to keep treating us as an enemy, we will not stop at Vietnam or Japan, we will take the entire continent if we have to, to ensure peace for our people. We would suggest you surrender as soon as possible, to prevent further disaster against your people and their family. We will withdraw all troops if you choose to do this, but you must guarantee you will do the same first." [SECRET] Of course we are not going to withdraw, but we hope the Philippines will be somehow deceived into doing this, even though we doubt they will be. [SECRET] [Philippines Response]
    • We wish to reiterate that India should not, in any way, shape, or form, get involved in this conflict. Two nuclear powers fighting each other usually ends in disaster, as has been proven once already. The CMC released a statement on this, saying "India, by means of all military aspects in general, are outmatched by us. While this is the same with any other country on the planet at this time, they still have nuclear power and can launch missiles, which would prompt a massive response from our side. We wish to work with our Southern neighbor, which is why we have not declared war on them yet. However, if they even start to indicate involvement in the war, we will wipe them off the map. We can handle one billion more people, so if they wish to, bring it on. We would suggest they don't, but they will make their own choice, hopefully without UAA influence." [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: India has declared war and will push into China.

Flag of UK.png United Kingdom:

  • Home Affairs:
    • Total War: With the declaration of a state of total war last year, many industries have been temporarily nationalised including much of industry, utilities, and media. Rationing is implemented and conscription and national service are introduced. Conscription is to be enforced on all men between the ages of 18 and 25. Certain exceptions apply if someone is working in a vital industry or their family has no one else to care for them, etc. National Service (in non-military roles such as policing, health, fire services, and assignment to vital industries) is enforced on all women and any male military conscientious objectors whose services may be required by the state (generally if there is a shortage of workers). Women are free to join the armed forces instead. Citizens, largely patriotic, cooperate dutifully though not entirely happily. Media stations begin broadcasting only government-sanctioned news, which never lies, but sometimes conceals. Weekly air-raid drills are introduced and many citizens construct their own air raid bunkers wherever possible. Subway stations and other structures with underground basements are fitted by the Army with the supplies necessary to turn them into public air raid shelters if necessary. Members of the Royal Family do their duty and attend events, make speeches, and make surprise appearances in ordinary areas (such as hospitals, schools, and subway stations) to shore up public morale.
    • Vertical Farming: With the onset of rationing and with limited space in Britain, vertical farming, both above ground and below, takes off like wildfire. Before long, there are thousands of vertical farms scattered throughout Britain, many built underground in rural areas, many more still built as buildings inside city centres. Food scarcity lessens a little thanks to these developments.
  • Foreign Affairs:
    • China: China is ordered to withdraw from North America.. [Player Response]
      • China Response: We would deny this order from the UK.
    • Mexico: Mexico is asked by NATO to participate in the defence of North America by deploying troops to California and assisting in pacifying the Deep South. Mexico is reminded that China is unlikely to stop at conquering America as world-dominating seems to be its end goal. Mexico is also reminded that America will owe it a significant debt of gratitude by the end of this war, and that Mexico could benefit greatly from this. Finally, Mexico is not-so-subtlety reminded that it doesn't have the ability to defend itself against a nuclear strike. [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: They accept.
    • India: [Secret] Diplomats in India work tirelessly to convince the Indian government to join the war against China. India is reminded that China has for decades been hostile towards India, going so far as to provoke border clashes and, at certain times in the past, escalate to full-blown wars. India is reminded that these provocations will never end, and in fact, that if China successfully defeats NATO and upends the delicate balance of power in the world, it will reign supreme over the Earth as its preeminent superpower. Invasion of India by a nigh-undefeatable China will inevitably follow from such a bloody triumph. Therefore, it is better for India to now, while China is distracted by wars on many fronts, to invade and annex Tibet and free Xinjiang from Chinese rule, and if possible, end the Chinese government's regime by pushing further East than just Tibet. If India will agree to do so, NATO will provide it with certain blueprints and designs for nearly the latest in naval and missile technologies, far beyond India's current, mainly Russo-soviet, technology. [Mod Response] [/Secret]
      • Mod Response: They accept.
    • Middle East: [Secret] Diplomats in the Middle East urge its oil-producing countries to cease exporting to China and ramp up exports to NATO. If such a simple request does not work, they are reminded that they will not survive a full-scale NATO invasion or an attack by WMDs. [Mod Response] [/Secret]
      • Mod Response: They deny this request.
    • Russia: [Secret] High-level agents of MI6 operating in Russia are instructed to identify Russian generals and politicians amenable to a cease-fire agreement with NATO and a cessation of support for (though not going so far as to condemn) China. In exchange, NATO secret service agents would assist a coup against the current Russian government. Russia does, after all, have a long history of overthrowing bad leaders and pulling out of self-destructive and unnecessary wars. [Mod Response] [/Secret]
  • Defence Affairs:
    • Total War: With the initiation of a state of total war, defence spending balloons to 50% of GDP. Full male conscription is implemented, causing the armed forces to increase to over 5 million by the end of the year, most of whom are deployed to North America. War-time industrial production allows the Royal Navy to grow to a fleet of over 56 destroyers, 26 nuclear submarines and 6 aircraft carriers, in addition to over a hundred other ships of different classes. It is expected that the RN will contain over 100 destroyers and 2000 aircraft by the end of 2032. The Royal Air Force (RAF) for its part has expanded to include nearly 5,000 aircraft, much of whom are deployed to North America as well.
    • Britain: A full Iron Dome missile defence system is implemented around the British Isles to defend against possible missile attacks. Over a thousand coastal patrol craft are produced, many built from scratch, many are simply retrofitted private pleasure craft now no longer permitted to be used during war.
    • United Asian Alliance: [Secret] With NATO newly preoccupied with the situation in America, the decision is made to provide the United Asian Alliance with blueprints for advanced military weaponry, including the near latest in hypersonic missiles, stealth naval warships, and stealth multirole fighter aircraft. It is hoped that with the initiation of a total war economy, the UAA will be able to beat back China to within its borders. [Player/Mod Responses] [/Secret]
      • Mod Response: They accept.
    • Philippine Response: As a representative of the United Asian Alliance, we would gladly thank the United Kingdom for providing military blueprints and supporting us in our war against China.
    • North America: Within weeks, 130,000 NATO troops, primarily from Canada, cross the border into the northern United States to restore order wherever possible. Priority is made to connect with the remnants of US state and federal government authorities, and the United States Armed Forces and National Guard. The primary goals of the NATO intervention in America are threefold: 1. Supress rebellions & anarchy 2. Fight off China and other foreign invaders 3. Restore the United States government. To fulfil these objectives, a further 2.5 million NATO forces, and a quarter of the NATO naval fleet, are dispatched to the United States East Coast in April to begin the systematic restoration of the American government. A further 2 million troops are deployed with air support later in the year. It is expected that the East Coast should be pacified by the end of the year given the desire of ordinary Americans for a semblance of safety and order to be restored. [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: This helps the east coast.
    • North America Part 2: [Secret] Agents from NATO militaries and from the British SOE are dispatched to the West Coast of the United States to liaise with local anti-Chinese resistance and units of the US Armed Forces and National Guard to coordinate a defence of the United States West Coast against the invading Chinese force. The objective is to delay the Chinese advance to just California, Oregon and Washington to allow NATO forces time to arrive and shore up defences. Resistance fighters are liberally armed and trained to engage in acts of sabotage, booby trapping roads and bridges, eliminating power and communications, and heavily mining beaches and other landing grounds to make the Chinese advance as slow and painful as possible. [Mod Response] [/Secret]
      • Mod Response: This results in a stalemate.
    • Nuclear Fleet: [Secret] A dozen of the UK's nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) are dispatched to the Pacific Ocean, and 3 are dispatched to the Arctic, in case nuclear retaliation might be necessary. France is encouraged to do the same. [Mod Response] [/Secret]
      • Mod Response: They accept.
    • Chinese Rebels: [Secret] Operatives of the SOE are dispatched to Xinjiang and Tibet to meet and train local rebel groups and partisans, and prepare them for a rebellion against the Chinese government. Propaganda is spread amongst the ordinary population that China plans to ramp up its cultural genocide of the Uighurs and Tibetans to a full-blown genocide, with particular focus placed on the Uighur population, claiming that Uighur dissidents are no longer being sent to "re-education camps", but in fact to death camps where they are slaughtered like animals. It is expected that these populations will believe this propaganda as the Chinese government has already done so much to hurt and betray them. [Mod Response] If successful, a rebellion will be launched against the Chinese government, with the aim for independence. [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: This mostly fails.
    • Weapons of Mass Destruction: [Secret] Production of new ICBMs begins for the first time in decades. Britain aims to posses at least 500 by year's end, and 1000 by next year's end. Testing of nuclear weapons in the Australian desert outback begins. Using Soviet blueprints for the Tsar Bomba, Britain is able to create a 100Mt nuclear weapon by the end of the year. Britain aims to posses 100 of these weapons by the middle of next year. These ICBMs will have the latest in stealth technology to try and disguise them against the latest missile detection and defence systems. Separately, work begins in the MoD's top biolabs to produce, for the first time in British history, weaponised variants of anthrax for use in war. A vaccine is developed concurrently. [/Secret]
    • War Technology: [Secret] Development of better stealth technology for planes and ships is rapidly underway to give NATO troops an edge against China. [Mod Response] [/Secret]
      • Mod Response: This works.
    • Space Warfare: [Secret] Development of orbital bombardment systems, previously thought illegal, unnecessary and expensive, is now placed on high priority. By the end of the year, 100 Tungsten rods are placed in orbit, ready to drop on targets when necessary. An even more secretive subsection of the orbital bombardment development project has developed chemical and biological weapons that can be deployed from orbit, too fast to be shot down before they hit their target. There are now 50 rods of highly concentrated Sarin gas, with hundreds more to follow next year. Additionally, there are 50 canisters of concentrated coke drug in orbit as well. Separately, a system to robotically identify, connect with, and disable enemy satellites is being developed. [Mod Response] It is hoped that by disabling satellites rather than physically destroying them, a catastrophic world-encircling debris field can be avoided if space warfare ever breaks out. [/Secret]
      • Mod Response: This works for the most part.
      • Continuation of Space Warfare: [Secret] Following the successful test of Britain's robotic satellite killers, a full-scale assault is launched against all Chinese military and civilian satellites with the goal to deny China GPS and satellite communications systems. The microwave0sized satellite-killing-robots latch on to their targets by the dozens and release strong electrical pulses to fry on-board hardware. [Mod Response] [/Secret]
      • Mod Response: This would work in theory, however with China having one of the most advanced satellite systems in the world, the result is mixed. Some Chinese satellites are taken out, but most essential and modern systems are able to avoid the attack.
      • Continuation: Despite the less-than-ideal outcome of the attack on China's satellites, attacks continue to be made the whole year.
    • Cyberwarfare: [Secret] Cyberwarfare teams are dispatched to Taiwan, China and Japan to launch cyberattacks against the Chinese power grid and communications systems. The aim is to cause as much havoc as possible by inserting malicious code that causes power plants to fail/meltdown, and communications systems to fry themselves. It is hoped this will disrupt Chinese war production. [Mod Response] Britain's own cyber defences are, of course, shored up. Thanks to the fact that Britain is an island and all its internet communications channels with the outside are already heavily controlled and monitored by the British government, it is easy to identify less important ones and temporarily sever them completely. Much of Britain is thereby air gapped, with the few remaining internet cables heavily firewalled against foreign attacks. [/Secret]
      • Mod Response: This fails in China due to their cyber defense.
    • Three Gorges Dam: The Three Gorges Dam in China is destroyed by agents planted within the country. It is expected that 5 million will die and hundreds of millions will be displaced by the ensuing flooding. It is hoped that the economic, agricultural, industrial and humanitarian fallout from this attack will severely hamper the Chinese war effort. [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: The Three Gorges Dam, which has been quoted as survivable against a small nuclear blast, proves too difficult to break down in any significant way.
      • Three Gorges Dam Follow-up: Following the failure to blow-up the Three Gorges Dam, a predetermined backup plan is initiated, and the Yellow River and Yangtze River are both poisoned with cyanide, chlorine, cholera, and harmful algae. This should severely affect Chinese agriculture, fishing, shipping, and public health. [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: This actually works, with China's water supply being crippled for a week, and many people in poorer regions dying. Nanotechnology is quick to do it's magic though, clearing up the water in relatively quick time. About 400,000 die from the combined effects.
    • Middle East: Following the Middle East's refusal to halt oil exports to China, it is determined that NATO's largely nuclear-powered navy does not require Middle Eastern oil, and NATO's air and land forces can operate on Canadian, American and Atlantic oil alone. Therefore, the decision is made, [Secret] and on the 31st of October, a surprise attack is launched 2 a.m., including 60,000 bombers and 20,000 stealth combat aircraft (to defend the bombers) to carpet bomb the oil fields and air fields of Arabia, Mesopotamia, and Iran. Combined, this should prevent the Middle East from launching any significant counterattack and simultaneously denies China access to valuable oil, oil that now lies burning in the desert. This is followed by 350,000 motorised infantry under the combined NATO army group, the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG), whose purpose is to launch hit and run attacks against any surviving oil fields, not lingering around for combat, disappearing into the desert once the job is done. [Mod Response] [/Secret]
      • Mod Response: This does it's job, and cripples the Middle East's ability to both survive and supply oil. China however has other sources, namely Russia, to get oil and natural gas.
    • North Africa: [Secret] At the exact same time that the Middle East is attacked (31st October), a full-scale invasion of Libya and Algeria is launched. The invasion begins with a stealth bomber attack, targeting the outdated Algerian and Libyan air forces, with the goal of destroying nearly all Algerian and Libyan aircraft overnight. Following this initial attack, 170,000 paratroopers are dropped behind enemy lines to clear out coastal defence strongpoints, making way for the 3rd stage of attack that occurs the following morning at 0630hrs, when 450,000 soldiers storm the beaches of Algeria and Libya, supported by the NATO Mediterranean fleet, heavily shelling Algerian and Libyan coastal defence points. [/Secret] Following a successful landing, 1 million more NATO troops and 120,000 armoured fighting vehicles are landed in North Africa to complete the take over of these two countries and the acquisition of their oil fields for use by NATO. It is expected for the majority of the two countries to fall by the end of November, after a month of fighting, with the rest of the countries capitulating early next year. [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: This succeeds.
      • NATO Follow-up: Following the successful defeat of Libya and Algeria, the Libyan and Algerian armed forces are dissolved, pro-Western governments are installed, and the two country's oil fields are placed under NATO military occupation. NATO continues to pay Algeria and Libya for their oil, albeit at a discount from the usual rate, and the new pro-NATO governments, under pressure from NATO, implement a tax break and fuel subsidy, funded by revenue from sales of oil to NATO, to smooth over relations with the local populations. The police forces of Libya and Algeria are reformed with fresh recruits, with the goal of weeding out corruption in the Algerian and Libyan governments. The entire bureaucracy of these two governments are also reformed for the same reason.

Flag of the Philippines.svg The Republic of the Philippines

  • Government/Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Leaders: President Isko Moreno
  • Capital City: Manila
  • Population: 113.6 Billion
  • Economy: Stable
  • GDP: 373.1 Billion
  • Number of Military Personnel (Active and Non-Active): 15 Million


  • It is already the third year since the war began and war weariness is already showing and spreading throughout Asia but the UAA refuses to allow the Chinese communist empire from spreading its influence throughout the continent
  • Last year, the UAA has occupied 2 Southern regions of China, Yunnan and Guangxi, and the Paracel Islands which has already begun reinforced with a thousand more fresh troops and military equipment in dug out trenches throughout the frontlines.[SECRET] We establish hidden anti-aircraft weapons and missile defenses while forming undeground bases and tunnels to store supplies, weapons, and troops hidden from Chinese reconnaisance aircraft. Machine gun and anti-tank weapon positions are also hidden and camoflaged along with artillery especially those in the frontlines such as mortars. Barbed wires, anti-tank holes, and remote controlled mines are placed behind and forward of the frontlines. In the Paracel Islands, Japan, and Taiwan, we have hidden anti-aircraft and anti-naval missile defenses within mountains along with hundreds of machine gun, mortar, and artillery cannon nests. Underwater mines with most being proximity mines are secretly put throughout the islands along with sensors to detect enemy submarines and other naval ships. [SECRET]
  • The UAA intensifies and strengthens their bombing campaign on China especially in the frontlines while our troops along with Japan's launches multiple large scale offensives to liberate Taiwan [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: This results in a stalemate.
  • [SECRET] To break the stalemate in Southern China, we launch a large scale offensive called Operation Victory to push back the Chinese until we take Hong Kong and Shanghai with 3 million armoured UAA troops being supported by 500,000 new stealth missiles and 1 million aircraft bombers (600,000 of them are stealth bombers). The military operation would start with a brief strong bombardment from our artillery and air force while suicide nanobots or the EMNB developed by Alejandro Military Industries would be deployed on Chinese missiles, artillery, and frontlines. We would also finally send the first 800 Advanced Military Robotics Machines (AMRM) to invade Hainan and to support our invading troops in the southern regions. [SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: This fails for the most part.
  • [SECRET] We also launch Operation Finish to finally take Taiwan with 2 million UAA troops, 700,000 missile artillery, 8,000 aircraft, and 5,000 naval warships [SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: This results in a stalemate.
    • To break this stalemate the UAA launches further 2 pronged offensives with 800,000 UAA troops pushing back Chinese troops in-land while another 1 million troops to launch a amphibious invasion with both forces being supported by the navy and Air Force through an intense bombardment. We also launch first prototype of the UAA’s own chemical weapons deployed by our Air Force on Chinese defenses. We also encourage and support Taiwanese rebellions against the Unitary Republic of China. [Mod Response, this is successful I guess but UAA casualties are high]
    • Mod Response: The UAA successfully takes a majority of the Southern Coast of Taiwan, however they suffer high causualties with 1.2 million UAA dying and 500,000 Chinese dying.
  • [SECRET] The Philippines will also send 4,000 troops to help Japan liberate South Korea with 3 million UAA troops with most being Japanese. The invasion will be supported by thousands of advanced missiles and hundreds of advanced aircraft by the Japanese army. The invasion will start with a naval bombardment followed by an aerial one by powerful Japanese advanced military equipment and vehicles while 30,000 UAA paratroopers with the support of the Korean rebels are tasked to capture nearby missile and artillery positions. [SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: This fails.
  • To prevent the Chinese from taking Japan, we also increase the UAA efforts to strengthen the aerial and naval defenses with hidden anti-aircraft and anti-naval weapon missile defense systems. More naval warships and submarines have been added to the Sea of Japan while underwater remote controlled mines have been placed near large coastal cities or positions where the Chinese can invade. The bombing campaign of the UAA Air Force is also intensified with bombs and missiles full of highly flammable explosive materials targeting naval ports and air bases. UAA stealth submarines also are ordered to sink Chinese warships and supply ships.
  • Mod Response: This fails for the most part.
  • After the recent Chinese capture of Hanoi, we retreat to Southern Vietnam and establish the so called heavily defended and reinforced “Freedom Defense Line” with hidden anti-tanks and anti-air weapons with most being just missiles are established and underground tunnels along with bases being formed. We also add a thousand more troops, weapons, equipment, and supplies to the front . [Mod Response, probably both sides are inflicted with heavy casualties]
    • Mod Response: The Freedom Defense Line is solid, and China decides not to pursue further, being happy with taking Northern Vietnam for the time being.
  • The UAA Air Force launches an intense bombing campaign using stealth bombers and long range missiles on Chinese nuclear power plants, communication infrastructure, electronic infrastructure, and internet infrastructure. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Long Range missiles and stealth bombers are both effective against most air defenses, however with countries like China and Britain, their defenses are nearly omnipotent when carrying out defense. About 10 percent of missiles strike, with China able to recover quickly from these operations.
  • [SECRET] We also begin a false flag operation for Russia to join the war against China by attacking the Russo-Chinese borders with Chinese army disguised Juche rebels with secret UAA weapon and supply support.[SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: About 2,000 Juche Rebels, disguised well as Chinese soldiers, launch an attack on the Russians from North Korea. It remains to be seen whether the Russians will attack back or their response at all.
  • After the defeat in Northern Vietnam and the beginning of the Chinese invasion of the Japanese Islands, The UAA's 7th Filipino, 8th Japanese and 3 other robotic armies launches a surprise but risky amphibious offensive by invading the Northeastern region of Jilin with 1 million New Advanced Military Robotics Machines supported by the navy and air force through a large devastating bombardment. Meanwhile, a hundred million Indians also launch another offensive by invading Tibet with supported from robotic machines and the UAA aircraft with missile artillery. [Mod Response, Chinese forces are caught off guard and pushed back but manage to hold their ground after losing some territory]
    • Mod Response: One thing is certain, another hundred million people are dead. The Chinese do indeed lose territory, but they also evacuate when the nukes hit, allowing them to reoccupy the former territories. Chinese forces in the North manage to pushback as well, although they lose nearly a million troops taking out the UAA.

Internal Affairs:

  • After many years of research since 2023, the Philippines with cooperation of Japan finally creates the first military robotic troops called Advanced Military Robotics Machines with 1 million created. Among the AMRM that were most created, New Automated Military Soldiers (NAMS) make up most of the AMRM population.
  • Alejandro Military Industries also introduced the first Nanotechnology by 2031. The United Asian Alliance immediately used this new technology to use against the technically more advanced technological Chinese army. Military scientists and researchers after were pressured into quickly forming a new weapon and within 7 months, the Explosive Military Nanotech Bots (EMNB) was created. The EMNB were used as suicide weapons to destroy enemy artillery, aircraft, naval ships, and troops that could be deployed by cargo planes.
  • Project Silence is finally finished thanks with the support from other Allies especially from the UK thanks to the blueprints of stealth missiles being given.
  • [SECRET] The UAA also begins to develop the Chemical Z weapon that is a more advanced and dangerous mustard gas. [SECRET]
  • The Philippines economy is surprisingly still stable thanks to the European Union and the rest of our allies along with other economic program
  • The government also made rationing law regarding food and money
  • Hundred more naval ships, submarines, and aircraft are created
  • 15 more military factories, bases, air fields, and naval ports are constructed
  • 5 Nuclear Bunkers are finally completed in Luzon and a hundred more are also being constructed
  • General Fernando is elected as head of the Senate for War (SFW) and is also being selected as the main commander of the UAA Forces.
  • The number of military forces and civilian population increases after receiving refugees from Southern China, Paracel Islands, Taiwan, and the United States.
  • The Philippine Islands are also heavily reinforced by adding stronger defenses especially naval and aerial defense weapons.

External Affairs:

  • We wish to request India to launch an invasion from the West to further pressure China to sign a peace treaty with promises from the rest of the UAA to support this invasion [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: They accept.
  • [SECRET] We also come in contact with Uighurs and convince them to rise up against the Chinese regime by providing support through weapons and military instructors [SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: This fails for the most part.
  • We request Russia to join the UAA’s fight against the Chinese with promise of large Northern Chinese territory and Alaska. [Russian Response]
Russian flag.png

Russian Federation

  • Government:
    • President: Vladimir Putin
    • Legislature: State Duma
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: United Russia
  • Ideology: Authoritarian Oligarchy
  • Capital City: Moscow
  • Population: 139.1 Million
  • Economy: Russia's economy, in 2031 is based on the selling of natural gas to Europe, and the exploitation of resources in Siberia. However, one of the main issues of Russia is the extremem income inequality. Citizens suffer from poverty, and are contributing to the economy by being consumers. Our wealth inequality is some of the worst on Earth.
  • Wars and Conflicts:
    • We would begin the conquest of Alaska after the collapse of the United States. 5000 Russian paratroopers are sent to capture Western Alaska.
  • Internal Affairs:
    • With the current economic craphole, the LDPR, led by Alexei Didenko began to aggressively promote anti-Western and xenophobic propaganda, and the Blueshirts, the LDPR's paramilitary force are also increasing getting more and more powerful.
    • The Russian Imperial Movement (basically Russian Proud Boys) is absorbed by the LDPR. I am starting to sense a repeat of history...hehe
    • TBA
  • International Affairs: State your reaction or stance on what happens in other nations.
    • Putin would condemn the former United States for destroying itself. That's pretty much it.
    • TBA


If you said to someone in 2022, in ten years, there was going to be nuclear warfare, famine, and widespread all around war, they may or may not have believed you. World War 3 has basically damned the world to hell, with news of Britain getting nuked spreading far across the airwaves. Reports from China show the government is currently bracing for retaliation as well, as they launched the killer weapons in an act of what many are calling cowardice. The death toll for the war stands at 351 million people and soldiers, with 412 million being injured in some way. This war far surpasses any other in history by this point, and mostly due to the Hitler-like actions of President Ju.

In other news, it is reported China may take Japan by May or June this year. NATO forces led by the new Western pillar of the UK have taken a large portion of the Middle East, causing Chinese imports from Russia to rise to a ten year high. The nuclear race continues still, with China making a development that shocks many, the procurement of Pure Fusion nuclear weapons. The Philippines is continuing to lead the UAA valiantly, though it is expected they may collapse soon. War is upon us, and hopefully not for long.

ChinaFlag.jpg- Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Jueqi (Ju Yang)
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Yi Qiang
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Fei Li
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Social Democrat Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Fei Li
      • First United Front: 5,000 members
      • Second United Front: 3,000 members
      • Third United Front: 1,000 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: Feng Weilai
      • Judges: 500
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 49.6 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 35.0 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 38.312 USD
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP in the world, in both PPP and nominal terms. In 2032, although suffering from a few recessions in the past decade, The Unitary Republic has continue to prosper and grow at a somewhat subdued pace.
  • Population
    • 2.005 Billion People
  • War/Conflicts
    • We now possess over 150 4th generation nuclear weapons, all within a range of 80-150 megatons. In terms of destructive capability, we don't even need to begin with that, as you can see the results from the successful missile drops on the UK. Our nuclear arsenal is consistent of a majority 3rd generation weapons, however we have about 3000 of those, due to our nuclear arsenal being used on major nuclear threats and other powers. Luckily for us, the 4th generation weapons function similar to a clean bomb, where radiation does not become an issue when we drop the bombs over a certain area. This means if we need to, we can invade an area with reasonably low amounts of casualties while also bombarding the enemy.
    • [SECRET] We begin to develop the WORLDEND Bioweapons into a form of nuclear weapon, to which we would detonate these bombs midair, causing the virus to leak out across hundreds of miles of airspace and terrain, hopefully poisoning water and food, and killing as many people as we possibly can. We are also throwing other virus's into the mix, however WORLDEND is our most advanced virus yet, considering we have had to upgrade it using AI and Machine Learning to get a more lethal mix. This has also helped us with a cure for the virus as well, considering what took us years to develop can now be developed in days or weeks, with quantum computing to help us. [SECRET]
    • Our invasion of Japan concludes on May 22, 2032, with both nuclear and chemical weapons being used to streamline a victory. We now possess the power capable of making multiple new innovations in many fields, mainly in terms of energy and defense based research. President Ju makes a statement, saying "The Islands of Japan have fallen! May we rejoice in this day, knowing that our once historical enemy, an enemy responsible for the deaths of millions of Chinese, has fallen. These islands have been liberated from their Western puppet controlled governments, and will allow for a revolutionary new transformation of Japanese society, one which benefits all people, not just the wealthy elites of the country. This day will go down in history, as the day we both conquered our historical enemies in the West, and saved a people from their tyrant overlords. Long live the Unitary Republic!"
    • We take the rest of Vietnam on June 15th, 2032, having to clear out remaining UAA resistance along the way. As the saying goes, or maybe it was a reference, either way, 'resistance is futile.' The ability to take both nations in the year was never really doubted within China, but perhaps was by other nations outside of China's borders. In yet another speech, President Ju says "In what would have been impossible ten years ago, we have taken both Vietnam and Japan, further expanding our influence and prosperity. This once named Chinese Dream by President Xi years ago is finally coming to fruition, with the ability to take and maintain our prosperity at the forefront of this so called war."
    • We move to Central Asia, where we launch invasions of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, moving quickly to secure them by November of this year. An update should occur from our STRATCOM later this year, informing us of whether we have taken the capitals of each of those countries and annexed them, or not. [SECRET] Here are some of our plans. We are going to basically expand in further towards the Middle East, and hopefully create a land bridge to try and capture a majority of Asia, if we can, the entire thing. From that point on, the entry into Africa should be easy, taking their entire continent as well. These plans are ambitious for certain, however ten years ago, our nation would have never expected to grow this much either, so time is relative in this manner. [SECRET]
    • The Electronic Defense Component of our HDS or HDWS works like a charm when the Brits launch their thousands of missiles at us. Similarly to the time America launched 200 missiles at us and ten hit, only 5 percent of these British missiles hit us. This results in 30 nuclear missiles with multiple warheads hitting our lands, varying widely in actual damage. Out of these 30, 10 of them are deactivated before they can actually detonate, which is another godsend for us. Still, these missiles hit various cities in primarily Province of Korea, Pyongyang, and Beijing in China, which means we have to repair the city for a second time, likely having to wait years to do this. In response, and to damn the Brits to the dirt of history, we launch an overwhelming 100 nuclear weapons, with 40 of these once again being the 100 megaton nuclear weapons, on the rest of the British Islands.
    • This nuclear winter the Brits have launched is expected to cover the entire earth in some form, which depending on location, may starve civilians and damn the world to hell very shortly. We will most likely be largely unaffected, due to multiple aspects of our country. On the issue of EMP based fallout, we have largely accounted for this in the past decade, undergoing massive efforts to protect our infrastructure and our various other systems. The other issue, radioactive fallout, will largely affect the entire world primarily, but we also have prepared, with a mass effort to inject nano robotic systems to protect all 2 billion of our citizens from radiation effects. On the issue of the Tungsten Rods, this kills at least 2 million of our citizens, but this is more from the impact, not the various disease attached. Our population is mainly immune to disease, which while sounding dystopian, is the ultimate result of two technologies, AI based medicine, and once again, nanotechnology. By 2035 in fact, it is expected all citizens will have some sort of nano system in their bodies.
    • In terms of the space weapons Britain has launched, the result is the avoidance of yet another destructive scenario, a Kessler Syndrome type of atmosphere. Almost all of our satellites were able to avoid the hit by any space weapons, while the older ones were hit and deorbited. This was kind of what we were planning to do eventually, so that is fine with us. In terms of our space base, it is completely wiped off the face of the moon. The moon has a crater of the former remnants of our space based program on the moon, however we will launch more this year to build a new base, just a bit behind our initial schedule. We were going to launch 45 more astronauts anyways, might as well have them put to work building a new base. We also deorbit our Tiangong Space Station, 'accidentally' dropping the station on the UK, just to add insult to injury.
    • We start to develop and produce Plasma based sidearm and rifle like weapons. These weapons, manufactured by Daewoo Armaments, will be provided to one million soldiers as a testing ground for their effectiveness when we invade Central Asian regions. The ability of the Japanese to previously create these weapons was surprising to us, given the goals of creating weapons like these, with our previous development, was set around 2036 previously. Luckily we have acquired these weapons from the Japanese, and these should be nearly indefensible to use on ground based battles.
    • J-29 Flying over Gobi Desert, March 23, 2032

      Our J-29 and H-25 aircraft are procured and delivered, with thousands being belted out of our manufacturing facilities each month. The H-25 is a sort of symbiosis between the Russian bombers and our own, using the latest technology and our research to allow for the creation of these masterpieces. These are virtually indestructible due to their speed and ability to avoid nearly all detection systems (once again we can thank nanomaterials for this). The J-29s are based off the J-28Bs we produce and the F-X and Mig-41 of both Japan and Russia respectively. These should allow us to further assert our dominance over the skies, and maintain the largest air-force on the planet. These also use nanomaterials to attempt to evade detection systems.
    • We launch a new missile defense system, this time using plasma based technology. Our new Tanta Defense System comes in two types, both broad and targeted. Our targeted versions can lock on to specific missiles and fire a bolt or beam of Plasma based energy towards a missile, rendering the missile either deactivated or blown up when hit. The broad versions allow for the defense of various areas using plasma beams in a sort of force field manner, although far from actually being one. The broad system makes it harder for a missile to pass through an area without being completely decimated first. We also deploy Tanta Satellites, which can activate and target various other enemy satellites to disable or destroy them. We launch 5 Long March 9 rockets of these, each carrying 130 satellites each, allowing for 650 plasma sats to be launched.
    • We launch 500 more KOBS modules into space, each carrying with it a grand total of 4 rods each. Meanwhile, since we have information the UK has gone underground, we drop 200 more KOBS rods onto their heads, with any areas known to have bunkers being hit. We may have to, if this proves futile, invade the United Kingdom using our ships. Since we are sure most of their missiles are taken out, we would have to worry about any submarine based launches for the time being. Either way, it will be a while before we set foot on the now nuclear wasteland that is the UK. [SECRET] A plan to take Europe is also turning in some Chinese people's minds, but this is not a mainstream view or wish at the moment. [SECRET]
    • December 25, 2032, we take Kabul, the final piece of the Central Asian takeover we were planning. Dushanbe and Bishkek fell in months prior, with the Afghani population putting up quite a resistance, once again delaying our ambitions until, coincidentally, Christmas Day. The Graveyard of Empires will not be our downfall on this day, and President Ju sends a message to the world, saying "Afghanistan, the place where the Americans were humiliated, has fallen. Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan have fallen as well, though this was months ago. The fall of Kabul is done right this time, with our forces taking the country by storm, giving no chance for the weaker enemy to react.
    • Using AI based training, we now have the ability to train both robotic soldiers and human soldiers for various scenarios. Obviously, humans cannot absorb the same amount of raw data as computers, so for this, we have 500,000 Marines implanted with a BCI device, allowing them to 'download' various information and data. These BCIs are backed up with our Quantum Key Distribution Networks, or QKDN. This makes them virtually un-hackable to anyone who doesn't possess massive knowledge of quantum cryptography or quantum networks. In training scenarios, these BCIs [SECRET] and we soon hope artificial limbed humans [SECRET] can allow for more accurate marksmanship, the ability to statistically improve odds of survival, and the ability to detect different types of poisons and viruses. In fact, a Chinese Marksman by the name of Qian Wan just broke the sniper distance record using a BCI, sniping a Taliban official from 4537 meters away, nearly 1000 more than the record set in 2017 by a Canadian.
    • Our war plans for next year are mainly going to be three objectives. The first, is to actually take the Philippines once and for all, and to basically condemn them to annexation under our leadership. The second objective is to sweep through and take Laos and Cambodia, due to their assistance in the war in regards to the UAA. Our third objective is to connect Bhutan and Bangladesh through India, using whatever methods we have to do so. We have plans for these nations which we will reveal at a later time. The most difficult thing to do is going to be either taking the Philippines or taking the Eastern area of India which separates Bhutan and Bangladesh. The easier objective is to take Laos and Cambodia, which we believe can by done both by the middle of next year. We also believe the same timeline is needed for Easternmost India, depending on support or other aspects. The Philippines may put up a heavy resistance too, but we thing by the end of next year they will have fallen.
    • Six Type 004 aircraft carriers are built and delivered, bringing our count to 52 aircraft carriers. 2 of these carriers are fitted with polar exploration gear, to sail into the Antarctic Continent. Now, we know that claiming the continent by word alone is ridiculous, so we intend to backup our words with military force. In early March, these four carriers set out to Antarctica, arriving and fully basing in July. By August, bombings from J-20s occur across the Antarctician land, with our J-20s being sure to avoid allied bases in these areas. By September, with no way to defend themselves, thousands of researchers are killed across the continent, with dozens more dying from the cold. Our thermal geared troops start building bases across Antarctica by October, and by December 31st we have enough supplies to construct 40 bases all across Antarctica. We claim Antarctica similar to how Taiwan was claimed in the 2010's, with the threat of military force, however there is no way we can actually cover the entire continent with military and research bases. Two more aircraft carriers arrive by December as well, with the Chinese population of Antarctica reaching 100,000 people. We also station five nuclear weapons there, and begin research into producing further nuclear weapons using only resources domestic to the continent.
    • 30 100 megaton nuclear weapons are launched, effectively ending any hope of the Philippines survival. We also nuke Tibet, both to clear the mountainous areas and to get rid of the three million troops, which we succeed in. The Philippines has now been reduced to a state of ash, while Chinese forces storm the island looking to occupy the now completely dead islands. Due to the weapons being clean bombs, we can basically just rebuild the Philippines as they used to be, though this will cost us trillions to do probably over a long period of time, so we would rather use the island for other purposes. Maybe we can use AI to build the islands back up as well, who knows.
    • Due to the lack of orders being given to the nuclear weapons within our borders, in terms of the rebels, we would round them up immediately and kill them. Due to the nukes being remote detonation systems, we were able to trace the signals back to their locations, collecting 287 nuclear and chemical weapons in total. We deactivate the signal using precision reverse engineering technology as well as launch them into space, to hopefully force them to break or explode somewhere else. We start moving to take the Philippines as well, with our forces landing on the now desolate island right as we speak.
    • In the first major decision based on our DATOS AI, we add Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore to our list of military operations next year. We are going to significantly ramp up our soldier count as well, with our current military nearing a count of 80 million total, to 95 million next year. While we doubt we actually will need this many soldiers at any point in our future, it certainly helps to have the force of nearly 100 million by next year for our defenses. We will have five million troops, as recommended as our DATOS AI, to invade the entire areas of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. We hope to take these lands by July-September of next year, as well as hopefully the Philippines, since all we really need to do is protect the islands while we develop them further in a military form. [SECRET] This is also to help prepare for an invasion of Indonesia in the near future, which we hope can occur quickly when it happens. We are hesitant on India for the time being, knowing they are the second largest military power in Asia, unless you count Russia as part of Asia. [SECRET] We know taking seven countries in a year seems crazy, however the fact of our military power outweighing all of these countries as well as their aggression when we were smaller, we are motivated to take these countries down. Additionally, we realize none of these countries really have what can be considered a world class military like much of Europe, the Middle East, Russia, India, or ourselves, so this presents a severe disadvantage to these countries in question.
  • Domestic Affairs
    • The nanotech medical revolution is further advanced, with the abilities of current nanotechnology firms in China allowing people to not even need vaccines at this point, with nanotechnology allowing the body to create it's own 'super defenses' against various virus and disease alike. The ability of the bots does not stop there however, with the nanotechnology in people's bodies, while expensive, allowing for China's estimated lifespan to reach 91 years old. It is expected that as this technology gets more advanced, more possible avenues will open up for medical professionals to do more in terms of technology.
    • 4th generation nuclear power has been implemented for the first time in China, with the plant being called Urumqi Future Plant, based in far Western China, to account for the growing Muslim population in that area. The area of Xinjiang is prospering as well, with companies and state development taking place in Western China like no other time before. Dozens of spaceports and military bases are being built in Western China as well, and further projects should be announced soon.
    • A mission to mars is prepped for next year, with 5 Long March 9 rockets hopefully being sent towards the red planet, each with one person in them, allowing for a base to start to be built. Due to our research of Plasma technology as well as technology from Japan that we have gotten recently, the trip time should be halved, using plasma based rocketry instead of solid or liquid fuel to power the engines and thrust the vehicle.
    • We start to develop a new rocket, nicknamed the Hong Rocket. The Hong Class will be our second generation 'family' of rockets, using Plasma and eventually Ion Based rocketry to get to further away planets in shorter amounts of time. The ability to do so would provide us innumerable benefits for our space travels, so we invest 200 billion dollars into creating the rocket by next year. The Hong-1 should be able to classify as the newly established Ultra heavy-lift launch vehicle, due to the ability to carry 275,000 kg of equipment to LEO. This launch will be the deciding factor of whether humanity will become an interplanetary species in 2033, or if we will have to wait longer. We may offer this to Russia as well, seeing as they are a close ally of ours.
    • We launch another moon mission, simply to build another base on another area of the moon. Yuegong-2 will become a 45 man outpost, with 5 Long March 9 rockets helping to get equipment and supplies up to the moon to assist them. Due to new nanotechnology recently developed, the conversion of certain liquids and gasses into oxygen has become streamlined, allowing for the astronauts to use their water, fuel, or other various things in a conversion to oxygen. Basically like a LifeStraw but for oxygen on another moon or planet.
    • Our production capacity has soared, becoming the highest production capacity of any nation on the planet, both in terms of war and just normal development of product. Food, water, technology, medicine, and pretty much anything you can think of is going around China in mass amounts, mostly thanks to the reusable materials we have transferred to and our massive capacity to 3D print, as well as most factories or other plants to make things being automated at this point in time. President Ju makes a statement, saying "Our production capacity has never been greater, with our economy totally exploding in growth and prosperity. Our levels of growth at this point are similar to the levels of growth we experienced in 2015, and projections from the UBS show our economy is set to grow at nearly 6 percent over the next five years."
    • Material engineers from the Chinese company MATX have just produced the world's first completely bulletproof material. Achieved through a combination of smart materials, and precision nanomaterial engineering, this material, called MATX Armor System, can essentially stop bullets in their tracks. The material was tested with over 100 variants of firearms, blades, and was heavily stress tested to withstand heat and cold. The material is costly to make according to the company, with the first applications being limited to armor for VIPs, Politicians, etc. According to the company, the material is very lightweight, and can be molded or woven into many different clothing types, such as suits, vests, jackets, trousers, and helmets. This is a true revolution in material science. MATX also works on distributing this to the military as well. By year's end, two million soldiers will have this technology.
    • After being alerted of a communications breach, China starts investing in quantum key distribution, a 100% secure method of communications and information sharing. The Chinese Secure Communications Project is initiated at the direction of President Ju, which aims to fully convert the countries traditional communicative networks to quantum based communication methods by next year. The Institute for Quantum Research in Beijing recommends The Chinese Government to push other countries to construct a similar network, as it would be the safest from foreign adversaries.
    • The Chinese Space Research Commission has published their simulated results of a human Martian. China is looking into the effects of a child being born on Mars, in the hopes that one day, interstellar travel may be feasible. A Martian Child would likely have to be genetically modified to have a higher bone density and efficient muscular development, as the gravity is higher and more strenuous on a planet like Mars. Other than genetic modification, there is the options of artificial bone splints or muscles, and allowing evolutionary traits to develop. Overall, these results prove promising for the future of space travel and genetic modification.
    • President Ju signs a space capitalism bill into law, called the Freeing Space Act. The act allows more freedom for companies in space, and allows them limited claim over certain resources, provided they land on the planet or body of land first, and then apply for approval with the government. Since space capitalism laws are very new, President Yuan decided not to tax companies in space, provided they produce fair and understandable business standards, and do not over exploit resources. The Freeing Space Act also starts a "Beijing Space Approval Board" for companies looking to apply. They will be subject to increased scrutiny compared to many other industries, as space is still mainly dominated by the CNSA, rather than private companies on many issues of space.
    • The construction of multiple cities initiated a decade ago are complete, with most of these cities being in Western China. The ability to grow quickly is primarily thought to rely on 3D Printing and AI bots that can build up to ten times faster than any human previously was able to. It is thought by some Chinese Scholars, that even if the entire country was bombed to ashes (which almost is impossible at this point) the Unitary Republic could rebuild using materials found in Mongolia and other countries they occupy. In addition to this further military robots are produced, with the bots rivaling the likes of the Philippines, but partially because they are the only other country that has these advanced systems in recent years.
  • Foreign Affairs
    • Chinese Marine Soldier Defending Pyongyang, July 4th, 2032

      On the Philippines, it is clear they are under pressure, otherwise they would not offer an agreement such as the one they are offering to us now. The Unitary Congress from an area that is classified have a fierce debate on whether to even pursue peace talks at all, with the eventual outcome being they decide to indeed pursue peace talks. These peace talks force us to consider also whether the Philippines are simply trying to use this event as a ruse, but we will give them the olive branch so to speak. We will only hold this meeting over a heavily encrypted video conference, as President Ju has been underground ever since the nuclear weapons hit in 2030, only coming out a few times to celebrate victories. In a message to the UAA, President Ju says "I will be holding these peace talks with you via encrypted video chat, I will not risk by any means meeting in person, as I would probably die at that point. Consider these peace talks carefully, as if they are not what we wish to occur, we will downright ignore you or deny all requests for any semblance of peace afterwards."
    • We assure Russia and Pakistan that we would never backstab them, as they can both see we are allies with their respective nations. We condemn the Philippines for even mentioning such a notion, and would threaten to cut off the peace deal or any chance of it if further provocative actions are taken. At the same time, our military is placed on high alert in the rare occasion any nation attacks while we have peace talks. In a statement, Tyrant, I mean President, Ju says, "We wish to reassure the Pakistani and Russian people that we will not nor will we ever backstab your great nations, and we believe in the concept of keeping our friends close. The Philippines is once again slandering our great reputation among the sane areas of the world, with their ability to spread propaganda showing up once again in full color. This is disappointing and we expect better from them."
    • After a not so short deliberation, we reject the Philippines and UAA terms, citing their interference with our current objectives and plans for the future. In a speech, President Ju says "The ability of the Philippines to believe we will give up Tibet or any other territory in general is absurd. I would laugh, but this is a serious matter that may cause yet another war between our two nations, which we don't want as of this time. We would rather get along with them through diplomacy, but that option has been long gone ever since their people killed our people on our land. The Republic will win!"
    • We would ask Russia if they would allow us to cooperate with them regarding the development in space. Knowing their space program has fallen behind in light of the war and economic stagnation, we would request a joint space initiative to be created, named the Sino-Russian Space Treaty. This treaty will set out plans and goals for the next ten years of space development, which should include a joint base on both the moon and mars, the building of an asteroid return mission, and the exchange of rocket systems between our two nations. Should they accept, we would also look to cooperate with regards to military matters.

Flag of the Philippines.svg The Republic of the Philippines

  • Government/Ideology: Capitalist Democracy
  • Leaders: President Isko Moreno
  • Capital City: Manila
  • Population: 112.6 Billion
  • Economy: Stable
  • GDP: 371.1 Billion
  • Number of Military Personnel (Active and Non-Active): 13 Million


  • The UAA decides to be on the defensive and we direct all our supposed offensive troops or equipments as defenses for our remaining territories
  • India's along with Japan and Australia nuclear arsenal is also in high alert to strike all of China's major cities and a large number of UAA advanced stealth missiles, naval warships, submarines, and bombers are also put on ready to destroy Chinese frontlines, bases, naval ports, and missile silos.
  • [SECRET]Juche rebels and UAA agents who were desperately equipped with prototype but very dangerous nuclear weapons along with high explosives are ordered to detonate them all around China particularly important strategic positions such as nuclear power plants if peace talks fail.[SECRET]
  • [SECRET]The Philippine government along with other governments that are part of the UAA evacuates to New Zealand, Australia, bases in Antarctica, Africa, Middle East and South America. [SECRET]
  • We also evacuate the Filipino civilian population to Nuclear Bunkers while frontline troops are to shelter underground
  • The UAA navy and air force are already put on standby to defend home territories
  • We launch more offensives using our robotic machines and technology which slowly continues to grow more stronger on Chinese occupied Japanese territory with support from the air force, artillery, and missiles. We also launch our suicide nanobots on Chinese positons byd eploying them from our advanced stealth missiles. [Mod Response, China is inflicted with hundreds or thousands of casualties but are not fatal]
    • Mod Response: China retaliates, pushing back the UAA and the Philippines until almost the entire Japanese land is under their control. Tens of thousands die on each side.
  • The UAA was also forced more to intensify and strengthen their bombing campaign using their missiles and automated machinery by now directing attacks in civilian centers such as the beginning bombing of major Chinese cities with high powered explosives. UAA submarines were also ordered to now establish their own independent bombing campaign on naval ships whether they are civilian or military. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: There are very few bombs that actually hit their intended targets, due to China possessing the most advanced military defense systems in the world.
  • In Vietnam, the frontline is further reinforced by forming trenches and putting a huge number of barbed wires and land mines with an estimate of 2 million. We also dig anti-tank ditches and hidden large deep holes while also doubling the number of defensive weapons and missile systems. We begin launching a continuous enormous destructive artillery and missile bombing campaign on Chinese frontlines in North Vietnam. We also started to launch chemical warfare by deploying Chemical Z when the wind blows north to Chinese frontlines[Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: These land mines and other systems are mainly detonated with robotic trigger mechanisms, with the chemical attack killing 150,000 before the government develops a resistance to it.
  • We request the Chinese government to negotiate and accept a peace treaty with the following terms before a second nuclear war erupts [Chinese Response, China accept this but continues to be wary]
    • Chinese Response: We would deny this and basically cut off our communications with the Philippines.
  1. China may have their new territories
  2. China will be accepted to the United Asian Alliance and reforming of a new stronger military or economic alliance
  3. The Japanese receive some islands with no strategic values
  4. Philippines and China divide the Paracel Islands and Taiwan
  5. China will allow the UAA to occupy Southern California
  6. China will be allowed to establish a territorial hold on large Northern parts of California
  7. India will acquire small border territories from Tibet
  8. Assurance that China won't attack the rest of Asia if they're still allies
  9. The UAA will support China's efforts of invasion of East Asia and the America's
  10. A DMZ will divide South Vietnam and Chinese-controlled Vietnam
  • We once again request China to accept the peace treaty as we threaten that there are more nuclear and chemical weapons throughout China and its occupied territories which unfortunately is true with a few hundred undetonated large scale explosive weapons waiting to be activated. [Chinese Response]
    • Chinese Response: Our answer is the same. And we doubt the presence of nuclear weapons across the country, as no country has been able to miniaturize any nuclear weapons that would cause any real damage. If the nukes and chemical weapons were larger, we would have spotted them, as almost every area in China is under watch by some sort of camera or surveillance system.
  • We also send important refugees such as scientists, military officials, and researchers to Europe along with South America particularly France and Chile
  • 3 million UAA and NATO volunteer troops along with new war robots launched a large scale offensive in India called the Indian Offensive to retake lost Indian territory push back the Chinese and take Tibet with the support of thousands of missiles, advanced artillery, and the Air Force. A stronger and advanced version of the Chemical Z weapon is deployed throughout the Chinese frontlines in the East along with 5 nuclear weapons are also launched a few days before the offensive to Tibet. The UAA also develops so called “mini-nukes” that are advanced missiles that can wipe out 80% of a large metropolitan cities and EMP weapons along with hover craft. These inventions and their designs are delivered to safe zones in Europe and Africa but they will be also used during the Offensive. [Mod Response, The Chinese armies are pushed back after the recent large number of nuclear explosions and lose Southern Tibet but managed to reorganize and hold their line in Northern regions of Tibet. (For reality and Plausibility)]
    • Mod Response: The troops are ultimately successful at first, taking Southern Tibet for a few months. This is until the day the world would once again witness a nuclear attack.

Internal Affairs:

  • We begin evacuation of all civilian and refugee population to nuclear bunkers but the National Defense Forces which now numbered to 3 million are prepared to defend the motherland
  • Millions of land and anti-tank mines that are even from WW1 are placed in hidden position in beaches, roads, buildings, and pathways.
  • We also established advanced and powerful hidden weapons and missile defense systems in mountains, buildings and underground bases.
  • An underground tunnel system is also formed where the NDF is staying
  • The number of underwater mines are doubled throughout the Philippines along with detection system
  • The NDF is also ordered to destroy all roads or bridges not strategically important
  • The Philippine navy and air force are also placed around the country
  • The UAA, knowing its collapse, ordered Operation Hellfire to be initiated. Nuclear weapons and other explosives such as chemical weapons throughout China are being detonated throughout the Chinese homeland. India and other UAA allies are ordered launched millions and thousands of high powered and highly advanced nuclear missiles to China and its occupied territories. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: The chemical weapons do some damage, while the nukes do more. China's defense systems detect 900 nuclear missiles headed towards the homeland and various other territories claimed or conquered by China. About 500 seem to be intended for the homeland, of which 50 hit, causing the death tolls from all 500 to reach 65 million dead. The other 400 hit with varying success, for example North Korea is barely hit, while newer areas like Afghanistan or Japan are hit hard, resulting in 50 million more dead. This is the second largest single loss of life in the war, with the first being America's downfall and the third largest being the mass killing of Indians within Tibet.
  • The 4-year United Asian Alliance seems to be in the edge of collapse so the Philippine government and the rest of Asia began reinforcing their remaining territories by adding more stronger defenses that can bypass and stand strong against Chinese technological weapons. We permanently stop our bombing campaign throughout China and instead focused on the weakened portions of Chinese territory with less and weaker defenses. We also strengthen our support to rebel groups throughout occupied China territory.
  • The Philippines from South America arrives in France and in the event of the Philippine homeland falling to China, the UAA would cede control and leadership to France.
  • We begin accepting and establishing NATO troops led by French on Indonesia, Malaysia, remaining India, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • New Zealand is temporarily ceded and controlled by a NATO military leadership led by France

External Affairs:

  • We request NATO, EU, our allies in Africa and the Middle East to prepare to launch their nuclear missiles on China and Russia while also convincing China to find peace [Mod/Player Response]
    • British Response: The United Kingdom refuses to accede to peace with China. The population has grown vengeful and will only settle for the capitulation of the Chinese government. Britain calls on a renewed offensive against China.
  • We wish to ask help from Russia and Pakistan to help China in going towards peace. We also warn them about China backstabbing them. [Mod/Player Response]
    • Russian Response: We will see what we do. No guareentees though.

Flag of UK.png United Kingdom:

  • Home Affairs:
    • The Great Reformation: Following the utter decimation of the United Kingdom by China's nuclear and orbital attack, the surviving 21 million Brits experience a complete transformation of their society. Radiation-Biosafety masks become ubiquitous, even though the population is pretty much completely vaccinated against Britain's bioweapons. In any case, the surviving Brits, led by King William V (following the death of the Queen and Prince Charles) and his Prime Minister, soon become a bunker people, living almost entirely in deep underground cities, hastily dug beneath the Earth to escape the toxic nuclear wasteland above. The underground civilisation is not altogether terrible, given the modern conveniences, hydroponic agriculture, and nuclear power. The British surface is devoted almost entirely to the industries of war, with soldiers training in fallout suits and growing harder, stronger, and angrier by the day, preparing to take revenge for the destruction of their island home. By the end of the year, hundreds of thousands of automated factories blanket the smoggy British landscape, belching out black smoke as they churn out millions of new armoured fighting vehicles, millions of new aircraft, and an endless supply of ammunition. With its population reduced and its surface beyond help, Britain has become the manufacturing plant for Europe's war machine.

Government Propaganda Poster

Standard Post-Nuclear Infantryman

  • Foreign Affairs:
    • UAA & NATO: Nearly a billion doses of vaccines are provided to NATO and UAA members to administer as soon as possible, to protect against the UK's recently released bioweapons. The manufacturing technique is kept secret to prevent Chinese reproduction of the vaccines, but domestic production of the vaccines under British supervision is not only allowed, but encouraged. In any case, the bioweapons should not spread widely outside of the targeted areas. [Player/Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: The UK's securing of the technique hinders China's ability to fully develop a vaccine, however it is likely this vaccine will be developed soon either way.
    • Philippine Response: We and the rest of the UAA accepts the vaccines
    • NATO Unification: Britain proposes the unification of NATO member states into a single confederated nation state, at least for the duration of the war, to allow for a more effective coordination of economic, social and military efforts. [Mod Response]
      • Mod Response: The much debated and controversial decision is made to unify, however NATO is significantly weakened, due to their two largest backers, The US and UK being wiped off the map. (Kemrii, a suggestion here, you can take control of the unified NATO if you want.)
  • Defence Affairs:
    • Nuclear Attack: Britain's robust nuclear defence systems manage to eliminate 22 out of 40 of China's nuclear attacks. Unfortunately, the remaining 18 nuclear attacks and virtually all of the nigh-unstoppable orbital bombardment rods successfully hit the British Isles. Britain's population is reduced to a depressing 21 million overnight. The remaining population witnesses a complete reformation of British society.
    • Retaliation: The United Kingdom initiates a three part retaliation against the Unitary Republic of China.
      • Nuclear Retaliation: 650 of the United Kingdom's now 800 nuclear ICBM's are launched from submarines around the world, with 585 aimed at major Chinese population centres including Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. 45 are aimed at major Russian population centres including Moscow. These ICBMs are all of the latest stealth variants, capable of avoiding detection by most anti-missile systems. Additionally, they each carry 4 separate nuclear warheads, as is convention in these latest designs, allowing for a wider area of effect for larger targets like Beijing. All of these warheads are primed so that if shot down, they automatically detonate mid-air. The remaining 20 nuclear warheads are intentionally detonated in the upper atmosphere above China, with the goal of causing a nuclear winter, devastating EMPs and spreading radioactive fallout as widely as possible over China. To ensure maximum effectiveness, a mixture of 3500 decoy SRBMs, MRBMs, IRBMs, and ICBMs are launched to overwhelm and confuse the Chinese missile defence system. [Mod Response]
        • Mod Response: The decoys certainly waste China's missile defenses, however the literal thousands of other HDS units pick up the slack, defending against 90 percent of the nuclear missiles dropped. The nuclear winter effectively spreads across the whole planet in some form, with China able to genetically engineer food and find alternate methods of power. This is likely to affect the Global South primarily.
      • Orbital Bombardment: 200 Tungsten rods are dropped at bunkers, dams and naval yards across China, including 5 dropped on the Three Gorges Dam to finish the job and finally break the dam with the appropriate kind of weaponry. The goal is to cause massive flooding and tsunamis that should severely damage agriculture, infrastructure, shipbuilding and economic ports, and flood the homes of hundreds of millions. These 200 rods are followed by a further 150 rods of a different types, all of which land in densely populated areas. 50 of these rods contain a highly contagious and deadly strain of weaponised inhalation anthrax (80% mortality rate). 50 of these rods contain a weaponised air-borne variant of smallpox, which is different enough from the original that an effective vaccine should take up to a year even as a number one priority to be developed, and nobody is vaccinated against small pox at the moment anyway (30% mortality rate). The final 50 tungsten rods contain a weaponised strain of Botulinum toxin, which is both airborne and waterborne. These final 50 botulism rods target population centres and water supplies. 1 gram of Botulinum toxin can kill a million people. [Mod Response]
        • Mod response: The rods kill 2,000,000 Chinese people in the year alone.
      • Space Retaliation: The United Kingdom's last ditch attack on Chinese satellites is initiated, with a straightforward mass missile attack consisting of close to 1200 small space-launched projectiles targeting all of China's satellites. It is expected that the debris cloud created from the attacks should cause a chain reaction. [Mod Response] The second part of Britain's space-based retaliation against the near-total annihilation of the United Kingdom comes in the launch of 2 nuclear missiles against China's lunar base, ending China's lunar dreams as it is unlikely China has anti-nuclear defence systems on the Moon. [Mod Response]
        • Mod response: The Chinese lunar base, unable to defend itself, is wiped off the face of the moon, a mere crater remaining.
    • A Chilean soldier (2032)

      A Chilean soldier (2032)

      Flag of Chile.svg Chile:
      • Domestic Issues:
        • Due to the global nuclear crisis, President Boric has remained in power through emergency order.
        • Our military expands to 150,000 active duty men, and women.
        • [SECRET] Our top scientists begin work on technology to terraform irradiated parts of the earth called the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK). Minds fleeing war-torn portions of the world are happily welcomed to join the project in return for asylum. This is a long term initiative that will take years on end to fully complete. [END SECRET]
      • Foreign Affairs:
        • With Latin America largely untouched aside from fallout blowing in from the north, we ask Argentina if they would like to merge to ensure Hispanic unity in the continent, and in the world as a whole. (Mod response needed)
          • Mod Response: In what surprises many, Argentina makes the decision to unite with Chile, citing their 'need for unity on the continent.'
        • We continue to remain largely neutral in world affairs to avoid being attacked aside from condemning the wanton killing of civilians.
Russian flag.png

Russian Federation

  • Government:
    • President: Vladimir Putin
    • Legislature: State Duma
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: United Russia
  • Ideology: Authoritarian Oligarchy
  • Capital City: Moscow
  • Population: 139.0 Million
  • Economy: Russia's economy, in 2032 is based on the selling of natural gas to Europe, and the exploitation of resources in Siberia. However, one of the main issues of Russia is the extremem income inequality. Citizens suffer from poverty, and are contributing to the economy by being consumers. Our wealth inequality is some of the worst on Earth.
  • Wars and Conflicts:
    • NUCLEAR RETALLIATION - So, the Brits attempted to nuke us. We would put our missile defense systems into action, attempting to defend the major cities from being blown up to shreds. In the meantime, it is time to do something I didn't do in ODS - OPERATION ROSTOV. Time to send 500 nuclear missiles to the UK instantly...We would launch 500 nuclear missiles the next day, with 400 aiming at the largest towns and cities in Britain, reserving 100 to hit other military bases. It's time to finish the world. [MOD RESPONSE ON NUCLEAR ATTACK ON THE UK]
      • Mod Response: Let's just say, the response is hell for the UK. After their near extinction by the Chinese twice, the Russians have mostly finished the job, with the sheer amount of nuclear weapons able to function as bunker busters, dwindling the UK population down to a mere 1.5 million people. 98 percent of the UK is covered in radiation, and the few areas that survive are mostly uninhabitable anyways due to terrain.
  • Internal Affairs:
    • The economic hardships of the Russians due to near-continuous war between other nations have seem many Russians turning into extremists. Some advocate for all-out communism, while others are joining the LDPR. Whatever it is, the 80-year-old Putin is facing greater pressure to declare war on somebody.
    • From the 2031 Legislative Election, the LDPR, for the first time, surpassed United Russia despite attempts to spoil ballots and continue that 70% majority that United Russia had. However, Putin refused to appoint Didenko as the Prime Minister, with the experienced general Sergyu Shogyu continuing to serve as the Prime Minister.
    • In the 2032 Presidental Election as a snap election after the LDPR pressured Putin to do so, Putin still won by 55%, though Alexei Didenko got 45% of the votes, which is very dangerous to Putin's spot. It's now clear what Russia could become in the future.
  • International Affairs: State your reaction or stance on what happens in other nations.
    • We would advocate on restraint and a policy of non-nuclear attack on everybody. However, because we got attacked, we have no choice but to declare war on the UK as well.


In 2022, the projection for the world population went something like this, in 2033, the world will hold 8.6-8.7 Billion people. In 2033, it is estimated the world has lost 524 million through some aspect of World War 3, with China, India, The United States, The Philippines, and the UK having lost hundreds of millions combined. World population is now projected at 8.156 billion, setting back nearly 10 years of demographic growth. If this war continues, agencies such as the Department of War and the UBS believe the world may lose 1 billion people within 5 years in total. Africa has become the main demographic growth engine of the world as well, due to the state of Asia as their war continues, even with the Chinese hegemon spreading across the continent. NATO has unified into a proto-government of some sort, while Argentina and Chile have done the same. The European Union is looking to federalize as well, hopefully to combat against a new Russian threat.

In terms of the state of technology, it continues to advance, with the top one percent of the world able to basically conquer death, while the bottom one percent look similar to the middle class of the 60's, at least in most developed nations. AGI is finally becoming accessible to the masses, with AI increasing it's presence in society. In some countries such as Brazil and Germany, AI has been given the right to some citizenship, as well as the ability to hold office in government and register a patent, which is a major development in philosophy and ethics. Iran continues to grow their nuclear weapons count. The Pacific continues to militarize themselves, looking to avoid China's path. In other news, Russia and China seem to be getting closer, with China and Russia being seen as the Axis Powers of the 21st Century in some fashion.

Oh yeah, and China apparently claims Antarctica, basically forcing their allies to vote as the UN decided what to do, so that is always great.

French Republic:

  • Government: Constitutional Republic
  • Leader: President Garnier
  • Capital City: France
  • Population: 70.3 Billion
  • GDP : 2.603 Trillion
  • Economy: High
  • Number of Active Military Personnel: 2 million

Wars and Conflicts:

  • The Republic will send 3 million NATO (which is now under the leaderships of the French) troops and equipment to Asia to assist the UAA in its fight against China.
  • 800,000 NATO troops also land in England to assist the remaining population in building, creating, and reforming the United Kingdom by proving peacekeeping and security. With the assistance of the United Nations, a semblance of normalcy along with peace and order is once again existing in post-nuclear England. Scotland proclaims independence and forms the Republic of Scotland which NATO accepts to the alliance.
  • NATO is also strengthening ties with each members and are conducting multiple military exercises around Europe.
  • The French with the support of UAA military scientists and engineers have begun continuing the different military operations and creation of new technologies that can be important in the war effort against the Unitary Republic of China
  • [SECRET]We allow Russia to join NATO if they cut economic and military ties with China in favor of creating new ones with Europe and the Middle East. [SECRET] [Russian Response]
    • Russian Response: Hahahahahahah...no.
  • France along with NATO strengthens their military forces and defenses in an event of either a possible Russian or Chinese invasion
  • NATO will also continue in its invasion of several Middle East countries that was left by the British.
  • 3 million NATO forces with the latest advanced technology and equipment launch an invasion of countries in the Middle East and in Africa who refuse to cut ties with China. Joint NATO-UAA forces launch a large scale surprise invasion of Pakistan which starts with an EMP weapon being detonated over the country then India invading from the East with 2 million troops while 1 million NATO and UAA forces launch both an airborne and amphibious invasion of Pakistan from the South. Both invasion forces will be supported by state-of-the-art artillery, air force, navy, and missiles. [Mod Response,Invasion is Successful]
    • Mod Response: The invasion is indeed successful, with only a few countries actually able to resistance, notably Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other various middle powers. Pakistan defends from the invasion to their East, but the Southern invasion catches them off guard. They request help from Russia and China.
    • NATO Response: Due to the recent successful invasion of Pakistan, we focus all our attention to Iran as they have a number of nuclear weapons that can either be used against Europe or be captured by Chinese troops in the next few years. 2 million NATO troops with most of them being veterans of the Invasion of Pakistan launch a large scale invasion from Western Pakistan while another 900,000 NATO marines will invade from Southern Iran. The NATO marines and army would link up with each other and push to Tehran. The invasions would be supported by 800,000 aircraft, 3,000 naval ships, and a million advanced artillery or missiles. The Invasion of Iran would start with 15 advanced stealth ICBM missiles, 5 of them nuclear, being launched from France to strike Iran’s nuclear silos. 3 million Iraqi forces would also join our invasion by invading from the west. [Mod Response, Invasion is successful]
    • Mod Response: The Invasion of Iran is successful, however as a result, the Chinese are easily able to take Pakistan under their wing, adding another 270 million to their population.
    • NATO Response: The Chinese occupation of Pakistan leads us to further launch invasion of various Middle Eastern countries that were either still trading or allies with China. 2 million NATO forces and 3 million Iraqi forces launched another surprise invasion of Saudi Arabia with Iraqis invading from the North while NATO would invade from the South along from the west. NATO bombers and artillery are ordered to continue large scale bombings over cities and bases. After we take a large number of territory from the Saudi’s then we give an ultimatum to the government, either cut ties with China or be destroyed. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: This becomes a stalemate, with Saudi Arabia being prepared to fall next. A draft had been instituted earlier in the year, meaning both sides are evenly matched in manpower. It is estimated the invasion will take a year to complete.
  • In regards to India, the UAA retreats to the South and divides India in half with a hundred nuclear and chemical weapons being detonated. The Ghandhi Line is established in Southern India with 8 million UAA and NATO troops protected by enhanced advanced defenses such as missile defense systems and anti-air craft weaponry. The troops are protected within underground bunkers and trenches while the aerial and ground defenses are also hidden. A hundred million NATO troops arrive in India to further reinforce the defensive line. For the whole year, Northern India was being bombed relentlessly by UAA missiles and bombers with the region by the end of the year completely in rubble and is full of poisoned gases that can prevent Chinese armies from crossing. The remaining parts of Northern India that can still be occupied by the Chinese are either bombed or full of mines and hidden traps. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: China is easily able to take the Northern areas of India, moving down to Central India and taking their lands as well by years end. One hundred million NATO troops are down dead by nukes as well as the 8 million UAA and NATO troops.
  • We launch a joint simultaneous amphibious and airborne invasion of New Zealand with 2 million NATO and South American volunteers landing the shores of the country being supported by a hundred naval ships and aircraft. Once invasion forces secured a beachhead, 30,000 men will arrive as reinforcements along with a hundred more military equipments and weaponry. Missile artilleries will be positioned and once the NATO 5th army pushed in-land, both weaponry will be continuously fired until the capital of Wellington. Meanwhile, 2 nuclear missiles are launched and exploded over Australia causing an EMP then another invasion force of 800,000 NATO marines will land in Southern Australia. The marines will push forward and pave the way for a NATO army to completely occupy Southern Australia. [Mod Response, Invasion is successful]
    • Mod Response: In what is seen as one of the most bizarre moves NATO has made to date, NATO invades New Zealand and Southern Australia. The invasion catches the Aussie's off guard, and New Zealand can't fight back, they both fall quickly. They quickly call on NATO to cease the invasion, citing their allies of each other.
    • NATO Response: We refuse to stop our invasion as it is the only way to prevent the Chinese from invading our remaining allies in Asia. We intensify and speed up the invasions to finally take New Zealand and Southern Australia before the rest of the remaining UAA launches a counterattack [Mod Response]
      • "NATO peacekeepers secure Brisbane from Australian terrorists!" - NATO propaganda

        Mod response: New Zealand, and Australia are completely overtaken by NATO, with NATO forces being accused of war crimes against resisting civilian freedom-fighters.

Internal Affairs:

  • The French Republic has taken the mantle of protector of freedom and democracy after the latest downfall of the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • Since 2022, France has underwent a significant economic and technological change as by 2025, Most of France uses new renewable energy particularly Solar and Nuclear energy.
  • Various economic policies and changes were also applied that ended the economic recession of 2022 in the French homeland. Economic ties along with trade with the EU and its members is strengthened that brought France into an age of prosperity which allowed them to become the 2nd richest nation in Europe.
  • The Conscription Law and the Military Service Law was passed by 2031 which doubled the number of military forces in France
  • With the help of Israel and the UAA, France has finally developed an advanced and powerful missile defense system similar to the Israelis Iron Dome but more stronger and technologically advanced. According to French military officials, The newly created missile defense system which was later nicknamed the “Shield”, can destroy and shoot down 80% of different types of missiles even the most advanced missiles from China as some suggest that there is a high possibility that a small number China's missiles can bypass the defense system.
  • The number of nuclear missiles in France is increased with 5,000 nukes now in the French arsenal.
  • NATO also began deporting or transporting Chinese immigrants and tourists even those who are British citizens to the Falklands in South America. NATO and the UAA made the Falklands into a sort of detention center where Chinese civilians even those part of NATO or any European government are transported to prevent agents of the URC from either spying or sabotaging the war effort.
  • [SECRET] NATO and UAA begin developing advanced nanotechnology and plasma weaponry with blueprints from UAA scientists and engineers with most being from Japan and the Philippines along with information from secret UAA agents in China. We hope that we may create a weapon that can be more advanced than what the Chinese have. By 2032, NATO began using nanotechnology in reconstructing and building in Britain while also testing its war capability in secret training centers in the Alps. [SECRET]
  • [SECRET] NATO also begins researching and studying invisibility weapons or defenses thanks to the support from most of European and Asian governments and the large amount of materials and test subjects being provided. According to NATO scientists, invisibility may be achievable by either 2039 or 2045 if the support continues [SECRET]
  • The United European Aerospace Agency (UEAA) begins preparing to send the first European to Mars and sending several satellites to investigate several galaxies with the support of UAA scientists and manufacturers along with the remaining NASA.
  • [SECRET] The UEAA and NATO also starts the construction of the Orbital Defense Satellite System (ODSS) which is a large weaponized and heavily defended satellite that is equipped with orbital kinetic rods along with nuclear missiles which has inspiration from Reagan’s Star Wars Program. An anti-orbital missile defense system is also at the works. [SECRET]

External Affairs:

  • We request the Chinese to enter peace talks and negotiations to prevent the war from worsening and spilling into Europe. [Chinese Response]
    • Chinese Response: First of all, we appreciate France reaching out and contacting us. We would inquire how we may be able to help, as our ambitions do not focus on Europe at this time, but we think you may be referring to Russia.
    • NATO Response: We wish to end hostilities with China by offering them most of Asia and ONLY ASIA except Southern India, New Zealand, and Australia. [Chinese Response]
    • Chinese Response: We cannot accept this deal, our plans involve India in the near future, and the importance of New Zealand and Australia are not to be understated either.
  • As we observe the events within Russia, we begin to worry the rise of the Russia Fascists and their hostility towards Europe. Due to this, the National Atlantic Treaty Organization forms the 2nd NATO Bloc since the end of the Cold War to prevent the spread of neo fascism throughout mainland Europe. The Turkish, Romanian, and Bulgarian navies are put on high alert with most of their forces patrolling the sea in Southern Europe while Finnish, Polish, and German navies are also the same status in the Scandinavian regions. Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Romania borders with Russia is also strengthened and reinforced with a large number of military forces now established.
  • The failures of the UAA and NATO offensives eventually demoralized most of the Asians and Europeans leading to NATO to turn its back from the United Asian Alliance. France with the support of most of NATO ordered the integration of the UAA to the defensive alliance but UAA leaders in Asia protested against it. Eventually the UAA and the NATO cut of their ties with each other leading to the UAA-NATO war began between the remaining UAA countries and NATO members.
  • The start of the UAA-NATO war leads us to make a deal with the Chinese. The Unitary Republic of China can have the Asian continent but Southern Australia and New Zealand is NATO territory because they don’t have any strategic importance and they were technically European. [Chinese Response]
    • Chinese Response: We can provide assistance if you wish, since we have a wish for diplomacy, but we will not sign an agreement such as this. If you wish for help with ridding the world of the UAA or Russia, consider us on your side, but we cannot guarantee land will not be taken.
    • NATO Response: We thank the Chinese for their assistance but we begin expanding the NATO block to the Middle East and Africa to prevent the Unitary Republic from having more nuclear warheads and resources.
  • We also request to strengthen our economic and military ties with South America. We also wish to South America to integrate or strengthen their alliance with the National Atlantic Treaty Organization. [Mod/Player Response]

ChinaFlag.jpg- Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Jueqi (Ju Yang)
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Yi Qiang
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Fei Li
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Social Democrat Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Fei Li
      • First United Front: 5,000 members
      • Second United Front: 3,000 members
      • Third United Front: 1,000 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: Feng Weilai
      • Judges: 500
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 53.4 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 37.2 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 41,522 USD
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP in the world, in both PPP and nominal terms. In 2033, although suffering from a few recessions in the past decade, The Unitary Republic has continue to prosper and grow at an astounding rate.
  • Population
    • 2.598 Billion People
  • War/Conflict
    • We take multiple countries this year as a result of our conquests. Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore all fall by July of this year, owing to our ruthless military tactics in those various areas, which results in the deaths of over 30,000,000 combined from Chinese and Resistance forces. The Philippines also falls within the year, allowing us to recover thousands of blueprints and various weaknesses in our defenses. The Philippines are basically desert islands at this point, but they have hidden their near thousand nukes well, at least for their relatively small defense budget. It is estimated that over half of these nukes were developed jointly with the help of the UAA and their engineers, however this is mere speculation. We also succeed in creating our land bridge from Bangladesh to Bhutan, acquiring a few hundred nukes stored in Eastern India while doing so, and nearly 200 million citizens.
    • Seeing the chaos in Pakistan, the decision is made to invade and clear the lands of all military presence, including Pakistani. The opportunity which presents itself in this situation is way too valuable to overlook, and while we respect our allies in Pakistan, our greed for land and money will be put over any country any day of the week. In February, Operation Khan is launched, aiming to clear the foreign and domestic areas of all of Pakistan, forces and citizens alike. Our military, numbering at 10,000,000 for this operation, swiftly takes the chaotic country by October, which is vastly quicker than we expected, but our AI comes in handy in these situations. We get to their nukes as well before they can launch them, which prevents a nuclear strike from going off against France and the rest of NATO. 15,000,000 soldiers are killed on both sides in total, with much of this being our own forces. However, Pakistan is now under Chinese rule, which is something new to many within our lands.
    • The threat of nuclear power is more realized, once we actually take a majority of the UAA, Pakistan, and parts of India in the East. In total, Pakistan ramped up their production to nearly 1300 nuclear weapons, East India had nearly 300 nukes alone, and the Philippines were in possession of at least 850, with the rest of the UAA combining for a total of 1100 nuclear weapons. With this, as well as our own 500 a year, we possess somewhere in the realm of 7050 nuclear weapons, though we aren't actually going to release these statistics yet. India is upgraded to a high priority target as well, since from recon we believe they have over 2,000 nuclear weapons they have not used yet, which threatens our nearly 2.6 billion people.
    • Our Invasion of India has begun, with our highest priority to either destroy or preserve nukes from their country, as this would prove valuable to our forces. The data from within their country on spaceflight and other aspects of engineering may be already known to us, but we are willing to bet there is something we don't know within their borders, which we may find of use to our forces. India will likely mount a heavy resistance response, which we have the manpower to put down certainly, but this will likely be the bloodiest war in history in the worse case scenario. We take Nepal by December of this year, giving us all direct access to the North of India, which we can actually navigate well considering our capability 10 years ago. India will fall eventually, whether we have to destroy them in the process is the question.
    • Nepal quickly falls, giving us access directly to the North of India, other than our borders. This should speed our invasion up, but is likely to not have much impact other than this. Two factors are driving the speed of our conquests, one is President Ju will have to step down next year due to the term limits of his Presidency, and two is the pace in which the world is catching up to China in military aspects in certain ways. Gaps still remain obviously, with our Navy, Air, Space, Ground, Marine, and Coastal Forces all allowing for our military to thrive, and our fourth generation nuclear weapons being kept a state secret, however India or France may procure them soon. The UK did, and we were forced to take them out as soon as we could.
    • We have to ensure the Chinese dream lives on forever. These are the words of President Ju at least. We commit ten million soldiers to invade the lands of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia. This will likely end by next year, as we hope to actually occupy the lands in a similar pace as we did with South Asia, a brutal takeover with lives lost and casualties everywhere. Evidently, President Ju is a warmonger, and will likely go down in history, when all is said and done, in different lights. For the Chinese people, he was the one who led them to victory, at the cost of every other nation conquered so far. To the world, he is a despicable tyrant, one who is taking the world and leaving nothing behind.
    • Well, in a bizarre decision, NATO decided to retreat to Southern India, leaving us with surprises. Our robotic troops clear the mines and bombs which we can detect, while nearly 450,000 troops die from poisoning and other aspects. We now change our military objective, since we can essentially clear the rest of NATO and UAA by March of next year. This way, another country is going to be invaded, which will be Iran. We hope to clear out NATO and UAA troops from the region by the end of next year, hopefully allowing us to start branching into the areas of Africa and the rest of the Middle East. This would be valuable if we could pick these territories up as well, as our population and nuclear arsenal would increase by at least a hundred million. Also, the 2000 nukes we just acquired from invading India are going to come in handy as well.
    • Georgia (country) is also added to the invasion list, as we hope to prevent the Russians from advancing further towards Turkey or other such areas. This will also directly allow us access to the Black Sea, where we can hopefully initiate some sort of naval conflict between ourselves and Russia. Of course, first, we would have to get one of our 60 aircraft carriers in the area, but we may be able to just assemble one in the area, instead of having to transport one. We also have nearly 9100 nuclear bombs at this point, mainly from Pakistan and India, as well as some various other nations that recently procured such technologies. It is estimated Iran and Kazakhstan also have nuclear weapons in their borders, so this should, with production capacities of India, Iran, Pakistan, etc. will allow us to produce nearly 1000 nuclear weapons a year with minimum effort. We know war with Russia is inevitable as well, two powers near each other almost never goes well. Plus, given Russia's transition to their more authoritarian government, we need to liberate their people.
  • Domestic Issues
    • Artificial Intelligence can now apply for and become recognized as a citizen of the Unitary Republic. This was a highly debated topic, after Brazil and other countries decided to rule in favor of AI personhood, which we have now adopted as our state policy. AI can also register for patents and run in governmental elections, which was already precedent by case law, but is now official state law and policy both. Various technologists rank China as the number one country for AI and Technological Ethics research, so we suppose it is fitting that China recognized all forms of intelligence.
    • The Urumqi Worship Center for Islam is completed, becoming the largest mosque outside of Saudi Arabia. It can hold up to two million people at one time, and is basically considered a mini city by some. The vast expanses of Islamic architecture and design cues based on the Mecca bring the Mosque to life, making another investment towards the health and wellness of Islamic worship in China. The Islamic Party of China is also gaining a lot of following, behind only the Progressive Party as election day runs closer.
    • The Hong-1 Rocket is complete, adding the world's first plasma rocket to China's arsenal. This can hopefully move humanity one step closer to realizing our dream of space colonization. Seeing the current events in Russia, we will likely withdraw our offer to procure these rockets for them, as we can see their government is going through a lot of turmoil at this time. The Unitary Rocketry Association is also started, in an effort to procure the Hong-2 rocket, which will be a smaller version of the Hong-1, only to be used on the Moon or Martian missions.
    • Our 45 person moon base along with a crap load of AI and nanotechnology begin developing lasers of various types, with one gigawatt of power for a laser being developed by July of this year, with help from rocket launches, AI planning, nanotechnology, and much more. We call this Project Interstellar, because we intend to do something that humanity has never done before. We have used various tests for this type of technology in the past, and we intend to raise power to 5 gigawatts next year. A laser sail is deployed from earth which is at least a kilometer in size, using materials found on earth. Project Interstellar will be a continuous one, and we are sending both manned and unmanned probes on this trip, in the form of a 4 kilometer sail based probe. Based on current estimates, at one gigawatt, it should take this probe, which we call Xingji, 300 years to reach Alpha Centauri and the Proxima B exoplanet which we have in mind. We hope we can keep adding power to the laser system, to eventually get them to the point within a decade. We will add gigawatts to the project each year. [SECRET] Obviously if we must, we can use this laser against earth as well, however we feel that would destroy too much, so we will only use this for the sail project. [SECRET] To be clear, this is a manned project, five astronauts signed up for this not knowing whether they will live or die in space. We commend them for this.
    • From our launch last year of five Long March 9 rockets to Mars, we have landed the first humans on the Martian surface. A transcript of the day which we landed on Mars, December 7th, 2033, is below:
      • Chen: We are approaching the Martian Surface HQ, just about five minutes till we reach the soil.
      • HQ: See if you can find any of those American rovers, alright Chen?
      • Chen: Roger, I will. This is the day China makes history, huh?
      • HQ: Yes, I suppose so Chen. Is the crew all good?
      • Chen: They are, their vital signs are all good. They are currently asleep, it's been a long year.
      • HQ: The Unitary Republic thanks you for what you're doing, Chen. Your father is ending his two terms next year, you think you'll watch?
      • Chen: Yeah, I will most likely. Ju is different from the father I once knew. He seems to be getting worse in his mental health, and the entire world literally depends on his next move.
      • HQ: I believe he will do the right thing. The Chinese morale is at an all time high, and he has always been one for the people. His warmongering is what people dislike.
      • Chen: Yeah, I don't understand it either. He used to be the kindest soul I knew. After he saw Zhu die, he was never the same. He was the youngest of all of us, he had the most potential in life.
      • HQ: Chen, I understand where you are coming from. Let's focus on making history right now, you will make China's future one of glory.
      • Chen: Thanks HQ. Alright, rocket is set down, ready to depart.
      • HQ: Go make history Chen.
      • Chen: *steps on to the Martian surface* We did it!
      • HQ: *Mission Control cheers in the background* You did it Chen, go explore a bit, start building with the onboard 3d printer.
      • Chen: I will. I will make sure to wake the crew as well soon, just gonna take in this moment for a few more.
    • China has landed on mars, this time a crewed mission, for the first time of any country in history.
  • Foreign Affairs
    • We request Russia to enter into a Union with us, which we call the New World Union. This is basically to affirm our ties with one another and our agreement to rid the world of those who oppress or have oppressed us. The Russian Realm is a high priority to establish diplomatic ties with once again, however if this new state proves unloyal or unreliable, we will be forced to act and take them out swiftly and quickly. We don't want war with Russia, they are our friends in the eyes of the Chinese, but we are taking a cautious approach to the new government, for obvious reasons. [Russian Response]
    • President Ju assures the Russians that even though we are taking territory along their borders, our intent is not to invade them. The Central Asian regions will be taken with respect and care not to disturb Russian activities in the area, as we don't wish to start a fight between our two great nations. The point is we need to expand our lands further and unite these people's under the banner of Chinese protection and freedom, freeing them and their families from these oppressive regimes which these people call government.
    • We wish to sign a peace agreement with the French. The agreement would stipulate they stay out of Asian and African affairs, while we in turn would provide military assistance to their nation in times of any crisis or war. This, we think, is fair to both sides, as it gives us the opportunity to further liberate areas like Iran, and it gives the French our defense technologies in defending against a possible Russian threat. [French Response]
      • French Response: NATO would accept this agreement if Chinese forces would not invade Southern India, Australia, and New Zealand.
Flag of the Russian Empire (black-yellow-white).svg

Russian Federation (until May 7th) Russian Realm (from May 8th)

  • Government:
    • President: Vladimir Putin (nominally)
    • Legislature: State Duma
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: LDPR
  • Ideology: Russian Slavic Ultranationalism (mix of Esoteric N-zism and Ultramilitarism)
  • Capital City: Moscow
  • Population: 177.5 Million (adding the Ukraine and Byelorussia)
  • Economy: Russia's economy, in 2033 is based on the selling of natural gas to Europe, and the exploitation of resources in Siberia. However, one of the main issues of Russia is the extremem income inequality. Citizens suffer from poverty, and are contributing to the economy by being consumers. Our wealth inequality is some of the worst on Earth.
  • Wars and Conflicts:
    • We would begin an extensive military program, conscripting literally everyone we can find who can fight to the military bit by bit, starting with the youngest 18-25 group.
    • [SECRET] We are also starting our research on absolutely deadly chemical and biological weapons, to prepare our inevitable war against the Europeans. [SECRET]
  • Internal Affairs:
    • On January 30th, 2033, facing greater pressure from everyone, Putin appoints Alexei Didenko as his Prime Minister. On that day, Didenko made a fiery speech, promising to bring Russia back to glory, and spoke about the Great Trial, which he called "The Final Solution to our problems". He quickly dissolved the parliament, and began an intense Russian-glorifying campaign (i.e. propaganda), forcing people to vote for the LDPR.
    • Around a month later, some unknown bandits set the Red Square on fire, in an event known as the Kremlin Fire. Under even more pressure, Putin lets Didenko to enact a state of emergency across all of Russia, and soon enough, Putin lost his grip over the parliament and Russia as a whole. In the snap Federal Election of 2033, the LDPR won over half of the seats in the Duma, and the Blueshirts are purging members of United Russia out of their duties. Dmitry Medvedev was assassinated, while Mikhail Mitshukin was arrested for "treason against the state".
    • In March of 2033, Didenko pressured Putin to pass the "Freedom Act", which essentially gave DIdenko unlimited power to do whatever the (bleep) he wants. The law was passed because now, LDPR had a majority in the parliament. Putin tried to fire Didenko, seeing the utter madness he was doing to Russia, but Didenko simply didn't listen: He had already switched the FSB's director to an LDPR supporter, purged the opposition, and strangled United Russia's influence out of existence.
    • (In case you are wondering, yes. I delibrately scripted the events to match how the N-zis came to power in Germany.)
    • Our name has now changed from the "Russian Federation" to "The Russian Realm". In Didenko's ideas, there are three Great Empires of Russia: "First Realm", which is the Russian Tsardom; "Second Realm", which is the USSR, and the "Third Realm", the current one. (and this concept is obivously a reference to the three "Reichs" the N-zis have said)
    • [SECRET] Soon after taking power, Didenko began to orchastrate a plan to commit a mass... can I even say it here? The plan is to evict all 30 million Ukrainians and 10 million Belarusians, along with any remaining foreigners in Russia out of their homes, and march all of them 10,000km to the town of Uelen, where the survivors will be shipped by boat in the winter to Alaska, where they will march even further to the town of Nome, where we will then round then up and well...you get the point. (NOTE: This is NOT what I believe. I do not endorse N-zism, and it is the most dangerous and vile ideology we have seen in history. This is merely for the plot.) [SECRET]
      • [SECRET] Later, Didenko had a better idea: Spray chemical gases across the Ukraine, and wipe them out of existence. The choice was mainly due to using nukes to destroy the Ukraine could radiate Russian lands, or that it will be spotted by Europe; while biological weapons might cause well...you know. The first cities will be sprayed with chemical gases on the Ukraine on 21st of November, the 20th anniversary of the start of "Rebellion against the Motherland" (i.e. Euromaidan), and the targets are going to be Kiev, Krivog Rog, Nikolaev, Kherson and Mauripol. These five targets (espicially Mauripol and Kiev) all have historical significance during Reclaimation War Z (the current war), and we hope that at least five million Ukrainians die from the plan. This is gonna be fun... (btw all Ukrainian cities are written in Russian transliteration, because well, we are Russia.) [SECRET]
    • [SECRET] At around 1am on the 21st of November, 2033, the internet of the entire Russian Realm went down mysteriously, and at around 1:30am, the first bombs and missiles, containing sarin particles, took off to commence a systematic genocide of the Ukrainians. The first sarin bombs were dropped on Kiev and Mauripol at around 2am, with missiles (which does not destroy buildings) unleashing concentrated sarin solutions in the city centers of both places. Nikolaev is hit by the wave of sarin bombs at around 2:15am, before Krivoy Rog and Kherson recieved the sarin dose at around 2:30am. With quite a lot of sarin bombs still stockpiled, Didenko ordered the cities of Zaporizhizhia, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lvov and Odessa to be hit by the sarin bombs as well. The operation went again at 4am in the morning, and the whole operation was completed by 5:30am, with the internet going back up shortly after the sarin bombs dealt their effect at Lvov, the last city to be hit by the sarin bombs. And with that, 10 of Ukraine's largest cities, with millions living in it combined, suddenly got most of their population wiped out by the bombs. [MOD RESPONSE ON HOW MANY UKRAINIANS WE MANAGED TO KILL] [SECRET] (To Russia, please do not do this in real life alright. I do not want to see 40 million people murdered...)
      • Mod Response: 950,000 Ukrainans are killed immediately, with another 2.5 million likely to be killed by the gas as well. Several Ukrainian citizens report hearing loud noises and crashing across the country, which makes some suspicious, however likely blamed on the result of the internet shutting down.
    • [SECRET] After the massively successful campaign to well, kill 3.5 million Ukrainians, we would begin the mass production of sarin bombs, novichoks and radiation bombs, preparing for a second round of genocide, taking place sometime in 2034. Alexei Didenko is beyond happy that the mass murder worked. [SECRET]
    • Flag of the Latin States of America.png Latin States of America:
    • Domestic issues:
      • The merged Chile, and Argentina officially reorganize into the Latin States of America (LSA). Santiago, and Buenos Aires dissolve their respective congresses into the super-body LSA Congreso.
      • [SECRET TO EVERYONE EXCEPT CHINA AND FRANCE] Work continues on the GECK. We reach out to Paris, and Beijing, asking for funding, and arguing that the project will produce positive outcomes for the entire planet (French and Chinese response needed) [END SECRET]
        • Chinese Response: We would fund this project, we would just need to know how much money you need?
      • Our military reaches 300,000 active men, and women.
    • Foreign issues:
      • We reach out to Paraguay, and Uraguay, arguing the two far smaller states would enjoy superior security as well as prosperity upon joining the LSA. (Mod response needed)
        • Mod Response: They wish to join a possible union, however will not relinquish control of their government. They are willing to assist the LSA in any way possible.
      • For the first time in a decade, Santiago condemns the action of another state, castigating Russia's open genocide against the ethnic Ukrainians. All non-combatant Ukrainians with no known ties to fascists organizations such as the Azov Battalion are welcomed as refugees. (Mod response as to how many refugees arrive needed)
        • Mod Response: Not many flee to South America at all. Most Ukrainians flee further to the West, to areas such as France, Germany, and Spain. 50,000 Ukrainians flee to South America, though.


A battle of the world's hyperpower, The Unitary Republic of China, and a superpower, The Russian Realm, seems to be inevitable. With China's ambition to expand their territory growing day by day, year by year, and Russia's transition to a almost Nazi-like state, these two powers are heading in the direction of Europe, slowly but surely. With Russia, the reports of a systematic genocide across Ukraine have escaped the country, with several prominent Ukrainian activists fleeing to Poland and subsequently detailing the horrors of major cities in Ukraine. China, despite it's warmongering, will have it's second democratic election this year, likely determining the fate of the countries future. NATO has decided to declare war on the UAA, breaking the years long allyship the two organizations had. NATO has also invaded Southern Australia and New Zealand recently, which leaves much of the world wondering who's side they are on.

China's groundbreaking project for interstellar travel is going well, and space is indeed seeming to be the new frontier. In terms of a space race, the contestants seem to be France, China, and Russia, all looking to break records in the vast swath of space. The UN has completely dissolved, with two organizations proposed to take it's place, both with their own ideological points. The first, which China proposes, is simply called the International League for Humanity, while the second, which Germany proposes, is simply called the Organization of Nation States. The Western world looks mostly to fit in with the German variety, while many of China's allies in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, and others look to join theirs. Either way, some semblance of normalcy may happen upon the world soon.

ChinaFlag.jpg- Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Sulaiman Isa Khan
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Aaban Raj
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Waahid Abziz
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Social Democrat Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Waahid Abziz
      • First United Front: 5,000 members
      • Second United Front: 3,000 members
      • Third United Front: 1,000 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: SJAI
      • Judges: 5000
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 75.6 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 46.4 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 43.680 USD
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP in the world, in both PPP and nominal terms. In 2034, although suffering from a few recessions in the past decade, The Unitary Republic has continue to prosper and grow at an astounding rate.
  • Population
    • 4.432 Billion People
  • War/Conflict
    • We capture all territories due from last year by the end of this year. On the list were Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Sri Lanka. This causes fervor within China, with many questioning what we should do to hold a border of this magnitude and size. In response to these questions, we deploy the Unitary Border Force, however mainly consisting of our armed robotics devices, this way our human soldiers can focus on the pertinent issues such as invasion of other nations, liberation of autocracies, and the recruitment process to keep more people signing up for the military.
    • We now have a sort of three way intersection we have to approach here. We basically have three directions to continue in, we can continue war going South, near Oceania and Indonesia if we wish. This would give us more island presence and allow us to pick up the nuclear weapons of Indonesia and Australia from both the UAA and US nuke sharing programs respectively. The second option is to continue going towards the Middle East and Africa, which also comes with it's own set of benefits. We could both acquire more nuclear weapons and eliminate NATO presence in the region, as well as give ourselves direct access to oil, even though we rarely use this anymore, almost any vehicles in China have to run on hydrogen or electricity or solar power. Our third option is to basically rush into Europe, this is the lowest on our list at this time. Russia would not be too happy with this option, and while we don't exactly treat them as a threat at this time, we really don't want to start a war with them at this moment. Also Europe doesn't really provide much in the way of population or resources like Africa would, so we likely won't do this.
    • In a fiery speech, our new President Khan announces our next direction, in regards to invasion. President Khan says "We will liberate our brothers in the Middle East! This will be a new era of Islamic Principles for the MENA region, when the Unitary Republic stood up and said, these areas will fall from their tyrant like grips. We will devote a force of 30,000,000, known now as the Chinese Islamic Revolutionary Corps or CIRC, to take Turkey, Cyprus, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Yemen, Jordan, Israel and Palestine. We will win this, and may Allah bless our sacred soldiers, the invasion will commence immediately and hopefully end by next year. Allah bless the Unitary Republic!"
    • Turkey and Saudi Arabia's importance is astronomical. The resources they possess, their research in defense weaponry, their nuclear programs, their populations, etc. Considering Turkey also gives us a direct bridge to Europe, this nation will be highly emphasized in our battle planning. Our GDP should also spike, giving us the 80 trillion GDP PPP we have been looking at for years now. India helped us accomplish what we have in terms of the astronomic growth, while these regional power nations such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey should give us a steady boost in both our GDP and population. Also, considering some of these areas, notable Bahrain and Oman, have some of the highest standards of living on the planet, we will be studying the governmental policy in depth to attempt to improve the lives of our citizens here at home.
    • Our Tanta Defense System now numbers in the tens of thousands, and covers both the entire area of China and our territories in space. TDS should allow us to shoot down an estimated 97 percent of missiles, giving us a strategic advantage of our missile defense that we don't believe any other country has at the moment. The closest any country comes to this is both ourselves and France, with France having their 90 percent estimated success rate with their system, and ours being the same at 90 percent.
    • After careful consideration, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine are added to our list to invade next year as well. We suspect these countries are going to be easier to invade, due to their relatively small military sizes as well as our ability to invade countries in these terrains, as we have proven over a dozen times. These countries should also help with our efforts to stop Russia from moving further into Europe, as we agreed to help France. To be clear, this is an invasion, we are not going to kill civilians however this time around.
    • [SECRET] Obviously we have to assassinate the current leader of Russia. This is becoming a situation similar to what Hitler did in the late 30's, so we cannot allow this to continue. Our diplomatic team is laced with nano-explosives, and all six members are well aware they are on a suicide mission. We have a backup of this as well, with one of our KOBS ready to strike the Kremlin if this is where they meet. We have a third method as well, the WORLDEND bioweapon with smart nanobots, basically allowing us to remotely trigger various spores with a high rate of lethality. We have a fourth method as well if all of these fail, which would be the classic steal a guard's gun and aim at the Russian President. We think one of these methods are likely to work. [SECRET]
    • Millions of former rebels against what are now Chinese states, such as members of the former NPA from the Philippines or former members of the Taliban have joined the military. One prospective recruit who wishes to remain anonymous said the following, "They assisted in the downfall of our former tyrant regime. We were having to die for our rights to live under our previous government, China has given us a new purpose. The regimes of the past have been replaced, albeit violently, by the Unitary Republic. But the question we had to ask was, is it better to live under a tyrants hellhole, or is it better to live under a government which guarantees us a swath of civil rights and freedoms. I chose the latter."
    • We have become only the third country in world history to pass the hallmark of 10,000 nuclear weapons, with our arsenal now consisting of 11,030 nuclear weapons. The former Soviet Union and United States passed this point during the height of the first cold war, with their ability to produce so many depending largely on their war economy. Speaking of our war economy, we have determined we can maintain our current level of production while reducing our military and defense spending to 3 percent of our GDP. We essentially spend 1.392 trillion dollars on our defense systems within the country, which is already a lot compared to what even the US spent a decade ago. We are only doing this to keep our defenses ready, we do not anticipate any major war coming in the future, at least any that would threaten us.
    • Seeing as the French have taken the Eastern United States, we would announce our blitz of the Western United States has resulted in a successful capture. We have now nearly 12 million forces, through both our own forces and our previous right wing allies in Western USA, that will now march down towards Mexico, hopefully storming and taking the country by next year. We are giving them 50 billion in equipment to work with, so we hope this will actually become a successful endeavor. We feel it is only right to name the Western United States since the French did, we name them the Chinese States of America.
    • We develop Suicide Sats as we call them, which are a combination of nanotechnology and explosives to crash into and erode other satellites we deem threatening to our country. Our SSBs or Suicide Sat Bots are going to play a major role in our ability to take down other satellite systems. We could always launch ICBM's into space, but this allows for too much room for error, so we would rather maintain a system to accurately target satellites. We also maintain a hegemony on our Beidou 5 system, which covers multiple planetary bodies, including Mars and the Moon. Beidou 5 is basically the GPS of the 21st century, with a majority of African and Middle Eastern countries, Latin American countries, and Asian countries using them.
  • Domestic Affairs
    • Our State Judiciary AI is complete, allowing for human like judgement of various cases in thousands of different languages and legal contexts. Since China is essentially the most diverse country on the planet, we would start rolling out services in all sorts of languages, with our major ones being Mandarin, English, Hindi, and Arabic. This covers billions of our citizens, as we wish to offer coverage to as much of our population as possible, as mentioned. The automation of the judicial process is also a necessary step, with literally hundreds of millions of cases coming across the desks of attorneys and judges each day. This should be able to handle billions of cases a day if needed, but we doubt the capacity for such an event will ever arise.
    • Desalination plants exist all across China, with China becoming in recent years, the largest consumer of desalinated water. This allows hundreds of millions of people who previously did not have adequate access to water to now become secure in drinking water from various sources. Desalination plants have many benefits as well, at least our type of desalination, as they run off solar energy, and we usually set up carbon capture stations near the plant, this way all energy can be reused and recycled. Our emissions of energy are over 90 percent renewable, as we have poured trillions of dollars into the acquiring of such technologies. Either way, desalinated water now accounts for 45 percent of the water consumed within China, and is likely going to reach 80 percent by 2040 with the rate of progress as it currently stands.
    • In Tokyo, Japan Province, a discovery has been made that has shocked the world. For the first time in human history, human ectogenesis has been successfully completed. Human ectogenesis is the process of basically giving birth in an artificial womb, without any need of a mother to assist. Hundreds of companies across the Unitary Republic have already tried and failed to procure such a technology, and with this discovery by a small Japanese team from Tokyo, hundreds of companies will likely launch bids to attempt to take these talented individuals. Within the year, thousands of ectogenesis children are 'born', with laws being written in and signed to regulate and expand this area of science.
    • ATLAS Space, one of the foremost companies behind the private space industry in China, announces another breakthrough. They are believed to be the first company to launch a plasma based rocket, with the only other one being Hong-1 by the Unitary Space Agency. Private companies have made even more breakthroughs in terms of space technology, with the first private space station being completed earlier this year, rivaling the size of the ISS, the first birth to happen in space, with the child surviving the trip back to earth, and the first object to land humans on the surface of Europa.
    • China now holds over half of the world's population within it's borders. Something previously thought only possible in science fiction, the Unitary Republic is one of nearly 4 and a half billion people, owing to their recent annexation of India. Antarctica has served as an epicenter for population overflow as well, with well over 100k people living on the icy continent under the Unitary Flag. China is actively looking to work with the private sector in the production of a megacity in Antarctica, possibly to allow them the chance to offset their enormous growth in Asia.
    • Cooperative Space Habitat is officially launched, with it's size currently one and a half times larger than the ISS was. This new international space station, constructed between what are now three countries, can be the possible basis for humanities future among the stars. An additional feature which was added to the space station at launch was a 100 person University, called the Unitary University for Stellar Education, funded mostly by the private sector. The ability to learn there is hard, and to get in costs a minimum of 100k dollars and an outstanding report of academic excellence. Once admitted, will spend one year aboard, before departing back to the Unitary Republic for gravity recovery and an extensive medical check. After these steps are complete, the students will fly back up within 3 months, to continue for years more.
    • President Khan, of the Islamic Party of China, performs a massive upset, getting 48 percent of the vote in the 2034 Presidential Election, along with other members of his party. This elevates the first Islamic man to the highest office within China, essentially bringing a new hope for the Islamic population within China. He ran on a platform of secular Islamic values, where some certain principles of Islam will make their way into government, but in a voluntary manner and in a secular way. President Khan pledges to respect all religions, races, and people, and praises the Chinese for their active participation in producing this now prosperous society for all. He calls the Unitary Republic a utopia for all, and declares his upmost patriotism for the country. He is also the son of Imran Khan, former Prime Minister of Pakistan.
    • Human Ectogenesis Pods, or HEPs, are constructed on both our moon and mars bases. We know a conflict between Russia and ourselves would kill likely billions of people, therefore we are trying to plan a repopulation strategy. So far, 500 pods are in space, with 300 being on the moon, 100 on mars, and 100 on our new space station. On land, hundreds of thousands of pods are operational, allowing for hundreds to be born in rotating cycles, with all of these children immune to the various cruelties of disease and poisons. We should be able to procure millions by next year, as we are pouring tens of billions into these projects.
    • Our project on the moon, the laser interstellar project, is upgraded to five gigawatts. This reduces the estimated travel time to 250 years instead of 300, and due to this, we construct two more 5 GW lasers and two more interstellar sail vehicles. This will give us 15 people on their way to Proxima Centauri B, hopefully paving the way to further space travel. Our mars base and moon base are also coming along nicely, with ten occupying our mars base, 50 occupying our moon base, and nearly 100 on our space station. The crews are constructing more quickly for the thousands more we intend to send, at least to the moon and mars.
    • ATLAS Space has launched the first initiative to build a base on Europa and Titan, with both being started this year from their Plasma rocket. Their ability is quickly noticed by China, and they are now given priority funding to continue their projects with more budget. ATLAS Space sends five for each mission. China now operates, through both private and public ventures, four interplanetary and moon based bases. The Moon Base as it is commonly called, is the most developed by far, with the Mars one being second on the list. Europa and Titan will have to build up for a while before they can be called complete, same goes for the Mars base. For the time being though, all four of these bases can permanently hold crews.
    • Rizal BioSciences has released the first commonly available anti-aging medication which has proven results. Another breakthrough is their ability to guarantee, through a process of gene modification, couples to have twins or triplets. This is massive for China, and can basically solve their entire problem, which has largely been reduced in recent years, of their stagnant birth rates. It is hoped this technology can be produced across the world someday, but for the time being, the technology remains a heavily guarded secret. Immediately, hundreds of thousands of parents sign up for this process, mainly due to the government promising more money for more children. The birth rate in the Unitary Republic skyrockets past a point where it's needed to repopulate in case of birth decline. This year alone, via artificial birth and the genomic process of guarantee twin or triplets, 60,000,000 children are expected to be born.
    • [SECRET] As we have sent 5 billion dollars in funding and 500 researchers to the LSA for their initiative to reform the earth in the event of mass nuclear destruction, we start our own project, in the hopes of accomplishing two things. One, we wish to complete production of a domestic technology resembling what the LSA is making, and two, we hope to cooperate further by seeing if we can replicate any possible results of their experiments. We start Project ChongSheng, or Project Rebirth, a private/public partnership to help revitalize the population in case of a nuclear event which wipes out the planet. [SECRET]
    • Mandarin Chinese is now spoken by a majority, 93 percent, of the Unitary Republic, as a first or second language. This represents the achievement of one of the most sought after Chinese dreams, to have cultural dominance on the world stage. China has now cemented their position as the world hegemon, both in soft power and military might. Chinese films are played constantly across theaters in the Unitary Republic, with China quickly having the largest film industry of the world.
    • Academics across China have called the Unitary Republic the most dominant country in history, and rightfully so. Depending on if international borders classify the Unitary Republic as based on their claims, or just their actual controlled land, China is the largest or second largest empire in history. By next year, if all objectives are reached and achieved, which it seems likely they will, China will become the largest empire in history by area of control. China is the most populous country in world history as well, with their population reaching nearly 4 and a half billion people, with their military forces being 2.7 percent of this population.
    • France has alerted us to a possible coup brewing within our government. We appreciate this gesture from them, however we don't find anything resembling a coup within our government. It is true some dislike the new Islamic President, however they are waiting to judge him based on his actions. There have been minor resistance movements in our occupied territories, however their living standards and economic situation have risen as a result, so the populace is happy with their current state. Additionally, we do not interfere with any cultural or societal decisions within these various territories we occupy, we simply ask they obey reasonable Chinese law.
  • Foreign Affairs
    • In regards to Russia, we are going to heavily condemn their almost Nazi state. President Khan declares "Russia is now our enemy. Any enemy of Russia is, for the time being, our friend. We encourage assistance to France at this time to help with pushing Russia back, as we feel they are being threatened by the dictator state of Russia. If things go to their worst state, we have nuclear weapons on standby, ready to unleash on the Russians at any moment. Russia will see their fate mirror that of the UK, one of eternal collapse into the pits of hell." [Russian Response]
      • Russian Response: And you accuse us for being Nazis? You invaded all of Asia in 12 years! How's that not a Nazi thing to do?
    • One of a now handful of trillionaires within the Unitary Republic sends aid, similar to Elon Musk and Ukraine. Al-Bin Sayed, owner of the massive company Sayed Enterprises, has his net worth floating somewhere around 1.12 trillion dollars, due to the sheer amount of property and assets he owns. Space Mining is a huge part of this as well, with Sayed Space Ventures bringing in tens of billions of dollars a year only based on asteroid and moon mining. Sayed sends 20 billion dollars worth of communications equipment to France, with more going there soon as well. Sayed says he hopes relations can improve between France and China. [French Response]
      • French Response: We also hope to improve relations between the 2 Republics.
    • We request to meet with Russia regarding a quick stoppage to this massacre, and we would also refute their claims of ourselves being Nazis, as we simply acquire more land, we did not kill more than we need to, and certainly not using brutal methods for the world to discover later. We announced civilian and military deaths, and we have prosecuted millions for war crimes over the past ten years, as they have been nationalistic Chinese citizens who wanted to see other states fall. A diplomat from Japan who is well versed in Russian politics is who we will send, along with a team of five other diplomats who are from Vietnam and Korea. [Russian Response]
      • Russia has no response. Either they delibrately refused to respond to you, or that they are having internet issues.

French Republic:

  • Government: Constitutional Republic
  • Leader: President Garnier
  • Capital City: France
  • Population: 70.3 Billion
  • GDP : 2.603 Trillion
  • Economy: High
  • Number of Active Military Personnel: 2 million


  • Russia: As a major European war seems to finally be in the horizon, NATO’s nuclear arsenal was now in alert while its military forces were completely mobilized and ready for the war. The border countries to Russia are now occupied by 40% of NATO military which is equipped with the latest state-of-art advanced weapon technology being protected by the Shield Missile Defense System. Most of the civilian population has been evacuated with the remaining either joining NATO or forming local militias. [SECRET] NATO military officials agreed to initiate Operation Thunder strike. The operation would first start with launching of several large nuclear missiles to Moscow but these missiles secretly are equipped with other smaller nuclear missiles within the larger ones. If the larger missiles will be shot down by Russian defense systems then the smaller ones would be deployed to finish the task of destroying the Russian capital. After or if the destruction of Moscow happens, NATO troops equipped with the necessary equipment with thousands of tanks, armored vehicles, and aircraft would launch a blitzkrieg offensive with millions of troops entering Russian territories. We would focus in the Northeastern and Southeastern parts of Russia. We also got in contact with secret Russian rebels both in the civilian and military government who wish to topple the fascist government and they agree to lead a nation-wide rebellion and cease control of the nuclear missile silos. If this fails then NATO would deploy hundreds of nuclear and ballistic missiles to destroy Russians missiles silos. [SECRET].
  • China: We wish to end hostilities with the Unitary Republic of China by signing a peace agreement that can both allow NATO and the Unitary Republic of China to have access to oil in the Middle East without any military conflicts. [Chinese Player Response]
    • Chinese Response: This is quite a good agreement, however our plans involve invading the Middle East, which would not allow for NATO presence. We will certainly allow access to oil once we control the area, but IF NATO stays out of our way. Else, we may to change our plans towards Europe, and that would be a war of vast proportions.
    • NATO Response: China would be able to access their oil if they would not invade or attack the Middle East which can allow NATO to pull out of the Middle East but the NATO bloc remains which will still allow Chinese vessels.[Chinese Player Response]
    • Chinese Response: We will not allow NATO to stand in our way. Effective today, April 21st, we will refocus our invasion towards the continental Europe.
    • NATO Response: A last attempt in preserving the peace between NATO and the Chinese by allowing the Middle East to be indirectly controlled by both NATO and the Unitary Republic of China without any military occupation. Another option could be that we can divide the Middle East with Western Middle East being occupied by pro-NATO governments and Eastern Middle East being occupied by pro-Chinese governments. [Chinese Response]
    • Chinese Response: We will not accept this deal, however as Russia is a threat to world peace, we will continue to supply assistance to France in whatever form they wish.
    • NATO Response: Due to the Chinese rejection of the last attempt for peace, we further reinforce our Middle Eastern borders with hundreds of troops and equipment but we assure the Chinese that we will not attack (unless you attack first) and instead we have to focus on Russia whose threatening both of our countries.
  • UAA: With Australia and New Zealand now under our control, we fight against the remaining rogue United Asian Alliance but we will allow them to lay down their forces but serve under NATO forces. We also create new governments that are pro-NATO to control Australia and New Zealand. We reform the armies and governments of both nations by giving them blueprints for advanced technology. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: The UAA is largely dissolved at this point, given that China has either taken control of or is likely to take control of their member states. The reforms work well.
  • Saudi Arabia: We will pull out of Saudi Arabia if the Saudi government will continue to be pro-western in exchange for NATO to sell military weapons and equipments along with blueprints for advanced technology. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: As the invasion of Saudi Arabia by China has commenced, the Saudi's are now willing to do whatever it takes to protect their homeland, including siding with NATO.
    • NATO Response: We leave Saudi Arabia but we form a large heavily defended militarized zone to prevent the Chinese from invading Saudi Arabia. We request China to stop their invasion and in exchange,Saudi Arabia would give a huge quantity of oils to the Unitary Republic. A large NATO force of 800,000 troops heads towards the Arabian DMZ and are staying within a nuclear bunker and defended by advanced missile defense system in case talks fail.
  • North America: We finally take most of Eastern America and implement a New Democratic capitalist government of the United States along with a powerful armed forces to form the new Republic of America (ROA). We use the Mississippi River as a border to divide the ROA by creating the large Iron Wall which is a heavily defended border wall with advanced technological anti-aircraft and other weapons that divides America.

Internal Affairs:

  • Economy: The economy of France is the 2nd richest in the European continent with various economic policies that increased and strengthened the GDP of the Republic. In 2034, France has experienced numerous increases in the country but had a slight decrease but not sever enough for an economic turmoil.
  • Space: [SECRET] The Orbital Defense Satellite System is partially finished along with the Orbital Missile Defense System. We also send the first space shuttle or rocket prototypes to space for manned and robotic explorations of other planets and galaxies with only a few tests failing. [SECRET]
  • Military:[SECRET] The Shield Missile Defense System (SMDF) is upgraded and further advanced to be able to shoot down 90% of nuclear missiles. The SMDF is established in other cities in Europe particularly in Rome, Warsaw, and other capitals in border countries with Russia or China. The first prototypes of plasma weaponry is achieved but it is not perfect so testing continues. Meanwhile the first nanotechnology war technology is created after much planning since 2029 called the Automated Soldier Nanobots or its nickname “The Nano troops” which entered production with a hundred being created within 2034 but only a few are ready for battle. The Nano troops are nanobots with a form of a human who can split and easily enter small spaces which can make them dodge bullets and rockets. These Nano troops can make sharp bladed weapons whether long or short and shields that can deflect small arm bullets. The number of nuclear missiles of France are increase by 30 and upgraded. Power Armor was also being planned for immediate production by 2035 but at least 15 of these power armors were already constructed. Power Armor is an advanced technological armor that can protect its wearers from machine gun fire, radioactive substances, and grenade explosives. [SECRET]
  • Infrastructure: 60% of British Isles are reconstructed thanks to the nanotechnology and NATO helps the British form a new government called the Republic of England. The Republic of England is later accepted to NATO along with the Republic of Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. 3 more nuclear power plants are constructed in France along with military factories and bases. Some military bases along with several aerial and naval are nuclear bunkers.
  • Technology: We finally have the first cures for Pneumonia and Leukemia thanks with the nanotechnology and other technology. We also begin experimenting and planning for the use hover technology.
  • Energy: Renewable energy particularly Nuclear, Solar, and Hydro energy is still being used by France. We urge Europe to do the same along with Russia much to the displeasure of some politicians and generals. Hypersonic technology is also being proposed with a large number of people both politicians and generals supporting it.
  • Politics: The Unitarian French Party is formed under the leadership of Alexandria Dubois who wish to unite Europe under the flag of France. Under the orders of President Garnier, the Communist Party of France and the Fascist Party of France are disbanded, banned, and outlawed. The LGBT Party of France is formed under Jack DuPont and The Ultranationalist Party of France is formed under General Blont.
  • Laws and Policies: Economic policies are introduced along with laws that more or less improved France such as the Law of Protection which allows any country seeking the help of France to be temporarily governed by the French until the threat or problem has been solved.

External Affairs:

  • China: We wish to establish a new defensive, military, and economic alliance with China called the Franco-Sino 2034 Alliance Treaty. We also want assurance that China would help us fight of the Russians since they threaten not only Europe but Asia as well [Chinese Player Response]
    • Chinese Response: We will help you with Russia, as promised, but we need a guarantee that you will stay out of our way. If you can give us this, we will invade Russia immediately.
    • French Response: We receive recent reports and rumors of a military coup by several Chinese generals along with ultranationalists and hardline communists who wish to replace the recent Chinese government so they could begin the extermination of various ethnic and racial groups around the Chinese occupied territories. Our intelligence also believes that these secret rebellion also wish a complete Chinese dominance throughout Asia similar to the Russians and the Nazis. We send these reports to our Chinese counterparts despite being rivals to continue the democracy in Asia [Player Response]
    • Chinese Response: We appreciate the heads up on this possible coup, but are relieved to inform you we have not found evidence of a coup brewing. While it is true the Chinese people wish to unite Asia under our banner, we are intent on doing so with the least amount of casualties possible.
  • South America: We wish to establish new relations the Latin States of America and encourage them for membership with NATO. [LSA Player Response]
    • LSA response: We politely decline, fearing retaliation from the East.
    • French Response: We are sad to hear this but accept this. We request to construct several NATO bases around the Latin States of America but we assure that these military locations are only for peacekeeping against rebels who threaten democracy in the continent. [Player Response]
  • Russia: In regards to Russia, we know what’s happening within Ukraine and we support and supply various Ukrainian and Russian resistance groups. We also further reinforced and strengthen the border security of NATO members with Russia by adding more men, weapons, and equipment.
  • NATO: With the votes of most NATO members, NATO is renamed into the Democratic Allied Forces and we encourage the countries in Southern America to join. [Player/Mod Response]
  • Organization of Nation States: We applaud the creation of the Organization of Nation States and eagerly join it.
  • Middle East: Most of the countries we invaded are either occupied by the Chinese or are now allies after forcing them to be. France and the rest of NATO continue to focus on the regions of the Middle East. Israel is convinced to send nuclear weapons along with the United Arab Emirates to NATO in an event of a Chinese victory.
  • The Asian Revolutionary Army:[SECRET] We come in contact with the Asian Revolutionary Army, a large resistance force against the Chinese. Though we don’t want to ally to them but we still support them and secretly supply them with volunteers, weapons, and equipments. [SECRET]
  • Africa: Just like the Middle East, we also focus on Africa and the decision is made to invade Northern Africa particularly Algeria and Libya to fortify a barrier against possible influence or military invasion. We launch the Invasion of Algeria with 1 million NATO troops landing in Northern Algeria with the support of aerial and naval bombardments along with our new advanced missiles. [Mod Response]
    • Mod response: Algeria falls within a matter of months, French influence in the region proving beneficial. With no stable government in Libya since 2011, Tripoli is captured before the year's end as well, though there is staunch opposition against NATO from Islamists in the region. 5,000 NATO casualties, 10,000 Algerian/Libyan combined casaulties, 6,500Algerian/Libyan civilian casualties.
    • NATO Response: We form a peacekeeping force of 800,000 NATO troops to ensure peace and order in the occupied territories. We also form a Pro-Western Islamist government and unite Algeria and Libya into the North African Republic but the NAR is simply a puppet government for the French. The North African Republic Armed Forces is established with a million men and thousands of military equipment and vehicles.
  • Turkey: Knowing the significant importance both strategically and economically of Turkey, we also reinforce the country with the state-of-the-art weapon and defense technology. We also establish the SMDF in Turkey to be to destroy incoming Chinese or Russian threat whether ground, aerial, or naval. NATO also spends millions of dollars to upgrade, strengthen, and increase the number of missiles, naval warships especially submarines, and aircraft of the Turkish Armed Forces. After much arguing, NATO allows Turkey to create nuclear missiles but it must be near the borders of Europe so it can be secretly stored in bunkers within Europe to prevent China from acquiring them.
Flag of the Russian Empire (black-yellow-white).svg

Russian Realm

  • Government:
    • Premier of the Realm: Alexei Didenko
    • Legislature: State Duma
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: LDPR
  • Ideology: Russian Slavic Ultranationalism (mix of Esoteric N-zism and Ultramilitarism)
  • Capital City: Moscow
  • Population: 174.5 Million (adding the Ukraine and Byelorussia)
  • Economy: Russia's economy, in 2034 is based on the selling of natural gas to Europe, and the exploitation of resources in Siberia. However, one of the main issues of Russia is the extremem income inequality. Citizens suffer from poverty, and are contributing to the economy by being consumers. Our wealth inequality is some of the worst on Earth.
  • Wars and Conflicts [ALL SECRET]:

Some fanart I found for TNO Omsk. Thank TNO Omsk for my Great Trial idea.

    • Pro-war propaganda posters are placed all across the Realm, with our economy switching to full-on war status.
    • We also began crafting super nuclear bombs, as large as the Tsar Bomba. The plan is to use these to win a nuclear war.
    • Our ICBM numbers are rising rapidly after we begin to craft them in mass numbers, aiming to get over 2000 by the start of next year. Hypersonic missiles are also being crafted at an exponential rate.
    • WAR PLAN A - After realizing that China could aim for Europe as early as next year, we decided to push the Great Trial to 2036, and ramp up our efforts to prepare for total war against NATO. The plan calls for 30 million soldiers, 20,000 tanks, chemical and nuclear bombs to flood into Europe, and sweep across continental Europe from Poland, the Balkans and Scandinavia. We hope to defeat all of Europe in 2 years, after which we'll start the total extermination of ALL Europeans.
    • In more detail... - We would split this operation into 3 parts along 5 main fronts: North European, South European, Central Asian, Mongolian and the Pacific Fronts. 12 million Russians will be accompanied by 10,000 tanks, and flood into the European fronts. North European will blitz the Baltic-Nordic region, and we hope that Finland, Sweden and the Baltic States are taken in 7 days. Both European Fronts will concentrate the attack in Poland, where 6 million troops in Europe will basically raze Poland to the ground. We will also blitz the region as quickly as possible, and get all the way to the Oder River by the end of the second week of the invasion. The South European will also be tasked with capturing the Balkans, which we believe can be taken within 10 days. On the Asian Front, the Central Asian Front will push through Kazakhstan, and attack China's Central Asian holdings. The Mongolian Front will be well, us attacking though Mongolia and Manchuria to strike into the heart of China, while the Pacific Front will be us launching an offensive through Japan into China as well. All three fronts combined will have around 30 million men fighting, AND IF THE ENEMY GETS TOO CLOSE, NUCLEAR ARMEGGEDON IT IS.
    • Total War Status - Even though we haven't started the Great Trial yet, we have drafted EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON to serve in the military in some capacity. Any men fit to fight are conscripted as soldiers in the military. Women serves as supplying our army, like cooks, medics, doctors and nurses, truck drivers...Disabled people are not exempt either, as they now oversee manufacturing and are also drivers to get troops onto the battlefield. Everyone's money is seized, and we are putting every last bit of our economy to this total war. We do not care about economy or humanity anymore. EVERYONE, all 140 million of us, are now military personnel, and Alexei Didenko even wants his best generals to go near the combat zones. Only around 140 people at the top 0.000001% are spared from the fighting, like the most senior officials. THE GREAT TRIAL ABOVE ALL.
    • DATE SET FOR GREAT TRIAL - As we see a China-Europe alliance as a real possbility, and with China on the verge of invading us, we formalize the date for the start of Operation Zhirinovsky (named after the "martyr" of our Realm): January 22nd, 2035. The final preparations are starting, with all soldiers now specializing in one type of weapon like tankmen, artillery personnel, infantry, sailors etc. We now have so much ammo stored, we are starting to use WMD storage facilities and even apartment blocks to store them. We have produced thousands of gallons of chemical gas, ready to unleash pure hell on our enemies. WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN, AND WE WILL WIN THE GREAT TRIAL...NO. MATTER. THE. COST. FOR TRUTH! FOR THE VICTORY! URA!
    • Final Preparations - As the final preparations are starting, our Premier wrote an entire guidebook on how to support your country during The Great Trial. Basically, the book is a massive pro-war propaganda book about how everyone SHOULD be involved. You got pregnant? No problem, get to the factories and manufacture ammo; You just gave birth? Congrats! Now get back to fighting: You are an 80-year-old man? Go and produce food, I don't care how old you are. You are literally 5 years old? Nah don't worry, go and fight if you can hold a gun. Nobody should stay away from the prospect of war. Everyone's getting MREs to ensure maximum capacity for people to eat and fight. For the final preparations, our nuclear missiles are all on high alert, and we'll launch ALL of them in a minute's notice. The cities are basically all but deserted, with everyone now working, living and sleeping in their workplaces. Even the Ukrainians were allowed to live as slave labourers, mining and farming resources for our massive army. Our army by sheer numbers is now at almost 70 million, and with most of the conscripts finishing their basic training (the mass conscription started around the start of this year), we believe that we can win The Great Trial within a year, before turning our focus onto China, and dominate the entire globe.
  • Internal Affairs:
    • On June 30th, a massive purge took place across Russia, with us killing all remaining dissendents. This included Leonid Slutsky, the leader of the Blueshirts, and the entire Navalny family.
    • Vladimir Putin dies aged 82. With that, Alexei Didenko proclaims himself as the Premier of Russia, securing his status as the supreme leader of the Russian Realm.
    • [SECRET] With our cleaning of Ukrainians being discovered, we would prepare for a total holocaust of the Ukrainians. Our plan is to have 2 million fervent Slavists, soldiers and civilians alike to go into Ukrainian cities, and murder 10 Ukrainians EACH. To prove that there are no escape, we will ensure that they return 10 pairs of hands with the machetes we gave them. If they don't return with (at least) 10 pairs of hands after finishing their part in the mass murder, we will execute the people who betrayed us. Then, we will kill the remaining with more sarin gas and mustard gas, before getting all remaining Ukrainians a massive death march to Uelen. We will do that on April 21st, the day that the pro-Western rat Zelensky got into power. [SECRET]
      • [SECRET] On April 21st, we place the plan into action. At around 6pm in the evening, the 2 million Russians chosen to destroy the Ukrainians set off to slaughter as many Ukrainians as they wish, as Didenko declares to the army "the purge has started". The Russians are absolutely brutal against the Ukrainians, shooting, looting, raping and torturing every Ukrainian man, woman and child they see. To them, the Ukrainians are the core of why they are in a state of utter disarray. Kiev's Independence Monument is torn down, while fire rages through cities like Odessa, Kiev and most importantly, Mauripol. As Mauripol was the center of suffering for us, the city's resident were basically burned alive as the city went up in flames. In those 12 hours, all of Ukraine became a literal purge scene, and by the dawn of the 22nd, there really isn't much of "Ukraine" left. Early estimates suggested that at least 10 million died from a combination of direct shooting, fire, bombs and even chemical gases. The Realm, has just singlehandedly brought a well-known FICTION to real life, and this event is known as the "Great Ukrainian Purge". [SECRET]
      • [SECRET] When the sun dawned on April 22nd, the true extent of the damage was seen. Dead corpses with their hands chopped off litter the streets: shops are burnt to a crisp; fires continued to rage in many towns and cities with no one helping to extinguish them. We only collected 10 million hands, which means that 5 million, or 1/6th of Ukraine has died from our glorious methods of execution and mass genocide. However, many more Ukrainians are burnt to a crisp by us due to us burning down cities, and gassing the inhabitants inside. The total death toll is unclear, but we believe that over 10 million people has died from fires, poisoning and murder from other Ukrainians alike, halving Ukraine's population to 15 million. Kiev, Mauripol and Nikolaev are basically no more, while cities like Lvov, Dnipro and Odessa are burnt to a crisp. We now stopped all food supplies to Ukraine, and even sabotaged the water supply to poison everyone else still living in this hellhole. [SECRET]
    • In a rare address to the rest of the world, Alexei Didenko makes an ominious speech to the rest of the world. This is what he said in that speech: "To the Chinese, the Europeans and the remaining Americans. What you are about to do proves that the entire Earth wants to betray and destroy all remants of Russian culture. If you dare to tread one foot into our motherland, your nations shall face hell on Earth. We will not hesitate in the use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, and for every person killed by our enemies, we shall retailiate in kind. There is no stopping of our revenge against the Western degenerates for their attempted destruction of the country during our special military operation against the Ukrainian province. There is no stopping in our vengence against the Chinese, who stole our Pacific lands, and backstabbed us in the 1960's. Do not think about declaring war on us, for that you will fail in your so-called liberation and destruction of Byelorussia, the Ukraine and Rossiya. SLAVA ROSSIYA!"
      • Oh yeah, and in case you are wondering, nobody can leave the country, and nobody gets into the nation. So have fun trying to assassinate our Premier.
  • Flag of the Latin States of America.png Latin States of America:
  • Domestic issues:
    • President Boric declines to seek reelection leaving office with a 95% approval rating. Social Convergence leader Alondra Arellano is elected as Chile's first female, and Gen Z President.
    • [SECRET TO EVERYONE EXCEPT CHINA AND FRANCE] The GECK continues to make slow, but steady progress with a estimated completion date of 2042. We inform China that we request $1 billion in funding, and again ask France for $50 million. (French and Chinese response needed) [END SECRET]
      • Chinese Response: As we wish to see this project completed earlier, we send a team of 500 researchers along with 5 billion dollars in funding to the LSA.
      • French Response: We give $50 million to the LSA and send 30 of our esteemed scientists, manufacturers, and researchers.
    • Our military reaches 350,000 active men, and women.
    • [SECRET] We begin work on nuclear, and chemical weapons for self-defense purposes. [SECRET]
  • A LSA soldier secures the West Falkland coast (2034)

    Foreign issues:
  • President Arellano reverses a long-held Boric policy, and invades the Falkland Islands at the urgence of Argentine lawmakers. With the U.K having collapsed years prior at this point, we anticipate no resistance. (Mod response needed)
    • Mod Response: Similar to other invasions of collapsed states, and reminiscent of the invasion of the Philippines, the Falkland Islands fall within a month.


Quite the interesting year. We have seen the rise of the Russian version of Nazism, the conquering of pretty much the entire continent of Asia by a now hyperpower, the unification of Europe against a backdrop of the second half of WW3, and efforts to advance humanity to an interstellar species. We have gotten quite the ride on this massacre filled path into the first half of the 2030s, with hundreds of millions more dying within a span of a year, mainly due to a combination of a mass genocide by Russia and a mass incursion into the Middle East and Europe by China. 2035 looks to be a promising year for change in some aspects, with the first real artificial humans finally becoming a reality, plasma weapons becoming more widespread around the globe, and the accumulation of certain technologies to send humans into a new golden age, after death of course.

The ability of humanity to both destroy and reform itself is one of the rarer ones among the animal kingdom, but similarly to a charred phoenix, humans always find a way to rise from the ashes of their demise. This is merely another stage of their lifespan, not the end of it.

ChinaFlag.jpg- Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Sulaiman Isa Khan
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Aaban Raj
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Waahid Abziz
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Islamic Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Waahid Abziz
      • First United Front: 5,000 members
      • Second United Front: 3,000 members
      • Third United Front: 1,000 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: SJAI
      • Judges: 5000
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 87.7 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 55.8 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 47,860 USD
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP in the world, in both PPP and nominal terms. In 2035, although suffering from a few recessions in the past decade, The Unitary Republic has continue to prosper and grow at an astounding rate.
  • Population
    • 4.865 Billion People
  • War/Conflict
    • We have taken our objectives from last year, as expected. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Cyprus, Bahrain, the UAE, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and a small area of Ukraine have fallen into our hands. President Khan says "We have taken our goal from last year, which was to unify and liberate the Middle East. While we were at it, we decided to move into Europe a bit, establishing a direct line drive to Moscow if we need to use our ground forces in any manner. The Ukraine situation is largely resolved for the time being, with billions of dollars in aid being spent to get the citizens ready for a Russian siege possibly this year. We never in our lives though Sino-Ukrainian cooperation would be needed to stop Russia, but this is what the situation is calling for. We will station one million of our soldiers in the Ukrainian area, to hopefully deter Russia from making further advances."
    • President Khan releases the Kiif Papers, basically summarizing and detailing the graphic horrors which the diverted CIRC units in Ukraine discovered. Part of the documents read, "We saw the true extent of Russian cruelty. Bodies littered the streets. Women, children, soldiers, anyone stationed in the larger cities, they were all dead. Charred remains of the various shops and people that occupied Kiif, we saw them in their husks. These gruesome images caused some of our bravest soldiers, some of my brothers in arms, to end their own lives. We have seen the horrors of war before, in our push in Iraq, our siege of various bases in Turkey, and our liberation of Romania, but this, these marks of war, I would never wish upon my worst enemy. We found mass graves, buried under various warehouses where Ukrainian troops tried to supply themselves with food and rations. This is by far, by FAR, one of the worst lands I have seen sieged. The Russians have to pay for what they have done here, and may Allah carry out swift justice for these people."
    • CIRC Eagle Force Troops ready to rescue Zelenskyy

      Former President Zelenskyy is safe, evacuated by the elite branch of the CIRC known as Eagle Force to a confidential location in the Southern Unitary Republic. Details have emerged about the dangerous capture and rescue of Zelenskyy and his family. In a piece published by the Beijing Military Times, the rescue was detailed as such. "According to First Officer Almed Saul, who exclusively gave an interview and footage of the rescue to us, describes the rescue as 'dangerous and full of risk.' First Officer Saul led a team of elite units known only as the Eagle Force to Romania, where the former President was hiding at the time from various chemical attacks. Footage shows two CRC29 Military Transport Craft dropping an estimated 60 paratroops to the Palace, where the troops used instruction given from the Ukrainian Minister of Defense to locate the former President. Once located and confirmed to be the former President, surveillance craft confirmed five Russian Troops on their way to investigate the paratroops. Under the darkness of night, the CIRC units engaged in tactics to take the Russian soldiers down, and quickly evacuated the area, making sure to leave no presence behind. From that point, three automated craft picked the soldiers up, flew them to a temporary base, where military transport craft picked up Zelenskyy and flew him to his current unknown location.
    • [SECRET] Zelenskyy's location is being kept secret for obvious reasons. We don't need the Russians trying to figure this out either, so we have taken him to an unlikely place, one of now hundreds of vacant Presidential Evacuation Centers, usually reserved for top officials in the Unitary Republic. This one happens to be located in Sri Lanka, where this bunker can survive Orbital Bombardment Systems as well as traditional nuclear weapons. He is safe and sound with his family, albeit in unfamiliar territory. [SECRET]
    • In what should be known as the most important speech of President Khan's entire tenure, he says this. "Russia will fall. We will not sit here while the terrorist leaders of Russia continue their hell storm in Ukraine and Belarus. A military operation has been successfully carried out to rescue the former President of Ukraine, and he is now safe within the relative context of that word. We are also going to allow anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who wishes to seek refuge within our borders to do so, granted you are not a KGB agent of some sort. As long as we can prove you are not linked to Russian intelligence or military service agencies, you will be granted the right to stay within our borders. We will also hit Russia where the United States did over a decade ago, in their pockets. Any countries who trade with Russia and Russia itself will be cut off from any loans, assistance programs, or other means of economic trade. As the Yuan is the global reserve currency, we will be sure to back this up with more than words if Russia does not halt their assault. Oh, and one last thing, SLAVA UKRAINI!"
    • Our nuclear weapons count has reached 15,500. This is due from the Saudi and Israeli nukes we found, as well as some nuclear storage in Ukraine and Moldova. We also produced 1500 nukes last year, due to our increasing weariness and state of war. We have adopted what we call the [[1]] policy, basically we keep 30 percent of our nuclear weapons on ICBM ready vehicles, 30 percent on submarine and sea based nuclear launch platforms, 30 percent ready to fire from air vehicles, and ten percent from various space based nuclear weapons we have developed in recent years. Our military personnel is also the highest in the world at the moment, with 200 million military forces joining, due to millions of requests to enlist from countries last year which we had liberated.
    • We have to be smart about the direction we invade in now. Due to the fact that Russia is going to warmonger most likely with both us and France, two of the dominant three world powers, we will have to likely complete the objectives of cooperating with France to take down the Russian threat, taking out NATO presence in Algeria and the rest of Africa, taking the rest of Asia (Indonesia) and Oceania, and moving slightly more towards Northern Europe. We will send forces to Africa to take the countries of Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya. We will attempt to take the European countries of Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland. We will also attempt to take parts of Russia, and we will take Oceania and Indonesia as well if we can. We anticipate all of this to hopefully be completed by next year.
    • Well, seeing as we are not suicidal by any means, we will let France and Russia fight this war for Europe. We are well aware Russia may come for our heads after they invade Europe, however we are going to presume we have enough time to invade Africa before then. This is our plan, in addition to Oceania and Indonesia, we are looking to take the entirety of Africa in an all out blitz, hopefully only taking us three years to complete this, due to our pure advantages in every aspect of military affairs. With France and Russia being preoccupied in their affairs, the success rate of this operation skyrockets, and we officially begin this year's invasion of Africa. Like with India, we look to take the Northern area of Africa this/next year, Central Africa next year/year after, and Southern Africa by 2037-2038. This will likely be a success, and our plans for Africa involve a continental railway program, several hundred military bases across the continent, the mining of resources for trade with the people of the continent, and to fuel a population growth program we envision soon.
    • We have surprisingly unscathed by the recent assault, but the French had to make the mistake of fighting a nuclear war with Russia. We could actually blitz Europe at this time, but once again, Africa provides a better opportunity for both population and economic growth. Russia's population has been reduced by nearly 65 million, with Europe basically losing 300 million people, by far the largest loss of life in a single day of history. The world population is now at the level of 2021, reducing 14 years of population growth we have had for nothing. No worries for us however in this aspect, as more couples are having more children, due to their ability to get money and incentive from the government, our birth rate has doubled compared to five years ago.
    • At this point, we have taken the Middle East, almost the entire continent of Asia, most of Northern Africa, and parts of Europe. We now, due to thousands of nuclear weapons launched by France and Russia, have a nuclear arsenal almost double that of the Russians and Europeans combined. At this point, if we wanted to, the world would and could be destroyed in five seconds. A majority of our nuclear weapons are hypersonic and fourth generation, allowing them to be both clean nuclear weapons and have each weapon with the megaton impact of the Tsar Bomba. Our KOBS system also passed 10,000 satellites recently, basically allowing us to field 40,000 tungsten rods to orbit the earth at one time. Not to mention our navy, which has recently passed 75 aircraft carriers, or our air forces, which has the largest numerical force, most advanced weaponry, and the ability to fly around the world at hypersonic speeds.
    • We have just released our new generation of land vehicles for our Unitary Ground Forces, all of these include Plasma weaponry attached to the vehicle mostly. For example, our NXT Tanks possess a cannon with the power to charge up and fire with the capacity of a small nuclear weapon, giving us a killer advantage in this area. They also run off of nuclear fusion energy with a heavily armored core, allowing the tank to run for almost infinite amounts of time. Obviously the tank can be disabled, but our NXT Armor Systems take care of this. NXT Armor Systems have also been fitted to the Presidential Protection Vehicle, or sometimes known as KOMODO1. KOMODO1 is a heavily armored 'tank' on wheels. We chose the specific design for President Khan due to first of all his targetability internationally, and the fact that this projects our engineering strengths onto the world as well.
    • We take Northern Africa, now having to consider an approach to Central Africa. We take the countries of Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Mali, Niger, Chad, Eritrea, Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Benin, Senegal, The Gambia, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Togo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia and Cameroon. This is a lot of new land we will have to develop over a long period of time, working with local populations to improve living standards and other various indicators. We believe the African Continent is the next China in terms of rapid growth.
    • We will have to reevaluate our plans for next year, in terms of invasion. Obviously we want to continue going to Central Africa and Oceania/Indonesia, however the Russian threat is too big to ignore, and we also just signed a pact with NATO promising to help. The contract is not specific however, but we believe it is morally right to defend against the Russian 'Nazis' of the 2030's. We will effectively shut any borders with Russia, stop the flow of the Yuan into Russia, sanction them heavily, and start funding resistance movements in Ukraine. President Khan signs a document recognizing Ukraine and Belarus as independent from Russia, making China the first major power to do so. We would also recognize smaller countries, and promise to send military aid wherever it is needed. Here are our basic plans next year, take Central Africa, take Oceania and Indonesia, take Mexico, and take a few European countries using our bases in Northern Africa. We will take Italy, Spain, Portugal, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Malta, Bosnia and Croatia. We hope to both establish a foothold and ward of the Russian Presence in the area.
  • Domestic Issues
    • We have found micro bacterial life on the surface of Europa. ATLAS, the multicontinental corporation of China, has effectively verified, via a mission launched last year, micro bacterial life has been found. Via the scanning facilities in the plasma rockets the company launched, these bacteria were found to be mutable to a high degree, with adaption to low and higher temperatures, the ability to spread and stay on various surfaces, and the ability to transmit through the icy surface of Europe being high points for our explorative mission. ATLAS sends this information directly to our Unitary Space Agency, which then allows us to share the information with the ESA in Europe.
    • Due to rapidly expanding access to medical technology, the average lifespan in China to live to has skyrocketed to the age of 95. Many innovations, including artificial birth systems, nanotechnology, AI diagnosis, and other technologies have allowed this to be procurable in recent years. We are worried about a possible overpopulation crisis, which is a bit odd to think about, considering just a decade ago we were wondering how we were going to deal with population decline and loss.
    • After the government has been quiet about UBI systems for a while, we decide against implementing them, with our reason being the standard of living in China being one of the highest in the world. Our ability to take what Qatar and Singapore were doing, and replicate that on a massive scale, proved crucial to our high levels of HDI currently. This should allow us to be one of the forefront nations in terms of development, both economically and socially. If someone is injured for example, multiple types of health insurances can be applied at no cost to the people.
    • We implement something similar to an AI planned economy, however for a specific use case, not across China. The Tax and Revenue Budgeting AI can allocate tax dollars from our central banks and our government revenue to better use for the citizens of this country. This should allow us to avoid the over complication of where to spend tax dollars like many nations have experienced in the past. Immediately, this is expected to grow our GDP next year by 3 percent, giving us a near seven percent growth rate continued year over year.
    • Qutbi, the first megacity in Antarctica, is constructed by a group of three Chinese firms. Using a type of Plasma heating technology, the megacity has the capacity to hold 10 million people, and the waiting list to get into and live in the city fills up to capacity in less than 12 hours. The city will be one hundred percent renewable as is standard for the cities of today, and will be the first civilian establishment on the continent. We took Asia, we will take Africa, and we will take Antarctica further.
    • Messages are broadcast across China showing former President of Ukraine Zelenskyy's escape from Ukraine to Romania, where we picked him up and extracted him to an undisclosed location. Several movies and other media types are showing the harrowing rescue of the President from various angles, with some showing a pro-Russian view, but most showing a pro-Ukraine view. The documentary 'Ukraine: Triumph to Trial' has been awarded the greatest film of 2035 by the Chinese Films Commission. As the Unitary Republic is basically as they used to call the 'Middle Kingdom' in the 21st century, we hold a majority of sway when it comes to culture and the effects of our words on the rest of the world.
    • An attempted lynching takes place in the Northern Area of the Province of Kazakhstan, with a few local ethnic Russians in the area having to flee various Kazakh nationals for their safety. Due to the Unitary Republic's laws which allow weapons to be held by citizens in any territory of the Unitary Republic, which itself was a controversial decision, the Kazakh nationals opened fire on the Russians in the area, killing five before police drones had to take down the Kazakh citizens using lethal force. The Kazakh citizens were 'trying to protect the Unitary Republic from Russians' according to one citizen, however we still have to protect all life if we can.
    • If the United States was considered a citizen army back in their day, with firearms outnumbering their citizens, the situation has become a lot more severe in the Unitary Republic. The laws of the 2020's which allowed any citizen in the Unitary Republic to own firearms, with some restrictions, has largely contributed to the firearms rise in China. Especially in areas like the Provinces of Kazakhstan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, firearm sales are booming. Our rate of firearm ownership is 135 firearms for every 100 people, by far the highest rate of all countries. With this being said, we also have one of the lowest gun violence rates in the world, thanks to two things, one, people in the Unitary Republic are likely to report any crime that goes on as soon as they can, and two, our near total surveillance of illegal activities, via algorithms, cameras, AI, and others. Citizens obviously have their rights still, but we have to keep crime low.
    • Waves of anti Russia protests take place across the Unitary Republic. Protests include the burning of the Russian flag, the creation of flags basically overlaying the swastika onto the new Russian flag, the chant of DOWN WITH RUSSIA, and others. Many citizens within the Unitary Republic, from Syrians, Georgians, Armenians, Romanians, Kazakhstanis, Indians, Pakistanis, Iraqis, Iranians, Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians, and more calling for a complete war with Russia. President Khan is currently reviewing all options, but encourages civilians to express their displeasure in more peaceful manners. Flag burning has long been ruled legal in the Unitary Republic, however individual provinces such as Province of Iran or Province of Saudi Arabia have created laws against burning religious or state flags.
    • The comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis in regards to Russia have Jewish citizens of the Unitary Republic concerned. Seeing as our country has the largest concentration of Jewish citizens in the world, we have to take action. Several prominent Jewish organizations exist within the Unitary Republic, but the Unitary Commission on Safeguarding the Rights of Jewish Citizens is the government civil rights group for Jewish citizens. UCSRJC creates a whitepaper, consisting of actions neccessary to temporarily halt offensive imagery towards the Jewish population, mainly to fine those who espouse Nazi ideals and prohibition of the sale of swastika imagery. While reviewing the whitepaper, the much hated National Socialist Party of China sues the UCSRJC, claiming their right to free speech to espouse Nazi idealogy and to display the Swastika. This issue eventually makes it's way to the Supreme People's Court, where a panel of 11 judges preside. The ruling is this: Citizens of the Unitary Republic have their free speech rights guaranteed, however the government has the ability to curb rights in the name of a legitimate national emergency, such as is the case now. The Swastika is a religious symbol as well, with over one billion citizens practicing a religion which uses the symbol in some manner, mainly Hinduism. The court rules a Swastika may be sold as long as the basis is for religious or non Nazi imagery. Following the ruling, President Khan condemns the 'Nazi Party of China' and orders a temporary ban on all Nazi ideologues from being displayed publicly. Obviously, citizens can do whatever they want on private property, so the public property law doesn't do much for the diehard Nazi's of China.
  • Foreign Issues
    • The Unitary Republic looks on in horror as Europe and Russia basically commit a massacre on each other. Via our SurveilSAT system, which tracks all war related movement around the globe, we can see millions of visibly dead Europeans and Russians alike, with nuclear strikes going off like crazy around all sorts of towns. Many capital cities in Europe seem to be hit by nuclear weapons, and what we see now is likely hundreds of millions dead from nuclear weapons around the entire continent of Europe and part of Russia that is populated. President Khan speaks on this, saying "I never imagined the day we would see this, a nuclear hailstorm. We have obviously used nuclear weapons before, with the United States and China trading nuclear blows years back, but thousands of nuclear weapons at a time is something we have never thought in our lifetimes we would have witnessed. Our UBS estimates the death toll of this one day worth of nuclear exchange has left 65 million Russian citizens and nearly 300 million Europeans dead. This is a tragedy by far, and one which will leave a lasting scar on humanity for the rest of time. The war has left over one billion people dead, let's take a moment of silence for all lives lost."
    • President Khan makes a speech, saying "If Russian troops dare to cross into our lands, and kill one of our many Chinese citizens, we will unleash hell upon them that not even Europe can fathom. This is truly going to be a turning point, as if they directly attack Chinese troops or citizens this will unleash our full power onto their forces and lands, which is something we hope will not happen anytime soon. Let me say this as well, 200,000,000 + troops vs a measly population of estimated 55 million will not go well. We have millions of applications flowing in from various African Special Forces as well, we can easily add another 30 million troops if we need to. Russia, I am asking you, do not make the mistake of trying to bite a Dragon, or we will topple the bear, so to speak. Basically, don't harm our citizens, we won't harm your citizens. Simple. May The Unitary Republic live on forever!"
Flag of the Russian Empire (black-yellow-white).svg

Russian Realm

  • Government:
    • Premier of the Realm: Alexei Didenko
    • Legislature: State Duma
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: LDPR
  • Ideology: Russian Slavic Ultranationalism (mix of Esoteric N-zism and Ultramilitarism)
  • Capital City: Moscow
  • Population: 154.5 Million (adding the Ukraine and Byelorussia) Around 53 Million (during the Great Trial, in August)
  • Economy: We don't care about the economy. We only care about revenge against Europe.
  • Wars and Conflicts [ALL SECRET]:
    • One Last Rethink - Alexei Didenko, despite talking so highly of The Great Trial, is worried that he is about to start The Great Trial too early, and so on January 18th, he had one last rethink about carrying out the Great Trial at the end of this year instead of in a few days. However, he knew that it is too late to change the date of the invasion - over 100 million have been mobilized for war, his generals all have faith in his plans, and he knew that sooner or later, Europe or China could attack before 2036, making his efforts to prolong the conflict useless. And so, the date of the attack is set in stone: January 21st, 2035.
    • THE GREAT TRIAL BEGINS - On the 21st of January, we, the Russian Realm, has launched a special military operation against the European continent. Our bombers sore high above the skies, some with chemical weapons, others with just plain old bombs. The Russian Air Force dropped the first of these bombs onto the cities of Helsinki, Tampere, Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga, Gdansk, Szczecnin, Warsaw and Katowice at around 0400 hours, while on the ground, 12 million troops, armed with assault rifles and accompanied by 12,000 tanks entered the European proper. The soldiers screamed "URA!!!!" as they entered Europe. Later on at around 8am, the first chemical bombs are dropped on the city of Warsaw. THE GREAT TRIAL HAS STARTED.
    • Nuclear bombings - Seeing that the EU has launched nuclear attacks on us, we respond in kind. We would now launch smaller nuclear missiles and biological weapons against our enemies in Europe, launching them from Byelorussia and into Germany and France.
    • An unstoppable wave - Our forces are at its strongest in Poland, and despite what the Europeans could have wished, we are now at the banks of the Vistula after only 2 weeks. We are the Army of the People! We are also now diverting a few million troops to the European Front to increase the troop count in Europe from 12 to 18 million. [MOD RESPONSE ON OFFENSIVE]
      • Mod Response: Well, within the first two weeks alone, tens of millions are dead from Russian nuclear weapons and NATO's counter-invasion of Russia. Russia is pulling ahead so far, so the offensive is going better than expected for their troops.
  • Nord-Baltica Front HQ:
    • The massive onslaught of European troops is forcing us to divert some troops to Stockholm, and despite the fact that we have a foothold on the Swedish mainland, we are unable to break out of the region. We also sent a 100,000 strong squadron to capture Gotland and the Aland Islands. Finland has surrendered falling the fall of Turku, and we releases a video, executing former Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Malin along with her entire family. At the end of the video, we also releases an ominious message: To Sweden and Norway, this is your one chance to surrender, else you face total destruction of your countries.
    • The occupation of the Baltic States has started, [SECRET] with our troops now starting to commit another round of mass genocide against the Baltic countries for their illegal succession from the Second Realm years ago. [SECRET] Around 2.5 million soldiers and 3,000 tanks are stationed there, and we are now launching biological weapons against the Europeans in the Baltic Front.
  • Central European Front HQ:
    • Crossing the Vistula - A few days after Operation Zhirhinosky began, we crossed the Vistula River while our troops razed Warsaw, Helsinki and Riga to the ground as we saw them. We would also send 500,000 troops to land at Stockholm, and destroy the Swedish capital in the most brutal manner possible. We have forced Estonia and Lithuania to surrender, whiel Finland is barely holding out by this stage. We would also intensify the mininukes, chemical and biological missiles on Europe, now raining them down in Spain and Italy. We also began contaminating their food supply using radiation bombs via nuclear fushion which packs more radiation than a normal nuclear bomb. We expect to take all of Finland, Sweden, and Poland by the end of February.
    • Summer Update - Our forces are centered in Poland with over 10 million soldiers, and the areas around the Vistula are now facing firestorms and biological attacks by us. Our troops are now attacking ruthlessly, pushing towards the cities of Szczenin, Poznan and Wroclaw, and are now reaching the River Oder. Smaller nuclear missiles are launched to obliterate Western Polish and Eastern German cities, with 20 IRBMs launched at Berlin. In Southern Poland, our troops are more defensive, with the recent counterattack by NATO weakening our southern flank. We are not going to stop until Lisbon has fallen, but we might have to switch to a defensive position after reaching the Oder. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: This is, how do I say, a massacre. Russian troops, with morale at a high point in history, storm these areas, killing another 30 million Europeans. Europe has now fallen below 400 million people in total sitting at 398 million citizens.
    • Winter Update - With around 8 million trops remaining in Poland, we cross the River Oder, and are now in the German heartland. We reach the cities of Dresden, Leipzig and most importantly, Berlin. Berlin is razed to the ground while the city is massacred by our unstoppable army. We now began another major offensive, and focus on the northern flank to take Hamburg and Denmark. The Souther Flank is now also advancing to Thrungia and Frankfurt, while the Center Flank is spearheading towards the Rhur Valley. Smaller nuclear weapons are now dropping all over the Eastern Banks of the Rhine, and the first nuclear bomb (a 200kt one) is dropped on Lille. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: Five million total die in these nuclear attacks, with 2 million being Russian and 3 million being NATO and European troops/citizens. Russia succeeds, but their luck may soon be running out.
  • Southern European Front HQ:
    • With us now bypassing the Carpathian Mountains, we divert another million troops fresh from the Far East to fight in Czechia and Slovakia. Tanks are not used as much as in Poland due to the terrain, but the troops are advancing through Czechia rather quickly, and the first IRBMs are landing in Prague and Bratislava. Chemical bombs are also used on Czechia, though now they are diverted to poison the food and water supplies. Of course, we are still chemical and biologically bombing Prague and Brno. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: Russian efforts in Southern Europe are working to perfection, with nearly 7 million European citizens dying from chemical and IRBM weapons.
    • Winter Update - Well, looks like now both Vienna and Munich are wide open to invasion. We would now use around 500,000 troops each to take Austria and Bavaria, and we expect basically no resistance as we walk our way to our National Salvation for the fallen of World War II. IRBMs are used on Northern Italy and Southern Germany, with us targetting Venice's flood defenses Prague is destroyed by a massive firestorm started by us. PERFECT. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: What follows is a massive Russian success, however troops are starting to repeat their actions in Ukraine, basically turning on each other as the war increases. Europe is undergoing a similar issue as well.
  • Homefront HQ:
    • Well, some random rebels decided to rebel in St. Petersburg. We will send our special forces to retake the city, while killing all of the anti-Russians in the city.
    • [SECRET] With China possibly interfering in the war, we are now considering launching 5 nuclear missiles, each 1 Megaton, on France and Benelux. The five targets that are going to be selected are Paris, Brussels, Marseille, Lille and Lyon. This is undesirable, but we gladly will like to destroy the French if we need it. [SECRET]
    • With the brutal Great Trial going on, we have lost at least a billion dollars worth of equipment and had lost 10 million soldiers on the frontlines, forcing us to draw more troops from the Chinese border, and call even more people to the frontlines. We now have 12 million troops on the European Fronts, and 8 million on our border with China.
    • Seeing that the Europeans are now using robotic machines to fight us, we in turn ramp up drone attacks, filled with napalm bombs to cause maximum damage to the robots. [SECRET] We now prepare to launch a 1Mt nuclear missile into space, and detonate one to roast all of the circuit boards NATO are using. [SECRET]
  • Internal Affairs:
    • Nobody cares. Everyone is at the frontlines, so why do I even care?

French Republic:

  • Government: Constitutional Republic
  • Leader: President Garnier
  • Capital City: France
  • Population: 70.3 Billion
  • GDP : 3.903 Trillion
  • Economy: Very High
  • Number of Active Military Personnel: 12 million


  • Offensive to Russia: We initiate Operation Thunderstrike and 5 million NATO forces storm Russia from Finland while 3 million troops launch an amphibious invasion from Turkey with both supported by 300,000 missile artillery, 800,000 advanced fighter jets along with bombers, and 70,000 naval warships with 8,000 being submarines. Several nuclear missiles equipped with smaller nuclear missiles that will be deployed if the larger missiles are destroyed are launched and designated to strike Moscow. Meanwhile thousands of advanced ballistic missiles are launched to strike the borders of Russia. [Mod response]
    • Mod Response: Turkey has been taken by the Unitary Republic, forcing France to possibly take a different approach. However, China, as part of their pledge to help France defend Europe, allows them to jointly use Turkish military assets.
    • NATO Response: We still launch Operation Thunderstrike from Turkey with a joint NATO-Chinese forces numbering in 13 million equipped with very powerful and advanced war technology landing in southeastern Russia from the Black Sea. The Chinese and NATO navy along with air force supports the large invasion force by bombarding the Russian coastal defenses and troops in the region of Russia near Turkey. Meanwhile, we request China if they could launch their nuclear missiles on Moscow and other missiles to incapacitate Russia’s ability to launch their own missiles. NATO would also launch their own advanced nuclear missile to Moscow and other long range missiles to destroy various Russian silos. [Mod/Player Response]
    • Chinese Response: We are not going to launch nuclear weapons at this time. We will continue to allow the use of Turkish assets however.
    • NATO Response: We agree to this and we will finally initiate Operation Thunderstrike [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Another 15 million Russians are dead along with 20 million Europeans.
    • NATO Response: We replace our casualties with new powerful advanced automated robotic war machines and troops. Our missiles also are deployed to strike destroy Russian supply routes, artillery positions, and air bases. Various offensives and counterattacks are launched that push back the Russians until we finally establish a strong foothold and have occupied large enough territories. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Fighting results in casualties on both sides, but a stalemate occurs.
  • Defense from Russia: Our defenses are ready for the Russian invasion with our new and improved advanced Shield Missile Defense System and other defensive weapons ready to destroy any russian troop invading NATO members. There are also 11 million NATO defenders both from the military and civilian equipped with latest powerful state-of-the-art advanced weapons, armor, and vehicles such as the new Power Armors and the Nano troops.[SECRET] If defenses fail then hidden nuclear and chemical explosives in different cities in Eastern Europe would detonate, stopping the Russian invasion.[SECRET] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Hundreds of millions of Europeans and Russians are dead in total. Russia's population is halved, with Europe losing over a third of their population. This is the single deadliest nuclear exchange in world history.
    • NATO Response: Our defenses are further strengthened and reinforced with more advanced weapons and missile defense systems established around the remaining European cities particularly in the capital cities. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: This reduces the damage, but only slightly, as Russia possesses one of the largest nuclear stockpiles on the planet, second to only the Unitary Republic.
    • NATO Response: Our SMDF systems have managed to take out Russian missiles especially the nuclear missiles but only at least 15 or 20 of them have managed to bypass our defense missile systems. Due to this, we are upgrading the detection systems of the SMDF. [SECRET] Our newly built Orbital Defense Systems also is ready to strike incoming missiles from Russia through space. [SECRET]
  • Central European Front (Poland and Germany): We launch a massive counterattack with a hundred million NATO troops equipped with the latest advanced tanks and aircraft pushing back the Russians from Eastern Poland followed by several large chemical bombardments from our missiles that strike russian-occupied strategic areas. Our missile artillery also began continuously bombarding Russian positions along with our aerial stealth bombers. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Forces are matched pretty well by Russia, with both sides losing lives and having their side injured.
    • NATO Response: We continue to launch various counterattacks and offensives with a hundred million troops trying to push back the Russians from Polish territory. Thousands of stealth bombers and missiles, some which are equipped chemicals are launched continuously towards Russian military strategic positions such as supply storages and artillery positions. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: More fighting occurs in Poland, where an astronomical 50 million NATO troops being killed by nuclear and chemical weapons. 5 million Russian forces are killed, due to their relative small presence in the area.
    • NATO Response: We use robotic machines and troops to now launch further large counterattacks supported by millions of missiles and automated aerial bombers. We continue to push back the Russians without any rest. Our chemical weapons are also being launched around Eastern Poland to strike Russian camps and bases that could according to our strategists, kill millions of Russians within 24 hours then the strikes are accompanied by a devastating artillery bombardment by our advanced stealth missiles. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Ten million more Russians die, bringing the entire Russian population down to 55 million people. Due to more nukings, 20 million more Europeans die, bringing the European population down to 378 million people.
    • NATO Response: We reinforce our defenses in Poland and Germany with stronger weapons, equipment, and troops. We also launch a massive simultaneous counterattack with 3 million NATO forces equipped with the latest advanced state-of-the-art war technology and supported by thousands of powerful tanks, aircraft, and missile artillery. We use Power Armors and Nano Troops in this counterattack with the aims of pushing back the Russian onslaught until we have retaken Warsaw. Russia might be big but it’s military is demoralized and angry at their own fascist government. European citizens who are not essential to the war effort are also evacuated to the countryside, North America, South America, China, and millions of nuclear bunkers all around Europe. [Mod Response]
    • Player/Mod Response: Over 50 million European citizens are quickly evacuated from Europe, with 10 million more dying in the conflict. Both NATO and Russia are quickly running out of resources, with Russia likely to lose their advantages quick if nothing is done. Citizens on both sides protest the war, with some turning into riots. China accepts 10 million refugees..
  • Northern European Front (Sweden,Finland): We reinforce our defenses by adding more SMDF’s that managed to shoot down 80% of Russian missiles along with aircraft. A hundred more troops are added to to the region along with thousands of equipment and vehicles. The Finnish Frontline and several more frontlines is full anti-tank mines, land mines, tank ditches, manually controlled explosives, barbed wires, grenade traps, hidden anti-tank defense weapons, hidden anti-aircraft along with anti-missile defense system, and hundreds of heavily equipped and experienced NATO troops. We launch several counterattacks of thousands of heavily armed NATO forces and numerous missile strikes. Our amphibious force of 900,000 NATO marines supported by hundreds of tanks and aircraft land in the shores of unoccupied Stockholm and push towards the Swedish capital. The marines would then be further reinforced by 2 million NATO forces and thousands of equipment or weapons. Chemical weapons would also be launched to strike important strategic areas around occupied Sweden, Lithuania, and Estonia. A 3 million NATO force would also launch an amphibious and aerial invasion at once followed by a land invasion of 800,000 Polish army divisions. The Russian Resistance would also support us by seizing control of several key pathways and occupying the city of Saint Petersburg to keep the fascists occupied. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Chemical and nuclear attacks continue to be exchanged, with this resulting in a stalemate.
  • Southern European Front (Czech, Slovakia): Our thousands of powerful Power Armors and other advanced technological weapons such as new generation tanks and aircraft defends against the Russian troops. Our hundreds of missile and canon artillery along with aerial bombers also begins heavily bombarding the offensive troops. We also launch several large offensives against the Russians in the South with millions of heavily advanced NATO troops supported by thousands of new tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, and jets pushing back the fascists. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Millions more NATO troops are killed in this, as the Russian forces and NATO forces fight. An estimated 10 million NATO Troops die from the South European attacks. 2 Million Russians pass away as well.
    • NATO Response: The mountainous regions are bombed and destroyed while roads and bridges leading to the Czech Republic and Slovakia are also bombed by our missiles and aerial bombers. This continues by the end of the year along with several large counterattacks and offensives that eventually prevented the Russians from continuing to invade through Southern Europe forming a temporary stalemate. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Russia is heavily stalled due to this.
  • Rest of Europe: Most of Europe is now heavily defended with most cities particularly in Spain and Italy protected from Russian missile and chemical strikes because of the Shield Missile Defense System. Meanwhile, the Vaccine X has now been deployed and thousands of Europeans are now protected from Russian Chemicals.
  • Mexico: 80,000 NATO and 500,000 American troops from the reformed Armed Forces of America invades Mexico to occupy its eastern regions before China could do while also acquiring more resources and men. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Right wing rebels and Chinese troops are currently fighting with NATO in Mexico, the results of such a battle are not clear yet. It is unlikely, however, that France will be able to sustain a war with both Russia and the Unitary Republic at the same time.
    • NATO Response: We intensify and strengthen our efforts in taking Eastern Mexico. We also begin making negotiations with the right wing rebels with promises that they can become the new government for Eastern Mexico. By 2036, Eastern Mexico may fall to NATO. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: This is likely going to be the case, with Mexico being almost evenly divided between NATO and China, with China controlling the West and NATO controlling the East. The rebels mostly refuse, as they have already found a partner with China.

Internal Affairs:

  • Technology: NATO scientists finally create an antidote for poison and chemicals from Russia and begin mass producing it and delivering it in large numbers to several major cities around Europe. A few prototypes of hover and hypersonic technology are also constructed and begin testing. According to our weather analysts and scientists, the climate of Earth would worsen due to the numerous nuclear and chemical detonations around the world. With this knowledge, we inform the Chinese, South Americans, and Russians about the incoming climate disaster. [Player Response]
    • Chinese Response: According to our projections, the climate situation of earth, due to the recent nuclear exchange between Russia and Europe, has worsened, with an estimated 20 years of climate progress lost to this exchange.
  • Military: Power Armor is already being mass produced in the thousands and used by most of the military while large numbers of Nano Soldier Troops are also sent to the frontlines and according to several reports, they have managed to be effective against enemy forces. The Shield Missile Defense System is also advanced and improved and more of it is established throughout Europe particularly in the frontlines but the SMDF had a self-destruct option to prevent the Russians from acquiring the weapon. 18 nuclear weapons are also constructed by NATO along with the French.
  • Infrastructure : 90% of the British Isles have been constructed with peace and order now over the United Kingdom. The United English Armed Forces (UEAF) has been reformed under the government of the Republic of England. Meanwhile, the Scottish and Irish also reconstructed their government, armies, and cities. 5 more nuclear power plants are constructed around France along with 3 dams and solar power plants. At least 8 more military nuclear bunkers are built in the French country.
  • Space: [SECRET] The Orbital Defense Satellite System is half done in its building while the first Orbital Defense System is finally finished in its construction and ready for use. The European Space Agency finally sends their first rover to Mars and plans are already being made to send the first European to the red planet [SECRET]
  • Economy: The French economy surpasses Germany and becomes the richest nation in Europe with several economic policies are introduced by the government that strengthen its position as the richest European country in the world. The economy of France continues to increase but this war has taken a toll on it that led to a sudden drop but nevertheless, the republic is still stable.
  • Energy: Renewable energy is still being used by most of France such as nuclear and solar energy but our scientists has discovered a very important crystal called Algarthium that can give a large amount of powerful energy that can power our weapons and various technology for a decade. The Algarthium crystals can be acquired from the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.
  • Politics:The Unitarian French Party wins several seats in the French Senate but is faced by the Ultranationalist Party of France as they have most of the seats. The Senate agrees to form a military and economic alliance with the Unitary Republic of China against the Russia.
  • Laws and Policies: Several more laws are formed and are awaiting for confirmation from the Senate with the Warring Law being the most controversial law which allowed NATO to declare war on a country or an organization without any protest.

External Affairs:

  • China: We wish to form a final military and economic alliance with the Unitary Republic of China against Russia. We will allow China to take most of the African continent but we want Libya, Algeria, and Egypt to be part of NATO. Meanwhile we also will allow China to take the Middle East except for Israel, Syria, and Lebanon. We lastly want them to leave their occupied territories in Southern Europe. [Chinese Player Response]
    • Chinese Response: We have taken all of the Middle East this year, in regards to Europe, we intend to cooperate with France on this, and we will temporarily scale back our assaults in Europe for the time being. We will not retreat from the territories to be clear, we are going to assist you in fighting though. In terms of Africa, we are going to take the continent, we can allow the territories listed to be part of NATO however we will control them completely, allowing them into your union under our flag. We are willing to form a military and economic alliance if you wish.
    • NATO Response: We agree with this and we want to immediately finalize an alliance between NATO and China. [Chinese Response]
    • Chinese Response: We would finalize an agreement, formally entering ourselves into the war between Russia and Europe.
    • NATO Response: We are proud to have China join the war but to we have to have assurance and promises that China WILL NOT occupy Southern Europe or any remaining territories of Europe. Though we will allow China to establish the necessary bases and naval ports but not an outright occupation of Europe. We will also allow the Chinese to take Southern Russia but Eastern Russia is NATO territory by the end of the war. We would also want to try to make an agreement for the freedom of Chinese occupied European territories once the war ends in favor of territories of Africa, Middle East, and Western Mexico. [Chinese Response]
    • Chinese Response: As we have said before, we cannot give any guarantees or promises on whether to occupy or not occupy certain areas. We can give you our full support in the war, however with regards to splitting Russia or other issues, it is clear these talks will not work out. We have repeatedly stated, our goal is to take the entire world, not just Asia or Africa or Europe. We are helping as we believe Russia threatens our very ideals of democracy and rule of law.
  • South America: We request South America to either join the war against Russia or send volunteers to the frontlines. [LSA player response]
  • NATO: NATO is finally federalized and most of North America and Europe would be part of a constitutional democratic capitalist republic. By next year, NATO would reform into the New Euro-American Confederation or the EAC.
  • Russia: We will give Russia an option before cutting diplomatic relations with the country - leave Europe or face NATO and China. [Player Response]
    • Russian Response: We don't care. The Great Trial has started, and we will gladly make it our last if we have to. SLAVA ROSSIYA!
  • Middle East: NATO begins reinforcing their remaining territories in the Middle East.
  • The National Russian Revolutionary Resistance: [SECRET] After much of discussion and arguing with the large resistance force against Russia, a secret military alliance is formed between the National Atlantic Treaty Organization and the National Russian Revolutionary Resistance (NRRR). We supply thousands of weapons, volunteers, and equipment to the rebels through secret pathways and tunnels.
  • Africa: We strengthen our forces and the armies of the North African Republic.
  • North America: The Republic of America’s military forces are further strengthened and enforced by sending them our powerful technology and weapons.


It seems humanity can always outdo themselves in death. Another 400 million people die this year, causing uproar across non-warring states in the world. Russia's population has been reduced to near 53 million, with Europe's population reaching 365 million people. China continues their astronomical growth, looking to cross the coveted 7 billion population mark this year. Nuclear development is spurring across the world, with France, Russia, and China being the largest stockpiles, China having now 20k nuclear weapons, Russia having 5k and France having 3.5k. The Great Euro-Russian War is continuing, with the only end in sight likely being a mass nuclear launch by both regions, probably ending Russia and Europe both as we know them. The population of earth has reduced to 2022 levels, with humanity managing to reduce themselves below 8 billion people.

Fears are growing around the world as China looks to take more, likely taking millions of more square miles this year. France and China are likely to sign a deal with their respective North American territories, in regards to a split between NATO and URC forces. Although China is in the war between Russia and Europe, they have yet to actually intervene much, only providing land to Europe for their assault. Life as we know it has also changed in space, as China finds microbacterial life on Europa, shocking the entire astrobiological community. They have, for the time being, isolated the bacteria on a base on Europa, to hopefully prevent a spread of the bacteria to earth.

ChinaFlag.jpg- Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Sulaiman Isa Khan
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Aaban Raj
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Waahid Abziz
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Islamic Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Waahid Abziz
      • First United Front: 5,000 members
      • Second United Front: 3,000 members
      • Third United Front: 1,000 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: SJAI
      • Judges: 5000
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): 98.4 Trillion USD
    • GDP (Nominal): 64.5 Trillion USD
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): 51,303 USD
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP in the world, in both PPP and nominal terms. In 2036, although suffering from a few recessions in the past decade, The Unitary Republic has continue to prosper and grow at an astounding rate.
  • Population
    • 7.044 Billion People
  • War/Conflict
    • Some good news, we were able to blitz the entire continent of Africa. Of course, with this, some bad news also is apparent, which is number one, we lost 20 million troops in the blitz, and two, we are not able to take our European objectives this year. Oceania and Indonesia are taken as well, which is good to see. Historians will likely call the event the 'Great Chinese Rush of Africa', however we are not going to colonize and enslave like Europe did previously, instead helping trade and mining resources for profit which will go to development of infrastructure in and across Africa. We are thinking of possibly going after Europe, however we are satisfied with the territory we have in Europe for the time being.
    • This/next year we will be looking to invade and liberate the entire North American continent, which should be child's play compared to invading Asia, which took us 10+ years to do. North America is ideal due to it's size, position in the world, lack of military power in present day, and isolation from other nations across the globe. Also, North America is a hub for mining and resources, which certainly helps our ambitions rise. If we can get Canada and Greenland, we would basically have a monopoly on resources around the world, as we control the Middle East, Africa, and would control North America, leaving the only other resource rich area to Russia. South America also has resources, but we will look to invade them after we get Europe out of the way. We send 50 million troops on top of the 12 million already stationed in North America to take the continent.
    • Due to our taking of Indonesia, Oceania and Africa, our nuclear weapons expand to 25,000 in our arsenal. We now possess 82 aircraft carriers, hundreds of thousands of the latest aircraft, millions of drones and robotic soldiers, and more. Our military is by far the largest on the planet, with many Chinese academics calling our nation the only hyperpower of the world. Superpowers exist obviously, but Russia, France/NATO, and Brazil are the only ones for the moment. Russia is slowly descending in status, France/NATO are loosing soldiers like crazy, and Brazil is doing their own isolationist thing. The LSA is often considered a potential superpower, and they are likely the only allies, other than NATO, that we may have at this point.
    • Our chances of taking North America this year are looking in the 95 percent success rate mark. This is one of the highest for any previous computation undertaken by this AI which we will keep confidential, as it is a new project. We now have to wait for Russia to attack us, giving us a reason to attack and cause their collapse. Also, our AI capacity is increasing day by day, with new scientific discoveries and technological advances happening daily. We are able to mass produce Mach 20 hypersonic missiles for example, due to an AI suggested improvement in the design of the missile's nosecone. These small advances will eventually allow for greater things in the realm of science and technology as we know it.
    • Our Tanta Missile Defenses have passed the million mark, with every major city and smaller city being protected under the system. The ability to shoot down 97 percent of missiles is huge in our defense infrastructure, which can allow us to invade Russia without much of a fear or worry.
    • [SECRET] To be perfectly clear, our plans are to take Europe as well eventually, we just need to deal with the classic Russian threat first. If Russia plans to assassinator our President or any government official, they will be sad to learn we are keeping the President in the Presidental Evacuation Center #403 in Mongolia, with government officials scattered across the country, in case of a nuclear attack. Russia and Europe will likely kill each other first, so it's not much of a worry to us whether it is Russia or The Unitary Republic whom takes either first. One thing is clear, Russia needs to fall soon, otherwise we will have to step in. [SECRET]
    • [SECRET] We are going to speed this war up... by nuking Europe. From the flightpath of the nuclear weapon, it will show from the Province of Georgia, but we will fly over the Black Sea in order to look like it originated from Russia. We launch ten of these nuclear weapons towards various population centers in Europe, each packing 100 megatons of power. We hope this will trigger a nuclear response. Within hours, over 40 million Europeans are likely dead according to our estimates. Various cities are burned to the ground, with nothing but the husks of buildings remaining in the path of destruction. [SECRET]
    • So, since Russia killed nearly 20 million Chinese stationed in North America, we have to initiate a nuclear response. We launch 50 nuclear weapons on Russia's major population centers, as well as dropping 1000 Tungsten Rods on their suspected bunker areas, likely killing all bunker presence. In addition, we send 10 million paratroops to Russia to annex the territory quickly, since we wish to give them the full force of our arsenal. Russia's population will likely be reduced below 10 million from this nuclear and orbital attack alone, with our soldiers alone likely to outnumber their population itself. We also fire 50 nuclear weapons towards Europe, wanting to kill two birds with one stone. The nuclear weapons we launch on Europe are likely to reduce their population to under 50 million, which will complete our aspect of killing most of their population. Russia saved us a lot of weaponry by killing over two thirds of their population. We also activate our 'suicidesat' systems, trying to take out any enemy satellites which we can identify. We launch 2000 tungsten rods on Europe, only making sure to avoid our territory in Europe. Excluding Unitary Republic Territory in Europe, Europe's population will likely be reduced to 25 million or less. For this, we send 40 million troops to attempt to take Europe as well in a full blitz.
    • We send our nuclear missiles to completely wipe Europe and Russia off the map. At the same time, we launch our nuclear weapons at facilities in Antarctica as well with European occupation. 500 nuclear missiles are launched at each target, hopefully going to reduce Russia to complete ashes, and lower Europe's population to below 500k people. Our blitz occurs as well at the midnight hour, with our troops largely taking the now nuclear Russia and Europe with ease most likely. We also release 3,000 Tungsten Rods to kill all who reside in bunkers or other systems. Russia and Europe will face the wrath of our nuclear arsenal.
      • Russian Response: Well in that case, face the wrath of 2000 nuclear missiles to Asia! We'll go down with you! SLAVA ROSSIYA! [1500 NUCLEAR MISSILES LAUNCHED TOWARDS CHINA]
    • China, although with over 750 million dead from the Russian nuclear strikes, invades Russia, Europe, and North America, taking them quickly with almost no resistance forces now alive to even consider fighting. The world has now lost 2 billion people to World War 3, and the last bastion of civilization which is still untouched, South America, will likely become the Unitary Republic's final target. China is likely going to unite the world under one government, one which is a warmongering but democratic space for prosperity.
    • We will invade South America next year, hopefully allowing us to purge the entire continent of inhabitants who will be hostile towards us. Our army stands at 300 million currently, the single largest armed forces in world history, and we will pretty much use a blitz tactic to invade the entire continent, while of course occupying the other areas of the world as well that we started. One thing is certain, China is the most powerful, most populous, and richest country in history, with their GDP likely to surpass 100 trillion next year.
  • Domestic Affairs
    • Our interstellar lasers now possess a 20 gigawatt capacity, reducing the mission time to Proxima Centuari B from 250 years to 150 years. We are maintaining constant contact with these astronauts with communication modules installed in the three sail devices. [SECRET] A one gigawatt laser is also pointed at the earth, however we are not planning to activate this any time soon. This is simply in case the world needs to be 'reshaped' with millions of small explosions. Our moon and mars bases are working to perfection as well, with the mars base likely to cross 100 people this year and the moon base likely to cross 500. Several of our ectogenesis pods are also stationed on the moon, Mars, Europa and Titan in the hopes that if humanity needs to rebuild, they can launch back to earth in order to do so.
    • As the Russian Orbital Service Station was being built and launched in the Amur Oblast, which is Chinese occupied and owned, we refit the ROSS to our Long March 9 Rocket, and launch the station this year. The Project stalled ever since we took hold of the area through our 1.820 trillion dollar exchange with Russia, which has now benefitted us immensely. We have essentially started up a new Tiangong program using 2020's technology, and we call this station Guidao. We now operate two government owned space stations, those being the Cooperative Space Habitat and Guidao. Additionally, various organizations have launched commercial space stations, ranging in size from the same as the ISS to the size of a house. There are an estimated 10 or more Private Stations in space under Unitary Republic based companies.
    • We complete the building of the Lunar Gateway which was abandoned by the United States, due to their collapse years ago. What was once known as JAXA is the one who undertook responsibility for building the project, which launched from the new Hokkaido Spaceport. All previous space agencies have combined into the Unitary Space Agency, basically giving us billions of dollars in extra budget we can spend. This is how our space endeavors can be accomplished, with our space budget being well over 100 billion at this point, and this is only for government based space endeavors.
    • It is estimated by many that the Unitary Republic will continue to grow like crazy in technological terms. Due to the trillions worth of investments made in the 2010's and 2020's, and the continued over 10 trillion invested this decade, China is the most advanced nation on earth. AI is a big part of this as well, and with continued regulation of the applications and extent of AI, a cohabitated planet is likely to become a reality soon, with human and AI living alongside one another. AI planned economic policy continues to cause growth in China, with AI planning in other areas causing our technology to skyrocket.
    • While we inquire into the new French material, our AI makes progress in leaps and bounds with regards to material sciences. Nanotechnology is also a huge help as well, and with the help of Province of India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan labs, we are able to create something similar to Algarthium in it's various properties, we call it simply Kanite. This is estimated to be slightly less effective than the French material, however it will allow us to have great EMP defenses as well as their nation.
    • Massive amounts of parents are electing to have their children undergo BCI procedures at government licensed clinics across the country, basically allowing the child to have the knowledge and speed of learning of a computer. This is likely going to have vast effects on social structure, so we make a few policy changes, lowering the voting age to 15, lowering the age to drive to 14, lowering the inheritance age to 15, and other various policy changes. Despite the vast amounts of technology we now possess, China is still in nature and practice a democratic country, and we will allow the people to vote whichever way they want, this time with less restriction.
    • We immediately begin deep sea mining in both Atlantic and Pacific oceans to find this Algarthium material. 50,000 miners are sent to extract the materials, with our deep sea mining fleet being a pristine modernized fleet. We immediately find a material which we later confirm to be Algarthium in huge deposits, and begin research with the material immediately. [SECRET] We have found a great application for this material, which is building structures of huge magnitude. This will likely be the material we use to construct kilometer large buildings from now on. [SECRET]
    • Our underground city in Mongolia, which we started years ago, has been completed. Initially proposed to be an underground bunker, this city of 75 million proposed inhabitants should allow for the creation of further underground cities. Applications will likely be restricted to Unitary Citizens for the time being, with other nations being allowed to apply their citizens for the project at a later time. The spots are quickly filling up, and the quota of 50 million has been passed within a week, with some paying millions for a potential spot in the city. This should also allow us to restart humanity if we need to, as 75 million people is slightly more than France's population. We start construction on ten more of these in various regions in Province of Mongolia, looking to complete them varying from this year to 2040.
    • A 2 Kilometer building, called AlWahid Tower, has been completed in Province of Saudi Arabia, officially becoming the tallest building in the world. Built using the land for Jeddah Tower, this building becomes basically an extension of what Jeddah Tower was supposed to be, a supertall record breaking building. Several other buildings are proposed across the Unitary Republic as well, with a 3 kilometer building in Dubai and a 4 kilometer building in Taipei being built in 2037. This is seriously testing the limits of human engineering, however advances in material science, nanotechnology, and AI predicted wind pattern mechanisms have allowed buildings to increase further in height.
    • The 30 story Khan University opens in Karachi, named obviously after President Khan. Khan is likely to make a visit to the university when possible, and as usual, the university is public, like most across China. Unitary Republic Universities are mostly public, due to a governmental belief that knowledge is power and that it should be free. Private Universities and College exists as well, just not as widespread as public ones. This is a trend quickly changing however, as more and more people can afford various college fees of the various colleges. The Khan University also contains the largest public library in the world, more than 3 times the previous record holder in the Library of Congress.
    • Hundreds of millions of ectogenesis pods are being used now, with our capability to produce artificial humans from these machines paramount to our ability to repopulate the lost citizens. China pushes itself to an extreme, with a likely 200 million children to be born this year artificially, and 300 million more from various genetic procedures targeted towards low fertility rate areas.
  • Foreign Affairs
    • We are heavily considering exporting our Tanta Missile Defense System to France and NATO to help against the Russians, as the missile defense system uses a combination of our satellite systems, EMP defenses and Plasma tracking/defenses to take down missiles with a 97 percent success rate. We have a few issues with this however, which are that if we decide to launch missiles at France, and they can somehow disable our remote controls, they now have a 97 percent success rate for defense against missiles. The decision is debated heavily by the Unitary Military Commission, with the Commission ultimately deciding against it.
    • We would wish to buy or trade for Algarthium crystals. We believe these crystals can become a valiant source of energy for our various endeavors, however we would have to study the effects of such a material first. We would also inquire to where these crystals were found, as we wish to establish mining projects near the source of the deposits. [French Response]
      • French Response: We will trade Algarthium Crystals but in return we want weapons, missile defense systems, equipments, supplies, and the confirmation that North America will act as a trading hub between our 2 nations without any conflict.
      • Chinese Response: We cannot agree to these terms. We will just have to use our own materials for the time being. We will allow a reconsideration of terms if possible, since we only wish to see how these deposits and minerals naturally form.
      • French Response: We send new terms such as China supplying weaponry and supplies to allow us to send large amounts of Algarthium to the country. We inform China that the crystals can be found in almost around the world but the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean along with regions in Russia are the places where Algarthium can be found the most.
      • Chinese Response: These terms are good, but we wish to know which supplies or weapons you want. Alternatively, we can supply manpower as well. We will likely agree or disagree based on which supplies these are, for example nuclear weapons we can't send, but something like Plasma weapons or our MATX armor systems, which is our bulletproof armor, we can send.
      • French Response: Supplies that would be supplied would just be materials needed in creating or repairing machines such as metal, food, water, medicine, ammo, infantry armor, tanks, aircraft, helicopters, MATX armor systems, Plasma weapons, submarines, a few aircraft carriers, and missiles.
      • Chinese Response: This is a lot to ask for, we deny this request, We will however, invade Russia, helping France in that regard, which is arguably the most important point.

French Republic:

  • Government: Constitutional Republic
  • Leader: President Garnier
  • Capital City: France
  • Population: 70.3 Billion
  • GDP : 3.903 Trillion
  • Economy: Very High
  • Number of Active Military Personnel: 12 million


  • Offensive to Russia: By 2036, NATO forces have pushed back Russian forces and have occupied most of Southeastern regions of Russia. We have also inflicted heavy casualties on the Russian army and have captured thousands of their equipment within one year. The 5th NATO army numbering in 800,000 have reached a close distance from Moscow but victory for NATO is soon dashed when Russia launched nuclear missiles. In response to this, NATO launched 60% of our nuclear missiles and ICBM’s determined to strike Moscow and other cities along with military bases and air bases. Our nuclear missiles along with kinetic rods from the Orbital Defense Satellite System are launched and strike several positions all over the remaining areas that were still controlled by the fascists in Russia.[Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Within hours of the leader of NATO giving the command, thousands of nuclear weapons fly and strike Russia, essentially wiping any chance of a victory off the map for Russia. Russia's population is now down below 4 million, with likely no chance to return to their irradiated homeland. Those who are in bunkers across Russia will likely either have to stay down for a while or come up to the surface and risk their odds.
    • NATO Response: A large offensive is launched with large number of NATO and Russian Revolutionary forces invading and soon occupying the remains of Moscow, encountering only a few surviving Russian division. The Euro-Russo War has ended with a decisive NATO victory.
  • Defensive against Russia: The SMDF missile defense systems have successfully took down 80% of Russian missiles especially nuclear ones. The SMDF under the orders of President Garnier is placed in almost all NATO ships and camps which lowered the rate of casualties from Russian missiles and aircraft. The SMDF and other defense systems shot down 50% of Russia’s nuclear missiles that were launched. [SECRET] Meanwhile our Orbital Defense Systems has already been established in the United Kingdom and France, ready to destroy incoming enemy missiles from space. [SECRET]
  • Northern European Front: NATO naval and aerial forces have managed to form a large powerful naval blockade that prevents Russian ships or aircraft from exiting the Baltic Sea to the North Sea with our advanced stealth submarines sinking a hundred Russian supply and troop ships. Meanwhile our missiles are also successfully striking significant strategic targets all over the Baltic regions such as Russian supply depots, aerial bases, and naval ports. Our attack and several defensive maneuvers have managed to stop the Russian advance in the north. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Russia's navy is largely set back by this, with NATO attacks working.
    • NATO Response: Russian forces in the Northern Front quickly surrendered and join the ranks of NATO leading to the defeat of Russia in North Europe. We begin entering Russia from Finland.
  • Central European Front: Despite the recent failures experienced by Europe especially in the central front, NATO forces have finally pushed back the Russians from Germany to the Polish border but the fascists have managed to regroup and form a defensive position in the border between Germany and Poland. NATO forces have also pushed back Russian forces from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to their Polish borders. Our large air force is also winning the fight in the air by shooting down multiple automated or manually controlled Russian aircraft each week. NATO forces have also strengthened and reinforced the frontlines throughout Europe such as by adding more automated and human troops, equipment, weapons, and vehicles. The frontlines between Germany and Poland have been regarded as NATO’s strongest defense in all of history with millions of troops equipped with the latest equipment and weapons defending the frontline. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: NATO loses another 4 million troops but is able to plug the gap with Russia. Europe is also declining quickly as well as Russia.
    • NATO Response: We launch a large scale offensive that pushes back and inflicts heavy damage to weakened and demoralized Russian forces until we reach Warsaw. We immediately lay down a siege on the Polish capital with large missiles raining down on the city and aerial bombers taking out large portions of Russian defenders within Warsaw.Meanwhile, Slovakia finally falls to NATO forces and we reinforced our defenses against Russians who are determined in taking back the country. 800,000 NATO forces also begin a renewed offensive to take Austria and Hungary which is weakly defended by a few Russian defenders numbering in 300,000. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response; With virtually no Russian presence remaining, NATO forces are quick to take back lost European territory. NATO does lose 450,000 while Russian resistance is gone.
    • NATO Response: We finally end the fighting in Central Europe with the surrender of remaining Russian forces in the capital of Kyiv.
  • Southern European Front: Several large scale chemical and nuclear detonations or strikes throughout the mountainous regions and remaining available pathways such as train tunnels leading to Southern Europe have created permanent stalemate that prevents the Russian ground forces from entering the regions unless they would be dumb enough to launch an aerial invasion. If the Russians indeed launch an aerial invasion, then our SMDF and other missile defense systems would blow them out of the sky. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Responses: Russia is indeed blocked from Southern Europe, with these detonations largely preventing them from invading Southern Europe as mentioned.
    • NATO Response: We send a NATO force of 500,000 machine and human troops to fortify our defenses in Bratislava while we launch a counteroffensive to retake the city of Wien with 700,000 NATO troops. We also begin offensives to take Ukraine with our military forces coming from Slovakia which we estimate would only take a few months since most of Russian troops in the country were either dead, surrendered, fighting in the civil war, fighting rebels, or simply disappeared. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: This is an overwhelming success for NATO, with Southern Europe being theirs for the taking.
    • NATO Response: By the end of the year, Southern Europe except for Chinese territories is liberated by the National Atlantic Treaty Organization.
  • Mexican Front: NATO has finally achieved complete occupation in Eastern Mexico and forms the Greater Republic of Mexico with a 2 million men acting as the reformed Mexican forces. The Mexican Wall is also constructed within a few years thanks to nanotechnology and several other new technological construction equipment that divides Mexico between the West and the East.
  • Sabotage and Spying: [SECRET] We receive reports of a military coup orchestrated by a large number of military and civilian officials to topple the fascists from power in Russia with the support of a few large powerful resistance groups. In China, we receive reports of a possible Chinese invasion of North America from our spies so our troops in the continent remains alert and ready along with our defenses. Our spies also sabotage several Russian communication lines to the frontlines and have assassinated several important Russian military officials. [SECRET][Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: The Russian Coup is slowly forming, much to the dislike of Russian officials. Reports of Chinese invasions are confirmed, oddly enough by China themselves.
    • NATO Response: A few weeks after Russia’s missiles struck Europe, we receive reports of a large scale violent revolution against the fascists. We eventually decided to support and join the revolutionaries in taking what remains of Russia. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: NATO is almost guaranteed to succeed in this effort.
  • Post-Nuclear: Russia’s nuclear missiles indeed destroy most of Europe but the war continues. 60% of NATO forces both in Europe and North America are still active with most being automated war machines and 40% of Europe is still stable. Europe is heavily injured but not down so we will continue the war for freedom and democracy. 50% of Europe’s remaining civilian population still remain thanks to the nuclear bunkers and their location in the countryside or the mountains but this are only the number of civilians who the NATO government have successfully contacted. According to NATO officials and intelligence, they continue receive contacts with other military forces, civilians, and allies. We also accept a large number of deserted Russian troops who wish to fight in the NATO side. Our human military forces are sent in NATO territories to act as peacekeeping and defenders while some humans join our war automated military machines to fight. Our technology also makes it possible to construct and form a better and safer Europe such as nanotechnology and anti-radioactive terrain creators. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Russia is destroyed, leaving Europe, with their now nearly 50 million population, to rebuild whatever they can, before the next enemy comes in.
    • NATO Response: Our SMDF systems have detected Chinese and Russian nuclear missiles heading to Europe but it destroys 60% of nuclear missiles before the rest strike Europe. The Sino-European War has begun. Meanwhile, our NATO armies have taken most of Eastern Europe and Eastern Russia eventually taking Moscow except for Chinese occupied territories. Some Russians still fight and even a large force of them tried to take the Rhineland which we successfully prevented that from happening with a few counteroffensives and nuclear missiles. NATO Southern European and North American member countries have been heavily reinforced and strengthened with most of our defensive technology in the countries especially the new Gen X Shield Missile Defense System that can shoot down 60% of hypersonic missiles from China. Most of our advanced machine troops are also established throughout the South.[Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Europe, Russia and North American NATO strongholds and the continents/nations themselves have completely collapsed, with one victor remaining, the Unitary Republic, even with NATO and France's missile defense systems, their populations are obliterated.

Internal Affairs:

  • Technology: Our automated and robotic troops are improved and upgraded by equipping them with high powered machine gun rifles, missiles, and armor that can protect from large machine gun and rocket fire. Our NATO scientists have also being constructing EMP protection armor that will protect our war machines from possible EMP attacks from China and Russia. Meanwhile after almost 9 years of researching and testing, plasma weaponry has been created and has entered mass production which will later be used by most of NATO troops throughout the world. Hover technology testing is also reaching its fruition but it is estimated that by next year, the first hover technology will be constructed by next year while hypersonic technology is already being tested in the battlefield with significant results.
  • Military: Our armies which are attacking the Russians and inflicting heavy casualties are 70% automated and powered by solar and nuclear energy. At least 55 nuclear weapons and thousands of ballistic and ICBM missiles are constructed by NATO and its member states.
  • Space: [SECRET] The Orbital Defense Satellite System is finally finished in its construction and has been launched in February 14 that will allow NATO to be able to deploy nuclear and kinetic rod weaponry that will be able to launch from space to strike enemy positions. The ODSS is equipped with powerful advanced defensive weaponry such as the SMDF and other missile and anti-aircraft defense systems. [SECRET]
  • Infrastructure: Several military nuclear bunkers are constructed throughout the British Isles and France. All of the British Isles have been finally finished in its construction and the British populace celebrate. [SECRET] We secretly send 50,000 NATO engineers and troops in Antarctica to construct a large hidden military base that can be used as the last stronghold against Chinese or Russian aggression and conquest while also being used as a testing site for new different types of weapons. [SECRET]
  • Economy: The economy of France has fell down and led to riots but new economic policies and technology being introduced has stabilized it with even some reports saying that the French economy is once again increasing.
  • Energy: The Algarthium Crystals has proven quite efficient and way more powerful than other sources of energy with the crystals being able to power machines for almost a whole year or decade without stop. But the most important trait of the crystals that was discovered during experimentation was that it was resistant to EMP. Algarthium is now being used by 30% of NATO and 50% of its military.
  • Politics: The Unitarian French Party and the Ultranationalist Party of France controls most of the Senate.
  • Public Society: To quell the unrest and protest at home, several NATO countries particularly France has created new technology and implement new economic policies that slowly allowed European society back to normalcy. The number of social unrest in unoccupied Europe has been lowering.

External Affairs:

  • China: We wish to coordinate offensives and attacks against Russia to end this war early and prevent more deaths [Chinese Response]
    • Chinese Response: Our plan is to wait on Russia to take the offensive against us, this way we are fully justified in ending their existence completely. We will continue to allow NATO to use Turkey if they wish.
    • French Response: On March 12, our intelligence has received reports of a possible assassination of the Chinese President with evidence that it has been ordered by the Nazis both from Russia and China with the support of several military officials and possibly, by the Vice President himself. [Chinese Response]
    • Chinese Response: This is once again investigated and deemed to be inaccurate. Russia we cannot speak for of course, but all Chinese are pretty much united in our goals against Russia. With that being said, we are going to change our minds on the invasion of Russia, commencing immediately.
  • North America: The number of troops in North America is increased with 9 million troops serving in the North American Defense Force (NADF) with 3 million of them being automated robotic troops. This small number of troops is increasing by the day as more and more automated machines are being introduced in the NADF and their equipment being used is technologically advanced with plasma weaponry now being used by 60% of the NADF. The Mississippi Walls are also further equipped with stronger more advanced missile defense systems, anti-aircraft weapons, and other defensive weaponry as the newly constructed Mine X which are land mines that cannot be detonated by 70% of robots especially those from China or Russia. By the end of the year, 20 million troops heavily equipped with advanced technology make up the NADF with most 15 of them machines.
  • Russia: According to our spies and agents, Russia is in the very verge of collapsing with its military and civilian population fighting amongst each other and rioting to stop the war. We also receive multiple reports of several resistance groups cropping up throughout the Russian homeland and its territories with the Russian Communist Forces being the largest one in the group.
Flag of the Russian Empire (black-yellow-white).svg

Russian Realm

  • Government:
    • Premier of the Realm: Alexei Didenko
    • Legislature: State Duma
      • Ruling Party/The Majority: LDPR
  • Ideology: Russian Slavic Ultranationalism (mix of Esoteric N-zism and Ultramilitarism)
  • Capital City: Moscow
  • Population: <50 Million
  • Economy: We don't care about the economy. We only care about revenge against Europe.
  • Nord-Baltica Front HQ:
    • We continue to attempt and push out of the pocket in Stockholm, simultaniously cleaning the ethnic Swedes in the city, including a CERTAIN activist, whose murder is broadcasted live by us after torturing her and tearing her up limb to limb. The remaining politicans still in Stockholm are also massacred and flimed, before we sent it to the NATO troops in Europe.
  • Central European Front HQ:
    • A Dangerous Thirst - While our troops have reached the Elbe River, our divisions are now very dangerously weak, and our supply lines are stretched to the absolute limit. We have to continue the advance, but it could prove fatal to us, with us now having just 4.5 million soldiers along the Elbe. We might have to start a full-scale nuclear war soon. We also launch the 1 Megaton nuke to space, and detonated it 300km above Paris, hoping to fry everyone's electronics. [MOD RESPONSE ON IF THE NUKE ACTUALLY FRIED EVERYONE'S ELECTRONICS]
      • Mod Response: Paris is under a blackout, along with much of the surrounding area. It is expected that France will quickly establish backup power however.
    • Summer Update - Well crap. It looks like the Europeans are getting their act together. We only have around 3 million left on the Central Front, but we are still detemined to fight until the very last man. And so, under Didenko's direct orders, we took a huge risk by pushing past the Elbe River, and attempted to get to the Rhine instead. We don't know will this work, and we do know that if this fails, Russia, our motherland, is doomed. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: The words of Europe are echoing across the homeland, which is one of Russia fell, but in a valiant manner either way.
  • Southern European Front HQ:
    • As our advances are now bogged down, we are now focusing on capturing Wien, and switching to defense after capturing the city...hopefully. Our advances towards Bratislava are also slowing down to a crawl, which isn't good. We have around 1.7 million troops and 3000 tanks left on the Southern European Front. Two 300kt nuclear missiles are launched at Salzburg and Munich. [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: The nuclear weapons certainly do damage, killing 750,000 in total from radiation and injuries.
  • Homefront HQ:
    • [SECRET] By now, some of the Realm's top generals are becoming very worried that we are overstreching overselves, and doubt that we can get all the way to Lisbon or even to the Seine. Didenko is also now considering to switch the objective to forming a defensive line around the Elbe-Danube Rivers. We are already approaching the Elbe River, but the casualties are now mounting, which makes our chances to get all the way to the Rhine basically impossible. This is what the generals of the Russian Army told Didenko at a meeting on January 15th:
      • [AUDIO STARTS]
      • Marshal of the Russians (MR) Ilya Vasilenko: At the risk of repeating myself, our Premier, we need to stop at the Elbe. Otherwise our Army will be annihilated! We need to launch-
      • Premier Alexei Didenko: We are not stopping at the Elbe. Tell Susrev, he needs to get to Hamburg!
      • Chief of Russian Tank Command (CRTC) Avrey Avanlov: Our Premier, then the Central Front is gone.
      • Didenko: We'll cross the Elbe and destroy the advancing Europeans and their defense in Hamburg and Hanover, in a glorious and all-out attack and offensive.
      • CRTC Avanlov: With what forces, Our Premier?
      • Didenko: The group of "Sorkin" will attack from Dresden to encircle the Europeans in Lower Saxony.
      • Chief of the General Staff Fekla Trutneva: The Central-South Army is unable to fight up north. The enemy outnumbers us 3 times over once past the Elbe!
      • Didenko: Naumova...with her CN5 (Central-North) Army will help us encircle Lower Saxony.
      • CRTC Avanlov: But Our Premier, CN5 is heading up north to get Hamburg!
      • CRTC Avanlov: Then we have to call off the attack on Hamburg!
      • [Someone walks in.]
      • [Silence for a while...]
      • Didenko: Ah, Gerasimov, you're here.
      • Marshal Leonid Gerasimov: Our Premier.
      • Didenko: I issued Operation Bellofront today. We're crossing the Elbe, you are the commander of defending Dresden from the Europeans.
      • Marshal Gerasimov: Our Premier, when it comes to crossing the Elbe, we'll fight to the very end. But we still have to get to the Danube in the South, and take the rest of Scandinavia before we became too weak to attack.
      • Didenko: I understand you're concern, Gerasimov. But we have to be cold-blooded as well. We cannot stop now that we've conquered half of Europe in the Great Trial.
      • Marshal Gerasimov: Our Preier, with all due respect, what are we going to with all of the remaining civilians in East Germany and Poland, and the last bits of Ukrainian slaves, with our forces depleting quickly?
      • Didenko: Those Europeans are babarians. Not Civilians.
      • [END AUDIO]
      • [SECRET]
    • With unknown nuclear missiles fired on Europe, we decided that it is time to destroy everyone once and for all. On February 14th, we would launch 500 nuclear ICBMs, filled with around 10Mt worth of TNT towards European cities. Another 500 nuclear warhead with 5Mt worth of TNT is also launched towards Europe again, and EASTERN North America as well (the parts of NATO in North America). NUCLEAR ANNILATION... [MOD RESPONSE]
      • Mod Response: 125 million European citizens are killed from this attack, bringing their population down to 195 million. North America is pretty much wiped out, killing pretty much everyone in Canada, Mexico, the former US, and the remaining territories. The entire North American continent is reduced from 300 million to 25 million, killing 275 million people in the process.
      • Accidental War - Despite our attempts to NOT nuke China, 3 of our nukes landed on Chinese-controled North America. Due to China now launching nukes against us, we have no choice...BUT TO DECLARE WAR ON CHINA AS WELL. We now launch the next barrage of 400 3 Mt nukes across Asia. We expect to run out of nuclear ICBMs after 2-3 more barrages, with our stock down to around 3000. Oh yeah, and another 400 was launched an hour later. Now down to 2600. [MOD RESPONSE]
        • Mod Response: Ultimately, out of 800 nuclear bombs, 30 strike their targets, mostly populated areas, killing over 200 million immediately. With this launch, Russia will probably face retaliation.
      • MORE NUKES - As things are now turning against our motherland, we launches five waves of 500 nuclear ICBMs on the European Mainland and China (500 to Europe and 2000 to China/Asia) in the span of around 12 hours, even including our own occupied territories to complete the mass genocide of Europeans that we have long awaited for. These are aimed at both cities and towns, as well as military bases and rivers. Some are groundbursts to maximise radiation. [MOD RESPONSE]
        • Mod Response: 160 nuclear weapons hit China, with the rest hitting Europe in full force. Over 750 million die from these nukes, though it is expected China will rebuild, as they have always done.


Known by many as the year the world ended, or began, based on the viewer I suppose. With the last bastion of a non war torn civilization in South America, the lands that were once plagued with war and strife, the Unitary Republic now turns their heads towards this continent. It is likely Latin America will be taken within the year, thus ending all hope of resistance in humanities pocket. A new name is suitable for the Unitary Republic of China, the Unitary Republic of the Earth, seeing as they are likely to cover and conquer the last remaining areas of earth. Will this be the end of an era, or the beginning of a new one?

ChinaFlag.jpg- Unitary Republic of China

  • Government
    • Leaders:
      • President of the Unitary Republic: Sulaiman Isa Khan
      • Premier of the Unitary Republic: Aaban Raj
      • Vice President of the Unitary Republic: Waahid Abziz
    • National Unitary Congress:
      • Ruling Party/Majority Party: Islamic Party of China
      • Leader of the National Unitary Congress: Waahid Abziz
      • First United Front: 5,000 members
      • Second United Front: 3,000 members
      • Third United Front: 1,000 members
    • Supreme People's Court:
      • Chief Justice: SJAI
      • Judges: 5000
  • Economy
    • GDP (PPP): Irrelevant
    • GDP (Nominal): Irrelevant
    • GDP Per Capita (PPP): Irrelevant
    • Economic Description: The Unitary Republic of China possesses a very diverse economy, with exports and imports heavily increasing. China has the highest GDP in the world, in both PPP and nominal terms. In 2037, although suffering from a few recessions in the past decade, The Unitary Republic has continue to prosper and grow at an astounding rate.
  • Population
    • 7.044 Billion People
  • War/Conflict
    • We blitz South America, taking the land for ourselves (You guys can add turns in South America if you want) while peacefully accepting those who wish to surrender. The world has ended or began, based on the viewpoint given. Russia has fallen, Europe has fallen, North America has fallen, all continents have fallen actually. South America will be conquered this year, likely completing the story of the greatest empire in world history.
  • Domestic Affairs
    • We rename ourselves to the Unitary Republic of the Earth, seeing as that is the best descriptor for our state at this time.
  • Foreign Affairs
    • Irrelevant

Republic of Colombia

(let's just get the cat out of the bag)

  • Domestic Affairs:
    • We surrender ourselves to the new World Order, and hope that we will be granted Venezuela and Ecuador for our new province.
  • Foreign Affairs:
    • Nobody cares. Everyone is dead.

The Unitarian Republic of Brazil

  • Leader: President Emmanuel Lopez
  • Government: Democratic Constitutional Republic
  • Economy: 90.8 Billion
  • Population: 8 Billion
  • Number of Military Forces: 5 million


Internal Affairs:

  • Technology: With the help of Europeans, we finally finishing the creation of our own hypersonic missile technology, hover technology, power armor, and other automated war machines. We also begin our construction of our first nuclear missiles. Mass production of war materials, weapons, vehicles, and other technologies are in full swing.
  • Military: Our military forces have increased since the end of the Brazilian Civil War on 2023. Under the government of President Lopez, the Brazilian Armed Forces later renamed into the “Unitarian Brazilian Army” have been modified, strengthened, and improved with new powerful advanced technologies being introduced in the army along with the increasing of manpower due to the refugee crisis from Asia and Europe. We have received blueprints, reports, prototypes, and surviving technology from Europe after employing NATO scientists and engineers who fled Europe as it was being invaded by China.
  • Energy: By 2037, Brazil has used Solar, Nuclear, and Hydro renewable energy along with also using Algarthium Crystals thanks to French scientists and engineers.
  • Economy:
  • Politics:
  • Laws and Policies:
  • Infrastructure:
  • Space:

External Affairs:

  • China: To ensure the survival of the Brazilian people, we send a request for China to allow us to be a semi-independent protectorate under the Unitary Republic of China [Chinese Response]
    • Chinese Response: We will allow Brazil to function as an independent protectorate state, however we request complete loyalty to the current Unitary Regime.