Brain Map

Paul Allen, Microsoft multi-millionaire, has donated $100M to further brain research. $40M of that has funded a detailed 3D map of the mouse brain, linked to a gene expression database.

Stanford University Conference 2001

Bob Horn at the conference Identified:

Immediate and Short Range Goals

  • Standardised clip art and diagram sets for all major disciplines. Medical and military sets apparently lead the way. Architects and electronic engineers also have standard symbols.
  • Visual representations of collaborative mental models. In computing we have, for example, UML diagrams. This is a grand way of describing existing techniques like mind-maps, family trees and timelines.
  • Agreed "Periodic Tables" of domain information. Data-type tagged XML information formats agreed.
  • Computer tools used for interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Database of "common sense". See for example CYC. Linked visually (somehow).
  • Ubiquitous Smart Sensors.
  • Automatic production of diagrams from text.

Intermediate and Long Range Goals

  • Training courses in visual representation of knowledge.
  • Standard visual templates available for business meetings.
  • On line computer tutors available on web.
  • Problem of 'fuzzy boundaries' of ideas cracked.
  • Amazing breakthroughs in many fields, as nano-cogno-bio convergence happens.

Cancer Genome Atlas

A similar genetic identification has been proposed for the cancer and disease genes. Research of the Cancer Genome Project is currently under way.


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