Inside the future high tech bridges of the Global Community on Earth

Erasing Boundaries:

The high tech bridges were one of the first major projects undertaken by the Global Community. Each and every nation agreed that they should connect all continents and eventually all landmasses to make travel simpler. 

The Africa-Middle East Rail Bridge

A high tech bridge was built that connected Saudi Arabia with Egypt and Sudan. It was primary an interconnected train system that went all the way down through Somalia and into Kenya. This was the first in a series of high tech bridges and it was finished by 2045. 

The North American European Bridge

A high tech bridge stretched across the Atlantic Ocean by the year 2088. Sponsored largely in part by Poland's booming subterranean real estate sales. The bridge was heralded as one of the single greatest engineering feats mankind ever created. One of the eight wonders of the modern world. It stretched a total of 4400 miles for a one way trip. The speed limits on the bridge totaled 2,000 MPH So that means that it would take 2.5 hours to get from one side to the other. It was large enough to contain special infrared roads for hover cars as well as airplanes. 

Russia Pulls Out

in 2073 Russia made a bid to have what was to be known as the North American European Bridge to be connected to Russia instead of Poland. This led to a bitter and heated battle between the two countries and Russia eventually pulled out by 2083. Russia's main problem with the plan was that it would not be called the United States of Russia Bridge. The US and Poland agreed that the name was too close to USSR. Still a touchy subject in the 2070s.