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Global Economic Collapse (Scenario)

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This scenario portrays a series of events that may occur if the United States' debt ceiling

is not risen enough in time leading to the United States having to reassess their national

annual budget where 50% of the U.S. GDP is given to China in debt payments.

Most of the world's stock markets collapse into a depression worse than the Great Depression.

Most of the world's nuclear countries now cannot afford to maintain their nuclear power plants;

leading to the widespread construction and use of coal burning power plants.

However some countries have retained their developed status due to

natural resources, commodities, and intellectual ability.

Some of these countries include:

Sea Level Rise and Mass Exodus

Main Article: Coastal Flooding Mass Exoduses

The increase of coal powered plants greatly accelerates the speed of man-made global warming.

This increases the speed at which polar ice caps melt 100 times faster than current future projections

(2014: ~ approx. 6m - 10m sea level rise per century). This leads the entire world

into crisis where many countries come together to form several larger countries within

the next 20 years. The heavily increased sea level rise also drives many people into a panic

and form a large exodus inland and northward. Most of the remaining developed countries

after the result from the global economic collapse are overwhelmed with immigrants due

to this mass exodus. Thousands of coastline cities are left almost completely abandoned.

Exodus Immigrants

Main Article: Flood Exodus Immigrants

Masses upon masses of immigrants are rejected by most of the developed countries except for Russia

Canada, and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand merged). Where all countries have

enough high land and large enough of area to tolerate many of the immigrants. Almost 2 billion die from

famine, floods, extreme weather, and widespread disease. After almost 50 years after the economic

collapse, the world has started to rebuild and recover from effects of both economic collapse and heavy sea

level rise.