German-Korean relations

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Diplomatic missions
Embassy in Seoul
Consulate in Busan
Embassy in Berlin
Consulate in Hamburg
Consulate in Munich
Consulate in Cologne
Consulate in Dresden
Head of mission
Josias zu Schaumburg-Lippe, Ambassador Kim Yo-jong, Ambassador
$13.8 billion $13.3 billion
Other cooperation: Pact of Steel

Relations between Germany and Korea originally began in 1883, and since then have developed into close and friendly cooperation between the two countries.


For relations prior to 2017, see Germany–South Korea relations, Germany–North Korea relations.

Bilateral relations between Germany and Korea increased since the restoration of the Hohenzollern monarchy in 2023 and unification of North and South Korea in 2027. As both countries increased their military strength and began showing their military might, the Korean government requested to join the German-led military alliance known as the Pact of Steel. The German government of Emperor Georg Friedrich accepted their request and they became allies during World War III, with the Imperial Germany Navy deploying a squadron of warships to East Asia to assist Korean military operations.