Current Team Objectives
  1. Provide an overview of futurology
  2. Exchange ideas on the areas of the future
  3. Write scenarios and compile them
  4. Revamp the main page and other critical pages to be more attractive and conducive to starters
  5. Modify the 30+ articles under Timeline to form a Time Tree, and then delete said articles and modify the "Explore the Future" to reflect this change
  6. Label scenario pages as such
  7. Create templates to be added to each page in a particular topic or scenario-group to allow easy navigation between pages of said topic or scenario-group

Quality Standards (edit template)

Have you...

  1. Obtained information from a source? If so, have you added a works cited/bibliography where appropriate?
  2. Uploaded concept art if necessary? If so, have you added a caption and a works cited/bibliography where appropriate?
  3. Used someone else's work? If so, have you made sure that permission is not necessary, or that you have obtained the permission?
  4. Proofread your work for grammatical and spelling errors?
  5. Made sure that your work is reliable, accurate, and readable?
  6. Checked links to see if they work, and added an article for each red (unlinked) link?
  7. Read your work from another perspective to ensure that you are not being biased?
  8. Paid attention to others' comments about your work? If so, have you made any changes as a result?
  9. Have you checked the above standards with the articles of other contributors? If so, have you improved the articles yourself, or left a comment?

Please read Future:Style guide to learn more about the expected final result.

Contribute to the Future

Have you...

  1. Completed the Tutorial mentioned earlier?
  2. Read at least some of the articles listed above?
  3. Edited articles that were inappropriate, irrelevant, or superficial?
  4. Improved articles on which you knew more on? If so, have you added works cited/bibliographies where necessary?
  5. Condensed small articles (stubs) into larger ones?
  6. Met with fellow Future contributors at the forums?
  7. Written your own article? If so, have you added a link to your own article onto this page or other important page?
  8. Classified your article as a scenario if it only represents a possibility?
  9. Written a very long (more than 32kb) article? If so, have you broken it into smaller ones?
  10. Written multiple articles on a related topic or scenario? If so have you established a timeline for your series of articles to allow for easy surfing between them?
  11. Viewed nearly every article on the Future Wikia? If so, have you created a Time Tree showing Points of Divergence?
  12. Become an administrator of the Future Wikia? If so, have you ensured quality standards and deleted unsalvageable articles?
  13. Worked on establishing a parallel of one of the following projects on the Future Wikia?
    1. Future:Technology Tree
    2. Future:Transhumanist Timeline
    3. The Temple of the future
    4. a wiki with 200+ driving forces

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