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This Scenario consist in guess, predictions and/or ideas to the Future of ( association ) Football (/ soccer ), base in wikipedia Timeline of association football, Wikipedia Football Portal and many others pages, and/or your/our imagination.

This is the portal page for this scenario, called Future of Football because I couldn't think of a better name for it. I,Fero, am the Creator of this, but other people can edit, create pages, or do anything they like with this scenario, as long as they follow the rules.

From this page, you can find more information about other pages in this scenario.


  1. Fero is the Moderator and Leader of this scenario. His opinion overrules all others (except for admins of this site) when in this scenario.
  2. Do not edit the Protected Pages (except for grammar/spelling fixes), or add material to other pages that contradicts them. Consult on the talk page first.
  3. No edit wars, if there is a dispute between two users, wait for Fero to come and settle it.
  4. Keep it somewhat realistic.
  5. When adding new pages (which you may do) put (Future of Football) at the end of the title.
  6. "not relevant" points are welcome too, but they fix better in his specific pages, not too much details in the principal timeline page.
  7. Many/most hipervincules go to his wikipedia article, you can change that doing a article about here in Future Wikia.
  8. No changing the rules


Principal pages

  • Timeline
  • Future of Football portal page, this page


Football World Cups

FIFA World Cup Cup

Football by Country

Football by Continent

Others Footballs


Protected Pages

none yet


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(Men) Association football around the world and Women's Association football around the world is another full of data article.

Tons more of links in Wikipedia Football Portal

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