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These are the basic rules for writing on Future Wiki:

  • We recommend new users to read this page before making any edits
  • To see a guide for creating futuristic scenarios and articles, visit this page
  • To see a more detailed version of this page, see Future:Guidelines
  • This page is sealed from contributors without admin rights. Any proposals for new policies or changes to existing ones should be submitted on this page
  • Failure to comply with our rules may result in a warning or a ban.

Making an article

  • This is the Future Wiki, so we only accept future scenarios. In some cases, we may accept alternate future scenarios, but only under an admin's permission. Derivative works are generally not accepted either.
  • Scenarios are speculative and should be named Scenario:Page Name or have (name of timeline) if it is part if a wider scenario. Articles are scientific, detailed, factual and well-backed with links to other websites
  • Don't create articles (and edits) for spamming. This includes unofficial and unauthorized advertisements, links to other pages and statements massively and excessively copied from other pages either from this wiki, Wikia or even another website outside Wikia. This result in temporary or permanent ban.
  • Like all pages, it must be plausible.


  • Open pages are pages that can be edited, but not claimed by anyone. You can make major edits to these articles, but this does not mean you can vandalize, spam or remove content from those pages. And any content that is not related to the scenario will be deleted. Pages that are open have a template at the top of the page
  • Pages that are open for adoption on the other hand, can be claimed by anyone. Those pages also have a template.
  • Closed scenarios are pages that no one can edit except the author him/herself or people with the author's permission. Any edits made without the author's permission will be deleted. If the edit is not in the form of vandalism, the user may be warned by the author or an administrator. But you will be blocked if it continues multiple times. And there is a template that shows the page is closed.

Pages under construction are also closed, unless if it is open for contributions.

Featured Article

  • To vote for a featured article, go to this page
  • Both candidates and featured articles have a template at the top of the page
  • You cannot nominate your own articles, nor can you fake your article as being featured or nominated


  • Articles that may be deleted are: too short, nonsense, massively vandalized, nominated for deletion by the author(s), unused, articles of banned users, reposted content, offensive/vulgar, articles in a closed timeline made without permission from the author(s), etc.
  • Articles nominated for the deletion have a template at the top of the page


  • Blocking is the punishment for vandalism, spam, trolling, sockpuppetry, harassment and other offenses.
  • The penalty varies depending on the severity of the offense.
    • The first time a rule is broken, users will usually be given a warning or a ban lasting for up to 1 week
    • The second time a rule is broken, users will usually be given a ban lasting for up to 1 month
    • The third time a rule is broken, users will usually be given a ban lasting for up to infinity
  • You may report offenses on this page.


  • Major contributors on this wiki may be promoted. You may nominate yourself or others on this page
  • Admins may also be demoted if they abuse their power or break the guidelines.