This is where users can report any activty that is against our guidelines to the administrators and bureaucrats.


  • Report activity against our rules (e.g..vandalism, offensive language use, editing closed articles without permission, admins abusing their powers, etc. See more here )
  • You must write the suspects user name or IP address and the complaint.
  • The report must be honest. We will go to the suspect's contributions. If your report is intentionally false, you may be warned or blocked for up to a week.
  • If you see Keep.jpg Report Completed — (under the template {{ReportCompleted}}, signed with the admin's name that has blocked the user and the user's penalty), it means that the complaint has been completed and the suspect is blocked.
  • It is optional that you also re-write you recent report on the report template in which will appear on the Main Page.
  • If you believe this block is unfair or that there has been a mistake, you may explain yourself by replying on unfair penalties section.


Unfair penalties

Wanted Contributors