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(July 2019)

  • Category:RyansWorld - I think this is a worthy nomination, as it is rich in detail and has varied information from countries to fast food restaurants. As such I propose this scenario for featured status. -Seiga
    • For: Support SupportFester
    • Against: Oppose OpposeEnderAlan04
      • Oppose Oppose —whoever voted support is going to hell -Eledec
      •  Oppose Oppose — Some ups (Restaurants, being extremely detailed, like Seiga said), but some mostly downs (legalizing pedarasty, page on Nintendo getting bought by Facebook, the homo/transphobia...) (5.4/10) Narissa
      • Oppose Oppose — Yes, it is detailed, however, it is incredibly implausible and biased. It also takes very anti-christian viewpoints that I feel are extremely outdated and sometimes outright offensive being a Christian. -Ryan
  • Porvenir - I think this is a worthy nomination because the creator AllianceScoutAiothai was worked hard on it. It is mainly about American politics, but it sometimes covers things outside of the United States. That is reason I propose this scenario for featured status - EnderAlan04
    • For: Support Support — While not entirely plausible, the scenario is detailed and clearly a lot of effort and thought was put into it, and on the Timeline page, nearly all of the points are cited, indicating a well-researched scenario. The World War III page is also pretty detailed.
    • Against: Oppose Oppose —The scenario is intended to be a realistic, grounded scenario. Some of the election results are very strange, and verge on ASB. If I recall correctly, the Libertarian goes from 0 electoral votes to around 290 in a single election. For a serious scenario, I think it misses the mark to be featured. - Fester
      • Oppose Oppose — Honestly the timeline is not that good, plus things like Somalia being divided between Ethiopia and Kenya is ASB (it's more likely that Somaliland is able to gain international recognition that having Somalia being divided between Kenya and Ethiopia. Not to mention that Saudi Arabia supporting both Christian majority nations to annex an Islamic one would probably not fare well from the Saudis). Seiga
      • Oppose Oppose — It's unique but (Ottomans 2.0 being my favorite idea), I don't know if it deserves it. It's obviously a libertarian-wank, and but it takes place in such a short time, it's not conceivable./believable. Also John Cena as president is so 2015. Sorry Aiothai. Well composed though. Narissa (It get's a 8.1/10 overall for me)
    • Neutral NeutralLonix
      • Reason: It does not feel right to add this to the list of featured scenarios. It does not show the featuring of what most nominated scenarios look like (Frozen War for example). Now, the scenario is decent enough, and although some elections in Porvenir look like pure ASB, there is at least a good deal of reasoning.
  • Category:Semper Idem - Very well composed scenario, despite the low amount of articles, I feel that they are of high quality. For instance: Ares Colonial Project. It is also believable given what's going on in the world right now. Narissa (9/10 overall)
    • Support: Not a bad scenario, I think the World War III page is very detailed. I wouldn't mind this to be featured to be honest. - EnderAlan04
      • Support Support — I support this, nicely detailed and I like the designed logos as well. -Seiga
      • Support Support — It is very detailed and well designed. -Ryan
  • Russo-Islamic World War III - I believe it's a good scenario, with nicely written detailing in the article. Made by IvanZelenev, it deserves to be on the future nominees. Take a look at his works before you make an official decision. - Lonix

May 2019 choice 

MP Featured article FeaturedPopulist America

April 2019 result

MP Featured article FeaturedThe Expanse

March 2019 result

MP Featured article FeaturedFrozen War

November 2013 result

MP Featured article FeaturedThe Attitude Era


This is not even a page. This is a category-Ismael777

Category or not, it's still featured. DaneOfScandinavy (talk)

December 2013 results

MP Featured article FeaturedTechnology (Terra Futura)


March 2014 results

MP Featured article FeaturedTimeline (The Second Renaissance)


May 2014 results

MP Featured article Featured — Falco Timeline


July 2014 results

MP Featured article Featured — Iran War

September 2016 results

MP Featured article FeaturedScenario: The Second Renaissance


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