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All contributions to Wikia are released under the GNU Free Documentation License. Please read Wikia copyrights for details.

By default, all contributions to Future Wiki made after May 22, 2005 are released by the contributors under both the GFDL and a Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication.

If you do not wish to grant unlimited rights to use your work in any way, as is implied by the Public Domain Dedication, you must make this clear on your User page (e.g. by stating "I do not dedicate my contributions to Future Wiki to the public domain"). In this case, your contributions will only be released under the GFDL.

You are allowed to use copyrighted works such as text and images, as long as this use is covered by the fair use provisions of international copyright law. In such cases, we ask that you give credit to the source of these works, if possible by including a link to the original material. Obviously, such works are not released under the GFDL, neither are they dedicated to the public domain.

Note: All contributions by User:Paranoid are retroactively dedicated to the public domain.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.