Invasion of Turkey
Part of World War 3
Date Apr. 2, 2021 - Apr. 24, 2021
Location Turkey
Result Turkey is absorbed into Russia
Turkey is wiped off the map

Flag of Turkey Turkey


Flag of Russia Russia

Flag of Turkey Recep Erdogan
Flag of Russia Vladimir Putin
Flag of Turkey 125,000
Flag of Russia 400,000
Casualties and losses
Flag of Turkey 104,000
Flag of Russia 72,000


Putin, readying Russia for a massive assault on his foes, needed to take care of some loose ends before doing so. Turkey voicing its support of the German war effort provided an opportunity to invade Turkey for a reason rather than savage assaults, so he used this chance wisely. He defeated the Turks within 3 weeks while similtaneously waging war with Poland, Canada, Britain, America and Germany and had expanded Russian borders far beyond what they had been previously.


April 2021

  • Apr. 2: Turkey voices its opinion on the German war effort, saying that it fully supports Germany.
  • Apr. 3: Russia finalizes its plans for the double invasion of Turkey and Poland.
  • Apr. 5: Russian forces enter Poland and Turkey simultaneously, Turkey through the Black Sea. Russian planes bomb Berlin.
  • Apr. 6: Russian forces secure positions at the city of Samsun. Some troops begin pushing east while others move toward Istanbul.
  • Apr. 7: Russian troops reach the eastern border of Turkey and invade and capture Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.
  • Apr. 8: Russian troops meet heavy resistance in Ankara, halting their advance.
  • Apr. 10: The Russians break through the defenses in Ankara and capture the city.
  • Apr. 11: Russian bombers target key areas in Istanbul to prepare for the invasion.
  • Apr. 12: Russia annexes Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Russia bombs London and Toronto.
  • Apr. 13: Russian forces seize the city of Konya. Istanbul is bombed again.
  • Apr. 15: Russian forces meet the Turks at Istanbul. Israel invades southeastern Turkey.
  • Apr. 16: Israel liberates a small area of Turkey. The Russians begin to push through Istanbul.
  • Apr. 17: Israel is halted by the Russians while attempting to move toward Konya.
  • Apr. 18: The Indians bomb Jerusalem, destroying many historic structures.
  • Apr. 20: Istanbul falls to the Russians.
  • Apr. 21: Turkey surrenders to Russia.
  • Apr. 24: Turkey is annexed by Russia.
  • Apr. 25: Turks fire Russians and they run away looking back in anger