"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Arthur C. Clarke.



Purely Biological humans are being created again and they are typically seven feet tall with average lifespans of 200 years! The Brain is working at full capacity and we have lost the pinky finger and toe due to enhanced side effects from technological evolution interruption and acceleration. Pure humans are coming back strong but the species is still in small numbers, too small to be even calculated on the planet. 

Many people are using soul travelling technologies to discover different planes of existence, the likes of which could never have been imagined by the builders of VR software. The soul is not required to use the body anymore. But some people still apt to use the body because they are not confortable being out of body for so long. 

50% of the galaxy is now explored and humans are exploring alien worlds, instantly terraforming those bodies which were considered dead or uninhabitable. 


The world is its own computer now with everything being connected to the one human consciousness which represents Earth on the Brain Network. The single consciousness does not control the human beings or sentient beings however, it just overlooks the completely automated systems on Earth and makes sure that the AI network does not interfere and try to attack it.

Plans to make a new sentient world are under way as new space matter and space bending technologies are created. This world will be able to support life for all descendants of humanity such as the sentients, pure humans, cyborgs, and select androids. The world will feel unlimited in space to the inhabitants and its ancestors. The Dyson Spheres go into production starting in the year 3000.