"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Arthur C. Clarke.



Almost physical time travel applications are available as humans now have the ability to walk around the room in the space-time wormhole viewers. Now connected to the virtual reality network along with the World Wide Web we can see a clearer picture of history from all levels. From a godlike being to a soldier in an army the immersion capabilities are endless (think Quantum Leap without the messed up memory.) However, people debate whether any more research should be attempted as we get closer and closer to messing up our own reality. Portable applications are now available.

Interstellar space travel faster than light vehicles with on-board AIs reach the Andromeda galaxy!


The Global Community has won its first and hopefully last complete outer space war as the inhabitants of Mars are packing up and leaving for Jupiter colony! Terraformation was a complete success and the Martians did indeed get their land back. Humanity has created a second world!

Just as one war ends another interrupts the Utopian society as humans and cyborgs begin to face off against the androids. It is almost a given that the human race will be able to destroy the AIs with one single controlled thought. A single human consciousness is appearing in the Brain Network. 

The AI war has been recorded as the shortest war in history even when the AIs were in charge. Now only a handful of AIs remain as humans connect them into the Brain Network. The AIs are demoted to doing remedial tasks for humans again as their abilities are being heavily controlled.