"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Arthur C. Clarke.



Want to see the galactic space wars of the 22nd century or the ancient political debates of Environmentalists in the 21st century now you can! Using faster than light particle accelerators and wormhole imaging scanners humans now have the ability to view history as it unfolded. Just enter the date and place onto the computer screen and you can watch history unfold. This new form of entertainment is widely available in History Rooms across the world. 

Humans can instantly materialize now as the molecular structure of a basic human shape is embedded into the Brain Network. Teleportation is still widely available but humans are learning how to use this new technology, and are having a lot of fun with it!


As humanity increases in power and decision making they are once again the dominate life forms on the planet. The AIs do not mind as they were never programmed to handle violence well, hence why all wars with them were fought as games. Humans now understand that AIs do not need to run everything just the main computer areas that link to the Brain Network. Destruction of most of the AI race is imminent!

The Mars terraformation battle continues as many Martian settlers refuse to leave their homes. They were born there! But authorities assure them that they could have their own property back once the process is complete. The Solar Union is fighting the battle with the Martians saying that they like living on the colonies the way they are! War is highly probable.