Eternal Pax Americana

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The Period between the First and Second Cold Wars, commonly called by historians the Polarized Peace, started with President George H.W. Bush losing his 1993 re-election bid to William 'Bill' Clinton and ended with the 2019 commencement of the Sino-American Trade War. The Second Cold War itself lasted from its 2019 commencement until the advent of World War Three in 2042. WW3 ended in 2047, and Pax Americana continued following, with changes.


2020, an election year in the United States, was supposed to be about either the re-election of Donald J. Trump or of a Democratic candidate defeating the incumbent in November. The Democratic Party looked unlikely to win the election from the onset due to the intense divide in the party. The Radical Left, lead by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, faced off against the Moderates, lead by former Vice President Joseph Biden. Initially, Pete Buttigeig, incumbent mayor of South Bend, Indiana, seemed like he had a path to nomination. Then, the radicals Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren began to win states. After Super Tuesday, however, Joseph Biden gained a valuable lead that led to his nomination for the Presidency. He would choose in August the young and radical face of Kamala Harris for his running mate to fight the Trump-Pence ticket.

However, in March 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic, already raging around the world, hit the United States. The first wave, which lasted from March until May, shut down states across the country. Quarantines where in full affect in many places. New York City, the epicenter of the outbreak (although, in early March Seattle was this epicenter), remained in various stages of reopening through the election. Trump was seen as incompetent by some for his Coronavirus response, and the sudden outbreak took what seemed to be Trump's key achievement for the election; the economy. The second wave started in July, but this time the virus broadly affected the American South and Southwest, eventually centering on Atlanta, Georgia in mid-August. This was coherent with a new wave of race riots throughout the nation.

The 2020 election was incredibly close. Trump's approval rating began to rise as the Coronavirus subsided in August, and the entirety of the election seemed like either Biden or Trump could win. Trump won the swing states of Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska's second district, and Democrats won Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin, resulting in a electoral tie. For the first time since 1824, the election was thrown to the House of Representatives. The GOP had won a slim majority in the House and gained a seat in the Senate, which lead to a Trump re-election.

Widespread rioting followed the re-election of Donald Trump, and some protestors and rioters followed the example of Seattle, Washington's CHOP, and all of Manhattan Island and the San Francisco peninsula where out of US government control. National Guard forces in New York and California put down the riots.

Trump, concerned by the protests in New York and California, called for the Department of Justice to investigate several he believed to be responsible for the rioting, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The DOJ charged a total of 257 people, including Nancy Pelosi, with treason. The new House minority leader was Alexandria Oscario-Cortez, who was not investigated by Trump as the New York Representative had been in a car accident the day after Election Day, and therefore could not be responsible for the riots. Although AOC was in a medically induced coma for 11 days, she was fully recovered by the time of Congress's session on January 3rd.

In March 2021, a new Coronavirus vaccine was created by a lab in Cincinnati, Ohio. The new vaccine was largely untested, and a manufacturing plant in Ann Arbor produced several million vials of vaccine that infected many instead of vaccinating them. The laboratory was shut down and eventually, in July 2021, a lab out of Dallas, Texas, produced a better vaccine with no major issues.

However, in the wake of the Coronavirus, leaders within NATO came to the conclusion that if the Euro-american alliance was not suitable to stop the spread of a virus, that in the advent of war, they would prove underly incapable. Leaders of all NATO nations met in London to form a new global alliance, the Global Economic and Security Co-operation Organization, or GESCO. New nations included Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Thailand. GESCO also voted, by a wide margin, to recognize the Republic of China currently in Taiwan, and admitted to ROC to GESCO.

The People's Republic of China was in a precarious situation going into 2022. As the global epicenter for Coronavirus and now dealing with nations around the world recognizing the ROC and GESCO as a threat on all sides, the PRC was in hot water unless they could aleve their situation. The put down large-scale rebellions in Tibet, Xinjiang, and Manchuria, and expanded the SCO. The African Union, Iran, and Iraq all happily joined.

In the meantime, the Democrats in Congress under the leadership of AOC where able to win back the House in 2022. AOC looked like a potential Presidential candidate in 2023. In the left-ward shift of America, President Trump had a stroke. He was hospitalized for 12 days while Micheal Pence became the acting president. Trump recovered, but used a cane or wheelchair for the rest of his life.

New candidates emerged on both fields for the Presidency. Democrats and Moderate Republicans had passed a new piece of legislation, the Civil Rights Act of 2023, that said government officials could be charged with 15 years prison time for discrimination, and stopped the passing down of wealth from generations to allow all people of all races to start out at the same spot.

The Democratic split still existed, but increasingly the Progressive/Radical faction was winning out. AOC announced her bid for the Presidency in April 2023, but was quickly sued by the Republican National Convention for violation of the Constitution, as she was 33 at the time she announced her campaign. The Supreme Court picked up the case. Alexandria Oscario-Cortez v. the RNC was one of the most televised events of the year. The Supreme Court decided in a 6-3 case that since, if elected, AOC would be 35 years and 3 months old at the time of her election (assuming she was elected), her campaign was constitutional. This caused several conservatives on the court to be shunned by Republicans. Meanwhile, the Republican field was wide open. Michael Pence and Tom Cotton where the early front runners.

Two major elections happened in 2024. The first was the British Prime Ministerial Race, in which Boris Johnson's Conservative Party beat a now-desperate Labour Party and other minor parties. Johnson's re-election looked like Conservatism was rising globally, and this seemed to be confirmed when radical conservative Tom Cotton, a Senator from Arkansas, beat Vice President Michael Pence in the Republican Primaries. Cotton picked former South Carolina governor and ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley as his running mate. AOC picked Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, as her running mate.

The election proved highly competitive. The two radicals played a back-and-forth with the American Center. Then, on November 1st, a very large shooting occurred in Austin, Texas. AOC's previous proposition on Gun Restrictions put her in a big lead over Cotton's pro-Gun agenda. AOC won the election 399 to 139, winning previously red states such as Texas.


AOC's election came as a shock. The Senate and House went far into the Democrat's hands, barely short of a supermajority in the House and a total of 64 Senate Seats. They used this to admit Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, boosting themselves in the Senate. However, problems would be reached.

Democrats in Congress where able to pass a revised Green New Deal (Green Act of 2026) which resulted in a ban on all manufacturing and personal automobiles which emitted carbon dioxide. This bill caused a massive recession. Texas, a key swing state that went blue in the last election, was especially hurt by the loss of her Oil & Gas industry. This would prove to be AOC's undoing.

In Europe, the federalization of European Union went by leaps and bounds when Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and Germany formed the European Republic. Nations in the EU could choose to or not to join the European Republic, the fully rederalized version of the EU. In 2028, two years after the Federalization, Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, and Greece joined the ER.

The 2028 Election saw AOC and Newsom easily win the Democratic nomination, but the Republicans posed serious opposition. Republican moderate and Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his running mate, Ron DeSantis of Florida easily beat out AOC and Newsom.


The first Moderate President in a long time, Abbott repealed the Green Act of 2026 and helped heal radicalism in the United States. However, despite his good internal policy that earned him two terms, his foreign policy was poor. The Arab League, the one barrier between the SCO and complete domination of Africa, was increasingly siding with the SCO. Libya had joined, making Algeria the last neutral country in Africa. Abbott failed to sway Algeria, and the nation joined the SCO. His one foreign policy boost was getting India to join GESCO.

The peaceful era under Abbott saw the rise of new political stars. Miranda Evans, a Democrat from Arizona, threatened to bring radicalism back into American politics. Abbott's Vice President, Ron DeSantis won the Republican nomination but lost in a surprise upset to Evans.


Miranda Evans, born in 2005, was very young for a President. Her hardline liberalism got the Green Act of 2038 passed, which, although less radical than the 2026 Act, hurt Democrat's standing in Texas. Her foreign policy was absolutely terrible. She issued a complete embargo on China in the increasingly large Cold War, and new sanctions on other nations hurt America's standing on a global stage. In addition, China had lent Mexico large forces to fight in the Cartel War, and Mexico joined the SCO, the first American nation to do so. Then, a black horse event happened.

Since Donald Trump's 2016 election, Greg Abbott was the only moderate President. Swing states, filled with moderates, began to feel sick of the radicalism in the United States. The new faces of American politics would send shockwaves through history. The Republican Party had been a major force since the 1850s, and the Democratic Party since the 1820s. However, Texas Governor Ronald Antonio and the states Senators founded the American party, with governors, representatives, and senators from Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, the Great Lakes, and others present. The party adopted a Centrist Platform. Quickly, they became a major force, winning a majority in Congress. Miranda Evans would see a three way race, both against DeSantis and Antonio from the American Party.


World War Three was only stopped from going nuclear by UN laws which overrode alliances. The fronts of this global land war where simple: the Korean Front, the East European front, the Northern Mexican (Rio Grande) front, the Yucatan front, the Caribbean front, the Central Asian Front, the African Front, and the South Chinese Front. As the war blew up globally in March 2042, GESCO forces took back Seoul and quickly moved into North Korean territory. They also landed and conquered Vladivostok. European forces quickly conquered most of the Ukraine and Belarus fell soon after. Troops reached and captured St. Petersburg and Moscow. Russian armed forces pushed back, recapturing St. Petersburg and Moscow and moving into Finland. Back in America, the US had a stalemate in Northern Mexico and Mexican forces captured Guatemala and Belize. Honduran forces stopped further expansion. The stalemate on the Rio Grande front was because American, Jamaican, Haitian, and Dominican forces where launching an invasion of Cuba. The island fell in November 2042. Afghanistan and Pakistan held the line in the Central Asian front. Forces from the Indian subcontinent where moving across Tibet, while Thailand was losing ground to a Chinese invasion.


The first nations began to surrender in 2043. North Korea, Ukraine, Belarus, and Cuba where now out of play on the SCO's side, while Guatemala and Belize where among GESCO's casualties. With the Carribbean front gone, Caribbean forces invaded the Yucatan and American forces took out cities like Cuidad Juarez, Reynosa, Tijuana, and Mexicali. Evacuated cities like El Paso and San Diego returned to normal. Russia had lost her Southern peninsula and GESCO forces where marching across Siberia. Mongolia fell, and interior China was on attack from all sides. The Central Asian front remained a stalemate.


A Stalemate fell after Winter 2043, as no one could successfully close a front. Antonio was re-elected President in the United States


Mexico finally collapsed, which allowed American forces to flood into Asia. Central Asia collapsed, and China was losing ground on all sides. African forces surrendered too, seeing as they would be next once the PRC was gone. In June 2047, the People's Republic of China surrendered.

Treaty of Seattle

The Treaty of Seattle ended World War Three. The provision are outlined below

I: Baja California and all Mexican states which border the United States shall be annexed by the United States. The U.S. shall also annex Yucatan states. Mexico will pay war reparations to the U.S., Guatemala, and Belize.

II: Cuba will be annexed by the U.S.

III: The entirety of the EU shall join the European Republic, and Ukraine and Belarus will join the E.R. as well.

IV: Siberia, Turkmenistan, and Tibet shall be formed.

V: The Republic of China will return to power in the remainder of China.

VI: Manchuria and North Korea will be annexed by South Korea

VII: The SCO will be disbanded.

VIII: Russia and Iran will have Republics installed.

IX: All former SCO nations will pay war reparations to GESCO.

X: The African Union will join GESCO.