Australian company Astrovision announced plans to provide real-time satellite video (first of Australia) with resolution down to 250 metres. [1]

"Users are able to select destinations and zoom in to as close as 60 metres and to as far out as 57,000 kilometres.

The international parent company, Astrovision, plans to launch five satellites to provide coverage of the globe over a decade."

There are already thousands (tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands?) webcams everywhere in the world, providing 24-hour live feeds of what is happening "there". Get the feeling of it with this nice artistic piece - Netlag. (See also "vloggers").

In the future more and more information about the world will be available to us indirectly (i.e. we won't see it with our own eyes) and this information will be multi-facetous, instant, customized and interactive.

In a sense, this is about gradually become omnipresent. Ultimately every human will be able to instantly know everything that is happening anywhere on Earth, know about every raindrop falling, every leaf trembling. Isn't it cool?