This page lists tips and guidelines on how to make a successful Yet We Remain article. Because of the vast universe that Yet We Remain takes place in, it is important to maintain continuity and article quality by using a simple editorial guidelines system.

Community Timeline

The timeline Yet We Remain is a community timeline, meaning it is a cooperative effort by multiple people. New contributes are always welcome, and users should be friendly and helpful to new users to welcome them and get them up to speed on the politics of the timeline.

At all times users should be welcome to ask questions and contribute to conversations on talk page for articles. Friendly debate to figure out the most plausible outcomes from actions in the timeline are encouraged, but keep discussions civil and respectful, taking note of others' viewpoints and ideas.


Once an article is approved by the community, it is noted as canon. All pages that have no major continuity issues are automatically elevated to this status.

Canon means that the article in question is plausible, logical, and an accepted part of the Yet We Remain lore. It is deemed appropriate, and fits nicely into the Yet We Remain universe. Once an article is canon, proposals must follow its already established lore, not the other way around.


Please avoid creating pages or nations that are seen as a direct copy of someone else's copyrighted or established works. It is alright for some to be inspired by or similar to a published work, but it should not be a direct copy. Please also keep usage of copyrighted names of nations, with identical or similar flags, leaders, and cultures, to a minimum.

Other Conventions

Some Tips

Some tips to help you in your editing:

  • When in doubt, it was nuked.
  • If the nation you are about to create was once a part of the British Empire and/or New Commonwealth, it's likely no one from the royal family is going to be leading it.
  • Small self-sufficient, independent communities are more likely to rise in targeted nations then large, complex nation-states.
  • Lack of mention to a certain nation does not necessary mean that it does not exist. Remember that there are likely several small African and Asian nations that have survived, and are just waiting for someone to write about them.
  • Use historical figures from the early twenty-first century sparingly, as they may have been in a certain location at the time of the apocalypse.
  • SLOW DOWN! Rome was not built in a day and neither is any of the nations that grew out of the post-Doomsday world. It is very unlikely that a struggling survivor community can become a world class "empire" in just over 2 decades.