Doomsday 2025 is a scenario in a post-apocalyptic world. The exact details are unknown, but it is believed to have been a major war that broke out in 2025. Up until 2027, complete chaos ensued, and that year (2027), new powers begin to emerge.

Nations by continent

North America

Name Capital Territory Government
Flag of Texas.svg Republic of Texas San Antonio Former states of Texas, parts of Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico; some territory contested with California Republic, Southern Union, and Government of National Survival Federal republic
Flag of California.svg California Republic Sacramento Former states of California, parts of Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico; territories disputed with Republic of Texas Parliamentary republic
Flag of New York City.svg Independent State of New York New York City Former states of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, parts of Pennsylvania and Maryland Presidential republic
Confederate Rebel Flag.svg Southern Union Atlanta Former states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, parts of Louisiana, Carolina, and Florida; territorial disputes with Republic of Texas Military dictatorship
Flag of Canada.svg Nationalist Canada Toronto Former provinces of Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, parts of Newfoundland, Nunavut, and state of Dakota; territorial disputes with United Republic of North America Fascist dictatorship
Flag of the United States.svg United Republic of North America Seattle Most of former states of Washington, Montana, and Idaho, parts of Oregon, provinces of Alberta, Yukon, Northwestern Territories, and Saskatchewan; territorial disputes with Nationalist Canada Constitutional republic
Government of National Survival Kansas City Former states of Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Wyoming, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, parts of Oklahoma and Utah; territorial disputes with Republic of Texas Christian democracy; theocracy
Flag of Nazi Greece (Yet We Remain).png National Socialist America Chicago Parts of former states of Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina One-party dictatorship
Many different city states Various Parts of former Canada, all over the former U.S. Various


Name Capital Territory Government
Flag of Germany.svg Teutonic Empire Berlin Most of Germany, Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, and parts of Poland and Sweden; territorial disputes with Normandy Absolute monarchy
Flag of France.svg State of Normandy Rouen Northern parts of France; territorial disputes with Teutons Parliamentary republic
Flag of France.svg Parisian France Paris Central and southern regions of France Presidential republic
Flag of Catalonia.svg Free Catalonia Barcelona Catalonia and parts of Spanish province of Aragon; territorial disputes with Castillan Union Republic
Flag of Spain.svg Castillan Union Madrid Most of Spain (with the exception of Aragon and Catalonia), all of Portugal Constitutional monarchy
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg British Unitary Republic London Most of England, parts of Wales and Scotland; disputes with Free State of Scotland Unitary republic
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Socialist Republic Milan Northern regions of Italy, territorial disputes with Roman Republic Fascist republic
Flag of Italy.svg Roman Republic Rome Most of southern Italy and Sicily, parts of Libya; territorial disputes with Italian Social Republic Principality