This map game is now archived as an Inactive Map Game.
I want to try to make this the longest map game, ever.


There isn't much of a backstory To this map game. However, it should be mentioned that this will be focused on what is happening currently. This Map Game takes place in 2017, and continues from that point. Play as any country you would like and the main goal is to survive the longest. 

Rules/ Important Information

General Rules

  • No implausibilities, after four warnings, your nation will be taken away, and become available to others. If you don't want this happens to you, please do some research about your nation.
  • No swearing in-game, but it is allowed in comments.
  • Every 20 years will be archived.
  • Each turn will be one year; Once 2100 is reached, each turn will be two years; Once 2150 is reached, each turn will be five years.
  • No Racial Slurs are allowed.
  • Turns are added once most of the nations have added a turn, and all Mod and Player responses are done.
  • If you're country ends up being defeated, you can continue to play by playing as a different nation.
  • There is a max of 1 post per turn, unless a mod event happens.

Warfare Rules.

  • Chances for winning a successful invasion/war against a country in their homeland is 50%.
  • War is declared after a formal Declaration of War is announced, however, it takes a year to begin invading.
  • If a country chooses to do an unannounced invasion, their chances of winning are increased to 75%, but the chances of another country intervening plus a rebellion occurring are also increased to 75%.

Nuclear Strike Rules

  • Nuclear weapons are allowed to be created once a nation has played for five-plus years, and there is a max of 15 allowed to be created each year.
  • Using a nuclear weapon on a location can cause global outrage; Neighboring countries have the possibility to invade your country, to gain control of the nuclear weapons.

Moderator Rules and Regulations

  • Mod's may not decide what happens within another country unless they have permission from the other country's player.
  • Head Mod's ruling overrides any ruling.

Nation Switching and Interaction

  • You may only switch your nation once, and it must be a decision made by three mods to allow it to happen.
  • Any player versus player conflict will be no different from a player versus NPC conflict.
  • Players may switch to another nation if their nation is defeated.


Discord Map 2057 1

Collapsed/Changed Nations

Nations whom have collapsed/changed over the course of Discord.

  • Flag of Syria Syria (Collapsed in 2019)
    • Liwa Ahfad Saladin variant opposition flag.svg Sunnistan (Formed in 2019, then invaded and annexed by Turkish Empire)
    • Flag of Kurdistan Kurdistan (Formed in 2019)
    • Caliphate of Turkey Islamic People's Caliphate (Formed in 2019 | Collapsed in 2025)
  • Flag of North Korea.svg-0 North Korea (Collapsed in 2024 | Land Given to the formal South Korea; current United Korea)
  • 170px-Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg Switzerland (Con-joined into current Alpine Confederation)
    • 255px-Flag of Austria.svg Austria (Con-joined into current Alpine Confederation)
    • 2000px-Flag of Liechtenstein.svg Liechtenstein (Con-joined into current Alpine Confederation)
    • Flag of Hungary Hungary (Con-joined into current Alpine Confederation)
    • Flag of Slovenia Slovenia (Con-joined into current Alpine Confederation)
  • Flag of the Republic of Texas Texas (Seceded from the United States of America in 2032/Annexed by USA over the course of the Late 2030's and Early 2040's)
  • Images-2 California Republic (Seceded from the United States of America)
  • Flag of the Pacific Ocean Pacific Confederation (Seceded from the United States of America Annexed by Canada, Bought by United States)
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg-0 People's Republic of China (Collapsed in 2029)
    • Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svg (New) Republic of China (Replaced the People's Republic of China in 2030)
      • Grocflag Geniocratic Republic of China (Replaced the Republic of China in 2056)
    • 255px-Flag of the Republic of China.svg Taiwan (Con-joined into the "new" Republic of China)
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium (invaded and annexed by Germany in 2029)
  • Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands (invaded and annexed by Germany in 2029)
  • Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg (invaded and annexed by Germany in 2029)
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark (invaded and annexed by Germany in 2031)
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden (invaded and annexed by Germany in 2031)
  • Flag of East Africa East African Federation (Formed in 2031)
    • Flag of Kenya.svg Kenya (Con-joined into EAF)
    • Flag of Uganda Uganda (Con-joined into EAF)
    • Flag of Burundi.svg Burundi (Con-joined into EAF)
    • Flag of Rwanda Rwanda (Con-joined into EAF)
  • Flag of Lesotho.svg Lesotho (Invaded and annexed by South Africa in 2031)
  • Flag of Swaziland Swaziland (Invaded and annexed by South Africa in 2031)
  • Flag of Cambodia Cambodia (Invaded and annexed by Vietnam in 2031)
  • Flag of Laos Laos (Invaded and annexed by Vietnam in 2031)
  • A0851225 Yemen (invaded and annexed by Somalia in 2031)
  • Flag of Moldova Moldova (Invaded and annexed by Ukraine in 2031)
  • Flag of Norway Norway (Invaded and annexed by Germany in 2032)
  • Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic (Invaded and annexed by Germany in 2032)
  • Flag of Poland Poland (Invaded and annexed by Germany and Russia in 2033 | Seceded from Russian Federation)
    • Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Prussian Empire (Formed after Poland collapses in 2033)
  • Flag of Sudan Sudan (Merged with Egypt)
    • Flag of South Sudan South Sudan (Invaded and annexed by Sudan in 2031)
  • Flag of Belarus Belarus (Merged with Russia)
  • Flag of Nepal Nepal (Invaded and illegally occupied by India in 2032)
  • Flag of Bhutan Bhutan (Invaded and illegally occupied by India in 2032)
  • Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh (Invaded and annexed by India in 2032)
  • Flag of Pakistan Pakistan (Invaded with a Casus belli and annexed by India in 2033)
  • Flag of Myanmar Myanmar (Invaded and annexed by India in 2035)
  • Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea (Invaded and annexed by United Korea in 2033)
  • Micronesia flag Federated States of Micronesia (Invaded by United Korea in 2035)
  • Flag of Mamluk dynasty Libya-Tunisia (Formed in 2033, annexed by Caliphate of Al-Afriqia)
    • Flag of Libya Libya (Con-joined into Libya-Tunisia)
    • Flag of Tunisia Tunisia (Con-joined into Libya-Tunisia)
  • Flag of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation Peru-Bolivian Empire (Formed in 2034|Collapsed in 2042)
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peru (Con-joined into Peru-Bolivian Empire|Reinstated in 2056)
    • Flag of Bolivia Bolivia (Con-joined into Peru-Bolivian Empire)
    • Flag of Ecuador Ecuador (Invaded and occupied by the Peru-Bolivian Empire in 2035|Liberated in 2039)
  • Flag of Yemen Somalian Yemen (Invaded and occupied by Great Britain in 2032)
  • Flag of the Faroe Islands Faroe Island (Merged with Great Britain, later regained Independence)
  • Flag of Jordan Jordan (Communist uprising in 2038)
    • Jordanian communist party flag Jordanian Arab Communist Republic (Established after communist uprising in 2038)
  • Flag of Iraq Iraq (Communist uprising in 2038)
    • Iraqi ACR Iraqi Arab Communist Republic (Established after communist uprising in 2038)
  • Flag of Oman Oman (Communist uprising in 2038)
    • Omani​ ACR Omani Arab Communist Republic (Established after communist uprising in 2038)
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (communist uprising in 2038)
    • Flag of Saudi ACR Peninsular Arab Communist Republic (established after communist uprising in 2038)
  • Flag of Cyprus Cyprus & Northern Cyprus (Annexed by Great Britain in 2040/2041)
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina (Con-joined with Brazil in 2042)
  • Flag of Bahrain Bahrain (Annexed to Persia in 2044)
  • Flag of Qatar Qatar (Annexed to Persia in 2044)
  • Tibet Flag-300x200 Tibetan Empire (Seceded from the Republic of China)
  • People's Republic of Xinjiang The People's Republic of Xinjiang (Seceded from the Republic of China)
  • Flag of Russia.svg Russian Federation (Multiple states seceded following the Russian Civil War)
    • Estandarte Imperial de Rusia Tsardom of Russia (Seceded from the Russian Federation)
    • 250px-Flag of Kamchatka Oblast.svg Republic of Kamchatka (Seceded from the Russian Federation)
    • Flag of Vakhrushev (Sakhalin oblast) (1) Democratic Republic of Sakhalin (Seceded from the Russian Federation)
    • Flag of Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk krai) People's Republic of Krasnoyarsk (Seceded from the Russian Federation)
    • 900px-Flag of the North Caucasian Emirate 2.svg (1) Northern Caucasian Emirate (Seceded from the Russian Federation)
    • 1200px-Flag of Crimea.svg Crimea Republic (Seceded from the Russian Federation)
    • Ru-ural2 Ural Federation (Seceded from the Russian Federation)
    • 1200px-Flag of Sakha.svg Western Yakutia Republic (Seceded from the Russian Federation)
    • Eastern Sakha Empire (Seceded from the Russian Federation)
    • Flag of Chukotka (New Union) Chukotka Socialist State (Seceded from the Russian Federation)
    • Amur-Khabarovsk Union (Seceded from the Russian Federation)
    • Southern Siberian Confederation (Seceded from the Russian Federation)
  • Flag of Paraguay Paraguay (Con-joined into SPFA)
  • Communist party of the worlds by wilji1090-d57p918Communist Federation of South Africa (Formed in 2049)
    • Flag of Tanzania.svgTanzania (Con-joined into CFSA)
    • Flag of ZambiaZambia (Con-joined into CFSA)
    • Flag of ZimbabweZimbabwe (Con-joined into CFSA)
    • Flag of AngolaAngola (Con-joined into CFSA)
    • Flag of BotswanaBotswana (Con-joined into CFSA)
    • Flag of South Africa 3South Africa (Con-joined into CFSA)
  • Flag of the Western Sahara Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (Invaded and annexed by Spain)
  • Flag of Portugal Portugal (Union with Spain)
  • Flag of India India (Hindu Truth Uprising)
  • Flag of Pakistan Pakistan (Annexed by Hindustan)
  • Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh (Annexed by Hindustan)
  • Flag of Nepal Nepal (Annexed by Hindustan)
  • Flag of Bhutan Bhutan (Annexed by Hindustan)
  • Flag of Tibet Tibet (Buddhist Truth uprising)
  • Communist party of the worlds by wilji1090-d57p918 Communist Federation of South Africa (Occupied by multiple states; dissolved)
    • Communist Tanzania (Reformed as the Geniocratic Republic of Tanganyika following the independence of Zanzibar)
      • Geniocratic Republic of Tanganyika (Formed in 2056)
      • Sultanate of Zanzibar (Declared Independence from Tanganyika)


  • Flag of Chukotka (New Union) Chukotka Socialist State: LG


Mod Application

Need more mods. Add yourself to the list, describe why you want to be a mod, and you may be chosen to become a mod :D


Additional Pages

Pages that are part of the Discord (Map Game) cannon.


Flag of IrelandThe Great Kingdom of Ireland: Would like to ask for an emergency UN Security Council Committee

  • Korea | Solace: I give permission.

Categories Remain or Go?

It has come to attention that there has been recent disagreements over whether the categories should be removed or left alone. What should be done with the categories?

The poll was created at 14:39 on May 17, 2017, and so far 23 people voted.

Referendums in Canada

Should there be independence referendums located in the former Canada regarding Korean Canada, US Canada, SPFA Canada and Franco-German Canada? It varies on what states would come out ot this, but it would provide the world with new opportunities (United Canada would not exist). Competition means advancing in technology, and more allies will become available, and trade partners. Should there be Independence referendums in The former Canada?

The poll was created at 06:13 on May 16, 2017, and so far 27 people voted.

Church Militant

What should the armed forces of the Catholic Church be like?

The poll was created at 11:47 on May 13, 2017, and so far 39 people voted.


Discord's fate

The poll was created at 23:03 on May 24, 2017, and so far 33 people voted.




Mod Event: After Christian Truth activities have reached an all time high, a massive uprising occurs in Paris. The Holy Frankish Empire is proclaimed, with its flag raised over the Eiffel Tower. The Gendarme are quick to react, but soon overrun by their forces. At the same time, the Christian States of America show a sudden boost in power, invading the states of Kansas, Tenessee and Oklahoma. The Pope speaks out against this, stating the Christian Truths are blind followers. In Eastern Siberia, the Democratic Republic of Sakhalin, Chukotka Socialist State, Eastern Sakha Empire and the Amur-Khabarovsk Union form the Far East League, after seeing Russian advance and not wanting to give up their hard won independence. Turkey begins to fall apart in the face of the Italo-Bulgarian invasion, with thousands deserting the Turkish Army as much of the southern provinces fall to Italy while house-to-house fighting is currently taking place in Istanbul with the Bulgarians. The CFSA collapses entirely in South Africa, Tanzania, Angola, and most of Zimbabwe, leaving only Zambia and the northern areas of Zimbabwe still under Communist jurisdiction. The cities of Benghazi and Sirte in Libya-Tunisia fall to the notorious Al-Afriqia, and the Al-Afriqian flag files over these cities.

  • Estandarte Imperial de Rusia Russia: We continue our invasion of Karelia with 70,000 ground troops and 10,000 paratroopers, supported by 48 aircraft. This is the largest scale operation that the reformed Russian Armed Forces have taken part in. [Mod Response] [Secret] The General Staff begins to plan an invasion of the Far East, which is estimated to be quick since those countries are largely ethnic Russian and have no identities of their own. Operatives of our secret police, the Okhrana, are sent into those regions to carry out reconnaissance and sabotage operations ahead of our invasion. [/Secret] Meanwhile, we continue developing our agricultural, oil-gas, and technological sectors of the economy and to spend much of the new funds to improve the infrastructure and standard of living throughout the country. Various opposition parties that rival the ruling SRN party have been successfully campaigning, creating a united coalition and promising to have a referendum to decide the country's form of government, namely if it will be a monarchy or republic. They have been gaining ground. Meanwhile, Russian prime minister Prince Golitsyn visited the 2nd Slavic League Summit held in Zagreb, where the four member states again invited Serbia and Ukraine to join. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Serbia decides to become a member state, however Ukraine does not respond. There is evidence they acknowledged your offer though, with possibly secret discussions occurring as to whether they join the League or not.
  • KOREA-FLAG Korea: The second mission to Mars will begin in 2060, and will carry four Korean, two Indonesian, one Filipino, one Papuan, and two New Zealander astronauts. Infrastructure becomes a new priority, as massive industrialization and modernization of smaller villages and further futurization of larger cities continues.
    • People s democratic republic of the philippines by pdrpulanglupa-d6lvdly Philippines: We continue production of robotic soldiers. Currently, we have created 400,000.
    • Communist Canada 1 Soviet Canada: Current deaths at the Calgary Labor Camp total to 67,282. The camp will be closed next year. Korean military bases begin construction.
    • New Zealand/Aotearoa: We thank the Republic of Korea for their kind actions by letting two New Zealanders be part of the 2060 mission to Mars. The New, New Zealand government officially changes the name of the state to the maori denomination Aotearoa with the first approval of the Korean government. Our military gathers balance again after the slaughter that was the Malayan deployment, condemning the former government's deployment. Hemi Dyson is made the leader of the new great nation and, in less than a decade, the country undergoes a massive education system overhaul. Infrastructure is also improved and the police are given more powers to hunt out the monsters that are those that oppose the new state of Aotearoa and the mighty leader that is the Republic of Korea.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: We continue to fight the Islamic Truth in Libya-Tunisia, we send 25,000 troops to Benghazi and 15,000 troops to Sirte to support Libya-Tunisia in retaking these cities, along with Libya-Tunisian Army (total estimated: ≥100,000 troops to Benghazi and ≥80,000 troops to Sirte) [Mod Response Needed]. We also pull our troops from Zambia to Libya. We ask every members of Alliance of Peace (esp. China, SPFA, Italy) to support us in operations against Al-Afriqia in Libya-Tunisia [Players/Mod Response Needed]. We also condemn the Frankish States and CSA, but we are sure that Franco-German Empire and the USA can control that without any foreign supports, as former President Pavel Paraschiv said, "Franco-Germany and the United States are powerful nations, they will defeat all their enemies easily". However, we offer supports to Alpine Confederation in case if the Frankish manage to attack them [Player Response Needed]. We keep 4,000 troops in Zambia to eliminate the remaining communists, the operation is now led by China. [Secret] We plan to attack Buddhist Truth of Tibet, we ask China to conduct military operations in Tibet, as well as in India against the Hindu Truth [Player Response Needed]. We continue to build infrastructure, skyscrapers are built in major cities. We also continue to build flyovers and railways. We plan on build "floating island", but it will take many years to create that. We announce that we will build underground residences to public. [Secret] We continue to build secret military bases, we also plan to create robotic soldiers [End Secret]. We recruit 20,169 troops. We also continue to upgrade our technology. In Mars, we start to expand our colony.
    • Romanian-occupied Moldova: It is currently under military occupation. There, we start to rebuild cities after long-time war. We hold referendum for next status of Moldova. (I open poll)
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We thank Romania for their concern and agree to let them help if the Holy Frankish Empire decides to invade us.
  • The Great Kingdom of Ireland establishes the policy of 3 children per family (obligatory), and encourages families to have more children, with following these policies the government will award them with certain benefits. Kingdom of Ireland increases its military by 200% (militants as "occupation") and with its new conscription policy of mandatory service and availability at the age of 17 its army is increased almost by 100%. Fund os for mi,Italy uses are increased by 60% as for to improve the fdefense planes and navy, it also founds the Defense and Military Program to investigate new designs on warfare planes, submarines, rockets, missiles and navy. (Secret) General O'Connell proposes this policiy in order to prepare and set an attack on Great Britain (Secret). King Mark Doren I reforms the energy rules and increases its funding by 30% in order to take advantage mainly of hydraulic energy and wind-powered energy to booost its economy. Kingdom of Ireland condemns the Christian Truth States and its actions. Ireland leaves on the table a proposal to Franco-German as for to diminish the uprisings. [Player Response]
  • Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svgRepublic of China: Tang ZhenKang of the Geniocratic Party barely wins the election against the former president. His first act as head of state is to announce a flag and constitutional change that will happen in 2056. In Africa, we send our troops deeper into Zambia [Mod Response] We keep Tanzania occupied with our soldiers. The POMB is finally finished construction and is now occupied 700 000 solders.
    • Mod Response: Chinese Troops push into Far Northeast Zambia, where they are opposed by Communists, and praised by villagers, wishing for their homelands to have democracy restored. Most of Northern Province and roughly 45% of Muchinga province are captured.
  • Flag of Spain (1945 - 1977) Spain: We establish an autonomy in the Western Sahara, called Tamazgha. We hope to bring the Sahara up to date in technology and Human Development as they are far behind the First World. Recent protests in Porto and Lisbon suggest the people want a full on Union, with the two Monarchs discussing a referendum, suggesting the date of 2058. We create yet another autonomy in The North Africa Territory, called the Rif.
    • Flag of Saharui Tamazgha: Berber Nationalists take control of the autonomy and begin to expel Arabs, relocating them to the former Morocco. We call for autonomous regions in Franco-German Africa, similar to Franco-Germany Algeria, specifically in Azawad and Agadez (Franco-German Response Needed). Laayoune begins to be modernized, with large buildings and high tech devices covering the city, similar to Tokyo, Japan. People begin to move to the settlement in great numbers, with Laayoune reaching 2.6 million people in just the past few years. A group of explorers traversing the Sahara Desert have found a small area mostly surrounded by canyons and Sand Dunes. When they arrive and enter this area, they discover something much more exciting, which is dated to have landed on the Earth in 2002. Its Discovery is only told to the government, and will be kept secret. It will be entered in the coming months, with great caution, as we do not know what it is, where it came from or why it is here.
    • The Landing
      Flag of Rif Rif: We begin to help The Spanish Space Program, operating all the tests in our territory. We begin to build a launch site for reusable rockets, and hope to build starships by 2070.
  • 1024px-Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Kingdom of Italy: The Kingdom of Italy and the Republic of Italy have decided to reunite under the one flag of Italy in order to reignite the dying legacy of the nation. The government is being integrated, while a new constitution is being written for Italy including the roles and responsibilities of the King. The Invasion of Turkey continues, with the Garibaldi and 25 (14 given to the Italia Invicta) ships being deployed to the Dardenelles and Bosphorus to provide air support and naval support for the Battle of Istanbul (Mod response). After the losses from major battles, the 550,000 men are either dead or seriously wounded. With 2,000,000 newly conscripted troops, the total numbers are 3,335,0000 troops supported by 300 fighters, 90 CAS, and 90 bombers, as well as the aircraft carrier Italia Invicta and 25 ships. The invasion force prepares for a defensive as they expect a full scale Turkish attack, and so the Garibaldi line is heavily fortified with multiple layers of defences supported by artillery. The troops appear to be overstretched with some gaps appearing in the line. (Secret) The gaps in the line are deliberate and are made so that the Turkish army will launch a full scale attack on these gaps, where they will initially push through but then once through will be heavily bombarded by artillery and all available air support, and then encircled and crushed by camouflaged units. This is meant to completely crush Turkish military power (Mod response)(Secret). More troops are conscripted, with 500,000 more being trained. To aid the Bulgarians, 300,000 troops are sent to help take Istanbul (Mod response). To help the Georgian and Armenians, 200,000 troops along with the Italia Invicta, and 39 ships and air support are sent to help invade (Mod response). (Secret) The Turkish generals planning the coup are told to start it. If they succeed or fail, agents are placed to cause widespread destruction and unrest (Mod response)(Secret). (Secret) The leaders of the 2,000,000 foreign militias are approached and asked to revolt in order to secure the independence of their countries. (In case of failure )If not the government holds a bet, saying that this year, if the Turks can defeat the Italian without their help, then they can join, but if the Turks fail to repulse the Italians then they must join us (Mod response) (Secret) The Italian Legion is established for Italian expatriates and foreigners to join (Mod response). The Italians ask the Pope to endorse the invasion to stop the persecution of Christians in Turkey and to destroy the tyrannical government (Mod response). In order to finally be able to push back, 2,000,000-3,000,000 will be drafted, the final amount to avoid fully draining the resources available.Automobile and munitions industry are subsidised and due to additional growth in demand, the factories begin expanding and improving.
    • Mod Response: The Battle of Istanbul is a bloody one, with Turkish troops holding the line as best they can as they know if Istanbul is lost, Turkey is lost. Bulgarian support from the north enables a smoother, but not easier invasion into the city. Continuous bombing continues. The Turkish coup begins in Ankara, with the Emperor unsuccessfully assassinated, but heavily wounded. Certain territories fall into civil war after Kurdish rebels seize this opportunity. The Pope encourages the Christian population to rise against their oppressors for the greater good. Georgian and Armenian advance is successful, as Turkish troops are mostly concentrated in Istanbul. After a few rounds of blitzkrieg style conflict, both sides have made a temporary truce, until news of the Emperor's assassination reach. The battle continues, with Armenian and Georgian forces fighting towards Kar, a strategic point in the Eastern Front. The Turkish army notices the gaps, but sends a scout force first. In an attempt to not ruin the surprise, the scouts are allowed to retrieve false information and bring it back to their masters, which will only further disorient the empire.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: Headlines are made as extraterrestrial life has been discovered on Europa. Named Cryaquai Europus, the small squid like creature appears to have a unique chemical composition allowing fluorescent markings on its skin to attract prey, but still unknown if this is a natural feature or a symbiotic relationship with bioluminescent bacteria. We are worried about the Holy Frankish Empire's formation, and fear it may expand towards us. All known Christian Truths members are imprisoned until further notice. We begin experimenting with exotic matter, and with the new particle accelerator in Austria, we plan on creating and keeping a wormhole stable for a certain amount of time. AQuatIC X will be working on this project as well. Another Martian colony is planned, with the site being on Mons Olympus, which will also serve as an international space port. Project Titan exoskeletons enter production, and are also looked into as an alternative to traditional space suits.
  • USA Flag DiscordUnited States of America: We begin the year with more towards what is starting to be called the "Second American Civil War", We begin a full scale invasion of the Christian States of America, enlisting 2.6 million soldiers, and 3.6 million robotic prototype soldiers. [Mod Response on Invasion] The Martian Colony is finished construction ahead of time due to software upgrades to the engineer droids on New Washington. It is ferried over in pieces by Plasma Rockets, and is expected to have finished assembly by 2057. We begin using the missiles on New Washington for a better purpose than the annihilation of Enemy Cities. We launch 5 missiles at the Martian ice caps to try and begin a terraforming process, on the ice cap farthest from the colony, dubbed New Philadelphia. [Mod Response on Melting Ice Caps] The First Kiehlmeier class starships are completed, and are patrolling the skies above New Washington, to prevent any attack that might ensure the destruction of the colony. New Washington and New Philadelphia are both granted status as full on parts of the union. We also begin the construction of a test colony in Antarctica for a possible colonization mission to Europa. We begin hunting down Four Truths operatives within American Borders, imprisoning them in maximum security prisons. (secret) We begin a project, codenamed Project Lioness, which is focused on the creation of a "Warp Drive". We ask the Alpine Confederation to help us in secret with this project. [Alpine Response Required] (end secret) We begin mining the Lunar Surface.
    • Mod Response: Terraforming Mars is found to take a longer time, since the temperature on Mars keeps the ice caps from melting. However, the large explosions are able to melt off most of the surface water, but the water freezes during the night of the explosion. 700,000 troops defect due to religiousness, however, many states are liberated outside of Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, and southern Alabama. Many rebellious adults and teenagers take to the streets of the US occupied states and begin causing large riots. These riots culminate in most of the liberated states being re-under CSA control.
      • Side note: The ability to produce vast amounts of robotic soldiers, build and fly large spaceships to orbit Mars, finish setting up a Martian colony ahead of time, and to fully still participate in a civil war at once is implausible. This is your 1/4 warning.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We agree to assist in the development of a warp drive based on the EM Drive schematics.
  • Hellenic Republic: Elections take place, with the nationalist party winning again.
    Greek elections 2054
    The rebuilding of the economy continues, with a large amount of new births. also, all major Greek cities are now connected with a maglev line. We offer Italy full military access if they agree to joint control of Turkey. We offer Franco-Germany a lease on the island of Karpathos (as a military base) in exchange for full paying of our debt, and investing into Greek infrastructure. Our new airplane, the Megálo geráki MK1, with German designs. We request American armor designs. Small-scale conscription is implemented.
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: We, seeing that the CFSA is all but defeated, divert 50,000 troops to Libya-Tunisia to fight the Al-Afriqian menace that has escaped there. We also demobilize half the army (around 1 million), as we have no reason to go to war now. We then push into the Zambian capital of Lusaka with our remaining 890,000 troops and try to take it to topple the Communist government once and for all [Mod Response needed]. We condemn the CSA and the Frankish Empire. On another note, we have managed to get our first unmanned satellite into space, and we hope to get our first man in space by next year, the first man on the Moon in 2062, and a Martian colony around 2065 - 2075.
    • Commiemozflag PR Mozambique: We invade Zambia with 150,000 troops [Mod Response Needed]. Other than that, the only thing of note is a drop in the anti-CFSA propaganda, as the CFSA is about to be defeated.
    • Flag of Reino Malawi Reino Malawi: We begin an incursion into Zambia with 120,000 troops [Mod Response Needed].
    • Swazi Free State: We send 23,000 troops to the war.
      • Mod Response: Lusaka, Zambia, with troop concentration from fall backs elsewhere, puts up a good fight, but is eventually taken after weeks of sieging and soldier exhaustion. Northern cities are quickly taken as well, effectively liberating the northern states. The remaining forces in North Zimbabwe and Zambia begin building a defensive line to hold the coalition out. 
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We bomb the known Christian truth bases immediately as well as arresting all the four truth spies in Australia [mod response needed] We start to build more buildings in the desert so Australia can become more populous. One of research ships the Yugon was investigating strange sightings of the unknown squid called the Kraken and we begin sending 2 frigates to search for the ship [mod response needed] their last transmission before we lost contact with them was "There's just so many of them it's a-". We begin extracting our spies from Bulgaria as the four truths base there is being abandoned due to us finding it's location [mod response needed]
    • Mod Response: Due to this, nearly all Christian Truths members go underground. The black box of the ship is found, and investigations indicate the hull was ruptured by a stray iceberg. Analysis of background noise in the final 30 minutes indicate they were referencing a violent hailstorm. Your spies are successfully extracted from Bulgaria. They found nothing in the base except for a handwritten note signed by Sergeant General Alex Zilline, saying "Nice try, but you'll need a lot more than spies to get information."


Mod Event:  Zambia and Zimbabwe experience a coup which finishes off the weak communist governments, and ask for a ceasefire with the coalition. Mthwakazi and Barotseland declare independence, seeing a chance to finally separate from their respective controlling powers. Distrust brews within the Australian government, with rumors of a mole in the government leaking information to Sergeant General Alex Zilline, now the King of the Holy Patagonian Kingdom. The Holy Frankish Empire begins expansion into Belgium using chemical weapons. Analysis by Franco-German intelligence indicate that trace amounts of mustard and Sarin gas are being used on the military, with an unknown substrate causing the most damage. This raises attention to the rumored Australian chemical weapons program. Many critics label the discovery in Spanish Sahara a hoax, but do not have any solid proof to back their claims. Islam Truths attacks begin in the Peninsula Communist Arab Republic, inciting revolution similar to the Arab Spring in other Communist Arab Republics. Libya-Tunisia becomes the target of Al-Afriqian attacks, which soon take over the nation and enforce military rule. The government has fled to Italy for asylum. The Christian States of America begin offensives in Virginia and the Carolinas. A defector from the CSA speaks of horrors, including concentration camps for people who do not practice Four Truths related religion and resistors, propaganda on every surface, martial law, 72 hour solitary confinement for "sinful behaviour" and other barbaric practices. Karelia is occupied by Russia, however, rumors spread that Finland and the Baltic States are planning something massive to combat the rise of Russia. Belize declares independence from the United States, claiming if anything, they belong to Guatemala. Many US states begin discussing Declaration of Independence, and decide the US is no longer a viable country. Montana is the first to declare independence, saying "We have basically been sovereign for our entire state's time, and now, our people have decided it will be offical. We have many Canadian Refugees, and our own citizens, and they are prepared to fight for this country. We will not give up, we will prevail." Riots begin in Guyana. Rumours spread that an Orthodox Four Truths Nation is about to rise up, but no evidence is shown yet.

  • Canadian Rebels: With the Americans occupied with taking over the Christian States of America, we form a resistance group, numbering 400,000 strong. We send 30,000 men to take over Vancouver island, for a stronghold. [Mod Response Needed] With many of us being ex military, we find 150,000 drones in hidden storage areas, and use them, along with 50,000 men, to try and take back southern B.C under American control. [Mod Response Needed] We also begin a secret propaganda campaign, trying to get our fellow Canadians on our side. [Top Secret] We are receiving funding from New Canada, and use this money to recruit more people. [End Secret]
    • Mod Response: Vancouver Island is kept under US Control, as they appeared to have military on the piece of land, and the Canadians failed to win them over. Taking over British Columbia is not a success, with not even a single town under Canadian control. Canadian people have begun riots against your organisation, claiming they are better off now with The US than they ever were with you. The Resistance movement is essentially disbanded.
  • Flag of IrelandThe Great Kingdom of Ireland - The 3 children policy is working perfectly and is really encouraging the citizens to have more children. Our population increases approx. 144, 000 per year, making it in the long term (10 years) to be increased by 1 million per 10 years. The conscription program has increased the military index to 900,000 when it was at first 9,137 + reserve. The Defense and Military Program has been developing nuclear weapons,as well research is taking place to build up laser-based weapons with a reach of 10 km to begin with. Additionally the DMP has build up blueprints of warfare - spaceships wafare subamrines and the new tanks, theseare planned to e manufactured as of two to five years to get a hundred of each. King Mark is asking for permission to Russia, Spain and SPFA to allow troops to come into their territory for training purposes (extreme conditions-locations) (RUSSIA, SPAIN AND SPFA RESPONSE) Ireland calls for an emergency meeting with the UN States as for to dialogue the matter of the Four Truths overwhelming power and the measures to counterattack these terrorists groups which convey acts of violence, extremism, radiacalism and chaos. (PLAYERS AND MOD RESPONSE) Ireland will take the required measures and supports any kind of counter power which wished to diminish these forces. (BEGINS SECRET) The monarch offers its alliance and aid to the United States, Peninsula Communist Arab Republic, Franco-German Empire and any other country which is having disruption with the Four Truths. (END OF SECRET) Commander O`Connel commences the invasion of Northern Ireland with 200,000 troops. (MOD RESPONSE)
    • Mod Response: The United Kingdom responds by launching counter offensives to Dublin, but Northern Ireland is taken before the British can do anything. A quick peace treaty leaves Ireland unified.
    • Ireland DIP: The Irish Population is cherished by these news, as for once a divided nation now stands an independent nation over the monarchy rule. Although, they would also like to stay unified with Great Britain. (MOD REPONSE) Talks between the nations could be possible.
    • SPFA:We accept.
    • Russian Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Grocflag Geniocratic Republic of China: New changes to the constitution only allow the top 30% most intelligent people to vote, and only the 10% most intelligent are allowed to run for office. A nation wide test will be taken every 5 years, in the year after an election to find these percentages. Certain jobs, such as the professions, also have an IQ requirement but this varies depending on the job. Propaganda begins to depict the ideal person as being highly intelligent. Schools begin teaching that the body and mind should grow together. The people who voted for Tang ZhenKang are happy about these changes, however others view them as an infringement on their human rights. We ask occupied Tanzania to take up similar changes to the constitution under threat of total annexation [Mod Response] We continue to spread west into CFSA territory [Mod Response] Although it was delayed, the Ganymede rover has finally arrived. It hasn't found anything yet, but the Chinese Space Agency remain hopeful that they will make a discovery.
  • Mod Response: Fearing annexation by China, The Sultanate of Zanzibar declares independence from Tanzania, and The newly formed Tanganyika is quick to rewrite their constitution and establish the Geniocratic Republic of Tanganyika. Other nations around the world begin to notice this, and consider government changes.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We have successfully kept a wormhole large enough to send radio waves through it for 5 minutes at most. This causes great debate within the scientific community. For now, a more developed device will be created to enable instantaneous communication with extraterrestrial colonies. The Alpine-Franco-German border is fortified to prevent spillover from the Holy Frankish Empire. Our armies are on standby to retaliate if they try anything funny. We launch components for the Olympus colony site to Mars, and the colonists will arrive in 2060 latest. A new laser air defense system is developed and tested over the Adriatic. A mock nuclear missile was launched, but was completely shredded before it reached the height of its trajectory. As of 2056 all Windows OS computers are out of use, replaced by the new Harmony OS computers, which have 720 TB of RAM and more than 360 PB of storage. Carbon nanotubes have replaced silicon in transistors after 2021, during the end of Moore's law. Lab grown meat begins to be introduced to the market. Genjiorsius Hyrdocrius, a jellyfish-like creature discovered in Europa is believed to be the prey of Cryaquai Europus.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: After we figured out that Alex Zilline's fake death in Chile we once again begin tracking his plane which just left from Italy for some reason and plan a strike team when he lands. This includes special agent Matthew doughtery who has been spying on the four truths since the Vatican crisis and eventually got promoted to 3rd in command of the Christians truths. Due to this great deal of information we also bomb Christian truth bases and use multiple strike forces on their locations while also trying to kill Zilline [mod response needed]. We send a long range communication ship into the Bermuda Triangle hoping to find what lurks In there after recharge of the 200 year old cyclops washed up on Perth in the morning [mod response needed] Because of the spy in one of our bases it would have to be one of the 16 vaults we built and we narrow it down to vault 7. That person is lead nuclear specialist director of Project elquizino as we caught an audio of him contacting Alex Zilline. We send one of our best strike teams as we do not want a repeat of him escaping onto a plane [mod response needed] We have reports of adventures who found an ancient city of an unknown civilisation underground. We keep the discovery to ourselves and from the public and begin studying them trying to find information of their origins as well as the unknown glowing, dark blue diamond in the middle of the city [mod response needed]
    • ​Mod Response: Multiple assassination attempts are made, all failing. All Christian Truth activities have gone underground in Australia. The expedition to the Bermuda Triangle comes back empty handed. Analysis of the alleged cyclops indicates it is a decomposing whale carcass that supposedly died from a shark attack. The director, Horace Miles, escapes to Peru after being pursued by Australian forces despite the multiple strike teams. Along with his escape is the disappearance of several files. The reported underground civilization is investigated, and proven to be nothing more than the explorers suffering from hallucinations in an underground cave formation. The alleged glowing dark blue diamond is just a colony of bioluminescent fungi.
  • Flag of Spain 2 Spain We adopt the Civil Ensign as our new national flag, as we believe it makes more sense. Spanish people see what has happened in China, and many are calling for a Geniocratic Government to be installed in Spain. The Caudillo says "I will happily abdicate in the event of a Spanish Decision to change their system of government, as I will not stand in the way of their ambitions." Rebuilding of Madrid continues. The Space Program launches a new satellite, the Tauro, which aims to scan the cosmos following our discovery of the Unidentified Flying Object in Far eastern Tamazgha, which many critics claim is a hoax (We Laugh at this). We continue to build Reusable Starships, with the first complete by 2060. We begin to work on Levitation Technology, hoping to establish Levitating Objects and other works. Education becomes primary, passing a law making it illegal to leave school before the age of 17. We recognize the Four Truths right to self-determination, but still condemn their work. We ask Korea and Alpine Confederation for a three-robotics project (Korean and Alpinian Response Needed). The Organización Española de Robótica (OEDR) is established in Granada, where all robotics work is experimented with and eventually created.
    • Flag of Saharui Tamazgha: We begin exploration of the UFO in the Far Eastern Sahara, discovering strange objects within the ship, all with futuristic components. It appears whatever owned this ship tampered with Robotics, or at least, that is what it seems to be.
    • Flag of Rif Rif: We continue building ships and launchers for Spain.
  • USA Flag DiscordUnited States of America: We launch a counter offensive on the Christian Truth led Christian States of America, With our reserve being activated, We push back against these insurgents with 2.8 million Cybernetic Soldiers and 3.6 million Human Personnel. [Mod Response Required] We ask the secessionist states if they would be happy with more autonomy and a re-written Constitution. [Mod Response Required] We begin a limited conscription. This adds an approximate 4.6 million men to the Military, and we divert many consumer goods producing factories to Cybernetic Soldier construction facilities. We ask our allies in the UoIM to help us crush these insurgents. [UoIM Response Required] We also begin adding incentives to joining Military jobs, providing that when they retire from military service they shall be able to receive government scholarships to high ranking schools. We add a pre-requisite to becoming President, needing an IQ of over 170. This makes many people think that the US is following the lead of China and Spain and becoming a Geniocracy.
  • Mod Response: Pushing into the Christian States is successful, with more territory captured from them. Oklahoma, Arkansas and North Carolina secede from the CSA, after your announcement of more autonomy in the United States. Utah would like to be given greater autonomy than the other states (US Response Needed). The Republic of Montana sends some of its military to fight against the CSA, hoping to defeat them, with America's help.
  • KOREA-FLAG Korea: Infrastructure continues to improve. With the rise of Canadian Rebels within British Colombia, we extend our troop support in the region for another five years. We send 1,000,000 workers to Soviet Canada as to begin the process of rebuilding the area. We ask for a non-aggression pact with Russia [Russian Response Needed]. We ask that the Franco-German Empire allow us to move into the region so that we may annex the Malay Federation [Franco-German Response Needed]. We plan to secede a portion of Soviet Canada, as to please the citizens and to stop further rebellions. The state, for the first decade, will remain an autonomous territory of Korea. After that decade, the territory will be independent. We will start this process next year.
    • People s democratic republic of the philippines by pdrpulanglupa-d6lvdly People's Republic of Philippines: We continue building robotic soldiers.
    • 01XtZKy Socialist Republic of Papua New Guinea: We begin to make fun of Australia and their government, as their supposed discovery of cyclops is humorous, especially when it turns out to be nothing.
    • Communist Canada 1 Soviet Canada: There is a total of 1,200,000 troops stationed in Soviet Canada. President Clayton McCarty continues to reform education, as well as spreading vast amounts of propaganda that shows that the original Canadian government is bad, and that Soviet Canada is the only good Canadian government. Infrastructure begins to improve, as Korea provided workers. So far, 143,292 people have died at the Calgary Labor Camp before it's shutting down. President McCarty states a speech about the Labor Camp: "The Calgary Labor Camp is now being shut down. We are happy to say that outside of reducing the number of criminals in our prisons, we have also reduced crime as well. Many concerned citizens have asked me about the elections, and I'm proud to announce that not only is Soviet Canada becoming an autonomous state of Korea instead of a vassal, multi-party elections will begin in 2060, and will cycle every 5 years."
    • CommunistIndonesiaFlag2 Soviet Islands of Indonesia: WIP.
    • Franco-German Union Flag Franco-German Response: Occupation of the Malay Federation is gladly handed over to the Soviet Islands, and, by extension, Korea.
  • Hellenic Republic: As our economy is prospering, and our military is sufficient, these areas receive less funding. However, conscription continues, and intelligence capabilities are increased. Now, much funding goes into our education system, and a nationalized K-17 education system with up to 10 years of college. We ask Alpine Confederation for a research treaty [PLAYER RESPONSE NEEDED]. Our new military, and our new air force,  launch an invasion of Cyprus, hoping to quickly annex it due to its large Greek population [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. Also, construction of a new navy begins.
  • Mod Response: Southern Cyprus is under your control, however, once again due to outside intervention, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is declared. The Greek people are happy to be apart of their home, but the Turks begin riots. Your military crushes most of them, and so the remaining Turks retreat to the North.
  • Brazil1SPFA:We demand the Holy Patagonian Kingdom Surrender as their Leadership is destroyed, their military Bases turned to rubble.[Mod Response needed]. We send in the Invincibles to Capture the Leader of The Patagonian Empire stating that "Some very Important People in Australia are waiting to get their hands on him.[Mod Response needed].
    • British Colombia:We ask the Koreans to stand down as we got British Columbia secured with SPFA's Military Personnel.All hopes of Resistance is Futile as our leader Gives a speech to the public stating that "We will provide you safety and All of your basic Amenities that you need.the Resistance is trying to make you wade into a war for absolutely nothing. You have your Freedom. Why do they want to fight for it?"
  • Flag of Romania Romania: WIP
  • Franco-German Union Flag Franco-German Empire: Immediate action is taken against the Holy Frankish Empire. Every single one of our soldiers is equipped with gas masks in order to combat mustard and sarin gas used by the Four Truths operatives (for both defense and offense), with us condemning Australia and blaming them for the power of the nations of the Four Truths, as well as chemical attacks on French citizens and military personnel alike. We send 25,000,000 soldiers of our own into the Holy Frankish Empire (equipped with high-grade gas masks, of course.) These soldiers main goal is to retake Paris. The squadrons split the soldiers in half, with 12,500,000 landing via naval ships as well as the first two Franco-German valkyrie-class military airship, the Golden Phoenix as well as La Fierté Franco-Allemande (French), Deutsch-Deutscher Stolz (German), or the Franco-German Pride. The other half of soldiers invade via the Franco-German border with the Franks. We believe wholeheartedly that the fall of Paris would be the fall of the Holy Franks. [Mod Response]. Two million soldiers are also sent into the United States to help with the Christian States. Speaking of the Four Truths taking over Paris, Emperor Bonaparte VI managed to escape, and has now arrived in the newly-found vassal state of Franco-german quebec flag Franco-German Québec specifically in [REDACTED]. Carl Friedrich also died this year, being age 72, outlasting his father by seven years. A week of mourning is planned for the death of the first German Emperor of the Franco-German Empire, with his funeral being broadcasted live on television. Representatives from Korea, the United States, Indonesia, and monarchies around the world are requested to attend to Friedrich's funeral. There are plans to be 350,000 soldiers stationed around the mausoleum at Charlottenburg, where Carl Friedrich will be buried next to his predecessor, Wilhelm I. [Mod/Player Response]. Friedrich's son, Klaus Friedrich I of Brandenburg, age 34. The new emperor's coronation is held on April 9th, 2056, his 34th birthday. The two emperors of Franco-Germany seem to get along quite well, despite Napoleon VI being ancient and Klaus being relatively young. Parliamentary elections are also postponed until 2057 - seeing with the Reconquest being so active and all, although the emperors are mostly concerned about the worrying growth of a communist party, the Arbeiterpartei von Franken-Deutschland (German), Parti des travailleurs de Franco-Allemagne (French) or the Workers' Party of Franco-Germany, though this is held secret from the public.
    • Franco-german algeria Franco-German Algeria: Our Prime Minister, Khaldun Bouchiba, sends our diplomat to the Franco-Germans, Yazid Benchabla to the funeral of Emperor Carl Friedrich, sending our immediate condolences to our overlords. We also assist them in the War against the Holy Franks, sending 300,000 Algerian soldiers to fight alongside their Franco-German brothers.
    • Franco-german quebec flag Franco-German Québec: Emperor Napoleon and his family is welcomed into his puppet state of Québec with open arms from his escape from the royal palace in Paris. The Prime Minister, Elséar Dasilva, has had hundreds of workers working on a Quebecois palace for Napoleon within [REDACTED], Québec, where he currently resides, patiently waiting for the reconquest of the Holy Frankish Empire. Elséar also sends condolences to the German areas of the Empire, sending Alexandre Bérard to the funeral of Carl I.
      • Mod Response: Despite your high grade gas masks, an unknown chemical manages to poison your soldiers. With many casualties, the squadron does not make much advance and barely reaches Paris. The King of the Holy Frankish Empire laughs at this assault, calling it "a pathetic attempt at defying the hand of God".
  • Flag of IrelandThe Great Kingdom of Ireland - King Mark Doren sends his and the nation`s condolences to the to the Franco-German Empire and the Friedrich Dynasty. King Mark Doren confirms its assistance and will bring Queen Aideen and their two children Prince Liam and Princess Aine to the funeral along with 20 Secret Celtic-Royal Service bodyguards. We congratulate the safe-travel of Emperor Bonaparte IV and cherish the coronation of Klaus Friedrich I. As well, King Mark would like to have give its forces and alliance to the Franco-German Empire into attacking the Holy Frankish Empire.
    • 25px|border Franco-German Response: Both Bonaparte and Friedrich thank King Doren for his condolences, also accepting their alliance and request to send volunteer forces into the Holy Frankish Empire.
      • Flag of IrelandThe Great Kingdom of Ireland: We send 600,000 soldiers into the command of the General of the Franco-German Army. We also send supplies and weaponry with the still being-worked, but functioning prototype of the laser pistols which reach 100mt at the most and 5 mts at least; the 10 km laser cannon still is being worked on.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: The "Second Civil War" in America has put Mexico's national security as the top priority. This decision has been reinforced with validity after a skirmish at the Texas border with band of Christian States' troops. Luckily, there were no casualties, and it lasted for three minutes. We really hate the Christian States of America rebels and want to assist the U.S. in suppressing them, but our constitution prohibits Mexican soldiers from leaving Mexican soil without a declaration of war. And the "Christian States of America" is not a legitimate nation, so war cannot be declared. [Secret] We offer to assist the United States through other means. We offer to assist the U.S. by helping to provide supplies and money in their fight against the rebels. We also offer to commit espionage against the rebels to assist the U.S. [End Secret] In other news, The last Mexican soldier has left Peru, and the Republic of Peru has been reestablished with Lima as its capital. A treaty was signed between Mexico and Peru that guarantees that Mexico will protect Peru's sovereignty from all kinds of threats. [U.S. response needed]
  • Estandarte Imperial de Rusia/Flag of Russia Russia: This year's legislative election is won by a coalition of anti-monarchist republican parties, who gained a slim majority over the pro-tsarist Union of Russian People and Fatherland Front when combined with some smaller fringe parties that gained some seats as well. The new prime minister, Prince Pavel Lvov, heeds calls to hold a referendum on the monarchy as promised. The constitutional referendum results in the victory of the Yes vote (51.8%) in favor of restoring the Russian Federation now that the crisis is largely over and the strong leadership of the Tsar is not necessarily as needed. Tsar Alexander agreed to abdicate if that is the people's will, but announced that he will continue to be active in politics. With the passing of the referendum, Prince Lvov has become the Acting President of the Russian Federation with the Tsar's blessing until an election can be held next year to determine the new head of state. Meanwhile, Russian army forces have annexed Karelia into the new Federation. We ask the remaining states in the Far East and Siberia to rejoin the country. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: None of the Far eastern or Siberian states decide to join, again, explaining their hard won independence that they will valiantly fight for.
    • Russian Diplomacy: We ask what they mean since they are majority ethnic Russian.
    • Mod Response: They acknowledge their ethnicity, but feel less connected with the meaning of being Russian, due to their location far away from Moscow. 


Mod events: The Four Truths, due to the knowledge of the King of Patagonia, the former Australian Sergeant General and his fellow defectors from the Australian Chemical weapons program has created large amounts of high-grade chemical weapons. This knowledge has been distributed throughout the Four Truths nations, with secret research and production facilities in every country. A major strike in Europe takes place, against the Franco-German Empire in Berlin, and as well as the lands occupied by Franco-German troops which causes immense civilian casualties though minimal military casualties due to gas masks. Italy is targeted with the remnants of the Vatican and Rome being attacked again with chemical weapons deployed. Ireland has a minor strike in Dublin, with small amounts of chemical weapons being deployed due to their contribution to the invasion of the Holy Frankish Empire. In Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh are attacked by Four Truths forces and by chemical weapons. In England, London is attacked by the Four Truths, with chemical weapons being deployed at major religious sites, while the King of England and his family die when Buckingham Palace is assaulted by Four Truths forces. With the swift attack of the capitals of these nations, the Four Truths forces in both countries rise up and jointly declare the Holy British Empire, with their forces taking many major areas of the country is the chaos that follows. (You asked for a Four Truths strike on Europe and you got it. To be fair, my nation got hit in Rome and the Vatican again, if you want the casualty lists make one. Please tell me if this is excessive) According to the plan, New York is also attacked by chemical weaponry while in the SPFA, in response to the ultimatum, the Four Truths attack Rio de Janiero and Buenos Aires with chemical weapons. Finally Australia, has been threatened to stop attacks on the Four Truths, unless they want to be attacked. The Pope creates the Papal Legion, with starting with 20,000 men, while the Pope authorise the creation of religious militias in South America, and the rest of the world. The Four Truths chemical weapons supply, its troops, and funding have been seriously depleted by the size of this operation though now there are hundreds of thousands dead. No samples of the gas have been taken due to its volatile nature, although several respected chemists and toxicologists suggest it might be an organic toxin. Several Valkries attempting to lash back at significant control centers were not able to advance into HFE airspace due to a magentic resonance field that disrupt the ship's technology and radio signals. Meanwhile, Washington D.C. Falls to the CSA, as do Indiana, North Carolina and Ohio. In South America, Bolivia declares the re-establishment of the nation, gaining support from the Patagonian Empire.

  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: Australia is declared in a state of emergency and we declare martial law just before we bomb Hindustan bases [mod response needed] civilians from major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne as well as many others are evacuated into bunkers left over from the Third World War as a chemical strike will be imminent [mod response needed] We evacuate the main government officials to the PDN bunker where command will take over. We ask the nations that have joined PDN as well as Chile, USA, Mexico, Kingdom of Korea and New Zealand if they want to send their leaders to PDN before it's bunker closes [mod and player responses needed] We activate project Sinoman as we believe it is the time and if we are forced to operation shutdown. After Sinoman is activated we launch on Hindustan which will poison them with deadly Sarin gas as well as other chemical weapons combined into one of our 16 Sinoman missiles [mod response needed] We send out our Valkyries to also bomb the Buddhist truths in Tibet [mod response needed] Finally we try to see if the four truth's has a Sinoman missile as one strangely disappeared when the director escaped to Peru [mod response needed] due to fallout from the chemical weapons we hand out as many gas masks as we can.
    • Mod Response/Four Truths Response: Australia was warned not to attack us again, and they have ignored this. The Holy Christian Empire of Australia and Oceania is declared in Orange, New South Wales, and in Fremantle, Western Australia, with both gaining a significant amount of territory. The Central Coast is engulfed in explosions and chemicals, leading to an evacuation of The East Coast, because the Chemicals begin to leak into the ocean. The bombings of Hindustan prove to be semi-successful, with a few large military bases being defeated.
    • Korea: We explain to Australia that we will not follow suit, simply because Korea remains neutral in this conflict.
  • Flag of Spain 2 Spain: We warn the Four Truths not to attack us, as we have not attacked them. We do not take any side in the war against them, and wish to remain unharmed. However, if an attack on the Iberian Peninsula is a go, we shall send our greatest weapons to destroy you, and we are not afraid to torture your leader on live Television. STAY AWAY FROM THE IBERIAN PENINSULA. The Caudillo abdicates following a vote in the Parliament declaring a Geniocracy in Spain. This enables people only with an IQ higher than 105 to vote, and only people with an IQ of 150 can become Leader. Jamal Bahara, a Muslim Man with an IQ of 182, becomes the President of Spain, promising to bring Spain into the future, to make education A priority, and enable all citizens to have the best life they can. Rodriguez immediately decides a larger budget must be given to the OEDR, and gives it a 15% boost. The first Spanish semi-autonomous Artifical intelligence has become a reality, with drones and children's toys becoming much more advanced, Human Sized robots could be built by 2062. We hope to build robots for disaster rescues, crime fighting and possibly even warfare by 2095. Our reusable rockets have so far shown success, and our "starships" could be operational by 2060. We plan to mine on celestial objects, attempting to discover materials not found on Earth. Vertical farms begin construction, with many complete by 2065. 10 Spanish Astronauts are sent to space in the Zaragoza 1, a starship that was the first to complete construction, just Four Months ago. It is sent to Phobos, where it will be decided whether or not a colony is to be established next year. After this, it will travel to the Moon, where it will plant the Spanish Flag and start researching the ancient Grey satellite. President Bahara encourages Islam, teaching its history at school and hoping as many people as possible will convert to his faith. Our population is closing in on 60 million.
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: In the 2057 elections, the Geniocratic Party, headed by Pedro Silvano Muchinga, wins the elections with a margin of around 2%. newly-instated Prime Minister Pedro Muchinga establishes a Geniocratic Monarchy, saying that "Eradicating the monarchy at this point is almost impossible and would cause outrage among the upper and middle classes, but we, on behalf of the citizens of Mozambique, want a Geniocratic Republic. So I am here to announce to you a compromise: the Geniocratic Monarchy. King Alvarez will remain King, but this title will only be an honorary title, and the government will be run just like the Geniocratic Republics of China and Spain,". From this point on, only people over age 16 with an IQ of over 100 can vote, and only people over an IQ level of 155 can become the Prime Minister of Mozambique. The stance of Pedro Muchinga is vehemently pacifist, and he promises to "not get involved in any conflicts unless they threaten the safety and stability of our nation, and to use our resources not for warmongering, but for improving our technology and standards of living". All troops are called back from Libya-Tunisia, and the draft is disbanded, reducing the army to 30,000 troops. Most funds will now go to the MSAA (Mozambican Space and Aeronautics Agency), education, healthcare, recreational services, and improving infrastructure. A program to "futurize" Maputo is implemented, with the goal to modernize and innovate the city to incorporate modern views. Also, Air Mozambique is planning to expand its rage of flights across the world, and also incorporate supersonic airplanes into its airlines. Also, a Mozambican spacecraft, with an astronaut inside it, has returned to Earth, with the astronaut having suffered no injuries. We plan for a Moon landing by 2063, a Mars landing by 2070, and a lunar colony by 2075.
  • Grocflag GRoC: With the CFSA defeated, we send our troops home, however within 3 months 100 000 soldiers are sent into Tibet to combat and liberate the people of Four Truths [Mod Response] [Secret] We do not intend this to be a liberation, but rather a reconquest[End Secret] President ZhenKang makes a speech claiming that the rise of geniocracy in the world is proof of China's influence in the world, and the system's strength. This speech calms a lot of the people who were against geniocracy at first.
    • Mod Response: The Dalai Lama supports the Chinese liberation of Tibet. Mountain warfare is prominent, and both sides do not make much gains in the region as the border is mostly mountainous land.
  • USA Flag DiscordUnited States of America: We begin to launch a massive assault upon the Four Truths controlled Christian States of America. We use a massive force of 5.6 million Human Personnel and 3.6 million Cybernetic Soldiers. We begin conducting Air strikes on Port Cities of the CSA, and begin funding Christian Loyalist Militias to help combat the rebellion. [Mod Response Required] We stop allowing four truths refugees to enter the country, thinking that that will help stop the flow of troops from other Four Truths movements. We begin a naval blockade of the CSA to further hamper them, using 3 Aircraft Carriers, 7 Battleships, 17 Destroyers, 19 Submarines, and 27 Coastal Patrol Craft. [Mod Response Required] We begin a project called Project Follow Along, which is a program to continue developing technology and to match the technological advancements of our world. (Basically, 2-4 years after A country discovers something, I also have the knowledge of that something, and have mass produced it)
    • Mod Response: The CSA is pushed back significantly, with Washington D.C., Ohio and Delaware taken back under your control. The CSA attempt to take North Carolina, However they largely fail, which leads to a significant downfall on their side. However, Arkansas is taken by the CSA. Rumours of a Coup spread in the Christian States...
    • Flag of IrelandThe Great Kingdom of Ireland: Congratulate the fall of the Christian States and ask for the help of the Unites States of America an the Communist Confederation of American States for their help to bring down the Holy Frankish Empire and the Holy British Empire (Unites States of America an the Communist Confederation of American States Reponses)
    • Mod Response: We accept and will help fight them.
    • Flag of IrelandThe Great Kingdom of Ireland DIP: AAs for how many troops, artillery and miliatary "vehicles" can be sent? (Mod Response Needed)
  • Flag of IrelandThe Great Kingdom of Ireland: The Great Kingdom of Ireland condemns and is angered by the actions taken and attacks from the Four Truths. We begin a hunt and prohibit any allegiance or support to the Four Truths, we attack on the group and its allied population, and no the practise of any of these religions. (MOD RESPONSE) The Defense Program builds up as many as possible masks (5 million to cover the population and with a 900,000 surplus) in order to retaliate the attack and be prepared for any further attack, and are given to every single citizen. Bunkers are built on on former WW3 bases, and underground households are built in a year for prevention. All the civilians go into curfew and martial law for the call on a state of emergency , civils in Dublin are sent to these bases, and are set on the households as soon as they are built (we build bases in order to cover 6 million people all over the kingdom) and the street are cleaned by the Terrosirst-Counter-Attack Program and the Health National Department which just takes a week due to the magnitude of the attack not being so hazardous. Drills regarding any kind of attack on Ireland are being imparted by the Defense Program such as the evacuations to the bases, the take on supplies, use of gas maks and surviving skills. (SECRET) The Royal Family are quickly taken into the embassy in Berlin and King Doren is taken into the control bunker in Berlin (SECRET) (MOD RESPONSE)(FRANCO-GERMAN RESPONSE NEEDED) We send a message to the population confirming the Royal Family's safety and call on the peple to join the military to counter attack these forces. The population infuriated by the attack on their nartion join the military and the force comes up from 900,000 to 1.800.000 million (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED) A message for volunteering to help the nations in need to send supplies and search for survivors in which 1 million volunteer (PLAYERS RESPONSE NEEDED) The Defense and Military Program have advanced in the laser guns, it now reaches 1km, the 10 km laser cannon is set to be finished by the next year. It is encouraged by General O`Connel to build anti-chemical weapons defense artillery, it is being build on and it will take one year to effectively be set all over Ireland (the attack on Ireland is taken advantage of and remains are taking to build this) as well counter weapons are built and similar chemical weapons to be in the same line as the Four Truths which will be manufactured from this upon two years maximum. The blueprints of tanks , warfare ships and spaceships warfare will be finished in the next two years, its advance is succesful. We ask for the help of the US to start building cyberrobots for defense and attack purposes (US RESPONSE NEEDED). 200,000 militars are deployed in Siberia for training and other 200,000 in the Amazon Forest; the 600,000 are still battling the Holy Frankish Empire and with the attack on them 150,000 were the casualties, and the 1km laser guns are sent. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDEDEconomic crisis in Ireland escalates into 10% downfall, so the government will take on total warfare for one year and the substitution method to counter this crisis. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED) Taxes will go up 5% in order to aid in the crisis, the popualation is not satisfied with this, although they understand due to the events in the global agenda. Ireland gets in connection with the former Prime Minister as for to liberate Great Britain from the Four Truhts`Control and talks are being taken place in Belfast (the parliament is taking refuge in the city) and a possible unification after the liberation could be on the table. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDEDIreland creates the coalition of nations with the Resistance of Great Britain and the Irish Kingdom to battle and ally against the Four Truths and its actions called the International Coalition Against Four Truths and Extremism (ICAFTE) (MOD AND PLAYERS RESPONSE NEEDED) ''Ireland will receive refugees who flee the Holy British Empire and any other who flees these nations. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED)
  • Hellenic Republic: Cyprus is Annexed formally,however the northern half remains under the control of Turkish Resistance members. Our navy has a new battleship, The Athena, and 2 new destroyers. A token force is left with Cyprus, to keep order, and our main army Suddenly, our army launches a surprise attack on bulgaria, with our offensive split into 2. First half invades Macedonia, second half delays any attacking army [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]
    • Mod Response: Bulgaria loses little territory, as its military is much stronger than that of Greece's. Meanwhile, Crete, not wanting war, declares independence as the Republic of Crete. Bulgaria attempts to push into Thessaly, however is largely halted by Greek forces.
    • Spanish Response: We see this as a declaration of war against our alliance, and ask Italy and Franco-Germany if they will help us in assisting our ally, promising them both parts of Greece if that is their request (Italy and Franco-German Response Needed).
      • Hellenic Diplomacy: We request other powers stay neutral as bulgaria is rightfully greek. Also, we remind Franco-Germany of their obligations, as we have an alliance.
        • Spanish Response 2: Our leader laughs at the response from Greece, as they do not know anything if they think Bulgaria is rightfully Greek. We tell Franco-Germany having an alliance with Greece is not worth it, as the nation is very weak and does not profit you At all. Having them gone would deal with yet another nuisance who is not worth having. We ask Russia to defend their Majority Slavic brother (Russian/Italian/Franco-German Response Needed).
          • Hellenic Diplomacy:Bulgaria is rightfully greek, as since WW3, they had a large Greek minority. As well, we say to spain; "Stay out of this conflict, as you can never reach greek shores without air support, and our fighters are by far the superior. Also, we will back down from war with bulgaria, in exchange for a de-escalation of the current conflict. Also, we request crete join us back if the war is prevented.
            • Spain: Enough is enough, says the President, as he orders a nuclear bomb be detonated on the city of Patras, Greece. The economy will be in ruins and they will be shattered. 150,000 troops are sent to Sicily [Italy can we land them here] and fight back against mainland Greece, landing in multiple different zones to take the fight to them. We ask for intervention from Italy, Russia, Franco-Germany and Serbia, as well as Greater Croatia, to fight this menace (Player/Mod Response)
              • Mod Response: When did Spain get nukes?
                • Firestorm: 2052 + 5 = 2057. I said I was making nukes in 2052, and it is now 2057. I should not have to declare I have something when I have already declared the year they will be operational and when I have them.
              • Mod Response (More in depth): The nuclear strike upon Greece causes large protests and rights inside of Spain, with supporters of the original president beginning to turn side. Large funding webpages have been set up to support the Hellenic Republic's cause. However, Greece enters a state of shock and chaos following the nuclear strike. The troops entering Greece are met by local militia's and angry mobs. Greater Croatia and Serbia declare neutrality, however, explain for Spain to simply "stand down".
            • Russian Diplomacy: We condemn the actions of Greece and state that we do not want to see Orthodox brothers fighting each other, urging Greece to stand down and make peace with Bulgaria. Having historical ties to both Greece and Bulgaria we are determined to only use diplomatic means to resolve the situation, again strongly urging Greece to stop in order to prevent another war on the European continent.
              • Spanish Response: We would not rather another war. We ask Greece if they will come to their senses, as if they continue to harass our ally, they will be no more. We would be interested in an alliance with Russia, however, they may be unhappy about what we did (Russian Response Needed).
              • Russian Diplomacy: We also condemn Spain's nuclear strike, declaring anyone who uses a nuke to damage "inviolable European soil" to be a "traitor to the European community". We say we might be willing to form an alliance after Spain explains this barbaric behavior.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: The presidential election occurs this year, seeing Pavel Lvov of the Party of National Progress be elected as the 4th President of Russia (after Yeltsin, Putin, and Medvedev). We continue developing our economy and infrastructure, and also continue implementing the three-child policy as we assimilate recently acquired territories into the nation. Meanwhile, we deploy 110,000 ground troops into the remaining rogue states in the Far East and Siberia, demanding they surrender. [Mod Response] Likewise we storm Crimea with 15,000 VDV paratroopers to overthrow the government and annex the peninsula. [Mod Response] We also begin developing the Russian Navy from what survived the civil war, now that we have ports.
    • Mod Response: The large forested areas of the Siberian countryside turn into chaos, as formations are broken due to the constant regular and guerrilla warfare tactics. The war against the Far East and Siberia has turned into a stalemate, while Crimea is easily defeated and annexed.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Republic: The 2057 elections are won by Jules Rohan, who promises to bring more prosperity to the country, and a new identity to rise up in the world stage as a superpower in all aspects. The nation becomes a republic after the centralization of the country to the Liechtenstein canton, with a name and flag change planned. The canton becomes the capital of the nation, and is shielded by a canton dome. A canton dome covering Slovenia is to be constructed in a few years. We condemn the attack orchestrated by the Four Truths, and begin cyber-warfare on Four Truths-allegiant states. Analysis of Europan bacteria suggests they convert heat into energy by an unknown process, utilizing volcanic spouts by residing near them. Organisms that predate on these bacteria seem to have thick or heat resistant skin. The Olympian Martian colony is established, and the Olympus Spaceport is under construction. It will be available for other colonies there to use. We create a method of FTL communication by creating a wormhole from the ALPHA control center to our lunar mining facility, and broadcasting messages through it. Although it consumes a substantial amount of exotic particles and the information broadcast size is limited, it is a revolutionary development. We declare our neutrality in the situation in the Balkans. As part of Project Titan, we develop armed hovercraft that will serve as an alternative to military vehicles in general, seeing that it is technically all-terrain.
  • 1024px-Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Kingdom of Italy: The Kingdom of Italy and the Republic of Italy have decided to reunite under the one flag of Italy in order to reignite the dying legacy of the nation. The government is being integrated, while a new constitution is being written for Italy including the roles and responsibilities of the King. With Rome being attacked, the nation is in confusion, however the King makes the decision to evacuate the city, and delay rebuilding until the Turks are defeated. The Invasion of Turkey continues, with the Garibaldi and 25 (14 given to the Italia Invicta) ships being deployed to the Dardenelles and Bosphorus to provide air support and naval support for the Battle of Istanbul (Mod response). , the total numbers are 3,335,0000 troops supported by 300 fighters, 90 CAS, and 90 bombers, as well as the aircraft carrier Italia Invicta and 25 ships. With 2,000,000 more conscripted troops, there are 5,335,000 troops, supported by 300 fighters, 90 CAS, and 90 bombers in Turkey. The order is for the war to finally end this year, with a massive assault on the Southern Front, in order to capture Ankara and aid the coup (Mod Response). The 2,000,000 Iraqi and Syrian militias are told to defect or mutiny now for the Turkish Sultanate is weak, and now is the time to regain their independence with offers of monetary support and supplies (Mod Response). The 200,000 troops on the Georgian and Armenian front are told to launch a full on assault along with the military of our allies (Mod response). 300,000 troops in the Bulgarian front are told to finally take Istanbul as the Turkish Sultanate fracturing and disoriented (Mod response). Support is given to the Kurdish militias to retake their territory (Mod response). The economy begins to falter due to the pressures of the war and the terrorist attacks, and so the pressure is on for the war to be resolved soon. The Kingdom disapproves of Greece's actions in Bulgaria, with them attacking our partner, Bulgaria. The Kingdom asks Greece to back down (Player response). Automobile and munitions industry are subsidized and due to additional growth in demand, the factories begin expanding and improving.
    • Mod Response: On the southern front, the Italian assault in all sectors causes the Turks to fall back along the entire front, eventually reaching Ankara after intense fighting. The capital does not fall quickly thought, and close combat breaks out in the streets and the surrounding towns, which have been turned into a system of fortresses. By the time they reached Ankara, Italian casualties were already some 400,000 killed and another 700,000 wounded. Turkish military casualties are over 1,000,000 dead, missing, or caputred and 1,600,000 wounded. Some defections take place and about 350,000 Syrian and Iraqi soldiers of the Turkish Army defect to the Italians, creating "Free Syrian" and "Free Iraqi" volunteer battalions. However the majority seem to stay loyal out of fear. The Turkish government, currently relocated from Anakara to the city of Giresun in northern Turkey, which is the provisional capital, orders the Turkish units on the wide flanks of the advancing Italians forces to strike in a pincer movement, aiming to cut off the forces attacking Ankara from the ones on the southern coast. The remnants of the Turkish Air Force are committed to this assault. In Istanbul, more than two-thirds of the city is now under Bulgarian control. All of the districts of the city on the European side of the Bosporus have fallen to the Bulgarian Land Forces, which have sustained 60,000 killed or missing in losses, while on the other bank so far the Bulgarians only have beachheads in the Beykoz and Üsükader districts, as the Turks had fortified the waterfront to prevent Bulgarian landings. The Bulgarian Air Force is working to soften up their defenses to allow more progress by the ground troops along with the Italian Air Force, and the Bulgarians appreciate Italy's support. The defenders on the other bank are being forced to fall back because of the intense bombardment by allied air and naval power. Meanwhile the Georgians and Armenians managed to occupy Kars and the surrounding provinces as the Turkish garrison there is weak and unable to resist their advance effectively. However, their advances were limited from going too much further because of logistical problems in fielding such a large force by small countries. The Turkish coup that is launched by some generals is successful in some areas, but they fail to kill the Sultan and the majority of the Turkish military remains loyal to him. But the confusion has hindered the Turkish army's coordination and defense. Meanwhile, the Kurdish uprising continues and several southern regions - the Van, Siirt, Sirnak, and Hakk provinces - fall to the Kurds. The Turks are trying to keep the uprising contained but are failing.
  • KOREA-FLAG Korea: Although we do not want to heavily interfere in the Greek-Iberian War, we show our support for the Hellenic Republic, and set up donation pages as well as delivering large crates full of Daewoo Telecom K14, 450,000 weapons to be exact. Although we will not provide troops to help Greece, we will help logistically and militarily. For our Mars mission, we begin to genetically alter algae, ferns, and various forms of trees so that they can survive Mars freezing temperatures, but also survive summer weather. Technological consumer robots begin to flood the work force. Although they have not fully removed human's from the workforce, unemployment for humans as risen to 8%. To combat this, certain jobs are designated as "Human Only", although many of the jobs are open to robots. Queen Kim Ju-ae births to Prince Maeng Jong-sung. We propose a constitutional agreement with Japan, similar to the League of Two Emperors. The roughly drafted constitution wouldn't unite Japan and Korea, but would increase military, economic, and cultural cooperation between the two nations [Mod Response Needed]. The election stated for next year has brought a lot of "watching", as the Worker's Party of Korea has been slowly decreasing in the polls, while the United Democratic Party increases rapidly. We begin the process of selling robotic soldiers to nations, as we have a stockpile of 1,000,000 robotic soldiers to sell. We offer the deal to any nation [Player/Mod Response Needed]. The seceding of part of Soviet Canada is nearly complete, and we will fully make the state sovereign next year.
    • Mod Response: Japan accepts this offer, put clearly states that in no point of This agreement shall Korea and Japan be mentioned as "united". Meanwhile, The Siberian state's attempt to buy some of your Robotic soldiers (Korean Response Needed).
    • Flag of IrelandThe Great Kingdom of Ireland Response: Ireland is interested in the offer regarding the robotic soldiers, how could we reach to an agreement?  


Mod Event: The year has kicked off to a horrible start, with bombings across the world all claimed to be a result of the Four Truths. The Christian Empire of Australia invades the Central Coast after significant bombings, and spreads from Fremantle to Mount Gambier and Broome, Quickly taking power in the cities. Large parts of inland Victoria and New South Wales have been conquered by them. In Europe, Italy suffers a new insurgency group, the Sultanate of Al-Sqly. Communists and Capitalists Clash in the CCAS, with riots breaking out in Atlanta and Tallahassee frequently. The Four Truths declare "Their time has come", and that the rest of the world must "Adopt their ways or die". The leader of the Turkic Confederation is assassinated in Almaty. Shortly after, the assassin shoots himself in the head, with his final words being "The Caliphate shall return". Mass fear is induced on the population of the Chechnya after an Asteroid is detected, which is set to crash into Grozny within the next few Months. Global Warming begins to really hit Earth hard, with Greenland becoming Greener than ever. Meanwhile in the Alpine "Confederation", Citizens of the Protestant Majority Cantons of Switzerland begin to rise up, causing damage to property and setting multiple towns (literally) on fire, demanding the Confederation return. They establish the Protestantisch Eidgenossenschaft. Tribal people in French West Africa declare Franco-Germany is not helping them, and if they do not begin to soon, a major uprising may occur.

  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: WIP Placeholder
    • CommiemozflagPR Mozambique: Nothing much.
    • WIP
    • WIP
  • Flag of Spain 2 Spain: The Spanish Space Agency declares the expedition to Phobos a success, with the Zaragoza 1 currently being packed with materials to establish a colony. With our technology, the colony should be operational towards the end of this year. The President congratulates the First Spanish Flag in Space, which was planted on the moon during the trip last year. The Robotics Organization in Granada continues experimenting and most as become a success. AI becomes a familiar experience around the metropolitan areas, and works with Humans in all kinds of jobs. WIP
  • 1024px-Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Kingdom of Italy: The Kingdom of Italy and the Republic of Italy have decided to reunite under the one flag of Italy in order to reignite the dying legacy of the nation. The government is being integrated, while a new constitution is being written for Italy including the roles and responsibilities of the King. With Rome being attacked, the nation is in confusion, however the King makes the decision to evacuate the city, and delay rebuilding until the Turks are defeated. (Secret)The aircraft carriers Garibaldi, and Italia Invicta and 50 ships as well as 500,000 troops, move to attack Giresun. However it is meant to appear like it is moving to help Georgia in order to mislead the enemy (Mod response). There are 5,085,000 troops left due to 400,000 dead, and 200,000 seriously injured with 500,000 recovering and with 350,000 Syrian and Iraqi soldiers. 4,000,000 troops supported by 300 fighters, 90 CAS, and 90 bombers in Turkey dig in to prepare for a Turkish assault. (Secret) The troops feint towards Ankara to distract the Turkish troops from the invasion of their capital and attract them away from the capital. Points appear to be poorly defended in our lines in order for us to bait the Turkish into an ambush. Turkish troop concentrations are heavily attacked by artillery or bombed by aircraft (Secret)(Mod response). The 400,000 (added 200,000) troops on the Georgian and Armenian front are told to launch a full on assault along with the military of our allies. (Secret) They are meant to distract more Turkish troops from the invasion of their capital(Mod response). (Secret) 500,000 (added 200,000) troops in the Bulgarian front are sent to help take over the rest of Istanbul, and draw in more Turkish troops (Mod response). 185,000 are sent to the Kurdish militias to retake their territory and distract as many Turkish soldiers as they can from the invasion of the capital (Mod response). The economy begins to falter due to the pressures of the war and the terrorist attacks, and so the pressure is on for the war to be resolved soon. Spies are sent to infiltrate the Caliphate movement to gain information on their organisation, purpose and location of their bases (Mod response). Automobile and munitions industry are subsidized and due to additional growth in demand, the factories begin expanding and improving.
  • Franco-German Union FlagFranco-German Empire: We withdraw literally twenty million soldiers from the Holy Frankish Empire, seeing as twenty-five million is a bit overkill. We donate one million soldiers to the Italians, allowing them to use them in their war against the Turks. With the threat of a tribal uprising in West Africa, we immediately begin sending workers down into the cities there to immediately begin urbanization, with focuses on Niamey, Bamako, Ouagadougou, and Nouakchott. Houses, schools, and roads are built, and literacy rates improve from 22.4% in Niger, 52.1% in Mauritania, and 36% in Burkina Faso to 67.4%, 87.1%, and 74.6% respectively. We also put subsidies for small businesses in the former nations that are now apart of the Franco-German African colonies, thus improving their economies. We also place one million soldiers along the northern border closest to the Mediterranean Sea with Al-Afriqia. War is also declared upon Togo-Benin and Guinea, with us sending 500,000 soldiers into each. [Mod Response].
  • KOREA-FLAG Korea: United Democratic Party Na Kwang-Ho becomes the President of Korea. Work In Progress.
  • Grocflag China: We continue or "liberation" of Tibet from the Four Truths. We send 300 000 soldiers to gain territory in the nation (Mod Response) WIP
  • Alpine UnionAlpine Union: Troops are mobilized to counter the uprisings, and martial law is declared in all Swiss cantons. Centralization begins. Revolutionaries are arrested and tasered when necessary. Those arrested are brought to rehabilitation centers. We try to hold peace talks with those in charge of the revolution, "We can work out a deal", says Jules Rohan, President of the Alpine Union. We begin hacking into Holy Frankish Empire network frames, implementing an advanced virus that will connect certain devices to create electromagnetic pulses. This plan would be feasible as most devices are now connected to the Internet in some form. We formulate a plan to terraform Mars in a shorter period by melting the ice caps, deploying bio-engineered bacteria to release oxygen and carbon dioxide, implement solar mirrors and direct passing asteroids into the planet. We begin working on a rocket that will crash into the Martian ice caps while carrying an explosive similar to a small thermonuclear bomb in terms of heat radiation.

This marks the end of the Discord map game, the fourth longest running on this wiki.

Congratulations discord -Colt Danny.


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