This will be a horribly inaccurate and unrealistic scenario of a World War III centered on cyber attacks and overall cyberwarfare. Most of the leaders who will come into power after 2025 will be fictional, just due to my laziness of trying to find people adequate for the roles.

Pre-World War III


November 9, 2016: The American citizens vote Donald Trump and his Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence in a very close 52% to 48% result to become the President and Vice President. Donald Trump delivers a speech talking about more or less just propaganda against China and Russia and praise for America.

November 17, 2016: In response to the Donald Trump victory, China, Russia, North Korea and Iran form the Anti-Western Pact (AWP) to help counter a possible attack from any Western countries and not just the US.


January 20, 2017: Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America.

2017: President Trump indirectly takes action against the AWP by increasing the military of the US and investing in cyberwarfare and cyberdefense.

June 2017: China secretly sends nuclear and chemical weapons to all members of the AWP, and also begins to develop cyberwarfare and cyberdefense mechanisms.

December 17, 2017: ISIS is contained into Syrian borders and the Coalition begins to tear apart its influences and its military.


January 2018: President Trump secretly begins a plot to overthrow the US government and establish his own. He starts by adding more of his cronies to the Cabinet and the Supreme Court.

September 21, 2018: Greece adopts a new fascist government and a hatred for Western culture. It asks to join the AWP.

November 4, 2018: The AWP accepts Greece's request.