Contra Vim Mortis (Short for Contra vim mortis non crescit herba in hortis), is a Latin sentence, meaning "No herb grows in the gardens against the power of death ", referring to medieval literature. The broader meaning of the maxim is, "Although you search any garden, you won't find a medical remedy against the lethal power of death "

This scenario will be predicted with many ongoing events, such as the 2020 elections, and will be completely predicted after 2020 and onward. This scenario will also contribute to the rebirth of the Latin language being used in modern literature more often.

Points of Divergence

  • NOTE: Words in bolded letters resemble articles that will be made/planned
    • Arman Hengrich would be the first person to rebirth the usage of the Latin language in modern literature by releasing his first part of Latin literature, Quod homo Cursor.
    • The 2040 United States presidential election brought a new age of American politics inside the United States, with Jesse Mendova from the Progressive Party winning the elections.
    • The most famous writer in Latin is Andriaa Benson, with a successful series that even comes in DVD and is played in Hollywood. Her series of books were called In medio flammae
    • The first American president that was mostly Latina is Amabel Andy, who was also another successful Latina writer. Amabel won the 2080 United States presidential election