Confederation of South Asian Republics
Liên Bang Cộng Hoà Nam Á
दक्षिण एशियाई गणराज्यों के परिसंघ


Unum visionem patriae, unam
("One Vision, One Country, One Community")

The Confederates map

the Confederates map


None (de jure)
Saigon (de facto)

Largest Cities New Delhi, Shanghai, Da Nang, Hongkong, Can Tho, Bombay
Language (de facto) English, Hindi, Vietnamese
Major ethnic Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese
Government Federal parliamentary

constitutional republic

Legislature South Asian Parliament
Demonym the Confederates

(Solar System only)

8.75 billions

(Asian Monetary Unit)

Gini (2067) Low
HDI (2067) Very high
Internet TLD .asia
Predeceded by Indochina, South Asian nations, Southern China, Tibet

Asian Confederacy, officially the Confederation of South Asian Republics, commonly known as the Confederates, is a federal parliamentary republic that consist of 72 prefectures span across most of South-Southeast Eurasia, with Saigon as the seat of the federal authorities, or as some jokingly preferred to call, the leisure capital, since after the legalization of sex industry, Saigon, as well as Indochina, rise to be one of the centers of such industry. Being renown as a Green Country, 70% of the Confederates is reserved for nature, in which only small towns, though still equipped with hi-end technology, are permitted to build. The country is the most aggressive in the world when it comes to things like energy control or green energy. 90% of its power sources are wind, nuclear (reserved mostly for military) and heat.

Most major cities located along its vast coast. As a result, most of them are tourist-, leisure- or entertainment-based. The Confederates is the only one among the Nine that most major industries are concentrated either underground or on its off-world colonies (from 2100s onward). The Confederates has the highest nominal wealth per adult (financial and non-financial assets) within the Solar System, according to various sources; but it also hold a title of the most expensive nation to live in, measure through price index.

Its citizen is the 2nd-highest in life expectancy, according to many interstellar health-care organizations. The country also is tied with the United States of Europe and the United Africa Republic for the top rank on Bribe Payers Index, which mean very low level in business corruption. Many of the nation's main cities are among the highest living standard within the Solar System.

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