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Confederate Nations of Earth
Timeline: [[Solar Wars]]

OTL equivalent: Earth
CoE Flag
Flag of Confederate Nations of Earth
Capital New York City
Largest city Tokyo
Other cities London, Shanghai, Delhi, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, Singapore, Cairo, Star of David, Tiankong, etc.
Language English (other languages used in local government)
Demonym Earther, Terran
Government Democratic Confederacy
Population ~8,800,000,000 (2400 census) 
Established 3rd July 2160
Currency Earth Credit
Our Kingdom

Our Kingdom

National Anthem



Age of Expansion


First Solar War

Second Solar War



Early Confederacy

Middle Confederacy

First Solar War

Inter-war Period

Second Solar War


The Confederacy maintains a smaller per capita military than the Union of Mars, but in addition to being a larger military overall, the Confederacy also permits numerous territorial militias and paramilitary forces throughout the Earth and its colonies, giving the Earth far more armed troops than any other state in the Solar System.

Confederate Army

Standing at 4.3 million troops, the Confederate Army is the Confederacy's primary planetary fighting force and serves to defend the planet and its colonies against ground invasion or insurrection. The Confederacy has seen continuous combat activity since its inception including fighting in both Solar Wars, but also activity in putting down rebellions in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Confederate Navy

Confederate Marines

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