Humanity adapts to some of the biggest changes of its existence.

This time-lines "local time" is the 2110s


Big Three

  • The United Federation of Europe (European Federation or EF); The EU has evolved into a far more unified Parliamentary-Presidential Federation (or PAR-PRE-F as is obtain shortened to), with a unified military, police force and foreign policy (amongst many other things). It is one of the three supper powers, alongside Sinosiberia and Canada. Europe is commonly labeled the most powerful nation due to primarily to the political influence it has over the two other powers and it's strong relations with most of the worlds powers. Europe has strong relations with both Sinosiberia and Canada but due to the cold war has to tread a fine line between the two. It cooperates with Canada in the Mars teraforming project but triads primarily with Sinosiberia. It refuses to sell weapons to either state and refuses to share intelligence with one side about the other unless it is deemed the best way to avoid war. Modern states making up the European Federation include all current member states, Greenland, the former Yugoslavc nations, Turkey, the Caucasus nations and Russia (west of the Urals).
  • The Sino-Siberian Socialist Democratic Republic (Sinosiberia); Following the Russian civil war which saw Siberia gain independent, while west Russia joined the EU, Siberia built strong relations with China. As the world warmed and China lost much of it's territory to rising sea levels and encroaching desserts much of the population was forced to migrate to the increasingly inhabitable Siberia the Chinese government made a deal with Siberia. The two Countries united under a single government, with Siberia wielding disproportional power (due to the fact that China was in a very poor negotiating position and Siberia's power was set to grow thanks the massive amount of immigration). The new government was formed as a Presidential, Democratic Unity State. Unlike China in the early 21st century the county is considered one of the most free on earth by international annalists and enjoys extremely strong relations with it's European nabours. However it is trapped in a cold war with Canada.
  • Canada; Canada's rise to supper power status is largely because of climate caused migration form the rest of North America. Much like Sinosiberia most of the population is 1st or 2nd generation climate refuges. Thanks to climate change it most of the country is now inhabitable. Canada's territory includes Alaska, some of the north United States and a number of over seas territory's. Quebec has been independent since the mid 2040s but there is a growing movement for it to rejoin Canada. Canada's political system is nearly identical to Europe.

Energy States

  • The United States Of America; America is very much a puppet state of Canada, having declined considerably from its position as the single world supper power at the start of the 21st century into a state that's not even considered a true power. The united states controls modern day Mexico and America (with the exception if the north western American states), although most of the territory is desert used for solar power production. The economy is completably dependent on supplying power to Canada, with which America conducts almost all it's trade. Only New England is naturally habitable, though hard work, and strongly enforced programs has seen much of the rest of the North East saved from the Desert.

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