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The Attitude Era is a period of sociocultural and economic upheaval that began in America, and spread throughout the world. Everyone agrees that it began roughly in February 2015 when Joe Biden announced that he would be running for president. It is widely believed to have ended with the Second American Civil War, and the rise of Maurice Bradshaw and the Great American Empire.

One of the events that coincides with the Attitude Era is the Second Cold War. The Second Cold War is an economic and political struggle that began shortly after World War 3 between the United States, NATO, and much of the West; and China, nations who signed the BRCT treaty, and much of the third world. Although competition between China and the US had existed for decades, it didn't get serious until 2019 when China announced its recognition of Texas, and it ended with the Second Amerixan Revolution. China's neutrality during WWIII, led them to grow into a military and economic power; rivaling the United States. This lead to competition between the two.

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