This scenario attempts to explain humanity's journey from its current state in 2022 to a Type Omega civilization. A Type Omega civilization is supposed to be the absolute final frontier of the modified version of the Kardashev scale, which attempts to scale civilizations based on their progress.

The Kardashev scale, first proposed by Russian physicist Nicolai Kardashev in 1964, measures a civilization’s degree of technological advancements based on the amount of energy that the civilization is able to harness. He originally proposed a three-tier system for the classification of a civilization based on it's ability to harness energy:

  • Type I (The first level of technological advancement, in which a civilization is able to harness all the energy on the planet where it dwells.)
  • Type II (The next level of technological advancement in which a civilization can harness the energy radiated by its own star.)
  • Type III (The final level of technological advancement in which a civilization can utilize the energy output of the entire galaxy.)

Many felt that the original range of Kardashev was too limited with only a 3-tier ranking system. Humanity, at its current point, is not even Type 1 and so does not even fall within the original scale.

So, many modified and extended the Kardashev scale to include ranges from Type 0 (the lowest) to Type Omega (The highest). A Type Omega civilization is said to be able to have absolute power and control over itself and everything else, on both the macro and micro scales.

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