The 2019 Canadian federal election was held on June __, 2019 to elect members of Parliament for all of Canada's ridings. The elected was staged four months early when Liberal Party, led by Justin Trudeau, announced it would withdraw from the New Democratic Party-led governing coalition and joined the Conservatives in a vote of no-confidence in Prime Minister Brian Topp's Cabinet. After a five-week campaign, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper led his Conservatives to a 187-seat majority, with the Liberals becoming the official Opposition with a landslide defeat for the NDP. The Green Party won five seats, their most in history.

Harper became only the second Prime Minister to return to power after having been out of power (after Pierre Trudeau), and became the only Prime Minister to return to power after losing it without having been defeated at the polls. The election resulted in Brian Topp's resignation as Leader of the NDP.

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