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The 2025 Canadian Federal Election was a scheduled election that occurred on October 21st, 2025.

House of Commons

Party: Leader(s): Leader(s) Seat(s): Seats: Seat +/- Vote: Votes +/-
Conservatives Jason Kenney Calgary-Shepard (AB) 171 -6 32% -5%
NDP Charlie Angus Timmins-James Bay (ON) 106 +39 26% +4%
Liberals Dominic LeBlanc Beausjour (NB) 51 -35 19% -6%
Greens: Naomi Klein & Victor Lau Senate (QB) & Regina-Wascana (SK) 0 -1 8% +2%
PPQ Maria Mourani & Jean Francois Fortin Ahuntsic (QB) & Senate (QB) 5 +5 5% +5%
Atlantic Coalition Danny Williams Bonavista-Burin-Trinity (NL) 3 +3 5% +5%
Bloc Andre Bellevance Richmond-Arthbaska (QB) 2 -4 2% -6%
Others Various Various 0 -1 3% +1%


For the first time in Canadian history the Senate and Governor General were elected. Each province received ten senators and each territory 2, for a total of 106. All senators serve as the senator for their province at large. The governor general was elected by a joint session of the senate and house. The NDP, Bloc and Atlantic Coalition did not participate due to their belief in senate abolition.

Party: Leader: Seats: Seats +/- Votes: Votes +/-
Conservatives Jason Kenney 81 n/a 34% n/a
Liberals Dominic LeBlanc 14 n/a 23% n/a
Greens Naomi Klein & Victor Lau 3 n/a 19% n/a
PPQ Jean Francois Fortin and Maria Mourani 2 n/a 7% n/a


6 n/a 17% n/a

Due to the lack of participation from the NDP, both the Greens and many left-wing independents and smaller parties did very well. The Greens got a large number of votes, but only elected three senators, Naomi Klein from Quebec, Mike Schrenier from Ontario, and Andrianne Carr from BC. The PPQ elected two senators, leader Jean Francois Fortin and one other Quebec senator. Out of the six other senators elected, one was from the left-wing Socialist Party (Ontario) and the other five were independents.


The Conservatives won another majority government under Jason Kenney. Though they lost seats in the House, they gained massive dominance over the senate. Jason Kenney retired in 2029 after 10 years as prime minster. Michael Chong took over as prime minster. Under new leader Charlie Angus, the NDP regained opposition status in the House, but lacked influence from not having senators. Angus also retired in 2028. The Liberals fell to third place again, and Ted Hsu of Ontario replaced Dominc LeBlanc as leader. The Greens solidified their results, gaining votes for the House and coming in an extremely strong third (in vote) in the senate. Victor Lau resigned as co-leader and Naomi Klein became to sole leader of the party. The Atlantic Coalition gained their first representatives in the House. In 2026 it merged with several provincial progressive conservative and liberal parties to found a new big tent party, the Atlantica Party. Of the two Quebec regionalist parties, the PPQ came out on top and gained seats in the Senate and House.

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