Canadian Civil War (Malformedmule)
Part of Cold War 2
Canadian Civil War.jpg
Occupational zones of Canada in August 2024
Date September 21st 2023 - March 16th 2025
Location Canada
Result Defeat of the Workers' Liberation Movement
Flag of Canada.svg Canada

Government supporters

supported by:

58 star flag.png United States

Workers' Liberation Movement.jpegWorkers' Liberation Movement

Other anti-government forces

supported by:

Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba

Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China

Flag of Canada.svgPeter McKay Workers' Liberation Movement.jpegLogan McCoy
60 000 Canadian forces, 100 000 government supporters 190 000 total
Casualties and losses
11 000 27 000

The Canadian Civil war was an armed conflict that occurred in Canada from 2023 to 2025.


  • June 4th 2023: Anti-government and anti-capitalist demonstrations begin in Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto in reaction to the recession of the early 2020's
  • July 13th 2023: These protests move across most cities in the country, becoming a mass movement, known as the Workers' Liberation Movement (WLM)
  • August 11th 2023: WLM protests turn violent as protesters take control of government buildings in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax and Ottawa, clashing with police
  • September 17th 2023: Canadian Prime Minister Peter McKay issues an ultimatum towards the WLM, warning them that if they do not leave government buildings, military action will take place
  • September 21st 2023: As WLM protesters do not follow the Prime Minister's demand to leave government buildings, Canadian armed soldiers are deployed all across Canada to fight the WLM
  • October 9th 2023: The People's Republic of China and the Republic of Cuba begin supplying the WLM with weapons, aircraft and financial support
  • November 25th 2023: Canadian frigates and destroyers are deployed along the Canadian Coasts, gaining control of the seas against the WLM's virtually non-existant navy
  • December 19th 2023: The United States provides medical and armament support for Canadian forces
  • February 6th 2024: The WLM gains control of the BC legislature, declaring independence as the People's Republic of Western Canada
  • February 18th 2024: Canadian forces regain control of the BC legislature, thus ending the short-lived People's Republic of Western Canada
  • March 29th 2024: China provides the WLM with its first frigates
  • April 10th 2024: The WLM, with its new frigates, enters its first naval battle, the battle of St John's
  • June 2nd 2024: The battle of St John's ends in a Canadian victory as the WLM's frigates are destroyed
  • July 14th 2024: The United States sells Canada some of its highest quality fighters and interceptors, leading to Canadian dominance in the skies
  • September 12th 2024: With increased financial support from China and Cuba, the WLM buys new tanks from Russia.
  • October 25th 2024: WLM ground forces take control of the strategic Petawawa Canadian Forces Base near Ottawa
  • November 30th 2024: Canadian forces increase airstrikes on the WLM, who begin to lose ground
  • February 3rd 2025: China ends its support for the WLM
  • March 16th 2025: After a year and a half of war and dwindling support, the WLM surrenders


The Canadian Civil War is among the deadliest disasters in Canadian history, leaving 38 000 combatants and over 13 000 citizens dead and 2.3 million displaced. Entire cities were destroyed, with its largest effects being seen in Toronto and Vancouver. In memory of this tragic event, March 16th is the National Day of Rememberance of the Canadian Civil War. Immediately after the war ended, the WLM was disbanded and many of its leaders, such as its president Logan McCoy, were given life emprisonments for war crimes.

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