Brain Language is when you (or a other person) puts some sort of string on your head and learn a different language in 5-10 minutes. It works when a psychologist puts some string on 2 people's head, one will be the one that knows the language and the other will be the one wanting to learn it. The foreign language speaker's brain will be unchanged while the language-learner will learn the language what the language speaker's language will be. For example, person#1 wants to learn Spanish, so he goes to a doctor who puts string and person#2 (who knows Spanish), in 5-10 minutes, person#1 will learn Spanish. This thing will be sent to the public in 2032. By 2065, immigrants (and in some countries, tourists) will have the same Brain language treatment if they don't know the language already. It will be a normal thing by 2075.

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