TympanicCafe TympanicCafe 20 March



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TheOttomanConqueror TheOttomanConqueror 24 February

Happy WW3 Day!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the moment we've been waiting for! Russia has crossed the Russo-Ukranian border, and Belarus likely joined the conflict. The United States and most of its allies are sending in some reinforcements, but that is kind of small for now considering the 100,000 Russian bois. Chernobyl may once again go boom and mess up all of Uerop. Rusya blitz is ssuccessffull, and stonkss go down.

02/22/2022 nice

Season 3 is looking pretty nice! I will be gladly seeing the next episode!


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Asafyadovnik Asafyadovnik 29 October 2021

The Flood War

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TheRealAwesome TheRealAwesome 1 October 2021

A New Map Game

I am pleased to announce the launch of my own Map Game - Brave New World! This game, starting in the modern day, is going to be one of the most chaotic map games in recent times, and probably in Future's list of "chaotic map games". The Map Game is scheduled to last for 10 years, but between now and 2032, humanity will have to endure many challenges, with extremists, climate change, extinctions...can you lead your country to glory? Or will your nation fall apart? We shall see.

Brave New World (Map Game) | Future | Fandom

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Alesjif Alesjif 24 September 2021

My ww3 scenario


  • June 1, 2031: The Taliban enters Pakistan
  • June 4, 2031: Iran gets involved.
  • June 7, 2031: Russia sends forces through Occupied Georgia, to invade Azerbaijan, which is currently occupied by Iran.
  • June 9, 2031: Gennady Zyuganov announces he does not have any affiliation with terrorists, and that he is against them.
  • June 11, 2031: India joins on Iran's side, known as the Punjab Powers.
  • June 23, 2031: Balochistan is conuered by the terrorists.
  • June 25. 2021: China joins in on Russia's side.
  • June 26, 2021: Seeing this as an opportunity, Muqatilin Fakhurin Mujhadeen joins the war on Taliban's side.
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UltimateVerses123 UltimateVerses123 20 July 2021

South American Communist Wave

Why am I writing this post? Because Peru's pro-China Pedro Castillo won the election. Another country fell to leftism. Xi Jinping is laughing.

This happens. In 1990, as South Americans overthrew their dictatorships, a right-wing wave came. Left-wing waves came again in 2000, but just liberalism, like Clinton or Obama, not dictatorships. In 2010, right-wing waves came. By the beginning of the 2020s, China was desperate to become solid in Latin America. Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela fell to left-wingers trying to stop and even ban U.S. from coming into Latin America, as China extends its influence. Unfortunately, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia are next in line, as their right-wing presidents are losing to lef…

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UltimateVerses123 UltimateVerses123 18 July 2021

The United States's population will surely reach 500 million by 2100

This article from 2000: https://lmtribune.com/nation/world/u-s-population-to-double-by-minorities-older-people-will/article_cc7371fa-988d-5900-b7a8-490abee9ff43.html said in 2011, we will have 300 million. In 2007, we actually reached such a number (https://www.populationpyramid.net/united-states-of-america/2007/) It expects the population to reach 400 million in 2050, and 500 million in 2100. In 2021, the U.S. population is one-third of a billion. 2020, 330 million. If we grow 21 million people per decade (which is easy to accomplish), we can easily see 500 million people, by growing 2 million people a year, which we currently are at. Abortion can be stopped; immigration could be relaxed; drugs could be illegalized; health and life expect…

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UltimateVerses123 UltimateVerses123 18 July 2021


I can't wait for 2022.

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AllianceScoutAiothai AllianceScoutAiothai 6 July 2021

Featured Articles July 2021!

We're a little late, but voting for Featured Article July has begun! The only rules are that you cannot nominate your own scenario/article, and the scenario/article cannot have been previously featured. It can however have been previously nominated.

Vote at the link here! https://future.fandom.com/wiki/Future:Nomination_of_featured_articles

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Everything backson Everything backson 19 June 2021

Blog dud

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Everything backson Everything backson 19 June 2021

So many

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Everything backson Everything backson 17 June 2021


Blog posts are ni

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Everything backson Everything backson 17 June 2021



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Everythinglacksoson Everythinglacksoson 8 June 2021


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NewHorizons123 NewHorizons123 6 June 2021

Wiki Staff Restructuring Idea

Okay, I know that we recently went over this sort of thing, but it seems necessary to go over again due to simply how many staff we have compared to the amount of total users.

Part of the problem with our latest drama, which I will not go into is that we had too many people with admin power so nobody could really take decisive action on literally anything. If everyone is an admin, then nobody is.

That is why I propose that we severely limit the amount of bureaucrats and administrators on the site. This would mean that several bureaucrats would have to give up their power, but I hope you all will just hear me out on this.

  • 1 Proposal
  • 2 Nominees for positions
    • 2.1 Non-Negotiable Bureaucrats
    • 2.2 Potential Other Staff
  • 3 Conclusion

My hierarchy proposal would…

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Unnamed2019 Unnamed2019 4 June 2021

Millennium names

These are what I would like to name the first 10 millennia as.

  • 1 AD-999 AD: Millennium/Monomillennium
  • 1000 AD-1999: Billennium/Dimillenium
  • 2000-2999: Trillennium/Trimillennium
  • 3000-3999: Quadrillennium/Tetramillennium
  • 4000-4999: Quintillennium/Pentamillennium
  • 5000-5999: Sextillennium/Hexamillennium
  • 6000-6999: Septillennium/Heptamillennium
  • 7000-7999: Octillennium/Octamillennium
  • 8000-8999: Nonillennium/Enneamillennium
  • 9000-9999: Decillennium/Dekamillennium
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Jonny72438 Jonny72438 1 June 2021

i didnt know you could do this

so yeah i found this thing called a user blog

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AllianceScoutAiothai AllianceScoutAiothai 31 May 2021

Featured Articles June 2021!

Assuming there are no objections, I believe it's time to bring back featured articles! The only rule is that the scenario/article cannot have previously been featured, and it cannot be your own scenario. Nominate your choices HERE!

Dios te bendiga,

AllianceScoutAiothai (talk) 02:15, 31 May 2021 (UTC)

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Everthingjackson Everthingjackson 27 May 2021

The blog dud

Hey started poiltics liking poiltics at age 10 9 years ago
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Sailesh s nair Sailesh s nair 5 May 2021

I'm back, kinda.

Hey guys, I'm pretty sure most of you don't know who I am, so here goes. My name is Sailesh, already evidenced by the fact that it's my username. I made an account in like 2014 but I was like really active from 2016 and I was active until like 2019 when I left for good. I'm planning to be active from now on, so if anyone wants to know more, or have anything to ask, you can ask me in the comments or on the message wall. I'll be pretty active most of the time so yeah. I'll head back into the corner for now, tc!


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AllianceScoutAiothai AllianceScoutAiothai 14 April 2021

Official Voting Booth for Admin/Bureaucrat Elections II

THE POLLS HAVE CLOSED AllianceScoutAiothai (talk) 00:03, 25 April 2021 (UTC)

Never thought I'd be doing this again, but here we are. As per the overwhelming majority of a recent poll, I present to you the second elections in Wiki history for the positions of admin and bureaucrat. The rules are simple.

  • You cannot vote for yourself.
  • You can vote for UP TO 3 candidates.
  • Bullying\threatening in the comments will cause your votes to not be counted.
  • Users who joined from April 1 onwards are not permitted to vote.

Here are the candidates who were either nominated and\or recommended in no particular order;

  • Hydrozen
  • American2006
  • SimplyJake15
  • glowingkitty2503
  • Gaming with Adam
  • SmashingThreePlates
  • AllianceScoutAiothai

Polls will be open until 00:00\12 midnight 4/24/…

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ReverieCode ReverieCode 12 April 2021

Solving Issues

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry this took a little while - I wanted to create this space, so that we can address all of the issues that have been going on at the wiki. For those who don’t know, I’m ReverieCode, and I’m a Wiki Representative from Fandom assigned here, to help with things such as these.

I imagine most of you are already aware about what’s going on, but just to give some context in case it’s needed, some users have been voicing concerns about a block that happened in the past week - wiki admin Hydrozen blocked the user AlNeiman for a period of 3 months, indicating intimidating behaviour/harassment as the reason for the block. (To clarify - this block was later reduced to 1 month. There were other blocks to the same user before.)

As a result…

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Presidential Connor Presidential Connor 2 April 2021

My life

I was born August 8, 1953 at 12:30 in Indiana. I was able to read at the age of 2 and can do advanced calculus at the age of 5. At the age of 10 I could beat a computer at chess. I was a great dancer and singer. One of my special abilities is that I had photographic memory, and I also have an IQ of 267 my brother Tom died in Vietnam in 1970.

When I got older I started a project in 1989, it was called "Project Quantum Leap", I had friends such as, Gooshie, Admiral Al Callavicci, and a supercomputer called Ziggy which I created. The project is would make someone (hopefully me) would travel back in time and fix things that once were wrong. One day I went into the time machine and leaped to another life. I was accompanied by my friend Al…

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US Election Wizard US Election Wizard 1 January 2021

A Possible US Electoral College Map in 30-40 Years

This is the Electoral College Map for 2060 based off of current ethnic and party trends. However, this could obviously not be the case if current trends don’t hold up, or if there is a political realignment in the two parties. What do you guys think? :)

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26valmos 26valmos 4 October 2020

Vale Mosco

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SimplyJake15 SimplyJake15 14 September 2020

the totally real story of my life

i was born an attack helicopter in September 1940, I was used as a WW2 U.S. Helicopter. In 1943 when I was 3 years old I almost died but I somehow survived. i later died :(. I was reincarnated as Barack Obama and blah blah blah. in 2067 after Obama died I turned into a man called Zachary James who was a good person and in 2143 Zachary died and I time travled back to sometime in florida and someone called jake was born. I am now officially a attack helicopter was time traveled and was barack obama and turned into a murderer?                 


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NewHorizons123 NewHorizons123 18 March 2020

might come back, not sure

hey I'm not dead

I might come back

the community could use a revival

I could help

nobody is gonna read this so idc how I say it

fuck trump tho, he's pretty dumb as a president

decent businessman tho

I'd give him celebrity apprentice back

make America not great because we don't deserve greatness

ok bye

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Nkechinyer Nkechinyer 4 January 2020

How to: Make Margin Election Results Map

Hello, Future Wiki!

Welcome to my newest blog series. I wanted something I could do here. Those of you on the discord have seen me occasionally post maps in your channels- so I figured that it would be a good series to make tutorials on how I make certain types of maps and offer to help people make them for themselves.

On this edition, we're going to go over how to make an election result map with margins. Like the ones you see on wikipedia articles with the vote percentage in each county.

On the right is an example of what I'm talking about- that one is Wikipedia's county by county breakdown of the 2016 Presidential Election. Maps like these on your pages will help make your election pages look more realistic, and show where certain parties …

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Hexarafi Hexarafi 31 December 2019

Hello, 2020!

Hey guys. I'm back, just for a moment.

I'm still checking this wiki and I become a silent reader for a long time. Not really much happening to this wiki, only new users doing their things... I didn't open Discord for a long time until today, and I found several users are still active there, but not in the Wiki.

For this year, I may be a 'silent reader'. But still, since I've made little contributions this year, and no contributions for past 3 months, I'd say I'm an inactive user. Also, I'm hardly ever active in the Discord chat. I don't really think I'll be active again in the near future, although I may show up occassionally.

Yeah, there is no New Year Countdown this time. I just wanna wish that this wiki will be doing okay next year, or any…

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Derpmaster21 Derpmaster21 23 November 2019

I declare the Old Guard of Future Wiki dead

Basically no "veteran" of the wiki even goes on here anymore, with new people like Briasemp and 69 Doods virtually taking over this wiki's activity. The wiki is a sidenote in the dealings of the Future Wiki Discord server.

Therefore, I hereby declare the Old Guard of Future Wiki dead.

The King is dead! Long live the king!

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 15 November 2019

The Story of Future Wiki, 2018-

Once upon a time there was a holy land of interesting map games and political scenarios.
Everybody enjoyed this place and it was a small but tight-knit community.
Enter Lonixdron, an innocent young boy who had not yet discovered loli.
A user named Fester tried to get him banned due to their retarded history, alas, this was not to be.
At this time, there was also some cunt called HusseinSonic. God bless him. He should’ve gotten admin when he demanded it.
At this time, the de facto head admin was named Aiothai. However another admin named Spacey was catching up to him in influence and controlled the Discord faction.
Other than a horrific moment when a user called Fester called for the systematic slaughter of all Japanese cartoon viewers, the Disco…

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Joe1331 Joe1331 6 October 2019

Can Somebody Change The Background?

This Background is Just too Darn Annoying for Me. And I Actually Can Not Even See the Writing on this Page.

I Suggest Changing The Background Picture to Something Like this.

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Emperor of Bread Emperor of Bread 5 October 2019

How would a transhuman Olympics be named?

I am creating a scenario and I would like to create the transhuman Olympic Games, but I do not know the ideal name for it.

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Sailesh s nair Sailesh s nair 17 September 2019

Well you guys need to know

To be honest, I cannot make an excuse on my inactivity and how I keep on coming and going and I feel like I may have hurt some people or like my friends here may feel hatred towards me because obviously I feel that way but here's the thing. I joined here and it was amazing like everyone was super helpful and caring and then new people came and I was again so happy that I could help them achieve greatness. And I did make a lot of friends here and I was so happy because if you didn't know I'm sort of an introvert. I don't talk to people that much and they don't talk back that much. So when people started to talk I was so happy. But I had to stop using it because of personal reasons. Then I came back again and I would leave again and that wou…

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NewHorizons123 NewHorizons123 16 September 2019

Leaving for good, disabling my account.

I am leaving Wikia as a whole. My account will be active for the next week and then it shall be closed. I wish you all farewell and safe travels.

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Lonixdron3.0 Lonixdron3.0 28 August 2019


title says it.

Hurricane Dorian is either coming for my ass or narrowly missing my ass (praying for the 2nd option tbh), and it looks like shit's about to go down.

if i'm not here for a week, consider me dead by this storm.

(p.s it'll probably be around a Category 1 or a high-end Tropical Storm when it passes through my area)

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DJK95 DJK95 17 August 2019

Page got deleted, what's going on?

Hey guys, my World War 3 page i was working on for months has been deleted, and would like to ask why and if i can change it back. I'm not used to postings here, so it would be nice if someone could help me..

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Lonixdron3.0 Lonixdron3.0 4 August 2019


Aight, I'm posting this message as in update for my status.

Status - Coming back because I'm bored.

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AllianceScoutAiothai AllianceScoutAiothai 12 July 2019


In case my scenario is deleted despite violating no Wiki policy, this will serve as a backup. Consider this a sandbox post which is certainly permitted. 04:00, July 12, 2019 (UTC)

Still playing around with this. I'll likely make it public later. AllianceScoutAiothai (talk) 20:37, July 11, 2019 (UTC)

  • 1 2019
    • 1.1 Politics
  • 2 2020
    • 2.1 Politics
    • 2.2 Science and Technology
    • 2.3 Culture
  • 3 2021
    • 3.1 Politics
    • 3.2 Science and Technology
    • 3.3 Culture
  • 4 2022
    • 4.1 Politics
    • 4.2 Science and Technology
    • 4.3 Culture
  • 5 2023
    • 5.1 Politics
    • 5.2 Culture
  • 6 2024
    • 6.1 Politics
    • 6.2 Science and Technology

  • An anonymous White House whistleblower tells the The Young Turks that U.S President Donald Trump is being secretly manipulated by Vice President Mike Pence and National Security Advisor John Bolton to the point wher…

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Lonixdron3.0 Lonixdron3.0 5 July 2019

Retirement, possibly

Title says it all. I lost huge interest in being here, and I also lost interest in the very dead discord. Goodbye I guess.

Side Note: I'll probably be active on other wikis.

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Lonixdron3.0 Lonixdron3.0 10 June 2019


Title says it all.

(June 10 - June 20)

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 6 June 2019


The last week has been eventful, to say the least. Throughout everything, I tried to do what I believed was right. Of course, my judgement isn't always the best. 

Therefore it is right for me to resign, effective immediately and leave Wikia entirely.

Future was my first wiki I joined, way back in July 2016. This pales in comparison to some other users, but even then the wiki was vastly different. There wasn't any drama, only people writing their scenarios and stories on the wiki. The website was a hub for publishing your thoughts on potential wars, not starting your own wars with others users.

In the end, as said before; I have done what I feel is right. Of course I have made mistakes, but I've always been one to confront big decisions, not d…

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 27 May 2019

Guidelines Reform

During my brief stint as a moderator, I've came to notice that the guidelines have been largely ignored, and that things have been ran by whatever the admins think at the time, which is okay in some cases, but not others.

First of all, the guidelines are buried in the middle of the clunky and cluttered front page. Nobody is going to read them. They should be much more visible. They should not be far below a page people rarely read.

Now I'm going to provide some examples of the rules being ignored.

Although sparked by me, I think that the Knight of Malta incident was handled wrongly. When it comes to bans, the rules state that: 

  • Blocking is the punishment for vandalism, spam, trolling, sockpuppetry, harassment and other offenses.
  • The penalty var…

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EnderAlan04 EnderAlan04 21 May 2019


Hi guys, EnderAlan04 here.

Due to my mom wanting to spend more time off of the computer, she has decided to take away my computer and tablet until the end of the school year. So, I will be inactive on the wiki for a while. I doubt I will get on Discord again in a very long time, but I may join back on the wiki when school is done for me.

I just didn't want to leave the wiki without anybody knowing. So bye guys, I will see you later somebody maybe.

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EnderAlan04 EnderAlan04 15 May 2019

Compare yourself to Political figures

Hi guys, if you want to. Can you add yourself to the political figures list on the political compass on make [1]

My political views relate to George Washington :)

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HAL3000 HAL3000 14 May 2019

An Urgent Reminder

An urgent reminder for sysops, and any users with the ability to edit categories in general,

Please make sure to add "ASB" categories to the main articles of Scenarios and Map Games alike as opposed to adding categories to sub-pages.

For example, if one has qualms with a certain page of a Scenario, such as "2356 Armerician Elections (GayWorld98's World)", it is best to refer back to the main page of the scenario, its name often within the parenthesis of the sub-page's title (eg. GayWorld98's World), as in the example above, or search the Scenario's category to find the main page in the case that the Scenario's name differs in some way. EDIT: In the absence of a main page for the Scenario, an "ASB" Category may be added to the Scenario's cate…

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 13 May 2019


For the next week, I will be completely unavailable. I know that it'll be hard for you all, without your favourite and most beloved moderator keeping watch. I hope that without me that you won't completely crumble. I understand that I am the level-headed guy here who is also an intellectual heavyweight, and my presence will be sorely missed. I know that it'll all work out. Goodbye. I leave tomorrow morning.

Enjoy your few days of peace lmao

Edit: I'll be back fully in a few days.

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Derpmaster21 Derpmaster21 11 May 2019

Future Wiki in a Nutshell, 2019 edition

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CraftNerd2019 CraftNerd2019 29 April 2019

Video Games?

Do any of you guys like Video Games, and if so, what are your favorites. My favorites are Minecraft, Mario series, and Fallout 4. 

- Vutin - Monday, April 29, 2019, 9:41am eastern time

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 27 April 2019

Would this type of game interest you?

I'm thinking about proposing this as a map game type thing but I'm not sure if people would like it or not, so I'd appreciate your thoughts. Also, this isn't fully fleshed out and only a rough idea in my head so far.

It's basically a U.S presidential election, but users can play as the candidates, with impartial moderators who aren't playing as candidates. There would be primaries, debates, fundraisers, rallies etc, and candidates would start off with a certain amount of money.

You would have to come out with policies, etc, and at the end, all users can vote, utilising the perfect electoral college system.

I'm not sure if we should start off in 2024 or something with the usual parties and politicians, or we start off without anybody and new p…

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