The Baja Conflict (2042–2045) was a brief military conflict between the Baja Cartel State, and the United States of America with support from POTA. The conflict began on November 2, 2042 and ended with the US Occupation of the Baja Peninsula on January 3, 2045. The war was a result of the de facto secession of the Baja peninsula from Mexico in 2040 and the creation of a Narco State under the rule of the Baja Cartel (formerly the Tijuana Cartel). Contracting local mercenaries with their own forces, the Baja Cartel launched a number of attacks on American border stations that were blocking the shipment of contraband from the Narco state the US. In 2045, following the official end of the war with the death of the Cartel's major leaders, American administrators were sent in to rebuild and oversee the region, with United States troops occupying the majority of the Peninsula.

The war was fought almost entirely without heavy munitions, save for initial strategic assaults on key Cartel targets, and most of the fighting was between US Special forces with aid from POTA, and Cartel insurgents.

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