Australian federal election, 2018
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4th August 2018

All 151 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

and 76 seats in the Australian Senate

First party Second party
Leader Bill Shorten Malcolm Turnbull
Party Labor Coalition
Leader since 13 October 2013 15 September 2015
Leader's seat Maribyrnong Wentworth
Last election 69 Seats 76 seats
Seats won 111 Seats 30 Seats
Seat change +42 -46
Third Party Fourth Party
Leader Richard Di Natale No Leader
Party Green Centre Alliance
Leader since 6 May 2015 -
Leader's seat Senator from Victoria -
Last election 1 Seat 1 Seats
Seats won 2 Seats 4 Seats
Seat change +1 +3
Fifth Party Sixth Party
Leader Bob Katter None
Party Katters Independents
Leader since 3 July 2011 -
Leader's seat Kennendy -
Last election 1 Seat 2 Seats
Seats won 1 Seat 3 Seats
Seat change 0 +1

The Australian federal election, 2018 was a double dissolution ordered by the Governor-General after Malcolm Turnbull failed to pass a budget before June 30th. Labor used this to their advantage leading by double digits.

In the end Labor pulled off an 10% swing gaining 46 seats from the Coalition. The Greens also gained their second seat, the Centre alliance won 3 new seats bringing there total to three. Bob Katter retained his seat and a total of three independents won seats. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott lost his seat Warringah to the centre alliance