The Arab Summer was a series of political protests, riots, and demonstrations as a counter-action to the Arab Winter. The Arab Summer is noted as permanetly ending most political protests within the countries that were directly affected, however, it also is known as the one of the most bloodiest period of conflicts in the 21st century.


The term Arab Summer is in reference to two small but monumental periods of political uprisings between 2005 and 2023: the Arab Spring  and the Arab Winter, with the former's purpose being for the movement towards democracy and western ideals while the latter occurred in response and was known for it's wide scene of authoritarianism and islamic extremism. 

Many of the countries directly affected were among those in the Arab League, a regional organization in the Middle East and northern Africa. During the final periods of the Syrian Civil War and the Assad-regime's victory, the movement of various ethnic Arabs into neighboring countries caused a large insurgency of islamic terrorism, with groups such as the Islamic State being revived following it's near dissipation from Syria and Iraq in 2019. 


Human Right's violations

The Arab Summer has been known for holding the largest number of Human Right's violations, such as the gassing of civilians, ethnic genocide, and the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Economic impact

The economic effects of the Arab Summer have been known to be worse than those caused by the Arab Winter, costing the Arab League somewhere between 3-5 trillion USD. Tourism ceased due to the civil strife caused by the wars, and many trading partners in the West were opted to work with nations like Russia and Venezuela. 

List of conflicts

Conflict Combatant 1 Combatant 2 Result
Syrian Civil War
  • Syrian government
  • Russia
  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • Free Syrian Army

  • Rojava
  • Assad Regime Victory
  • Rojava becomes an automous state
Iraqi Civil War
War in Arabia
War in the Caucasus
Nigeria Civil War
Egypt Civil War
Libya Civil War
Algeria Civil War
War in Morocco