All atoms in the universe have a form electricity. Humans harvest electricity, by putting coal in to devices that spin the coal in magnets. The same technology can be shrunken down, to be used as a battery. An Air Charger is a device the sucks air in, and processes it with a magnet, sucking out most of the electricity. They would be less then 1 foot in size. Probably the most common ones, would be about 1-2 inches. They'd be square shape, and the early versions would make a fan noise, and later on these noises will be silent. They will slowly replace batteries and solar panels, after being more efficient. Solar panels will be considered obsolete, seing how Air Chargers recharge using the air it self, and can be connected to all appliances, being light weight, and portable. Energy companies won't go out of business, but will simply change there purpose. Instead of supplying homes with power, they will attempt to find new forms of energy, having no other choice. Many people will be getting cuts, and home owners, won't have to pay so much on taxes. Oil will also be obsolete in many countries.

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