The city Dothar is a futuristic city based on the year 2489. In this city there are plenty of wonderfull and giant buildings with all type of technology.


In this image you can see a part of dothar city. In the image you can see at first CDThegrate down of CDTG is S-Mall then is B-Towers then is a half of Sphere of the Dreams and then you can see The Great Faerseton.

The most famous and biggest structures of this city are:

Sphere of the Dreams - Height = 574m - Width = 580m

B-Towers - Height = 630m - Width = 30m

S-mall - Height = 620m - Width = 80m

CDThegreat - Height = 620m - Width = 325m

Faerseton - Height = 1800m - 70m

Sphere of the Dreams = Sphere of the dreams XD

B-Towers = B is for the name of the creator of this structure (Bernard Boyl) And because there are two towers and its A-(B) = 2 letters

S-mall = S is for the name of the creator of this structure (Steven Sanford) And is a sarcastic name because is the biggest mall in all the city then is funny to call it S-mall because it sounds like small but this mall is NOT small.

CDthegrate = C and D is for the name of (Cynis Dorian) And also because this letters make the shape of the structure.

Faerseton = Insane Faretail

All the credits to Abdi08

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