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Hey, Ryan Here. I am making a map game, and it will go from 2018 onward. I am making this due to the lack of variety in map games, with the only current map game, Standard Future Map Game, having been dying down for a while and I really don't seem to have much of an interest in it anymore.


  • Be Plausible. Please. This usually isn't much of an issue anymore, but still. 3 implausibilities and you're out for 10 turns.
  • What I, Ryan say, goes. Don't like it? Bugger off then.
  • If you think something is implausible, Message me or another mod on Discord[1]. We'll take a look at it.
  • Don't be a prick. Justify your wars. If you don't, I will roll a 10 sided die. If it lands on a 7-10, I will spawn a rebellion in your country.
  • Don't swear in the game or in the comments. Let's keep this professional. If you do, I will ban you permanently. That means racial slurs as well.
  • If you don't post for 6 turns, your nation will be removed from the game and (if applicable) your modship revoked.
  • If a mod response is not answered by the next day, the moderators must put it in the next turn, even if the moderator and player are the same person.


  • Game Creator / Commander In Chief: Ryan
  • Marshal: Solace
  • Colonel: Sidewinder
  • Captain:
  • Lieutenant:
  • Sergeant:
  • Corporal:
  • Private:



A New Age Map 2049

Fallen or New Nations

  • Syria: Split between North and South as a compromise between Assad and the Free Syrian Army.
  • ISIS: Publicly proclaimed defeat in 2018. Dispersed Shortly After.
  • North Korea: Annexed by South Korea following the Second Korean War
  • Abkhazia: Annexed By Russia
  • South Ossetia: Annexed by Russia
  • Transinistria: Annexed by Russia
  • Belarus: Annexed by Russia
  • Moldova: Annexed by Ukraine
  • Mongolia: Collapsed dues by Chinese pressure
  • Republic of Arabia: Formed after the Arab Civil War
  • Wahhab Arabia: Formed after the Arab Civil War
  • Jizan: Formed after the Arab Civil War
  • Dammam: Formed after the Arab Civil War
  • Quebec: Formed after the Canadian Civil War
  • Labrador: Annexed by Quebec
  • Republic of Acadia: Formed after Canadian Civil War



Ya most favorite guy (and possibly most hated guy after this turn), Solace, is back here with a new turn and more lit mod events.

The sea walls, although able to hold back for only slightly longer, finally break in the United States and China respectively, causing a large immigration inland and the submerging of New York City, Miami, Tampa, Philadelphia, San Fransisco, Charleston, New Orleans, Houston and many other large cities in the United States to become effectively under the water. Due to the lack of warnings and the unexpectancy of this, millions upon millions of citizens drown. In China, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Beijing face similar treatment as more millions of millions of citizens drown.

Large coastal cities worldwide face similar instances like the ones that occured in the United States. If your capital/largest city is located on a coast, then it's under water, son.

Many Turkish suicide bombers begin bombing large military camps held by the Australians in Anatolia, leading to an ever decreasing moral for the soldiers and generals positioned there.

The Caribbeans decide to leave the US Free Association system in favor of keeping their sovereignty and simply receiving any help they can get, whether it be from the United States or any neighboring nation. They do this after realizing that the US is doing this for their own personal gain rather than aid their efforts in supporting themselves, as well as realizing that is might have been a personal goal for the United States to remove their sovereignty and annex them, something that they do not wish to have.

The USAS becomes stalemated in the war against Guyana due to the movement of resources to better repair any broken Sea Walls.

  • Flag of Russia Russia: We condemn the Australian occupation of parts of Turkey as we believe the Australians should not be involved in what they have no business in. Sea walls are quickly built in Saint Petersburg, Crimea, Vladivostok, and other coastal towns as a precaution, but so far the effects on us have been minimal and the capital is far away from any ocean. The Soyuz-3 lunar mission finally launches, meanwhile, with the vessel making a successful landing on the moon's surface near the north pole. The crew begins setting up the first modules and successfully puts together the initial station before the ship returns back to earth. A crew of 20 remains behind on the new station, and the Soyuz-3 is prepared back on the surface to bring up more modules, equipment, and other supplies. Development on larger rockets and spacecraft are underway in a joint project by Roscosmos and the military's Space Forces. Celebrations begin in Russia about the success of the mission, and the government states that the installation will be named Novy Mir (New World). Back on earth the road renovation project continues. The Navy receives several new nuclear missile cruisers and submarines while the Ground Forces are given more AK-30 laser rifles. A funeral is held toward the end of the year when former President Vladimir Putin dies at the age of 96, and historians and political commentators begin debating the legacy of his rule at the beginning of the century.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: The integration of Sicily into Italy begins, and Sicily is officially incorporated as a territory by early June. President Ursini begins bashing Sardinia and hoping to take back the land, but with many Italians exhausted with the war in Sicily, it seems to get nowhere. Many Nationalist Senators resign after a string of scandals, and the Italian Democrats, Progressives, and Socialists are set to win the next parliamentary election in 2050. The Italian ambassador to Australia says that the United Nations should be liberating the indigenous Turks, not Australia. With medium-sized floods splashing Rome, the government temporarily relocates to Bologna, far inland. Local governments are encouraged to move their capitals inland too, if possible. Most major coastal Italian cities are safe from flooding, with the exception of Pisa and Venice, and emergency personnel are sent there to help evacuate citizens there, and sea walls along the coast are upgraded with carbon nano-tubes and water suckers are put in place on every major coastal city, a staggering feat that hogs nearly 12% of the national budget. Luckily, Italy and Sicily are mostly mountainous, meaning many people can move inward. Ancona Space Launch Complex 1 is relocated to Florence, and RyeNet immediately becomes useful, being 32% more efficient than regular farms, meaning Italy can be self-sufficient for a while. With the war over, the ISC sees a boost in budget, and a new highway system is devised, mainly covering inland portions of Italy, hoping transportation easier and faster. The Italian Moon Project is finally put in place, one year ahead of schedule (technically two years behind) and 6 Italian astronauts arrive on the Moon in the Grandezza 4 and plant the Italian, EU, NATO, and UN flag at the Copernicus Crater, also leaving useful tools and habitat pods for colonization later. Project Ghepardo is completed, with the 12% light speed rockets being useful in the Moon Colonization Project. The mission is considered a success, and plans for an Italian colony on the moon are put at 2054. A Martian Colony is planned for 2067, but funding is a long ways off. The ISC also begins to fiddle with antimatter technology, but after an unfortunate incident in a lab in Campobasso, the project is cancelled. The ISC also asks ROSCOSMOS if they want to partake in a joint space venture. [Russian Response Needed]
    • Russian Diplomacy: The Russian government congratulates Italy on the success of its moon mission and agrees to create a joint space project with Italy, and inquires if they had anything specific in mind.
    • Flag of Italy Italian Science Commission: The ISC would prefer a joint manned Martian expedition, but other ventures are fine.
    • Russian Diplomacy: The government agrees to this proposal.
    • Flag of Australia Aussie Diplomacy: The Ambassador to Italy reminds them that the UN does not have a military and has refused to help alleviate the plight of local Turks. However, Australian military personnel stationed in Turkey would gladly switch to blue helmets.
    • Flag of Italy Italian State Department: The UN does have a military and peacekeeping missions, and Italy, at the next UN meeting, calls for a UN intervention into Turkey. [Mod Response]
    • Mod: The UNSC passes a working paper to stabilise the situation in Turkey, and prepares a peacekeeping force.
  • Hindu Mahasangh: We are in danger of two things, total annhilation by Rising tidal waves and Being Conquered by the So called Rebellion. But since our Capital is not near the coast( Sorry Solace but nice try) we are breathing a huge sigh of relief. We will give autonomy to Nepal and Bhutan and we integrate them into our country. We take a step forward in Foreign relations as well. We Offer aid to China if they accept.we will give 100 million dollars for the damage done.[Player Response needed].We offer an agreement to Pakistan about the ceasefire violations and to stop it. It will include the the two parties involved and also Russia and China as the mediators [Player Response needed]. But since our Financial Capital Mumbai is near the coast as well as Kolkata, we begin evacuating people from there. We Declare these areas Not Suitable for living until we finish the Rebuilding of that area
  • Flag of Japan Japan: The rural areas continue to see an increase in population as more are evacuated from the coastal areas. Many new buildings and houses are constructed in the rural areas further inland with the government helping as much as they can for those affected. Bandai Namco, Sony, Nintendo, Sega, Atlus, Square Enix, and several other Japanese video game and entertainment companies begin relocating their HQs to Tochigi Prefecture, while several other major Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi, Subaru, Honda, Nissan, Seven & I Holdings Co. relocate mainly to Gunma and Nagano Prefectures, and a lesser extent Gifu Prefecture. The sea walls begin reconstruction with stronger materials, and barriers continue to be maintained to prevent the sea water from invading further.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: Though Sydney and Melbourne are slightly flooded and the population moves inland, the capital Canberra is untouched (nice try Solace). In other news, seeing that local police forces have failed to maintain order and prevent fringe extremist groups from spoiling the peace in Turkey, the Australian military places the plans to continue expanding on hold as resources are devoted to maintaining order. Australian and local authorities begin an aggressive campaign of (non-falsified, completely true, we literally have nothing to hide) propaganda to raise the spirits and approval ratings of local Turks. Elections are held in Turkey and the newly elected officials are pro-Aussie support. Nonetheless, Australia has halted all plans for further expansion. In other news, the space programme continues smoothly as the Aussie-German space station continues renovations. Also, a fresh ship of supplies arrives on the Moon and resupplies the Lunar Inhabitants. The Lunar Base continues expansion construction. This year, the first experiments for Lunar mining are conducted with promising results. Last but not least, the inter-agency body known as the Australian Scientific Commission (ASC) is created to oversee, coordinate, and assist all science-related agencies. They announce plans to colonise parts of the exposed Antarctic Continent. (Oh yeeaaahh!)
    • Mod: Hehe, Game Creator here, and... no. Whatever the head mod says, goes unless I decide otherwise. Sorry, but you'll have to deal with sea level rise just like how I am in the US.
    • Player Response: 1. Is that you Ryan? (Game Creator) 2. If the sea levels rise a universal 3 metres across the globe, Sydney and Melbourne are only partially flooded.
  • Federal Republic of The Philippines: Two years after the overthrow of corrupt Liberal Party-led coalition ever since the rise of insurgency in Mindanao region. A fascist-led coalition government led by Marie "Emerald" Gonzales under the Una Filipinas (One Philippines) party had begun setting-up no-go zones between Metro Manila, and several places in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao as the sea levels have increased and the construction of the sea walls dubbed 'Great Filipino Seawall' will be finished by three years and will be spanned in the remaining coastal cities of the country (i.e Cebu City, Davao City). On the other hand, the budget for the AFP has greatly increased by 45% as we request two countries of the world, Australia and Russia, to help us build our armed forces through price discounts of their technologies and small arms that we bought for them. [Player Response] Meanwhile, we support Australia's occupation of Turkey as it was bringing peace in that warlord-infested country. Also we are preparing to draft for an UN draft to call all other nations to help the Australian forces trying to rebuild what's left of Turkey under the name of 'Glory To Mankind' Initiative. [Top Secret] We are also drafting a plan to invade Eastern Malaysia - and annex it completely - as our local population continued to swell and we are secretly developing a plan to destabilize Japan through the use of our 'secret weapons' and if we are successful on that, we will forcibly unite the whole ASEAN countries under one banner [End of Top Secret]
    • Flag of Australia Aussie Diplomacy: The PM thanks the Philippines for their support of Australian peacekeeping missions in Turkey. We decide to assist the Philippines in rebuilding their military though understandably, advanced military technologies are kept from the Philippines in the interest of national security.
    • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: The government agrees to assist the Filipino military and we will gladly sell weapons to the country for a lowered price.
  • Malaysia: We draft an invasion of Thailand and reschedule the elections to 2050. We also increase our military budget by another 20%, increasing our military budget to $US4,968,000,000. We set up defence stations in East Malaysia to protect them from "Russian aggression".
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia: In the recent election, Brotherhood and Unity Party wins by 45% votes. The party also become majority party in the parliament, it wins 107 parliamentary seats. The monarchist A New Serbia (21%) comes second, and the nationalist Radical Party (16%) comes third. Adam Ćorluka, who is major figure in the Brotherhood and Unity Party and personal best friend of President Vladimir Milivojević, is appointed as the new Prime Minister of Serbia. [Secret] The government continues to watch the political situations in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro [Mod Response Needed on Report]. Serbia also starts to expand its Pan-Slavism influence to Rep. of Macedonia and Slovenia. [End Secret]. We continue to send humanitarian and financial supports to countries that affected by the Flood. Residence areas are built for the refugees. Elevated Belgrade Bypass are being constructed, expected to be finished in 2050. Construction of new high-speed railways linking Niş and Sofia have been started, as well. A "Sky City" plan, which is a plan to build skyscrapers, skywalks, high apartments, and elevated roads, has been proposed.
    • Mod Response: Pro Yugoslav movements continue to grow, but are still quite small in comparison to traditional movements in those countries.
  • Vietnam: Democratic reforms are announced. The General Secretary is stripped of power, while the Communist Part may run in elections. The main opposition is the now legal People's Action Party of Vietnam. It forms a coalition with Minority rights groups, many of whom were responsible for unrest and some rioting. The Communist party laments that the opposition coalition includes "former terrorist groups." The elections are won by the Communist party candidate, Tran Bai Qin. He is sworn in as president of Vietnam. Vietnam feels threatened by Malaysia's military building up, so it readies missile defense systems and begins modernizes the armed forces. Also we feel threatened by the Philippines, and we feel ASEAN is beginning to unravel. Diplomacy- We offer military alliances to Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Singapore, to counter the "bullies" of South East Asia - Malaysia, Philippines. (MOD)
    • Malaysia seeks an alliance with Vietnam to defeat the Philippines. We comfort Vietnam by informing them that we'll leave them alone if they leave us alone.


She said "do you love me", I told her only partly, I only love the future and wikia, I'm sorry. Solace here.

The French Basque County proclaims that might hold a referendum to leave France, much like their southern brethren did in Iberia.

Eastern African missions into space prove to be great, probably the most best missions ever. Due to the missions being so amazing and fantastically lit, Tanazia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi all decide they would share the wealth that is about to come in from space mining whenever it becomes more of a reality. They call themselves The East African Federation, or EAF for short, and formally unify into a single entity.

Catalonia and Sardinia, having many of the same ideas that include making sure they are protected from their powerful neighboring nations that are looking oddly hungry towards their sovereignty, decide to create the Mediterranean Union, which is a military, economical, and political organization meant to operate as an opposition to the European Union. Tunisia joins the Union also.

Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand accept Vietnam's offer for an alliance.

As much as the Aussie's in Turkey are doing great, globalist things to help the people in Turkey, not many politicians are pro-Aussie, as many of them are conservative, nationalist, and believe in the return of an Ottoman-level type of Turkish state. They are corrupt, basically.

Laser weaponry begins to flood the blackmarket, and soon Somalian pirates and militant groups in the Middle East are seen using much of the Russian, Chinese, Australian, and American laser weapons.

Water levels begin to stagnate. Ya lucky.

The USAS begins facing internal political conflict, probably due to many of their citizens not actually wanting a corrupt communist country. Regardless, the USAS-Guyana conflict continues.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held. The Constitutional Democratic Party loses twenty-two seats. Kibō no Tō loses nineteen seats. New Party Nippon gains twenty-three seats, and Nippon Ishin no Kai gains eighteen seats. Tatsuya Matsubara from the Constitutional Democratic Party becomes Prime Minister, succeeding Kaori Ishikawa. Neutrality and pacifism continues to be the official policy and enforced. Due to the sea level issue, JAXA's mission to Mars is pushed back and will begin around the mid to late 2050s; and plans for a Lunar colony is pushed to the mid 2070s. After a vote in the National Diet, it is decided that Utsunomiya will be the permanent new capital of Japan, though will not rule out a vote in moving back to Tokyo once the sea level issue is no longer a threat as well as when all the water will be drained. The sea walls continue being repaired, and plans are made to drain the water as well only when the sea walls are repaired and fully secured. However, there will be no plans to allow people moving back to the flooded areas for at least two years after the repairs and drainage is finished, as the sea walls can possibly have another incident.
  • US Flag 67 Stars United States of America: Peaceful policies begin to take shape in the US, leading to the military budget being slashed again, to 350 Billion. NASA continues to receive a large budget, leading to the lunar colony beginning construction in the Sea of Tranquility, nearby where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed nearly a century ago. The colony is named Armstrong, after Neil Armstrong himself. Charles Moss Duke Jr., the last surviving astronaut of the Apollo Program, has stated in a press conference that the government has contracted him to be the first colonist to arrive on Armstrong. Due to advances in stem cell technology and other life preservation technologies, he is able to enter space and survive the trip at 117, three years from now. The Martian colony is in development, with construction to begin using autonomous robot when Armstrong opens for habitation.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: The 2049 general elections are held, with the Nationalists barely remaining in power, with a majority of 6 seats in the Senate and 27 in the Chamber of Deputies. The Democrats come in second place, and say they are completely neutral and support Sardinian independence. They win 98% of the votes in Sicily and Naples. Space Hub 1 is completed by the ISC, a three year project that was kept top secret until now. This "space hub" can house a small community, be 100% self-sufficient (provided it is near a star) and facilitate trade. Ursini, seeing the success of East Africa, launches SH1 into space. Plans for a moon colony are pushed ahead to 2052, then 2051, and finally this year. 120 Italian astronauts land on the Moon, in the Copernicus Crater. A small colony is set up, and using the same technology found on Earth and SH1, is completely self-sufficient. A cell tower is set up, and the first phone call from the Moon to Earth is transmitted (albeit with a short delay). Borsa Italiano becomes one of the world's last stock exchanges (considering all the flooding in Hong Kong, NYC, Japan, London) and asks international corporations to sell on Borsa Italiano. [Mod Response] Italy asks Slovenia for an alliance, and promises military protection and special trading rights in the Adriatic Sea. [Mod Response] Maserati launches the 2049 Batterisa S, the world's first fusion powered vehicle and Italy's first real step away from oil and fossil fuels. RyeNet is improved, and farm efficiency in Italy reaches 56% higher than 2039. Hyperloop Italy begins, and a fusion-powered air-compressed hyperloop train line is placed from Bologna to Florence, and immediately becomes a success, with plans to implement hyper-trains all around the nation.
    • Mod: Some multinational corporations invest in Italy. Slovenia accepts the offer.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: The administrative reforms have been finished and the new system is in place, with governors being appointed by the Emperor. Road renovation continues throughout the country as the ring highways around Moscow are receiving the most attention, along with the M10 highway connecting the capital with Saint Petersburg. Given the unfolding situation right near Russia's southern border in nearby Turkey, with the Australian intervention seeming to make things even worse, the Russian government decides to take more active measures to restore order. Russian intelligence units in Syria attempt to make contact with any group representing any central government in Turkey, inquiring if there is anyone claiming to be the central authority there. [Mod Response] Meanwhile the Russian Armed Forces send 10,000 troops with the Imperator Nikolai I carrier task force to our base Syria. [Secret] We also ask CSTO member Armenia if we can additional station troops there if they are needed for a potential intervention in Turkey. We also ask Greece to take part in restoring order to the Anatolian peninsula. [End Secret, Mod Response] The Soyuz-3 rocket sends up more modules to Novy Mir and expands the lunar station, now capable of housing 50 people at a time. Roscosmos makes plans to develop a new rocket as well as potentially a space station in Earth's orbit, and a future Martian colony as well. For now the expansion and development of the lunar colony is the priority for Roscosmos.
    • Flag of Australia Aussie Diplomacy: The Ambassador to Russia kindly reminds them that Australian Occupied Turkey (Name to be changed soon) is the single most stable territory in Turkey. Definitely not worse than before. However, the PM and local Turkish officials would like to cooperate with Russia in establishing a stable Turkish state. It is obvious that the current territory occupied by Australia is the most viable central government. More in my turn.
    • Mod: The western provinces of Turkey hold no parties claiming to have superiority, however multiple factions exist in the eastern provinces. Armenia accepts.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: Infrastructure and public services in Aussie Occupied Turkey have reached 95% of original capacity. This being said, local officials have requested that Australia turn over the governing of the the land to the local government. Seeing as they can now safely ensure order and peace, with trade resuming and tax revenue flowing, Australia relents and hands over local governance to local authorities. The name of Aussie Occupied Turkey has also been changed to the Commonwealth of Turkey. This is to better reflect the current system of government in Turkey as well as to signify the end of Australian occupation there. Nontheless, Turkey continues to maintain close diplomatic and military ties with Australia with nearly 8,000 troops and many a drone stationed in Turkey in 2 military bases by the border on each side. Australia still serves as a large part of Turkey's border defense and military as the rest of Turkey is still in chaos. Australia and Turkey jointly request Russia to assist in establishing stability and reclaiming the rest of Turkey under the central government. [Player Response] In other news, the Colony on the Moon is officially named New Bristol as its population reaches 200, the size of a small village, thanks to Australia's head-start in Lunar Colonisation and an additional 97 personnel landing on the Moon this year. Lunar mining experimentation proves fruitful with the first experimental mine being built not far from New Bristol. Regular shipments of supplies are made each year to the Lunar colonists as they pioneer Australia's efforts to advance in space. As the Aussie-German space station renovations near completion (nest year), plans are made to send a full-time crew of 100 men next year. They will conduct various experiments on space travel and space-related technologies. Back on Earth, the government has partnered with the national rail company to build Australia's first hyperloop from Brisbane to Sydney to Canberra to Melbourne to Adelaide to Perth. Plans are also being laid to build hyperloops across the country. The end goal is to replace all existing railways with hyperloop. Last but not least, all cars are now autonomous. This sparks an exciting development where large companies like Rover (I just made that up) operate thousands of autonomous taxis that are cheap, simple, and safe. This has contributed massively to lowering debt as most people no longer bother to buy cars preferring to be picked up by autonomous taxis instead. It is also common to see these cars fly as the government has begun relaxing flying vehicle laws as technology makes them safer. A system of low-altitude traffic control run by AI serves to coordinate flying cars and soon 'Sky-Highways' become commonplace as official routes are established.
  • Flag of Malaysia Malaysia: We declare neutrality, pledging to only go to war if we are attacked. In the meantime, the government focuses on domestic policy. Despite small cuts, the military budget is still kept high due to fears of a Philippine invasion. The government approves massive repairs to the existing infrastructure, with private companies holding the bulk of the burden. This results in better roads yet higher tolls. The government also puts the small cuts in military spending to putting a man on the moon in the 2050s. We also hope to put a man on Mars and set up a Martian colony.
  • Flag of the Philippines Federal Republic of The Philippines: As fears of an all-out war between us and Malaysia or Vietnam became inevitable for many years to come. The AFP has immplemented an order to convert all small arms and cannons with different usage (APCs, tanks and naval cannons) mechanisms to cheap but reliable and high-powered railgun mechanism itself. Our navy have dramatically improved by releasing our own line of destroyers, missile cruisers, a single aircraft carrier [Secret] and a class of stealth submarines [/Secret]. We also show to the whole world an world's largest battleship since WW2 - dubbed BFRP Emilio Aguinaldo - that was armed with 14.2 inch cannons and other more. [Secret] In reality, the true size of the cannon is 19.3 inch railgun cannon. We also plan to produce one - dubbed BFRP Musashi - that will be finished in circa 2054-55. [/Secret] Meanwhile, we immplented small cuts on our military budget as we established our space department and plan to built an large human information and archives center in the Moon, dubbed the Bunker, we would like to ask Australia again to cooperate with us and built this dream for the years to come. [Player response] [Secret] On the other hand, a plan to invade East Malaysia and Brunei was accepted by Marie Emerald under the operation name: Operation A Beautiful Song and we started to rattle Filipino settlers living in that place since the start of our civil war back in 2020 through air-dropping railgun-converted M-16 to them and our agents have started to instigate a rebellion there against Malaysian and Bruneian authorities. [Mod response] [/Secret]
    • Mod: See 2050 mod events.
  • Flag of Vietnam Vietnam: We agree to peace with Malaysia, which is a relief. However, the Philippines is still feared. Seeing this, the alliance is agreed to. This is a defensive alliance. The Prime Minister appeals to the Philippines, saying that Vietnam does not want a repeat of the Japanese imperialism of World War II. Yet President Tran tells the Philippines that they are a South East Asian country, and that war is not sought at all. WE REQUEST A CONFERENCE WITH ALL SOUTHEAST ASIAN COUNTRIES TO RESOLVE THE CRISIS (MALAY AND PHILIPINES RESPONSE/MOD)
    • Mod: All ASEAN members other than Malaysia and the Philippines are present in the conference as of yet.
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia: [PLACEHOLDER]


Oy vey.

Malaysian and Bruneian authorities intercept M-16 guns dropped over their respective airspaces. It is not known where these came from, but authorities are currently working it out. In the meantime, more joint patrols take place involving ships from both Brunei and Malaysia. Indonesia has expressed its concerns over the matter.

Multiple politicians known to support Australian occupation of Turkey are either missing or dead. It is not known if this is the result of rival political parties or simply mere coincidence.

A 4.3 earthquake is recorded in the Aegean Sea. Analysts predict it may be the result of an underground nuclear test by Greece.

Armenia occupies Turkish border provinces that are predominantly Armenian anyway, seeing as there is little to no retaliation.

Exiled Korean fascist party members begin campaigning in Manchuria, Far Eastern Russia or Japan. Damn fascists.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: While the government allows Korean fascist party members to campaign within Japan, they are not exempted from the hate speech laws that is in effect, and if it gets violent or discriminatory, then they will be arrested just like how Japanese nationalists are arrested for breaking hate speech laws. Much of the population continues to frown upon nationalism of any kind, especially Japanese nationalism. Minorities continue to be protected by law as well, as is free speech (except hate speech). Despite all odds, neutrality and pacifism is maintained and the government makes it clear that it rather solve issues with diplomacy and not conflict. Meanwhile the Utsunomiya Stock Exchange is opened and replaces the now defunct Tokyo Stock Exchange, and many Japanese companies including Bandai Namco, Sony, Nintendo, Japanese auto manufactures and etc., are now listed there. Oil and coal are now completely phrased out, and natural gas will be the next to go.
  • Republic of Korea
  • Flag of Russia Russia: The Korean fascists are ignored for now. The Russian government sends 15,000 troops of the 58th Army into Armenia, to enter Turkey if need be. We encourage Armenia to annex the Armenian territories of former Turkey. [Mod Response] The Russian government asks these Turkish factions to convene a government of national salvation, a provisional government, to reunify whats left of Turkey and restore some order. We also ask Greece to get support us in our efforts in Turkey. [Mod Response] We temporarily suspend the expansion of Novy Mir this year as Roscosmos has its budget lowered so we can focus on other matters. A new trans-Siberian highway is finished. The amount of payments to families with three or more children is increased to further encourage continued population growth. Minorities no longer have a special status in society and Russian nationalism is encouraged in schools and education.
    • Mod: Armenia will gladly do so, and allows Russian troops to enter the newly annexed territories. Greece agrees to provide logistical support.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: The 2050 presidential elections are held. Federico Ursini barely wins the elections, and becomes the second Italian president to win a second term. Stage Two of Hyperloop Italy begins, with plans to build a new line from Bologna to Milan, and then from Milan to Turin and Genoa. A railway is also built from Bologna to Rome. Bologna becomes the new financial and political capital of Italy, but Rome is still the cultural and historic capital. The Trieste Pact is officially formed between Slovenia and Italy. Lichtenstein, Austria, and San Marino are all invited. [Mod Response] Ursini begins a crackdown on corruption in Sicily, and members of the Sicilian Mafia are hunted down and jailed by Italian officials. [Secret] An antimatter bomb is in the works, and is expected to be 15x as destructive as the bomb on Hiroshima, and the project is expected to be completed by 2075. A nuclear program is also in the works, and a WMD is expected around 2060, using materials and research from other nations. [End Secret] Italy begins sending financial aid to the Turkish city of Alanya, and helps Alanya build walls, laser turrets, and other fortifications from tribal warlords outside the town. This is mainly seen as an experiment to test new Italian weapons manufactured by the ISC. Oh yeah, also that humanitarian aid thing. The Autonomous Intelligence Heat-Sensor Laser Turret (AIHSLT)(pronounced Aihselt) is created, and can accurately pinpoint and shoot enemy troops up to 20 meters away. Another 120 settlers arrive on the Copernicus Crater where the Italian settlement is located, and name the first colony Galileo. A second colony, Michelangelo, is founded just 12 kilometers south of Galileo, with an initial population of 20 people. Taxes are increased to account for the mass amount of government spending being spent on the Moon, weaponry, and other non-essential projects.
    • Mod: Slovenia and San Marino accept. Austria and Liechtenstein respectfully decline.
  • Bandeira sauri SADR: Rising sea levels resulted in big losses and a failure of our investments in Al-Kuwajra. Tge town itself was somehow able to survive (but was reduced to a small village), but the city's small port has been completely destroyed. Luckily for us, the works on expanding the port were just starting and the funds are now being redirected (and additional funds are provided) to a similar project in the city of Guerguerat. The population of the city of Tifariti is now 50.000, as more and more people are moving to into from much more isolated villages. The country is experiencing a boom in interest in politics, and many new political parties are registered, but none of them is even close to beat the Polisario in popularity (which is understandable concerning our nation's history and it's current situation). Seeing that we are often a single remaining 'grey zone' on world maps attached to some polls, we officially incite every organization doing some research to our country, saying that they will be allowed to do it. The country has seen a little rise in tourism in past years, but it's not much. The current population of SADR is about 1.500.000 to 1.700.000 based on population growth, and we plan to organise a census in 1-2 years. [Disclaimer: of course ~10 years ago when we were offered an alliance by Algeria and Mauritania, we accepted it].
  • 960px-Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svg United Republic of China: The introduction of Korean Fascist Party, or KFP for short, is allowed into the URC, however, it remains a small foundation for now. It is remaid into the Sino-Korean Unity Foundation, SKUF for short, as a means for the party to appeal to those of both ethnic Korean and Han Chinese origins. Anyways, the Communist Party continues to reign supreme as the people of China remain very nationalistic and patriotic towards their former state. The Republic Party, however, begins to make headway. The capital city is officially relocated to Xi'an.
    • NAV Sino-Japanese Flag Sino-Korean Unity Foundation: Due to the changing from a singular political party to that of a private military and technological development organization. Under CEO Chang Zhao, many technological advances begin to made in warfare use, such as a more advanced prototype exo-suit, allowing for both higher jumping and hacking equipment. In the military organizational part, the first weapon capable of electronegativational shots is tentatively called the Model QBB-195. These shots, as theorized since the weapon is currently in the development stages, are (in theory by the way) capable of effectively cause the attraction of elections within a human victim to a single location, essentially turning their victims into a blob of cells made of charged elections and other parts of the atom, of course. These weapons are experimental and are to remain unknown to the general populace. The standard laser-propulsion rifle, known as the Type 135, is able to using a mixture of high-fusion laser shots that are capable of causing an advanced level of third-degree burns, as well as completely rendering a human in-compatable of usage of a firarm if the shot is hit in the right place. Other weapons, such as the Type 165 "Hellfire", are sold to the warring states of Turkey, as in all of them, as well as various states in Africa and the Middle East that are wanting new military weapons that precede those they used to use.
    • Alternate Mongol Flag Mongolian Autonomous State: Modernization and industrialization, as well as usage of the most fertile places for agricultural reasons, begins to be organized as many Sino-led business monopolies begin to open up branches in Mongolia. The Mongolian people seem relatively unaffected over the last years of being under Chinese control, with many of them actually enjoying it quite well, probably due to the fact that the region of Mongolia has been in constant decline since the fall of the Socialist Republic and the decline of it's older superiority in the pre-modern era of human history.
  • Flag of the Philippines Federal Republic of The Philippines: We have decided to slow our military build-up as our economy have slowly becoming a stagnant situation and our military budget have dramatically decreased by 25%. However, we have finished converting all of our small arms and all types of cannons to railguns with ammunitions have been modified to accommodate the conversion itself and ordered the production of our MBT tank (with designed inspired by Type 10 and Merkava tank) dubbed Sampaguita and the Striker Infantry Unit (the first airborne unit - as in flying, not parachutist - and inspired by a certain anime show called Strike Witches) after two years of testing and improving it. Meanwhile, we assured Malaysia and Vietnam that our military 'rebuilding' will not be used to invade these two countries. But to defend against the 'Chinese Hegemony' (yeah, I've watched to much Shattered Citadel on that thing - Mr-Wehrmacht19) after the invasion and annexation of Taiwan years ago. [Player Response] [Secret] The destabilization of Japan begins after our airdropped shipment of our railgun-converted M-16s was intercepted by Malaysian and Bruneian authorities itself. Using our skills of hacking, we've managed to robbed over 40 billion dollars in Bank of Japan, and permanently shutting down Kantai Collection game after decades of use. [Mod Response Needed] We decided cancel the airdrops of our weapons to the Filipino settlers in Sabah and Brunei and we decided to secretly shipped that railgun small-arms to any port in Sabah region as we taking down several Malaysian and Bruneian patrol boats through the first test of our class of stealth-submarine dubbed Marie Korbel. [Mod Response Needed] Operation A Beautiful Song is still preparing and we formed four army groups (see the comment section of what name I will give to them - Mr-Wehrmacht19) and we'll wait for cassus belli to come in to us.[/Secret]
    • Mod: See 2051 mod event.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: As cases of Turkish politicians disappearing get more frequent and serious, Australian security and intelligence services launch an investigation into their disappearances. In other news, the Aussie-German Space Station renovations have been completed and a permanent crew of 100 people are sent into orbit. In other news, New Bristol (Aussie colony on the moon) reaches a population of 500 people with an additional 10 kilo-tonnes of supplies shipped to the Moon along with more people. Additionally, extra-terrestrial intercourse is legalised. The implications of this are not yet known. Excitingly, the Australian Space Agency constructs the first industrially viable lunar mining facility near New Bristol. The facility mines Helium-3 for fusion reactors and Lunar metals and other resources for extra-terrestrial use (space-stations, etc) as it is economically nonsensical to ship regular resources back to Earth. Speaking of space stations, the ASA announces plans to build a space station orbiting the Moon. It will serve as a stop-off point for spacecraft travelling from Earth to the Moon. This will allow for greater specialisation in that craft can be built specifically for extra-gravitational travel (between Earth station and Moon station) or craft built specifically for Lunar-surface to Lunar-station or Earth-surface to Earth-station travel.
  • Malaysia: The neutral governing party retains control of Parliament, with both the pro-war party and the anti-war party in opposition. The government confiscates the M-16s that fell on the country, and handed them over to the military, leaving them to decide what to do with the M-16s. Border security has started detaining any foreigners with Philippine passports. The people and Opposition are demanding war after Malaysian patrol boats were shot down. The Opposition is blaming the Philippines. Police are disproportionately arresting Philippinos for every possible crime. [Secret] We are fortifying Sabah for fears of Philippine invasions. We embargo Philippine goods, and begin shooting down Philippine patrol boats. [/Secret]


Two Malaysian coastal craft are seen destroyed violently by what experts have predicted to be a missile attack.

Approximately 40 billion bitcoins have been reported missing from the Bank of Japan, ending the decade-old cryptocurrency service in Japan. The Governor of the Bank of Japan mentions, "the bitcoin field has declined since the 30s, and the Bank of Japan has been the last to phase out the cryptocurrency. As such, we have decided to close this service, moving the accounts for it this very morning. We did not expect 40 billion of our bitcoins to disappear." It should be worth noting that bitcoin is equivalent to about 0.000017738% of its value in 2011, 40 years ago.

In response to what has been known as the Sulu Sea Incident, the SAMS (Southeast Asian Military Ship) Unity and Sukarno begin patrolling the Sea alongside Malaysian, Bruneian and Indonesian craft by order from the joint naval command SIMB (Singapore-Indonesia-Malaysia-Brunei).

For Chinese Intelligence: While the concept of the electron gun is proven to be theoretically possible, the physical process needed to create and perfect the weapon exceeds current technology. Good news is, scientists give an estimate for the gun to be in military hands by 2060. (Solace seriously the electron gun should not even be physically possible neither now or in 2051. I'll let this pass because of the unpredictability of quantum mechanics and potential advances that allow this, but seriously don't rush such technologies)

With the ingenuity and analytical prowess of the Bruneian Intelligence Agency, the M16 firearms dropped into Borneo were tracked to a military base in Mindanao, sparking suspicions against the Philippines.

With the ingenuity and industrial prowess of Indonesia, advanced sonars are installed into patrol craft to detect any obstacles or inbound missiles. Their own version of the SSTD is also installed to defend against said torpedoes or missiles.

Ahmet Erdogan leads the polls in Australian-Occupied Turkey, mainly campaigning for a nationalistic state "that will make our Ottoman forefathers shed tears of pride."

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Although the loss of 40 billion bitcoins is nothing major due to its decline, cyber security is increased and given focus across the board in case another hacking attack appears. Nevertheless, an investigation is launched to track the hackers. [Mod Response Needed] With tensions also rising, security in general is also increased across the nation, though neutrality and pacifism continues being official policy as the government is not keen on being dragged into a conflict. To be on a safer side though, the outdated Self-Defence Forces are given a slight budget boost, mainly towards updating equipment. The government asks Russia if they can sell weapons. [Player Response Needed] While a few remaining fans complain about the loss of Kantai Collection, it goes by unnoticed due to its low popularity and its fall from the Japanese mainstream years ago. Touhou Project creator ZUN is moved to the hospital due to ill health, mainly as a result of alcohol. With many of the voice actresses and voice actors for both Idolmaster and Bandori! series retiring due to age, Bandai Namco and Bushiroad begin recruiting new voice actresses and actors to continue with both series as they continue to be widely popular. A few game companies such as Atlus and Nintendo announce new upcoming games after a bit of absence due to the sea level crisis and relocation; and both Sony and Nintendo also announce a new console in the making.
    • Russian Diplomacy: We agree to sell Japan weapons and equipment, including laser rifles if they want any.
    • Mod: Investigations indicate the perpetrators are confirmed to be based in Asia, and are either the government of a nation or funded by the government based on analysis.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: In the legislative elections this year to decide the composition of the State Duma of the 14th convocation. Alexander Yakovenko decides to step down shortly after the election after ten years as prime minister, in which the Great Fatherland Party maintains its majority with 255 seats, especially since the successful beginning of the colonizing of the moon by the government of the 13th convocation. The Emperor confirms the appointment of PVO politician Stanislav Lunev as the new prime minister, who was recommended by Yakovenko. Other parties see minor seat changes, but the opposition is unable to overturn the ruling party's popularity. We watch the developing situation in East Asia closely and continue to work on the Turkish problem. The government has not sent in any troops but will do so if necessary. We prefer to create a Turkish federal republic similar to the one that existed before, but one which will be restricted like postwar Germany, to prevent it from being a threat to us or Armenia and Greece. Roscosmos sees an increase in its budget now that the road renovation project across the country is winding down. A Soyuz-3 rocket sends up more modules and supplies to further expand Novy Mir and a new rocket in in the process of development, known as Soyuz-5. The military begins designing a successor to replace the T-14 Armata main battle tank, which will be equipped with a laser railgun, and the Russian Navy has received eight new nuclear submarines of the Akula II-class.
  • 960px-Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svg United Republic of China: With much of the population having been evacuated before the rise in sea level, much of the more inland parts begin major industrialization, with factories and other urbanizing qualities coming into place. Casualties from the loss of the coastal cities is ranged at just below 50,000,000 total, most of it due to mass panic during the evacuation which concurrently faced the rise in sea level. Due to China's large territorial claim on the South China Sea due to the large amount of manmade islands (Yes, there was a reason), the President explains to all Southeast Asian countries that if war were to be declared, China would intervene diplomatically and militarily to better help China's claim on the entire sea, which has been the target of numerous attacks.
    • NAV Sino-Japanese Flag Sino-Korean Unity Foundation: It was expected for the experimental weapon, the Model QBB-195 "Red Roses", to take longer than regularly, and due to the fact that more weapon designs are being made and tested, the weapon-making process is delayed by another 7 years, making it's finishing date to be 2067. Artillery is looked into for the contemporary era, and many projects are spawned, which are meant for effectively decimating an enemy line within a couple of minutes, using a mixture of dense plasma and conductive electroshock (plasma + tazers + rocket launcher = <3). Other projects include the re-creation and updating of the older Type 63 multiple rocket launcher, now known as the Type 93 MRL "FazeMaker", the Type 79 "Vertigo", and the WA 099 "Angel". These artillery pieces, both powerful and advanced for their time, are offered to Japan as a symbol of new co-operation and strengthing their defense beyond what Russia can do on its own (Player Response). If Japan accepts, that'd make them the first nation outside of the URC to possess it, since almost all of this stuff is China's, not anybody else's. The first electroshock sniper rifle, known as the QBU-188 "Decimation", is produced. Mercenaries, armed with the latest in SKUF weaponry, are offered to both sides of the Filipino-Malaysian conflict. Due to there being a very limited quantity of artillery pieces, more advanced laser-propulsion weaponry such as the Type 135 and Type 165 "Hellfire" are offered to those respective states also (Player Response).
    • Alternate Mongol Flag Mongolian Autonomous State: Industrializing, modernization, urbanization, and agriculture continue to support the autonomous state. 
      • Japan Diplomacy: The government accepts the offer from the Sino-Korean Unity Foundation.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Stage 3 of Hyperloop Italy is completed, and rails from Rome to Naples, Naples to Foggia, Foggia to Bari, and Bari to Cosenza, Taranto, and Brindisi. The Italian colony of Galileo receives a fusion generator, its very own version of RyeNet, specifically coded for Moon-like environments, and the TerraSphere, a terraforming kit. Stage 1 of TerraSphere is completed, and a giant glass dome is put over Galileo, and oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide is pumped there to simulate the atmosphere on Earth. Stage 2 is more complicated and will require 4 years of planning. Michelangelo also gets a fusion reactor. A new colony, Nuovo Rome (New Rome) is created, this one is a mining quarry that mines iron, aluminum, magnesium, titanium and silicon. Ghepardo engines (12 2% speed of light) are put on Transporter 4, an Italian rocket, and regulr stops between the Earth and the Moon are made. Italy asks Australia if it can buy Helium-3 to use in fusion reactors. (Australian Response) The Piccolo Fusion Cell is made by the ISC, the smallest and most powerful fusion cell to date. [Secret] Italy begins financially supporting pro-Italian reunification parties and groups in Sardinia, encouraging them to cause riots and public disruption. Italy also begins work on the Mator, a machine capable of adding or removing protons in basic elements. However, the project is in its early stages, only able to transform a few atoms at a time. [End Secret] Alanya is given AIHSLT, and it helps deter tribal groups and warriors. Money is also given to improve infrastructure in Alanya. To help limit water use, all Italian showers must use Cleanir, a chemical that feels and tastes similar to water, but in fact cleans in body 33% more efficiently that H2O. The government discourages drinking Cleanir for prolonged periods of time, as it may cause stomach problems, birth defects, and in some cases, cancer. (God, I feel like an advertisement for some depression drug) The crackdown on the Sicilian Mafia goes nicely, and the Mafia's influence greatly decreases in small towns and cities.
  • Federal Republic of The Philippines: As situation between us and Malaysia (or other SEA nations) have begin suspecting us of doing something wrong. [Secret] Four of our army groups (Jean-Paul Sartre, White, Jackass and Adam.) with another army group joining (Popola) for our Operation A Beautiful Song have positioned in the southern part of Palawan and we are waiting for an cassus belli to start a war against Malaysia. [/Secret] Pro-Malaysian groups have managed to enter our country started its terror campaign against us. As a result, more and more people have joined to the AFP, which is now reaching to 4.3 million compared to Malaysia's 234,000 soldiers [Secret] and set-up concentration/death camps in converted penal colony of ours, not for Malaysian people, but for the Chinese or Filipino-Chinese people and Liberal Party supporters itself. [/Secret] Our foreign secretary have denied the allegations that the Philippines is dropping M-16s to Sabah or Bruneian airspace and we begged all of SEA nations to stop pointing to our wrongdoings we didn't commit. But tells Malaysia to stopped arresting the Filipino settlers living in Sabah Region, for which they considered that region as their home [Player/Mod Response] For now, the country's development is still going strong, Great Filipino Seawall has been finished and we set multiple A-A missile defense system (bought from Russia at an discounted price) around the country. (I removed it, ok? By next turn, I will put more plausibility in it. - Mister-Wehrmacht19)
  • Flag of Australia Australia: Australian arms manufacturing firms are no longer allowed to sell weaponry to the Philippines over fears of war-mongering and intelligence that suggests the Philippines is engaging in crimes against humanity. In other news, Hyperloop 1 is complete and connects the entire South Coast from Brisbane to Perth. Plans are underway for a second Hyperloop travelling to and from the same cities but along the Northern Coast. As Hyperloop 1 sees much success, there is even speculation of cross-country Hyperloops. The Boring Company is employed to construct the hyperloops. In other news, Ministry of Defence research into aircraft has yielded much results with massive advancements in VTOL technology. This is to be implemented in a 5th generation of Aussie-manufactured military aircraft that will cost little more than current aircraft but incorporate VTOL technology. They will of course be sporting laser cannons. The MoD also announces research into EMP explosives and missiles capable of attacking only specific, small targets ranging from single neighborhoods all the way to hand-held grenade type devices that attack an enemy soldier's gear. Last but not least, New Bristol ships back it's first shipment of Helium-3, fetching enormous revenue in the fusion energy industry. In other words, Australia has discovered an economically viable incentive for an expansion of government space programme and an additional source of significant government revenue.
  • Hindu Mahasangh: Over the past years the Rebellion has taken over 90% of the country and we have reports of them Invading Delhi, our capital. We send out Whatever resources we have to repel them from the capital.[Mod response on whether the Resistance wins or they are repelled]. Since this bothersome resistance has reached its peak we are not able to participate in External affairs.
    • Mod: Due to them having taken 90% of the nation they are able to take the capital.


Bruneian authorities release video footage of 4 surveillance drones that show an aircraft registered under the Philippine Air Force dropping M-16s into Borneo, and two Malaysian coastal drones capturing its flight path in the direction of Mindanao.

Indonesia militarises their Bornean provinces within close proximity with Philippines as a defensive measure.

Ahmed Erdogan is put into power after elections in Australian-Occupied Turkey. He promises the people a state free from foreign contamination, for the people of Turkey. Analysts frequently compare his actions to those of Adolf Hitler in 1930s Germany.

The Imperial Mexican Front gains power in the United States of Aztlan, sparking concerns in sovereign states residing in Central America.

Sorry, Aztlan doesn't exist anymore, it was re-annexed into the United States through the Atlanta Conference

  • Flag of Italy Italy: President Ursini, seeing his semi-high approval ratings, calls for a new parliamentary election. Despite his high ratings, the Nationalists lose big in these elections, with the neutral Forward Alliance gaining a majority in Parliament. [Secret] Despite this, President Ursini continues to support unification groups in Sardinia, prompting them to start protests and disturbance. [Mod Response] [End Secret] President Ursini reluctantly signs Stage 4 of Hyperloop Italy into law, making a rail from Rome to Reggio Calabria. Then, an underwater rail from Reggio Calabria to Mesina, them from Messina to Palermo and from Palermo to Marsala. In 2040, it would've taken 14 hours to drive from the Alps to the south of Italy, but with the new rails, it now takes less than 4 hours. After monitoring the situation in Southeast Asia, Italy condemns the actions by the Philippines, and Filipino consulates in Milan and Turin are closed, and 67 Filipino diplomats are fired. The Civilian Safety Agency is launched, designed to "protect the privacy and identities of the Italian public" though many see this as some sort of Orwellian database, and 83% of the general populace dislikes the CSA. A space expedition is sent to Mars, in the Noachis Terra, and the Italian and UN flag is planted there. A Martian colony is pushed forward to 2056, due to advances in technology. In other news, the Mator produces an iron particle from two aluminum atoms. The announcement is made public, and people have high hopes for the Mator. Healthy civilians can now sign up to join one of the three colonys on the moon. The population of Galileo jumps to 1,000, the population of Michelangelo skyrockets to 480, and the colony of New Rome sees the new milestone of 200 people.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We continue monitoring the developments in Turkey and have 25,000 troops surrounding the region in Syria and Armenia. The opposition parties in Russia protest against this action, but the ruling party's popularity is still quite high. The population has grown to 162 million people this year in total, according the census. A new project to increase the number of railways has begun, after criticisms from rural towns that the Sapsan high speed trains are interrupting the schedules of regular commuter trains. Although larger segments of the population are able to afford the high speed trains now due to economic improvements, a great many rural areas are not serviced by them. Russian Railways has begun to build additional lines for these commuter trains to continue to run without interruption from the Sapsan ones. The Defense Ministry has made gains in the process of developing the T-24, creating the first prototype of a laser railgun main turret. More expansions and development of Novy Mir colony also takes place this year. Developing a new rocket also is progressing.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: With a confirmation of the hackers being based in Asia, the government continues to investigate further, and is also confused and has questions as to why someone would attempt to launch cyber attacks to Japan when the government has been maintaining neutrality and pacifism and not as active in foreign affairs outside the region for quite some time now. Both Public Security Intelligence Agency and Naicho are given another budget increase as security across Japan as both cyber and national continue to be increased as to prevent possible further attacks again the nation. The Self-Defence Forces are given another budget increase, also for security reasons, and thanks to the purchase of new equipment and weapons from Russia and China, begins updating the entire arsenical; and weapons bought from China are kept top secret. ZUN passes away in the hospital at the age of 75, and from his will, passes control of the Touhou Project series to his daughter. Two months later, ZUN's daughter as well as the staff from Twilight Frontier officially announces the merge between Team Shanghai Alice and Twilight Frontier; with Team Shanghai Frontier officially being established as a result of the merger. Comiket also officially comes back in a new location, now taking place in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.
  • Flag of PhilippinesFederal Republic of The Philippines: A group of Malaysian commandos has attempted to raid the Malacañang Palace, presumably taking down Marie Emerald, fortunately they failed and that attempted raid angered Filipinos and begged Marie to declare war on Malaysia. She immediately declares war on Malaysia a day after the raid and publicized its operation plan, Operation A Beautiful Song - to the whole world itself. However an rebellion led by an remnants of Liberal Party have sparked in the province of Tarlac and Pangasinan have forced to delay the Op itself and we have no choice but to pull out Army Group Adam from the Op line-up and try to deal with them while replacing it with an new army group called Army Group Shadowlord and created another army group called Army Group Devola to its Op line-up. [Mod Response on rebellion tenacity] With the SKUF help, the firepower of our AFP have greatly increased and the current soldiers we have is 4.8 million soldiers and counting, that's a huge gap against Malaysian's 234,000 soldiers itself. Meanwhile, the workers of Clark Air Base renovation have discovered an underground bunker beneath the air base formerly belonged to the United States. Inside of the bunker, workers finds an huge stockpile of chemical and biological weapons produced by U.S itself, mainly Mustard gas, Agent Orange and a dangerous biological agent known as VX. This discovery enraged Marie Emerald herself against the U.S but politely asked them to dispose that kind of weapon immediately out of this country. [Player Response] [Secret] The renovation workers have also discovered another biological weapon created by United States that is unknown unlike the VX and was dubbed White Chlorination Syndrome, where its effects is unknown to us. We decided to hid the WCS stockpiles and immediately formed Project Red Eye to handle the first WCS test itself. Meanwhile, more concentration/death camps are built around the country and the total death toll from that is over 2 million and counting.[/Secret]
    • American Response: Only if you withdraw the declaration of war with Malaysia.
    • Nope, nope, nope, nope, and nope. Side, Ryan, where have you been at lol?- Sol
  • Flag of Australia Australia: The government of Australia is very worried over the war between Malaysia and the Philippines. An emergency cabinet meeting is called and it is decided Australia will wait for Malaysia's response to the Philippines before choosing sides. However, the Australian Armed Forces receive a budget increase of 50% bringing the total troop count to 600,000. It is also of importance to note that Australia's Armed Forces relies heavily on advanced technology and autonomous weaponry. The military budget increase has expanded the Armed Forces' arsenal to include 70,000 UAVs and 90,000 UNVs (Unmanned Nautical Vehicles). This number is steadily increased with an additional 2,000 of each, each year. Australia condemns the Philippines' act of war. In other news, troops stationed in the Commonwealth of Turkey are placed on standby and an additional 10,000 troops are shipped into Turkey. Australia formally requests an alliance with Russia in securing Turkey in case of disaster. [Player Response] Aussie troops in Turkey also ensure Turkish authorities do not form armed forces other than the police and Aussie troops routinely engage in community projects with locals.
  • US Flag 67 Stars United States of America: We are angered by the Philippines invading Malaysia, and threaten war with the Philippines if they do not withdraw their declaration. [Player Response Required] (No response will be counted as refusal) We ready a marine strike force for an amphibious assault of the Philippines, however we hope to not use it, and offer to mediate negotiations between Malaysia and The Philippines. The lunar colony is officially completed, leading to the US being the first nation to complete a permanent settlement on another planet. We claim an area of ten miles around the colonial biosphere as American territory, and begin to conduct testing of terraforming techniques on the northern pole of the moon
  • 960px-Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svg United Republic of China: With the Philippines finally declaring war on Malaysia, war is declared on the Philippines for human right abuses and the use of biological and chemical weapons. With the total troop count of 6,700,000 active and 2,300,000 reserved, all active personel are mobilized, while those in reserve are put on call. Due to years of building islands in Southeast Asia, the siege of Manila begins after relaying troops through numerous islands. Using the SKUF's finest artillery, aircraft, and naval technology, air and naval raids begin and soon the Siege of Manila begins after breaking through the outdated Filipino battleships. Expecting most of the Filipino troops to be busy with either invading Malaysia or simply defending Manila, troops are deployed to invade through the south while the Philippines is both navally blockaded and their airspace becomes a "no fly zone", with anything going in or out being destroyed immediatly. Due to the Philippines being both military, technologically, and morally overwhelmed, it is expected that the Philippines will seek peace by the next year or risk the possibility that their capital city will be overtly destroyed and burnt beyond repair.


Solace here, hopefully to bring back this map game into the plausible limelight.

The Philippines begins to suffer a major economical recession following the excessive use of resources and inflation caused by excessive spending. In addition, the mass usage of resources to be able to properly maintain a vast military begins to prove futile and mutiny's by Filipino soldiers sent to invade in Malaysia begin.

Brazil is able to succeed in doing whatever the USA did with that permanent whole lunar colony and whatnot on Mars.

Ethnic Mexicans begin to protest against the USA's holdings in Central America, and propose that the former Mexican lands be ceded back to Mexico.

Due to the Philippines violating the ASEAN protocol, Indonesia and Cambodia declare war on the Philippines and an invasion begins in the east.

The northern-most state in the former Saudi Kingdom, the Republic of Arabia, unites with Iraq after years of debate to form the Greater Arabian Republic, or GAR for short.

  • Flag of Russia Russia: The government continues to monitor the China-ASEAN response to the Filipino invasion of Malaysia closely, as well as the Turkish situation. We begin building the first T-24 prototype, a main battle tank with a laser railgun cannon, built on the basis of the Armata Universal Combat Platform. We also continue equipping more army units with the AK-30 laser rifle. The current number of active personnel is 1.4 million, with 2.5 million operational reserves that train regularly, and 40 million secondary reserves -- civilian men with previous military training from conscription. Meanwhile, Roscosmos continues to develop the Soyuz-5 rocket. The Novy Mir colony on the moon is not expanded this year but is developing the structures it already has. The government has restarted the Russian Grand Prix competition for the first time since the 2010s, and it was held in Sochi this year with eleven teams taking part.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held with Tatsuya Matsubara from the Constitutional Democratic Party winning re-election. Constitutional Democratic Party loses another twelve seats, while New Party Nippon gains twelve as Republicanism continues gaining traction. Kibō no Tō falls further, now having only seven seats. Nippon Ishin no Kai gains eighteen seats. JAXA gains a new larger budget, with the government focusing more in working towards a Lunar colony by mid 2060s. Security and the Self-Defence Forces also continue to be focused on, as the government continues to enforce neutrality and pacifism at all costs, and to protect from any attacks that could be directed at Japan. The Super GT series begins to be partially revived, with all races for now all taking place on Twin Ring Motegi track, with four different configurations and four different races. A new race track is also planned, and plans are made to revive and rebuild the Suzuka Circuit, Fuji Speedway, Tsukuba Circuit in the future once the water is drained out of Japan again. Idolmaster and Bandori! begins receiving new content in general, including on all their mobile games, now that there are all new voice actresses and voice actors that replace the old ones. Love Live! also recently did the same, though did not add as much new content to both their mobile games. Meanwhile, the old Love Live! School Idol Festival now has five million players remaining, while the All Stars version has more players, at nine million.
  • Federal Republic of The Philippines: As all of the nations declared war on us and the rebellion of the LP remnants have going stronger. We have no choice but declare peace to China and U.S and as a result, Marie Emerald stepped down and decides to suicide herself as the second asian fascist nation to collapsed next to Hindu Manasagh. Thus, LP has presumed its seat of the Philippine's government. However, once again, Visayan-majority states - who support Marie Emerald during her days - in the Philippines have once again broke-off from the FRP and once again formed the Confederate Republic of The Philippines or simply the Visayan Confederacy and thus the Second Filipino Civil War starts. [Player/Mod Response] (P.S - I officially quit this map game. Looks likes every Future user hates Michael Mangual, the god of Shattered Citadel and my savior, for no reason. Don't worry I will propose my Shattered Citadel: A Map Game in this wiki. Considered this as my final turn - Mister-Wehrmacht19)
  • 960px-Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svg United Republic of China: With the Philippines descending into civil war, all occupied parts of the Philippines (Central Lizon, NCR, Calabarzon, Soccsksargen, ARMM, Davao Region, and the Zamboanga Peninsula) are placed under the puppet state Filippino Federation, which is directly controlled by the URC. As a puppet government, the state is officially militarized and fences separating the states from the other parts of the country and put up to keep control over the Filipino citizens. The SKUF continues to develop stuff (too lazy to write about it, LOL).
    • Filippino Federation: As a state, it is put on serious lockdown until the resolution of the civil war or whatever, and movement in or out is unallowed until the country is properly re-unified. The capital city is Manila, and is also put on lockdown. Much of the Filippino military mainly consists of mercenaries and forces hired from the SKUF or provided by the Chinese government. Invasions of the northern Filippino states begin as a means of unifying the northern region under the Filippino Federation. In total, 250,000 men aided by bombing raids and a crippling naval blockade, as well as any major fortitified cities being blown out by the dangerously powerful artillery, are expected to take their tole on the northern state. The southern state faces only a blockade as is currently.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Italy funds a group in Sardinia called the Fusione Group, a near extremist group that go to extreme parallels to convince members of the Sardinian public to rejoin with Italy. It starts out with 3,400 members, and asks the Sardinian government if it can stage a large-scale protest in the capital city. [Mod Response] Italy funds the Alanyan government in building sea walls there to protect it. Italy removes 2,600 of the 4,000 soldiers stationed at Alanya, but Italian influence is still greatly seen there. As Alanya encompasses the surrounding areas outside of the city, including the small town of Avsallar, Italy agrees to let the Alanyan government rebuild the D400 highway, but when Alanya announces plans to expand to Anamur, the Italian government dismisses at the notion. The Mator enters Stage 3, and iron production skyrockets. The Mator is made available to Italian manufacturing companies, for the low, low price of 1,2 million euros. Italy asks China if it can buy a shipment of electron guns to "revamp the Italian army". [Chinese Response] In other news, the Ghepardo 2 is announced, allowing for fast spaceships that can land in a breeze like in sci-fi films, though it will take until 2059 to finish that. 15 1.5% light speed engines are also introduced. The population of Gailelo skyrockets to 1,400, the population of Michelangelo rises to 700, and the population of New Rome goes to 240.
    • Mod: The Sardinian government says no.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: Australia decides to assist Malaysia in their battle against the warring factions of the Filipino Civil War. In exchange, Australia is granted the former Municipality of Balabac, north of Sabah and at the southernmost tip of the province of Palawan. Immediately, a micronation puppet state, the Republic of Balabac, is formed. Elections are held and administrative authorities are elected to enforce law and run the nation in general. The head of state is an appointed Governor of local origin. Within weeks, a large military installation is built on the deserted Candaraman Island, with the entire island placed under Australian Martial Law (aka the military runs it, there are no civilians after all). The base, named Candaraman-A, holds 8,000 troops as of now and hosts 2,000 UAVs, 1,200 UNVs, and 2 conventional navy destroyers. Candaraman acts as Australia's forward acting base in South East Asia and has Malaysia's best wishes. [Secret to all but China] The PM requests confirmation of Balabac's security in exchange for an alliance between Australia and China in various matters including military and trade. [/Secret + Player Response]


Plausibility yay...

Still reminiscent of the Filipino Golden Age before "it all went wrong", several organizations are formed, intending to do what the previous administration of the Philippines could not. As such, the Sultanate of Sulu, Free Manilan Resistance Force, the United Mindanao Front and Nuevo-Luzon are organisations with significant influence in Chinese-occupied regions.

Several nations call out China for taking advantage of the Filipino Civil War to create a puppet state there, and slightly distances themselves from the nation.

ASEAN occupies the rest of the Mindanao province, taking care not to step on the toes of China in the region. The Visayan Confederacy is recognised as a belligerent and is not harassed during the process of occupation.

A large protest in Cagliari turns violent as members of the extremist group Fusione Group begin using firearms to "convince the people of Sardinia to rejoin Italy". Italy, publicly known as the largest funder of Fusione Group, is criticised severely for this.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: The government continues friendly relations with China, and unlike several nations, does not call them out on their actions, as the government is neutral in the Philippine conflict. JAXA begins construction on a space station after several years of delay. The sea walls are finally repaired and now have stronger materials to hold it up better; and water draining begins in flooded areas. The city of Asahikawa grows to be a major economic city within Hokkaido, rivalling that of Hakodate and Sapporo before the breakage of the sea walls. More tidal and wave power plants are also built in some more places, particularly around the Tsugaru Strait. Nintendo releases their new console this year, with a new Kirby, Ace Attorney, Etrian Odyssey, and Starfox games being released for it.
  • United Republic of China: The President of China issues a statement to the United Nations that it's actions are justified as the Philippines threatened China's territory in the South China Sea and threatened peace in the region. The President also speaks on how occupying the Philippines is the first step to making sure it doesn't return back to it's older ways of imperialism that had occurred in the last decade, pointing towards how the USA, France, Britain, and the USSr occupied Germany after World War II. Regardless, China remains the leading production center of the world following the finished movement of factories and production centers early in the year, and soon Chinese hegemony once again falls across Central Asia. The Maritime Silk Road and the Silk Road Economic Belt that former President Xi Jinping had initiated finally becomes profitable, and the economy is able to return to it's original place pre-sea level rise. WIP
    • Filippino Federation: WIP
    • Sino-Korean Unity Foundation: WIP
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Italy claims it did not know the Fusione Group was an extremist group and in a televised speech in Rome, President Ursini says "Italy has funded many non-profit organizations in the past. We throughly make sure what we're funding is right and appropriate. Nevertheless, this may have made its way through the cracks. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims of this horrible incident. [Secret] Italy still funds unification groups in Sardinia, though more carefully and making sure they are not extremists. President Ursini still funds the Fusione Group, though secretly now. Production on an WMD is sailing nicely, though delayed to 2065.[End Secret] The Rome Galactic Spaceport starts to be constructed, and is expected to be complete around 2059. Rome becomes the capital of Italy once again, after an assessment by the ISC finds it is safe from sea levels. The population of Galileo goes to 2,500, the population of Michelangelo rises to 1,000 and the population of New Rome goes to 440. Space Hub 1 becomes a vital stop for many Italian spaceships traveling between the Moon and Earth. The Mator is halfway done with Stage 3, and the first aluminum is produced with it, though minimal. It requires huge amounts of energy and Italian scientists are currently puzzled on how to feed it enough energy.
  • US Flag 67 Stars United States of America: The Brain Drain created by the Second American Civil War is completely reversed by this point, leading to quicker planning of mega-projects, such as a new Maglev transport system, and the replacing of subway systems with hyperloops, for quicker transport. The Military has been reduced 63% in the past years since the Second Civil War, with the money saved being funded into infrastructure and the newly founded American Colonial Organization.
    • Space America Flag American Extraterrestrial Territories: Mining begins on the Moon under the surface, to protect its landscape. Armstrong has reached a population of 500, due to all of the people who are wanting to leave the Earth following the floods. A second colony begins construction due to the massive amount of people trying to live on the Moon, named Aldrin. This is expected to be complete within the next 2 years due to a larger presence on the moon now that we have a sustainable colony.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We continue developing our moon colony, new rocket, and military projects. The population of Novy Mir rises to 120 permanent inhabitants. The economy has seen more growth since the recent upheavals with the water level rising as Russia remains largely unaffected by it. We continue to expand our agricultural sector, as we have done over the decades, and aim to be the word's top exporter of organic food. Strict regulations are in place to regulate quality, including a total ban on GMOs and many chemicals. The second Russian Grand Prix is held in Sochi again.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: The Aussie military budget is shrunk by 20% with the remaining budget being reorganised giving priority to research and development. The 20% budget savings are put into the Australian Space Agency. Speaking of space, the ASA has announced plans to build a second space station. This station will be able to hold 200 crew members full-time and has 8 docking station. It will serve as a connection point between Earth-Orbit craft and Orbit-Moon craft. This way, the ASA does not have to spend on developing a craft capable of going from Earth to the Moon as it is relatively uneconomically viable. Instead, 2 types of craft as mentioned before, will be employed to run the 2 routes separately. This station will serve to accommodate the growing Lunar mining programme of Australia with the 3rd Lunar mining facility under construction. The population of New Bristol (lunar colony) has reached 2,000 and plans for massive expansion projects are underway. Australia has opted to perfect large colonies first, instead of building many small colonies. Last but not least, the ASA plans to build a space elevator, first of its kind, going to the new space station, both of which will be completed by 2060.
    • Flag of Commonwealth of Turkey Commonwealth of Turkey: The Commonwealth decides to march on the unliberated cities of Adana and Mersin, in line with plans from many years ago. Finally, holding the territory it originally set out to liberate, the Commonwealth announces it will no longer engage in military action and will only send out aid convoys into the parts of Turkey still under warlord control. The Commonwealth has decided to pursue a programme of peace and development within itself. However, it is willing to assist in UN peacekeeping missions in warlord territory.
    • Flag of Balabac Republic of Balabac: The military base on Candaraman Island has reached completion. In other news, local authorities continue with their efforts to rebuild and modernise the Balabac Archipelago, with extensive monetary and technological support from Australia. Priority is given to reestablishing a sense of calm similar to the pre-war environment.


It's Ryan here, getting ready to give a new turn.

ASEAN continues to occupy and defeat Filipino Warlords, leading to them controlling most of what isn't a Chinese Puppet State.

North Syria is finally vanquished by the South, but the North establishes a government in exile in the GAR.

Sabah declares independence from Malaysia, and seeks Chinese in securing that, even going far enough as to offer to become a Chinese vassal state.

The Mexican government enters another civil war between Democrats and Fascists. Most Fascist governments are overthrown by this point, except the Greek government.

Greece invades Turkey again, hoping to create a buffer state between itself and the Australian "Commonwealth of Turkey"

  • US Flag 67 Stars United States of America: To the shock of most, we declare neutrality in the Mexican Civil War, instead focusing on the improvement of the US economy. The agricultural sector in the Great Plains has recovered from the civil war, however slight overpopulation still causes some food shortages in major cities, mainly due to poor transportation, which is in the process of being fixed with the Maglev System. We phase out nuclear energy completely this year for Fusion Power, which now generates 100% of the US's energy.
    • Space America Flag American Extraterrestrial Territories: Work on Aldrin continues, with expected completion dates all pointing to sometime next year. The Martian colony has finally been completed, after 2 years of setbacks, and so Greer is opened for travel and living. Colonies begin to be planned on Venus and the Asteroid Belt, however they are at least 10 years off, and so plans continue to build more Lunar and Martian colonies.
  • United Republic of China: The Chinese presidential election occurs (which is every five years now btw), with Chang Lea-Rui (nephew of former President Jiao Yong Rui) of the Communist Party winning the election. However, in the surprising legislative elections, the Republican Party gains the majority of the National Congress, gaining 95 seats in comparison to the 73 seats that the Communist Party had gained. Also in a surprise, the Sino-Korean Unity Foundation gaines 23 seats in it's first legislative election. Regardless, much of the Republican Party agrees with the call to arms that the former President had done with the Philippines, thus essentially supporting the new President Lea-Rui with his militaristic ideals for the great nation. The "Filippino Federation" is properly renamed, re-branded, and re-organized into the "Chinese Republic of the Philippines", as a measure to properly claim it as a military vassal state and to re-brand it as "protege state" to China, with many Chinese-based businesses and factories opening up in the region and employment being increased. With Sabah declaring independence from Malaysia and offering to become a vassal state of China, the offer is accepted. With this, 1,200,000 troops are deployed in the state, and military fortifications are built in the capital city of Kota Kinabalu being fortified greatly with artillery and naval units being moved along the coast. Knowing that ASEAN is most likely to declare war and sieze Sabah and the Sino-occupied Philippines, all positions are placed on maximum security and military conscription begins with the rising tensions in Asia. Taxes are increased to better pay for the military spending. The entirety of the air force is put on alarm. WIP
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Stage 2 of TerraSphere is complete, and the surface of the moon begins to be redecorated with soil and plants on Galileo. Italy, a nation known for its luxury goods and items, opens up the first luxury hotel on the moon. Not far away from the government owned Galileo colony, the First Intergalactic Hotel opens up in 2055. It is one of the most expensive hotels, and offers a staggering view, "amazing" activities, and for the hefty price of $60,000, a spot can be booked on one of the lowest floors. The Trieste Pact is decommissioned, and it is turned into an economic pact, hoping to attract more members. Italy removes all but 500 troops stationed in Alanya, and starts to fund Alanya only infrastructure-wise. The Fusione Group begins more protests in large cities in Sardinia, and its numbers swell to 15,600 members, and though many are arrested by the Sardinian police, more are recruited via social media and the internet. 3% light speed engines are produced by the ISC, the fastest ever. The only requirements for joining a space colony are to be a healthy Italian with good sense and a passport. As a result, the numbers of Galileo swell to 5,000 people, the maximum it can handle, and Michelangelo, which does not have a TerraSphere and can expand accordingly, swells to 5,700 people. Quickly, more habitat pods, expansion modules, and essential services machines are sent to the Moon. The ISC develops the Pod-100, an "apartment module" that can store 300 people, has a gym, farm, and fusion cell generators. The colony of New Rome staggers at 1,300. The Rome Galactic Spaceport is complete, separated into three terminals: passenger, military, and cargo. The cargo terminal mainly ships goods from and to the Moon, and is the busiest terminal. The military terminal is not functional, and will open in 2060. The passenger terminal is not too busy, mainly transporting tourists to Space Hub 1 and the First Intergalactic Hotel, and occasionally contain a lunar resident. The colony of New Rome is the most profitable, and revenues from mining resources and ores skyrocket. The colony of New Florence is opened in the Sinus Aestuum, a mining community and starts to generate huge amounts of profit. The "space cities" are divided into two administrative districts, New Lazio and Bianchi Valley (Copernicus Crater and Sinus Aestuum) and general elections are held in both for "governor". The ISC budget swells by nearly fivefold, mostly directed towards the space program, and revenue is made from the mining industry on the Moon. Italy begins work on the MOV-1, a lunar buggy with extreme speed, precision, and is self-driving, though it will not be completed until 2059.
    • Flag of Australia Aussie Diplomacy: Australia questions how Italy is able to afford non-essential personnel on the Moon? Either way, AETA inquires whether Australia and Italy could potentially hold a one-off scientific summit next year to share knowledge and information. [Player Response]
    • Italy: The ISC agrees to a scientific summit in 2056.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: JR Railways starts up their plans again to replace all the slower trains still operational with the Shinkansen, in aims to have all tracks use the Shinkansen only. Natural gas is finally phrased out as an energy source. Konami officially goes out of business; and some of its franchises are bought out by Sony. All of Kamikawa (Ishikari) District is officially merged into Asahikawa as it becomes a major city in Hokkaido, as well as being the new permanent capital of Hokkaido after a vote in the local government; and similar to the Japanese government, will hold a future vote to move back to Sapporo in the future once its fully recovered.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: To match the massive rate of innovation in space of other countries, the Australian Space Agency is dissolved and replaced with the Australian Extra-Terrestrial Agency (AETA). The new organisation has 150% the budget of the ASA. In other news, the Armed Forces' research and development into VTOL technology has yielded many results with blueprints finally on the table and construction of the first prototype 5th generation fighter jet has begun. Also,the Australian Rail Service has begun construction of 3 hyperloop lines criss-crossing Australia, connecting cities with swift travel at a cheap cost. Last but not least, due to the massive rise in standard of living, welfare expenditure is reduced and the savings are invested into AETA.
    • AETA Flag AETA: (AETA is pronounced the way it is spelled, a-e-ta) The 2nd Australian Space Station is named Lachland and is 100% complete. It serves as a transitional space port between Earth-Orbit and Orbit-Space craft. This way, fuel may be saved by not having to equip every single craft with the ability to escape Earth's Gravity. On the Moon, the 3rd Lunar mining facility is completed. As such, AETA decides to build 6 more over a period of 3 years. The lunar colony New Bristol has reached a population of 3,000 ranging from scientists, miners, engineers, researchers, etc, and their families. As a direct result, construction begins on a 2nd Lunar Colony to be completed (with a dynamic capacity of 1,000) by 2058. Unlike Italy, all colony dwellers are direct employees of AETA to ensure maximum efficiency and a non-waste of resources on non-essential personnel. Next, AETA launches it's 3rd generation cargo transport ships (between Earth and the Moon) that are capable of easily transporting 2 kilo-tonnes of cargo in a single trip. Lastly, AETA launches a next generation of Lunar transport vehicles with plans to build a 4th generation taking advantage of VTOL technology next year.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Prime Minister Stanislav Lunev's government decides to support Greece in its endeavor in Turkey. The Russian government contacts Greece and states it will support the Greeks in conquering more of Anatolia. Although we won't get involved, just in case something happens the military is placed on high alert. The Ministry of Defense reorganizes the armed forces since the change in administrative structure of the country. New Military Districts are drawn up based on the old ones that existed historically before the October Revolution, and Ground Forces units are organized into corps. We have a recruitment drive now that the military's budget has been increasing over the years, which is successful with the rise in Russian nationalism, and so the former brigade structure is instead reorganized into divisions. Each division is subordinated to a corps HQ, which in turn are subordinated to a field army. Armies answer to the military district HQ. In total the armed forces number some 1,389,452 active personnel as of this year and are expected to rise. Conscription remains in place but more recruits enlist. Military research continues as the first prototypes of the T-24 laser railgun tank have been produced, and also a new space rocket is continuing to be researched. The lunar station Novy Mir continues to be developed but does not receive any expansions this year. The government currently remains popular due to Russia's continued development, increased standard of living, and achievements in space exploration.
  • Bandeira sauri SADR: Over past few years we expanded our military up to the size of 70.000 active personnel and 15.000 reserves. The project of expanding Guerguerat was a success, and the city experienced large waves of migrants from other parts of the country due to fairly large campaigns advertising the city when the project was in progress. The population of Guerguerat is now about 45.000 - 50.000. The population of Tifariti finally stabilised at about 75.000. The population census from 2050 showed that the population of SADR is ~1.855.000 (the census showed exactly 1.855.394, but we consider it possible that some people, especially in the countryside, could have been missed), with vast majority living in the countryside, despite large immigration into urban areas that occured during past ~twenty years. We also expanded our public communication a bit, but it's still fairly small. First railway line is planned, with its goal being to connect Tifariti to Guergerat, but for now it will probably be much shorter. The project is sheduled to start is 1-3 years. We have finally finished constructing the mine complex exploiting natural resources on the small part of the coast we control. Other than that, with government aid the coastal city of Al-Kuwajra begins to recover from the flooding and its population reaches about 2.000, but it will probably never regain the relevance it had prior to the flooding. Private companies that saw their rise about twenty years ago have expanded since, but most of them still remains fairly small. During last parliamentary elections Polisario lost a few seats mainly to the newly-formed Modern Sahrawi Party, but still remains the dominant power in the parliament. Because of our new mines and a brand new port in Guerguerat (it's not very big, but big enough to maintain numerous trade routes), we ask for a trade agreement with our allies Algeria and Mauritania, but also sime other north-African AU countries, such as Senegal or Gambia (of course not Morocco) and, also, Spain (because of the Canary Islands being relatively close and moderately good relations between our countries) [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod: They accept.


Bringing a balance to things.

Movements in Tibet and Xinjiang are inspired by the succession of Sabah from Malaysia, as thought to be near impossible to occur due to the structure of the nation and the history of its existence, and declare independence. India also declares its support for the sovereignty of these nations, and sends military and financial aid. They also have stated that it is in China's best interests to "let them go".

The Mexican Republic is declared after the defeat and subsequent exile of fascist parties in the nation, and a new age of democracy begins for them.

Protests occur in the former Mexican states now under US administration, calling for the government to release them as an independent state. This is backed by the Mexican Republic.

The ASEAN Northern Mindanao Occupation Zone is ceded to the Visayan Confederation, however military prescense continues to exist in the province as per an agreement between the state and organization.

The Scandinavian Republic is formed after several joint space ventures between the Nordic countries reignites Pan-Scandinavianism in the aforementioned states.

  • United Republic of China: With Tibet and the Xinjiang autonomous states have both a larger majority of nationalistic ethnic and linguistic Han citizens, it is decidedly in the best interest of the United Chinese State to deny their independence. With this, martial law is declared in these regions, with most of the minority Uyghur's and Tibetans connected to the rebellion being imprisoned or executed on the spot, as a sign of strength and power. In response to India's financial and military assistance to Tibet and Xinjiang, India is properly kicked out of the Shanghai Co-operation Organization and the Shanghai Military Pact, and upon these finishing, war is declared on India. Bombing raids over fresh water lakes and rivers begin, with radiative weapons of mass destruction being dropped on the largest cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata. The navy begins blockading the entirety coast, sending back any supply shipments made via sea and violentally attacking any Indian battleship. A "No Fly Zone" is declared over India, and soon 450,000 troops masked and armed with the most advanced exo-suits and ionic propulsion being flown and dropped in via airships. The troops are ordered to kill any citizen that dare steps out of the shadows of the destroyed cities. With the nuclear bombing of four major cities and the continued air raids and bombing runs made, it is expected that ~50-70% of those cities populations each are dead, with any survivors being killed as the troops begin brutally executing and using genocidal-level tactics against any surviving citizen. Embargo's are issued against India. This military protocol, also known as Protocol: The Fall continues throughout the year, and is meant to show the strength to all nations worldwide that dare attempt to defy China's military prowess and hegemony. Artillery rounds begin being shot against any and all major cities via airships, with cities crumbling in hours to mere days. The Philippines are properly placed as a dependency, with the Sabah state being converted into a co-operatively ran state between Malaysia and China. The economy moves into overdrive, as production for military weaponry and volunteer conscriptions increase rapidly. Sanctions against India are made, and it is assumed that other members of the Shanghai Pact also make sanctions against India (Player/Mod). Finally, bombing raids begin on any and all Indian military bases, with an additional 250,000 troops being dropped onto the bases as a means of securing them. Assuming that the President is either dead or in a bunker far away, a Treaty is offered as a means of bring about the end of this albiet short Chinese dominance of India and it being "put into it's place" (Mod).
    • OOC Solace: Bring balance? Lol. I tell you that I am collapsing China peacefully in a few turns, yet you continue to try and force it on me? No patience, huh? Fine. We do this the hardway.
    • Mod: All nations in the SCO completely embargo India, except for Russia, who has not responded as of yet.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: With war going down in East and Southeast Asia, Italy fears the political stability of the world has come to an end. As such, the budget for unessential programs like the ISC, CSA, and other civilian agencies is greatly decreased, and the military budget is increased heavily. [Secret] The nuclear program starts to be rushed, and a nuke is expected around 2059-2060. [End Secret] Italy condemns China for resorting to nuclear weapons against India and declaring war against them. Italy promptly sanctions China and encourages other nations to do so too. Nevertheless, independence movements in Tibet, Xinjiang, and Sabah encourage protests for independence in Naples and Sicily, and though these protests are allowed (pesky "freedom of speech" laws), if they ever get violent, leaders will be arrested. All troops stationed in Alanya are pulled out, and the military section of the Rome Galactic Spaceport is quickly opened, with military satellites and spacecraft expected to launch next year, but could be delayed due to budget cuts. All trade with India is cut off, with the chance it may be contaminated with nuclear radiation, and immigration from and to India is cut off. Italy asks Australia whether the joint scientific meeting should be postponed or take place this year. [Player Response] Air raid siren drills start to become commonplace in many Italian cities, and the government begins to build bunkers to shelter citizens. RyeNet gets Update 1.4.7, and it nearly 68% more efficient than farms from 2030, hoping that it serves the Italians well in the case of a nuclear apocalypse. Nuclear winter is also feared, and RyeNet farms start to be built underground to avoid massive crop failure.
    • Flag of Australia Aussie Dip: Australia suggests that the summit should continue in the face of adversity. [Secret] Australia wishes to hold con-current meetings with Italian officials under the guise of the summit to discuss security and mutual defence. [Player Response] [/Secret]
    • Italy: Italy agrees to these meetings, and asks to join this new Western defense pact. [Australian Response]
    • Flag of Australia Aussie Dip: Australia thanks Italy for joining the mutual defence pact.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: VTOL research is accelerated to the point that production of 5th generation VTOL jets have begun by the end of this year. They are one of the most advanced jets in the world. At this point in time, the Australian government has begun to implement a programme similar to Finland's idea of 'total resistance'. That is, civilians as well as military personnel are involved in the process of countering foreign military action. Additionally, the Australian Signals and Communications Agency (ASCA) has hired up to 1,000 top level cyber specialists including hackers, net-workers and various other professionals into their ranks to aid in forming a cyber warfare battalion which falls under the Ministry of Defence. Last but not least, Australia requests mutual defence pacts with any and all Western nations. [Player/Mod Responses]
    • Mod: Multiple nations including Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Poland, and others accept.
    • AETA Flag AETA: As per requested by the government, 8 new military satellites are launched into space. [Secret] 4 of them have the capability to physically attack other satellites while the remaining 4 serve to assist in cyber attacks. [/Secret]
  • Flag of Japan Japan: The government recognises both Tibet and Xinjiang as a part of China and as such, does not recognise their independence. The government continues friendly relations with China, and is mostly neutral in the Chinese-Indian conflict, though the current ruling party criticises India for trying to destabilise China, though does not comment further than that. Trade with India is also cut off, as well as travel to and from there, as the government will not tolerate any possibility of contamination, especially since the loss of Kyoto by North Korea over thirty years ago and contamination around that area being bad enough as is. Most other parties stay silent, including interestingly enough Kibō no Tō. Pacifism continues to run strong in the nation, especially since the remembrance of the loss of Kyoto by the North Korean attack over thirty years ago. Anti-nationalism also continues running strong, as a decent amount of citizens trust the government to continue to pursue neutrality, pacifism, and keep Japan safe and out of any tensions and conflicts. Bunkers begin being built across the nation, as fears of a world conflict being a possibility. While security continues to be high in the nation, the Self-Defence Forces budget is not increased, with a budget increase towards JAXA being made instead, as the government values pacifism tightly.
  • Flag of Latvia Latvia: After years in the darkness of the Baltic States, we have finally entered the world stage as a force to be reckoned with. To update the world stage, the president is elected by the parliamentary body of the Saeima who themselves are elected every 4 years. The president may nominate the Prime Minister (who holds the most power) and can dissolve the Saeima if found necessary. In the most recent election this year, the Unity party and their coalition won 52 seats while the Harmony party won 48 seats in total. Currently, the nationalistic party: National Alliance party has caused some concern for mainstream Latvian political figures as the party has reportedly (not officially) wants to unify the Baltic States by any means necessary. Unity Party Prime Minister, Juris Hastra has officially formed his government and has begun their work. A massive Nationalist march (sponsored and funded by the National Alliance) has taken place in Riga, where 5,000 people showed up in protest of the current government. Current polling shows the National Alliance at 33% for the next election in 2060, and 38% in favor of uniting the Baltic States under one Nationalistic state. To show our unity with eastern Europe we invite the Chancellor of Germany (who we consider Eastern Europe) to a state dinner with Hastra and the President [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED].
    • Mod: They accept.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: The government urges China to calm down and to cease using weapons of mass destruction against India, also calling for negotiations instead of escalating the conflict. Right now we evacuate all of our citizens and diplomatic staff from India as the war began. In response to the break out of the war the armed forces is put on high alert, and leave is cancelled for first class reservists, who are ordered to report to their barracks, but there is no general mobilization yet. This is just a precaution due to the events in China on the other side of the border. An election takes place during this and the Great Fatherland Party secures a majority again with 252 seats, losing a few to some others, but still a comfortable ruling majority. Stanislav Lunev steps down as prime minister and is replaced by Alexei Krylov, also PVO. He immediately raises the military budget at the expense of the other sectors. Additional units are sent to Siberia and the Far East, while the Air Force is ready for immediate operations and the Strategic Missile Forces watch over the skies. The government hopes the situation calms down but is not taking any chances.


Retconned the China-India event. New mod events as well. -Sol

Former Mexican provinces in the US declare independence, and consider themselves as part of the Mexican Republic.

The Greek invasion of Anatolia makes some headways.

Following a political and societal referendum, Kosovo is annexed into Albania.

The technology advancements into Virtual Reality make the largest headway when Dell and Intel co-operatively release Holographic World Version I. The HWV1, for short, effectively creates holograms of things or animals or anything, really. It can even mimic a location, and as long as the user is aware of his/her surroundings, then will remain relatively unharmed, since these are only holograms afterall. Released to the limited Japanese market, if successful, will be released worldwide in 2062.

The first 3-D printed animal, that of a dog, is created in America while the first 3-D printed Panda is created in China. The price for these animals and the ability to 3-D biological animals remains overly high, with only the richest of the .05% being able to produce these animals, however, the scientific breakthrough made with these advancements is something greatly astonishing.

  • US Flag 67 Stars United States of America: Military measures are taken to bring the secessionist states back into the union. We make a statement to the Mexicans that if they re-integrate these areas into Mexico, retaliation will be swift and nuclear. We prepare reserve forces and ships for combat duty, due to the fact that the US military has been slowly diminished to 130,000 Active Personnel, although with 3.5 million in reserve. Oddly, the Great Lakes region fills almost the entire top ten largest cities in the US, with Pittsburgh and Detroit becoming 4th and 5th place, after Chicago. The only three cities out of the Great Lakes region that are in the top 10 are Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles. The USS Enterprise, The USS Barack Obama, and the USS Kamala Harris are put into active service to accommodate naval actions in the Gulf of Mexico.
    • Space America Flag American Extraterrestrial Territories: We are the least affected areas in the union by the upheaval on the home planet, and due to our high autonomy building continues on two new lunar bases, New Boston and New Pittsburgh. Mining operations continue on the Moon and begin on Mars. NASA is put under the authority of the AET government, and begins work on making a defense fleet for the AET, called the Space Force. Tests begin on weapons that could be used in Space, with energy weapons such as Plasma launchers and Ion Cannons performing the best when fired as Asteroids in the Asteroid Belt. The large asteroids of Pallas and Vesta are claimed for the US, and planned colonies to secure our claims begin construction, although slowly. They are expected to be complete within the next 5-6 years.
  • 960px-Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svg United Republic of China: In a surprise turn of events, current President Chang Lea-Rui is impeached as President following a political scandal involving the funding of the Communist Party. Because of this, the Communist Party becomes rapidly disliked along the coast, but remains relatively powerful in the Eastern provinces of Xinjiang, Tibet, and Qinghai. The Republican Party makes headway and the first Republic Party member, that being Ching Ling, becomes the President of China. Promising democratic reforms and the reduction of the military, his first reform is the cession of Sabah back to Malaysia and the end of the Chinese occupation of the Philippines, which are properly returned to the new Republic. Because of the rise of the Republican Party to the mainstream political sphere, the Democratic Party is born and becomes regionally powerful in the regions of Mongolia and Manchuria. The military is reduced heavily, from being 7.8 million active to roughly 850,000, which in turns allow for a bigger budget in other programs, such as the Space Program and the production budget. More later.
  • Flag of Latvia Latvia: In the south-eastern city of Daugavpils, a man went on a stabbing spree outside the local government building killing 3 and injuring 7; he was shot and killed by responding police. At the press conference, Police Commissioner Halesk reported that, "...we have reason to believe this assassination has to do something with the National Alliance political party's activities to undermine the current administration," although the attacker's name has not been released many blame the National Alliance Party. Prime Minister Hastra has the Minister of Justice open an investigation into the attack. The Chancellor of Germany's visit is an overall success and talks between our government and the German government about creating an economical alliance has begun. The National Jobs Study reports that unemployment is down .5% and job creation has risen 2% over the past 2 years. Hastra has begun working with local governments to open more factories to produce both military products and others. With the Russian government we take a pro-Russian side against the rebellion in Siberia and invite Russian Prime Minister Krylov to talk about a closer relationship between Russia and Latvia [RUSSIAN RESPONSE NEEDED]. [SECRET] We begin research into computer hacking and test the ability on a town in the north-eastern area of the country, near the Russian border. We expect the ability to grow over the next 5 years [END SECRET].
    • Russian Diplomacy: We agree to this and the prime minister makes an official visit to Latvia.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We refuse to recognize the Albanian annexation of Kosovo and offer Serbia military support in a war against Albania if they want to liberate the province. [Player Response] We also support Greece in its operation in Anatolia. The government raises the military budget slightly this year but the space budget is also increased. A new rocket, the Soyuz-5, is finished developing and built, which is able to deliver more passengers and cargo to Novy Mir. More modules are sent up to expand the colony this year, with now a permanent population of 200 people. Now the government officially opens it to tourism and Roscosmos is building a new cosmodrome outside of Moscow to provide more regular flights for those that visit and to support the colony. The 15th State Duma votes in favor of allocating more money for infrastructure projects. Moscow and Saint Petersburg undergo many repairs and renovations in general. The Moscow Metro is given an upgraded, faster system. Moscow, with a growing population of Russians and foreigners as Russia's economic and political influence in the world increases, swallows up smaller towns and localities, as well as the cities of Zelenograd, Pushkino, and Podolsk becoming part of the Moscow greater metropolitan area. A referendum is held on changing the name of Volgograd to Tsaritsyn, its traditional name until 1925, and it passes. Many of the Ground Forces divisions are equipped with AK-30 laser rifles now.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: The 2057 general and presidential elections are held. Ursine barely wins, by 13 electoral votes, and many suspect election fraud. The Democrats gain a wider majority in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies. With the China/India situation calming down, the military is taken out of high alert, but still very wary. Seeing as Greece is invading parts of Turkey and expanding territory, we request Greece to not invade any Balkan nations [Secret] With the exception of Macedonia. [End Secret/Mod Response] The ISC does not research holographic or 3D printing technologies, at the request of the government, as those are private sector affairs. The Italian Network Society is launched, a cybersecurity sector of the government "dedicated to keeping the Italian people safe online". President Ursini begins a crackdown on media companies, labeling them as "fake news". However, he is assassinated in a parade in Messina, Sicily by a Sicilian nationalist. This formally ends the reign of the Nationalist Party. Emergency presidential elections are to be held in 2060. [Secret] Nevertheless, the military still continues work on a nuclear weapon, expected around 2059. [End Secret] WIP
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held. The Constitutional Democratic Party falls twenty-three seats, with all those seats being won by New Party Nippon. The Liberal Party dissolves and merges into the Social Democratic Party, which now stands at eight seats. Kibō no Tō also disbands, with five of them going to Komeito while Nippon Ishin no Kai gains the extra two seats. Yoshiki Miura from the Constitutional Democratic Party becomes the new Prime Minister. The Space station is finished construction and is launched. JAXA begins plans on a Luna colony, with an aim to establish one in the 2060s. The Holographic World Version I sees decent success in the nation. The PlayStation 7 is released, which becomes a new hit including with releases such as Gran Turismo 9, a new Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA, Tekken 12, Super Robot Wars IX, and The Idolmaster 6.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: VTOL aircraft have begun replacing current aircraft in the Air Force. Nontheless, the Air Force continues to invest in UAVs. Virtual and Augmented Reality have become common tools in military for both training and for battlefield gear (goggles, etc). In civilian life, augmented reality is now very common with nearly everyone sporting IGlasses. (Oh yeah). Speaking of technological convenience, it is completely normal now for pretty much every building to have WiFi and most rooms have built in Wall-Screens or Internet Portals. Personal Computers are increasingly rare as the Internet and thereby computing, has been integrated into nearly everything, not to mention IGlasses. Sensing an opportunity, the Australian government encourages sustainable and responsible farming in the sea, especially on the West Coast, hoping to create jobs for the sleepy coastal cities. This idea is sprung upon by many crowd-funded (new trends in capital raising methods) startups that start deep-water fish-farming. Additionally, companies in the agricultural sector have begun farming seaweed in massive floating farms kilometres long. Up to 100 tonnes of food material are produced every month with the fastest growing seaweed being used. Last but not least, the Australian Signals and Communications Agency (ASCA) - Australia's signals intelligence and cyber security agency - is broken up into 2 separate agencies, the National Signals Intelligence Agency (NSIA) - Australia's new signals intelligence agency, and the National Cyber Security Force (NCSF) - It protects Australia's cyber security and will (if necessary) engage in cyber warfare. And yes, it falls under the MoD and is therefore equal to the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines. Australia now has 5 military divisions.
    • AETA Flag AETA: An additional 2,000 personnel are allocated to New Bristol to help work the current 4 lunar mines and 4 more to come. AETA's budget is increased by 40% thanks to increased profitability from lunar resource harvesting. Plans are underway to set up a Martian colony.
    • Flag of Commonwealth of Turkey Commonwealth of Turkey: An extra 3,000 troops arrive in Turkey to assist ground forces in fortifying the Eastern and Western borders as Greece and Eastern powers advance forward. This is because their advances have caused massive influxes of refugees fleeing war coming into the Commonwealth. Troops at the border fight extremist fighters and act as temporary border patrol and ensure all refugees entering the country are not extremists.
    • Flag of Balabac Republic of Balabac: Troops stationed on Candaraman engage in humanitarian activities across the impoverished regions of the east Philippines. This (totally) inadvertently raises approval ratings of the military by locals.


Enough posts for dat new turn. -Sol

The President of Greece responds to Italy, speaking that it will do what the will of the Greek population wishes. In other Greece-related news, the mass influx of Turk's into the Greek nation calls for a near-forced assimilation of the Turks into the Greek society, which is not taken very well.

Erm... I implied in an earlier turn that the Greeks were committing mass genocide of the Turkish People, why would they accept the Turks as refugees? Remember, Greece is a fascist Neo-Nazi State under the complete control of the Golden Dawn Party. -Ryan

The HWV1 proves midly successful with decent ratings. With that, it is unknown whether it's release will be post-poned or delayed, as the it's success in Japan is inevitably important. In response to the mild success, a secondary branch showcasing a demo, known as the Holographic World Version .5, is released in Korea in hopes of gaining additional funds to better help secure a worldwide distribution platform.

Worldwide, the release of the Playstation 7 remains only vividly popular in East Asia, as much of the world technological gaming companies have moved onwards to mobile devices.

Animated tatoo's begin becoming rapidly popular in the United States and Japan, as well as in China and parts of Eastern Europe. In addition to this, referendums towards much of the currently illegal drugs comes into play, with lobbying and petitional efforts become widespread worldwide. The first country to successfully legalize much of the standard issue drug's is Scandinavia.

The last standard paper issue of the Washington Post is published, effectively bringing the end of standard media as more news-covering stations have moved into the digital market, which had already been flooded extensively.

The first Wolly Mammoth is effectively cloned/re-produced into life in Russia. Pretty spectacular. Due to their ressurection from the dead and their genetic hybrids being that of Siberian animals, it remains only relative to the Siberian wilderness.

The sea level declines steadily, and it expected for a full return to standard levels by 2070.

  • Flag of Italy Italy: The Italian moon colonies are expanded, with the residential colony of Raphael being built in the Copernicus Crater, near the other Italian colonies of Michelangelo, Galileo, and New Rome. A military base begins to be built on Michelangelo, and military spaceships are designed on Earth. A military base is built in Trieste, to prepare for a possible Greek invasion. [Secret] The nuclear program is expanded, with new ICBMs rolling off Italian factories by 2070. [End Secret] The Sicilian president resigns from power after a video is released on the internet that sees him admitting to money laundering. The internet is now a constitutional right of the Italian people, and no sitting president can take it away. The EyePhone (Futurama reference) is released, and covers the retina and can display webpages and pop-ups straight to one's eye. [Secret] Italy begins secretly funding political parties in Malta for more Italian influence. They gain some seats in local elections, but lose big on the national level to more traditional candidates. [End Secret] Military ads are run through the Internet, Holograms, TV, and radio. Heavy sanctions are put on Greece, and Italy begins heavily increasing its naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea, especially the strip between Sicily and Tunisia. Alanya has been so heavily economically dependent on Italy, that when Italian investors begin pulling out of Alanya, the city nearly collapses. As a result, Italy reluctantly agrees to make Alanya a client state, but this greatly decreases popularity for the Democratic Parliament, as many begin to see them as "imperialistic".
    • State of Alanya: With money from Italy, new fortifications are set up to protect against any intruders. We also receive a stash of laser weapons from Italy. The presidential and parliamentary elections are held, and the New Democracy Party wins both elections. The nation is divided into 3 administrative regions, and one federal district, the capital. Some public money is diverted to build a new capital and parliament building.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: The Wholly Mammoths in the wild are still tracked and monitored by teams of scientists to see how the live and what their affect on the ecosystem is. They form a new tourist attraction in the remote northern regions. The Strategic Missile Forces receive a new thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missile to replace the old RS-24 Yars, which enter service and more are under construction. The Navy's supercarrier Imperator Nikolai I begins a refitting that will take about three years. The name of the land branch of the military, the Ground Forces, is officially renamed the Imperial Army. Vladimir Nekrassov, Chief of General Staff, becomes the first officer promoted to the rank of Marshal of the Russian Empire, the highest military rank in Russia and adopted from its predecessor under the Federation. Emperor George personally promotes him. The opposition party Yabloko accuses the government of trying to give more power to the monarchy and violating the constitution. Prime Minister Alexei Krylov dismisses this claim. Still, polls show that the monarchy has a higher approval rating than the government, with 89% of respondents saying they supported the Emperor, as opposed to 78% for the State Duma and the government in general. Expansion of urban centers continues. Minsk absorbs several outlying smaller towns into a greater metropolitan area. Agriculture continues to be expanded and developed, with larger quantities of food being produced and exported, with the goal of making Russia one of the world's main exporters of produce.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: With a few petitions going to the government on the issue of drugs; New Party Nippon, the second largest party in the government, pushes for a discussion in legalising some drugs. The Japanese Communist Party supports this issue, while Nippon Ishin no Kai, Komeito, and some of the Constitutional Democratic Party are against it. Laws allowing a few legalisations begin to be drafted, though likely won't be passed until next year, due to the Constitutional Democratic Party continuing to have some objections. Meanwhile, a ban on whale meat is passed, and bans Japanese boats from hunting whales with an excuse of "research purposes". The market on whale meat prior to the ban was very niche due to its decline in the past fifty years. With the PlayStation 7 seeing little sales outside Japan and an extent East Asia; Sony announces that it will be the final console released worldwide, and any future successors will only be released in Japan where consoles continue to be very popular. Nintendo makes a similar announcement as well. Bandai Namco Holdings begins to focus on having more mobile releases outside Japan for some of its franchises, both original and licensed, such as Dark Souls, Ace Combat, Tekken, and Dragon Ball; as well as The Idolmaster despite its niche outside Japan. Capcom and Sega also makes similar movements for some of their franchises in regards to releases outside Japan. Meanwhile Nintendo is hesitant due to their games being usually exclusive to Nintendo consoles with rare releases outside of it; though talks in the company in regards to worldwide releases take place. Water drainage continues, with a few areas beginning to be repaired and cleaned out.
  • 960px-Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svg United Republic of China: President Ling comtinues to democratisize the nation, and after years and years of lobbying efforts, decidedly gives more direct autonomy to the eastern regions of Tibet, Xinjiang, and Qinghai. As a state, they are known relatively as the Eastern People's Republic, as it is known for now, remains relatively dependent on the United Republic of China, primarily due to most of it's economy nearly dependent on the state, as well as it's resources and production centers. The differing regional stance is politics, as the Eastern People's Republic continues the near-expelled communist agenda, while the United Republic has become a more republican-democratic state. In addition to the recent increased autonomy given to the western region, the northern Mongolian-Manchurian region has begun a long lobbying effort to receive increased autonomy in foreign relations. Many drugs, such as marijuana, LSD, magic mushrooms, and ecstasy are legalized in the spring, and by the time summer rolls around, much of the more populative regions in China become a landscape of anime-inspired dreamart. In a surprise engagement, the military begins to reduced heavily, with much of it's armed forces being moved into the reserve rather than the active. With this, the active troop number declines to 500,000 while the reserve increases to 1.2 million, and is expected to increase in sharp increments over the next two years. The Sino-Korean Unity Foundation is retroactively "bought", in which everything militaristically is moved into the Chinese military, while the political party continues to operate as an independent faction.
    • 1024px-Zeng Liansong&#039;s proposal for the PRC flag.svg Eastern People's Republic: As an autonomous republic with semi-popular sovereignty, the Eastern People's Republic begins the movement of reshaping the western political landscape in an attempt to reform the democratically-charged reforms that were meant to reform the original communist laws. With this, property becomes once again government-owned and regulated, while wages and payment are set at almost the same rate. Taxes remain the same as in the United Republic, due to the dependency that the Eastern Republic has on the United for resources. Local militia groups, such as the Eastern People's Army and the People's Air Force, begin to be invested into deeply. Bootlegged technology, including SKUF military weapons, begins to produced and distributed throughout the state.
    • Yuan Flag (Propose).svg Mongolian-Manchurian Movement: Lobbying efforts for increased autonomy begins.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: The first Australian Space Station Hotel is completed in orbit around the Earth. Due to the still relatively large expense of space travel, only wealthy travelers go there regularly, though theoretically, a week-long trip can be booked by anyone at the net price of 40,000 AZD. In other news, Parliament is temporarily moved back to the now modernized Old Parliament building while the current Parliament building is renovated over the course of 1 year. Many government buildings see similar renovations this year as the government aims to update it's technological prowess. Interestingly, the National Revenue Centre (NRC) and the Agency for Environmental Protection (AEP) have chosen to relocate to entirely new, modern headquarters. Last but not least, the government decides to open up an embassy in the Eastern People's Republic.
    • AETA Flag AETA: This year, AETA launches it's first manned mission to Mars in nearly 3 decades. Upon landing, the crew of 40 personnel and dozens of AI units set up a modular habitat, ready for future expansion. A task force of 200 personnel will be sent to Mars next year to construct a fully habitable mining town and Mars' first commercial mine.
    • Flag of Commonwealth of Turkey Commonwealth of Turkey: The Commonwealth has pledged to treat refugees with respect and decency following recent reports of mistreatment by other countries accepting refugees. NGOs are invited to assist.
  • US Flag 67 Stars United States of America: The Mexican separatists are finally defeated after 2 years of fighting. Civilian casualties in the area are high, leading to the states becoming the smallest states by population, all around a population of 500,000. The "New Wave of American Heavy Metal" sweeps the nation. (It's a play on the NWoBHM) Most of the genre is composed of Anti-War songs and songs about literally history. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act leads to the breakup of the "Big Three" in the Music Publishing Industry, and a new "Big Six" arising from those. The largest of these companies, Sanctuary-Atlantic, is actually a conglomerate of former British record labels. (The largest of the conglomerates actually being Sanctuary and Atlantic).
    • Space America Flag American Extraterrestrial Territories: New Pittsburgh and New Boston are complete, leading to the US claiming a large swathe of land in the Northern Hemisphere, of which we plan to populate with large amounts of lunar cities. Terraforming tests are going well, with a test to create an artificial magnetic field around a planet to be successful. We plan to implement this on a much larger scale on Mars within the next three decades. We also bein testing ways to conglomerate asteroids together, which would be useful for creating spherical moons for Venus and enlarging the Martian moons. So far testing for that has been unsuccessful. The first ship in the Space Force is launched, the AET Horizon. More ships are being built on the homeworld and being launched from Kennedy Aerospace Center.


Ryan, Solace, add on if you want to.

Changed quite a bit. Some of the ideas presented are old and overrated, such as a united benelux state when it is obvious that uniting three different totally different regions together would definetly not create a prosperous state. Edited some stuff for general plausibility also. And that argument for India becoming a global superpower would be sound had it not descend into civil war. Also, what is it with these political-centric turns? We need more cultural stuff, guys, because that is important too. Scientific stuff excluding space colonization is cool too, as most of us are still on Earth anyways. -Sol

The Flanders region in Belgium begins to petition for an independence referedum. This is semi-accepted, but many nationalists see this as the continued weakening of the state.

Dedicating a large number of public and private funds, scientists in New Guinea announce that the Tasmanian Tiger may be effectively cloned and re-produced by next year, although only two copies would be made as the cost of cloning remains relatively high.

Talks between the Republic of the Philippines and the Visayan Confederacy are underway to unite both states.

India begins to rise to the international stage again since the resolve of their recent civil war, all the while continuing it's standing as the most populated country worldwide. With the end of the civil war, nationwide advancements begin, with economic reforms built to actively increase the GDP per capita, and technological modernization of the more densily populated but poverty-stricken regions.

The United States is no longer considered a "global superpower" due to it having retired/put into reserve most of it's military, and not having as much of a global outreach as it once did. However, it remains the most powerful nation in North America, and still is a world power.

Canada and Acadia begin to politically draw similarities with the US, with many of the same laws and regulations in effect. A popular poll for what Canadians think of Americans is shown, and to some surprise, they remain resilient over their sovereignty, mainly arguing that the "United States is like Europe and Canada is the New World". In Acadia, more citizens find the linguistic barrier to be much of a differing problem, mainly due to the region supporting a larger French than English aspect. However, may pan-humanist organizations and political parties supporting the creation of a Pan-North American State nonetheless gain the traction they need to begin to make headways in both the Canadian and Acadian political market in hopes of bringing together a Union of some sorts.

Since mass genocide by a small nation against a technologically superior and populatively larger nation is allowed, Turks begin flooding into the Commonwealth of Turkey, seeing it as a necessary sanctuary for them to remain alive. Because of this, many of the warlord states begin to offer-up land buying deals up to the Commonwealth.

An international team of scientists, primarily from Germany, Italy, Australia, Brazil, and the United States, begin working on ways to make planets habitable for human life, basing their research off of NASA tests.

Elements 119-137 have been synthesized by this point. Elements 121-134 make up the previously theorized "Island of Stability. The most useful, Byzanthine, is a super-light but super strong metal with a purple tint.

  • 960px-Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svg United Republic of China: As society begins to consolidate under the centre-far left sphere, dreamscape art continues to flourish following the mass legalization of drugs and other substances nationwide. With this, life begins to intimidate art, as large regional art displays of technological manifestation, cyberpunk, and retro-futurism grows in popularity. In addition, the rapid decline in crime brings together a more neutral and pacifist, but semi-authoritarian, generation of young adults. Due to the general nationwide prosperity, autonomy is given to the Mongolian and Manchurian regions under the premise that like the Eastern People's Republic, they will remain dependent upon the United Republic, because they kind of have too. More later.
  • Flag of Latvia Latvia: As the next parliamentary elections are on the horizon, a surprising candidate has entered the field from the city of Daugavpils, incumbent Police Commissioner Hans Halesk is running on the National Alliance's ticket which came as a surprise to both mainstream politicians and NA leadership. His current poll numbers are at about ~48% against his Harmony opponent at 52%, this race has caught the attention of the national news because of his involvement in the investigation of the stabbing attack which has been ruled "inconclusive" by Halesk's team. Prime Minister Hastra has hinted at the want to create and heavily fund a Latvian Space program to enter the field. The Department of Foreign Affairs announces that Latvia officially refuses to recognize the annexation of Kosovo and Serbia. Our spokesperson is quoted by saying, "It is not a surprise that the United States of America is no longer considered a Superpower, they must've not been able to keep up with Europe's fast pace." Researchers announce their intentions to completely modernize the capital city of Riga, mostly by phasing out non-reusable products and introducing clean products to fuel cars along with some of the top scientists will be heading to talk with top legislators about funding the creation of wind farms in eastern Latvia that will benefit the local farmers, city-goers, and possibly our neighbors.
    • American Dip: You really shouldn't test the US with comments like that. We could turn Latvia into a giant mushroom cloud, although we won't.
    • Chinese Dip: You should continue to test the US with comments like that. If he does anything, I'll turn him into a giant mushroom cloud.
  • US Flag 67 Stars United States of America:Demilitarization begins again, with the US once again putting most ships in reserve. Marijuana is already decriminalized, and other drugs will remain illegal due to serious health risks due to taking them. LG Electronics releases the Holotable, which is basically a table bought for playing holographic images of board games. Military Strategists also sign a contract with LG to create one for military usage. The Air Force is disbanded due to most actual jet fighters being remote controlled and drones taking up most of the force. They are merged into the Army and Navy to create the Army Air Corps and the Navy Air Corps. The US begins maintaining a small space corps under the Marines as well, but most of the Extraterrestrial defense is left to the AET.
    • Space America Flag American Extraterrestrial Territories: We partner with this international team of scientists to create a habitable Mars. The Space Force now totals at 5 ships, and several new factories are under construction to build this fleet. An Orbital Bombardment prototype is constructed (Called the KBEM or Kinetic Bombardment Extermination Machine)
  • Flag of Japan Japan: A law is passed legalising a few drugs, such as marijuana and lsd. All new legalised drugs however start at a price of 13,276 yen and higher, in part of the Constitutional Democratic Party actions to strongly discourage the use of such "unethical life choices". However due to marijuana having a few uses in the medical field, the price for it is lower, starting at 2,783 yen. All few legalised drugs are also heavily taxed, with marijuana after tax pricing around 3,129 yen while the price of lsd and other drugs after tax being 17,293 yen. Any places selling the new legalised drugs are also to have strong clear labelling of risks as well as aggressive packaging to further discourage it. Both New Party Nippon and the Japanese Communist Party continues to protest against the Constitutional Democratic Party's extreme actions for their additions to the law, though the Constitutional Democratic Party think their actions are reasonable enough. Meanwhile, several Japanese companies, mainly automotive and heavy industry-type, also look down on drug users and being implementing stricter regulations against the use of the newly legalised drugs, aside from marijuana due to studies listing it as less dangerous than alcohol. While some places begin selling marijuana, nearly all Japanese stores and online retailers refuse to sell the other legalised drugs. Dojin-kai, in protest of the high prices passed by the Constitutional Democrats, begin selling the legalised drugs at a much cheaper price. Team Shanghai Frontier releases a new Touhou Project game for consoles, PC, and for the first time, mobile; and is available within Japan and outside the nation. It becomes this years bestsellers, with more sales on both PC and consoles. Bandai Namco begins plans to release an international version of the Idolmaster mobile games.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: The younger generation remains strongly conservative even though many of the citizens born under the Soviet Union have died off. The restoration of the monarchy has also contributed to flourishing Russian nationalism, although some more liberal ideas are entering society. The popularity of the liberal parties like Yabloko have grown somewhat, though, and a new left wing nationalist movement calling itself Volya is founded. Volya has a similar platform to the PVO but also incorporates some more liberal ideas such as relating to foreign policy and economics, and some analysts are saying that the PVO may go the way of United Russia from earlier in the century. The Imperial Army finishes developing the T-24 laser railgun tank and begins production of the first units, the early ones being expected to join the ground forces next year. Prime Minister Krylov and Marshal Vladimir Nekrassov have the objective of continuing to strengthen the military. More destroyers and a few cruisers are laid down to expand the Russian Navy's projection capabilities. The Aerospace Forces are developing new anti-air missile systems. The agricultural sector also continues to develop, with Russia becoming a large exporter of food. The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN) sends a team to the Novy Mir colony to develop new agricultural technology there to further make it self-sufficient and increase food production while maintaining as much of its quality as possible. As part of this, the RAN team takes with it many seed samples up to the lunar station to be stored there as a base for being used. The "Kubinka-4" cosmodrome is finished outside of the Moscow metropolitan area to provide a more easily accessible transportation to and from the colony, serving as a new launch site. The Soyuz MS spacecraft is undergoing an improvement by Roscosmos. The Family Assistance Act is still funded and allowing to continue population growth.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We continue to expand our moon colonies, and a military base begins to be built on Michelangelo. New military spacecraft are synthesized by the ISC and Italian Navy, and these are sent to the Rome Galactic Spaceport for testing. [Secret] The Italian Nuclear Program is complete, and a 3x Hiroshima ICBM is developed by the military. A secret artificial island is built 12 miles of the coast of Sicily, where one of the bombs is tested. A small earthquake is detected by the Italian Geographic Survey, but it is covered up quickly. [End Secret] Galactic trade incomes begin to rise significantly, and the employment rate for the Italian moon colonies rises to 89% from 56% last year. The Italy Works program is put on place on Earth to increase Italian employment, and the unemployment rate drops to 4.54%. Laser tanks and fighter planes begin to be synthesized, and are expected to be completed around 2066. Stage 3 of TerraSphere begins, and Galileo begins to be pumped with oxygen and starts to look like Earth. A Martian colony is expected around 2065, with preparations starting this year. A new spacecraft is devised, with 5% light speed engines. It can easily land, and is expected to save Italy nearly $979,000 over a course of 7 years. The mainly liberal Democrat Party legalizes marijuana, however, high taxes are imposed on it.
    • Republic of Alanya: Without tribal warlords and the civilized Commonwealth of Turkey at our borders, the very point of Alanya begins to fade. Nevertheless, independence movements stay strong, starting to see Turkey as a threat. The mainly liberal Parliament begins to make themselves closer to Turkey, however. A referendum will be held in 2066 to determine whether Alanya will stay independence or become part of Turkey. The new Parliament Building begins to be built, and the Presidential Palace is expected to be completed next year. New health, social and infrastructure reforms are put in place to improve the quality of life for Alanyan citizens. A new naval port is built to improve trade with other nations.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: The Army has announced it is working closely with AETA in building Australia's first military base on the Moon. Additionally, the Army is working on creating military equipment and weaponry that will function in the atmosphere (or lack thereof) of the Moon. Secondly, Parliament has officially created the Royal Space Forces (RSF). Technically headquartered in Canberra, like the other 5 forces, the Space Forces is for all practical purposes going to be headquartered in an orbiting space base tailor-made for the Space Forces that will be completed by 2065. It will have a crew of 600 personnel and can hold up to 500 of the currently in the works Unmanned Space Vehicles (USV) that will form the back bone of the Space Forces. The orbiting station is named the Harrison Command Centre and is entirely modular and can be repaired or expanded with ease. The Space Forces is given the largest budget of the now 6 military forces for the time-being to rapidly develop the necessary equipment and infrastructure. [Secret] The Space Forces is also working on satellites with the ability to attack other satellites either physically or in cyberspace. [/Secret] Lastly, a new Agency is created under the MoD and is called the Central Military Command Agency (CMCA) or the Central Command for short. It is headquartered in a purpose-built building in Canberra, it serves an agency that serves to connect each of the 6 military forces to ensure they function together as the Australian Military. The whole idea is to eliminate the inter-force disconnect. The forces meet for a 3-day defence summit every year and a full time delegation of 50 servicemen from each agency staff the headquarters along with 500 civilian employees (for miscellaneous tasks). The Agency also serves to connect the heads of each force and also allows them to cooperate and plan in the event of a war effort.
    • AETA Flag AETA: As the 6th Lunar mining facility is completed, lunar mining profits skyrocket and taxes on space-related firms are reduced to encourage private sector space activities. That being said, plans are underway for Australia's 2nd lunar base. Construction will begin next year 500 kilometres away from the current base but along roughly the same latitude. This due to the fact that Australia is claiming a significant portion of the Lunar Equator with a quarter the land area of Australia itself (2 million sq/km). Australia will go about enforcing this claim with future colonies and military bases. Secondly, the planned arrival of 200 personnel on Mars had gone as planned and they are construction a habitat on Mars as of right now. It will be complete in 2 years with a max population of 500 (for now) and is entirely modular allowing for more expansion in the future. Experiments for Martian mining are underway though the problem of Martian Dust-storms is well... problematic.
    • Flag of Commonwealth of Turkey Commonwealth of Turkey: The Commonwealth decides to accept the offers of land from warlords in the East, expanding the borders of the Commonwealth to Sivas, Tokat, and Ordu. In a token of friendship to Italy, the Commonwealth remains neutral in the coming referendum on an Alanyan union with Turkey. The people of Alanya must decide for themselves. In other news, the Commonwealth is given more civilian autonomy with local police enforcing law and infrastructure back to 100% pre-war levels. However, the military is still Australian though 2 in 5 soldiers in Turkey are local recruits.


Landmark year. I'm personally glad this map game has lasted this long. -Sol

Under the supervision of ASEAN, India, and other neighboring nations, the Republic of the Philippines and the Visayan Confederacy unify into the Democratic Republic of the Philippines, ending a period of civil war and disunification.

On French and Sardinian radars and general observations, reports of an ICBM-level bomb having been tested in the Mediterranean Sea have been revealed and as a result, been published European-wide. Although many reporters suggest the bomb to have been created by Italy or Libya, the region has come under close global observation.

Mexicans in America begin lobbying efforts for the return of pre-Second Falkland War territory. This movement is compared to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, with many citing their similarities with mass protests that, due to the US Police discriminating against the Mexicans, begin to gather popularity, much so that a petition for the seccession of the Baja California peninsula has begun. Lobbying efforts have also started as a result of this. Mexico assures it is in no way connected.

You seriously just want the border changed. That's the main reason you're wanting to have these areas with full representation in Congress as states to be returned to Mexico. Not going to change it though, because I have a very simple way to end this. Also, it's not like the #BLM movement is trying to get them to give the south to some African nation, and a war torn Mexico from American military intervention and a subsequent civil war that everyone seemed to have forgotten about doesn't seem too far off from most OTL African nations. -Ryan

The Tasmanian Tigers have been effectively cloned.

Natural resources mined on Earth become increasingly expensive after a report publishes that many of the common resources have become very scarce due to persistent mining over the past decades. Many scientists and astronomers have begun predicting the dates for when the Earth will run out of the common necessities, and begin to urge many nations globally to begin investing in stellar mining projects.

The terraformation results are published for when neighboring planets in the Solar System are expected to be successfully terraformed. Under the pretense that most global superpowers contribute to this terraformation process, the Martian terraformity process will conclude by 2097 at the least.

The loss of the US Air Force proves problematic, as more than 200,000 men and women effectively enter unemployment.

-Over time, the air force being separate from the Army and Navy proved problematic in the Second Civil War and Pan-American War do to lack of coordination, leading to them being absorbed into the Army and Navy as Air Corps. Also, a majority of the Air Force by this point were drones and/or remote controlled full sized jets. (Also, due to demilitarization, the US military had only about 300,000 active duty soldiers by the time where the Air Force was absorbed into the Army and Navy, and it'd be irresponsible for the US to have two thirds of its military force as part of a single branch) -Ryan

With the state of Jordan successfully able to fully reclaim the title of Caliph after years of differing opinions and other laborous tasks, the Hashemite Royal Family of Jordan proclaims the Hashemite Caliphate, and after being able to obtain ownership over the two holy cities, is legitimalized. Many Arab states, mostly those under a republican or democratic leadership, begin facing pressure from it's citizens to help effectively unite the Middle East. The only state that is defying these actions and un-recognizing the Caliphate are the Wahhabi's.

  • 960px-Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svg United Republic of China: During the celebrations for the 2060 Year of the Rabbit, an ICBM-level missile is detected in the Yellow Sea, and soon, the screams of millions of people are heard nationwide. The missile cripples the city of Beijing, the former capital of the United Republic, and soon, production is put on an immediate halt as pacifist graffiti artists turn into violent anarchists, taking advantage of the cities position to spark riots, mass looting, and overall chaos. The President is placed underground while the military begins moving nationwide in an attempt to stop the mass hysteria, but due to their reduction and much of the reserve men being among those that are rioting, it is seen as an initial loss. In an attempt to slow down these movements and prevent them from going any further, most of the military is moved into the city of Beijing in an attempt to stop any spread of violence nationwide, and so the Siege of Bejing begins. Within the first few weeks, substantial gains are made in stopping these rioters, but soon, they begin appearing with exo-suits, plasma artillery units, and much of the former SKUF weaponry. With the playing field being leveled, the Siege of Beijing ends in a near-decisive victory for the anarchists, and the original idea of containment fails. With this, all military shipments worldwide are ended and in addition, all ambassadors and diplomats worldwide are returned back to the capital city of Xi'an. In a sudden and unexpected turn of events, the Eastern People's Republic declares total independence, and with this, Mongolia also declares independence. With numerous fronts opening up and the rise in nationalism against these anarchists and separatists, voluntary service in the military spikes immensly, and soon the Armed Forces is raised to nearly 850,000 men total. The Siege of Shijiazhuang, initiated by the anarchists, takes place, with large stakes at hand with this battle occurring. In the far western regions of the region, the Sacking of Chengdu begins after the initial declaration of independence by the Eastern People's Republic, while in the far norther regions, the Siege of Bayan Nur is initiated by the Mongolian Republic. By the mid point of the year, after being bribed by various anti-URC and separatist militant groups, the the region of Manchuria declares republic. With this occurring, air bombings raids begin against Manchuria. With numerous fronts open and a lack of preparation, the first year of the Chinese Civil War is seen as a loss for the URC.
    • 1024px-Zeng Liansong&#039;s proposal for the PRC flag.svg Eastern People's Republic: With the distribution of SKUF-type weaponry to the Mongolians and Manchurians, the war is going perfectly. Funding more localized militant groups and attempting to strike the capital city of Xi'an, the war looks as if it will be a near-decisive victory.
    • Alternate Mongol Flag' Mongolian Republic:'Conscription begins. The economy goes into overdrive as seccessionists begin flooding into the URC mainland and inciting riots within the mainland, and with the largest agricultural centers being within that of Mongolia, the Mongolian Republic effectively controls the URC in terms of food production and distribution.
    • Yuan Flag (Propose).svg Manchurian Republic: Vying for independence, independence is proclaimed and soon, many former SKUF political affiliates begin to operate the new Republic. 600,000 are moved in, and by the end of the year, significant gains are made that ultimately project that the Manchurian Republic will become a new nation in the world.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: The 2060 Presidential Elections are held. Democrat candidate Salvatore Moretti wins the elections in a landslide. The 2060 Italian fiscal bill contains huge cuts to the military, up to 5,000,000 euros. The military and civilian government stay quiet on the issues of nuclear testing. The Foreign Aid Office announces the "International Charity Project" to help make poorer nations of the world more hospitable. [Secret] The project is only announced to make Italy seem more hospitable and caring, and through tax returns and payments, much of the money returns back to the Foreign Aid Office. [End Secret] Italy is clearly shaken by the nuclear bomb hitting Beijing, and offers an international investigation into who launched the ICBM. [Chinese Response] The Italian Navy is expanded, now containing the Italian Space Corps and Space Marine Corps. The primary headquarters will be on Rome, but it mainly operates in Michelangelo. The Falco-1 is developed by the Navy, a spaceship that in the absence of an atmosphere, can shoot projectiles (lasers). It can make quick landings, but requires a lot of fuel to operate. Spacecraft Carriers are devised, similar to aircraft carriers, but specifically designed to operate spacecraft. The Space Mining Bill of 2060 is passed by Parliament, which increases space mining operations, with the Bologna Mining Hub to be built and completed by 2063, which hopefully will serve as Europe's largest space mining hubs. Italian companies are now allowed to mine on the moon. Asteroid mining is declared illegal by Parliament, however, due to "concerns" for possible traces of alien life or otherwise. Many military officials state that the Space Corps should be fused with the Air Force, not the Navy. Eastern and southern Italy is bunkered up for a possible war from the Greeks, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs do not recommend Italian tourists travel there. The UN ambassador is in favor of a united Middle East, though Italy would like the government to be a secular republic.
    • Alanya: Current polling shows the Alanyan-Italian Party ahead at 78%, while the New Turkey Party at 20%. In the independence referendum, it is closer, with the independence vote at 69%, while the Turkish vote at 28%. The naval port is completed, and trade begins to skyrocket.
  • Flag of Latvia Latvia: (POLITICS) The parliamentary elections has taken place, and have completely shaken up what was once the current Latvian government. Only days before the election, the Government's alliance parties announced that they would be forcing the National Alliance party out on their own. In response, the Nationalist Alliance form their own political coalition and are soon joined by the Who Owns the State?, and the For Latvia from the Heart party... effectively ending both the Governments alliance. Together they name the coalition "Viens Nation One Valdnieks" meaning "One Nation, One Ruler," in which they have 24 seats. The Governments alliance stands at 32 seats, and the Opposition has 43. Even with the elections nearing, Prime Minister Hastra dissolves the government, in which the entire makeup of the Saeima will be decided in this election. Election day comes and the National Alliance surprises the nation by gaining 44 Seats ▲, For Latvia from the Heart gains 5 Seats ▲, and the Who owns the state? wins 4 Seats ▲ (The Viens Nation One Valdnieks have gained a majority of 53 Seats ▲). Harmony is able to win 20 Seats ▲,
    2060 elections
    Latvian Association of Regions wins 5 Seats ▲, Unity won 12 Seats ▲, and the Union of Greens and Farmers won 10 Seats ▲... these parties form the official opposition government with 47 Seats in total. Prime Minister Hastra losses his own seat during the election to a Nationalist Alliance candidate, along with Daugavpils Police Commissioner Hans Halesk winning his seat by a very narrow margin of 50.2% to his opponent. During the first meeting of the Viens Nation One Valdnieks, Halesk is able to convince enough coalition members and becomes the new Prime Minister of Latvia. (MILITARY) Newly elected Prime Minister Halesk announces almost immediately in the new budget that the military will get a €3,500,000,000 ($4.3 million USD) increase, along with increasing our military size to 57,000 men and women by the end of the decade. We ask Russia if we can by the most modern and up to date weapons the Russian military has to offer [RUSSIAN RESPONSE NEEDED]. We plan on increasing our naval military as well, but the Armed Forces are our current priority. (SECRET) We increase our hacking ability and launch a small hack attack on Greece to shut down the Golden Dawn's Political Party page [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED] to practice and leave no trace of the origin. (SECRET)
    • Russian Diplomacy: We are willing to sell Latvia some weaponry.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: Following the recent chaos in China and the reports of nuclear testing in Europe, Australia has decided to modernise an old Cold War era programme called 'Total Defence', where both the military and civilians are responsible for national security, similar to Switzerland's 'National Redoubt'. Schoolchildren are made aware of the dangers of warfare and how to defend or protect themselves in the event of an attack. Adults are of course educated as well. Monthly air raid drills begin and volunteer reserve numbers spike (active duty numbers are maintained at a steady 600,000 to prevent an idle waste of the nation's resources) to around 1 million. The national alert level is raised to tier 3 of a 5 tier system with tier 4 meaning an act of war is imminent. It is now common for local councils to build bunkers that are able to house up to 70% of their local residents. This is thanks to efforts by civilians to build homemade bunkers at home (similar to British housed bunkers during WW2). The Air Force and Navy begin unmanned and autonomous patrols of the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Philippine Sea, and the South China Sea, all in INTERNATIONAL WATERS, taking care not to instigate anyone. Production of unmanned vehicles also increases by 5%. In other news, as the Harrison Command Centre nears completion, the Space Force has begun production of 2,000 USVs ranging from car-sized swarm ships controlled by human-directed AI, to large transporters, and even an experimental space frigate, though prospects of it getting anywhere are low considering UNVs are so much more efficient. The Army's Lunar Base is also near completion and is named Lancaster Base.
    • AETA Flag AETA: As work on the 2nd Lunar Colony and 7th mining facility continues, the Lunar Mining Act is passed allowing private entreprise the right to mine the Moon. This is however with the condition that they are heavily monitored by the government and should be surprised if the government intervenes. This is to protect the health and safety of Lunar workers as well as ensure the corporations meet strict moral codes of conduct, continue to be competitive, and do not abuse their power. The Lunar Mining Industry is the most heavily regulated industry in Australia. Nonetheless, profits and share prices skyrocket as the recent report by experts suggest extra-terrestrial mining is the only way forward. Also, various companies have been granted permission to experiment with mining on Mars with oversight from local Martian authorities. Speaking of Mars, New Mackay is complete and its 1,000 residents arrive and begin experimentally mining Mars. There are reports of plans to build an orbiting station around the Moon to assist in transport of cargo back to Earth as lunar mining continues to make and break new records.
    • Flag of Commonwealth of Turkey Commonwealth of Turkey: The Commonwealth begins shoring up defences along the Western border citing 'security threats'. Turkey extends an offer of mutual defence to Italy. [Player Response] An additional 5,000 troops are sent to the Commonwealth along with 1,000 UAVs.
      • Italy: Italy agrees to an offer of mutual defense.
    • Flag of Balabac Republic of Balabac: The Republic takes part in Australian patrols in the South China Sea with Candaraman Island acting as a base of operations. With that, it grows significantly larger to include neighboring islands, Caxisigan and Canabungan. The base is now collectively known as Candaraman Base.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: The government, while neutral, is concerned with the events in China and hopes for peace to be established soon. Bunkers are built in the nation for general emergency purposes and to be on a safe side, even though neutrality and pacifism is a permanent policy of the government. With resources becoming more rare on Earth, JAXA gains another budget boost to allow for a kick-start to begin plans and development for space mining. With the loss of China, the government looks to increase trade with Russia, as Japan continues to rely on imports. Plans for a colony on Luna continues, with efforts made in that regard, and a colony is to be established three-four years later, once everything is finalised. Plans for a colony on Mars is also made in advanced, with one to be established in the 2070s. As sea water drainage continues throughout the nation, Hakodate becomes the first major city to be fully drained from the sea water, and begins to be rebuilt and cleaned out. Population sees another increase since the sea walls disaster several years ago, and also the governments' improvements toward the overall lifestyle, especially in the past. Yoshino Nanjō, voice actress of Ayase Eli from the Love Live! franchise and also a singer, passes away at the age of 76. Her death is mourned by many in the idol anime franchises, including Bandori and Idolmaster. A live action film series based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is in plans, and inspired by the three part old live action film series of Diamond Is Unbreakable; though unlike the old live action films series before it, this film series will cover all parts from the manga.
  • US Flag 67 Stars United States of America: Huge swathes of poor families begin to move the the "Norte" region of the US. (Former Mexican Territories seized after the 2nd Falklands War) This as a result dilutes the "Libera El Norte" movement. However, it still remains a thorn in the side of many politicians, and reform being an impossibility due to any other reform and the law enforcement would be disbanded. (Police no longer carry batons or guns, only low frequency tasers.) Large campaigns begin to get people to recycle, to much success. Trees are replanted across the US, mainly in the lower population Middle States such as Montana and The Dakotas.
    • Space America Flag American Extraterrestrial Territories: There are now 5 lunar cities and 2 martian cities</s>. The population of these areas range from 500-100,000. The colonies on Pallas and Vesta are complete after several years of laying claim to the asteroids, legitimatizing our claims to these large asteroids. Mining Operations en masse begin from these asteroids, funneling in large amounts of resources to the homeworld and colonies alike, leading to the US economy booming due to us having the largest share of the Extraterrestrial Resources market. We make our goods cheaper by selling them for prices that give little profit, but are numerous enough to provide large amounts of monetary funds to fund further colonial expeditions into the Final Frontier.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We watch carefully the events happening on the other side of our long southern border in China, and the Imperial Army sends troops to the border to back up the Border Guard to prevent any spillover of the conflict. Plans are drafted for a colony on Mars to be made in the 2070s. The Novy Mir lunar colony is receiving the most attention, now expanded to be able to house 400 permanent residents. The money necessary to have built and maintained the colony, in addition to the spacecraft maintenance and development and the building of the new Kubinka-2 cosmodrome near Moscow, cost upwards of $250 billion. Because of this Alexei Krylov's government is putting a temporary halt on further space expansion for a few years, although research on improving the Soyuz MS shuttle continues for more effective and faster travel between the motherland and Novy Mir. The economy has been doing well and the GDP per capita has greatly increased, while infrastructure and living conditions have been improved for the average Russian non-stop for the past few decades. However, more money is allocated to further development of housing and transportation, from the space budget, to continue on this trend. Agriculture is a booming industry in Russia with much arable land being developed, including in the Far East, and now the country is a leading exporter of produce. The population is 164 million according to the census, a small growth since the last one. As an amendment to the Family Assistance Act, the government will give 3 acres of land for free in the Far East and Siberia to any Russian citizen wanting to build a house or develop it otherwise, as part of a program to settle these regions with more people. The military receives the first 40 T-24 laser tanks this year and will continue to receive more, and the Navy is requesting the construction of additional Knyaz Suvorov-class heavy guided nuclear missile cruisers in addition to the five currently commissioned, but the government is unsure about this plan. The total military personnel number 1.4 million.


If any other mods would like to add their biased opinion to this, then please, by all means, do whatever you want. -Sol

Look, What I post, I honestly think is plausible. At least I listen to the others unlike Rechardz3z, which you compared me to. -Ryan

Shit happens in China, and as a result, the SCO is properly voted to become defunct.

Karakalpakstan declares independence from Uzbekistan, this leads to Pashtuns declaring an independent republic, and soon Central Asia is embroiled in conflict

Local militias come into conflict with Law Enforcement in the US, leading to reserve Units of the military being called in by governors to quell violence in the nation.

  • Flag of Russia Russia: The unrest in China and now in the Central Asian republics is deeply concerning, with the government ordering more army units to the southern border. In an emergency meeting, Prime Minister Krylov, Marshal Nekrassov, and the cabinet decide to intervene in the Central Asian conflict. Russia has too many interests at stake in this vital region for it to turn into a chaotic mess. A force of 35,000 ground troops, consisting of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division, 4th Guards Tank Division, 35th Motor Rifle Brigade, and 144th Guards Motor Rifle Division, along with spetsnaz operatives of the Special Operations Command is deployed through Kazakhstan towards Uzbekistan. We ask the government of Kazakhstan to allow our troops passage and to pledge military units of the Kazakhstan Ground Forces to this operation. [Mod Response] The Armed Forces are placed on alert across Russia and reservists are instructed to report to their barracks. In the midst of this, a legislative election is held. Notably, the PVO loses four seats and only wins 248, which is still a solid majority, but the Communist Party completely dissolves this year as the older generation that mostly voted for it is dying off. The left-wing nationalist and socialist party "Volya" (Will) rises at the expense of the communists, and also makes a coalition with the older Rodina leftist-nationalist party. The new coalition urges more social welfare reforms to assist the rising Russian middle and lower class as well as redouble the government's support for the Family Assistance Act and the Siberian Resettlement Act to promote further growth and development. They obtain 46 seats, up nearly double from the last election, and surpassing a few smaller parties. Yabloko liberals and the free market capitalist Party of Growth enter into a 'liberal coalition' and together with Volya and Rodina form an opposition to the PVO, for different reasons. They agree on the necessity to intervene in Central Asia, however. The space budget faces more temporary cuts for the military expedition and also for more social programs proposed by the opposition in the new parliament and supported by some of the PVO.
    • Mod Response: Kazakh forces see this as the only way to prevent a collapse of the nation, so they agree.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held. The Constitutional Democratic Party falls further by twenty-one seats. Komeito loses only two seats, which in turn is gained by Nippon Ishin no Kai. New Party Nippon gains twenty-one seats. The Japanese Communist Party also leaves the coalition with the Constitutional Democratic Party. The New Party Nippon ultimately wins the election, beating the Constitutional-Social Democratic Coalition; and Ayane Uehara from the New Party Nippon is elected Prime Minister. Wakkanai is the next major town to be fully drained from sea water and begins to be cleaned out and rebuilt. It is expected that the sea water drainage will be fully done by 2068. Meanwhile in Tochigi Prefecture, Shimotsuke officially incorporates the towns of Mibu and Kaminokawa.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: Thanks to the moderate (yet profitable for corporations thanks to their value) taxes placed on the extra-terrestrial mining industry, revenue for the government increases by 30%. Most of this is funneled back into AETA with the rest being used to cover for lower income taxes thereby allowing corporations to reduce yearly wage increases which in turn boosts the economy. Australia begins to wonder if they should intervene in the Asian-Central Asian situation but chooses to remain neutral for now. (Try and convince me people).
    • AETA Flag AETA: Thanks to the recent boom in private sector mining of the Moon, taxes from the industry skyrocket and lunar mining corporations and AETA work together to construct a new Lunar City - New Darwin. Also, the current existing 2 lunar colonies increase in population to 11,00 and 5,000 each. (Bear in mind the high population numbers are due to the low number of cities in the first place, I'm pursuing large colonies over many colonies). On Mars, New Mackay has increased to a population of 5,000 as corporations house personnel for the newly constructed 3 Martian mines. Governance of the colonies (all of them) is still strictly run by the government. The heavy government oversight and general cultural shifts in Australia make for a new era of responsible business.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: The moon colonies are expanded. The first Italian astronaut lands on Mars, and the first Martian Italian colony is expected around 2063. Military bases are built around eastern Italy. WIP


Out of the Chaos in Central Asia, the governments of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan coalesce into the Federal Republic of Turkestan as a way to coordinate their armies against the rebellions. Afghanistan collapses due to Pashtun revolts, and the republics of Hazara, North Balochistan, and Pashtunistan are born.

A terrorist organization based out of Pakistan hacks into the American nuclear weapons stockpile, detonating several warheads in their stockpile, crippling the US infrastructure. Riots ensue upon the nation, and soon the government is deposed by military officials in an effort to stabilize the nation. The once most powerful nation on Earth has fallen to it's knees.

Bavaria declares independence from Germany.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: The JAXA mission for a colony on Luna is on point, and preparations and such begin to be finalised, and will be launched in 2064. Meanwhile, progress on developing technology for space mining is also on point, and is nearly ready for a start next year once everything is finalised. Suzuki announces their return to the World Rally Championship, with a Suzuki Ignis WRC version being produced in preparations to enter next year. UD Trucks files for bankruptcy, and officially ceases operations, with all its former operations now handled by Nissan. Bandai Namco announces a new Idolmaster.KR series, with more information to be released in the next year.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: Following the devastation in the US, a diplomatic team is sent to assess and assist the situation and military government that has been estaished. At the top of the agenda is whether America will return to civilian authorities at least ceremonially. Democracy should be preserved. Additionally, Australia welcomes American companies and refugees alike, reflecting the new culture of acceptance and tolerance among the middle age and younger generations. [Mod Response on Corporations Moving] In reaction to the threat of cyber warfare, the Australian Cyber Security Agency (ACSA) is given a budget boost of 100%, effectively doubling its functionality and role on protecting Australia. The ACSA is placed on high alert and actively protects against cyber attacks. Thanks to treaties with many other countries, ACSA operations work closely with other cyber security operations worldwide. In other news, Harrison Command Centre, the home base of the Space Forces is complete and the now finished 5,000 USVs are stationed there, along with 50 assorted manned space craft. USB production continues albeit at a slower rate due to budget diversions to the ACSA. Also, the Army's base on the Moon - Lancaster Base is complete with 1,000 troops stationed there for training and pioneering the Army's presence on extraterrestrial planetoids.
    • AETA Flag AETA: Following much expansion in private sector mining of Mars, a new mine is opened and New Mackay grows to a population of 7,000. Authorities have stated they have no plans to build a new Martian colony as the current one is designed to expand indefinetely thanks to it being built with a modular design in mind. It provides an examplary model for future colonies that can be built on this modular technology.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Our troops stationed in Turkestan help the local forces restore order. Most of them are them withdrawn back to the homeland. The fall of the US as a world power is received positively in Russia. Meanwhile, Emperor George I dies this year, at age 82. A year of mourning is declared and since he died without issue (ending the Vladimirovich line of claimants), the imperial throne passes to the grandson of Prince Andrew Romanov, Rostislav Romanov, of the Nikolaevich line. He takes the throne Emperor Rostislav I and all other world monarchs are invited to his coronation. As a young man, the prince recently attended a military academy and will take a great role in political affairs than his father had done. Prime Minister Krylov supports this. Space programs are given more money and the population of Novy Mir rises to 500 residents.


Hacking of nuclear weapons states continues, launching several nuclear weapons at different countries. The hackers are found out to be anarchists, and with most of the world covered in radiation now, law breaks down, leading to an anarchistic society. World War III breaks out over the last bits of usable land, leading to the collapse of the final states on Earth. The United States and other nations that established extraterrestrial colonies live on, however the homeworld has become inhospitable. The last resources of Humanity have diverted all efforts to creating a habitable Mars, as a new homeworld. A New Age has dawned upon us, and so has the greatest challenge ever faced by Humanity.


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