The 2024 Primary Season started on February 3rd with the Iowa Caucus. This Primary Season was regarded as one of the most instense in a long time. Joe Biden's first term was very lackluster with no main events going on. In January he announced he wouldn't run for re-election due to his legacy and age. 


The Republican Party was starting to fall apart after Trump's loss in 2020 and due to minority voters voting for Democrats. There was 19 Republicans running, I'll only mention the main contenders. There was Mike Pompeo, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, and the main one that stood out, Nikki Haley. In the Iowa Caucus, Nikki Haley won the most delegates and coming in second was Mike Pence. It would be a close race between 4 major Republicans who were Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Josh Hawley, and Nikki Haley. On March 26th, 2024, Paul Ryan dropped out of the race leaving Nikki Haley to be the nominee. This was the first time in American History the Republicans nominated a female. Some Mike Pence supporters refused to support Haley due to her distancing herself from Trump and leaked tapes of her talking trash about Trump. Nikki Haley picked Dan Crenshaw as her running mate at the National Republican Convention.  

Person Job
Mike Pompeo Former U.S. Secretary of State
Josh Hawley U.S. Senator from Missouri
Mike DeWine Governor of Ohio
Ted Cruz U.S. Senator from Texas
Rick Scott U.S. Senator from Florida
Marco Rubio U.S. Senator from Florida
Nikki Haley Former Governor of South Carolina
Ron DeSantis Governor of Florida
Mike Pence Former Vice President
Tom Cotton U.S. Senator from Arkansas
Tim Scott U.S. Senator from South Carolina
Liz Cheney U.S. Representative from Wyoming
Paul Ryan Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
Larry Hogan Governor of Maryland
Ivanka Trump U.S. Businesswoman
Kristi Noem Governor of South Dakota
Donald Trump Jr U.S. Businessman
Charlie Baker Governor of Massachusetts
Dan Crenshaw U.S. Representative from Texas


After Joe Biden's win and lackluster term many Democrats tried to get the nomination with 13 Democrats. The Democrats had many people that stood out in the party with only one person not being in the Democratic Party in 2020 and that was Mark Cuban despite him being mixed on running as a Democrat or Republican he decided Democrat. The main contenders were Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris, and Joe Kennedy III. The final 2 were Joe Kennedy and Kamala Harris but on March 21st, 2024, Joe Kennedy dropped out leaving Kamala Harris with the nomination. This was the first time in American History both candidates were females on both major parties which left everyone to know 2024 would have the first female President in American History. Kamala Harris was also a controversial pick due to her past history of being an attorney which Nikki Haley would use this a lot against her in Debates. Kamala Harris picked Beto O'Rourke as her running mate at the National Democratic Convention.

Person Job
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez U.S. Representative from New York
Cory Booker U.S. Senator from New Jersey
Andrew Cuomo Governor of New York
Andrew Yang U.S. Senator from New York
Kamala Harris Incumbent Vice President
Joe Kennedy III U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
Elizabeth Warren U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
Pete Buttigieg Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana
Andy Beshear Former Governor of Kentucky
Gretchen Whitmer Governor of Michigan
Stacey Abrams U.S. Politician
Mark Cuban U.S. Billionaire
Amy Klobuchar U.S. Senator from Minnesota


State Winner
Iowa Kamala Harris
New Hampshire Kamala Harris
Nevada Joe Kennedy
South Carolina Alexandria O-Cortez
Alabama Stacey Abrams
Arkansas Kamala Harris
California Kamala Harris
Colorado Kamala Harris
Maine Alexandria O-Cortez
Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren
Minnesota Amy Klobuchar
North Carolina Kamala Harris
Oklahoma Elizabeth Warren
Tennessee Kamala Harris
Texas Elizabeth Warren
Utah Alexandria O-Cortez
Vermont Elizabeth Warren
Virginia Kamala Harris
Idaho Kamala Harris
Michigan Gretchen Whitmer
Mississippi Stacey Abrams
Missouri Kamala Harris
North Dakota Joe Kennedy
Washington Kamala Harris
Arizona Kamala Harris
Florida Kamala Harris
Illinois Kamala Harris
Wisconsin Joe Kennedy
Alaska Kamala Harris
Wyoming Alexandria O-Cortez
Ohio Kamala Harris
Kansas Alexandria O-Cortez
Nebraska Alexandria O-Cortez
Oregon Kamala Harris
Hawaii Kamala Harris
D.C. Kamala Harris
Indiana Kamala Harris
Maryland Kamala Harris
Montana Kamala Harris
New Mexico Kamala Harris
Pennsylvania Kamala Harris
Rhode Island Kamala Harris
South Dakota Kamala Harris
Georgia Kamala Harris
West Virginia Kamala Harris
Kentucky Kamala Harris
New York Kamala Harris
Delaware Kamala Harris
New Jersey Kamala Harris
Louisiana Kamala Harris
Connecticut Kamala Harris