2024 Eurasian Union presidential election (Porvenir) 2030 ›
Eurasian Union presidential election, 2024
March 2024
PresidentPutin PavelGrudinin OlegBryachak
Nominee Vladimir Putin Pavel Grudinin Oleg Bryachak
Party United Eurasia Communist LDPE
Popular vote 48,120,001 27,400,000 5,700,324
Percentage 91% 6% 2%
Nominee Vera Kichanova
Party Libertarian

Popular vote 2,300,154
Percentage 1%
President before election
Vladimir Putin
United Eurasia
Elected President
Vladimir Putin
United Eurasia

The 2024 Eurasian presidential election was the first presidential election in Eurasian history after the Union was federalized in 2022. Popular President Vladimir Putin was re-elected.

Notable for having shaped future Eurasian politics, Eurasia's Libertarian Party established itself as the Union's fourth, viable party in the election.

Western neoliberals would make never substantiated claims Putin rigged the results of the election. All polls conducted in the EAU, including those by independent outside outlets showed a natural groundswell of support for the President who'd overseen the reunification of the former Soviet states.