2020 election prediction

2020 Election Results

The 2020 United States Presidential Election took place on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. Donald Trump had a tough first term with many bad events taking place such as Hurricanes, Impeachment, and COVID-19. As many Republicans were turning on Trump they started to support the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden. Joe Biden at the beginning of 2020 had some controversies such as a sexual assault accusations from Tara Reade and his "You Ain't Black" statement. After they both got the nominations they became the oldest nominees in American History. Meanwhile many 3rd parties came along, I will only mention a few. The Libertarian Party nominated Jo Jorgensen for President with Spike Cohen as her running mate. The Green Party nominated Howie Hawkins for President with Angela Walker as his running mate. The Independent Party tried to nominate Jesse Ventura but then nominated Bernie Sanders. Bernie was skeptical about running but changed his mind and ran. He nominated U.S. Senator, Mitt Romney as his running mate. Many found him to be a controversial pick due to Mitt Romney being an Republican and Bernie being an Democrat but still were an average ticket. Finally on July 4th, 2020 famous rapper, Kanye West announced his run for President. No one took him seriously and after he announced he'd run in a new party called the: "Birthday Party" no one took him seriously. Kanye nominated a woman from Wyoming by the name of, Michelle Tidball for Vice President.  


Democratic Nomination (Top 10)[]

  • Joe Biden (77), Former Vice President, Former U.S. Senator from Delaware.
  • Bernie Sanders (78), U.S. Senator from Vermont.
  • Tulsi Gabbard (39), U.S. Representative from Hawaii.
  • Elizabeth Warren (71), U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.
  • Michael Bloomberg (78), Former Mayor of New York City.
  • Amy Klobuchar (60), U.S. Senator from Minnesota.
  • Pete Buttigieg (38), Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.
  • Tom Steyer (63), U.S. Billionaire.
  • Deval Patrick (63), Former Governor of Massachusetts.
  • Michael Bennet (55), U.S. Senator from Colorado.

Republican Nomination[]

  • Donald Trump (74), Incumbent U.S. President.
  • Bill Weld (74), Former Governor of Massachusetts.
  • Joe Walsh (58), Former U.S. Representative from Illinois.
  • Rocky De La Fuente (65), U.S. Businessman.
  • Mark Sanford (60), Former U.S. Representative from South Carolina, Former Governor of South Carolina.


Donald Trump was not confident about his chances of winning the election and even said in an interview "I won't win maybe because they don't like me." and also claimed if he lost he'd leave with peace. It was looking very easy for Joe Biden to win and at one point Biden had a 93% chance of winning. Many Republicans claimed since the polls were wrong in 2016 they could easily be wrong in 2020. Many Republicans also believed Kanye would steal voters from Joe Biden and make him lose but that didn't happen. Trump around July had started giving up trying to campaign as he kept saying he had no chance. When he did campaign he'd mostly do it in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Joe Biden had campaigned in Florida, North Carolina, and Wisconsin the most. At the National Democratic Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin he announced his Vice President who was California Senator, Kamala Harris. Many people had gotten upset he didn't pick Elizabeth Warren as the Vice President due to Kamala Harris's past scandals with being a lawyer. The Independent Party had Bernie being the nominee many said they believed they could win a state like Utah. After Mitt Romney was the Vice Presidential pick many Independents believed Bernie would win the state. One poll coming out of Utah had Bernie above Biden. The Libertarian Party also was confident about them winning a state due to Trump's unpopularity. The Libertarians had campaigned in Utah like the Independent Party was. The Green Party was less confident about their chances of winning a state but also campaigned in Utah. With 3 parties campaigning in Utah many believed Trump had a chance of losing Utah. Going into Election Night many Democrats were confident Joe Biden would win in a huge landslide victory against Incumbent President, Donald Trump. 

National Polling Before the Election[]

Source Biden Trump Jorgensen Hawkins Margin Rating
CNN 48% 40% 1% 1% Biden +8 B
FOX news 47% 42% 2% 0% Biden +5 A-
MSNBC 49% 42% 1% 0% Biden +7 B-
ABC 48% 46% 0% 0% Biden +2 C+
CBS 48% 47% 1% 1% Biden +1 B-
270toWin 49% 45% 2% 1% Biden +4 Unrated
BBC 55% 44% 0% 1% Biden +11 B
Election Projection 48% 48% 2% 2% TIE C+
HuffPost 52% 48% 0% 0% Biden +4 B-
Ipsos/Reuters 49% 49% 1% 0% TIE C
Los Angeles Times 51% 46% 1% 2% Biden +5 B-
Monmouth University 53% 47% 0% 0% Biden +6 B
New York Times 51% 47% 1% 1% Biden +4 B+
Politico 50% 45% 3% 2% Biden +5 A-
Quinnipiac University 48% 46% 3% 3% Biden +2 A
Real Clear Politics 49% 48% 2% 1% Biden +1 B
TPM Polltracker 46% 47% 4% 3% Trump +1 C-
USA Today 50% 46% 2% 2% Biden +4 B
Washington Post 51% 49% 0% 0% Biden +2 B-


Joe Biden easily had won the Election against Donald Trump. Biden got 359 Electoral Votes against Trump's 179. The voter turnout was the largest voter turnout in American History with mail-in-ballots which many people claimed helped Biden win. Biden had picked up a lot of the Obama/Biden ticket voters and had flipped the states of Arizona, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, and Maine's and Nebraska's 2nd districts. Many Trump supporters had protested due to his win after his past controversies. Joe Biden had became the 46th U.S. President in American History and Kamala Harris became the first female Vice President in American History. Joe Biden's inauguration took place on January 20th, 2021 with former presidents, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama attending. Former Vice Presidents such as Dick Cheney, Dan Quayle, and Mike Pence attended. Walter Mondale and Al Gore couldn't attend due to health reasons. Donald Trump didn't attend the inauguration with him moving to Florida and spending the rest of his life in Florida.

Senate, House, and Governor Results[]

The Democrats retained the majority in the Senate with it being a 52-48 seat majority. Chuck Schumer became the new Senate Majority Leader and Senator, John Thune became the new Senate minority leader. The only thing the Republicans won on Election Night was the Governor races with them having a 27-23 majority against the Democrats. Many consider the night the "Nightmare for Republicans" and this Nightmare would continue until 2022 when they took the majority of the House.

Voter Demographics[]

Inspired by https://future.fandom.com/wiki/2020_US_Presidential_Election_(Sanders_vs_Trump)

Demographic Subgroup Biden Trump Other
Total Vote 52 43 5
Liberals 90 8 2
Moderates 54 43 4
Conservatives 19 76 5
Democrats 92 5 3
Republicans 9 87 4
Independents 41 49 10
Men 49 46 5
Women 67 29 4
Married Men 47 49 4
Married Women 51 46 3
Single Men 53 41 6
Single Women 68 28 4
White 50 47 3
Black 87 9 4
Asian 68 27 5
Other 51 44 5
Hispanic 60 36 4
Religion 40 57 3
Catholic 47 50 3
Mormon 33 53 14
Other Christian 45 52 3
Jewish 63 31 6
Other Religion 55 37 8
None 75 20 5
18-24 years old 63 29 8
25-29 years old 60 33 7
30-39 years old 57 38 5
40-49 years old 51 44 5
50-64 years old 45 51 4
65 and older 39 59 2
LGTBQ+ 73 22 5
Heterosexual 50 46 4

National Popular Vote[]

Candidate Vice President Party Votes Electoral Votes
Joe Biden Kamala Harris Democrat 68,258,753 359
Donald Trump Mike Pence Republican 63,358,350 179
Jo Jorgensen Spike Cohen Libertarian 3,724,900
Howie Hawkins Angela Walker Green 2,284,475
Bernie Sanders Mitt Romney Independent 2,014,993
Kanye West Michelle Tidball Birthday 892,284
Don Blankenship William Mohr Constitution 314,991
Rocky De La Fuente Darcy Richardson Alliance 311,526
Other 126,736
Total 141,038,008 538


After Biden's win many Democrats considered it the end of a nightmare meanwhile many Trump Supports starting protesting over Biden's win. Many people starting turning on Twitter as Twitter started deleting Anti-Biden Tweets which caused many people to believe they were leaning Democratic. On January 15th, 2021 Donald Trump gave his final speech which he told his supporters to stop protesting over Biden winning and said he won in a fair game. During Biden's first term he only had credit for ending COVID-19 and helping the Economy get slightly better. Many said this hurt Kamala Harris's 2024 campaign as she didn't do that many things as Vice President. Biden left office with an 64% approval rating. Around the time Biden left office his Predecessor, Donald Trump had died from an heart attack in Florida. Biden would spend the rest of his life in Delaware and would die at the age of 102 making him the first U.S. President to live past 100 years old.


  • Joe Biden became the oldest President in American History.
  • This Election was the Democrats best showing since 2008 when Barack Obama got 365 Electoral Votes.
  • This was the last time Bernie Sanders ran for President.
  • This was the only Election the Birthday Party got over 50,000 votes.
  • This also was the Birthday Party's best showing.
  • This was the last time Rocky De La Fuente ran for President.
  • Jill Biden became the First Lady.
  • Kamala Harris became the Vice President.
  • This election had the most votes cast. The record would be broken in the 2032 Election.